The Journal News from White Plains, New York on January 23, 1967 · Page 2
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The Journal News from White Plains, New York · Page 2

White Plains, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1967
Page 2
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hi : U. Arre-JeJ Johnson Asks 15 to 59 Social Security Hike 4 i w v . p. ' AS' I. t i! it''i t . t; u I A . t ' It . .. -.4 ! -1 ! "4' 'tis i s. ,1. .! ;..' n jmi.1 i z i V ! ; J ''; t : ..tlx 11. I; ,'. I .'.it l- It. j.. It ?..- IV f J V ,-. i.--.J l :.r ' I r I'.'! t "! it -.1 '! : ... ! v. .- I lid . t t. I .k I .) i N , .! ; 'I ! j ( 1 , r 4 -!- lil .-.. I. t : tl. . ..... I ,i I. !; ,4 ) ,v J i... J '' 4 -Hall !., .,r 1W IT - T 51 1 l I ( '' 'J ' : 1 '' V-5 ..-- ... I in,.!"., . (.. J.:. 14 a inaww n jmai.ieu t .t!, ,!..; .....t. ..t" i:,-.;.t j. . i ,lv. fit i,, .-.s. s s i .i ; i- , ;.i I Sit .-.If. l Ur i t It, . l I " I .!t t !i j.ii ! In it. j. Vta-y f M'- Vv N '. .'!..! I !i.!..M ' ,-M .a t. t I I t .... iM.w ,4 IV . '. .. i gt 4 c -l ..! 1 " ' if: ' 4 -' .u ll.e Ict '. Ur4 Mj. W. V -"S V I . J.. . Mh..i !. jt M I iJ ' ; f' fcrf . j... 4l-- .rfk (i , . ?, ,--t. ttv.t.. -! )'' ir'ff u ;o u fcCt 1.4 ii. -J. iv 'i. I - 1 t': iv- t m uut k.. nicon im ;j m 1 l .t.: t.. u f-"- i.U54 h !. jlr. ,tii!.rVUI..H .4 It ae fctJ)tJ l4 !:.( IV t:i.M I - t A-ii f J- i'-l If? !- - ; - - r 3.1 I, i : ( t . I I I. x i J. J-- : I' l iis I'...' if, Cr ti .-v tmM ft ( w in 4 I Wi,y -,M AM ! aM.4t. t - . if- , tN My ij i". k j tV . fcf -t , . I i m j H , V i-4 r M fc --! fc iiMU! IN S 1 W ft-td ' fc,' . ftN- IHi . H r 4 ( !-'- 6rM' 4 -t k - n-'J I I r : v s w i('t j r. ft $ t i, Charles Buckley Dead at 76; Bronx Boss Had Farm Here Ml CARD OF THANKS " M FUNERAL DIRECTORS Conqeri Funeral Homo rniADronn b eojm MIINK (mm CO I AMI a. w pt-rnntR-s rons Vrtt MOV Hvr'fc. n coward c nw tVNERAL, HOME It Main SI STony Polm $ SlOO FLENDER-PRICE FVNERAL IIOMK, TSC 1 HifH At. NrVO II I4M4 Hannrmann Funeial Home II So. BTwty, Nyf k EL IOITI Hggins Funeral Home MA nn Nl -1ll MAV YCJl'.K iAP - lt ftftgtr'f.all (.a(l A, l'.k t-, Jtinr.k ('rj!,l)- lMtl.r nha hucktl ir!.Wfr Ml luf-.j faftcrr. Ik T6. k,i-. ow (.ml f,J li r4 i-ailrt lo jr.J I hi n-,.i. nl.j) riJ.4o I'. K nr.fvj, h4 biffl ml ifli lr many nvmih. In a rairt-r ihtf nfwt a lu!l rrlilur)', I'.urkJr)- brgan a Iwftinct r ittUit) ami utrl i Id MTV 13 rffti ifl Cftr". IW mhrtiirtl Ux liUi o( lutrfi U iU-r lU"ififi iv tlriih in 13VJ ( IUtl J. iIVmI t1 na. hi JHtt.riil tul4. P.urllry hr!irid Mincf'y In Iht ii;iicl mr!un la h: Imk. "You'it- The W." hi Np: "It i nl on!y a mi' rtiw. It i an army. And in any orpanlAitjiin a in ny mi, I5wftr mui't U d;M4'!.n," r..jiKJ.-y mi rrludunt to run In IKI lir fnomnalion to Cmi-1 (!iari.i;s r.t (ki.i v l c r.vtti i itj .' t.e J tint. Hal " M'i t- t l )ra, J.r ! l4 h. !," alvui, w Imrt ts br. -4 U'sn ia l hi .Mi-.ii) lr. 4 all, tti !.;.!. t e J .ta-J lii SWrt 4 v (wff." I4J Uq !. 'Aht ( 15 llftv Mt h4 in.t to ia ifw iai "n.f a-4Jf.irf hi. iKf.i-4 wte:t-thl Tji- tftlalLrll rtrVr, hul lf?n l ?,U nJfal.tA Ik ljii!r) jlt bemi n ti:ii !,:! fV.i-i .V (Ulkk-k, Ci4;.NJ rftfH!rfttl ht t)K. Ur tn-jji-f ijst ;iiijf t,i wtnj l),nfr liti Ihc c44 Kill-! a Ban "13" 19 tii..i IrlSft' Wl fc.a im, bui filial i3 nrnsinj "jui mm ia IhoMt i! BiHrfj. Manager Plan Gels Backing Of Democrats t4 J.lut id hr.n,r," nurKJi-y I.fiv mthv. Arml t l (i,'"i4, l!'! .m Mr and Mi. Urhi1 l"onlr ' U-f . i-urrha"t t4iy nl uld. "I ivrd ihi lh a h!' of Sew rrm-fnhr:fl b; n4 rt4 lm Nn Y In l!)o hf-ad. I'm funninj to uvr j ftrai lm lr h r ur r,d hi Itc Cii . nino lol on the payroll." Hi" qumi .-.;! to iVf-irtn. j - j-f juiiUi-v u-l li ili . ali-d by Jonathan ? "HiH hotv ,t a Ijurf mi1 ,m" o-JI nU m.A '"III ip- Iwm. J of hm l.r a- Imra r.l.l.i . j eti,yA n a nU.v io fru nj Aflrr hit i!i-fi-4t. Hucklry con-1 fiUU ff UI, "ami h u. i ml r-imi-tiow- rrn Ihi ftni- tinuixl to nil' tJio it'cular ivuly , 10 q rtm,r UP nf,,r Ir"m nwl m to rim !. thi cm Crini.ilion d.-tpilr lit mdr. 7V ti'- rntitc CVijitulirc', aihifS .;J w44 ia k.m.i&al-t'i rirft.. if. (!r-f1irt. mrt art Irfl ii-4 1 ftaMitMrt! .;; nvairt a. la a ' n ik! t " iMvnl , In (-.aiina ,W)ry Jl, H.mrfl, lr iMnn!l!rtp ir.11 i rl9oftliC 'lt). Ih lrttM n;r Uwrtr ami i:vt (wyivi rtaiu' rnd-dair, , , 4; avfc )t-rJy Id rtp l.'. I!... pl!t-,tr lTn t4 fursJimrtit Ka rAf f rhinrt a- tu.VAl In mi rtatifnunily. I , "Tbe iK-nvii-tiil Patly HiJJ alu Up the c..i) l.f ll rrukf rnjr.,f pUn tk hf by ofJ.uHi" !ji It.l-T a lMe 4 ri.ljl- l.f4-t q finnnrt ihitWi'i mutt-ta rmd IraiHilvip," tUmrn ilc j cUfrtl. MKT OF Iht- U?rmrf) U cV. Vorl to alUfkinfi llsit Inruni' , brni IV-jHiWican oilirial in !?,' villa t;r. (MirliruUily Mnic, Mailt KfMrMi, ti l KT-rkinc! C FORCE M. HOLT FUNERAL HOME Hovwtrraw. N.Y. HA I HM HHANKET rUXERAL HOME 71 Hudxin At HA -212J HAVER3TRAW SNTFTKM' FUNERAL HOME INC. 1M CentraJ Are, Spring VaJIey Phon ELmwood t-0013 STEVENSON FUNERAL HOME Ptormonl. N.V. ELmwood -034l Wanamakcr & Carlough. Inc. FUNERAL HOME BUFFERN SLOATSBURO Phoni El 7-M21 NYACK HUGH E. WHITE Funeral Home Inc. 4) SO. B WAY NYACK EL 1-0311 WTMAN FUNERAL HOME DAVTD FISHER, Jr, Director Paort River, N.Y. PE Mill FLORISTS city in nditit reform croup. Cnruwcll aid Ilurklry Iturklcy purchiiMxl land In ihr Mrm a a nutniwr ritfrat in RockLmd 0unly In 19 and rx the early day and Htiuld May U-ndi-d IIiih (arm In 1?29 when be j lwt and thio week at a I. me. boucht 30 acren of land from j Later. ho-ever. hn vi;t dwin-Mm. Chailen JohnMon. The dd to wevkenck. farm, which he used as paMur-1 "When both our chikln n wre ate and bnxlinc crotinds for hlsamall we umm! to Buckley fi rlrrliiifl. motntnc, ll lul wtm'i ever be ' "W ill l.v mamUte 4 ihe tii Uwl (jm. Mrw. no that he' cooe." , or of the villaffe of Swina Val Kurkk-v l utivrtt byhwjlO' be impkfnentH to the ful wikrt. Mark? a mm, Chaili A. kt extent or will II no only be many fine race horses, ran alone Route 301 and bordered riilll.iw Hill Road. frequently." Cordwell Mid, "and I rememlwT long diacuMionn about politic, although wt were Jr. a dauirhter. Mi. J.rfin For hay. and fiv rrandrhiklien. A nol'-mn ll gh M ii will be oflrred WedneMkiy in Si Nirho-la of Tolenilne Roman Catholic Churrh in the I5ronx. Interment will he at the Cale of tli-avrn Cemetery In Valhalla, N.Y. Vief Cong Stronghold Weakened Obituaries BIGELOW FLORIST EL 2-1700 Spring Valley Theatre Bldff. CHAILLOU FLOWERS 4 GIFTS Formerly Gurnce Flowers A Gifta 63 E. Central Ave., Pearl River Distinctive floral work PE 8-2131 Flowers by Tappan Gardens for any occasion 216 Rt 303, Tappan 359-4665 RTNNK FLORIST ft NURSERY 326 N. Middletown Rd. Nanuet, N.Y. NA 3-2633 ROCKLAND GARDENS Under New Management 47 Lafayette, Suffern, EL 7-1690 SCHWEIZER "Beautiful Flowers" 327 N. Middletown Rd. Pearl River PE 6-4079, PE 8-4070 TAPPAN ZEE FLORISTS 176 Main St Nyack, N.Y. 91-358-2544 , "THE FINAL TOUCH" Floral A'rangements for All Occasions SPRING VALLEY 352-6045 VERNON CHURCH FLOWERS 84 No. Highland Ave. 9W Nyack, N.Y. EL 8-6330 MONUMENTS GUARDIAN MEMORIALS J. Chwaz - Only Dealer Rockl'd Display: Suffern Garden Ctr. Suffern, N.Y. EL 7-1123 (Continued from Page 1) reported lost In the air war aRainst North Vietnam rose to 465. Ground fighting in South Viet. nam continued on a relatively small scale, with U. S. military headquarters reporting 98 Communist soldiers killed Sunday in scattered skirmishes in three sectors. The South Vietnamese command reported 20 enemy dead in five small clashes. U. S. headquarters disclosed that a Vietnamese hamlet was hit by eiTor in a shelling by the 7th Fleet destroyer Norris on Saturday. Headquarters said four Vietnamese civilians were killed and nine wounded in the bombardment. The first reported shelling of a wrong target by a Navy vessel In the Vietnam war. The bombardment of the hamlet 11 miles south of Da Nang was attributed to a "target plotting error." In a delayed report, the U. i. command said that two other 7th fleet destroyers, the Stoddard and the Keppler, destroyed or damaged a radar site, seven cargo boats and two guns in a shore battery around the Vinh area in North Vietnam last Thursday. B52 bombers made two raids during the night. One wave hit at trench positions in the demilitarized zone between North and South Vietnam. Another formation struck at suspected hoop concentrations 26 miles north of Saigon at dawn. ANN 4, Mi C ABK Loan Company Km ploy e Ann J. McCabe, 30, of 7 Brook-side Ave., New City, died Saturday at Good Samaritan Hospital. She was born in Ireland, had been a county resident for some five years and was employed by Empire Savings and Loan Co., In White Plains and New City. She was a member of the Catholic Big Sisters of St. Augustine's Church. She is survived by her hus as the Anderson farm, contained a residence which was believed to have been Lafayette's headquarters before the battle of Stony Point. Tie latter was sold to Burgess Meredith, then to AJ. Ian Jay Lerner. His brother, Dewitt C. Peters, who died in the county last July, was an artist of note. Mr. Peters was born in Paris. He is survived by an aunt, Mrs. Frank Tatum of Los Angeles, and cousins Col. Robert Worth band,, sons Kieran and of the British Army and Stanley John and daughter Ann Marie, j Worth of Los Angeles. Also her parents, Patrick and Bridget Gavin of County Mayo,!GERALD R, rifFLARI) JR. Ireland; a brother John, sisters Nam,,t i,liuilt Bridie and Kathleen, all of lie- laf'. and a sister, Mary of Eng land. luiem mass will be celebrated Wednesday at 10 a.m. by her brother-in-law, Fr. Patrick McCabe of the Camden Diocese, with interment following in St. Anthony's Cemetery, Nanuet. Friends may call at the Hig-gens Funeral Home, 321 S. Main St., New City, from 5-10 p.m. today and tomorrow. JUAN AG11LAR World War I Veteran ROCKLAND MONUMENT CO. 89 E Route 59A, Nanuet, N.Y. NA J-8110; 3-46B0 J. M. Hastings Spring Valley Monument RT. 59, MONSEY EL 6-5624 WM. J. TROUP Cor. Rte. 9W & Rte. 202 Haverstraw, N.Y. Large Selection HA 9-2083 Sjb Travis VjSMonuments C. M. TRAVIS. INC. 231 Main St, Nyack, N.Y. EL 8-0567 WM. COPELANO & SON (Oi at CM. Trotis. Inc. I 133 Lafayette Ave, Suffern, N.Y. EL 7-2722 Cause Unknown The cause of a pungent burning odor which caused some Rockland residents to check to see if their car engines were on fire this morning remained as murky as this morning's weather. Officials from the County Health Department had no answers as to any probable reason for the odor, described as that of burning electrical equipment, which was reported from all parts of the county. WANAM AKER-CARLOUGH SMITH INC. FUNERAL HOME CHAPEL II ITATI IT. HILLCKEST. N.Y. EL 2-0888 A requiem mass was sung this morning for Juan Aguilar at St. Margaret's R.C, Church in Pearl River. Mr. Aguilar, chef at Dean's Spa in Pearl River for almost nine years, died Friday in Nyack Hospital at the age of 70. He had lived at 9 Franklin Ave., Pearl River. He was a widower, and was a Navy veteran of World War I. Interment was in Rockland County Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Vio'a. Arrangements were by the Shankey Funeral Home of 34 N. Summit St., Pearl River. HOLLO PETERS Well-Known Actor Rollo Peters, 74, a well-known Shakespearean actor and a former county resident, died of cancer Saturday in Monterrey, Cal. Mr. Peters was responsible for the settlement of many writers and artists in the South Moun tain Rd., New City, area, in the 1930's. He was interested in buy. ing old homes and properties, remodeling and reselling them, and was associated with Carl Marcum of Suffern. One of the properties, the Nash farm, became part of his home, later sold to Kurt Weill, the composer. Another, known A mass of the angels will be celebrated at 10 a.m. tomorrow in St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Congers, for Gerald R. Rifflard Jr. of 129 Main Street, Nanuet. Survivors include his parents, Mr. and Mi's. Gerald R. Rifflaid Sr. of Nanuet, his brother, Kevin, and grandparents Mr. and Mrs. George McDonnell of Congers and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rifflard of Suffern. Interment will be in Gethsem-ane Cemetery, Rockland Lake. Friends may call at the Congers Funeral Home today from 2-5 and 7-9 p.m. Icnmed but r o m p I e I e I y reJcrtitlT Thi In the qui-ition now facine Ihe reMdenU of thin Village." Rowrn rhareed. Noting thai ErtMn recently came nut again! the mangT fiiitn of Eovprnrrwtit for Spring Valley, Rowen Mid. "It U lm-jwralive that tho" of us who be-lirve in the village manager plan Join forren to rid Spung Valley of the kind of political leader who lurn aside the mandate of the people, in favor of their own hi and of despotism." j Rowan aUo indicated that the soon to be released Democratic platfoim will reflect their sup port of the manager plan "and will demonstrate that the Democratic Party is the party of integrity in Spring Valley." 1 c ' i .1 A flaii m .,, .a...i.ri. a .......... aaW m .ia' .ma.. .1 wi a. nuni II1 .' - saaHi k aa KaifM O.V T1IK LINK, MAYOR KPSTKI.V . . . Gart'tk k, Murphy and S lman listen In on the rail Valley Republicans Nominate William Garelick for Trustee By ROni.KT KNK.HT Journal New Siaf M rid r not decide to run Wortman for 'even lo restate this when que$-' mayor or trustee, "we will not ,jonH night support the Republicans in any; .... event, that to a forgone conclu-! 1,0 wouId M-v on'y ,h;,t nc sion." othi-r candidates and the corn- Just how "forgone" the con- mlttep will be- sitting down soon elusion is appears now to be In to map out a campaign, which doubt. : will include a platform covering I ADDING further interest to ' ,hl!"r J"T? !" hl lit? "Hin iHiiuiuaii-g nnii itiia. 'Oomph Girl1 Ann Sheridan Dead at 51 HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Ann Sheridan, a red-haired beauty whose sister introduced her to filmland as a practical joke, was an independent actress who was launching a new career in television when death intervened Saturday, a month before her 52nd birthday. Even her closest friends were unaware of her illness. Miss Sheridan's third husband, actor Scott McKay, was at her bedside when she died at their Hollywood Hills home. A friend said she succumbed to emphysema, a lung ailment. Two others said She died of cancer. As the "oomph girl" of World War II, Miss Sheridan was a favorite pinup girl of the GIs. Private funeral services were held Sunday. THE CONVENTION will be held at 8 p.m. at the Ramapo Town Democratic headquarters on Main Street In Spring Valley. Expected to seek the mayoral nomination Is trustee Louis Kurtz, while Mrs. Joan Forman, is expected to seek and win re-nomination for a trustee post. At least two candidates have annnunroii fnr lh nlhnr tnmff.i vacancy, held by Republican ! lae proposi-d by the Indrprnd-Allred Murphy. One is Joseph ! entCitizrtis Committee. Thaxton, a Negro civil rights I Th committee did not win leader and the other is Maxwell , anv Positions but did draw away J. Wortman, former president of ! sufficient Democratic votes to Ihe Soring Vallev Indenendent allow the Republican slate head- Citizens Committee, whose can-, ed b-v EPst'n to gain an easy didacy is being pushed by that ! victory. Spring Valley has a vot- In a surprise move last night. Sin lng Vallr-y Ri publicans nominated William Garelick to op-poc Democratic Trustee Mrs. Joan Forman in the village elec tions in March. As expected however, the 16 member GOP committee also Garelick's candidacy is the fact nominated three ineumbents to that Mrs. Forman, whom he seek re election, including May. hopes to unseat, won her posl-or Mark Epstein, Trustee Alfred tion on the board last year as a Murphy and Police Justice Bar-' Democrat based to a large de- net S. Selman. The selection of Garelick Is expected to greatly enhance the Republican ticket since two years ago he ran for mayor against Epstein on a maverick organization Expected to seek the police Justice nomination held by Republican Barnct S. Selman are Arnold Etelson and Eugene J. Adams, both attorneys in the village. ROBERT KNIGHT License Suspended The New York State Liquor Authority today announced the suspension for seven days of the liquor store license of Louis Berke, owner of J. and F. Wines and Liquors, 271 South Middle- town Road, Nanuet, who was charged with the sale of alcoholic beverages to a minor. The suspension will start January 23rd. WEATHER WEATHER REPORT Panning and early morning haze, tomorrow with some late eve-ing and early morning haze, high today in the mid-to-upper 50 s, winds southwesterly at about 10 miles. Temperature High: 56 at 2 p.m. Low: 48 at 7 a.m. N 4 p.m. 8 p.m. Mid 4 p.m. 8 a.m. 53 53 47 49 49 47 Barometer 30.15 30.13 30.16 30.16 30.11 30.08 Humidity 46 40 59 64 71 82 Precipitation: None. TIDES Today: high at 8.09 p.m. and low at 2:25 p.m. Tomorrow: high at 8:27 a.m. and 8:57 p.m.; low at 2:18 a.m. and 3:12 p.m. Weather statistics as recorded for the 24 hours ending at 9 a.m. at Lamont Geological Observatory, Palisades. ing enrollment which heavily fa vors the Democrats and until two years ago they had controlled the. village board. IT TOOK the Republican com mittee nearly three hours to come up with its selection at last night's closed meeting, which was held in Selman's law office. Committee Chairman Mrs Lillian Klein made the final an nouncement at 11 p.m. but she declined to discuss the "prob lems" which had beset the com. mittee since 8 p.m. One member described the session as a "hot" meeting. Until now the large following generated by the ICC had been assumed to be safely in the Democratic column in March but last night's selection of Gar-click throws a large question mark into the campaign. At the last ICC meeting, offi cers and members openly expressed their dislike for the Republican party, mostly because of criticism leveled at Village Manager James D. Westman by Epstein and Murphy. THE ICC sponsored the referendum which approved the manager plan for the village two years ago and since that time they have been the plan's chief defender. At the same ICC meeting two weeks ago, a threat was issued to the local Democratic party to either run former ICC president Maxwell J. Wortman for a posi- j tion or forget about any commit-! tee support at election time. So far the threat has gone unheed ed by the Democrats, who are 1 holding their convention tonight. ' The Independent Citizens; Committee pointed out however ! that even if the Democrats do ! grec on her position as vice president of the ICC. Mrs. Forman dropped h(T affiliation with the committee upon winning the election and Garelick said last night that he is "not an active member" of the committee himsrtf. Concerning the controversial village manager issue, none of those at last night's meeting would say what the Republican position will be. Mayor Epstein, who has come out personally against the plan and has said it is accomplishing nothing for the village refused 1 Klein echoed Epstein's remarks. Garelick also refused to comment directly on the situation, stating that he will wait for the platform to be drawn up before making any public statements on the manager question. GARELICK, 50, Is currently vice chairman of the Spring Valley Planning Board and has resided in the community for 42 years, graduating from the local high school. Married and the father of two children, he is a lighting consultant. He is also a past president of the Spring Valley KiwaniJ Club, a past chancellor-commander of the" Spring Valley Knights of Pythias and is a former director of Temple Beth El. MANLY'S BODY SHOP ROCKLAND COUNTY'S MOST COMPLETE BODY & FENDER REPAIRS All Makes and Models Repaired No Matter how Big or Small Hours: Mon. thru Friday 8 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. CALL NOW FOR FREE ESTIMATE EL 8-027:' BODY SHOP ROUTE 59 NYACK

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