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Cumberland, Maryland
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EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, NOV. 27, 1940 ELEVEN Lecture-recital Nigfit a of Season's Best Programs The appearance of Mrs. Paul Criblet of Baltimore laSV night, at Emmanuel Episcopal house in a lecture-recita; on Wagner's Die Walkure" had all the excite- ent itself of a Wagnerlan opera, CHORAL SOCIETY WILL SING MESSIAH" our Noted $olbists To Be Heard with 1 Local Chorus of Ninety Due here by in- the middle tftcrnoon, the Baltimore lecturer had not yet arrived at 1 The erabers of Music' and Arts Club, sponsors -of the program, braving the worst overhead and un- conditions of the arriving the parish house, fearful tliat Mrs. Criblet ould not on hme and that if she did, "terrible" weather loiild keep everybody "else away. Held up by a derailment and ad- urse the train nnall reached here at 7:30, and by 8:15 ai Isist 100, music lovers had slushed their way "to the concert hall.

Audience Rewarded The audience that braved the elements was rewarded by one of the most entertaining and stimulat- ing programs ever presented here. AndcMrs. Criblet, was rewarded by an the close of her lecture-recital, that was" not based on a mere desire for encores but was i tribute to an artist who-did a splendid piece of work. Introduced by Mrs. William L.

Keller, president of" tlift club, Mrs. C'lblet gave a background inlroduc- lion to "Die 1 presenting biographical and historical mater- ial about Richard Wagner and his nmes, and an outline of the Ger- manic mythology which so im- pressed the that he wrote Jour operas on the subject, known t3 "The Ring of the 1 Of Ttte is the second and, most Illustrations Mrs. Criblet told the story of the opera in detail and illustrated, at the piano, the of each character arid played the principal numbers of "Die Walkure." Her manner of presentation' is most en- a.lively'sense ofjhumor feeps her lecture from even ap- proaching For a.n hour and i half, Grlblet-hejd the undi- vided attention of audience, and this reviewer wouldV -welcome a vhole series of-lecture-recitals by such a competent and; entertaining Three rehearsals next week in' ad- dition, to three 'this week will put finishing on the jfli'sl local' performance In many, years of Handel's, "The Messiah," which Is scheduled toz December 10 at Al- legany Elgh, School. DRIYBR PAYS COSTS, EXPENSED -v Leo Miller, RFD" Bedford, was acquitted today of reckless driving "charges and Ray Lease, RPD 1, Cumberland, was given' a suspende-4 sentence on the same charge, court this morning. Both By Troorjer JphnH.

Doud fol- lowing' an accident on Route '40, Lease, a WPA' and' has three 'children, p'ald costs. He alEO is" paying thfti cal. expenses', of woman 'injured in the accident; stler- storfer, 543 Ceritrnl paid $5 fine after he 'pleaded "guhty 'to ex- ceeding the 30-mile speed limit on McMaJlen -Audrey A. Chambers, KfD 2, Cumberland, paic in driving charge. Howard 'F.

Curry, Cumberland was sentenced to 30 days in the courity Jail after he pleaded guilty to a' chaige of assaulting Nellie Riley, South Cumberland. Daytor W. Reynolds, 400 Maryland ave nue, charged with unauthorized use of a truck in Keyserr was in the county jail awaiting extradition West Virginia authorities. Edward JU Shumaker Edwfird Shumaker, 79, for- merly of Ellerslle, Monday he'Home pf his George Shu nalter, Sh'iniiston, -He' left Ellerslle'13 years a'go; i Burvivlng other sobs, Clarence.E, ShumakerrMeyersdale, Robert L. Shumaker and James Bhumaltgr, both' of- FairmonVW.

and a sister, Mrs, Mary Lepley, near Cumberland, Funeral' services wp be held to- morrow at the h'bme'bf-hSfi son with burial'In'Masohlc" Cemetery, Sbinn- ton. Mi's. Elizabeth'Bowman May W. Va Nov. 27r-Mrs Following the.

program, coSse and cake was served' and a -reception was held In' 'honor 'of 'Mrs; Criblet COLONEL 1 HENDERSON CALLED TO ARMY DUTY 29th Division 'Staff, Office: Fort Leaven- worth December 1 Stock Market Paula Hemlnjhaus With a starting membership of ell over 100, the Cumberland hors! Society has been reduced to 0 singers, because the difficulty the music. Director Jack Platt wlieves that he in these 90 ngers, the outstanding vocal group Cumberland, and there is jidScatlon that a magnificent pro- uction pf Handel's great 'oratorio '111 be presented. Four experienced oratoria soloists tave been engaged for the Dec. 10 lerformance, anil among visitors to here for the program are' deans if several schools of music', three iditors of group of artists. New York, Nov.

21. stock market tilted downward today tc break out of a week-long rut as traders: tested' harrow recant sessions. After a cautious opening in whic! considerable'buying has mixed wltl offerings without progress 10' most'' opinion shifte 1 the bear party arid' turnove up on the decline. Actlvlt hen subsided but' quotations wer the lows in early afternoon. Good business fur- her additions to the flood of year- rid "'dividend disbursements, failed stir purchasers.

music Journals and a New York' critics and Lt. Col. George Henderson, opera ferns officer, on the I staff, 1 TJ. S. Army, today receive i orders to report, to Port "Leaven worth, Kansas, December 1 to at Comniand arid Staff School, until February 1.

Colonel Henderson, a promlnen I attorney.of Cumberland, is a mem ber of'the staff of the dlvislori Company G-is a unit. He the first oi 35 reserve officers I the city to be ordered to active duty. On the basis of informal letters wee.tu, I Colonel Henderson -has gradually been winding up his civilian affairs preparing to leave for active duty. Two weeks ago he received indica- tions that he would be ordered to Fort Leavenworth, December 1, and "standing by'-' awaiting official orders. There been no word as I to where he will fce sent after he completes the two months at-Fort I Leavenworth.

Others local reserve offi- I cers will probably report early in I January. Company officers expect to he called into Federal service for I year 3. They pill spend about in the local outfitted for jsctlve service before the'trip to Fort I Gtorge G. Meade, will jie stationed. Other reserve officers will prob- be ordered, to active duty indi- 1 idvially as they are needed.

It is Hpected that a number will be call- in January, and. that by next I June most of the available reserve will be on duty. Patrons Jot Concert Many local groups and business concerns are Helping to sponsor "The which will be pres- ented free as a Christmas gift chorus- and the patrons, to the jublic'of the Cumberland area. Among individual patrons anc patronesses, are Mru. Henry Swearirigen, Mrs.

I. C. Martin, Mrs Robert R. Henderson, Mrs. Laura B.

Fuller, Mrs. Paul D. Plckens Miss Henrietta' Schwaraenbaph, Mrs A. M. 'iiichtensteiri, Tom Waring Bernle 'Armstrong, Dr.

Arthur Hawkins, trby S. Rutherford, Wll liarn McKInley' tialley and Edwart Habeeb. Other: patrons'will be added unti December 4 Contralto. Booked In 'the realm troadcastlng Paula contralto solols for 'The is one; of thcsi 'iridlsp encables" -r-, invariably callei upon muslcai dkectors. when-: program of major proportions mus be put into production with th lightning speed and minimum, hearsals characteristic of radio Over; the Jargest national networks she featured' literally hun dreds of.

times: inthe leading.rol of innumefable operatic in trie principal oratorios, an on the best k'nown concert hour network Despite heavy, demands made 'o her Hemlhijhaus has so arranged her time thls.seaso as 'to provide for a limited numbe of. personal appearances In concer one these being her engagemen here TRIO WESTiERNPORTERS DOCKET FOR DIVORC I A Aaenath Elizabeth Bowman May 83, died last. Wednesday at Mathias She was one of nine children of John Bowman Mrs. Catherine Hinegartner Bowman. Ker husband was the late Joseph May.

she is by four daughters, Mrs. P. Slndy, Moorefltild; Mrs. Ada Hed- rick, Midland, Tesas Mrs. 'S.

Pawley, Bergton, and Mrs Gladys Snipe, Mathias; three sons John May, Slstcrsvllle, and A. B. and 0. May, Mathias; and one sister, Mrs. Eliza Miller, Lqst River.

She was a-member-of-the-Lytheran WINDING UR El wood Parsons James El wood 53, of 201 rhomas street, died this, morning at Memorial Hospital, where he was admitted last A naUvis of Springfield, he was son of Edgar Parsons" and trie late Hannah 'Shannon Parsons. Besides his father; he is survived by his Wife, Hannah Blue Parsons; one daughter, Mrs. Catherine' Isabella Smith, Brooklyn, five sons, James Robert Parsons, 913 -Mary- land avenue: Jesse Parsons, Arlington. Harry Par- sons, Romney, Wilbur 'BUT gene and Ralph Urich Parsons, Springfield. W.

two sisters, Mrs, MAIN'STEM 'Perhaps you've noticed Tho Times is now printing that annual re- minder, every day, thus: "23 Shop- ping Days JfntU tf And, t6 on the sun dial: "It's laterHban you think," One Cumbfrlar.der who-is not a member of that large' group thai wait? every year until-the Anal few dayl before beginning' to buy has another phrase: "23 SNOOPIHG days until Christmas." Being one of th.C6e he started last week to construct I A Mrs. William Tow Musical Program For 1. 0. 0. F.

Past Grands The Past Grands Association of Allegany and Mineral Counties mat at Lodge, No. 3, I. O. P. lodge room.

Virginia avenue, Monday evening. Vice President Jack Adams, of Keyscr, presided. George Tederick and George Mc- CrackenrJr Betty Drum, Bernard Eyler anil Milton Johnson, students of Prol, Wilmer Brown, in accordion solos; Charles Jones and Or! Williams, Hawaiian guitars; Garland Deter, electric guitar anc Carroll'Sanders, bass viol, presented a varied piogram and were then judged by. Doris Jean Poorbaugh ROADS OPENED AFTER STORM IN TERRITORY City and Stale Qrews Work All Night to Remove Four- inch Sleet, Snow Layer Confronted by a sleet and snow storm crewh of the State Roads Commission a the. city worked air night, and this morning reported major roads" in open The depth of the snow and sleet ranged from two to four Inches, and although not considered usually heavy, the slush mess proved stubborn due to its great weight and motor travel remains hazardous.

teo Downey, district engineer ir the state, reported 35 trucks and Bonds' an3 as followed the pattern of stocks; ith minus signs holding the bal- nce. The pound sterling was un- hanged at 4.04 cables. Steels, air transports nd miscellaneous industrials were morig-the share groups subject to ressure. Losers of fractions to a point and, a lew cases, more. Included: S.

Bethlehem, Chrysler, TJ. 6 Lubber, Douglas, Boeing, American tirlines, Allied Chemical, American Westlnghouse and General Electric. Daniel W. Hinkle Rites- Petersburg, W. Nov.

27-- Funeral services were -conducted Monday afternoon lor Daniel' vvebs- tenHlhkle; Rough-Run, atithe Hed- rlck's 'chapel church by the Rev. John' Oliver, anri Rev. Xda M. Burial "was in the family Kinkle a descendant of he Rev. Jacob Anthony Kinkle, who came from Germany ca as ft Lutheran Atteridln the funeral were Her bert Martlnsbiirg, i W.

president of the Hlnkle" reunion clan: Fred E. Gettysburg, and Mr. and 'Mrs. Samuel Hln- kle, Moorefield. Quotations Furnished By Stein Bros.

(Brokers) 16 North'. Liberty Street Jumfcerland, iMd. NEW YORK EXCHANGE Allegheny Steel Allis Chalmers SB Amer. Can Amer. chain 3iy, Arner.

4t 1 Amer. Rad. TO Ref.j,... Tel. tc 1M 70 Amer.

Water ISi Anacoida Copper i7 Armour of 111. S. 87 Atlantic Refining 1 1 VA 165V4 70 70 t-GVf 18 IBV 23'A 33'A 23V Frank CupieU Avlatlon Corp. 5 4 a Baldwin Loco. 161V 16V B.

fc R. 4. 4 o. R. sv Bendix Aviation 324.

Beneficial Indl. Bethlehem Steel B4J4 Blavr-Knox 9 9 4 SVt IB- Borden ISM; 19V4 Bore-Warner 21 20 BUdd CO. 1BJS Budd Wheel Burlington Mills Celancs'e Corp. 28 Cerro de 33 C. O.

R. 42- Chicago Pneu. Tool 71 ti Col." Gas Elect 47, Commercial Cre. Com. South.

15-16 Consolidated Cons. Ed. N. Y. 23 Consolidated Oil Continental Can Continental oil 20 Corn Prod, it Kef.

42V. Crane Co 1GV4 3iVi 27 1 31V, 12 Terra Alta, W. 27 Funeral services, were held "Tuesday morning in the Cranes ville Me thpd- st Church for Frank Cuppett; 74, farmer. He was born in Glades- ville, a son of the late. Jefferson and Margaret Wolfe Survivors are his widow, Mrs.

Ruth Fonrian chil- dren, Foster Cuppett, Cranesville; Mrs. Pearl Feather, Terra and Mrs. Edna Lewis, six grandchildren and three sisters, Mrs. Saliie Ringer, Mrs. Laura Kelley and Mrs.

Zura Al- bright, and three brothers, Rev. P. B. Cuppett, Cincinnati, Or- val D. Cuppett, Addison, and Wilbur Cuppett, Morgantown.

In- terment- was- in -Terra Ceme-; tery. A. Dodfe Terra Va, Nov. 27--Mrs! 75, died day at. the home of a daughter, Mrs.

Charles Auman, near Crariesville. She'. was a daughter of the late Michael and Isabelle Inihi Teets. Her nusband, J. Thomas DorJge, dled'in 1927.

Sur- viving are seven children, Mrs. Florence Warren, KIngwood; Mrs. Ethel Jeffreys, Lenix; Mrs. Helen Guthrie, Mrs. Nellie Groves, Dor- sey C.

Dodge, Chester Dodge, Bruce' D. Dodge and Mrs. Edna Auman, all of Terra Alta. Fu- neral services were conducted this ell, this city; and four brothers, Charles Parsons, Springfield, W. Edgar and Walter Parsons, this city, and Clifton H.

Parsons, Hyndman, Pa. The body will remain at Stein's Funeral Koine; William James Wolf Rites Frostburg, Nov. funeral cortege of William James Wolf, gen- eral manager in charge of operations of the Consb'Id a tlon Coal Company, who died Jn Fairmont, W. was delayed here enroute to Waynesboro where interment sehed uled-for mrHighwaysTnacle" treacherous by the winter storm, which swept this area, prevented the cortege from reaching Waynesboro until later In the evening and bur- ial- services postponed, until today. j.

Services were, held in Christ Epis- copal Church, Fairmont, yesterday morning, with" the Very Rev. Marcus B. Hltchcocfc, rfe-itor, officiating. were made through- out the organization in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ken- tucky and West Virginia to cease operations from 9 9:30 o'clock yesterday in honor of Mr Wolf's memory. Mr.

Wolf was manager o'f the MJjryland Consolidation Coal Company from 1929 to 1933. After leaving her'e he became man- ager of the. West Virginia division and on May. 1,1939 he was promoted general charge of oper- ations. Among the honorary pallbearers were Benjamin H.

McGrac-XIn and Samuel T. Walker, Frostburg, and William Gunter, Cumberland. house tor hU utue eiii find some similar homemade things for the boy of the family. ''But ev'ery time I go to the cellar to work, the little spies are frying to peep in'the windows, so my Santa Claus job makes me feel like a "counterfeiter with-G-men on my trail." Far be it from this department to encourage an avalanche, or to give the slightest nudge to the lean- ing tower of Pisa--and so it is in were students of Prof. Melvlii Stew- art's school of music.

"Hill Billy Mary" and "BiU' ratt appeared In singing, reading, dancing and gui- tar and accordion solos'. Dormitory Club Meeting At the dinner-meeting of the Dormitory club last night at Cen- traV three members were admitted, George Dely, R. Cleland and Bert Podson, attending were William'H. Herbert 14Ule, Arthur. Gor- don, Jack MtUher, 1 Jack tlon the fact that the Santa Claus letters'have started, to arrive at this forwarding post.

As a matter of fact, tlie.No. 1 In near- ly two weeks ago, even before tbe anxious child had- enjoyed her Thanksgiving dinner. At there's little reason to believe the very youngest set in this section needs-any-gentle hint from this-comer to-start- Iheir-'letters to St. Nick. The only message to the mailman we can send when the deluge starts is this: "To the hills', men! The dam lias burst!" Last Bolden, Willis uonover, 3f7T Harold.

Kendall, Alfred Howe, Philip Blumej-Charles Azar, Campbell, Raymond Smoot, Edwin L. Kuhri, Robert Gettlg, Nicholas Tierney, Charles Reed, Edward Gooder, Fred Sell, Francis Guy Criarles A. A. Hubbler, Elza Nave arid William" J. Bender.

Srirortiy Group Meets The Maryland Alpha Chapter oi Delta Theta Chi sorority met at 8 Monday, at Central Yjvt.C.A Mrs. Stanley Mary RJce, Miss Helen Heiier, Miss Mary Virginia Shaffer CITY BRIEFS 7414 31 31 23 'A 31Vi 6 6 A 36 42V 42V'4 Curtls.Pub. Curllss-Wrlght "2B 211i" 27'A George J. Carroll, first class sig- naiman, with twenty-one years ser- assigned to recruiting duty here, for the II. S.

Navy, will speak tomorrow over radio station WTBO, 1:45 on "The Navy as a Career." A verdict for the plaintiffs was returned by a Jury in Circuit Court yesterday in the matter of Lorntne et al against Lawrence Pesklri, litigation revolving around 'ft disputed $400 claimed to be "owing for "rent on a Baltimore street property which was in the path -of fire last January. 18 -Putnairi I -I XJ.L4CA iTiCXJ. i A year approximately 3000 mtLnj Mlss EUza beth Parks, Miss came to the Santa Claus depart- Margaret Keseckcr, Mrs. Fred Beall ment Mrs. Joseph Clancey, Mrs.

Leo Miss Jeannettxs Bonig, Miss lary Apple, Miss Naomi Teter, Miss ElpLse Virginia Boyl. viiss Margni-et Hammersmith and Charlotte Bender. Honored On Birthday Miss Grace Williams, 424 Walnu trebt, entertained wlto a surpris ilrthday party' in honor of he ilece, Mbs Jane Edith Jaumot. Tliose attending were the Misses Mary Jane Andrews, VSrgini Kreiger, Mary Jane Purstenbur Dorothy Williams, Jane Cherr Williams, Phyllis Copeland, Dor hea Gopeland, Esther Thomas an Stephen Bassel, Ralph Happa, Rob rt Apsey, Bazll Kolb, Robert Ric Roy Duncan, Prank Jaumot, Mr Raymond Sagle, Mr. and Mrs Frank E.

Jaumot and Miss Plorenc Shaffer. Party Mrs; Harr.ison Bowling League fo held a shower Monday nigh Flag conscious yesterday proved they were on the alert, when Old Glory atop the Federal Building was seen flutter- ing in the breeze--upside down; The error was quickly corrected, after a number of calls were made, and the patriotic citizens who might have missed it.not so long ago, be- fore the defense program brought an upsurge in Americanism, no doubt felt a glow pride. Dome Mines 17 aftprnoon by Rev. J. A- Kyan.

Of Erandcnville. Clarence E. Wisaer Elklns, W. Nov. BIwood "Cy" Wlsner, 51, died sud- denly yesterday at his home, 103 Scott street, this city.

Mr. Wlsner had not been well street, a WPA worker, was treated yesterday Allegany Hospital an injured left leg. He said a heavy steel bar scraped his' leg while at work. The Roslcrucians.of this commun-, ity will be represented in their ex- tension ertlvltls by David H. Durst, La Vale.

A certificate of appointment as commissioner was received by Mr. Durst from the headquarters of the RosicfiacJari Order (AMORC) in San 'Jose, California, today. An flag, you know, is a distress signal at sea--and come citizens had the Idea that the mail- men were protesting over bulky bags, loaded, with those envelopes you all dreadj--the "open face" ones that arrive the first ol the month, with BlliS. You've heard of "chicken-hearted' people. This one is a "rabbit- hearted" fellow.

A few nights ago he; was traveling Warfiingtpn street just be- yond Prospect Square; A fuzzy little creature, 1 lost-in the big city and unware of dangers lurking in its streets, hopped once, twice and. plumped himself dirceUy in front of the onrushing machine. Came a grinding of brakes, the car stopped and the driver grot ou of his seat, picked the rabbit up rushed him home for first aid treat- ment and put the rabbit on the rose to recovery In n. day or two according to reports from the rab bit's bedside, his merciful capto will take him to a wooded area an sat him loose to roam at will again Of such stuff are animal, lover mide. If there'f an P.

C. A medal for work well done, let go to Walter Johnston, county aud itor. He's the "rabbit-hearted fellow 1 ITouglas Aircraft 79 duPont. E. I 155V, Elect.

Pow. Lt. '4 4 Freeport ''SdVj i General Electric llVa jf3enerarFoods 34y. 34V4 34V4 (HANCOCK FIRE co. PLANS AN ADDITION The Hancock Volunteer Fire; De- psrtment has had six sets.

of blue- prepared be furnished to I contractors for "oiSs on the pro- new addition to the present lire company building in Hancock. proposed addition to, be to rear of the present building oc- by the volunteers arid is to Increase the size of the present by approximately 29x35 Purportedly the annex Is ex- to house a new Three residents of Wrsternport becarhe plahitiffs in divorce actions In Circuit. Court yesterday. Ruth P. Zais seeks partial divorce from John R.

Chaining cruelty, through' Julius E. she asks for custody of two minor chil- dren and an order to restrain her husband from entering the premises at 410 Maryland avenue, Western- They were married June 11, 1922. Dorothy C. Vanpelt filed against Donald F. Vanpelt and asked the right to resume her maiden name, Dorothy Johnson.

The couple was married May 27, and separ- ated about four months later. Charging Infidelity, Raymond E. Wilson seeks action against Hazel Virginia Wilson, a non-resident. The bill asks for custody of four children from seven years to four months The-Vanpelt and Wilson-bills were iled through Horace P. Whitworth attorney.

63V'j 2 25 35 951', orlliard, 19 Truck," 3nc 27 larshall field fartln. Glenn 32 Miami.Copper Cont. Pete. 1 4 14- Jont. Ward i- Co.

37 Kelvlnator 5ft National Cash Reg, "mi National Cennecott Copper Krcsge, S. S. lgclftt vi' 33' 14 3VA 6V. 'tuclt and engine which the flre- hope to purchase soon. Oonsthictlon work is expected to sln about December 15.

(S FOR QTHER l( SHOPPING DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS A Miss Mary Burger, Gephari Drive, Barbara. Jane Smith Cumberland street, and Miss Bettl Patterson avenue, returned to Madison College, Horrlsonburg, Va and Mrs. Hunter P. Davis The Dingle, and -Lewyn C. Davis 828 Greene street, returned from Richmond, where they visited Dr.

H. Davis. John Teter, son of Opha Teter Frankfort Road, Rldgeley, W. Va, returned to Rnndolph-Macon Col Ashland, Va. Miss Evelyn Williams, 750 Wash ington street, attended the ring fig ure at Military Institute Lexington, as the guest of Stagings, 617 Avlreu avenue, Miss Ruth Lenore Rosenbautn re turned from.

Norfolk, Va. Miss Rebecca Thome, Plttsburgl- 1s visiting her aunt, Mrs. Robert Henderson, Wsshington street. Miss Rebecca Stotler, 306 Decatur street, returned from Memorial Hos p'ttol. Misses Eather and Helena Aron son, 831 Mt.

Royal Avenue, are hbm frpm Pittsburgh until- Suriday, eneral Motors JUlette 3 oodrlch 14V4 oodyear t. Nor. pfd. nt. Harvester nt.

Hydro-Elect 2 nt. Nickel nt. Tel. Tel. 2 19 .3 40 3 53'A 2 35 National P.rod.

National Pow. Northern Otis Steel 1 'Kramount Picture; 'enlclt 4 Ford 4 4 'enna. n. Corp 114 'etrolemn Corp, BVi 'llti. Forglnga 1514 13V.

31 7 7 avt 6Y4 3'A 5'A SH 44V, 44V Jl'A Pub. N. J. 3011 ladlo lemlngton Rand 0 Rep. Iron.

leynolds Tob. Sears. Roebuck i.Co. 76 Servel, Inc. ItVt Skelly Oil itiVt Soconjr Vacuum Souehern S'-i Sperry 4 Standard Brands aVi Standard Oil, Cal.

1'A 15 15 30 30 5 3214 75 Vi 78 Vb 106 20'A 8 Standard Oil, N. SludehaVer 8V. 41VV iav! 4 I 4 en 18(4 35 Vi 8 few days and remained work last Sat-" urfday. He i was'born at Elk Garden, a John and Jennie (Long) Wisner. He is survived 1 by Ills 'widow, Mrs.

Mary Fisher Wisner, and two children, John Elwood'Wlsner and Mrs. Dent Hickman, both of this city. Also surviving are three sis- ters, Mrs. Edith -Zargeuv Mrs. -Irene Sloan-and Mrs.

Hazel iJease, all 'of Mr: Wlsner-had many years been a special and was one of the "best-known residents of Parker Nonnan a former resi- dent, 'died' Mond.ay Hyatts- vlllei held at Church vllle, to- Survivors include" two son, Allan, iiawrence, New York; three Miss Vera Parker, Bferitwdod; "Mrs. Harry Shaffer, )B n'd lArs. Da- vid MftcFarlane.rToledoVO.^ a sis- ter, land, arid a great-granddaughter, Miss Dorothy Day t(anson, Navaso- ta, a of Frcstburg, Mr. Parker" was" prominent" In fire de- partment and fraternal' circles. The Health Center pf Cresaptown I school, under the supervision of Miss Margaret MorrJssey, county health nurse, has embarked'upon Its elev- enth year of community service." tUft rilutihed by over men all night and were tapering off his morning.

He suld the woist ondition in his district, which in- udes Frederick and counties west, as west of Hancock. Many west- ound motorists spent the night In ngerstown or Frederick rather thnn ttempt to cross the mountains. Freeze Feared Temperature wlilch rose to 36 de- rces this moinlng in Garrctt dropped before noon and.a reeze wa-s fenred A light rain iell nroughout the Under direftlon of Commis- ioner Kdgar Reynolds, 35 city work- rncn a grader and plow to ijleaii streets. They started 6 yesterday, and were still it ttift morning. Buses of the Blue Ridge Trans- portation Company ran a haU hour jehLnd schedule Inst night but were ibout-on timp.

today. Ti'ains were maintaining their schedules but a p. m. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad assenger train was aeveral ate arriving yesterday due to a de- railment never Silver Spring. Yesterday's maximum tempera- ture in the city was 34 degrees and the minimum' 25.

At 8 a. it was 32. The official snowfall measured bur inches. A- general rain was reported over state. DRAFT BOARDS TAKE MINOR VOLUNTEERS Men In 18 to 21 Age Group May Ask For Year's Ser- vice In Any Branch Local draft board officials are now empowered to take requests for one year enlistments ic any branch of service, from men between 18 and 21, under the age of those required to register last October 18.

When the men register they ere given the regular registration ccrd form, but are not assigned a serial "or order number. Each must also present Ivls parents approval before at of Mrs. Samuel De- he can Luca, 1006 Virginia" avenue, in honor of Mrs. Huth Molinari Harrison; whose marriage to Joseph Harrison took; place November 18. Luncheon was- served.

Others in attendance Elizabeth Rhoe, Iris Glllum, Dorothy' Sonner. Ethel Stevens, Marie Faliey, Dorothy Berkard, Pauline Fuller, Margaret Levin, Kay Stangel, Pauline Clonl, Natalie Kelght, Jane Crippen, Mary Martz, Katharine Dundon. Ruth Leo Joyce, Thclma Wright, Luecfc, Dyn Sharer, Twlla Gogerty, Lillian Slckels, Jean McDermott, Dorothy Snyder and Jennie Davis. Youne People's MeetlnB 1 The Young People's i Department of the Sunday school of Grace Bap- tist Church, 417 North Mechanic street, met at the church Monday. Each "class conducted its business And for the benefit of the hunters' eparately after which a Joint social the form of a skating party was However, draft officials stressed that the men should riot expect to be ordered to camp Immediately, They will be considered for train- Ing only under the regular quotas as they are' released.

from tho registrants will take pre- dence, also, over the younger youths, Word was also received. that men registered may for ser- vice in any branch of the National forces. But the letter also states that the Navy and Marines are not at present taking men for one year enlistments. Registrants who have asked for navy or marine training may be inducted Into the army if their order number "cornea up" be- fore other service can be arranged. I3Tui iTisnibcrs and clerks Texas Oulf 37 United Airlines 15H J5V1 Union Pacific 1 ,4 81V1 United Aircraft 4sv 4sr United 1 'Corp.

1W United Ou Improve. 10V U. .8. 3 5 n. s.

steel. 1V4 101'. 33V. IV4 8. 138W 12814 Warner Bros.

314 Wesllnghcuso 105i 104K 104V4 David Hr Schuti Rites Fune'ral were conducted TueSQay afiiemodn it' Uic The Booster Club Ai A. will select the cast for 1 the minstrel show at the Pennsylvania Avenue School next month today at 7:30 p. m. at Virgiria avenue club rooms. It will be an all-male cast with non-club members eligible.

George A. Hutson has iiled a $1,000 suit for damages through Julius E. Schlndler, attorney, against the Astor Cab Company for injuries allegedly received when, he 'Was struck by a cab of the defendant company October 19 wKile walking on Baker street. Franklin H. Ankeney and Arthur J.

Weber won top honors in a "voca- tional bee" at yesterday's meeting of the Rotary Club. The contest was designed to sample'the knowledge of members on vocations pursued by fellow-Rotarians. Lieut. Col. W.

H. Dyche, Capt. William Short and Chevalier J. W. MeCosv Cumberland, 1 and A.

T. Browning arid p. Dolly, stone, inspected the uniform rank ofJf Canton No. .28, I.O.OJP., Hoi 11- daysburg. Monday.

who buy their licenses, boxes of I shells and other nece-isary items to: go gunning for game, only to find wild life as scarce as butter in Berlin--that's why their foraging Is futile, i From: the outskirts of the city come that are hop- ping hedges and becoming "city broke" since the season opened, and It seems the birds and beasts have evacuated the woodland and have sought sanctuary within the city limits--and there's a municipal ordinance' that prohibits the dis- charge' firearms inside the cor- porate zone. Perhaps the denizens of the woods were "tipped off" in some manner that they can find refuge In town when the guns boom In the hills hereabouts. eld at the Armory. Those present ere: Mrs. Matthew Robb, teacher, Jlsses Mary Moore, Virginia WUt, Irglnia Klrkpatrick, Helen Straw, Elizabeth Grim, Mary Robb, Mil- red Abbott, Jean Kerns, Sara Cnlpple, Mrs.

Lillian Smith, Mr. N. Billings, teacher, John Efl- and, Howard Green, Herbert Loyen, Don Sharps, Charles Glover, John Creldler. Woman's "Division The Woman Division of Christ- an Service of Klngsley Methodist Church met last night at the hurch. The devotional was con- ucted by Mrs.

Danlc! Means, as- isted by Mrs. H. A. Kester. Dr.

Kester gave a talk. The busl- conducted by Refreshments CUMBERLAND DISTRICT SCOUTS ELECT TODAY Edward J. Murray, Mt. Savage, Wheeling Steel 29 "Woolworth Co. 33V.

33 33 Worthlnr Pump 23 A Yelliw Truck H'A Youngitown 3. A T. 41V 40 40 Sales, 1 P. i NEW YORK CURB EXCTtAXOK Electric Bond 4Vj 4ViV 4V4 Nlisarn Hud. JVt 3V.

3'A Republic A a ,1 5 5 United Corp. i '1 3 United 'A V4 INVESTlVO'cOMPANrES Hew 37 VF--Noon quota- tions. nib Dividend Shares 1.11 Maryland Fund 3.4S Invest. Tr. 11.35 Super Corp.

o( Amer. A A 2.22 AikcA l.ia 4.M J9.73 Panes of for the Church at Mldlnnd for''David'; H. this 'city former at who'Hied'in'-Memorial Hospital, where he'h'firt lent' for-a 1 week: ''Rcyy. Jcieph.AV. Young, pastor, assisted by -Rev.

Edwin of First Baptist was in Allegany Frostburg. Members of Midland Fire-Company and Jr. O. U. were pallbearers.

Schutz was 'also" a' member" of Methodist.Churdi.and the choir at'Midland. hw Helen and home; his mother, Mrs. Clara Schutz, of; Washington, D. one sister, Mrs. Chartes Lamb, one Iryln of those.

were Mr: and Paul' Ciln'e, Pitta- burgh; Misses Jeanette and Pennsylvania baths In but plata glass John' did riot-make its a Mrs. Lnmb and sons. did riot-make its a sjolled product; Until 1088 in France. I Charles and Richard, Washington, for the Industrial Laboratories of Baltimore, has been promoted to Southern district man- ager with headquarters In Atlanta, his territory taking In North and South Carolina, Georgia RVid Florida. Fifteen building permit, Includ- ing four homes, were Issued at the office fof city engineer during the fiscal month of November, lihich ended yesterday, No.

will meet tomorrow at 7:30 p. at I. O. O. avenue.

Entertaln- ment will follow business. i kaleel an Arabian born near'Jerusalem, will conduct the vltes at Mofftttt Memorial aarrelvllle, starting nt 7:30 p. tomorrow. He has done evangellsUc many, parti of the Trnitcd States; A chairman, vice chairman, anc a member-at-large to the district committee will be elected 'at today's dinner meeting at p. m.

a the Central Y. M. of Cuin- berlnd District, Buy Scouts America. The'Rev. Arthur P.

Wilson, vice president of the National Capita Area Council and pastor of th Columbia Heights Christian Church Washington; will speak. A native of Adelaide, Australia he was educated at Adelaide Uni verslty arid" Butler Universitj Indianapolis, irid. He has travclec extensively nnd was a Scoutcr in Australia. About 15 are expected to attend the'dinner. I Mr.

and Mrs. Ira George, RFD 2 Cumberland, announce the birth a morning, at Alle gany Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Broad water Cresaptown, announce the birth a son, this morning, at Allegan Card PirtT Clu'j Mrs, Irving Mlltenson, Tha Dingle eriterUinDd nt cards at Cumber land 'Country Club Monday.

Mlllenson's guests include M. Knmens, Mrs. deorg Mrs. Victor Oalvln, Mrs. ter Mllienson, Mri.

Allnn T. Hlrsl Mrs. Irving Rosenbaum and Mrs. Harry Q. Bencmnn again stressed tho Importance of correct filling out of the eight-page questionnaire on which each man's cJassiflcattSn is bnsed.

Members of trie, Allpgany. CCxmty Bar Associtt- tlon have volunteered to aid draft- ees in filling out the forms, but many of the men are filling them out themselves. All men ivre urged to seek advice. ness meeting was Wigal. were served by Mesdames C.

Hazel Schade, Ruth Schnde, ThelmR Wlgal, Marguerite Alberteon and Miss Lottie Rollins. Others present were: Mesdames Perry Gross, Emma Rexrond, Ada Collins, Anna Smith, Sadie Wcvcr- ing, Daniel Means, Ethel Simmons, Rhoda Mabel Browning, Olive -Nichols, Ruth Prltt, Blanche Curry, Helen Robinette, Almeda Curry, Lynn Armogast, Ora Penner, Heleii Karns, Leota Gurley, Maude Bolinger, Emma Smith, Nellie Pfeiffer, Teresa Hiser, Gladys Sills. Jc-hn Miller, Olive Dorn, C. M. Campbell and- Melvin Barkman.

DeBSanche Roche Hostess Miss DeBlancho Roche was host- ess at AH Ghan Shrine Country Club last night at a dUiner in honor of Dave Haag, Baltimore, who has been promoted by the Roma Wlrw arid Liquor Company. He former- ly had charge "of this territory. Among the guests were P. L. Hor- witz, president of the Roma his RSSlsUvnt, Morris Ktisoff; Arthur Ouyer, supervisor Western Mary- land territory for Calvert Distill- eries; S.

G. Goldschmidt, his assist- ant; Robert Stauffcr, Standard Dis- tilleries; Arthur Stem, Sadtler Benjamin Bchloss, Schenley Pro- ducts. of Baltimore; Wesley H. Aprams, A Thomas Brooks, Mr, Haag's successor in the local territory; IxKJn Talshoff, the Llchtcnstein and Robert Schell-' haus, Callla and Hammond Co. Mr.

Ouyer was toastmaster a.nd, on behalf thu hostess nnd fnicsts, presented to Mr. Hang black leather brief case. Booth Festival Friday Methodist Youth Organization will hold a booth festival Friday in Grace Community Hull 8.t 7 p. m. Every lengtie in the district will be represented by a booth composed of food and other goods.

The booths will be Judged and a prize given to the most valuable and' to the ons best illustrating the theme. The pro- ceeds will be donated to the Straw- bridge Home for Orphaned Boys. Following the judging a worship program will be held with Rev. Jame.i Richards ftjs sneaker. The theme for tr.e festival is "And they brought gifts." Events Briefly Chapter No.

914, Women of tht Moose, will meet tomorrow, 8 p. at the Moose Home. The girls B-Q sub-club club will hold a public skating party nt Crystal Park. December 2, p. m.

Chapter No. 914, Women of the Moose, will meet. Thursday at 8 nt Moose Home. Donations will be made lor the Keating Mrmorbl Day Nursery Barnes will fol- low. Mrs.

Wilbur M. and Mrs. William A. Douglas were the prize winners at Monday's card party at Cumberland Country CSvsb. The auxiliary of the Keating Memorial Day Nursery yesterday nt the home of Mrs.

Anna McMullcn Russell, 507 Washington street, de- cided on a Christmas party for Iht pre-school children of the Nuriery. At the Woman's Civic CHib luncheon-meeting tomorrow noon at the Port Cumberland Hotel, Mrs, Carl A. Sivnder will sing, accom- panied by Mrs. Vernon N. Rldgcly at the piano.

There will be talks by Frederick A. Pilderbailgh and J. W. Holmes, Group No. 3, Central Church, with Mrs.

Hurley Vande- grift us chalrmsn, last nlflht with Mrs. liarry Davis, 26 street. The Ladles' Auxiliary of Wiley Ford Volunteer Fire Com- pany Is having a chicken and oyj- ter supper tomorrow, 5 to 7. Elizabeth Star lodge. No.

7, Or- der Shepherds of Bethlehem, will hfld a silver gamefl parly in their hull, Po)k ftrect,.

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