The Journal News from White Plains, New York on March 29, 1966 · Page 23
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The Journal News from White Plains, New York · Page 23

White Plains, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1966
Page 23
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NYACK, N.Y., TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 1966 THE ROCKLAND COUNTY JOURNAL-NEWS - 23 Lady Pinkham, Queen of Fat Cats, Enjoys Royalty By JOE DINE EN Fat Cat Editor Lady Pinkham, the Queen of Rockland County's Fat Cats, is enjoying her new role as royalty. The 20 pound Queen, who was crowned by The Journal-News Saturday to climax the Fat Cat Contest which had run lor three weeks, has suddenly become more affectionate than ever be-fore, according to her owner Mrs. Rita Glynn of Blauvelt. "She is the funniest thing we have seen," said Mrs. Glynn. "She has been so affectionate since she was crowned Saturday. Usually she is rather haughty." ' MRS. GLYNN said the secret to Pinky's success is eating constantly. However, the real secret may be variety. "Pinky is exceptionally well fed," said Mrs. Glynn. "She also gets a different meal every day." Pinky's story has been one full of success since she was found by the Glynn children, Rita Eileen, who will be 12 years old soon, and Thomas, 15, more than five years ago. She was found abandoned, stuffed in a paper bag which was stuck in the middle of a bush. She was no more than six weeks old, scrawny and suffering from a case of rickets. QUEEN PINKY was a real sight when the Glynn children brought her home. She was hungry and lonely because she was away from her mother, maybe a little too soon. The Glynns nursed Lady Pinkham back to good health and she has been growing ever since. Pinky is nqt the only feline in the Glynn family. She has a few brothers and sisters and then there are several friends from the neighborhood who constantly visit the household. "I think with animals, it is a case of food," said Mrs. Glynn. "They all get along with each other as long as they are fed. Our cats play with a skunk who comes around the house every now and then. Since there is always food outside, everyone seems to get along. "I LIKE TO make sure the cats are well fed so they won't harm the birds. We even have one of the dogs in the neighborhood come to' see what the Glynns have to offer today." Saturday was a big day for Rita Eileen, even though she was a bit nervous handling her fat feline. But she was confident. "She waj so proud of Pinky," said Mrs. Glynn "But she thought Pinky should have won because she was the biggest and the prettiest. Now she wants to go into more cat shows." RITA WILL be able to talk about Queen Pinky for one year. Then a new queen will be chosen by The Journal-Newi. Of course, the new queen must be the fattest in the county. Besides Rita's big day, It was a big day all around for the Glynns. "We apapreciated every moment of it," said Mrs. Glynn. "And we still haven't stopped talking about it. It also enlightened us because we saw so many people who Just like cat and take care of them Just for affection. They were also somo of the nicest people." To Help Local Show ! TtV ; ' ? ,n Rockland's Big Need -More Cat Breeders By JOE DINE EN' Sports Editor Rockland County is in need of more cat breeders. This fact was evident Saturday afternoon during the Northern Valley Cat Fanciers championship cat show at Lamplighters Hall, New City. Breeders came from as far as Long Beach, Calif, and Canada to participate in the Northern Valley club's first annual cat ehow, but only six entries were received from Rocklnad County residents. "WE NEED MORE breeders In Rockland County," said a tired Mrs. Kenneth Withstand-dley late Sunday afternoon. "I guess Rockland 6hould feel ashamed of itself with the turnout. I just hope the show attracts more people from this area to show their cats." Mrs. Withstandley wasn't trying to be critical of the county because if Its small turnout at the show. She would Just like to have more people become interested in breeding felines and ihowing their cats, especially at a local show. The Northern Valley Cat Fanciers Club is Just a new club and any new members would be more than welcome. Running a cat show also takes a lot of work and a lot of time. And new members of the Northern Valley club could also help. "WE MADE SOME mistakes in running the show," said an apologetic Mrs. Withstandley, "but this was our first show and we hope to correct our mistakes next year. "Our biggest mistake was with the household pet contest, but this was not entirely our own fault. There was a long delay in the judging of this contest because of difficulty with the judge. This will not happen again." There were 48 household pets entered in the show and there were some disgruntled comments because of the long delay. It seemed especially long, for some of the county residents were not used to the long hours that must be spent at the show. . . Cat fanciers are a funny breed of people themselves. A cat show enthusiast plans on spending between 10 and 15 hours at a show for one day, whether or not he wins or loses. According to show rules, he cannot take his cat from the hall until the end of the show. HOWEVER, THESE breeders do not seem to mind the long hours and they are probably the friendliest people a person can meet, especially when he would like some information on the breeder's cat. "The show cats are treated as children," said Mrs. Withstandley, who is an avid breeder her self. "And the breeders are more than happy to talk to someone, since there really Isn't very much to do at the show while they are waiting for their cat to be judged." This was the type of day it was at New City long for some, but an interesting attraction for those who had never seen a cat show. Bromley-Norton Duo Set to Defend Crown Steve Bromley, Sr., of Upper Nyack and Elmer Norton of New City, winners of last year's Rockland County Indoor Doub les Championship, have moved into the final round of this year's tournament at the West Rock Tennis Club. Bromley and Norton defeated Jerry Epstein and Dr. Philip NVCF Cat Show Results NVCP ALL 1REEDS tttf Cot . Walnut Hill Pride of Gray Jvy, shooed sliver molt, owned by Mrs. . Gardner, Mllllngfon, N.J. Second IMl Cot Chatterbox Maxl-million, blade Manx male, owned by Joan Seobold, Jomesburp, N J. Ml OPfMtlt Sex Tiina Hal-Dona of Vlkorl, ruddy Abyssinian female, owned by Nancy Rlstr, Glen Riddle, Penn. eet Grand Champion blue Manx mole, owned by Mr. and Mr$. Robert Ford, New Haven, Conn. est Orand Champion Ossopitt Sex Cloud Too Jezabel, odd eved white, owned by Mr. and Mrs. O. Schilling, Garden Cltv, U. let) ChonwIM lame at Second int Cat. Mt Chomplen Oppotitt Sex Cashmere Feather of Bean Ridge, Silver female, owned by Mrs. William Bean of Tuckohoo, N.V. , , Ml Open Wee.R Pud of Ju Ne, Slue Point Siamese male, owned by J. cManskl. Hork.nsoek. N.J. Beet Open Opposite Sex Falrvllla Autumn Glow of Dlodem, Trtol-thell female, owned by Mrs. Walter Reich, MMIInaton, N J. Met Novice lame 01 lest Cat. eet Noovlee Opposite Sex Sllva-KVvto Siren of Sohodl, black feme, wned by J. Breortey, Enaiewood, N.J. NVCF SHORT HAIRED SPECIALTY est Cot Alomar's Chains, Chocolate Point Siamese male, owned by Mr, and Mrs. A. Alexander, Seastervllie, Penn. Second Beet Cat Chotlirbox Maxl-million est Cat Opposite Sex - Motto Hone s AAolva of Bonnl.Brao, ruddy Abyssinian, wned by L. Scott, Shokan, N Y. Best Orand Champion - Blue Manx, wned by Mr. and Mrs, Robert Ford. Best Orand Champion Opposite Sex -. Fat An Princess Kalh, Blue Point Sla- Cese femole, owned by S. Grlesler, Nor-rth, Penn. est Champion tame at Best Cat. Best Champ ten Opposite Sex - My floby Blue Eyes, blue eyed white domes, tic short hair female, owned by M. Blod-en, Wllllston Pork, L.I Best Open Har-L one's Mr. Plckwlrk f Alomar, Seat Point Siamese male. owned by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Alexan der. Best Open Opposite Sex - Tapoan-Zee't Lilac Lace. Lilac Point Siamese femole, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth with standley of Piermont. Best Novice Silver Quest Chessman, tllver Tabby male, owned by Mrt. Berta Lull, Woodrlift Lake, N.J. Best Novice Opoosltt Sex same at Best Cat Opposite sex. NVCF LONO HAIR SPECIALTY Best Cat Cashmere Feather Second Best Cot - Falrvillo Best Cat Opposite Sex . Cloud Top's Commanche, aoiden eved white, owned by Mr. and Mrs. Gene scniiima. Best Chamnien - same as Best Cat Best Champion Opposite Sex - Same as Best Cat Opposite Sex Best Open - Same as Second Best LOT. Best Open Opposite Sex Romeo II of Oeorheart, silver mode, ownea oy Mr. and Mrs. T. Ramsdale. Long Beach, fjiiif Best Novice Mer- Ct Gorgeous George, cream mole, owned by Or. ond Mrs. E. Couture, Cranston, R. I. Best Novice Opposite Sex Wlnaoma Pandoro of Bean Ridqe, blue female, owned by Mrs. William Bean of Tucka-hoe, N.Y. TRIANGLE CAT CLUB ALL BREEDS Mt rut Cnshmere Feather Second Beit Cat Cud Top's Com- monrhe Best Grand Champion . Wllg Bute Polo of Sllvo-wyte, ooiaen evea wnne, Aumwf tw Mr. M siodden Best Cat Opposite Sex Cloud Too t Commanrhe Best Orond Champion Pat -An Prin cess of nam Best Orand Champion Opposite Sex Blue Manx, owned by Mr. ond Mrt. Rohrt Ford est Champion Same os Best Cot Best Champion opposite Sex Same as sesr lar upoosne sex est Open - Falrvllla Autumn Glow Best Open Opposite Sex - Wee-P. Pud nesr Novice . cnan-M svenaau of so-hod I. Llloc Point Siamese, owned by J. Brearly of Englewood, N, J. Best Novice Wlmauma FREE! FREE! FREE! ALEXANDER'S i:ow-to-fis!i era in cooperation with the Garcia Corp. A three week program of lecture-demonstrations and movift to teach the entire family the techniques of fishing, types to tackle and the art of casting. Directed by three of America's leading fishermen VALUABLE DOOR PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED , DATE: Mondays, April 11, 18, 25 TIME: 8.00 to 9:00 PM PLACE: Employees' Dining Room, second floor ENROLL TOD AYl Jusi mail registration form hi HOW-TO-FISH CLINIC (J) Alexander's Rout 4 at Rout 17 and Garden State Parkway Paramus, N.J. ! Please make reservations for your HOW TO FISH CLINIC. I j Name ! Address, Phone City J Fellman, both of Harrington Park, N.J., 6-0, 6-4, In Class A semifinal matches Sunday. IN THE OTHER Class A semifinal, Bill Erickson and Homer Lydecker of Upper Ny ack defeated Vincent Anderson and Sid Hart of Ridgewood, N.J, Bromley and Norton will tics Erickson and Lydecker in the Class A championship match Saturday. Seward Smith of Pearl River and Warren Bross of Westwood, N.J., beat Jeff Kaplan of Nan-uet and Jim Klnley of Pearl River, 86, 6-2, in the Class B semifinals. Poughkeepsie Tourney Second Half Surge Boosts Davies, 72-68 A second-half surge pulled the I The Cornhuskers will have the Davies Cornhuskers out of the fire last night and gave them a 72-68 victory over Arlington Sport Shop of Poughkeepsie in the quarterfinal round of the Poughkeepsie YMCA Tournament. Davies trailed by 14 points with 12 minutes left In the game. The Cornhuskers' poor shooting and torpid defense had helped Arlington take a 19-12 lead In the first quarter and a 37-25 at the half. BUT A FULL-COURT press, along with accurate Jumpshoot-ing by Dugan Kovalsky and Jim Vellane, put Davies into the lead with less than a minute left That was how it stayed. Kovalsky ended up with 26 points, Vellane with 22, most of them in the second naif. Art Orando scored 15. Don Jackson and Pat Jarrett, who contributed only two points between them, nonetheless gave valuable backboard help. Bud Molinaro was high for Arlington with 23 points; Jim Pulver had 19, Tom O'Brien 12 and Bill Quellet 10. SEMIFINALS will be held at the IBM Country Club, Poughkeepsie, at 8:15 p.m. Wednesday. Davies (72) Kevolsky Jarrett Jackson Orlando Fox Vellane Totals Score bv Periods: Davies Cornhuskers Arlington Sport Arlington Spt. ) 0 F f 10 o 26 Molinaro 0 0 0 Casora 1 0 2 Pulver 7 1 15 Quellet 15 7 O'Brien 7 S22 Totals TO 11 O F P I 7 23 1 1 i 9 1 1 4 2 10 5 2 12 27 14 61 12 13 27 20-7? 19 IS 21 10-6B LADIES COUNTY SEAT CLASSIC Pauline Hawkins led the session of the Ladies County Seat Classic with a 544 series on games of 173, 161 and 210. Jean Bilon rolled a 515 while Alice Dwyer rolled a 514 and a 217 high singleton. The Hams lead the Aces by one point, with a 105-70 record. RACEWAY ENTRIES YONKIRS RACIWAY P.P. FIRST RACE-TROT, I Mile, I. Harlan LMv z. Anowtiea J. Toss Bell 4. Cddle Duke 5. Mis Rldgtrvmsr & Ronnie star 7. Steadfast S. Amlcan A.E. wen Trap Patricia tknt SECOND RACE-' PACE, 1 Mile, t. Chester's Pride t Ruerybe S. Bridget ! loaslt 4. Patty Eden 5. PrhKtss Eva t. Sweet Barbara 7. Cones toao S. J. F. Brook A. E. Lema'l THIRD RACE- " PACE Cond., 1 1. Poplar Max 2. Patrick O'Brien J. Stimulus 4 aMeodow Bruce S. Sonlta P. 4. Provider 7. Ckr' Dream I. Torla Volo A.fe. Lorry Pre. Mtsrtwod Be Jr. attic Camper Proctne myar Abbot lei I Dream S-1 4- 1 SI 5- 1 4.1 41 1H in (VonOstrana). Williams Mile, S2M0. Cftopmon Pusey Burora Fontaine Camden Foraida Myer (Fontaine). FOURTH RACE-PACE. "The Port Chester Elk Ledge," . 1 Mile, SUM. 1. Fair Vole Myer $.1 2. Dillon Byrd Flrettl SI 1 McMon s. 4. Hello Bye Bye ;.j 5. Matador Hanover Dancer Johnny s Imp Thomas 5-J . Afton Pandora Santa Mario e-1 t. Sunny Flosh Robirvtt 1S-I A.E Mary Meadow (Dorlshli Susies Jewell (VonOstrond). FIFTH RACE . rAce' "I" Oreenwlctt," 1 Milt, S40 I. Poplar Wave . 1 Pace A Breen Fantamt -l f 5?X Ctirron e-1 ioTlmety Queen s-l TUESDAY, MARCH , INS P.P. S. Novate Surprise 4. Del HI'S Dream 7. Trader Uoya 5. Royal Black SIXTH RACE " . FACE. I MIKv i. rronio Loa Pre. Odds. Camper SI KM Thomas .) Otopman I Bert Reynolds Lody Women Jr. 4-1 S. Career Lodv timh et 4. Kako Adios Webster S-l S. Orand Dudley j . Royal Bert 4.) 7. Queen's Man 1M t Angela Wick ia. A. E. -Lusty Mike (Ineko)) Spanish Rice (Nile Jr.). SEVENTH RACE . PACE, 1 Milt, S4,00. 1. War Eagle 4.1 2. Adiot Again Phalen 4 1 3. The Trouble Maker Intko S-l 4. Timely Truth Cobb J-1 5. Terrl lee N. Fontaine e-1 0. Iron Rail 4.1 S!Lf "iC Mottuecl 1J-1 S. knight Ouone Chapman e-1 A E. tucky (Adamo)l Oilman (Thomas). EIGHTH RACE . FACe, Clolmlnj 1 Milt. S3 ,000. 1. Loyol Honover Abbatieilt S-l I M err It Kim Ovopman 71 S. Mist Ohio Time .( 4. Deep Run Byrd j 5. Moior's Flosh Thomas 10-1 f 1V,P;",C Roth 1 . Dorrell Counsel t S. Calvin Byrd 15.1 A.E. Select Star (Areoe). NINTH RACE " . PACE, 1 MUt, S2,2J0. 1. Valentine Wick J I I. Melody Oiloe Myer S-1 I. S. S. Irish Boots Fontaine 4-1 4. Wish You Win Coulson 4.1 5. Danny Abbedole Faroloo 10-1 4. Greentre Mickey Abbatlello e-1 7oOun Dlro Ton )n.i I. Better Bee A E The Tunesmon (FlrtrM)i Ernlt League (Insko), 0-Racing Fretleggea OBSERVER SELECTIONS 1 Tassel Bell. Steadfast, Ronnie Star 2 Chester's Pride, Rustybee, Bridget's Lassie 3 Meadow Bruce, Poplar Max, Patrick O'Brien 4 Johnny's Imp, Afton Pandora, McMan 5 Pace A Breeze, Trader Lloyd, Del Hi's Dream 6 Kaka Adlos, Grand Dudley, Roval Bert 7 Iron Rail, Timely Truth, Terrl "Lee N. a-Deep Run Byrd, Loyal Hanover, Merrle Kim -Valentine Wick, S.S. Irish Boots, Danny Abbedalt ' BEST BET: Iron Rail -7th Race i Raceway Results FIRST RACE Trot S3.000 4 Demon Meq. (Hudson) 14. 1 Vlchjr Rodney (Sholty) . 7 RuddeenHonoveriMyerf , SECOND RACE Pace IJ.JDO S PaclllcHonoverlChpmn) J i uarn kid c iiomasinoi iaa wormv nawnon) DAILY DOUtLI (4-1) PAID THIRD RACE-Poce S3 500 1 Shewange Way (Rash) 4. 1 C. B. Gold IV. Dancer) . 3 Benaol (Fontaine) FOURTH RACE Port 14,500 5 Sunny Col IChapmoni II. I Simple Simon (Thomas) . t Trysail (Fontaine) , FIFTH RACE-Poce 14,500 Idaho N. (Fontaine) I Rendezvous TruderiNIItt) . 40 7 SO 210 . S.eS 4.00 1.00 SO 300 2S0 . . 7.60 M J.K S4I.4S .40 3 70 2 W . . S.40 3 20 ... .2 40 SO S 40 3 M . . 4.00 4 00 . . .2.10 M 3 JO J 40 . . 4.20 2.60 1 Timely Darn (Phalen) SIXTH RACE-Poce S2.250 2 Sir Dovld Pick (Frrlero) 2S.20 11 SO I M Inside Report (Kruaeri ... 11.20 110 I DeanOoiophone(.Phoien) 12.20 SEVENTH RACE Pare S3 ,500 1 Door Closer IPholen) 0.00 3 60 4 20 4 kionchen (Monol . . . J.00 5 W 2 Zebs Boy (ingrossla) IM EIOHTH RACE-Poce S3.0OO 1 Creed Widower (Abbtlio) 1.40 4 40 ) 00 4 ShodydoieSuper (Myer) . . , t to t m 5 TroiwoodChuck(Chpmn) ..... 300 NINTH RACE-Poce S3OO0 2 Ogsworthy RwrdiLoBrge) 11.00 S.40 2 0 ) Albert Cent (Pholen) ...4.60 J AO 7 Bervaldo (Cobb) in TWIN OOUBLI (-1, 1-1) RAID 14,407 jk) ATfiNOANCi 1S.I47) HANDLI S1.7IM2I services of Bobby Carroll and Jeff Steinberger of Rockland Community College, and of Manny Lawrence of White Plains, who scored 24 points for Mastromarino s In the St. Peter's championship Sunday. Barney Finn Will Speak At QB Affair Nyack's Monday Morning Quarterbacks will express their appreciation to the advertisers and supporters of their schol arship program with an informal gathering tonight at the Hi-Ho Restaurant in Nyack. Barney Finn, formerly rated as the best college football ref eree In the country, will be the guest speaker. He is probab ly most famous for the difficult situation that developed in the Army-Navy game three years ago when time ran out on Army on the Navy two yard line, In addition to Finn, the New York Giant football filmed high. lights will be shown along with Nyack High School game films. All program book advertisers are Invited to attend. The pro gram will begin at 8:30 p.m. 5 r ,nri iill 111 ' Staff phott by Arthur Oonftttr , , , IT WAS A LONG DAY ... Margaret Eighan had a very long day Saturday during the finals of The Journal-News Fat Cat Contest When you are five years old, you get a little tired spending an entire day at a cat show. However, she still could smile even though her fat cat Timmy-Tom did not win. Timmy-Tom weighed 19 pounds two ounces. For Journal-News Home Delivery, Phone EL 8-2200 EL 6-3550 EL 7-3400 HA 9-4904 iJ KM? kjLJ kjlj Sherlock Holmes Elliot Ness, T-Man The Saint The mysterious Shadow Sheriff Pat Garrett If you could combine these sleuths into one Super Sleuth, you'd have an idea of what we combined in a Scotch. Our search began with one piece of irrefutableevidence:EverygreatScotch is built around a few really rare key whiskies. (Whiskies as rare as The Perfect Crime.) So it followed that if we could collect these key whiskies from the world's Createst Scotches and combine them, we'd end up with a Super Scotch. Elementary, really. But easy, no. We spent about 10 years searchinj out Scotland's greatest whiskies. Then another 10 or so finding the right combination. Finally, after exhaustive investiga tion,wc got our Scotch. It's now being bottled in Scotland and it's priced ac cordingly. Even Scotland Yard has nothing on us when it comes to sheer determination. After all, it took us over 20 years to wrap up our first case. SVttY DROP BOTTLED IN SCOTLAND SELECTED AND IMPORTED BY SUCHAM-DISTUlIlt S COMPANY, N.Y.C BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY . K P0OT. lb Si So 45 Quart 7r

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