The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 3
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TUESDAY/OCTOBER 7. 1930 BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OF P. T.I. Expansion Will Be Subject of County Council Meeting at Leachville. , With the aim lo organize more local units cf Parent-Teacher association, la Mississippi county, the first meeting of the hew year of the County Council P. T. A. will by liLlel at Leachville Thursday. At the lliree meetings held last year there v'erc frc:n 135 lo ICO women present cac^i time and an cvc-n larger attendance is expected at tliis program. As president.. Mrs. T. E. Tate of Armorel. will outline the year's plan sjressing the forming ot more groups w as to rt'ach every moUier of every -school student. Other fundamental activities of the group will be laken up. In a series ^ Woman's Progressive Club Opens Year This Afternoon OSCEOLA. Ark,— Tlie Osccoto idenl, Mis. J. H. LOVCVW]!: corre- Womans Piosressiva club will open iiiomllng secretary, Mrs. F. p. JR. the fiscal year with a study of cur- icobbs; recording secretary. Mrs. J. vent events (or the first afternoon's B. Dunn; treasurer, Mrs. H. J. program today. Motion pictures of Hale; federation secretary, Mrs. S. [he month will be reviewed by Mrs. . D. Carpenter; press reporter. Mrs. George Edrlnglon; Mrs. John While C. 1,. Drake; parliamentarian. Mrs. will discuss recent religions movements In a talk termed "In Hip Pulpit"; "Words and Music" will be a review of current musical pro- W. E. Hunt; building committee, Mrs. C. M. Harwell ami Mrs. A. S. Rogers; finance committee. Mrs. L. S. Mitchell, Mrs. 0. L. Drake nnd ductions by Mrs, C. M. Harwell, i Mrs. E. A.; year book and with current events.In art- (or ier subject, Miss Winnie V. Tuni- commltlce. Mesdames S. 1.. Glad- isi. p. P. Jacobs. C. H. Pen-inane' :r of Blythevill.e rural school su- S. I). Carpenter; program conunll- cervKor for this county, will con- ! tee, Mesdames J. W. Rhod.'s. S. fine her lalk to strides made in i M. Hodges. J. D. Mitchell nnd Ilirh (he study of art appreciation In Mississippi county rural schools this summer. The Progressive club, which a'. ine time enjoyed the reputation of being one of the largest departmental clubs in the stale. Is enter- in? a new club year -under a constitution and by-laws 'which were .-adlcally changed during the spring :f last year, one change In par- Mcular being .the restriction of of addresses by leaders in the work. In lhe morning-session the're wilt be a.meeling of the board of managers ; at 9 o'clock at the high school.. After an explanation of the year's, plans, lliere will be r- -=clioql of instruction These wo- , , . Wen will speak: "Our Permanent clalcd with her this year will Platform 1 - 1 . Mrs. W C Wall of lhe followln S ° mc<M ' s a " A members Aimorei;' ."Standing Committees", | °f /landing committees: vice prei- Mrs. H. c. Dew of Leachville; '• "Executive Board Meetings", Mrs. Ed. Bell of.Shawnee; "Standards of Excellence", Mrs.. J. R. Steadman of nenibershlp to not more than fifty •jromen. Mrs. John W. Edrington is pres- 'denl of the organization f.nd ti\ IU Craig; benevolent committee. Mesdames (Jims. Hale, J. D. Smith. W L. Mowe and W. T. Ramsey: public health committee, Mis. A. O. Brickey and Mrs. G B. Segraves; flowers, Mcsdames W. C. Pace.Geo Abrey, V. 'J. Andre and J. L. Williams; education committee, Mrs Cieo. Edrln<!ton.' : -Mrs. Braxlon Kn-Jg and Mrs.-'J. C. While; committee on legislation, Mrs. J. c Young, Mr.i. W. J. Driver and Mrs Bruce Ivy. lie studies and decided It was nc- ossary to lake him to-n Jiosnltal. It has been glvtn a teiaims shot, md Is Improving slowly. II. 11. Thompson and family rc- .urned home Friday night from a C weeks motor trip throughout lhe United Stales'and Camula. They reporl a fine Irlp an da wondcr- ul lime. Ray Hut son, who has been vis- Illng Ills brolher, Wiley, here for Ihe past three weeks, returned to ills home In Carlisle Sunday. Mrs. J. 1). McKln?.!e went to Marion lo-.allcnd lo business Monday afternoon.. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bullnrd went to Osescla Saturday night. Byron Hoblnson visited Miss Elizabeth Jackson in OsceDla Sun .l.iv afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. P. 11. Wiggins of llayll. Mo., visited friends In Wilson Sunday. They were aceompun ii'd by his parents from BlyihcviUe. Lowry Pace, Richard Ferguson md Misses CBsstc ClayUm nnd Martha Shelby spent Sunday h Memphis. Members 'of the Wilson N. E. League who attended the County Leagues Association meeting In -uxcra Sunday afternoon were Misses P.iye Douglas, Edilh Mil lean, no'eblc Leu Douglass, Ame !a Douglas';. Lesin. Porter and BRIDGE WM. E. McKKNNKV Srcrr\iry. American Hrld».- League When holding a suit headed by ice, king, jack, althoiiRh your pan- has bid a suit nnd the oppa- s are playing a no-trump dcc- aration. you should open the king of your .suit before playing partner's suit. An example of this play Is given In Die following hand, WEST S—10-7-5 H—10-6-5 NORTH S-9-6 H-fl-7-3-2 D-K-0-9 C-O-l-9-5 .10-8-4 E»ST S-0-8-1 H-ll-K. J-8 D-6-3 C—7-C- 4-3 \fi-5. Warren Johnston, Guy Mc- Fair This Year Arrnorel; . "Publicity", Mrs Ira ; Gray of this city; "Recreation",'! Miss Willie A. Lawson of this city; I "Parlimentary Drill", Mrs. R. T. j Kiihri of Marion;. "Special Projects I KENNETT, Mo.-Nighl horse rac- anaAclhHies of Local Units". Mrs. j lng wU bs a rww frature of the H. A. Smith of Blytheville; "The Question .Box", Mrs. T. E. Tate of ArmqreJ; ."Our .Emblem", Mrs. M L.- Sumners of Osceola. Fred Keller', superlnlerident- of the Jonesboro city schools,- will apeak -on ."The Value of State Membership" in ihe afternoon ses- " sion. preceding the plans for the state meeting In Jonesboro this month. ; Lunch will be served at 12:45 'o'clock. . ' ' Mrs.-kuuri, of. Marion, and Mrs. H. A.-. Srnith are vice presidents of the- state -organization. ' Scouts Have a Week End Trip in Missouri Fourteen boys of the Sudbury school scout . troop motored to Blcdgett, Mo., the former home of their, scoutmaster, Charles O Stubbs, Friday ' afternoon.' for a Meetings will be held in t!i club's rosins in the courthouse niu Alexander and Eujene Thompson, hostesses for t'le opening mcetln? Mr. nnd Mrs. Clyde Billiard at- wlll b; Mesdames V. J. Andre. Gee. funded the fair at Blythevills Sal- Abrey. Hraxlon Bragg, A. G. ! ,, r( j a y afternoon, a-ickcy and S. D. Carpenter. { j;. Y. Filch went to Llltle Rock 'Sunday. Tlie new Wilson Motor company, has anncuncec! their opening 'Jay ti be Tuesday. Octets 7th. On thai ua.y Ihey will give away a Forrt Tudor sedan, aloii? with fifteen other prizes, such ns oil changes, greasing and war'tinj." Their new building, Jusi south of town Is beinj SOUTH—DEALER S-H-K-l-3-2 11-9-4 0-7-5-2 C-H-10-2 Th« Blddlnjr The contract bidding was Sralh one .spade, West two diamonds North two no trump, East pass, 3oulh three spades, West pass and North went to three no trump which clo.sed lhe contractliK. labllsh his diamond sull, lhe declarer would have gone Wilson Society—Persona! Jimmy Gwallney of McPjrren bL-slntss In WiUon' Saturday. Miss' Inez Claude, teacher tn Tur- ! Dunklin county fair, which open? here Wednesday, October 15, and runs through Saturday, October 18. . Samuel T. Adams Pnst No. «j. j with friends and relatives. American Legion, has taken over I Mrs. J. R. Clayton and Miss! management of th<> fair this year, [Gladys Clayton went to Blytlieville ! , Jack Johnson Is lhe manager. Mss Inez Caue, eacer n ur- ! ,, . v .1 r i- . rell school, spent th» iveek-eruKiere | Hay II lOUth fcrUUtS and lias Invested several thousand dollars in new attractions designed to make the fair an outstanding event. . Besides the races, to be run over a brilliantly lighted track, the night fair will include fire works, turtle races, and the usual carnival attractions.' There will also be horse racing in tho afternoon, and trlpl? parachute leaps from a big balloon. • '• : ' ' ' • • ' _ .. mm £- - farmer, They, camped in a grove . near ] keg ' Blodgett. Friday" night. 'Saturday ' "•-' :.V(sit«d Cape Glrardeau where Family Fails to Hide Leaky Keg of Liquor STUTTGART, Ark. (UP)-The best laid plans of Tom North. a ieakv Sunday momlns Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Beall and son. Charles, and Miss Barbara Frye went to Jonesboro Friday night where they atlended the football game. Mr. 'and Mrs.. Carl Bird, Miss Emma Claire Halston, Allen Fincher and Guy McAlexander attended the football game at-Jonesboro Friday night. Ted Cotncr. MlAsss' Eila McElyea and Blanche Bec.ll, students af Jonesboro A. and M..spent the \veek-er.d here with their parents. Horace Burr and Walton. Tegarden visited in BlylhcvlUe Sunday afternoon. The following from Wilson went to St. Louis'Saturday night to the Here {or Army Service Harvle .D. Pullam. son of Mrs. Nancy Pullam, of Haytl, Md., en- llsled" in the army through the local recruiting station for InfaJVtry service in the Philippine Islands. He will sail from San Francisco and upon h!s arrival in the Philippines he will be stationed on Cor- rcgdor Island, which Is known as the Glbralter of the east. In the infantry he .n'lll handle the big guns from- the 6 inch rifle to the 16 inch mortars. ; As auxiliaries for these p,uns powd;r plants lelephene and radio systems^earch lights and listening devices are mauitained. TURTLE SARRIES DATE ON BACK LANSING, Oct. 7 (UP)—A turtle ball game: C. O. Williamson, J. B. i known to be at least 50 years old Herron, J. H. Grain, Walton Wll- imade Itself known to -the public son, Stanley Rice, George McOln-. Hodge, 'Harry Carpen- here. While going to tne g aragc W. T. McCalluin, discovered a small Hoping to avoid .suspicion, .Norlh n.wrhnimon auore Bet 1 ,, ,1.02- miles north of Blytheville W. Thralkill, Vardie West- box tnrde. Burred in its shell were tials and date "D. O. L.— lie trlrii. lie now shifts lo his miner's suit ami It'.uls the .six of diamonds wlilch Wcsl wins with he ate, dceltnc-r pliiylni; Hie nine. leads the ten ;if hearts, de- claver plays Ih.- tlcucL-, I!nst tin- eight s]»t and dunmiy the nine. Wi'sl continues with the fh-e of hearts, dcclurrr plays lhe .seven, East wins (he- trick with tho 1 Jack, dummy dlscardinrj iliu ' deuce of CllllK. East cashes his gond ncu nf hearls on which lhr> "(lummy tlls- ravils the ten of i-lnbs. Wesl (lls- caidlnij Hie four of dlnniomls. cle- clarrr playliiB lhe mieen of hearts. East shauld relurn the three of clubs, hoping lo cither miike n spade likk for himself or :\. club trick for his par! nor. Dummy will". thi' n-lck with the ace, West play- i"tr the eis;ht spat nml declarer lhe five. Declarer iiow comes over Into his own hand by lending a (UnnuKul und wlnnhi'i; wllii IV lueen. Declarer lends 'thp nine of •spades, Mucking the 'Jnck in Ihe dummy. This ssls all ' the spades in dummy and the. Ihsl trick Is won t y (he declarer wllh lhe king I ol diamonds. If Kast had opened lhe diamond KKfiAK I'MJ 1IAII TWO HODIES 1/INTON, Ind., Ocl, ^ (UP)—A olg with 'two Ixxllos, cl|!ht less, two (nils and only one head was furrowed with ion othors on the farm nf Alberl Good iifar here. The 'freal: was IJDIII dr-ad. rod, Is the aSvlc* o! Dr. H. M! • Johnson, of the Melllon Institute ' of Industrial Research in Pltls- •'. burgh. ; 666 Sleep curkd uj ( iiku .1 klllcn, and nul slivtdud ui.i like n ram- Itcllcvcs » UMdacbe or In 30 minutes, cbeck.1 a, Cold UM lirst day, and cbeclu Mabrl* !• Uirfn dnys, OfiC also in Tablets ^\ \ The I'lay Ensi lias ihe opening and partner has bid diamonds. llut before leading diamonds he lends I ,.„ «, *J>1U,,\,.-V, Jit ltml-1 ,,,„., ,j V.11.IUILMI I IK of hearts which holds I ilu>n if w«t had .i!s | sun before leading lhe king cf lut hi., iits VM< dcflnrcr w where. Roscoe' Morris sang a 'solo and all .the Blytheville boys vyere' IntroduoW to'-'- members of the school!' •- s '. •-'': - • •A chicken 'dihner'arid-supper-at Haytl, ;'Mo'.,-concluded-the. trip. Members of the troop committee; R. P.' Kiishner,"• J;. L. Guard, Franl: C.-Douglas and Byron Morse made- the trip possible with the assistance of \V. Ii Denton who furnished the.truck.-.ind-'Capt. Ivy W-.- Crawford,'vftio furnished ttie equip. menf..-. ; . •••- •'-. ' . •>'•• ' '•'. ; -" Thcjse..making the trip- were: -li, O. .-Thompson. - jr., senior" .patrol' lender; Jarries'.Guard, scribe; Uth'o Barnes. •. patrol • leader; - ' Norman Speck';-- patrol • leader; Woodrow Hughes,- Herman 'Turner, 'Alfred p.aid a $200 firie. MISSOURIANS TO DEBATE , COLUMBIA, jio., (UP)—The forensic 'team of the University. :df Missouri is tentatively scheduled to rheet th.? debate team of the University of Camridge some time in November, according to Wilbur E. Oillman, director of such activities, at-the Missouri school. - Last year the-tearrro'e'bat.jd-the Oxford team here. Arian, Eddie Saliba, Nick Saliba, Bill- Turner, Joe Burns, Chuck Long. C. M. Baxter, LeRoy Brown, Charles S.' Stubbs, Roscoe Nforris and Mrs. C. L.'StubK Etegenold, G. T. Enochs, Charles Lane, Calvin Williams 'and Howard Burr. All returned Monday morning except C. O.. Williamson. J. B. and J. H. Grain, who stayed over for the game Monday. Mrs. -J. S... Stroud and daughter Minnie were in'Blytheville Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Ann Maxwell, operator of the Sunshine Beauty parlor, accompanied . her. son,. .Eugene, to Memphis-Saturday noon- where he was entered in the hospital. He was ridin? with "a playmate on a bicycle Thursday afternoon when the chain locked and threw Eugene off on his head, iie received a terrible cut across his forehead. Six stitch-£s were necessary but infection set in and the local doctors removed Rheumatic PAINS Before Flames Robbed Sky of Flying Silver Queen This picture cf Ihe Ill-fated British dirigible R-101 over , apart umldshlps and another section added lo ^ length d urlng a six.months' overhauling- which WTS ^TwSS, ^- "th?™"" BC ' UValS ', (mnCC ' kUllng 45 ° f hCr "evandp-cnsers. Th, dc!^"Ine ^ ^w^ic^e t^r^ / "nrid m omcKK nJ?L° , W '..T y ,° 5 ; 5M '° 00 ° Ub:C fCCt ° nd & UM Itng1h of 773 fccl ^ rtaW "S ll the ^^ ^^P In to i^M. British oflidal, docided to "rejuvenate" th, R-101 after experts branded It obsolete and* failure when it wasTom'pleted last year ould Inline-' Is cluh suit, nnd I nltcmptcd to CE- I '/ Peaches are different and so are "malteds? 9 The finest peaches may cost a little more — but they are worth it. Hotlick's is the recognized quality malted milk—always fresh in bottles. None other like it. Send ten cents for sample and free mixer to ,HORLI C K'S RACINE, WISCONSIN // I HAVE SEEN Say, IRVIN S. COBB Noted Author "The old time match-word— 'Let the Buyer Beware' has given may to the modern slogan of confidence 'Buy in Safety', and this miracle was wrought by the honesty of manufacture which charac- :terijes eoery fine American product. A notable example of the modern manufacturers' constant desire to give the |mblic the best is your use of the Ultra Violet Ray in the Toaiting'of LUCKYSTRIKE tobaccos. Anyone can see this as 1 have seen it on my visit to your LUCKY STRIKE Plant. It's magnificent." LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finsst tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop-THEN-""rTS TOASTED/ 7 Everyome knows that heat purifies and so TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCK5ES to be less irritating! Everyone knows that sunshine mellows -that's why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. It's toasted" Your Throat Protection-against irritation —against cough Consistent with its policy of laying the facts before the public, The American Tobacco Company invited Mr. irvin S. Cobb to personally witness and to review Die reports of tlic distinguished men who have witnessed LUCKY STRIKE'S famous Toasting Process and report his findings. The statement of Mr. Cobb appears on this page. © IMO.Ttt AittricinTot>ic<o Co., Mfrr

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