The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1938
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VOU'ME xxxv—NO. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER, OP NmrrHKAST Amr»Mc,, 0 .»,^ „„ „.„„ *** Blythevllle Courier Mississippi Valley Lender Blytlievtlle Herald Blytlieville Dally News Dr. C. C. Selecman New Bishop For Arkansas Four Policemen, Waterworks Employe Not Ro- appointecl f CAlUrii\KRSVlU,E, Mo., May r,. —bcliurs o! the recent municipal election, in which a record vote of 2,400 ballots was cast, were heard In last night's coimril meeting when Mayor D. D. Pinion, reflected by a 97 vote margin, refused recommendations for Die city police force by Chief of Police Luther While and had his own selections aj:piovcil by the council. Mayor Pinion disregarded the siussiatlon of Chief White, who wax i.lso rcelected in the April eleotion, lor re-appointment of officers nl- iKiidy serving ami tlie council, wilh cissi-niiiiij votes 'approved ihi; mayors ov.-n recommendations. uilcers losing their Jobs as a result ttc-re -Assistant Cnic-r Bill MKlliu and A. Bolmnon, veteran (.icemen, and Albert Walker and \ uarker. Approved as po- liifjiien by the council after rec- Giiimendatrous by Mayor Pinion \\ere S. H. Edwards, Jlmmle 'lip- ton, Jr., son or one of the aldermen, and Frank Harris. Before their appointment the council pass- r ,(••:! an ordinance reducing the number of policemen, except for the chief, to three and aboltshhi<* the oit.Cc> of assistant chief. Another city employe who was not recommended for rcapiioiiit- menl by Mayor Pinion and consequently loses her job was Mrf, James Cl,dc Harper, clerk of the city water works office under three mayors, including Mayor Pinion Recommendation for her reappoint- ineni «as refused by the mayor who recommended instead Miss --- Ala., May 5. ( U1'>—Assignment of bishops of tlie Methodist Episcopal Church, eoulli were iinmmiiecii today at (lie general conference of the churcli. 'Hie assignments Included: Ninth district.: Oklahoma, um ( . Hock and North Arkansas—Dr o C. Seta-man. Dallas. Tex., presl-'o ., . ~~~~ dpiu 01 .soutin.rn Methodist oni- ores No Immediate Danger 1 Of War B.,l U S. Musi THBI DOMINANT NEWSP^HJ^NOHTHEAgr ARKANSAS AND SOlTmEAST MISSOURI H1-YT1IKVI1.LH, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, J1AY 5, IMS |5 Are Glamor Cals'jSliimmg ^••BC. « S,. S MS, w\ vi .... . . ^ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS TO GO TOO Ready . WASHINGTON, Miiy 5 (UP)• Secretary of War Harry if. Woodring today warned Japan, Italy and Germany that if l)n> dictatorship , naticns push l!ie Democratic coim- I tries too far there will be war Disorders Climax Disimlp £ > 1( ' akl1 "! M ° rc ">« fimmbcr ,,i .-> v^inim* Ulb|)ltu, commerce ol '(he United stall's, but between Company ancle ° s J )onlil "= p'»t»iy io minimy f. •! • r- i I minded lorelun governments Wood- Striking Employes ] ring placed responsibility for ihf j present chaotic world conditions MEMPHIS, May ft. HJI>)_Fom Primarily upon Japan. Jolly tax-Scabs were turned over nml' Wood ring said lie was not OUR wrecked today us the company iT-," r those "who believe there is any sumcd partial operation aflei- a' immediate dancer of u general w,u five-day .strike. j or even t!;al .such a «-nr Is liievlt- I'olice arrested nine men who were charged with malicious mischief ami disturbing public 'peace. All the men were Identified as former drivers for (lie Jolly Cab company. Police said all the cabs were unoccupied when they were wrecked. Alter they were turned over tlie men smashed windows and windshields with bricks. About half of tlie company's cabs were returned to service. The strikers, affiliated wilh the American Federation O f Labor, sought a maximum 12-honr day. and a minimum wage of $16 weekly. Police Chief Reports ! nD 'e." Tllc wol ' lrt situation Is such how- I ever that the United States must keep its powder dry nnd to build up its defenses, he said. He said the war department rc- Erettcd as much as any other body of Americans the necessity for spending bnge sums lor armamenl.s bill they are necessary for the national security. Bradley Discusses Crime Problems Before P. T. A. Gene E. Bradley, attorney, ud- dressed Hie monthly meeting of the Suclbury Parent Teacher associa- His Driving MUtnl™ Uoi) yesterday afternoon on the __ "llSiaKC topic ••Child 'tabor Laws: The Pro- LORAIN, O. (UP)-Police Chief Theodore Walker pushed aside important police business to make | posed Amendment lo the Conslltii tion of tlie United States" for one of the talks being given under the direction ot the Junior Bar con- persons were applicants for tlie City employes reapiiolntccl were Charles Edwards, city clerk; Morrell De Keign, counsellor; Hugh England, street commissioner; Howard oparks. fire truck driver; C-. W. Pmpps, city physician and L. E. Tlnupp. city engineer . r ......... UULCUUII Ul IHC iMIlllUl '£>,U CU11- rnnri. " 1C repO1 "' '" so '" e j fercuce of the American Bar asso- • j elation, which Is sponsoring ad- Walker, aged 02; oc- j dresses to inform the public about . read: cupation, chief ol police; subject- collided with Nickel Plale switch engine'at Broadway nnd N. K. p. crossing." The chief explained he was watching a pedestrian crossing tlie (racks and didn't notice the red signal light. An engine backed into Senatorial Candidates "File Pledges With Halli his car > LI | ] Stal V/ Hclc LITTLE ROCK, May 4 (UP) —I Stale Senator Lulher J. Wilkes of I - . Helena today filed Ills corrupt prac- licis act pledge for reelection in the' August primary, (lie secretary of Male's ollice said. i Wilkes, who served in the .house during the 50th general assembly, 1 if nominated and elected will rep- 1 rwfiit the 3-!lh senatorial district,' winch is composed only of Phillips county. During the 51st general assembly as senator Wilkes represented Lee ' county in addition (o Phillips. i Dr. Henry Hardy of Greenbriar filed for state senator from the > 12th district, composed of Paitlk-' ncr. Conway nnd Perry coUnlie.s During the Slst general assembly Dr. Hardy was senator from a dis- ! tilct composed of Conway, Faulk- ( . ner, CJebonnie and White counties t ,* Resolution For Probe !' Of Monopolies Offered t WASHINGTON, Mnj- 5. (UP)-'i Senntor Joseph C. O'Mahonev | '' (Dem,, Wy.i today introduced bis I ' proposal for a joint executive leu-1 ' islative investigation of monopoly OMalioney called for creation of ! n seven man natiowil economic committee Instructed to "make n full nnd complete study and investigation of the concentration of economic power in and financial control over American Industry" and make recommendations to congress ffis joint resolution called for a preliminary report on the opening) day of the next congress. It cnr- ried an authorization of $300.000 fci the inquiry. .Interesting ('ailing improvements in the administration of justice. Chief of Police E. A. Rice and E<lciio B. David, stale highway patrolman, will speak to the high school assembly Friday morning on the subject "Finger.-prlntlng and Other Modern Methods of Criminal Detection". Fraternal Orders Hold Joint Meeting Last Night W. H. Stovall was masler of ceremonies at Hie joint meeting of fra- | temal orders held last night nt j the \V. O. W. Hull when represen- i tatlves or the Woodmen of I World, the Woodman Circle. (he North Carolina Tobacco Near 200-Million Mark U T€LI BY BOB BURNS Sonic people think that actors ore an irresponsible lot and that they have no business ability whatever. The other (lay an actor went to liis gill's father and asked him for his daughter's Imnd. The lather said: "How do I know you can sup- iwrt. my daughter—what kind of HII Income will you have to depend on?" The actor says $5,100.00." The father says "Well, that oughla be enough — I give my daughlcr $5,000.00 a year allow- once." The nctor says "yes sir, I know—i counted lhal." , Royal Neighbors and the Woman's, j Benefit association attended. ; Tlie first speaker Introduced by M!r. Stovall was Mrs. Lillian Mason, of Joiiesboro, Ark., who is stale I field director of the Woman's Bcne- I fit association. C. A. Cunningham, William Piasier and -Mrs. Mnrtluv I Wall! also appeared on tlie program. 1 Following the supper, the guests i were entertained by bunco gomes. 1 Rotarians Hear Fendler Lecture On Legal Points Carolina farmers boosted their in • Iconic in 1037 nearly $26 < WOWO Oscar Fendler was the principal! over 1036, according to Julian 'MI'IUI speaker at Ihe weekly luncheon , stjitlstlclnn of North Carolina 3tnl-' meeting of the Rotary club at the j College here, ; ', IB i§ Hotel Noble today when Hie Rov. Last year the state's farmers r* Prank O. Smith, of Omaha, Neb., | ceivcd nn income from their urln | and J. Allen Rcctl, of Tcxnrkana,, clpal crops, mainly tobacco f I were the only guests. i $1B6,57«,000, as compared «!i •Mr. Fendler discussed Ihe legal'$110,691,000 in 1935 aspects which revolve around "Lost. ' Misplaced and Abandoned Properly." Some glamour B als ot Ihc movies are not so alluring at the box olflcc -that's Ihe *>mntioiml C hai- K e made by an Independent Theater Owner association advertisement h, the current issue of „ Hollywood trade paper. And nmong those named are such "favorites" us Joan ford. top. left; Kay Francis, lop right; Mac West, lower left- and urcia Oarto. Jmrer riglH. Headed by Harry Hrandt, owner of „ s lrl,, K of New York City theaters, the association declared lhat nm,,y l,l 0 |,|y. paid and contract-tic,! stars are losing box office appeal because are not given the right kind of vehicles. Association officials said the advertisement should not be considered n pmo.ial attack on the star- Republicans Allot County Four Delegates MTTIjE ROCK. Ark., May 5 _ Selling. September ,13 'as, the date for- (he-Republican slate convention in Litlle Rock nnd August 13 as the deadline for county conventions, llic Republican state cohimit- tce apportioned 339 delegates between the counties al Its mecliii" Jiere ycsterdny. Tlie tasis of representation at the September 13 state convention was fixed at two debates and Km alternates for each of the state's 7.5 counties and one additional delegate nnd alternate for each 150 votes, or major fraction thereof cast for Air M. Landon for president In the 1930 election. On such n basis Mississippi county is entitled to four delegates. •HEGLMES CII1 -.IS|TLliE Special Counsel Says City Not Bound In Water works Matter ..Cecil .Slmtie, recently relalucd ns special counsel by Mayor Marlon Williams In the dispute between Iho city and W. J. Herring and Company. Inc., of Little Rock in n dispute over (he company's claim of $12.200.50 for its services in negotiating for the purchase of the Blytlieville Water company system by the city, snid today that in hU opinion (lie city was not liable for any part of (lie amount claim cd. Mr. Shane said he would recommend thai the city make no compromise or settlement In the mat ter. The Little Rock firm has threatened suit, to collect ihe amount wli(ch It claims is due It by virtue of an alleged contract by which (he city marie llic firm Its agent In Ihe negotiations and allegedly agreed to buy Ihe waterworks system. The special counsel's opinion thai no liability c.visls is supported by The "unusually good prices re- 1m y , eX i' SU Ls ™W° t(fd by Divert for tobacco" more •hi,, T " ,Oi> ml °'K rendered some Hintorbatancod slight Terr™" I?.?.. a «°. * y .. R " umter ° f «>«»'• ^ New Yin K Cotton "" .'"fciji. ti WI Cld l ui Income from other crops Mann reported. NEW YORK, May 5. (UP1—Cot- ton closed .steady. May Oct Dec Jau Mar. open . 857 SCO 863 . 867 . 868 875 high 853 8G3 868 872 863 878 Stock Prices lew S5-) 856 8CO 8G4 868 871 close I NEW YORK, May 5. (UP)-The £54 stock market encountered resistance — In its recovery Krfay. Prices sagged frnm nnrTit i.t n i._ _m. _ . so 1 ** 857 860 864 H68 871 Pretty nnd persuasively charming is Jackie Gately, alrave, but you have no Idea just )i O \v persuasive until you know her real calling. It's hog-calling! soon she will demonstrate over a national net- rk the magnetic vocal sum- ns with which she won her (Itle as champion hog caller tn— of all places, Yell County, Ark, Spots closed quiet at 857, oIY 6. i\ew Orleans - - . _- t , . UL .,.j. 4 , ,^4;^ _Y from early hlgbs, although a jority_ held moderate gains. STOX— ... A. T. & T. Anaconda Cop. 128 1-8 27 1-2 Cotton futures sagged' .„ ™ ^ cents a bale today, Influenced by a reactionary stock market. open high low close Assoc. D. Q o •Bcth.j5toel .!.".'.'.".'.'.".';; 48 J'J 26 1-4 41 3-8 9 3-8 . AH-Chrysler . Ulcs rv NEW ORLEANS. May 5. (UP)—,! cilles Serv 93- otton futures sagged 40 to 50, Coca ^, ola 127 May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 869 814 878 879 881 869 870 879 882 881 868 873 875 877 8S2a 8G4b 868 873 875 877 882 Spots closed quiet at 871, off 10, Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., May 5 (UP)—Hogs: 7,000 Top, 7.80. 170-230 Ibs., 7.80-7.90 140-160 Ibs., 7.50-7.65 Bulk sows, 6.65-6.90 Cattle: 2,500 Steers, 7.50-8.60 Slaughter steers, 6.50-950 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 6.75-800 Slaughter heifers, 8.00-850 Beef cows, 4.75-6.00 Cutlers and low cutlers, 3.75-4 50 Ceil. Elcc '" 32 7 a Gti »- Mot ;;;; ^^ Int. Harvester 55 Montgomery Ward f2 l 2 N. Y. Central '.'.]'_ ,{ ,. 8 Packard Radio Schenly DLst. Simmons . ... Socouy Vac. Std. Oil N. J. U. a Smel a s ' ccl 4 34 5-8 5 7-8 18 3-8 13 5-8 37 1-8 Chicarjo Wheat May July open high low close 80 1-4 78 1M 7-8 79 5-8 19 7-8 19 l-<t 78 1-8 78 38 Chicago Corn high 1( - torneys at the reqiUBt of City Attorney Roy E. Nelson, although reasons for lack of liability diner. Church Session Seeks Chalice of Antioch NEW ORLEANS (OP)— Delegate to the Eighth National Eiicharistlc Congress here this fall may have an opportunity to sec the Chalice ol Antioch. Negotiations lo bring the silver vessel here are being made by the Rev. Dr. Edward F. Murphy. S. J. professor at Xavier University. Arabs in the ruins of Antioc to be the earliest known in Chris tendom. Donnelly, 14, of Sharbot Lake. Kenneth slept wilh his eyes cs( ! l "s r °ute practicable dosed for Die first time In 13 years after Dr. L. N. Armstrong had DriVA nn Snoalpacio* grafted on tlie skin eyelids. U " Ve On SpeaKeasieS The boy lost his eyelids 13 years "SO In an accident, He is expected to see normally again In (luce yeai-s Baby-Walker Streamlined TOLEDO (UP) — A new slream J, 58 a Mv July 58 3-8 58 7-8 eo *\i l\,. ~i "". ,"'' "—"S" •>••""•••<• """ -.uiuii^^iiea <8 SllllS \VH11 58 i-i[ine hand rails arc chromium-plated, capacity of 21,000 gallons. Inlorsliito Comnici'co Com- 'j mission Kxamincr Rules Against Negro W/'SlllW.'l'ON, Aliiy 5, art')— Intn-.slnli' Commcivo Commission Kxnmlnn- Wllllinn A. msiino, Imld- iiV{ llu- AikiuiMis "Jim Crow nilo 1 ' Is not unduly dlscrliuliiiilovy, today ri'i'OiuuieiltliHl di.snils.sul of u coin- pliiliit ii'jiilnsl the Hock Island nnd I'lwilii! nillroiid by Arllinr W, Mlt- chel, nt'ijro eoii!jri>s:iiiii . 'Mil 1 "Jim CKIW" rule provides for segri'gallon of whiles and ne- groi'.s on railroad trulus In Arkan- MI.S. Mltchel lUeil Ills compliilnl Hie riiiid. charging he was forced to In a "Jim Crow" coach between MLMiiphls, Ti-nu., nnd Hot Springs, Avk., on April 30, 1037. He was forced to accept u scat In the couch despite tlio fiiot ho had purchased n llrsl class ticket, he snld. Mllchel charged Iho )nw violated the Interstate commerce net and the Nth iiinomlmcnl to the con- jiULutlon on grounds Unit ho was deprived of money without due process of law nml denied c<tmil protection of the Inws. Dlsrute snld MUcliel's piillnian ticket, wns taken up by the Rock Island conductor when the train crossed the Arknnsns line and Hint Ihe ucei'o congressiutiii was "foi'ci!rt over Ills protest and finally under the tlireat of arrest lo move- to the so called "Jim. Crow far." Later the conductor offered (o refund the difference between tlie Pullman fare nnd the second class coach but Mltchel did not cliilm n refund, Dlsciuo snld. Mltcliel snt In the women's section of the "Jim crow" car. He complained that It was poorly ventilated and not nlr conditioned. Mltchel complained that the car wns "filthy and foul • smelling." DlK(|iic noted thai testimony of tlie defendant was lo tlic contrary. Tbe examiner held Hint the accommodations afforded Ihe' congressman were adequate und that hjJiWB*,110.1' "put to any material diKadvapfiige." . Doctor Orders Dean •;; To Rwt For Month CHICAGO, May 5.—Dl/.zy Dean, the $185,000 addition Ic Hie pitching stuff of the Chicago Cubs, will be lost to the team for al least four weeks. For that period he must not pitch. For at least two weeks he miisl not even try (o throw a ball. These were (be orders of Dr. John W. Davis, Cub physician, after nn X-rny examination of the star's pitching arm which followed Dean's failure to complete the eame against Philadelphia Tuesday. Dean's troub- i iumui-i|jiuu i ucMiuy. ueaii's Lroub- J'OLIV^ ^_?1^11LO si.;, 11 "™' Illfgerin^lnSmatlouTt PokCf SpOOklllg tile doltolrl niu^h* ill ll>rt ,^lr,i ~r A O Roosevelt's Ship On Way To Fishing Grounds CHAKUCSTON, S, a,. May 6 • ui 1 )— j'K'sidpnt KooMvrll's vncu- tluii ship, the cruiser Philadelphia, lofi Sun Juan, 1'iicrlo Rico, lodny Sm cnlcat I'ndsiiRp, n fishing Id'ouml iiimiit !IO nillc.s north ol Hull!. 'l'i»' criilsi'r early today un- lioml in tin' entrance «f the sun imu hurbui' while «lfli'lnl mall and papers \vi-iv brniiulil to lhi< Oy M'ii|>luiu> unil lioiil. Younger Brother of Raymond Hamilton uncl Companions Hiding liti.STON, lt\.. Mny :>. (UP) — Norlli of !]»• oncn liolmloun Clyde Harrow and Itay- inoiul llumlllon were watched today for lliiiulllon's fugitive youun- cr brothev, J'loyil, and his UIUIK of dusperadoes. IViclsli olllceis nm| slato jiollco expected a new break of the Tcxns ffimmtm wllhln <« hours. Ilauilllon, wllti Iliree men nnd two women companions, disappeared Inlo OKI stvnintis of iiorlli I/iiilsi- nna last night after spnrlng the life of n former school uinto when Iho bamljt cur crashed Into the hitter's tool box on a highway west of Monroe. AH roads In tills sparsely settled swamp country have been patrolled since Hamilton's nwir cnickiip late yestcrdny. Grams know that Clyde Burrow', who was sliiln with Honnle Piirkcr In northern Louisiana, ihreo years ago nnd Raymond Hamilton had hideouts through the swnmp counlry. they believe the arrest of Eunice Mnrgariiin, negro known 113 "tint" Mussolini's lixhibil of Naval Might Greatest Since World War Ry IlnKeil t'rcss l'' 1'reiiilcr })eiiilo Mussolini' today showed Adolf Hitler mcro than 203 reasons—all of them ships of war—why llaly Is a valuable neighbor and friend. Tho Italian jinval dhplay, do- scribed ns ilia greatest,' since, tho World War, was staged for liitlei' In the nay of Naples as one ol Mussolini's important moves durj . ing n week of festivities for the visiting Nazi leader. Seeking to maintain his powerful position us n, balance between a'e'r- uinny In eastern Europe and tha Biillsh-Preiich combination in the west, Mussolini wns icported lo have bncltcd nwny from concrete nctton lo strengthen liU partnership with Hitler. ns were the talks find lavish celebrations In Italy they were carried on against a. world background of vastly important developments Including: Sjxiln— the loynllsl government troops, split and shalloicd by th'o Insurgents for weeks, suddenly came to life presenting now resistance along I lie Mediterranean coaet. 'lliey niiide Ilio end of the civil war more iiiicerlaln limn ever, While only a complete about face nnd an uncxiieclcd supply of materials could give the government a ' lone shot clmnce of victory, the loyalists claimed Important advances In ' the Tcruel area when, they snld 1,000 Moors had been wiped out and a nationalist often-, slvu shattered. •• Cliliiu— Chinese troops, led by the famous "big swords", opened an offensive against Ttongchonff, important link In the Japanese lines on tlio central Iront, arid reportedly Isolated the city. The Believe Negro's Arrert Clears Up Recent Thefts icf'Svc' 1 £1~ ,±! =^S l ^d^ ^ pushed back tho Japanese lines: In southern Shantung province by 12 has completed tlio 6 ol«tlo, of m^ ,, "fe t Tr nZ imiCtant ^ uierous tliefU „, Blylhsvlllc <iur- SM^o* SM IIIK Iho past several months <„ ,„.• ., _ •• «. .... l : l _ J .^ to prevent.' rcon'torcemcsnts' ' ho Jumped from an early morning .wrf-friile.Verjriilj-lhat. ,-ut tlie.sup- nc from port Jr'om Japim's" extended' front 1 ».v i«vvt;iiv ict'iiiurcemems" i^xxn. Margnrun, who was* arrested us coming' up: II" was such' guerrilla 3 Jumped from an early ni~ " ...->.»_*,_ — ^;, .'i. _* . ,. trnln when returning home Chicago, wliere ho Is aliened to have been hiding for ubout two weeks, Is to bo given a hearing In municipal court on n cliaryo of petit larceny. • Officers say that ho hos admitted n number of petty thefts nnd thai he went lo clilongo when he learned officers were seeking him. Henry Block, nnoher negro, was arrested In Chicago mid relumed here to face charges which arc alleged to be companion cases to those of which Murganm l.s accused. tlic deltoid muscle at the |X)lnt of insertion with tte hiimorns—tlio bone of the upper arm. After four weeks' resl. Dr. Davis Is hopeful that Dean will be nble lo resume his rejulnr turn on (lie mound. Canada Rushes Trans- Countty Highway Work OTTAWA (UP)—With an eye to the promotion of Canada's ever Increasing tourist trade, amounting to millions of dollars annually, work Is being rushed to completion on an important western link In the scenic highway that Is soon to span the country from coast lo const. The link in question, known as the "Dig Bend" Highway, follows the great northern bond of the Columbia river, skirting the north spur of Ihe Selkirk Range and connecting the towns of Golden nnd Revclstoke In British Columbia. This Is the last section to be completed In the western |»rlion of | tlie Trans-Canada highway. Tlie only other substantial stretch awaiting completion will connect lluesnin central Chlna^ ijtui,,'led to her first major military disaster. United Stfttes—Agllation for repeal of the embargo on nriiis salfs to Spain continue In cdunectlon with a resolution by Senator Oerald P. Nyo (Rep.,-N. D). Tlio stale department .was expected to give Its position after President Roosevelt'.s return to Washington. Tlio administration lias been convinced that the embargo favors tho insurgents but indications have been Unit no attempt to change It would l)c undertaken nt present Czechoslovakia — Nazis painted swastikas on the monument of the late Thomas Masaryk, the "father of Czechoslovakia" nt Mahrisch- Schonberg, near the German border. The chalice was uncovered bv „ ,, " B com l" ctfotl wl » =°nncct rate i,, ii,» „,!„« n? a^iJ? Northern Ontario with Manitoba ^• tr i?- Sj«Si ^nKtt&StiK '' Canada that It is not yet possible to drive n car from cast to west, without making a detour south of Lake Huron and Superior through the United Slates. However, work Delicate Surgery Gives D t i A VT p !• i lhc Unitc(1 States. However, woi DOy Ot 14 New tyeilds on this area Is also In progress. — When completed, the highway KINGSTON, Out. (UP)—Pieces wlu stretch from Halifax on the of shin removed from his leg may Atlantic to Vancouver on the Pn- restore (lie eyesight of Kenneth clnc - « dls(ancc of 3.500 miles, f6I- . , lowing always Ihc most pictur- Made in Philadelphia The operation was the's^nT^ rcLT^T^T^'v' 01 ',* the kind e™™ In Canad, aSn'tly^^rnou^TX" delphia. Agents of the State Liquor Con- rol Board raided 287 establish- H-^JTX. t: . , OHCTUU- uui raided 287 establlsh- iinca baby walker Is the latest pro- uients during 1937 according tc- duct of a Toledo firm. The wheels the board's annual report and """•"""• •"-'- '»"<!«« "nd conflscatec: 48 stills with a daily Trap Finally Conquers Stalwart Horned Owl COLUMBUS,' O. (UP) —'A great I horned owl captured by Alf Fullen, apparently lias been flying around wilh a trap iittJtched to its foot for some lime. The bird, found lying in the road entangled. In the trap and chain, was turned over to Henry J. Shreader, 'game warden, of Ravenna. Shrcadcr Identified the trap attached to its foot, as one which disappeared from the D.ivey state game refuge al Twin Lakes in IS3S. Tlie bird had a wing spread of more than 5. feet, and could kill rabbits nnd pheasants and carry them away, Ihc warden said. Four-Car Garage Turned Into Five-Room Bungalow ilELROSE. Mass. (UP)—Froni a four-car garage, Mrs. Ida Withers has built a snug five-room bungalow for herself and her three sons. Widowed when her youngest son was 6, Mrs. Withers was forced to give up her two-family house. But she retained the garage. With wallboard and secondhand lumber, she divided the garage Into five rooms, sealed up the <toars and replaced windows. Her sons salvaged enough brick from a nearby dump to make a chimney. The famous Los Angeles poker hand In which Harry T. Clifton, wealthy Englishman, claims to have lost $150,000, has been brought under scrutiny of tho law by the occult findings of the Rev. Violet Greener, above, high priestess o£ mysticism tn California's Abageg temple. The Rev. Greener claims to have divlnad hocus-pocus In the poker playing of Lew Brlce, brother ot Fanny and winner in the WEATHER Arkansas—Hair tonight and Friday. Memphis an vicinity—Fair to- nljht and Friday, somewhat cooler tonight, lowest temperature tonight, 58 to 60. Tlie maximum temperature hero yesterday was 8J, minimum 65, partly cloudy with .59 of an Inch rainfall, according to Smnuel F, Norrls, official weather obaerwr.

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