The Journal News from White Plains, New York on August 18, 1988 · Page 24
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The Journal News from White Plains, New York · Page 24

White Plains, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1988
Page 24
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C2 THE JOURNAL-NEWS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 1988 AROUND ROCKLAND Gay men's group WHITE PLAINS - The Gay Men's Alliance of the Hudson Valley will meet 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Loft, 255 Grove St. on the second floor, the evening's program will be a presentations by a representative of Outdoor Connection, a gay outdoor activities group located in Connecticut. Send items for Around Rockland to The Journal-News Features Department, 200 N. Route 303, West Nyack, N. Y. 10994. Submit items two weeks before the event. Include the name and telephone number of a contact person. Teachers an investment in future NEWZOOA page C1 recently hid himself behind a tree trunk so that only his long, green and white tail showed. "This is a concern that all zoological facilities have," Lattis said about balancing what animals and people need from a zoo. Sometimes, for instance, the polar bears may be hard to see when they hide in shady areas of their mountain-like homes. "But that's good for the bears," Lattis said. "If you've ever gone to Africa to see wildlife, you have to search hard for it." One of the most popular exhibits at the new zoo is a penquin convention held continuously in the Polar Circle. Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins jump and waddle along a rocky terrain that approximates the Antartica coast. At times, the penguins stand still, as though they are at attention. At feeding time, however, the place becomes a penquin parade as they hop off rocks and file past a zoo attendant, who throws five or six fish down each gullet. After dinner, the penguins walk over to the water's edge and, encouraged by visitors who watch through a glass window, jump into the pool for a swim. A few recent visitors complained that the new zoo didn't have enough animals there are no lions, tigers or bears or wasn't easy on baby strollers. Most people, however, looked captivated. Tracy Griffin, a 12-year-old from Brooklyn, even tried to talk to the animals. "I like to make noise so when they come up they'll splash water," Griffin said, as he called to the sea lions with something between an "oink" and an "arf." Janise Mitchell of Brooklyn brought her 15-month-old son, Benjamin, and 7-year-old daughter, Jasmine, to check out the new zoo. "So far, it's very nice," Mitchell said between attempts to focus Benjamin's attention on the sea lion, who periodically broke the water's surface with its snout. "I think the kids like the zoo better, too. They can see the animals in a more natural environment." . Trump just a compulsive shopper Donald Trump and his lovely wife, Ivana, were eating breakfast in the window of Tiffany's, which they had recently purchased. Donald sipped his orange juice and made a face. "It tastes funny," he said. "What's wrong with it?" Ivana asked. "I don't know, but if I bought Florida I could make better juice than this." "What part of Florida?" Ivana wanted to know. "The whole state. There's no sense in just owning a piece here and a piece there. How does Trump Disney World sound to you?" "It's all right with me, but I thought you were going to buy Mexico and corner the retried beans business." "There is no reason why I can't have them both. How does Trump Refried Beans grab you?" "It has a nice ring to it. Are we going out on the boat today?" "The boat's in dry dock. I'm adding anti-mine-sweeping gear to it." "Don't tell me you've bought the Straits of Hormuz." "No, but I have an option on them as soon as Iraq and Iran work out all the details of a cease-fire. They'll be renamed the Straits of Trump." . . ART BUCHWALD "Donald, you never cease to amaze me. You would buy St. Patrick's Cathedral if you had a chance." "Maybe not the cathedral, but I'd certainly consider acquiring the air rights over it. What do you think of Trump St. Patrick's?" "I like it," Ivana said. "What are you doing after breakfast?" "I'm going to fly out to Jackson Hole, Wyo." "The government won't let you own Jackson Hole." "I didn't say I was going to buy it. All I want is a 99-year lease so that I can build a casino there. Trump Jackson Hole fits in nicely with the other stuff I have." "It will attract a lot of people who were afraid to come to the wilderness before." "What are your plans for today, Ivana?" "I have to have my hair done." SIXTY PLUS Sixty-Plus is a free placement service for Rockland County residents 55 and over. The program, sponsored by the Rockland County Guidance Center, 83 Main St., Nyack, is open 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays. Call 358-9391 for more information. Haverstraw A sleep-in companionaide to feed, turn, and attend to needs of a 71-year-old bedridden woman. Monday through Friday. The salary is $70 per day. NANUET A computer operator for data entry and word processing and diversified office work needed. Some knowledge of computers is helpful. The salary is $15,000 a year. Person needed to audit telephone bills for refunds. Experience in billing department of telephone company is required. There is salary, plus commission. A houseworker to clean and shop is needed Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 to 4 p.m. Could ome rbtteru H mm I - starts Wed. Wt 17- A ..... l " I i unb pr about 3 wCCKS J Swedhc.'Mjra!; English beware; others; boilj; Fitters. teaXtWts flusei- I I 0 I I I I I I 14 Rovt 5? (near feeA Ave.) . "That's a good idea. I'll buy you the Elizabeth Arden company. Trump Elizabeth Arden sounds great to me." "I don't want to own Elizabeth Arden. I just need somebody to do my hair." "But, Ivana, you wouldn't have to tip anyone if it was your company." "Donald, you are a compulsive shopper. You don't have to buy everything just because it's there." "That's easy for you to say. But if I don't acquire something every day, I get sick to my stomach. I have a good mind to make a bid for Venice, Italy. Then I could merge it with Verona. I'd like to call it the Trump Romeo and Juliet Estates. If someone purchases a condo, they get free swimming rights in the Venice canals." "Donald, I never know when you're joking." "When it comes to real estate, I never joke. If I can make a go of Venice, then maybe they will let me build a shopping center on St. Peter's Square." ."What name will you put on it, Donald?" "I'll have to give that a lot of thought." Art Buchwald's syndicated column appears on Tuesday and Thursday. Dear Ann Landers: In the 1940s the major problems that teachers had to deal with were as follows: Not getting homework on time. Talking during class. Making noise. Running in the hallways. Getting out of place in line. Wearing improper clothing. In the '80s the teachers must contend with: Students who are strung out on alcohol and drugs. Pregnant girls. Suicidal students. Threats of rape and murder. Stealing. Assault. Guns and knives in the classroom. Arson and bombing. Scary, isn't it? Yet teachers are leaving the profession because of low pay, lack of cooperation from parents and the tendency to blame the schools for all the ills of society. I am not a teacher nor do I have children of my own, but I pay school and other taxes willingly because I know if the children in our community don't get a decent education we will not have competent doctors, lawyers, service people and yes, teachers, in the next decade. Good teachers cost money and we should consider their salary increases an investment in the future. Thanks for getting the word out, Ann. A.K.S., Texas Dear Texas: Derek Bok, the president of Harvard, said, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." I cannot emphasize too strongly the importance of upgrading the quality of education in this country. The Japanese, the Russians and the Chinese know the value of education, and we are losing out to them in a big way. ANN LANDERS You get what you pay for in the school system, like; everywhere else. If we want top-notch teachers we. must make the field attractive to them. This means -salaries that are competitive with business and industry and pumping op professional pride. I know of no' better investment in the future. We dare not risk' putting this country in the hands of a bunch of dummies 20 years down the road. Wake up, out there! Dear Ann Landers: In a recent column you said, "You should have told him to 'Feed it to Sweeney.' " J I have been a Sweeney for 63 years and have never heard that expression before. Is it something new? What does it mean? If a Sweeney doesn't know, you can be sure a lot of other people in your reading audience are going to be asking you this question as well. How about it, Ann? - James H. Sweeney, Farmington Hills, Mich. Dear Friend in Farmington: Feed it to Sweeney means "Your story is ridiculous. I don't buy it." Where this originated I am not sure, but I do remember a line in an old play, spoken by a woman who wanted her spouse to know his alibi wasnt cutting it. She gave him a withering look add said, "Feed it to Sweeney." ; Ann Landers' syndicated column appears daily. Write to: Landers, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, Times-Mirror Square, Los Angeles, Calif. 90053 Of buttons, bows and memories A little pink button popped off my blouse as I was rushing to get dressed. Of course it rolled on the floor and disappeared in that strange mystical way things can disappear before your very eyes. Where could I find a pink button in a hurry? I then remembered the tin box of old buttons in the bottom drawer of the chest. That drawer was a catch-all cluttered with odds and ends of things that I should have thrown it out long ago but couldn't. It held belts, bows, gloves, odd earings, rhinestone pins many of us have a drawer like that we intend to clean out someday. I spread a newspaper on the table and dumped out the contents of the box. My search for a little pink button became a walk down memory lane. The box of buttons had belonged to my Mother and it had in it buttons from high-button shoes, brass collar buttons, coat buttons, dress buttons in all colors and shirt buttons some two-holers. Some buttons were pearl, 'others bone, leather and wood. I also picked up a whole card priced 10 or 25 cents which are collector's items today. I found a pink button that came from a sweater I knitted for my daughter Debbie when she was a baby. As I examined some of the beautiful little buttons I YOUNG AT HEART By ETHEL B. AUSKERN 5 picked out, I recognized them as buttons from ; littlehand-embroidered Modeira baby dresses and rompers. I remember how carefully we starched and-ironed those clothes. We never heard of wash-and-wear or polyester. I must admit laundry is easier for j mothers today and there's more freedom for the kids; when they play. But I love to remember the spic-and-. span, starched look of our children. As I picked through the pile of buttons I forgot I was in a hurry. Time rolled back as I relived some , dreamy memories that were hidden in that old tin, 0 aUneeda Biscuit Cracker box. ; Ethel B. Auskern is a free-lance writer from Spring Valley. Her column appears on Thursday. i work three days if desired. The applicant must have car. The salary is f 7 per hour and a gas allowance. New City A telephone marketing representative with a good phone voice is needed. Part time 6 to 9 p.m. Days flexible. Will train, must work from office. The salary is $5 to $6 per hour for inexperienced and $10 to 15 for experience. A houseworker and cook is needed Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. The applicant must have a car. The salary is $7 per hour plus gas allowance. Nyaci A housekeeper is needed to cook lunch and dinner and do some shopping. Five days a week, five to six hours a day. The applicant must have a car. Salary is $7 per hour and gas allowance. Suffern A companion is needed for an 86- year-old woman with no medical problems. Time and hours are flexible. Salary is $7 per hour. Furniture Shopping? I Shop Around-Then Call Us For A Quote... Low, Low Prices Name Brands Free Delivery 30 Years Experience Tri County Furniture )Q Ca Min Ct Mm., MV.C10 17nn Next to New i-ity p.o. mom ..' m iii . Mi Tue. Sat. 10-4:30 FOO'D ADDICTION BULIMIA COMPULSIVE OVEREATING A Complete Confidential Psychiatric Evaluation Private, Confidential and Individual Treatment Individual and Group Therapy Covered By Most Insurance Plans ,,. For Free Booklet and Information Call 634-7416 MONTY L. KARY, C. S. W. -Q 1 t -.w.-i Wh g",;,"'.;, 'w,""'?".l,...:; . .. ., - V .y. -wwuw mwQWiW0MMW0KiOOOOOOOCO .ww rTr--rrnn tiinim fe5 I '"WSllllW , y iiwunif JKWv.,.''.' ' vaur awr"" i .. HI, ,...,J PHOTO COURTESY VEROSOl USA We Decorate any window shape, any size, anywhere Window Works handles only nationally known brands. We offer a complete line of window treatments ranging from mini & vertical blinds to the more specialized draperies, shades & shutters. Vj INDOW DIM Over 90 Stores Nationwide 203 Route 59 Wald Pavilion III Monsey, N.Y. Hrs: MonvFri. 9-5; Thurs. 9-8; Sat. 10-5 3 356-6464 125 Dolson Ave. Campbell Plaza Middletown, N.Y. 344-26M Substantial Savings thru Sept. 17... Plus Free Thermador Built-in Wall Oven Design Elegance at Summer Sale Savings Unique Offer: bum a tan few MI III . J (A whn itniki, umimnf minim mi tmmtm (Mtrnf fmm im iMkt md Iim bMw tW. u dm m urn miAm it 'MT mi NTj kit inn. 4T ! t "ri L 4. WfS,;ik.lCiM t i i',. t lit Builtrite Kitchens & Interiors Ltd. ; 19A Route 59 I Monsey, New York 10952 (914)425-3773

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