The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 8, 1936
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VOL. XXXHl—NO. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS W«_POMINANTj<EW8>'APH t Of NORTHMBT AFIKANSA8 AMD SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Hi!?, 1 "?, 1 , 1 * °° llrl « Ulythevlllo D.UJ Newi " " — — . B W«»ttI« Htr«M UlulMluol V»llev ittao KLYT1IWV11.1 .W APUM-MOAC .!,,,,>, •R. F. C OP NORTHS BTJWCANHA8 AND SOUTHEAST JH.YT1IKVI1.LB. AliKANSAS, WKUNR&i)AY7m77~i^a" BELT 15 OFFERED SLIGHT PE OF RELIEF Scattered Showers SINGLE COPIES F1VR Only One This Time' Says Dionne Midwife CAU.ANDAR, Out,, July 8 .'i —Mrs. Ollvn Dionne will luve l:itiy In nlicut a vvoel:, Mr:,, llen- Jaiiiln L?bel, midwife of Ilio .-)uin- luiilels, told ti\r Dulled p jt .. w i n - iluy. She added, "1 think It wiil be only cue this time." , M ' rs ; l * M - tllc °" ly ! ' si ' son 1! Wl I ., l-|wl,o has seen Mrs. Uiom.c In ble, Weather Man Tell ' Mie inst " 10 " 11 ' who has " ct ' n wl " Stricken Northwest. WASHINGTON, .Inly 8 <l!|n_ Possibility 0[ ra|n fnj , h8 » & Xr'Sv ',r l S r fcrts lo care for'more llian""«wl OCO Impoverished farm families' The weather bureau foiv™t .possible scaltered shoe's" i,, ] e t burned areas. ' The bureau reported, .i.c.vver that there lias been no relief ln',1 M i"'™" 1 ams dllri "B »' e ast 24 hours and that "ext vm-ly Ugh temperatures" conlimied from he Ohio valley northward to and "eluding southern Canadian prov- «rees; S^uT' 1 **™ t degrees. ' " u " Mercury W ill Drop Ing lo discuss her condillon, de- nioil rniiors Iliat she liad ul- ti'iided the birth of a baby bo.v at the Dicnne homestead Tuesday. DISTRICT 17 LOAN Beauty and Power--Byprodiicls of Bonlde Will Have Thousands of j; Fanners on Pay rolls |; Within a Fc\v Days, ' WASHINGTON, July ?, (l!|'l— i; The Works 'Progress 'Admiuisl'ii- ',' lion set onl today to have 23.00.)' drouth stricken western faruicir. <n federal payrolls in 24 hours and employ n total of 55,003 ivltbln the next 10 (lavs. nnrl « » S ' ! lerlnweiSt Minnesota "iiu northivcslmi Nebraska to "'""" mi; next lu clays morrow. Scmewhat cooler t- nijrlH i ' The WA Program "is part of oioi weslern and southern Norlh I n co-ordinated drive by (he giiv- Liakola and northwestern .\i!.-, ne _ i tinmcnt to end distress ami s.ive iota. "No vain indicated except 1-,-al showers | n western Tcnwwce and westein Kentucky and U! , s . -iWy light scattered showers ever western and northern Noith Dakota and extreme wcstcm s»i-th Lakota tonight. . "Somewhat copier lomorro Dakotas nnd ncrthuesiern )v/ "over braska and crn MinnpKo Kains Helj> South .The , bureau's weather nnd crop bulletin .«]'-. that gocd Drains durlr and :;ot!,h- - goci Drans during week.- materially- Improved ' n " g the . r tlons" In most of the crops nnd livestocj; in tlm, area. The RcsutLlcnieiit A4nih<.- isliiilion is carins for 70.001) families and the Soil tonseivut'im Eervlci! has modified Its rcaiila- llons lo encourage harvi's!lu t oi [wsliire crops and consirvinij of feed. The enlirc federal relief program contemplates cariiij fur 20-),WO destitute raniilles. ,,-.' Announcement of the c'licffniiiy «ort:s program was mailu ny Deji-' uty WPA Administrator Aiibi-ny W. Williams shortly af.Uv the'wca tlicr.Uijrcaii unmmi'.cea scnft lio'iij :f scattered, rains. £-j ,?• .$' soirli .ait e(i in North Dakota. Jfciuth U.•"abnormally high tcmpcrriuros" \kotn, Montana. Wyoming pcrsisiecl duih:j most of Ihe week Minnesota, over a large northwestern are-i. noted that harvest of winter v\heat has progressed northern iiortion of tl w the REPORT PfllCESjlRPLl Futures Un $3 n Bale; On- 30,621,000 Acres in Cultivation. be lo work." Williams "In flvc siatci where d;imsgf i. greatest, on a' schedule that calls far as Nebraska and extreme sou- r ° r completion of them Michigan and that ths e\irn crop "has uol as yet si./fcred serious widespread damage." The bureau noled that the oats crop is generally short, bell!" le- duced lo half the normal In many importajit urcdueiti» sections. tlie err.ploy- 'Hoppers in Arkansas FAYE1TEVILLE. Ark , July 8 ,(OP)—Washington and reiiton comity authorities today 'reported serious damage has been rluiio to grain and hay crops by grasshoppers in the last week. According (o County Ager.t O. L. MncMurray the pests firs!, appeared in alfalfa meadows and then spread to row crop fields. Coltoi) and corn have been damaged heavily In the past 24 hours. An agricultural expert saw little .hope for removing, Ihe pests except 'by .a heavy rainfall. Dr. J. R. Parker of the United States bureau of plant quarantine was expected here t'ttiuhl lo make a survey of tile damage. New York Cotton NEW YORK. July 8 I UP) — Cotton closed very steady. open hi»h low close 1265 1318 12t;3 1.113 1189 1250 1139 !2->8 11SO 1247 1K.3 1245 Jan USD 1245 1183 !'.!45 March ~J188 1246 1188 1243 May 1100 1244 1188 1244 , /Oft 'Dec 54. Spols closed steady at 1323, up menl program within a weci- „. 10 days'at'the most." "Nearly half itliat number will tc 'employed within 24 hours." Work — digging wells, building dams, creating artificial hikes, buUrtir.j secondary rends—will lu provided on that basis, Williams said. "~-XT«.^rr^'' rtuci11 casrattc ' -"- *^^nr^ „ „,, puUfTmrn 9 "", fll ! tl ; Sl ^' Uin |f ]l)ea " t >; <=™lo<l by puny. man,, pic- w -i fiel! t''' QJdL ' l ' !> . N '"B.ani". gushes from five, 'millet «.««.,.. thcNcvaiia po^rhoi;;;:^,, ^"^i^^^Jz™* ttircd in this striking air view NPW ORLEANS, Jiilv jj (in>i_ CciUon prlcos skyrocket] $v a ' "» Iho Koveinuii-nl's hulllsli .1 I'liK market, clos-vl \ of ll'f ,<lav. Net" gains 'linked from 51 to 01 points, with Inly up 58 nt 130.1 and October t ! » 01 at 12-10. - i The estimate.'of 'itcres In cultivation surprised even ll-e •"Us who' bnil rMXicled notlilii? short of 31,000,003 acros. TUP "-wl opened at }l.2fi a bale ilgher on the first call alley (tie 15-mlnuie recess for the aoi'C.ico rercrt and gained slw.dlly the rest o; tie day. "».8 IVr Cent uf 1 M ( year WASHINGTON, July '(• ,i;t>i_ The cli'innlinrMt of n?-|cullui'p's •r<v rr-»prt. i^ird announced to- ny lint aoiWl.OCO acres were cul- Ivutrni Ir. cotton on July i; 'i>'.i. Doomi'd Slayers Ask Governor's Mercy M'l'M E IiOC«, July U (UP)— Coiniiuilailon of tholr .-U'alh sentences , to life Imprlsonmcnl will be sought this afternoon nt n .•leniency hearing by Aylill' .mil Hoy IIoust- of Clniliunl county, t'cm-lclcd on murder cliar.-cs am, J. M. .Fiiti-ell M 2 'p M, us Ihe hour for the hcu.-in-/ I'liP-men were eunvlclrd in No- veinbcr, 1935 of killing TUN, M,,,,. srr, tigcd (inrlund county money tnilor, and an' scht'duVil iu be •Icclrocntud 1'Tiday, mornliii n' fnyliraik,.' " Ttiny will be re|)rcseii|ed at tin by James Camubol! nnd 'vas IOil.8 'i-r c-nl of the ln , . : ~ "" ." 1JIL- lll.kll ,lti cotton cnUtvutlon ul the sane <li'to' last 'your:: '•••'••. Total .cotloii :ncrcmo on Jr.'v 1H35. amuiinled lo '27,!K1H,000 "res. tlic. board snld. itnndonmenl for (be 10-venr ]rr- 1028. lo' lor, Icil from per rent. 'nil. 1 board acres In cultivation In cn"uon"'in Arkansas fali July | 'this .year compared to' '2,178,000 'l«s|..'.year : 2.3 2,-i83((JflO an Increase ijf ^ - per lentjV -'1'he <- Levee Board Will Name Officers on July 14 WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. (UP) — Officers of the St. Francis" levee boad will be thb.nnntial meeting of the board. July 11. No opposition has developed, to W. M. Smith of Blrdeyc, president of the board, who is running.for reelection. Seven colleclora nnd seven assessors, one from each county in the district, will be elected for a two year term. The Andira Lauriloiia, a Brazilian tree, has its trunk underground, and what appear lo be surface roots arc really Its branches. ••> ii 1-4 « 1-4 110 3-1 1H) 1-2 Spot Average Is 13.!3 Tbe average price of 1-8 in:h middling cotton on the 10 leading spot markets today uas 1312, the Blythevllle licarci of Trade reports. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, July H (UP)— Collon closed very steady. open high low ckse July 1250 1303 1250 1303b Ocl 1189 1241 1184 12.18 Dec 1183 1242 1182 lilO Jan 1183 1231 1182 132G I March 1187 123Q 1183 1236 ! May 1189 !240 11S4 1338 j Spots closed steady at 1130, up Closing Stock Prices A T and T Anaconda Copper : Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American TanK General Electric General Motors ........ International Han-ester McKesscii-Rbbbins Montgomery Ward New. York'Central ...... Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp St. Louis-San Francisco Simmons Bed Standard of N J Texas Co U S Smelting U S Steel ....: Warner Bros Zo'nite • || 11C i Unsubdued Ethiopians' nlilij Blow Up..kail: Bridges T Admiis .Disordcrlyf House and Disturbance Charges; Fines Suspended. Robert Hrbbard, Ash slreci. resident, was fined $25 on n charge of cHm-atiug a tJlsoi<!or)v house and $53 on a diar ic of disturbiDT -.the peace In municipal court tins morning. . were suspended during firas liavjor with crsts lo be paid Similar, clinics against• Mrs Robert Ilubtard were <iisi!iiss"d as was a charge of bciiK 'an "inmate of a disorderly dome 'tid"i-d "twinst Katherinc Porler Edna Sinilli failed to appear lo .-.n- swer to. a charge of bcinj an Inmale of a disorderly horsi- anil her bond was ordered forkileci. French ! Eom:i!iland July 8 UJI')-Uands of Bthtoalaiis filill unsubdued by the it.itlni;s, were reported today to have attacked Ihe Djibouti-Addis Abnim railway at several poMs. blowing n]) bridges and killing ma:iv persons. Extensive giiorrila warfare in many parLs of the Ulbiopuin interior also was reported. Government Fears His Life in Danger at Alcatraz Island Prison. J. S. Authonfv Extended Over. Migrant Birds 'WASHINGTON I UP) -A bill passed by congress during the last Efraicn and approvej by President Roosevelt on June 20 will reinforce and cxlend federal aii- inciity ever migratory birds, tbe Riolc(!iciil Survey .innoimccs. 'lie new law is designed to make clfcctivc in .Ihis country a . convention' totireen [lie United - "«-•!. " lut IVM'-li. •JltltlTA illlll AlCXlCO ohargcs Iiatl hcen ponding i of migratory birds n (^ mil i4ni lb .» r.._ _i . Ti.i.,. ., J v '° Mexico for protection SAN FftANCISCO, July 8 (UP) '— Al Capone, former Chicago ".•jig shot in the days of the beer and alky rackets, may shortly be transferred from Alcatraz Island federal prison to the comparative safety of McNeil Island penitentiary. Arthur D. Wood chief federal parole and probation of- ncer. disclosed today. The government's plan to transfer tbe noted prisoner wa= believed inspired by a desire to prelect his life. Canone has been the victim of numerous asoiuiHs by fellow prisoners an(l Is reported Ratification of the am) animals new law Mexico is yet lo follow, and it in municipal, court • for about „ nuiith, ccmplaints aj.iinsl the Jlubbards and ' the girls liavinj lOfl PTCt \ i-\ I I I l" 1 \ -••O'" "t I 11 Lllbl.ll 1UU> fiMP, i r ? ln ' ct block ni0 ' lwicral oothoritv over ml»rf- n ic.s and dismissals u,ls mrrji- tory birds hcret-rfoVc bad 'rt P ,,™,i. ., c D -••'*•• <"iu njMLiibMiis uns morji- .jj ,° »>« were in the nature of a ^>t- tlcniciil of all the cases, .pleas of BUilty being entered by Tiubbanl •3 3-4 4j 3-3 3:- 1-2 10 1-8 4-: 1-4 11 3-8 2 29 7-8 I l the cases against lijm. suspensions may" be lifted .by I he «'i-vt on complaint' against Ihc defendant without further h)g. - Jclmnle Goforth .of Dell, ar- f/iigned (o begin with for preliminary examination on n [Large of assault with intent to kill Gladys McGix-gor, who said j-ha av . "is housekeeper for Gofortti nficl Lit 7-8 s 'sl'wr. \vas fine<i $10 fin 1 :is- in 1-2 9 7-8 ft 3-4 Livestock Chicago Corn open high low close July !«'7-8 107 1-2 105 1--1 105 ?-4 S<?PllfW 1-2 10S m 1-2 105 I-S Chicago Wheat open high • low clo 1 ;,-'. July 82 3-4 82 3-4 81 81 1-2 Rip SO 1-4 81 1-8 79 79 1-4 EAST ST. LOUIS, 111, , (UP)—Hogs 4,000 Top 11.00 170-230 Ibs 10.75-10.90 140-100 Ibs 10.25-ld.75 Bulk sows 8.35-8.85 Cattle 2,500 . Steers Slaughter slcers 5.50-n.oo Mixed yearlings and heifers G.00-8.50 Slaughter heifers 4,50-8.75 Beef cows 4.25-5.00 Cutters and low cutters 3.00-375 aiut battery, Ihe fr!.,n>' ilrargc being withdrawn. Fred Kdwnrri.s. negro. tn:s:y .it the cily jail, was fined *10 on a charge of public clrunkeiuv.'ss. j According' to reports- L'llnards . I bor.jht cigarcltcs, ostensibly on 'lie credit of a cilv cm.tMyr. i-old the cigarettes and b^.iBlit liquor. He was sen Ing out n fine for public drunkermcM ns- sessi>ri earlier this (reck. I ' 'Kill* Lost in 1303 Kouiul .. HUBBA.RD, Ore. (UP)—While Working In her garden, Mrs. Killia Zeke fpund n ring her molhcr lind tost ,13 ycare ago. The ring had been lost beside a road, which lms since been torn lip. Mrs. Zekc's yard Ls on Ihe site of tbe old road. . , - tory birds lK'ret-)fore had depend«l on (lie Mijra(ory Hird Treaty with Great Britain. The new treaty reinforces this authority by provUlinr; for a dual basis for the fcdcnil regulnUwu conserviiij dc'.i-ks, gecsc and other migrant. States Enter Claims To Islands on Lake MINNEAPOLIS (UP)-Surveyors of Minnesota and Michigan arc Iraming their sights on four small is.unds located west of Isle Royal Hi Lake Superior lo settle nn argument of ownership. Kor years the Islands, Susie, Micllle, Brick and Belle Rose have been accepted part of Minnesota. b >' ""written law. But now Michigan claims them Examination of land records " ' as f "" etl lo estaWLsh den- -'•..-•--••• "taniionincnt In Arknn- Sis-.-ls 1'.9' 'por -cenl. ; '•;• .(.Missouri..had ,351.000 acres ',• In 'Cotton on •-• July':' i.>"atcoi h dlng .to -the reiiort, coiiiunred 10 ajB.OOD a year ago. Averages • [ibhiVdiin-' ment In Missouri Is 2.4 per' .ci-nt.- Two City Fire\ Trucks Break Down on Same Run It might have been bad luck I that caused the two city m trucks to "break down" at tiie same lime this mornln , hut nt any rale firemen w:re" thankful the nre that caught them In such a predicament amounted to lltlle. Firemen received a call f) (he Arkansas Grocer company, Ash and Railroad slrcels, about 10'15 o'clock. Actually the nre alr.rm was turned In from the wholesale grocery dowse but It was an old (ruck, stalled In front o' Ihe wholesale olllce that was ilire. 1 Dick Potter, relief truck dilver started out with the flrsl truck and bad gone about a block and a half when his truck sUl!,d Charles Short, regular driver, then was ordered out with the second trrck and a new carburetor on the engine flooded. Short hurried off to the first truck, his regular charge, to get It sturied and others d«<ld!cd over the iec- ond truck. Finally both lnicks were started a'bout (he same lime. In (be meantime Fire Chief Roy Head, receiving the alarm at the Koblnson Lumber company, Blind Senalov Fails of Rc- Nomiimlion; New--Den I Supporter Leads. OKLAHOMA CITY. July 8 (UP) —Blind Thomas Ooro who sought reelection to dm senate on 11 conserviilivo platform, opposing Nuw Heal policies, , siillercd his sceum! itmjor defeat Ju lib 40- yeur poltllcal career toilny at the bunds of Rep. j os i, I, L , CI known as the "boy orator" of Oklahoma an ardent New Deal supporter. Senator Gore conceded ellmlna- llon from Ihe Democratic primary contest us the United Pi-ess tabulation of 2,521 of the slate's Li 411 precincts showed Una Lee had 130,811. yoU's and Gore 10.278 Clonier Smith, a imltoiml or- inltfcr of the Townscnd old age pension .plnij,' wns next to Lee In the number of votes tabulated. He was running a : cldsi! race wllh Gov. 13. w. Martaiid, .The tabulation . RhpwQir-.Smliii .wltlv.-Bp/Ji;! votes nnd' lyiftYland' witir"la^280? The two 'candidates with the largest vote will contest for the Democratic.nomination at a runoff primary laier this' month. to be the most generally haled onl >' a f ew yards away from Ihe " mn " '"" 'grocer company had hi'rried to Hie blazing truck and heioed mon on "the rock" Tile antagonism of bis fellow prisoners, grapevine sources reveal, is di-e to Ihe belief lie has "squealed" on other prisoners for Infractions of prison discipline smother the Homes. Jobs Fewer, Standards Protective Committee Has . Agreed to Accent 55 , Cents on Dollar, A joun of ?l.6(»,500 to Drainage Hstrlct 17, to bo used-In effect- nt; n cash wtllomeiit of the dls- Irlcfs $3,704500 bonded debt, wai approved llils moinlng by the Reconstruction Finance Corporation I'll! Courlei News wns advised In teleeram f| 0m Washington l. by ;B . A. Lynch and J H .- commissioners, and Clifton . Scott, lecelVer for the distilct. A pl-olcctlve committee repre- nllnir hoMeit of tho dlstilcfs tends, heudcd by R. j. costlgan 5>l.. Louts, ha-s agieed to u 55.1 ccnls-on-tlje-dollm caih settle/ "lent of Ihe debt The R p o loan, milliori/od today, L, enu'lva- ent lo 45 cenl« on the dollar * • caving 10 points, or approximate-' ~ Iv $370.000, to bo inlsed by the district.- The iliitild nheady has over $250,000 on Imncl rj G Rcdmnn. [he dhtrlct's audlto'h nutt today that he believed the , remainder could readily lie rals- " «l through cuucnt, and delinquent lux collections, Hopeful of Settlement Uy its action today the R p o. cancelled a formei aiithoitza- lloi.i of of about 30 cents' un tbe dollai Bondholders had refused to consider a settlement on nny toslft which a loan oi Hint size would peimll Were It. not for the leccnt Invalidation of tile mimiclpnl bani- nipley net the Jonn approved by '<• H.:p. C. today, .would definitely; assme settlement' of the <ta rlcfs 'debt As It Is a possl- omty.,remaliis that obstacles may (leyelo|),i V; Howofcr, wllh^he'bond- liolders .protective cblnmltteo^cotri- mltted lo a 55-cents-on-the-'dollar Jt!ltleiiient.:il Is believed tflmt all - lioMMs of (he bonds, which have been In default as to principal for 10 years and as lo Interest for five years,, will fall in line The teleginm of Mewrs. Lynch Grain and Scott to the Courier News said simply "RFC has approved loan of $1 509,500, which Is 45 cents on the principal bonded indebtedness" ' A few weeks ago the bondholders protective committee agreed to i . p . . .. . p-'-K- «"ici- of two plans of set- l-OWer. A. r. of L. Head ' te " c '" ti °"e called for the pay-"; Tells President r i L°_ f . t5 1.*' ta !' "' -"• withWASIIINOTON: July a. <UP> —More than 800,000 wage earners have been deprived of possible rc-cmplpyincnt during the current economic recovery due to the Invalidation of NRA, William Orecil, president of the American Federation of Labor, advised President Roosevelt today. Going to (he While iroi>- only an hour before the A. P, of L executive council met to consider the schism caused by activities of John L. Lewis' Committee for Industrial Organization, Green showed 'the president statistics indicating that 4,516,501 workers were affected bv a "breakdown In labor standards." The survey. Green said, was "devoid of any political significance." tie snlii Mr. Roosevelt was keenly Interested (n the report and plan- « , i . ------ — i—<«<> «"Li,j,Mit- lu me gas miiK on tie nrst truck aid to his refusal lo Join a had been turned off, stoppln^ he prso,, mutiny several ninths a g o.lflow to the engine. He win "e w ~"' indicated that wvcrnl same tiling had occurred before ether convicts will be transferred at the same lime Capone is moved. Chief Head said Investlgar.lon " cd |° slut| y "I '"flhcr on his va- isclosed ihni ih« im. !„„.;,..'' cntlon "'"p next week. Farmer Who "Attempted" Suicide Is Released --_,.,, .,»iu n*f cdkJtJttMUIl disclosed that the line leading to the gas tank on the first truck and ordered the cul-uf! valve secured in such a manner that it j could not be readily shut oil. He 1 -- j u..uv wil. • I1C blamed tampering of someone not i CGIltmClPfl U'lth Mm j-li\»^^j ..^....i Mississippi Woman Dies i r»i . in- i , «. IT "' u ^""^ " le lruclc5 ai of Back Widows Bite kp|)t '" " 1C nre ^panmn s " llc lnuarters In the rear of the nit . T !!e CORINTH. .. The poisonous widow nti» ' or .no jL"k lha11 *' llere pi er ca-scd the d ,th ' '' ntght lty frequenUy on , , of Mrs. M. E. Kilce «. ''a „"'" ru IS a hospilal here last night ' lwn , ™ e occasion drivers have "'" " '" '"* °" Mrs. net and Kilcrcasc. farn, .-es.dcnt! four days later. Extreme toxemia already had developed and she grew steadily worse. , » nltc Minnesota ownership. Fnkc Totem Potts Sold WASHINGTON (UP.-Dr. Ernest Orucnlng. director of territories tor the government, estimates that • three-quarters of the Totem polos Mid to tourists In Alaska are made In the Orient," Onioning is Keeping a way to stimulate native manufactcre of Alaskan souvenirs Japanese. curios to compete with the Extra Copies of Special Edition Still Available The Courier News Is still able to fill orders for extra copies of.. last week's «4-page Mississippi County Historical and Progress edition. The price Is 10 cents per copy with an extra charge of 8 cents per copy for mailing. College Faculty Post Bethany Faught. who graduated this year from Arkansas Slate i college, Jonesboro, has accepted | a position as Instructor la thi . training school of the college tor the coming school year. He will teach Smith-Hughes subjects. Young Faught made an enviable record while in college. He was president of the senior class, president of the Y. M. C. A last year, a member of the Phi Theta Kappa fraternity and vice-president of the Kappa Stgm:t Nu fraternity. W. J. Faught. P. M. ford, farmer, ,vho "n(- tcmpled" to commit suicide Sunday by slashing his heel with a razor blade, has been released frcm the county Jail where he was held on two charges of vid- lalinj the stale overdraft law. H is understood that Ford made gcod bad checks he was accused of giviny here.- Seeks Home for Youth of 12 Who is Orphan A good looking blond chap, almost 12, who has no mother or (faddy, nerds a home, according to Mrs. John H. Long, -county probation officer. People In the temporary home of the lad ;ay he Is unusually smart nnd easily supervised. Mrs. Long asks, that' unyone interested In giving him a temporary or permanent .home to please get In touch wl(h.. her.. ALBANY, Ore. <UP>—When several lire engines arrived, nil they found was 8-year-old 'Shirley Sherwood crying. She had tried to I mall a letter In the red box on of Mr._ and Mrs. the corner, turning I fire alarm. general • tf w "*'"** in v;uoti, W1LI1 — the bondholders to receive an in-- terest in 0,200 acres of land owned by the district. The other call-. ed for the payment of 55 points • n cash. Whether a decision be-* Ween Ihese two plans his been" arrived at Is not known lieie but It would be possible to put eitiier of them Into effect with the 45- point R. F. c. loan. Bnnils Long in Default A Si-point settlement would result In the payment lo holders of the district's bonds of approximately 52.5 points In cash ihe other 25 points going to pay the expenses of the protective committee and of retiring - the bonds" Holders of the district's bonds' have received no Inteiest pay ments since 1931. Nq payments on the principal of the debt have been made since 192C. Interest now In default amounts to moie than $1,000.000 The plan of set-' tlement makes no provision for payment, of delinquent Interest. Drainage District 17, organized In !91S nnd later enlarged embraces 102,000 acres' in the northern and western parts of Mississippi county. About 125,000 acres in the district arc now In cultivation. If the $1,609,500 loan authorized today by the R.. F. c. is actually made and the old debt settled land owners of the district will benefit through a reduction in the Interest rate as well as In Ihe principal of the district's debt The R. P. c. loan will be at 4 per cent and will probably .rim for 33 years. There will be no payments on pr'^lpal for the first five years to enable the district to accumulate funds for rehabilitation .work. A fulgurite, a curious glassy lube of fused saml panicles, 'is produced when lightning strikes in sand. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Pair, continued warm tonight and Thursday. Memphis and Vicinity—Probably local tliundershowers tonigh 1 and Thursday. ''• Conttnved warm. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 99. 'minimum 71 dear, according to 'Samuel P, Nor- rls, official weather observer.'

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