The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 22, 1947
Page 7
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TUESUAY, APRIL 22, 1947 ian Premier Lauds U.S. Policy American Assistance In European Affairs Welcomed by Official HOME, April 22. (UP) ....... Premier Alcidc do Gasperi said today Dial -rcnxt.imicd. and 'Increased United **.&:•: participation j n European iinrt Mediterranean affairs would tie -ii guiirantcc against \var v " new Ue Gasped, leader of- the ciirl;- iJiin Democratic Party who heads Hie Italian coalition government viewed the world situation pessimistically in an interview wit)) Hie United .press. He saw American ac- Uon as the key to Hie solution cl both international disputes and Italian internal problems. "I believe American participation in European and Mediterranean al- fairs will serve to consolidate peace and among free and independent nations." the, 05- year-old premier said in reply to a question about, President Truman's international aid program. "Sucli American activity seems to nie to guarantee against a ne:v IJLYTIIKVILLE (AltK.) CODHIKH NEWS England Builds Air 'Elizabeth' To Rule as Queen of the Skies As if seeking immediately to answer a major criticism against the Truman policy. Do Gas]jeri added, "I believe that American influence is i!00d for the development or democratic life in Europe. I consider United States paticfpation jn things European as within the framework ot the United Nations, of which th c United States is .1 member." He spcke at a time when Itaiy was struggling through its 'worsl financial crisis since the war. anci with full knowledge that publica- ^-ion of his views may increase the ^Jgicviliy of holding together his tuition government. The Communists are second in strength to Jiis Christian Democratic Party in the government. Summer Courses Are Scheduled At University PAYETTEVILLE, Ark.. April 22. (UP)-More than 300 courses will b e offered by thc University of Arkansas during the Summer session opening June lo, University authorities announced today. Many beginning courses will be offered for returning servicemen and for other students finishing their high school work Uii s spring. The Summer session is divided into two terms. The first opens June 10 ami ends July 22. Regis (ration for thc second term opens luly 18. and the term e nds Aug. 20 I Workshops are planned in var ! ens courses, including a workshop in rural education during the first term, a workshop fn " ;ibrary"mari- world's lutv.est )ii\sseiu:er land plum 1 , the lao-lon "Uiii'ljiiHin 1." I'ottvml by cluht Blunt riiglnpx, HH> niirbnzoi) will wins Us way fi'niii 1/mdoii (» Ne w York with « l>;iy load or 10 to 100 stee|)lni! pas- M-in-m on the nlxHl run or 120 MUmg "1> on ilaj'HRli! trills. 11 will have a cie\v o[ 13. Inelndin:; live -stewards. The Burlm.on Ls being aiiseinuled now ui tin- liilstol Aerniiliino i/liint in suunib.'U) Kjlton. Development and cost $l(i.(H) 0,000. Tin- builders hope to have (he plane ready lor test ilij-hts bj- May or June. Alter Mini (hey will ijo lo work on three more Harbnwins which ijrtilsli overseas Alrwiiys l«)|«-s to liiu-e In .service- by 1050. Some Iden o; (lie ne.v sky Kliinls slue can be gained by comparison with the XU-3ii. (lie U. S. Army's Blnnl bomber. Hotli liave a winis- •s|)iin of "1'JO feel. TJie X13-:Hi 1ms only six engines. 'The liarlmmn I (ops all other American land planes. The Army's uliint C-'H (ilobeniaster has a wlngspan of IIS I'ee:. The Dmigbs UO-jj )>a.s.senger plane now in service is only 117VI leet between wingcips. Nt'ilhei 1 a race horse nor n ^U v i;oke. the Haiba/on Is designed o cniiKi- at 2T>0 miles an ho>ir ill ('CO feel. The I-i:i-!noi cabin will prcssiiitecil, huinidllii.'d and > «>iulillo,i,.(l. and'wlll ImviMisaws- f '"l'-.v :i iliiilnj. .siiloon. lounge, lint. mowmg ,oonis mid ,i mo vii. screen, lobuilil ulna Knglnnd is calllm l:n '•Kll/.ubrii, of the Air" look 12.- UM drawings. ;«).000 jecl or slici'i ""•.ul U. row, rnM-l ilB( . and wiiii;;, I a million and i( li;iir rlvcl.s, 35 mllivi' "I wiring. H Iw.s uiilcmwn Die blKBcNl nv- lall'in workshop in icnglmid. in which (lie niiiKsiun Is limited I" lie inlKKiiii engines, vinal ussemli- V will lake pliu'e in the world's blniii-st assemWy h:ingiir. 'rhl s lias- 11 1 bi'i'n built yrl. Imt I; will be Inriii'.- th.iii l/indon's fiuuses u! Pailiiniu'iit mid will eixst $u u:w.- IXM. To i;el ;\ runway Ul|] enouf.h for PAGE SEVEN Butter Prices Drop llu> pUuie, rlllon Airfield has been extended lo i)250 feet. KnulnecrK hud to demolish n vllluge to get tlml niiieh .space (or (he Jlaru.'i- w>n's iake-o[r vim. UlllCAliO. April 22. (Up) - . Vluili-siilc butler prices on the Mncanltle KxehniiKOdrou- <liiy to their lowest point t pi'lce controls wer<- ic- t June 30. de butter \vns selling for t pound todny, :i <lro|i of '.10 ci-nls trom Ihe peak October, and U! vents cheaper tlinn March OPEN NOW: The Wonder Cily Grill Try Us For Delicious Foods • ('Imps 409 West Main Dinnt'v.i o • ' Cliidsoii • Pies Phono 3900 Not the inside of a li.nnel ur a Quouscl hut, Inil Ihc mlcriu • ,,r the world's lurstol landulant is ,M,at you see nlmiv. Britain's huildlnj; H (o BO afler Hie Inms-Allanlic uiriiin,; luxury trade. .-nr,, , about to do for the airtanes what lor trans-Atlantic „„• service "l,e A cocoon of seafrolding surrounds I- in its construction sllcd. To get room (hcy're liuihiing worlifs hi; ngland's alg new passcn.qvr plane for its n';ng<i to gmw lo full size, [ fspst assembly han;ar. I Offer: GUARANTEED: GENUINE: SEAT COVERS: TIRES: Repair Service Mercury-Lincoln Parts For All Cars, in Fibre, Plastic Satin, Nylon and Sailcloth I Ffresfonc STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Your Mercury-Lincoln Dealer 112 Walnut St. Phono 3479 BALKS DUE TO GAS AND BLOAT Help Get Food Digested Relieve Yourself of Thi Nervous Distress to IS TOo you feel Ml putTcrt-np unrt miserable sftpr every me«J. taste aour, httttrr food? If sn. here IB how you mt\y pet hlcsard rellof In helping your stomach do the job—It sluniUl IJB doing—in the digestion of its fonrl. Evcrytlme food enters the stomnch n vUftl Rastrtc juice must fl)|w normnlly to brcRfc-iif) certstn food particles; else thc food mny ferment. Sour Tooti. ncid Indigestion and rjfjs frequently cawse a morbid, touchy. friHful, peevish, nervous condition, toss of nppctlte, underweight, restless sleep, weakness. To gel. real rel'ef you must Increase (he flow of this vital RasCrlc Jutce. ^fodi- cal BU I ho rl ties, Jn Inilrjiendent InborR- tory tc-sts oti humnn gtomnclis, have by jiosUlve proof showri thnt SRS Tonic Is nmav-lnely effective In Increasing this (low when It Is too little or scanty due to a non-orgniilc storrmch disturbance Ttils is due to the SSS Tonic formula jhlch contains special and patent actl- Ji'Jng Ingredients. W Also. SSS Tonic helps build-up non- orcanlc. weak, watery blood In nutritional anemia—so with H. eood flow of this citric digestive Juice, plus rLchred- bloocvSfcfi should ent better, sleep tiettrr feel L*J»er. work better, piny better Avoid [xinlsMnfT yourself with over- do.sps of soda and other alkfUlzcrs to counteract ^RF nnd bloating when what you so dearly nerd Is SSS Tonic to help you digest food for body strength nml repair. Don't wnlt! Join thc host of Imppy people SSS Tonic has helped. Millions of bottles so!d. Oet a bottle of SSS Tonic from your drug store today, SSS Tonic helps Build Sturdy Health. Hostilities On Pelelieu Concluded T. It.. April 21! (UP)— Tim U. S. Navy's campaign to mop nj) a small group of holdout Japanese, soldiers on Pclelin in the South Pacific ended without bloodshed today when a Japanese lieutenant and 25 men surrendered. A Navy c |i.snatch from Guam "operation capitulation" aimed aL overcoming armed Japanese who had been sniiiint; at American troops on Pclcliu was climaxed Sunday. l At that lime there \vas an ol- ficiiil surrender ccremor.v with lu'l military honors at tJ> c site of llio lormcr Japanese headquarters on flip island. Capt. L. O. Fox. U. S. Naval commander at Palau. received a sword ant! Japanese flaK from U. Yainaguclit- of the Imperial Jap:>- nese Army as 80 U. S. innriiiKs I'-i full battle dress watciictl the ceremony. The Navy reported seven Japanese soldiers still were holding ova on th c island but were cxiwctcd to surrender soon. NEW DODGE THE CAR THAT IS REALLY NEW agcmcnt from July 23 la Allp. a. and another in child development from Ant;. H to 23. A large number of visiting (cat-li- crs will be on the campus to work with the regular facinlty members who will be on duty (luring the Summer session, visitm*: instructors will include representatives oi thc Arkansas Library Commission; tlic State Drpartinciil of Education: and the State Employment, Service. COTTON SEE! %* FOR SALE f ''?' D P & L 14, Delinted and Treated : High Germination Only.a Few Tons on Hand Blytheville Delinting Corp. So, 2nd St. Across from Armory -• - . Phones 2860—860 No other car like it. Gives you all advantages of Floating Power, All-Fluid-Drive and Full-Floating Ride. The lowest priced car with Fluid-Drive. Loncttt Priced Car tcith Alt These Itasic Features AlLFlUIO-DRfVC HOMING POWW FULUnOATING RIDE s»niY-snti BODIES SAflTY RIM WH«U SIxatlNDfR HYDUUUC BRAKES A1UWINUM PISTONS BASK RUSr-PDOOFING MICRONIC OIL FILTER UHAUSI VALVE SEAT INSERTS COMPLETE DEPENDABILITY, .SECOND STREET ATTENTION FARMERS You Can Now Get 100% Coverage On Your Crops Against Hail Storms! This may lju u your of heavy Morm;;. We represent >nn " lsunincc Com!)a " y Special repriMoiilaUve will !« iii Blytheviiie and vi- xvn'/n »j'i wn«. t . iniu lo take applications. Call, wnU" or i)liono NOW lor particulars— No obligation! UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY A. F. niKTItiCII, Maiiiitfcr ... . Ovcr Utiiinl'H Jewclr v Store 1 '" me r> '° "Everything In Insurance" "For Work Done Right 11 CALL 474-475 Cold Storage tor Furs and Woo/ens NU-WA LAOHDRY-CLEANERS KEROSENE, & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 G. O. POETZ vo«, «„„,„ „, I'KTUOI.KIIM ,.,„ RH at e .. ..«..»..• •..».>..».x:«::»:>:>:>::»:;»:>::»:>:>:>:;.:-.:>;;.;>;vy:.:«-;f>:x>:>;-.::«^«:ix>;xx:o;' NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC All ilebLor.s lo. Hi,. ,:s(aio of Or. C. C. Stcvcna may pny llit-ir art'oiiiilH at IIuMmrd Fiirniliirc Company . . . books will l)c liiild open llierc until u ll accounts arc dusii-cil. I'lwisc \wy proinplly, ti» wo would likn lo solllc (wliilo ;IM soon a.'i |)as.sil;!o. i Mrs. C. C. Stevens SIMPSON'S STATE LINE CAFE Under j\riiiuij;cmenl of Staplcy Keller Curb Service — Open 24 Hours Fresh Seafood Steaks — Chicken — Chops — Bar-b-que Haf Biscuit's Truck Drivers Welcome \ HOT SHOWERS LOUNGING LET US FILL YOUR CAR W/TH QUALITY GAS — WHILE YOU EAT! GET THESE AIDS TO TRUCK PERFOllMANCE SPEEDS LOAD HANDLING nr«v*d th« loftty feature* of (Seift l*«Vprflof and ipil'ptoof tankt. t*» HfitlTtly m»d by 1crg> ftttU. '/ Wo have I fie lypt of dan^«T itgnaU thai will bctl icT'je your opctalion. Can bt pucihoitd individyatly ftr \% boxed tfllL DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 863

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