The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 30, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1951
Page 12
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1>AGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, AUGUST 8«, 1M1 Want to Concoct Own Meat, Cocktail Sauce? Went to make your own meat or cocktail sauces with « real "homemade" flavor? A "Sauce Spice" mix, to which the housewife or restaurant chef ne«d only add liquids In the form of vinejjar, tomato puree, or merely water, and compound sauces was revealed for the first time this week by Gentry, Los Angeles sjiice con- ,c*rn, at the National Food Distributors Show in Chicago. A medley o( 27 differpnt *rason- lng«, this versatile blend requires only 12 minutes conking time at low temperatures. Boiling out of vola- tile flavor* IK completely eliminated. A non-caking Ingredient, renders the, mixture Iree-flowintj under all conditions; and, In fact, the blend may be sprinkled dry Trom the shaker over beef, pork, sea foods, poultry, aleak, and barbocue dishes to RC- romptish the same flavor piquancy fis ft liquid form,-* The proctcut also vW be available in bulk form tn sauce »nd dre.ssliiK manufacLurern. spice re- packagers, and institutional Jobbers interested In saving time and labor In saiire blrndinx- 'Family Reunion' Loaf Good Labor Day Idea With the'Labor Day Holiday, picnic baskets will be lilled for one final time before foe hia; put away for the winter, For many. Labor Day may niuan a backyard picnic In any event, this "Family Reunion" ham !oaf will fit the role, Serve it hot if it's to i>e carried from the kitchen range to the backyard—cold it it's to be parked in the picnic basket, In the latter case, serve with potato chips and mixed vegetable salad. If on the lawn, you may want to bake I he meat mixture In a ring and serve centered with a hot vegetable. In both rases, include French bread anrt a de.s.sert of plump fresh peaches and chocolate fudge cake. Fa mil y R m n Ion lla m Loa f 1 pounds 3ixmntl .*tucked ham 3 pounds ground Jresh pork 3 etjffp 1 large CHH evaporated milk 1 can condensed loin a to soup 1 cup cracker rrlimhs Combine nil ingredients. Mix thoroughly. Park into two S x !) inch loaf pans and bake In a niod- cralfl even (IVU) degrees pv> (nr two flours. Serve hot or cold. fhrifty Dishes Aid Food Budget Meat Expert Suggests Varied Servings of Cheaper Meat Cuts I1UTXEHED MUSHKOOMS art a delicious main dish for lunchtoii. Mushrooms Are Lunch Treat Well-Seasoned 'Fiesta Patties' Offer Another Recipe for Ground Beef Homemakers never seem to have enough recipes for ground beef. American Meat Production Up 281 Million Pounds Totaled in Week .WASHINGTON. Aug. 30. t/F) ~ Total American meat- production last week amounted 1 to 2fl 1,000.000 pounds, one per cent higher than the 270.000.000 the preceding week and three per cent above the 374,000.000 in I he correspond in g week last year, the Agriculture Department jsatd yesterday. Beef, pork, lamb and mutton output wax higher than the preceding: week, but A)! except pork were below « similar mo period. Venl production was below both the pre- wding week nnd the 1950 similar week. -Beef production uiirier federal iri- tpection amounted In 124.000,000 pounds. 1,000.000 pounds above the preceding week but 16,000,000 under • correspondlnp week last, year. ' Here's one more—Fiesta Patties. These are well seasoned patties wrapped with bacon and broiled to perfection. To prepare these patties jsuxnest- cd by Reba Stages, home economist, combine one pound of ground bret with one cup each of crushed corn flakes and cooked or canned lo- niatopK, Season with one small min««d onion, one teaspoon salt and !v teaspoon pepper and add one eRg to help hold the mixture lo- Rether. Shape the meat mixture Into patties about one Inch thick. then wrap with a baron slice. Pa.sten I he bacon securely with wooden picks, The same as a. ham slice or lamb chops, ground meat pal ties should be placed 2 to 3 Inches from the heal for A moderate broiling tempertniirr. When the pa 1t lew a r« brow ned 110 to 12 minutes! turn and rook until Ihc other side Ls browned. II- !« & (zracinlm idea for * hostess to keep A little powder room or vanity I able set apart, for guests. Put a Jar of powder, lip rouge, cotton balls, hair pins or bobby pins (inrt some cleansing tissues In the vanity for the ;rue,sU' 'con^eniencfl. By GAYXOK .MADDOX , NKA FncrJ and Markets Eclitnr | mushrooms and buiter; Jrom the ffsiry farm—.simple luxury' combinatinn e^ei j'one roli.she.s. Try ] them in a main dish or comliincd wUh tuna | Orlllcrl Mushr.mms on Toa^t | Frrsh miislirttoms, butlnr, lemon' juice, sair pepper, nut me v, toast. r hot buUeirr]. : Wash nui.shrwiTLs ipeel if drsir-j erl), remove and reserve 5»cms. R^>ll caps In melted butter. Place uiside up in shallow buttered baking dtsh. Put W tea.sponn butter in earn cap, and a drop or two of lemon Juice. Sprinkle with .scn^onin^. Broil (about- throe inches from hen!-> for 6 U> A minutes. While broiling, rhf sloms mny be finely chopped a:u. sauiecd in butter In a covered dying pan on t.lie lop of stove, TT wrvr: Place caps Inside up on hnt buttered toast, til! with chopped cooked sterns anil ^^rnish with put. of butter, Mnshrnnm-Titnn B.ikf! (Srn-e.s 41 Otic-quarter pound mushroom*, 2 tflblospotmR butter. 2 tablespoons flour, l cup milk. 1 i trnsponn rcl- ery salt, rinsh snrlic sntt, snlt and pepper to tnstP. l cnn '8-nunce> tuna fish, brcnd crumbs, 2 lahle- snoons Rr^fcrt American choose. plan to at least on» • week. may also be presented In numerous wayn. Iiiver, first browned in a little fat. niay be. put through your ood grinder and used for liver loaves or pattie.s or for spoon cakes. To prepare the cakes, add teaspoon salt, a bit of pepper and 2 eggs tn 1 pound of ground iver. Mix well, then drop by table- Tori ay's avnaqe homcmaker Is constantly look hie for aids to her f.xirt buileet. With this in mind. Staggs, '.veil known meat expert, has come up with .several suRKestlons for varied servings of the meals the homemnkcr finrt a thrifty choire in her meat dealer's display rase. For instance, among the many uses of ground menl is the meal roll. Aeonrdii>2 to Miss Stacks, for preparing the roll combine 1 ',-> pounds of ground meat with ei.p cratrkcr crumbs, 1 p£g, \ cup milk and a bit of pepper. Spread it S inch thick nn a roctangulni sheet of waxed paper. Spreart the mral with 2 cups of mashed po- tn tncs. noil up like a jelly and place In an uncovered roast- inc pan. Conk lor 1 ! i hours in moderate oven. Ground weal and rreamed no- laton.^ combine for another ero- nomic.i] di^li, Line unc;reasorl muffin pans with ground moat mixture, then fill with creamed potatoes. Cook in a slow os'en for about 45 minutes, Liver, '.vhich homenuikers should mushrooms, trim stems and r ' slke. Ma ice a crenm sauce by melt- blood building. Also, all meat coning biittrr. blending In flour ^rad- tains vitamins. Liver leads as a "ally, then milk and scanning, source of vitamin A to promote Rtcnd -slicrri mushrooms and the)growth. Meat is a rich source o£ fish into saner. i Ihc vitamin B complex—ihiamineJ Pour into shallow buttered ba'<- nboflnvin, and iiiacin—and tht new spoonful* Into shallow lard or drippings, Brown on both side* and serve immediately. Braunchweigtr Burgers Here's a quick main course for lunch time—-Bra umchweiger Burgers, Cut the meat into about half in? dish, Sprinkle with bread crumbs anri gr'ted cheese and bake In moderat* oven '331) degrees F.) for 20 minutes. Meat Provides Food Nutrients Steaks More Than Just Good Food That platter of meat • on your runner table mentis more to yon and your family than merely some- j thins coorl to eat. Those* ser vines of meat supply valuable food tin- trinntj; to each member of your f amity. Accordinw In Rcb Stages, home economist, meat is an excellent source of hieh quality protein. In other word-*, meat provides material for growth and for building re, ancr, to infrctinti. Meat provides the body with the necessary mhinrnls — phosphorus, iron and copper—for bone and vitamin B12. es^ontial lor growth. health of the skin, nerves, mouth and eyes, In addilton 'o protein, minerals and vitamins, meat supplies energy tn the body. Therefore, along with making your meals interesting, it is quite evident that. meat has an imporUni place iu the diets of both children and adult members of your family. Wake Up To More Comfort Without njt 8flcknch« Na n f>f kidn ry [nticti ' etin . nnc *- every. In y rendition, "jrh in. raiw« thin im [Mitt n n t .v. n. many folks !<viiT«rnaz- <-l miicr»bl«. Minnr blur!- our kiilnrvA if Ihc-e condu Trj Drtun'n Pills-i if r^n fully br millio ild . « fluch out waste. Get Doan'i Fill; l ....delicious bakery pastries Everyone «njoyj d«- lleiouj freih bakery postrie) ,. . and you'll enjoy THOMAS BAKERY pastries even more! Danish Pastries , - . Puff Pastries , . , Rye Bread , . . French Bread . . . Hard Rolls, everything in pastries. You'll appreciate the special attention you receive on Wedding and Birthday Cake Special Orders, You're cordially invited to come down for a visit today! Weekend Special! OLD FASHIONED APPLi SAUCE "J r** CAKE 75 THOMAS BAKERY 1914 W = Main Phon« 9785 STOP! LOOK! SAVE! Week End Maxwell Houst Specials * Gateway • 81' COFFEE No. 2 Cans 2 For Tomatoes 25c Jack Sprat — No. 2 Cans Spinach 25c BABY FOODS 3 ior 25c Hunt's No, 2Yi Com Apricots 25c Mott'» 10 Oz. Appli or Strawberry JELLY- 2 for 25c Armour Star 14 ox. Jar Feet 25c TENDER-FRESH FRYERS Lb. Bag Armour's Star YIENKAcr!9c Chum SALMON - Be Curtiss — 10 Oi, Pkgs. MARSHMAUOWS 15c RocKoot BOILED HAM - Ib. 99c Golden Rips Bananas ib.lie Fresh Green (abbaae ib.3c EBERDT'S GATEWAY STORE 2101 ROSE ST PRICES GOOD FRIDAY & SATURDAY! BCEUvND COOKS BEST! Always Tender, Fluffy White! The best cooks always use genuine Riceland_Ri^ because Nationally famoui food economists and food editors pr»i« ality of theco^ RUT For best rice cooking results always use genuine The World's Most Delicious Rice! Inch ilic«< and brawn ilo*!|r to at. Tout split bunt, then top with :he mot pattlM. H«v« onion an* lomato slices, »nd pickle relish »n :he aide lor garniehlni. Read Courier Newi Claulflcd Adi. Happy JbtcwM to He«ty Y Pl««s« your family with a lr««i to • «! that'i quick to tixl S«rr« Evcrgood Bacon tor breaklftst, luneh or supper. It'i always.eriip «nd lender—sliced just right, nol too thick, not too Ihin. Always buy Evergood Sliced Bacon. Mtmphit Pitting Co., MtmpMi, T HALSELL'S CASH GROCERY Blytheville AT HALSELL'S SPECIAL VALUE Main & Division SHOP AND SAVE tn PET MILK TALL CANS 39 , CHOICE CHUCK BEEF ROAST 69c STREAK-e-LEAN SALT MEAT u> IQc DUZ, OXYDOL, DREFT, FAI or TIDE - only 26C PURE PORK SAUSAGE WILSON CORN KING SLICED BACON - - -». 49c ARMOUR STAR SKINLESS FRANKS THE VERY BEST MEAL • 25 fc. SI .25 REP RIPE TOMATOES- GOLDEN CORN ear 4c

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