The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1934 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1934
Page 12
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/RACE ,TEN, v '•'. .v:v' NEEDEDt Real "Yellow Peril", I Scene in Huge Nation' Appalling Weakness urif* u i K\ This is (be list of k ^L 0 " th * by WllJUm Philip Slmm<, n ot« n affairs fxpm, no» lourlo S? f * r ( ' ouri * r N ' f « »"< NfiA Sfn1« i K of f^ftlil ,lnlfr«| 3n j ttaell f*e bwius* of J»p»n's sharp warn « l» tlw world atal China's iffalrs. ' • BY WIU.UM ' or SI\T»1S . of ihe'V-reck post-war p?acp n.ndilnory, te emerged » "yellow peril" far more menacing than that .con- pictured .Ui e Japan- the yellow races o[ i another ent .. , c ract , of the West, like donehls /Khan of. There nha ' an in the t h c like that will future. 19*4 of Nippon's h I n China, East West. Time Can Cyj* B»r''lU< ' Tlie real'-yellow peril", lia.s"'afk- en from anotlHsr caase'.-chlria, iilci 8 " *•'- As f? : ' ! ? s .'»! m( »'t."ni-CTt: So' also,- It woli)rt"¥eem, li 'l'he a e ae of ••Nat|«n*'--and'" other peace agencies, «o farluVpractjcial 'ar prevention te.conrermd. ; ' •••' In the absence, (hcrclore -of any real Interaattooai; co-opeVatlve: effort. to preyeni iuclj (h!n K i; fight-"8 tx>uld easily. b;cak out among ,„• ; ^ ;cne voom, ;t< a. rro»-(ag belief .that the !•»««*'« ;c«nmKt«j- on .Van'elinkup; whwl.tued ^ ^mret In otnei'a May li, MIL qa,H (or 4 shon-doim j> j». Mil's attll(x!eV l^ie 1 . a, Jtrong.-staiid - l^S&i^S^^^S^w ^v^r.C}*- ?•'£ V":-'.': ; -'t ' lC i .eAll«' 1 ''frtK ^e^hXfti^ ' "ItVL --- -' ' i communlci — . .„ Approximately 80 per cent of her manses "can neither-read nor write. .• China is poor. She'fa 95 per cent peasaht'arid the'averageTarm'fam- ily's trjcqnie Is abou.1 $90 a year, or approximately Jl.M.a mpmh per mouth. The average wage of a laborer-Is 30 cents- a day,' Chinese money,, or-aboiit 7 cents gold. .. |: China Is Individualistic. .Tfere Is :llttle community spirit in the r^aw 'at polling together for" the''com- mon good. .China; Blacks' national .unity There i,s no ideogram in Clii/xw ta .cpnvey, the 'word'; "nillori'- anil "pa- • ili'e American seaie ""'— -Jacks power. - she has more ...,._,.„.,, ;»han. any, other:oaUon'.in . W- .'vprid, but no natiomU .army iln= the trie meaning of-: the?term Almost every province" 7 tfafc ta •'war lord. Ind.iach war lord- SaV ah ar- :rny. ;-But lt-I?.')ils anhy^noi d?i- »'c)i»Bce,"ind unaelfhh ™« tion from t*» other powers. V, 8. Keavtlir Ufahei • A» matters staixl, anything can happen at any time, china "a." tremendous natural wealth, but Is <oo weak to protect It. AnieHca U bwvllyjnvolved in the- /«,„, ot this quarter of the globe enormous '«^ iiifccre6i.ii.or territorial,, bul economic' i.£"! n M* th * ' arg *'^ iree m "^l left, n-the »orid, uut lh | s ^ d l «min* conditions..;.^ i,^ ,„ n*r, ^nd the vo'rtd's' ptril o^," 0 ^ ^ - ^ a big ' "«-man'« ^^Ar^-ra^- " ' •••. ' (THE END.) -.'-. • prwluce Aaierkah •'DeBes'. Najiklnj'• - ; .... , General Sun,' 'of'chlnfthal (lie tfa.5 "-• • • ? ml ' I 1 ^ Ip-throuiiih, Interr.iitl6n- nn' ift M?r^ • »u*'-ii:.*j ^^^-Kl: 1 ?^* 'tbe"'lliln? fiock." ,-:,nien,. aroc* between, Nenklne _»nd Oneral'Siih, 'wfteWi/pii i H de- 1 . 11 ,'- In 5 t * i ¥l of- -ri'* oft the i .- .. . - here- far the il presfntatlon uf the . ;«•• PUtj of'God," tn i^e, outdoor, amphitheater ut """ "' 'hLitoric- "Chimney pageant,- whieli l 14,000 vlslwrs of Jlto. united at al ", CM ririTM i ihe k[ii»3r»nc« of i ooraM rli)' Hannere wer« flying , n ij ii'iit* s'nin-rff) jlmn't. I'fan'ut in. lfm..riiirt« .ranrtu were trec'ted. 'jiialler n-ni r«nl«- lh » -),|| top" «a«-c.iiivrr[.rt Into dojen. ot'dre.i ; l"a fn,,mj. Net»- ' «SM .rop«. hg-rn a <-lamr.«il Inrn pier, with: "fa .A» (tie paraphijrniua for (»i'li ar t wa ,' P rodn'ced tlir owner r»vt It minute Iniitntlon.^l'lM^. irrtir- or', a' ; rope»m{(sln|t:.'til'ii,t r..r«sn. <teath ' or. permanent: Injiry. Anlm»l». W'PI-B rert' and '''' " 'Di.nnaV fnn ciisihni. «,-ent •tie shareci « .uHi«r», inri;iild .out -|i«r-.w»rdrqb»: 7lie.n.ahe sUppvMpto cottisi »"d « sweaier-ind « his .tent- For- tn- hour itii ,-i( m . J*r.« up." H.nd. •--' "", sirentlh.- Upon ! £«<«« her own lift , ;"».»"« t«««yitter|f without rewtor i ner«elf but oor* thai one* tl« : other «lrr. rerklei lattrt 'truck- terror la ber beart, '^VT?""""" 1 " 111 ln ; her chujrt of » inrtii«r. M«dfMn«.hj« proten ilroni, tan me tnrt rurjess. mlnnr ...mlfrlli, rwrlT for r-ircni 'Itft.'- Shi would »««r ht th. .crohtl Donni f>ir n.inna's muscle* iij l« a trained rinm hahjhood. tut'W»il» ll"« Vi* satlsfai-tlon iD^tll tbtt »« re,julr«d of Her. Onnn*. .[11 «iu»hetl with ,grl«f , B d f til the> nan oeet three yearn tb.t "M.d'eJtB* re«pn »ii8 tied nin *wa; fron btr hnnii ,j,d th;,, , ne ,( orr aht tt . l"l<1 or hint eine ' aier. ».i, .jntriie. H»e year, nan" passed .Ice* tb* *IH S first meetlnt. A» Ooona t.rt Hie leni.thM morolni >h* wai lain tint moihsr n»* yetr. would nut «*e Ihtra together. ID >pl<» o t .sjanrtlnr'tB tb* brUhi .unltt't °J cios* eonv»natloD with N lord, tbt bow cantasmta. '.'The'r*'* no'»icu» for It." Dgg, n« niuitered ansrllr. "sn care injthloj about bla It lost (latter, ber to h.y. a , l cut-out tb« pbll»sd.rlB| or III speak to Reorroe." ^Alre.<r tbe band wii tanbi up ..tbt caHlope tte . ad took •ao»j mar* In tb« A-S *b* bMt to pat tb* ilcek coat ot tk* ailul lladOlM ealltd b*r MUM. 8a* kaadett Ooaaa "** paprr ,N Md, -R..7 *•*• '** W a c&aam." 0**a» (taM*4 - -Diu ..•t.M.mmw..^ .. . . e league" pf Nations,ideclares: "Since thei p i re»uit i ~T , •" '-'•«'-j. »uut- AtftYtr rOUzrilV ttt-fhab.- ^noJ.' 1 • - 7—--«*«.»«M«*iij t u ^••hetlwboir.i'.^ LThard; «th^ the r^i^." ? *™ •^°P et ^ tea^' •orjr.i'road.fir inVofner '&<% SS««;KlP!>«»S r ^elr lL Read Courtet New5 Want Ads. Small beyr ^ fencea ;.houted' -{belr'.le. . irtjnt Ittterlnr cn,.tb. car,.. »?i«nc1n» "Rrtfroei Colossi Tnrf* " '—• • a. laria .porter, «b»wlak rtwb-^rlrls .flTnr.-thrdigb-'.tb.- tffV&t*™ ' k.'l AerUr'ajoinisU."' *• •. .-* !..._., H/JJ"TW*••»*.. *, r »T» T . qM ^W-'thitr,- .iRfc^tjKi. j; •';:*;,. '^'^""S'HiX^.V^^'t 6 * T>i~T' Rlf^tfio^rrein-'aV^^whii ^^Sf^fel ; cin- bear- Mother 1 * ! ihrl«k.' Whj .aaulda't'l bitf tW« ' ' " „ com., oat u, nan aad !'• 4 m por* f«*M« ' I MW (n> ' father" mtu|l»d to 1 . , , ' ,*~ ' •• «•• flH^^lfV I 4 roa t be ker^ atotkar f tar. ' I vtw't aortal at itu^t wliat taa kap- .. from tb* ban; to lie tor week)' af ' a bopeleu cripple Vn'd: tbeo ncialir ' »triigtl« becauif' liri Ali hj-, ^ IrAAn ' _.'_. ' ft-1- co»%, but jpu'ra i»r doa« c.1 wkea o*. U a* old ;[ r • j -!.•--. --.,_.»,« •I'.v too bitter to k««p on. .On. . . Ih'era'a ilampur. I'll adnttl Tbe ' blare, of tbe' trunioet.. tbe brl|bl tb« t»7 cojtum«i a girl Ilk* you. But jou »« qerer known the other «ldt. land I bare.- 1' wouldn't marry Cun t>» rid for all the gold tn the' world." ' iirlfak™' and- « u«»'tli'*. utter wq hour* latejr. Tkvi 'W»al ' if' ' VI ADEt.'lNE placed a lympatbettc , L '* arm ahnot th* <jth«r'» »bout- dert. ":l w(8i" ib«'*a!d icfll WM lure jou didn't lor* Con , "I don't," . ' ' ' ' "1 Ihlnk jou do." ^^rftFia^bl .jour: fit* and th* ^ir-otetOyaawaa.t." . ' ' .;~.po.|MC"#|l^ f*plT wa. -Shutll! n&t <ttt-Ita ordahlo h**r JD^' i-J^ 1 ^•.***"**• ^' "i"»W- H'. l^-k'.; wu r ^i - Ao »?«• **vll!«.r.*t»aVf , - t x,.. B , '•No.. He'» i»«! and I ilk* blm ' . -bul tbtt'a all. Wb/r i MtdeMp* 'eraded. "N'ft reuon l)t> you 'want >i>me coffe«7" "I coufil do wits a cup." • She »ot out douibnut*. . Sipplnj <be w«rm .tlmtil.nt, tb* t(r!. witched tbe panorama tbroujb • tbe winilow.. nooua'i . . . ; Plrtk, >ecau>« I'm D ol la '*• **•"'-• —'—•' lo**' w|tV"»(»; aelBia. • ' . *re«, ctouited with bitter memcrlee lk*crr*ui tor'tti* r**i did Dot take In ttte heaullei of tk* blnom. a flnj-k of l«mhi orer the undulating gUln ' Ware'of almtelf,'' aa'rrow rlf.c tklrttd bj oxrbao , ,»« her eri« dirk Kara bont*a *pr*oi loto »l«w; spisft iow. racMlot. nipiluted indlinatitly. a •w*«l : fbi!d but fm a^lot to- l*)irB."- f')onna-went f , n Yov puihfto koow th.t pe.f,,™ *r«.doat an wltb'.prop.. it.-, nan . wrou.'anij It Just Isn't done." fb* traln-whui, rea.ed re ,_ • -"-ir- --T- .1^1*1 |n ih*\'iirr|. to and- tn.- inoniM.'of rnfre*. •Donna •ra.rjed .frp'm. i.he' tarn- room, donnwl.herdrej. and bpinrf tt/« door Into tb* corridor to r«tt . cieery- "Oood morolnj- to. thn,-,. *no PM»«d. Ta.».iJni)r nf tbe imi» room adjoining alio opened m,| l-on DarM'i ar#«v 'Ku^k. ». . lieared. 1 ' 'Now'* tb* town!" ."Don't a«k rae. I'r, le en nmh. u V* "«•'.-ton*r an<1 > "f JO!! J"l)ff)B IQ "laajtery." / Coa'-D»Tld ftepped fato the *r<le !• "aa a llind«r. comp.ct m.n not. yit 10. with 0 , --—-- Utln ance.trj. v«rr' wait* t**tb taihtd between T!TM fir "?* ""'* llnkl<1 ">'• » :m ibrouth Boana'*. i "lloa't." ib* wld ibarply. dii it awar. Tb«n «ti« railed nttr b«r abwititu-. "Coralnt, Nad?" ' n* aiked. P "1 can but I don't w*nt to"* Alr**djr oiaar performer*' wer* "•tm it tbt loii. wh!t.-.-ov«,,,| L 1 ^ ~ t(B r b . r ?« k '"'. '-u*. Ken ' clrru »- ,' ru »- « n( wlf*. Matt!*, wbo was bttim "U Be.ll* MatllD*, Suwetne tn*fla*.«r ta*, World." u •mall«r tabl* wtu lUifroa, MOM „ „ , Ur down d "•• ">» of l>« Lace*. u allMt*.

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