The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NIWS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28, 1931 A Slur-Out in tlic Sunlight The Night Has a Thousand Eyes The night has a. thousand eyes. And the day hut one; Yet the light of the bright world dies With the dying sun. The mind has a thousand eyes, And the heart but one; ,Yei the light of a whole life dies When love Is done. —Francis William Bouidillon Society Calendar Thursday Mrs. H.' A. Smith Is cntcrUiin- ing the Mid-Week Bridge club. Mrs. Doyle Henderson Is having the Young Matrons Bridge club. Saturday . There will be a story hour at the Library at 10:30 o'clock. Anollicr Film Slur Lured by Sluge Study Optras. ! The Junior Music club met at the i studio of Miss Margaret Merrill, the sponsor, Tuesday afternoon lor I a study of the operas to be in Memphis February 13 and 14. It isn't one-sided—this business ol in; talking pictures robblnb Miss ^ferrit reviewed the story] Broadway 0!' lie iisr-. Eorm scirL'ii fr.vorlti-s succumb to the of "Cavalleria Rusticana" and "Ml-'. i ure O j ij :( , gnon" was discussed by Miss Sara and here you aei .« Ruth. Roland as she Rosenkavalier" and ."I Pngltacei" will be taken up by other members. Several of this group arc 'planning to attend opera. • • * » Men's CInb Has Dinner. The 40 • members of the Baptist's Men's club «ho attended Ihe dinner^ mealing last evening nt t';ie church.heard the Rev. C. E. ' Welch, pastor of the Osceola B principal address, i scrrcia Ivy Crawford wns the toa'tmas-1 The following hniul ter. Other numbers for uiterialn- i simple -double dummy arrived in New York to appear In vaudeville. Pictured with the film actsess is her husband, Een Bord, BRIDGE. Bits of News Mostly Personal Finis J. Caldwell, 'of Cartithers- Ille, was u visitor In the city last light. Mr. and Mrs. Joo Cltftoh Wut- iii will move to Cai'iUlu-reviHe vlthln a few days where Mr. Watson will be employed by the A. S. Unrboro company. " •' Sheriod Townsend; of,Memphis, spent yesterday In the city. Mr. aim Mrs. W. C. Wall, Miss 3bb Williams. Miss ' 'Margumie Matthew.; and C. M.'Buig'c, of Aim'ori-1, attended the basketball came at Shawncc last night. ' ' J. H. Moore, of Memphis, Is In .he city today on business. Fred M. Partridge-, of .Memphis, !iii:> arrived here to make ills homo. Mr. and Mrs. W. M; McKi'iizic arc expected to return today -from where they attended the funeral of Mr. Mclfonzle's mother, Mrs. J. G. McKcnzle. who died Monday. ' •• : Edward Seagravcs, of Luxora. was a business visitor-In the city yesterday. •.-.-• Mr. and tilts. T. G. Seal spent Tuesday In Memphis. H. L. Ponder, of Walnut* Ulclgc. attended to business here JT.-IW- day and today. Sammy Landrum, Carl -Davis, VtT 1~» ni C"l "11 Women Experts Show bkili , in Bridge by Radio G ;i!d bs two Ho Trumps. Tlic foursome of the tenth of r by, East, played, the 5. Because De- i to Mr. Work, lo blrt two Ih even when holding n dcubleion in. one suit, provided that doubletcn is headed by an honor not lower iliau ths Jack. West would pass, and Milton C. Work's Radio Bririee Games, broadcast Tuesday from Station WAIC, was made up ot four famous women Bridge stars: Mrs. Beryl S Moncrloff, New Bedford, Mass., Mrs. Edward Gold- fmlth, Danville, 111.; Mrs. Tlieo- dosla Van Norden Emery, Hartford Conn., and Mrs. Oscar E. Busby! Dallas .Texas. Mrs. Moncrieff, as Deafer, Soulh, clarcr had carefully played closed | North, with a count cf 10, would hand's Queen of Spades on the 'bid three No first trick, Dummy was able at the i ! end the bidding. \>~. v.-hi'.'h \voulil f. G.aild opened one No Tnimp on: Sjiadcs, Q, 10; Hearts, A. 8,' 7, 5; eleventh'trick to !ead the Ace O l'^ m actually is made on Ihe hjiui, , ,. ...i .....,...-.,.1,. | )e bm a , (; OI |. can not ;j;;r.t- bly tell that M the adverse hyh cards are so fortunately loca-.ed. t-iC*».LJUl lljl.^ IU * II.,. *»l-u UJ I I n I. Spades, giving closed hand a dis- U can 1!ot l«'»l ! f»> l)e L card of the 5 of Clubs. O;i this tract, as the tedders can trick East discarded the 4 of Club:; and West played the 9 of Spades led Mrs. Busby, East, played the 10. and Declarer, trying for a Grand Diamonds, A, Q, j, 8; clubs, A, Q, I Slam, played the Queen from tiie 5. Her hand totalled the unusual South hand. West played the Jack, figure of 19. Mrs. Goldsmith, Of comse D?clarer's .Ace of Clubs Declarer at this point had tukcn For Questions n and 13 sn his eleven tricks. To trick twelve she Handicap Test. Mr. Work ann:ua- the 3 cf Clubs from Dummy. <*& thtCT "- vl!sL, nmhi> Ffist nlov/vi thn in A. Q. 10: Hc.::i:;. K. J. •;; D::i- A, Q. 10; He.: monris, J, 0. ~l. 0; Clu'us. A, K, J. NORTH—Spades. 7, 5; Hearts, q, 6, 5, 2; Diamonds, A, Q. 10, 8; Clubs, Q, 10, 0. West, holding: Spades, K, 0, 7. c, was gcod for the thirteenth trick, South is l!ie Deceit:, plr.jv.-.s n 4; Hearts, J, 9; Diamonds, 10, 9; I giving North ai:d South TO foriNo Trtiinpconiract ':'.'. Con.ract Clubs. J, 7, 0, 3 of course pnsred. She would have had no justlflca- tbn for bidding a live-card suit heatlcd by Ihe King, with no side support. Mrs. Emery. North, also passe:!. Her hand contained: Spatlcs, A, J, 8; Hearts, K, CJ, C, 3; j Diamonds, 7, 5, 3; Clubs, 0, 8, 2— sufficient strong-Ill to bid two No i Trumps. Rut passim; left her iu position In event of a minor bid by East, to bid two Hearts if her partner did not overcall. However. Mrs. Busby, East, passed. Her cards were: Sna'!?s, 5, 3, 2; Hearts 10, -I, 2; ni,-.-.-.'..i:-<K K. 6, 4, 2; Palm beach is seeing stars these days. Here's one of them. Norma Talmadge, famous .screen actress, All'TICI.B NO. 117 BY W.M. E. Mi'KENXKY convention here and and overcalls uilli one no ttump which ad- church, for the principal address. Scrrclaiy, Aim-rlcim Hrlilgc League vises iinrtstT that the -iiund con- Is very i tr.ins two nud onc-ludt high card urn 11 tricks and docs not necrssiirily Edson Blomeyer, a saxophone solo by Everett McDowell, n trlb of Everett McDowell, violin, Roscoe Morris, cello, and Miss Margaret Merritt, -piano. 1 " • * * •' Has 1'artjr. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney L. Bannister enter tallied. 12 giicsts \rith a bridge -duiriet-.'Saturday "evening at their .home • on Ohic'iiasaivb^ avenue. "-.^-'>y.._ "..' ' ..... . . j fled t.carmitio'ns'' as -centerpieces for the v small tables, ^hearl tallies and tiiii'rtffteen jlifL-., the dellcjoiis'.'imir-coitrse menu effectively ''portrayed .the Valentine motif. : . -.>.'-• . ..- f • ' : -' i ' In the bridge games Mrs. R. N. i Ware, 'Jr, .won 'the -ladies' prlic, a silhouette/'and a double deck cf cards wht to. G. G. Caudill for high among .the - men. . ••'- » • -. Entertains Clib- " Mrs! W." B. Tanner" and Mrs. Charles.. Crigger, Jr., we're guests of Mrs. Bernard Gooch yesterday when .she als.o .entertained the " Tuesday Luncheon club. In the- : appetizing two-course menu served at- small tables there was a note of the Valentine holiday seen in the attractive place cards and decorations. Mrs. George Muir won the prize, hosiery, and both guests were presented decks of cards. lias Club. Mrs. Harry Kirby was hostess to the Tuesday Contract club this of beginners ,vho. when they a similar hand in actual play, will pull Uie trump before unblocking, and will game on the hand. NORTH S-9-G-3-Z T 11-34 VrtST D _ 4 . 9 . 3 S-A-K- C-9-7-5.2 H-10-3 11 rcimiros partner to keep the bidding open no promise of game. All systems, however, will therefore lose j arrive at four spades for and West. East C—0-1- EASY S—310-1} H-J-G-2 D—K-J- 7-5-2 , C-ft-K SOUTH—DEALER '. ••<•" " S-5 . • ' ±> • H-A-K-Q-7-5-3 • O-D-10-6-1 C-8-3 . The Kidding At auction, South would start t>v.' bidding with one heart, and Bait and West would buy .the con- vact nU spailes. At contract, South has a rather The Tiny North would open the nine of hearts, the 'top of his partner's siiit, which South would win will) the queen and would return the kins I ol lowing West must rufl with the Jack to prevent North Irom over-ruffing. North signals diamonds by , dis- exclusive Florida resort. Dance Leader. Tom Wrnlght, Carl Gaiiskt- and \ pictured above during a mornin; Bill Hnmner nltenclcrt the to'-kct-; slfo n ^ ,, llcw nddition [ 0 (he balt_games In Memphis last iiKht.j B ,- OW | n g tli;atrical colony at the 1'ieil Avmanlrout IILIS rctmncd' to Martin, Teini,, where he is a student at the University of Ti'n- m-ssse Junior College, after visiting his parents for ;> few'<^!s. j Billy Cooley relumed to Couv.ayi yesterday, where he Is a sli::li nt' at Hcndrix-Ilcnderson college, .if- ter visiting his parents, Mr. an;l Mrs. P. E. Cooley, 'for sevc'i^l'tl.iys. | M'.'s Kalhryiv' Green, 'of St.i Loiiis, who has been the giie-i of. ? her cousins, Mr. and Mra. IMjnr Boiuni, is In Osccola for a visit with Mrs. John White. : Shc will return tomorrow for a short stay before returning home. Accompanying her -on 'her visit to this city and ' at her former home is Miss Thornton Mattlicvy, -als:> ol St. Louis. ' '". the ace. Paul Rosenthal returned., last night from St. Louis where lie at- tricks, 100 for Grand Slam, and 4U Bridge three No for Aces. At Progressive or Duplicate, there would have been 125 added for game in or.c deal. In analyzing the exhibition game, Mr. Work paid: "The play cf this hand Illustrates the Importance of planning a campaign by observing the possibilities and taking advantage of them. Had Mr.<. Mon- criefi not appreciated liiat she might need three Diamond leads | find one Club lend from cl in alll, she would no'- Irave realized the importance of creating thrr£ Heart entries in the dummy hand. an:l West leads to the firs', '.rick r'.ie -1 of Spades, East plays :'.•.? 3 o! Spades. ((ursticn 17. Which S,::.~J v'.oul-l South play oil Trick O:v.? Qucsllo'i 18. Which -i;k should South lead to Trick Two? During Middle Ajcs C.rir,ti,'.:i: began ti'.e N'ev,' Year 0:1 Mu: p -U ~ Clubs, K. 10, 4 Therefore Mrs.! cciiise li was obvious that Moncrieff, South, became Declarer with her contract or.c No Trump. Mrs. Goldsmith, West, opened the play by leading the C of Spades. Mrs. Moncricff, Declarer, planning i:cr campaign, saw by the Rule of Eleven that she had lit her two hands all Ihe Spates higher than the 6 that were not In the hand of the leader. She therefore played the 8 from Dummy; Mrs. Busby, East, played the Deuce; and Declarer was careful to win with the Queen, not the 10, from the closed hand. To tricic tv.'O, Declarer led her Ace of Hearts; Wi?st played the 9; Ot she should win the first Irlck with the Queen of Spades. That gave her a sure Spade finesse and an entry in the Dummy hand when making it; whereas if she had won with the 10 and subsequently led the Queen, she could not. have tafcn that trick In the Dummy if Mrs. Goldsmith had refused to cover with the King. That Y.'culd have cut off an entry from Dummy and given one k-ss lead from that hand "It was not by any niL'.ms cer tain that she would need all liies? entries. As a matter of fact, H the King of Diamonds had been located in the West hand, only Strengthened by Lyclio. E. Pinkhain's Vegetable! Compound St. r.-iul, l:\u-.u. —I'l i;u-(i to he s« tiled \v!:i?a I y.vl u]i iu tho iL.i-;riiji^ as caidmp tlie nine. • Declarer then for h few days'. | leads a small dump lo. the rtmn- I my's queen and returns the im tended to business and 'parents, Mi'..'t»tirt' Mrs,'!.,, Mrs. Louis .Greene and Mrs, Ed-. rat 1 Bonim attended the tunornl of trump. South discarding a small [ Jf Mrs. J. G. McKenzie in Paia- heart, declarer following with t-ie 1 gould yesterday. seven of trump. jijss p'nullnc Lang has rettir'ticd Before lcaillii<; the next trump, from S'- Lo;:is where she bought the declarer must play the nc'J stock for the Fashion, and king of clubs from dummy. ' Mr. and Mrs. Everett B. Gcfc will tboivby iinblorkiiig the club suit, | return 'today from a two days vis- thin opening bid of one hcavl. The; He (hen k-ads the eight; of spades, |it in Maislon, Mo. sound player will absolutely rc-| winnlns in his ov/n hand with the] Mrs. M. A. Barnes is visiting in quire two and one-half tricks to-king, vcturnlt:;; tlio ace, picking. Osccol.i as Ihe guest of'her claush- wilti. In case SoutA dDCS- l| p the last out.slaniiiiii; trump.! ler. Mrs. Mcd Ayrcs, and fiunily. with one. hcort. West under-His (iiiecn. jack and ten ot clubs! Miss Helen Uizcllj of •'.Memphis, systems will ovcrciill with'are nil good ami he grants his op-1 has returned home after spending open some Bridge, Mr. Work' ; IT. said -South's first bid on this deal i two spades which Is. a forcing b'.d.' r-oncnts a diamond trick. j UIL> weekend with her'sisterp Mrs. Some will ovcrc;ill with oric spade. By lulling :ii,;h r preventing an|A. M. R. Branson. -others will double to show part-! overrun, and ihen miblockiug his! W. II. Adams is ill-at his home ner a strong hand and will later long suit hi dummy before pull- on Davis avenue. bid the spades. The writer uses : Ing the last trump, arbitrary lias made four oucl. the Miss Snllie M. Crowe and Dr. A. The weigia 01 uic M. Washburn. members of the; county health unit, arc in Osccola today. Miis Josie Smith has returned declarer! B. H. Levy went lo Memphis last -. night for a few ri;iy.> visit. • ! A. IS. Modes, cashier of the , | First National Bank at Sleele, Is a ; business visitor in the city. Miss Bcrnlce Saphian, of Caruth- to kail the mid-winter daiices at UiuvevKily of Alabama Ibis year Ir, lovely Elizabeth Clirls- tiau. above, of Tuscaloosa. She's prominent iu ti'.c university's social ac;ivit:e:\ week when Mrs. W. L. Homer was!from a visit wit hrelativcs In Houston, Miss. The hottest slais sliiuo with an intense white light, the lcis ho! cues with a yellowish liyli:, while the coolest- stars have a reddish also a guest. Valentine tallies emphasized the February-holiday. In contract- Mrs. M... A. baacs won the prize, a bridge set, and Mrs. liorncr received perfume. Delicious refreshments were serv- • • • j Children's Colds Women Sew. \ ., , . Circle 2 of the Woman's Mission-j JJOlliMy ary Society of the First Methodist I -tyr- i '1-11 i i church met with Mrs. P. E. Cooley I Wllll JMU ATOUlKl Tuesday afternoon when the nine I women present sewed for a needy ! family. Sadler-Vied. • Miss Sara Vied and Mr. Clarenc: ! E. Sadler, both of Carutlversville. ! were married here yesterday by Justice R. L. McKnight. " [ Maxine Brown Entertains i While there is r.o caui:c j for serious alarm over the {•-development of scattered ! cases ol flu in ilus locality, health authorities .-ay that extra precautions should b," taken to check cvci-y cold at the start. U n le.-..>.';! promptly, rokis !i ;n- '.Q in-.ver body re.-ist:uiCv: an/ -....y ••...•-• „ _ I the way for an a-.t.irk'pf' in- ror rorrest ulv Visilor! rllj " nr - 1 ( ''' :1 »" »»j-cnous com; • ; piicaliC'.is. Internal meciic.'tLOt', s!:-j;ji«i be avoided except iu the advice of .1 physician. Tio mii,.-ii "dosing" often d::".i:rijs t':ic digestion and lowers the vitality Just when the chili! fiords Its body-strength mo-t. Applied externally. VIL-!-;; Vapo Rub can be nveitors Syndicate its Certificate Holders l,2 56,825.47 PROMPTLY, AS ALWAYS, UPON MATURITY rs'i'i-e. is spending tcaay here. .Mrs. E. R. Mason and Mrs. Matt SMonaglian jr., spoilt yesterday in Dummy the Trey; and East the one Diamond lead would have been Deuce. Declarer continued vithj required; but it is always we!! to the S of Hearts; West played the] prepare for all eventualities. M?.'.;Jack; Diimmy tl:e Queen; and | ing up the C of Hearts as an emry East the 4. Declarer was then in I was ah easy play for such a rias- pcsition to finesse her Diamonds.' ter as Mrs. Moncrieff; there are j So from Dummy she led the 7 of | Diamonds; East played the Deuce; i closed hand the Queen; and West ' Hie 0. Di^larcr played the Queen as a false-card to withhold information from the adversaries; a successful finesse of the Jack would have marked the Queen in Declarer's hand. To trick five Mrs. Mcncricff led j the 7 of Hearts; West discarded the 4 ol Spades; Dummy won ths trick with the King of Hearts; and East played the 10 of Hearts. Declarer then led the 5 of Diamonds from . . . a hunilfpd times Dummy; East played ' the 4: DC-j -s_,, clarer thn Jack; West the 10- Do- < ** «ajV • • • ' : clover realized that her Acc-8 of j i HUNDRED limes a day he suffered Diamond; was a major tenace over A the agol ,i cs of ciiiuarriitviiwin. ab tne King-0 probably teln by East, his conversation was interrupted by and that she needed another Dia- "Pardon Me's," as lie turned av.-.w To moiid lead from Dummy; so it was stifle gas. It had been that way' for a good thing that she hud handled years. No matter what he ate, it caused I her Hearts so as to give Dummy I gas and discomfort. His stomach con- liirre entries in that suit. [ slantly caused him pain, lie could To trick seven Declarer led the 5 cf Hearts, overtaking with Dummy's C; West discarded the Trey of Clubs and East, tlie Trey of Spades. Declarer proceeded to lead Dummy's Trey of Diamonds; East played the B; Declarer the 8; and We'at discarded Ihe 6 of Clubs. Th? lead ot Declarer's Ace of Diamonds Uien dropped East's King, West discarding the 1 of Clubs and Dummy the ~'<nicu of Clubs. To trick ten Declarer :,~u the 10 of Spades;' West played the 7;Dummy tiie Jack lit wns marked 3 Throe o i m j- sli] f :Ki!:.ora 1; n a v: -I' jnvdlybcar the idc;i of food. Hewns Irritable and [nervous—couldn't sleep. A friend suggested Trinhc. He trice! it. In a few days the gaseous condition left liiui. His uppctllc returned. He began to feel ioarl- belter in every way. lie slept like a boy. . Siomach gas is not only painful as well ns embarrassing but it maybe the warning of dangerous stom.ich troubles. Get rid of it—straighten out the r 01 dltion that causes it with Tanlac. Ft USE dition that causes it wilb lanlac. Ftw , , , ,. , preparations have Tanhc's v.-ondcrful ; > eii * nan °' nl 9n record of success in q::ifkly rclicvins priced fe;ands, gas discomfort and stoir.aci: <listrc3^. ounces ~ finesse would win); and Mis. Bus-1 return your money. V' LUXORA, Ark.—Monday after-' ncoii Miss Maxine Brown was lioft-'; ess to two .tables of bridge, special-'. ly complimenting Miss Hincs oi ; Forest City, ths -guest of MLss Mary I Sue Hale of Osccola. Those attending the party were:'Mrs. Maryj Clay Hughey of Memphis, Mrs.! Evelyn House of Osceola. Miss! Mary Sue Hate and Miss Virginia 1 Hines, Mrs- Edward Silliman ot | New York, Misses Carry May Hires | and. Louise Hudson of Luxov.i. At. the conclusion of flvo interesting; games of bridge high score prize' \^ was awarded Miss Carry May; Hir^s and the lioncree was pres- i cntcd & chiffon dance handkerchief. Hospital Notes \ Patients admitted ID the Biylhe-l vlilc hospital are: Betty ABU Fowler. Carulhersvlllr-, Mo., Mrs. Fthtl Jacks. Oscsola, Miss Delia B. Griffin. Hoscland. Doc Montgomery, j Kelscr, was dismissed. ; I frc:ly aixl o.v often as nicn:d YsiOi no icar.of upsetting ;i:e stomach. Rubbed on tluor. :^:id ch'.t. Vicks -els thiciis'i the si;m a poultice cr plaster, drawing out the lijhtnt!--, and soreness. At the -umf nine, its medicated vapor.--, roit.iscd by the warmth of the body. are Inhaled direct to '.lie itn- latcd atr-pss-asts. :co:cning the phlegm, and scj'.lutip the irritation. Of ccur.-e. Vick^ twn-v,-.iy ar- tlon is just :vs «i;c, tivc for adults' cold-trouble-,, too. Do:i't lake chances with cclds KOW1 . -AUV. Resources of Investors Syndicate incrcasad $6,603,777 to a RESOURCES DEC. 31, 1930 38.810,115.81 CgpHul, Su.plt.; and Rsscr\'C Increased Ta,189,836 to a Total of $5,206,492.92 of Investors Syndicate have i every year for 37 years iiWESTO SHRINE BUILDING , TENNESSEE l'tifcsr.c C6«( MOTOR CITY SITS IN ON RIPLEY'S FOUR-BRAND CIGARETTE TEST. YES, O. G. WINS! ...Won't somebody . . . sonic city . . . some section... please su-p up and lick 01,11 coi.D in one of these four-brand tastc-lfsts . .. just for variety? .Take Detroit! 1 took it ... or r.itlier OLD (i(ll.l)rlid ... in Mridc. Greeted llie Mayor. It.iccd all over town, with four loading brands of cifr.ircttes to be sampled by Detroit's busy populace. And what happened? The same OLD GOLD story! The same oi.t) GOi.Uuin! This time by a 35% margin! Still ... it jukes mi exception to prove a rule. And I am still looking for the group or city that won't pick 0. <;. (Signed) THE OFFICIAL BOX-SCORE "I hri'.hy <-frll(> II,c- f.•11.i«!ni> U n Inip nn.l •.vinpU-to sunlit nf Uu- u-.i i.l rliu lour It j.lim! cUn- rtlU's ciMulnc-tca !•> kulu-rr Ui?K-v, in llurott." OI.l) (JOI.D....2SI llrnnd X 171 , r .n j. Hr.inil V 1% Hraml /- 159 tt: UovrllF, CciliS-J fot-'ic Accouaunt IT<«-NOT-PROVES I EVEN THE SWIMMERS at D. A, C. took the tost. NO? A COUGH IN A CARLOAD

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