The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1936
Page 6
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,PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS the oflerlncs pf Mary Lou Whittle They scored In the last three.•.Innings, but Die 'last out found them with • a ten run deficit. Eula Whittle wns the victim of llic assault, but with good backing -no doubt would have fared a Letter fate. Coca Cola Laundty Puts Up Spirited "Fight: Aop'elmm Easy 1 For Botflcis Standings Coca Cola Nil" Wa Cleaners Jack. Applebaum Strain Laundn, W. L. Pet. i gathered ten hits in all, as compared to the ten on" Mary Lou. Ccca Cola's two errors in con- tmst to eleven Applcbaum bobbles partially tell the story. In addition to hurling a, f?pod game, Mary Lou had a perfect evening with the willow, with three hits. Blanche Morris, Applebaum second Backer, helped heiself to the same. Inez Bcvl), Applebiuim short fielder, got two .4 5 .2 7 .222 .GG7. for two. .GG7i Not a put-out was recorded . .444 1 the outfield by tlie four teams. 9 1 )") Tl.rt I.-.. ^«-___. BY 1. r. ^ --• ~ Stenni Laundry tnjrew n seilous scare Into the NuWa camp last night, b> slA«. inrinte limln? rallie' and ihrrai- enlng throughout but n big curly lead.proved loo much ol n hand!, ca^ for the proteges of <Sr>:'kl Sanderson to oveiccme and vero finailj no«cd oil 10-a, 1>, nob Barnes' pemnnl-bound cle-incrs. .Coca Cola Bottlers pulled their UEual big lnniii B nt J. IC K /ipple- baum's expense and rxjulencou vepr lltlle difficulty in beating UK- 'Ballmers In Ihe fii-l -amp orrihe Girls' Softlall leiRue'lwln bin- The wore, 18-8, helped the Ectlleis keep piec with the . Cleaners for the leaeic lead. v Nt|i ami .Tuck Tlie Laimdij-NuWn nme was n nip and lucl affah all Ihe ray Three iuns in the first and u' quartet in the second saved the Cleaners and enabled them lo nfh- their Minis of consecutive* i Victoria (o <s\ Tl.ej added thiTje more for gootl measi re In thedfifth lo silt nviy the con, te«H Laimdrv served notice of a^-bUUe bj pushing oui two in 1 flic first Thej went scoreless in jhe second out bioke loose again with n three inn outbmct in the third ])j sooilng one In Ihe fourth they pulled within one. of n tie. brt fell behind \\nxn NuWa counted Ihnh final thfree A despciale list time halting fliiri) scoied two bill. II flickered and went out two short Despite the fact that NuWa opllectcjl nine hits, two mou- than Lnundi), (Tootsle) stnnlield ont^pltched Iho NuWn Mai. Sadie EUnney She did not Issue a pass,; and struck out live but was unable lo offset eight errors by her mates. Poor base running also contributed lo the Laiuiclry defeit Helen Lister's home run In the first with Smith and D Whittle a boa id was the most damaging blo\v. The league's champion hitter n'so cp)- lecled a single Stamcj uns nicked for seven lilts three bj Pauline Russell. In.qlndltjg a rtouhle. but was not quite i-p (o hei usual form The Cleaners helped out with fine defensive work, committing only two errors Sa(We walked- live, cuid whiffed a hall dozen - • Coca ^Cola sent seventeen batten*' tor" Uie plate in the third inning of the second game scoring .fourteen runs in perlnps the voidest hilling and eiroi oigv of the season They ripped out six hits and Applebaum helped the cause along ulth seven errors - during the spree Audles Dlythe was the big gun with a timely triple The Bottlers Ind alrcndy counted twice In the Ik't and second innings. Applebaum dirt not have n chance ajalust the clghteen-riin lead, but lept pecking nwaj at The box scores: riltST GAMi; Fa] Urn. FS I-. \Yhlttle. :tb-lf r ? rov/nbiff, If 'V I.ulcs. 3b All It II I'O A Morris, rl ah c 0 a i 2 0 ft 1 0 0 0 R W«Illle. p cf IT. I.utcs, cf Pevll. K| Hcmphlll, Ib Totals Cfi Coin. Olilham, ?b Fisher, lib Hi icy, .w Triunble, r-f Ctiwserl if Rlythe, if -.--- v Klnsey, Ib '" • Illlbiirn, sf Hnchanan. c M. U Whittle.-p Tolals ' Score by inning Applebaum 0 0 Lee Myers Disqualified by Referee; Welch Sinks Tilanic Sinkey BY J. 1'. I'llIKNI) Hex (Tex) Mobley, Amaiillo, Tex,, was declared Ihe victor over I.ce Myers, Dallas, Tex., by disqualification, and Roy Welch, the "Canadian Wlldco,!," defeated Charles Sinkey, last night in the. American Legion weekly wrestling program al Ihe Legion' Hut arena. After warning Myers ngnhisl Hie use of eye gouging and various other rule violations without response, Referee Mike Meroney stopped the nialch aflcr five mln- . ulcs of grappling for llic llilrd " -.' j fall nml raised Mobley's hand. 01' Moblev was seated In llic inld- ''• ' die of Ihe ring. temporarily blind Jl 0 and helpless alter n brnta '>• l cniilt by Myers on hts cye.s 0 "In no .shape to continue. "_ "I Hitler Match The match was u bitter, rough scrap with onlv a smaltcrlm; of •nline grappling- to Identify It a wrestling event. Moblcy, as I usual, tried to make a good, clean By Harry Gray son NEW YORK, July 2. - It's a good thing for nn array of American sports writers that their country Is not controlled by the Nazis. M It WHS, imieltcally nil of them' would be wearing out shoe leather looking for new Jobs. For In Deri In, Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Nav.l Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, as- and " has he contends committed nn offense aealnst HID German "national dignity" by predicting that Joe Louis would blast Max Schmellng out of tlie picture In the rounds. linelow Is the little war-scarred Oeimiin who and wlio first Uhlan to this country. While they |,roke || erC] Buclow remained loyal to Ilcrr Maxte ami uiKiiie.sllonnbly was sincere In what he wrote about his former charge's niceling with Louis. So also was Paul Dainskl] the former Berlin promoter who staged the more Important of Schmcl- ing's early starts. Damskl taught Schmel]ii|< brought the «lack M 18 10 in Cecil Cola Summary:- 002 24-H 2D14 ox— 18 Errors— Ballba 3, , . Whittle, Urownhi|r.2, Mori-Is. Lci- gctt, E. Whittle, Bevll. Ilemiihlll, Huey J. Tlireo base hiU-Blylhc. Bn'se on balls — oir E. Whittle. . Strikeouts— M. L Whittle • Whittle 1. 5' n . • and Uiii|)lres — Browning Whltley. SI!CON'I> (JAM1-: Smith. Cicatlers If O. Whittle, c M. Iclelmit, Ib Nichols, 31) Arnold, sf M. Igtchnrt, Ib Luster, ss , Cooper, rl Stanley, p Chapman, 2b Totals Alt It 11 I'Q A 3 3-2 0.0 3 I 2- (i 1 1 % 2 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 '<< G 2 I 0 0 1 0 match of it. but forced to give up and resort to the battering methods of Myers to save himself. Myers gained the first fall In 2:1 minutes wllh a "Jim Lomlos" reverse toe hold, following a scr- ies of fore-arm blows and right hand punches. Moblcy felled hts fellow Texan with flying lacktcs, and pinned Myer's shoulders with a double Jack knife In 13 minutes. Myers SI ill Sore When they came bock 28 10 •Staiucy out for leaving bns'.e. AH It II I'd A Ib Fowler. 2b McDanlcl, c I 1 . Kiissell, B. Oeorsje, Scott, rf . Ervvln, st I'nsley Slanllcld, p D. Ri-sscll, lib Lynch, cf Northern,' If Totals .1 3 3 3 3 1 2 200 0000 oooo 0 0 1000 second and third falls. I cd" on a ciirbunkle on „ „., 0 knee and made him give lip with a drop toe hold 10 23 8 7 14' 1 Paslcy butted for Stanllcld In Sth * Slanflold out for leaving base. Score by • Innings: NuWa Cleaners 3-10 03—10. Laundry : 20:1 12— H Summary: Errors — Nichols, Chapman, McDanlel, P. Uu'ssell, E. George. Erwln, Slnnnelcl 2, D. l. 'IVo base hit—P. Russell. Ilcnie rim—faster. Base on balls -oir Stanfleld 0; off Stanley 5. SlrHtcor-fR— StRiifleld S; Stamoy 0. Uinpires—Brovvntiij and ^VIllt- ley. - - from the rest period Myers was furious, and tried himself. The only consolation he got out of his actions perhaps was tlie fact that he got to take his bath earlier lor Meroney clliin'l stand for much. .The large crowd came expecting Welch and Sinkey lo do llt- lli! wrestling, and much acting. They were not disappointed. The . '.mi put on a show. The "Wildcat" ">atchinake_ kept Sinkey and Iteferce Meroney '"'Sl'l "way coiistnntty In hat water, through-i te ck. out Hie- 35 minutes. Once Roy got ""' dieted that Schniellng would not survive the opening heat. Even Die Germans couldn't see their countryman In ihc pre-batlie Louis landslide, Clcnnan scrlbe.s will play German Ilghlers straight hereafter they like it or not A the ring tor five months. Louis v, p as accustomed to working oiicc a month or oftener. The', protract ed layoff destroyed, his timing the first essential ot hitting, an d something thai a boxer can't get buck by mixing with sparring partners. • ., ., ( "Louis' judgment of distance as bad and, I believe, one of the reasons was hts long -vacation I don't contend that It cost Joe ihe fight. Max might, have beaten him imywuy. Bill It Increased Schmcl- ' IK'S chance." ', t (,, Louis will be smarter next trip here Is no question abou But one isn't necessarily nn „,„,,,, isi lor iiuspecllng that something will have lo be done about reln- forcliu; the Dark Dud's chin. Not even a Louis can outsmart a sod- on the Jaw. Harry Bailey Disbands His State Line Giants nisbamlmont of the stale Line filnnts, .wml-pro baseball team was announced today by j| Q1Ty y who has sponsored the organization this t'hib . l :lnce ils n.''. Jialluy sni'd t), n t d ra |t- of several of his best minor lengne clubs by -•M. . TUESDAY, JULY 7, 1936 The Standings Atlanta ' 5<j Nashville ... 47 League W. U Pet. with Texaco Team Leading ., ° iu»» nas u percei Cooler Soft Ball Loon ; '">« harbe ' 1 -*op ' ; three and los). tl liidge team losses has CQOTER, Mo.—The Cooler soft ball league standings now show Ihe Texaco lenm out In front with five victories a'nrl one' defeat and a per centage of .833. The 4 wins and 2 utage of .033. i- team has won'*; , - ----- ---, -Jirec while Hie : Number Kight learn has won one and lost five. The games over the week end were postponed due to rain. A ghb' soft ball team has been here. lp disband .similar rule country, re- Bardliig American. HglUcrs n m writers might not be a bad Idea at that. It at least would give Ihe experts an excuse when llicv were wrong. ' + * • ' ' Quick, Action Would o e t Louis' iMiml Off Kayo ff Scotty Monlcltli were managing Louis, he would have him back In the thick of things w | Ul . out delay. . "The more Louis thinks nbout Us defeat by Schnielinu, the harder it will be lo restore confidence," say.s Mnntclth, veteran promoter, manngcr,- and ---•>•»•%. \\j uiAUiiiKi LliL" Cilanls for Ihe reinnlndcr of the Ami:ng the players who have recently gone from Bailey's club Into organized baseball arc Dutch Wi'ldi. veteran In/lekler, wlio Is now iimimglng Ihe Jackson, Tenn I club, mill Dud I.ulcs, pitcher who ' Is performing for n ]e Osceoln IiKliasn In the Northeast Arkansas leasne. Uailey will devote his atteh- Ucn lo the development of ll-e Hooker T's, his. negro ball club, which has had Indifferent suc- cws this season. A number . or new players will be added to the roster lo bolster the club, which will meet the Lincoln. Stars of Memphis al the Stale Line pnrk Sunday. ;r. "Ciivc him action and he might come . Mcroncy aiid Sinkey tangled In a some smooth manner legs twisted, tied ---- roiws with them hunglng over the wife of the ring. mlxup. lie got Ihclr Ihcm hi the H was fully rive minutes before they could free themselves, after much pleading for Welch to come and get -them out. Sinkey took Ihe first fall with a crab hold In 18 minutes. Welch turned "doctor" for.,thc He 'Ivvork- Sinkey's Ihue was 8 . minutes. A drop toe hold finished the Job In 5 minutes. Aflon Cheiioweth -won a six round boxing decision from in between the inntches. They Charles Tacker, two wrestling weighed 130 pounds each. E. E. Halclltf, former boxing promoter, rcfereed tlie fight, and Mike Meroney officiated hi the I wo features, .' • When Johnny Dundee was knocked out by Willie Jackson in Uial 'big upset in Philadelphia yeiire n go , i asked Johnny lo meet me nt 2 o'clock -the next nfter- iioon. At Hint lime I (ol( , ,,, m hat t had n bout, lined un for the following Tuesday, it was with a secomhratcr, but it was soiue- Hdtig to take his m lnd off the shock of the knockout nt llic hands of Jackson. • "Two weeks later I had Dun- doe fighting .Eddie Ilnnlon In n grounder in New Orleans. Dundee didn't hnvc time to brooil over hts beating by Jncteoii unci continued on for years as one of he greatest feulhei weights of all lime. There is no reason why a young-fellow like Louis should be nroiigh, unless he is licked mcn- Iloxer Can't Outsmart a Sock on (h c j llw Montellh gives Joe Jacobs much credit for Schnicllng's smashing victory over Louis. A .stroke de' Him Cramps- Fisherman - livcred last ivlnler had telling ef- 'CORVALLIS, Mont. <U1')—M. E. f >'cl, in the opinion bf the rorm- Cobb • has been deprived of his reeular nshiug habits for several weeks. A bh'ebiul choose his favorite fishing basket as a nest for hatching and raising a family of er New Yorker who has promoted shows In Detroit for the last decade. "When the contracts were signed," explains Montollh, "Jacobs .. I j Insisted lhat Louis be kept out of ff «^^ ~"* • — . ..„.__ ^ Rolls quicker'n Jack Robinson," clock maker says of his favorite "makin's St. Loi'lS 4(j Chicago 43 Pittsburgh Cincinnati New York New Detroit Hoston .--..j.... Washington ™ l «*" I Cleveland ., Anoter Williams Joins Osceola Baseball Club Gene Williams, young brother of Manager Koycc Williams, 1ms been signed by llic Osceoia Indians and will play shortstop, It iras inmonnccd lodny by D. Fred Tnylor, jr., secretary of Ihc Os- .'ola ball club. Williams is a member of n ball playing family, another brother Dibrell Williams, plnylii? second base for the Travelers of the Southern association. Jimmy LIbeito, outfielder, • has been traded to the i'aragoiild Rebels for Jim "Babe" Ballard in mi outright swap of players. Number Eight Team Far In Front In League COQTEIl, Mo. - The Number Eight "bull club stepped far out n front In the Pemiscot county engue over Ihe weekend by win- liiiB Iwo yiimes from James store, the .second place tenm. . The Number Right team 'de-' rented James store Saturday, 1 o 0 and followed that with n 12 to 2 victory, on Sunday. The Burger brothers formed (he Number Eighl battery In the Sat- irilny game and Spot Reid hurled vy.lth Richard Young catching in the Sunday game. Chicago ... Philadelphia St. Louis ... Northeast Arkansas League (Second Half) W. L. Pet. Jonesboro i 0 1.000 Caruthersvllle \ 0 1000 Batcsvltle o 0 000 Newport o 0 Osceola o 1 Paragould o 1 .000 .COO ,000 Baseball Results Southern League New Orleans 8, Chattanooga 68 Inning tie, called to. permit teams to catch train. (Only game). National League date. American League dale. Open Open Northeast Arkansas League Open date. , . ' Today's Games •Southern League Nashville at Memphis game). Birmingham at New Orleans Chattanooga at Little Hock. Knoxvllie at Atlanta. (nljhl Open Open National date. League' Amtrlcin date. League Northeast Arkansas league C'arutheisviile at Batesvllle. Jouesboro at Newport. :- PanigouUl nt Osceola. Before You Buy Any Outboard - Ste 'lite NEPTUNE. 2 "• v - "S/l^ •••• Single Cyl. wf*t> (Other Sizes to 16 H." P.) HURRA HI) TIRE & UATI'liHY CO.. The perfect host' has found the answer to "Where's a real treat to serve my guests?" ... Kentucky's ''double- rich" straight Bourbon! 90 PROOF-KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY (.'oiiyright. ISM.Sclifnloy Dislriln Money-back offer to"makin's" smokers Roll yoiiTKlf 30 n.rll og Price. Alb«cl. I! you Jon't finj Ihem o!l.your-own ci^»- lellei you e»er iniokej, relmn iho pocltct tin w'Clitnarcit of the lot«cco o Ul nt «ay linio witlim « monlli from ll.ii, »n,l ,. Vill tcfiinj full Purca*jo vnce.plufpolUcc. (Signeu) R.J.R^rnoluiTobficc Wla.loo-3,1,,11. MuitKC.rolin* ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE "THE FACT that Prince Albert Is packed in tin makes a hit with me and every 'roll-jour-owner' I've ev ermet," says !ifr. Spcllier. "Slays freah right clown to the finish. 1 "YOU GET your money back it you don't put a big okay on Una choice, tobacco after you'vo rolled 30 cigarettes," says Mr. Spellier. I' grcatin apipo too. SECOND ANNUAL WORKERS 20.0OO IU1ION ACENTI AMD TEltC»»fHI»l 100,500 EQUIPMENT I STORES • Wo'ra «cim; lo put on *.«ioir. proyieaa in rail Iranipoilitfon: . flir-coHdilignad o»ra—cool, cl*f«, Passsngor f&ig> at lock Safety lint — a grvat New coach comlflri* World's fin««l .l M plng ctr Economy moals — coaohflf, din«i| Faaltr schedules for long or »hprt trip» Dependability In all w»<H«r Fieo pick-up.and.d»Hv«ry ot LCL fiiilgM TJio courago and vision ol pton«« ttllroid limlJcis live again lod»y In the heart* and Bind» c( 750,000 woiVois who malt« up lh« tuinin lid* cl W. l5 lera Rdiltwds and their alllsd ' Trio Mllrojdj are pushing oa to new (ronlteri—. .(on'icriol liner, !&9terierv!ceaUovieitcoft p*r mtl*. Thai's v«hy wa Invile you lo attend lh« «f9Kl« ol rtiilroad WecV belween July 13 md 18 —lo ihow you our achievement. Learn about lh« pro^rAia Jiom your newspaper. Gel acquainted with your railroad S3«nl. Pho«», writs or call t or inlormatton about tritel Of »hlp' ping by (rain lo any parl ol America. WESTERN RAILROADS P .U L LMAN.. CO M PA.N Y

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