The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware on December 7, 1966 · Page 28
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware · Page 28

Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1966
Page 28
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88 Evininf Jonrnal, Wilmington, if h Broadcast schedule are ' offered as a public service J r to readers by the Retcs-Jour-t 1 nal Papers at no cost to broadcasters. They are J based on data furnished by I television and , radio sta , tions, and while accuracy is earnestly sought, the neics- t - paper assumes no response t ' bility for errors or otitis-1 sions. ' O WMAR-TV (CBS) BALT. 1 QKYW-TV (NBC) Phila. O WFIL-TV (ABC) Phila. ' . m WCAU-TV (CBS) Phila. I WBAL-TV (NBC) Bait. ; CD WHYY-TV (ETV) Wilm. 'i CD WJZ-TV (ABC) Bait. r. CD WBOC-TV Salisbury, Md. ; CD WPHL-TV (IND.) Phila. ' " 00 WIBF-TV (IND.) Phila. . CD WKBS-TV (IND.) Phila. immmmmmsummmmmms EVENING 5:00 O MOVIE "Tht Lady From Cheyenne," Loretta Young (15 mm.) Q MERV GRIFFIN (In progress) 3 POPEYE THEATER , n progress) CD MOVIE "The Princess and the Pirate." (In progress) CD CHEYENNE Western (M min.) CD TO BE ANNOUNCED CD EARLY SHOW "Sealed Cargo," Dana Andrews (15 min.) ID ASTROBOY Cartoon CD MICKEY MOUSE CLUB 5:30 O MOVIE "King of the Vikings," Antonio vnar (o mm.) CD FRIENDLY GIANT Children CD QUICK DRAW McGRAW Music 03 WHERE THE ACTION IS Adventure CD GIGANTOR Cartoon 5:45 CD TALES OF POINDEXTER 6:00 Q CD NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS CD NEWS CD LOCAL NEWS CD EIGHTH MAN Cartoon 03 CIRCLE 29 RANCH CD SUPERMAN Adventure 6:20 CD MARKET REPORT 6:25 CD NEWS , 6:30 O CD NEWS QCD NEWS Chet Huntley, David Brink ley CD WHAT'S NEW Children CD LEAVE IT TO BEAVER ' Comedy CD PATTY DUKE Comedy CD FLINTSTONES Cartoon 6:50 03 SPORTS 7:00 Q SEVEN O'CLOCK FINAL (C) 0 ZORRO Adventure O NEWS, WEATHER AND SPORTS (C) (D NEWS Walter Crankitt CD NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS CD HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH EYEWITNESS NEWS CD NEWS, WEATHER, FASHIONS CD COLLEGE BASKETBALL Delaware vs. Penn (2 hrs.) 03 MOVIE "Tht Threa Outlaws," Alan Hale (90 mitM CD McHALE'S NAVY Comedy 7:15 Q WEATHER, SPORTS 0 NEWS 7:25 Q HEADLINERS 7:30 0 LOST IN SPACE Adventure. (M min.) Socialite Given Two Life Terms I'. MIAMI, Fla. UP) A descen-: dant of a onetime Pennsylvania , . . i 1 . coal mine-owning lamuy iias been sentenced to two concur- a:-rent life sentences for the double g slaying of his wife and her .lover. The sentence was handed 'down yesterday against million- 18 II . aire socialite Wilbur Ball, 48, j who was convicted of second-, degree murder in the Aug. l.jgj ' 1965, slaying of Regina Ball and g Daniel Nash. jg Circuit Judge trancis Vlll IdVIC ill - " " x i- n n tonra unHpr FMnrirla law. A ' v- 12-man jury had convicted Ball U on Oct. 28 after deliberating for six hours. fi I t I FBI Arrests 2 Men In Pa. Bank Holdup YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio The FBI arrested two brothers-in-law at their home in nearby Niles yesterday in the theft of; $6,600 from a Sharon, Pa., bank; Monday. i Alfonso J. Conde, 22, and Cole-' man S. Takacs Jr., 26. were g charged with armed bank rob-( bery before a U.S. commission-' Del. Wednesday, Dec. 7, 1S66 Television Program OCD HALLMARK HALL OF FAME "Blitha Spirit," (90 mln.) 0 BATMAN Advtntura C0 LET'S LIP-READ Education CD MY FAVORITE MARTIAN Comedy CD FBI STORY Dram CD TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES Conttstanrs 8:00 QCD SAGA OF WESTERN MAN "Christ li Born," (90 mln.) CD BOOK BEAT inttrvliw CD MOVIE. "Wetbacks," Lloyd Bridget hrj.) (2 8:30 0 CD CD BEVERLY , HILLBILLIES Comedy (R) CD FRENCH CHEF Cooking 03 MOVIE "The Purple Heart," Dana An draws (2 hrs.) 8:45 CD COLLEGE BASKETBALL Miami vs. La Salle (2 hrs.) 9:00 OCD CD FRANK SINATRA Music (40 mln.) Q CD BOB HOPE Drama (40 min.) O BRIDGEHAMPTON '66 Highlights ef the Grand Prix CD NET JOURNAL 9:30 0 CD CD GOMER PYLE, USMC Comedy O CD PEYTON PLACE Drama 10:00 0CD DANNY KAYE Variety. (60 min.) 0 CD I. SPY Adventure. (60 min.) 0 CD STAGE 67 "On the Flip Side," (40 min.) CD LTNEPOSIUM Films CD COUNTRY MUSIC CARAVAN CD PERRY MASON Mystery 10:30 CD MUSEUM OPEN HOUSE CD PEYTON PLACE Drama CD M SQUAD Police 03 NEWS 10:35 03 MOVIE "Guilty of Treason," (105 min.) 11:00 0 CD NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS 0 NEWS, WEATHER, SI'ORTS O NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS CD NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS CD CD NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS CD LOCAL NEWS CD MOVIE "The Ship of Condemned Worn, en," Mai Britt (105 mln.) CD ALFRED HITCHCOCK Drama 11:20 0 MOVIE "Jamaica Rum," Wendell Corey (90 min.) 11:25 CD MOVIE "The Fighting Seabees," John Wayne (2 hrs.) CD ONE MAN'S OPINION 11:30 0 CD CD JOHNNY CARSON (C) Variety (90 min.) Dr. Sam Sheppard, Charlie Manna, Joe Bushkin 0 MOVIE "Cleo From 5 to 7," Corinne Marchand (105 min.) CD MOVIE "Thunder Road," Robert Mitchum (105 min.) 12:00 CD MOVIE "Wetbacks," Lloyd Bridges (2 hrs.) yes. Complete Home Stereo Music System Featuring the New FISHER 220-T 55-Watt AMFM Stereo Receiver With Field Effect Transistor Circuitry! If I Here't What You Get! Fisher 220-T ... one beautifully integrated compact chassis with finest AMFM reception, a flexible group of master audio controls, powerful 55 watt amplifier. Garrard 40 Mark II automatic 4-speed record changer TWO Adler EX-21 2- way speaker systems in oiled Walnut enclosures ShureMBD Stereo-Dynetic fidelity phono cartridge save nooi If purchased separately would cost $449.65 Sff IT . HEAR IT 1122 FRENCH STREET WILMINGTON 656-9467 OPEN DAIIY 8 30 TO 5 30 SATURDAY Til 4:30 1:00 Q NEWS 0 NEWS CD MOVIE "Night Plane From Chungking,' Robert Preston (7 min.) CD NEWS 1:10 0 MOVIE "Drums," Sabu. (in min.) 1:15 Q PETER GUNN Mystery 1:20 CD MOVIE "Sword of Venus," (Robert Clark (85 min.) 2:15 CD NEWS 2:45 CD NEWS 3:00 O LATE NEWS THURSDAY MORNING 5:40 CD NEWS 5:45 CD SUNRISE SEMESTER 5:55 0 FARM AND MARKET NEWS 6:00 0 NEWS 6:05 0 ONSTAGE: THE ACTOR'S ART Q NEWS 6:10 CD SERMONETTE 6:15 Q R.F.D. NO. 6 Aqriculture CD FUNDAMENTAL FRENCH CD AGRICULTURAL WORLD 6:25 CD IMAGES AND REALITIES 6:30 0 SUNRISE SEMSTER Q CARTOON CARNIVAL (C) CD LEARNING TO DO 6:35 0 FARM AND GARDEN 6:45 0 LOCAL NEWS CD BILL BENNETT'S ALMANAC 6:55 CD EYEWITNESS NEWS 7:00 0 THE WORLD AT 7 A.M. 0 CD TODAY (C) Variety. (2 hrs.) Q WORDLAND WORKSHOP CD NEWS CD THREE STOOGES Comedy 7:05 CD NEWS 7:25 CD MARYLAND NEWS 7:30 GIGANTOR Cartoon Q CARTOON CIRCUS CD GENE LONDON Children CD TODAY CD bob McAllister show Variety (90 min.) 8:00 Q CD CD CAPT. KANGAROO (to min.) 8:25 CD MARYLAND NEWS 8:30 CD TODAY SHOW 9:00 0 ROMPER ROOM 0 CONTACT Interview (60 min.) Q GIRL TALK Panel CD PIXANNE Children CD CONVERSATIONS With Dr. Alvarez CD BIOGRAPHY Documentary CD FATHER KNOWS BEST Comedy CD JACK LA LANNE Exercise 9:15 CD MIRROR OF MARYLAND 9:30 0 MORNING NEWS CD DENNIS THE MENACE 3 ALMO'S LOW PRICE SOID95 2 n BUY IT AT rjatfOI 2 I CD LEARNING TO DO CD CLASSROOM Education CDCD GENERAL HOSPITAL Serial (D CARTOON CAPERS 9:40 O DIALING FOR DOLLARS (C) 9:45 Q CARTOON CARNIVAL 9:55 0 NEWS 10:00 0 DIVORCE COURT Drama (60 mln.) 0 EYE GUESS (C) Game OCD BEN CASEY Drama (60 min.) CD CANDID CAMERA CD SPARETIME BOWLING CD DELMARVA TV SCHOOL CD MR. PIPER (C) Children 03 ALL STAR THEATER 10:25 0 NEWS 10:30 OCD CONCENTRATION Game CD BEVERLY HILLBILLIES Comedy CD LOVE THAT BOB! Comedy 03 VIEW FROM 29 Interview. (90 min.) CD CARTOONS (C) 11:00 CD ANDY GRIFFITH Comedy OCD PAT BOONE Variety OCDSUPERMARKET SWEEP Gam CD DIVORCE COURT Drama 11:30 0CD DICK VAN DYKE Comedy ffm.i.m. i'iiiw umm. i."'iiuiiiimii um. i wn mi m 11 m J . . ..,J. - -,. m ., -, I, M) Checkerboard Farms Cranberry-glazed Turkey Roast Recipe CRANBERRY-GLAZED TURKEY ROAST ! (2 lb. 8 oz.) Honeysuckle Turkey Roait I can ( 1 lb.) jellied cranberry sauce 1 cup ( 10 oz. jar) currant jelly 14 cup ruby port wine OR orange juice 2 teaspoons cream style horseradish 1. Cook roast according to package directions for about 2 hours and 10 minutes or until meat thermometer reaches 150" F. 2. Meanwhile simmer cranberry sauce with jelly, wine or orange juice, and horseradish for 5 minutes. 3. Remove roast from foil pan. Place on small rack in shallow pan. Spoon on glaze. m Schedule OCD HOLLYWOOD SQUARES Game 1 v QCD DATING GAME CD ROMPER ROOM (C) AFTERNOON 12:00 OGDCD LOVE OF LIFE Serial - O NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS , Q MOVIE vwings And Tht Woman," Anna Neagle (2 hrs.) CD (D JEOPARDY (C) Game CP CONTACT 03 DONNA REED Comedy CD DICKORY DOC (C) 12:05 CD FILM SHORT 12:15 CD FRIENDLY GIANT 12:25 0 CD CD NEWS 12:30 O CD CD SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Serial 0 MIKE DOUGLAS Variety CD CD SWINGIN' COUNTRY (C) CD ALL ABOARD Children 03 FATHER KNOWS BEST Comedy 12:45 OCDCD GUIDING LIGHT Serial CD NEWS 12:55 CD CD NEWS 1:00 0 WOMAN'S ANGLE CD LEAVE IT TO BEAVER Comedy Wll Buv the Cranberries for this i ServeitHotorCbldforHolidajMes,Buffets,Dinners MOST STORES STOCK HONEYSUCKLE TURKEY PRODUCTS IN THE BUTCHER'S FROZEN MEAT CABINET o m . ? for CD GYPSY ROSE LEE SHOW CD MERV GRIFFIN Variety (ft mln.) ' ' v CD DONNA REED Comedy CD PIONEERS Drama l 03 SCARLETT HILL Serial CD MOVIE "Parle Express," Claude Rains (2 hrs.) 1:25 CD NEWS 1:30 OCDCD AS THE WORLD TURNS Serial CD VIRGINIA GRAHAM CD LET'S MAKE A DEAL (C) Gam 03 DECEMBER BRIDE Comedy 1:55 CD NEWS 2:00 0CDCD PASSWORD Game 0CD DAYS OF OUR LIVES (C) Serial Q NEWLYWED GAME CD MOVIE "Waterloo Road," Stewart Granger (2 hrs.) 03 AWARD THEATER Drama 2:30 QCDCD HOUSE PARTY OCD DOCTORS Serial QCD A TIME FOR US Serial ' 03 MOVIE "If You Could Only Cook," Jean Arthur (90 mln.) 2:55 QCD NEWS 3:00 O CD CD TELL THE TRUTH QCD ANOTHER WORLD (C) Serial 'r 'y e . d 4. Return to oven. Spoon on more glaze every 3 - 5 minutes until roast is done (180). Heat extra glaze and serve separately. SPECIAL REFUND: Mail us the "net weight" oval from the front of a Honeysuckle Turkey Roast package and we'll send you 30e to cover the cost of the cranberry sauce for this recipe. Wrilc: Cranberry Refund, Ralston Purina Co., Checkerboard Square, Dept. 205, St. Louis, Missouri. Void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law. Limit one refund per family. Offer expires Feb. 1, 1967. Please allow three weeks for processing. mum Area 0 GENERAL HOSPITAL Serial LET'S LIP-READ CD MIKE DOUGLAS Variety (90 mln.) CD OUR MISS BROOKS Comedy 3:25 0 DOCTOR'S HOUSE CALL CD CD NEWS 3:30 0 CD CD EDGE OF NIGHT Serial 0CD YOU DON'T SAY (C) Gam 0 NURSES Serial CD BOOK BEAT Interview CD CAPTAIN PHILADELPHIA (C) Serial 4:00 O CD CD SECRET STORM Serial OCD MATCH GAME (C) OPOPEYE THEATER (C) CD NET JOURNAL Documentary (60 min.) CD CARTOON CLUB 03 DARK SHADOWS Serial 4:25 0 NEWS CD KID'S STUFF (C) 4:30 0 SUPERMAN 0 MERV GRIFFIN Variety (90 min.) CD MOVIE "Tanan and Th Lost Safari," Gordon Scott (90 min.) CD KRAZY KARTOONS CD MOVIE Drama (2 hrs.) 03 JAM SESSION ! Dance Party 1 OEM L5relltUiN En ' C I Ul TURKEY ROAST f wQSv V- ysfr .v.rvV ' I 4:45 CD LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE Serial 5:00 O MOVIE "Dream Boat," Ginger Rogers (IS min.) , . CD CHEYENNE Western MO min.) , CD ALL ABOARD Children ; .' ' CD movie "Mayor of Hall," Jme tagney (is min.) . J , CD ASTROBOY Cartoon CD MICKEY MOUSE CLUB 5:30 Q MOVIE "Th Phony American," William ' Bendlx (90 min.) CD QUICK DRAW McGRAW . r, 03 WHERE THE , ACTION IS Adventure " CD GIGANTOR Cartoon 5:45 CD TALES OF POINDEXTER CHRISTMAS IS HAMMOND ORGANS: As Low As $585.00 Nathing Dwi Up ti I Yri U Pi , PIANO CO.- SINCI 1'l 212 W. 9th Street - OL 8-7159 ! I 1 X 1 XL . ii d 1 KMkUbUi V. ST MtESi er and neirj in tne ivianoning County Jail.

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