The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1949
Page 13
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TTJESDAT, MATS, 194» BLYTHEVrLLB (ARK.) COUNTER NEWS PAGE OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople I'M GE.TTIMG AWAY FROM TH' PLATE TILL HE KG EPS THAT LEGi DOWN-- VCXJ CAM'T TELL IF HE'S THROWIN' IT HERE OR BACK TO SECONK? BASEj WAMft ESCAPSD AAV MIND/ DRAT.'/ BeeM COMBING MY WITS ALLOAV—IT FKECKLES * HJS FRIENDS By MERRILL Thai's How 11 Ii For Rent, Houses 4 room unfurnished houst. T. n. Coehmn. corner or N. Tenth at Dixie. 3.3 pk 6 Small 2 room house. Phonp 3102 Wonted to Kent l or 5 toom unfurnished house by I. Permanent family. References riJe. please call 2420. S 3 ck 10 3 or 4 room turnlshed apartment with bain oy couple No children Goorl reicrences Call Mrs Whluen, Hole] Nafle 4l26-plt-5|10 Wanted to Buy City Property Wanted! Do you have city property you want Lo sell? Small lots small houses, vacant lots 01 nice homes. You may have just what we are looking for so call us. RIALESLANDCo. Russell E. Riales, Realtor W. T. Barnett E. E. Williams 33^, — Phones — «i!39 Blytheville. Ark. 4-23-ck-5-5 . For highest prices bring your chlck- •A'u to Purccll'-s Grocery. 125 Lilly at. T *;zs-jik-5i30 City Property Wanted City Property in Blytheville wanted. Do yon have property for sale? Houses, lots, business places You may have just what we are looking for. See us before you sell. Our commission is only 5%. If interested' in selling, be sure 'to see or call— Luther Gray Realty Phone 513 120 East Sycamore St. Just East of Armory Hall. Blytheville, Ark. For Rent Warehouse 30' jt 40' on r:ti]ro;<(l sid- Ing- Midwest Dairy Products Ph. 4447. 4 19-ck-tf i-'Iasn cameras for all occasions. O'STEEN'3 BTUI3IO. 4 5-ck-tt Three Rooms rnrnisnrrl 34J S. Dlvl- •lon win rent 10 couple only. Ferguson, l>h. 552. 4,27-ck-tf Personal rty rmnuic phntnslatu AEretcr l'tt.Nto ST1UJ1U Ii6-cf-ll Salesman Wanted First Class Automobile Salesman. Write Box GUI, % Courier News. 4-22-ck-tf Reid Courier News Want Ads. Treat Your Watch ToANewCheck-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DHEIFliS Meel Urfifin .. . Wear nia ElizoUth R. Robwfc LODGER COrVHIGHT It GUCN41K: nm WST*IIUM» IY NCA SUVKL VHKSTURVt M*g*r 1» • *rohl* I'ttlKfr »f <k« b*»« «f Mr. «to SIr». Kohrrli. !!<• lMr«l ««#npi(ri *rn« * P*rl? for Ihrrf HB4*lM ruMarlN nMri Ibrir Mitre. H«Kr Ihr rcln- •IlKhllr rr rAmr* nut of Ih* affair with • prftn»«1i*B taK frlem*«hlp, n»»y have ke XXV11 W/ITH his captain's bars, Roger also ' got leave t« go home. "Mary would b« • good deal of help to you in this big house," he said, solicitous a« always at my welfare. "I think 1 should bring her back with me." (Bill's and the guest room were at the moment unoccupied.) Then, as usual, Roger tipped his hand. "My bitter hall and two public enemies have visited my mother about long enough. Both sides are crying 'quits.' I've' got lo do something about It." He considered this for a minute; 1 suppose he was considering it, £or he knit his black brows and stated fixedly out of the window. "We could manage here very nicely with you and The Little Man. You'd like Mary," he concluded, temptingly. Whether I'd like Mary or I wouldn't like Mary was entirely beside the point. What I wouldn't like would be shitting §ide« and having Robbie and me lodging and at the mercy of Roger m our own house-—or, rather, more at his mercy than we already were. I was in an open frame of mind when a friend asked if we'd Uke in a couple, an Air Corps major and his wife. "Older people, jet- tied and responsible," my friend said. They were older and they were responsible. Major Capner was an instructor, bald, on the rotund side, with * spare chin, and he said he was 38 years old. Their only child, a boy of 14, was in boarding school in Massachusetts and Molly had rented her house furnished in order to gypsy around Lost: Black and White Screw Tall ulldoff. strayed from 328 Dougkn. 15.00 reward for return or Information eadlng to whereabouts, pn 26U or trie. s;3-p's-5;io Ihe country with the Major. Gypsy was Ihe word she used, and its use marked her as a woman of perspicacity. Saturday night, Robbie and 1 were nuesls of the Capners at the Officers' Club dance, and it was while (ripping the light fantastic wjth Major that he asked whether I'd ever been up in a 13-17. "I'm taking Molly up tomorrow. Would you like to goY" Would I like to go! Major said he could sifin in a wife, or mother, or both, and since Molly would be going, it meant T'd have to be Mrs. Capner, Sr., lor the flight. Gallantly he regretted it was not possible to sign in a shier. I agreed lo be Momma —in fact tittered to myself smugly, thinking of the loud guffaw which would fjreel my introduction as the mother of this balding, middle-aged man. JT was 3 clear day in February; the sky was as blue as bluebells and the snow had melted off the road. Major introduced Molly as his wife, Mrs. John Ciipner, Jr. The attending staff said "Ilowde- do" and showed her the dotted line. I got ready to grin in acknowledgment of the game we were playing. Fortunately 1 didn't grin, for never have I seen more polite and forma] gentlemen than those young officers when Major Capner said, "And this is my mother, Mrs. John Capner." I was prepared lo quip that 1 had been a child bride o( India, but I had no preparation (or their deadpan acceptance of me as the mother of this very mature major. When the tower signaled for us to take oft, Molly and I were standing, one behind each pilot, wearing earpiionee, listening to instructions from Ihe tower, studying the instrument panel as though it weren't Sanskrit. Safely up, we raised the trap door, dropped to the level below, crawled into the blister at the nose of the ship, picked up the Lost Notice ATTENTION FISHERMEN I Flsmng boat on State Line North ol UosncJl. out two times a day. Leaves f a.m.. nnck 11:30 p.m., out 1 p.m.. bilk- 6 p.m. To all good fishing points west on stat« Line dllcti. Will take firming immes tip to 10 person*. 4.30-pk-5,14 ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, falKni and crippled animalr- picked up free of in sterilized trucks. Cail collrict. 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL. CO. 4-21-ck-5-21 AH Work Guaranteed COTTON FARMERS r Chemically drlilUed cutlon seed Kerminate quicker, plant and plow the snme week. Reduce chuppinjr expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CF.KTIK1EI) VARIETIES AVAILABLE 1). * P. L. No. It, per 51) Lb. Bn« .................. $10.011 I). * P. U No. 15, I'er 5(1 Lb. Hag .................. slonerille •> B, Ter 3D Lb. Hal .................... Sloneville 2 C. Per 50 Lb. H*t .................... i KoKden II-B, I'er M Lb. Bag .................. ' flail & Hal! (Ilitirrd). Per 5ft Lb. Bac ............. . Colcer's 10(1 Will Resistant, Per 50 Lb. B.i|r ......... 10.M Panla, Per 50 l.b. fins ............................ 1«.W i Empire, Per 50 Lh B.IJT ........................... U.OO Cone in and place votir nrrter or set yntir BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 BlylhtTillr. Ark. Phtine 107 Branches: Leachville, Ark.. Horner&vltle, M». and Senath. Alo. Perils of War Safer According to Navy Vet CINCINNATI, Ollio— (A'l —The i perils ol war are mild compared to the hazards of peace, C. Fred Scrimsher decided. Shot dosvn three times in Navy plari?.s dtiritig the war, and still bcann? assorted shrapnel and ( machine gun wounds, Scrimsher. t editor cf an employee publicMiof) for Schenley Industries, Inc., here had the following bad luck In the Iwo months: He catapulted h« car over Rn embankment and suffered a dislocated shoulder and head injuries. Thieves stole his car radio and spare tire. He collided with another c«r, ruining a fender. A slip on an Icy street gave him & spr»intd knee and the explotlon of a fl»sh bulb severely burned hU hand. Finally his wife,, contracted an Infection thtu put her hand In splints. Scrlnwhcr said the South Paft- Hc wns never like that. C D rn CO V Read Courier Kew« Want Ad*. .STUDEBAKER ['hone 888 • Phone 888 Guaranteed CARS AND TRUCKS ARE BETTER 1!)IS Sludebaker Land Cruiser 1917 Sludebaker Land Cruiser 194? Chevrolet Two Door 1941 Ford Two Door 1940 Chevrolet Two Door 1917 Sludebaker Ton-and-a-half ]!>!(! Dodge Ton-and-a-hair i Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 888 •STUDEBAKER My married daughter u so unlucky—losing tlios* lovely leather cushions I gave her with the verses burnt on them'. PRISCILLA'S I'OP Ask for nn<l Hertiv* liy AL VERMKER SOMETIMES I'M ALMOST JEALOUS OF THE GARDEN, HAZEL.' EVERY DAY WHEN I COME HOMC YOU'RE BU5Y WITH THOSE FLOWERS.... 1 WISH YOU'D GIVE. ME THE SAME CARE AND ATTENTION ^v GIVE THEM/I I'oir (ids lilt Idcil By M1C1IAHL, O'MALLKY and RALPH LANB > THE SPAPHITE SMUO6£S T THEY TELL US IT OH THOSE PAPERS DON'T TELL J WAS A P*MR rot ANYTHING WE DID+l'T A CHANNEL WAS TOU'O BETTER UAVt V / OKAY, BUGS HERE, FOG, AND \ RO55UM. SCRAM.IT AM6HT 1C HABO \ AfTllf AU, L TO IXPtAIM TO THE POUCtJ WHAT CAN IFTHEVFINO /-ir/S\-A RU6S KtOVIE? US HERE. BUT ID STILL L» TO SHUT HIS MOUTM FOR A fEW DAYS .A PAPER WORTH 5O MUCH TO CHANNEL HE WAS WILLING TO BUY THIS HOUSE AT A TERRIFIC PREMIUM TO WASH Til BBS Bv I.F.SLIK TURNER VYILTY LEFT THE HOTEL ABOUT FOfcTV MIHUTES &GO, CAPTMN I HMED "T OH.DEAR! TO PtIOUE AT THI6 \ DOW'T. , J*M. BUT OO I NEVER IMt* TO HI SEARCHING _ IHE AlttOSl ». STREET GIG'S DRINKING CRONIES THW HE BE WITH } HE CANT BUY A OPINK 1HI5 LATE. I'LL PHONE J&N...SHE KWOW OF Ht'D CALL ONt [JUGS BUNNY By FRED HARM AN , WHAT'S THE NO... MATTER ? I "JUDO JITSV STIFF ( HASSLIN 1 .' Tri« . NECK? 1 « A. NEW HOLT/ IT'S ALL LEVERAGE... OVER MY SHOULDER. YAGOES , L-LOOK.' 1U.UU 1U.UU 10.IKI 10.00 10.00 By V. T. HAML1N .' VCAJ KN(7W. BY SAPFRY. r WOULD LIKE TO RUN DOWN THEI?E A>ND S£E WHAT SOOM'S POING.' OOCTOZ. WON ML) S BUT. G£ LONG TRIP TAKE ALONE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By EDGAR MARTIN MUST voo GO . ,iw ? BUT vou * voono ww tft&w wfsvi's'LO vovi 'POOR earphones thw« and timed In oci .1 Sunday brondciiKl while we luliLMl tile enrlh slide by l)o- ncalli. 1 learned th;U Montana IK povken with small lakes and witter holes, thlit strip f.inning. In winter, looks like ciant zebra skins staked oiil to dry, with slripes running pn Icl for a distance, then shoot ins off al ora/.y angles as tliongh tor Leg or neck. • • • IE wlng« lipped, one side :itio then the other. This was out signal lo report. We scrambled up through Ihe hatch and took oui places, like lackeys, behind the pilots. "Where do you want to go?" the Major shouted above the roar- t>( the motors. 'Ghicier Park." J shouted, pointing ahead to the shining mountains. He tipper! Ihe wings slightly to sny "Kogei" and. lo my consternation, let go his controls, took Ihe earphones from his head, backed out of his plac*. and motioned me to sit down. "NO!" 1 shouted. "Not me. NO!" Molly prodded from behind, the co-pilot nodded encouragingly, and Major pushed m« into his vacant chair. He held the earphone* while he pointed to the instrument panel. "See that line?" he shouted. "Just keep the level true to it." He pointed to a limplc gauge which had a stationary line running across it. A free line indicated the angle of Ihe ship't position in relation to the horizon. Wheti the ship was on absolutely even keel, it fell into position with [ the stationary line. He pointed to the pedals on which he now placed my feet, pressing down first with t)ie lefl a little, which dipped the port wing slightly, and then with the right, which dipped the starboard wing. "See how easy it is?" he shouted. Before 1 could draw bre»th V> shout "NO," he grabbed (he wheel and, pushing it down, pitched the plane straight for tlw earth. Raising it, lie righted the ship. "Easy, isn't it?" he shouted. "All you have to know. Now, let'* see you fly 'er." He placed the earphones over my head and to my ears. Then he backed away. (To Be Continued)

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