The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1944
Page 4
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FACE FOUR BLYTHEVJLLE COUKJEH NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TH* OOUKIXR NKWB OO. R W HAJNSB, PuN»4b»- flAMUEL F NORMS, Editor A OATEN8, Advertising Uaoager ' 8o> Nation*! AdwttataK Repr«**nUUTe«'. Wltmer Oo,, New York. Chic**o, Do- Unu Mrmpfata Every Aft«nux» Except Sui.'^y at - second cl*j» n»tl« »t the po«t- * at Blythev1lle,.Ark*niiiui. under «ot 6I Don»; October 9. 1SI7 Served oy the Dnlted Pre» BUBSCRlPTIOfJ RATH) jBy'isarDef l.i the city ot BlytheTilie. »0c per *«lt, a: tfto ,<i month. • • By mall, within « radius of to milf». MOO per ear, 1200 (or six months. 11,00 for three month*: if : mail outside 50 mllp zorjf $10,00 per ,'?M psynblp In sdvanc* Wanted: A Change of Heart • ' "There ousrht to be a meeting of the three'erttit powers at the earliest itio- racnt," said Prime Minister Churchill i(i (lie reluctant, disheartened speech in whiel) he iinnounccd seUlemenl of lite Aiiglo-llussian dispute over PcJaml. And indeed he is right. Such a meeting is the best and perhaps the only hope of (he drift away from intenia- ';' iJoiial co-operation. : .'.-Relations among the three powers Have deteriorated alarmingly since the ljoosevelt-Chur:hill-Stalin meeting in Tehran. Much has been clone that cannot be undone,. And a, feeling of dis- ccuragemcnt has settled upon the American and British people as'the in- hiring promises of. the Atlantic Chartor have been pushed aside by the emei'giiig (wt-poWer 'domination 'of E. urbpe. • '.'•••• I Mr. Churchill complained that the altitude of the United Stales', in the Polish dispute bad not been 1 precisely defined. But surely neither 'he nor Mr. . Stalin could be ignoraUc of this cotin- Iry's basic altitude. It is' foiind in the Atlantic Charter, which renounces tcr- •ritoi-ial aggrandisement by the signatory imlions.nnd affirms the right of a people to 'select their, own-form of . government. , The people of; Europe still look toward the United .Stales 'hii'd its President for leadership, and they may have • been puzzled by Mr..Roosevelt's recent :•-. Eile'ncf.. But:\vhat. coul-J he say? To have 'a!:en sides in Ihc Polish or Greek disputes would have been to threaten Allied military unify and to retard or. je'Cpaidize victory over Germany. So we have kept hands off in these disputes, for any hand we had in the matter would have, to . be -backed by , some'force.. And what-force could we • use? We could,;not hold back our military effort in a war .which is ours 'as 1 ." our Allies' And •.certainly we could not threaten a curtailment of post war-trade or assistance. Such a. course would be impossible for the practical reason that world peace requires economic health. We : coukKnot with .logic, or .decency hold clown 'Britain or :Ru.ssia' or China and : expect thus to achieve stability. We should be, committed to a course of rrmtd isolationism that would surround iis with hostility and doom all hope of international co-operation. ; The great difficulty is thai (he whole idea of world peace organization was really based on nothing more tangible than good will. II must have good _ is to exist and develop. And 1 once, a government has, abandoned the honest,''ethical desire to sacrifice some individual gain for the common good, it cannot be compelled to recapture that desire. Threats of force or sanctions would doom the very goal of world peace toward which this country is striving. No, wJial is needed is a change of heart in the Russian and Hrilish governments. Perhaps Mr. Roosevelt's prestige ««<! persunsivenesii, backed by (he will of the American people, will help to bring about that change when the "big three" meet ajffiiu. To try to accomplish this is perhaps the gravest task of Mr. Roosevelt's career. To succeed would certainly be his greatest triumph. All Aboard The Interior Department his informed (he i'orward-loolunjj president of (ho U. 8. Rocket Society that il will be quite legal to file a claim for some real eslalc on tin; moon under our Hoiyio.sU'iid Li-.w. All tho filer need do is prove that he is acquainted with the laud in iiuc.s'.icii, juut be rcndy to move onto ii six month:; nJ'icr his entry is ii'. proved. Maybe we mitjlit turn over some of Ihc top Axis war criminals to the cn- (crprisiiifi: nifl:«l man and the versatile Mr. Iclte.s. Triplr-A priority might lie xivcn to const ruction of moon-bound rockets, with reserved seats for Miller and his inner circb and the Jap war cabinet en the first cue completed. After ihat, ;i few trips by the Nippon Express, the Gauleiter Limited, and the Gestapo Special and this might be quite a pleasant world again. Only we should probably fir.-it check on the other t-iib of the moon to see that there arc no inhabitants. For the company of those rocket passengers shouldn't happen to a (leg—or what passes for a dog on our frigid satellite. Crystal Ball Back in 1939 a St. Louis millionaire engaged a hotel room; entered it, and hasn't been out .since. Any man who could, lorcsee the hotel room shortage five years ago should be invited, even forced, to step outside just long enough to toll us-when the war will bo over. Postscript to Cigaret Crisis What this country really needs is a shortage of Christmas cigars. A p:j'l:cl cf rhaos CKma certain t.i me (when Germany fp.H:). I moreovsr tlmt It will be very lens, r,o long that the ouirc disintegration of Gc:i'.iiir.y n.pvenrs quite passible.—Belgian Foreign Minister Paul-Henri Spunk. • » « Tills economic tritnsHion from war to peace v.'lil probably bo no loss clIfficiiR than was that. from peace to wnr, but if it can bs brought about as and with us little disorder i>^ the movjillzaiicn ct l!)ia mid 1013 there will be cause lei.' {traiilScatton.—Tilt Giiarnjity Survey. Guaranty Trust, Co. of New York. • • • Gn 'uclwlf of your sons, brothers, husbands, anil fiiemls in ihis giciil war theater 1 request thiU you do your purl to sec (lint (he Sixth Wnr loan is vastly oversubscribed.—(JcncraJ Eisenhower. • f V After tlic war there will be a rnnrkcd tcn- cicncy lowpfrt hasty inarriane.<; ... If the pattern of World War I is fallowed, men on Ihc average will court .voiinger v01110:1.—Ernest \V., U. of Ctii:ap,o'sccioloaist. • • • Because the tailed states leaders forcibly dragged their people into the war without, just aims, they :>.re turning every means in their attempt to terminate th; war in as short n period as pcKible.—JJHJ Premier Kiininki Koiso. • • • There is nothing saving in Hi e Anicrlcnu soldier's Ii s htin 5 . They go about It in the American biuinrrs man's way. taking It calmly and cccly.-Uew.-Col. Oclni K McL>o!icu|>h of New York, tnck from eal;>an. THUHSDAY, DECIMIBEH 21, 1944 SIDI OUNCES ^ACACIA/TREE' ©1944 OYNC A SERVICE. INC. XW W'^/ JhceU^, "Your mother tells me she I'auglil you smoking, and il will ^o easier for you il you'll tell me when- you fjol the cigarets'" * THIS CURIOUS WORLD Ferguson CANADA IS NEARER SOUTH AMERICA THAN ERMINE "IS THE FUR OF • WHAT 'ANIMAL &OTTHi« N.VNE FRO,\\ DAYS \\1-C; •THEV VJEQ p SHIPPED IN CON£S!'0<5A U '• X •'QKUSUS and Michal stood, together under the row fig trees nnd approaching them Joel walked quietly. U was not in liis mind to hide his presence from them, yet lie W as halted by Michal's t-i-y before Ihcy saw him, "Driisus, fhou art not eomo to reproach me!" ^ ''My little Michal," he said, "Forever then art mine." • "Thou werl Jonathan's friend," she said. "Thou cansl not blame me if I would forgot." • "Not blame thee, Michal?" he : nskcd. "Nol blame thec when Ihou hast forgotten the promise : Jonathan made to me!" She said quickly,' "Drusus, thou knowcst the shock that was mine when Jonathan died. Thou cansl •' not lay upon me blame for the horror I feel ncnr (ill Romans. ; 1 would not have it so, for thou t wort alwoys kind, but I cannot yet bear that a Roman hand : should touch me." i Dmsus was not angered at her • words, Joel noted, lie pleaded ; eloquently. "Thou shall forget, '• Michal. If thou wouldst lake • from thy heart the horror Ihou ; hast hidden there—if thou wouidst j let the bitter words fall now upon the cold earth here, they 1 would (lie unnottrishcd and finally i disappear," [ Michal cried sharply, "Dost Ihou • think 1 nourish them, Drusus? • fC I should cast them now at : . thoe, thoii wovddst see liow hard [ and cruel they are!" : The Roman looked at her an- :: euishcd young face, doubling the |- wisdom of recalling the past (o , her. And both were unaware of ' Joel who Uaiec! not now ad-' ; vanco. [ fn the silence that fell upon . them Michal lived again the last ' day o£ life with Jonathan. < it, I CHE stood in the sunlight and the I child Malachi tumbled laugh/ i. !0 1'ounits Off Does It NEW YORK (UP)—Ray McDonnell, 17, son of Thomas McDonnell, warden of the Brooklyn Prison, and a lad who stood six feet two and lghcri 240 pounds, was not one to let weight stand in the way of a the Coast,Guard. When he recently applied for enlistment and was told he was -10 pounds overweight, lie went on a strict diet r.ncl started & vigorous exercise campaign. A month later lie again replied, and as he tipped the scales at an even 200, he was accepted. Chanucah, the Feast of Light. 1 ;, occurring about the same time ns Christmas, is the popular mid-winter festival of trie Jews when gifts are exchanged and other tiad'tions observed. _r ing at her feet. !>nr dark curls were blown back from her glowing face, and into Die lovely scene of afternoon the husband of Flavia entered. He put his hand roughly upon her hand that reached for the child and she gazed at him with her golden eyes wide and startled and her moulh .dosed upon her laughter like a 'red bud closing its petals, The child clung, to her gown, not yet frightened, by the stranger, and looked URJwilh that look that was so like the boyish look of Drusus. And llijc Roman asked his brutal question. "Who is the child?" "lie is my son)" she answered, and her voice was steady despite her fear. His response brought the bright blood lo her cheeks as vivid as where his fingers tightened upon her arm. "Thy child? Who is his father?" She had guessed his identity now and she answered valiantly. TJosl thou not know that Ihou art trespassing? Even a Roman must know that it is not safe to insult a wife in her own home." "Who is the child?" he demanded again. The child was clinging to her she put her free arm about him and lifted him "against her shoulder, hiding his face there. The son of my husband and myself," she said. "Thou art a lovely liar," he said roughly. "Nay," she said proudly, "i am not so. I do not follow Ihe Roman practice." jle repeated his charge with unhurried assurance. "Thou art a lovely liar. The child is Roman.' Jonathan came upon them thus, and the Roman released her hand, leaving a red band about her wrist and a wilder fear now in her heart. ANSWER .11 is the win(cr>coal o! tli'c weasel. : NEXT:. The rewards of bird-binding. !5ts« I'new «g Storw In Hollywood BY ERSKINi: JOHNSON i to Gabriel: NBA Staff Correspondent | "Sec it he'll switch to veal. It's UBSilND THE SCREEN: There's cheaper." Jim linally said he had a little hum, they sny, in every- enough. He felt yoixl, he said, body. But how. much? Enter Jim Somcpnc at a nearby tabli: ordered Moran. who just conducted Holly- Jim Aloran a ham'sandwich. Jim .vood's hardest experiment. He ate Icoketl ai it sickly, but he ate it. 23 pounds'of ham, straight, at one , OENKKOUS .S.-WI .Hting. • Talking about his new movie Jim. you may remember, is the "Wonder M;tn," Samuel Goldwyn fellow who sold an ice box to an lold a friend: "I don't want, to Eskimo, found a needle In u hay- make any money on this picture, stack and recently changed horses H's so tunny 1 just want everybody in the middle of the Truckcc Kiver. When he turned movie actor the oilier day Jim just had to do something about the Uttlc-ham-ln-ev- erybody business, So he dressed up as ham actor 'hat and cape courtesy of KKO wardrobe department), went to Giro's restaurant where there's always plenty of ham on the dance floor and in the kitchen and proceeded to cat up- all the ham in tile place— 23 pounds of cold baked ham, Chef Gabriel Anc and manager H. U. Hover, who said il was all en the house, didn't look unhappy until Jim started on the 18th pound Then Hover frantically whispered Our Boarding House with Maj.Hoople Out Our Way By J R Williams "• ^'^ GOBBLER. EGAD.' I 1<MOW JAKE IS SUPPERV AS A GREASED PlG,8liT H6 WU SOME KtoBIUTY—- AFTER A HOOPLE/ ITS BEIW& HELD UP IS A GM?ft&E Ox'ER OSS "M? STREET AN)D NOT THE ; v 'x ,'\ ;/*';• / ^^w/"-^,v •/ ^ .< V-, mmtKmm^ BORM-rHiR-ry VEARS TOO SOOM In the United States to see it." Mnrle Wilson found her 10-year- old niece in bed with her" legs si retched U|i on the .side of tiic wall. "I'm rirnrilctng, Ihc 10-ycai-ol ( J said, "to tie a pin-up girl." Promiscuous traveling Rets a celluloid rebuke in ,1 new cartoon, "Jerky Turkey." Pilgrims arc greeted hy a xisii on Plymouth Rocl: reading: "Was This Trip Necessa- Day Waller Ste/ak went, to work in '"The Kp.inish Man" a press agent asked him. "They tell me ycii'rc expecting to become a papa. When Is the baby due?" Slczak said 111 a couple of months. "Hnnnni," said the p. n. ur.happilv, "sec if you con delay it a month or two so we c;in lie it iu with the premiere o! Die picture." - . • • • Kitty C.irlMe may be Bing Crosby's co-star in -nine Skies." They appeared together .several years age In "She I.ovr.s Me Not." Slreet snapshot: A photographer trying to snap n photo of Garbo leaving ci nigh 1 , club. When she tries to cover her face, t'.ie photoc- I'aphcr yells: "Key, you oughta be in pictures." Sonny Tuflt -,\;is philosophizing on the set. ot -The Virginian." "Hollywood," lie Miiil, "is a town of chi-timcrs and Rood-timers." Jocl'iMcCrca loosed up. -Yes," said McCreji. " two-timers." FARMERS We have plenty of Iron ftaot- iiiff and Hough Cypress Barn Timbers. 3 Year FHA Terms tf desired. E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Visit Us In Onr NEW BUILDING Located at 121 E. Main St. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler Dealer - Parts A Service 121 E. Main Thcne 2122 If Dorothy Lsmour's husband is scut uvers»s. ;,l!e will ask i'nrn- mount tor a leave of absence and accept an cnsa'genient at Hio's famous Copacabnnn Club. Vic MeUiRlen Is the latest rival !D Mctm. Sinatra nn ( | Crosby. He crocus "Home on tlie linnge" in a sho'.ver tntli scene in "Men of the Deep." The orchestral iiccojnp.ini- . menl will, Ije dubbed in, if (lie musicians>"f)nd "'I' liny. Sign in Hollywood Blvd. millinery shop: "Iliils with wolf appeal." ELECTRICITY IN THE FARM HOME Let us explain how easily you may enjoy electricity in your farm home. Estimates on wiring without cost! Charlie Staicup !1(> N. 1st. Phone 2993 "We Kcp.ilr Everything Etcctriral." rk shoe rc- Ipnirs arc m.irlc here with the same tuctlcu- _ s care used for most expensive shoes. Onr tcatlicrs arc long wearing and the best available for this character work. If you want wear and comfort try us. E could not afterward recall how it happened. Only jn her cars she heard her husband's cry and saw the Roman's sword clrip- •lng red in the sunlight, and she .nil Die child down by his father who appeared dead, and sent tho Roman from her with words of loathing that were sharper than 'he sword he had unsheathed. She knelt by Jonathan and saw that yet he lived white the quick How of his blood soiiked his garments. "Jonathan," she said, and her eyes were pitiful, "Jonathan." Death had cleared his vision so at the last he saw her as she iiad always been. Her sweetness mid Iici loving heart were evident no\y though ho had not finessed : their richness before. "Michal," she caught his whisper and hoi- eyes brimmed with tears for his pain, "Jonalhan," she snid, forgetting the wrong he had done her and sick with a longing to heal his wound. 'Malachi, Rome," lie said and she nodded, unable to speak. lie said weakly, while her hands sought to stay the blood that drained from him, "A bundle of myrrh is my well beloved unto me." lie did nol speak again and when Drusus came her head was upon Jonathan's hands dial she held in her own and she was shaking with soundless sobbing while unheard beside her the child Malachi screamed with fear. * * * jyjICHAL drew a long breath and the Roman placed an arm about her, drawing her to him while Joel watched. "Drusus," she said, "1 have given Mnlarfii to Plavia. Canst ihou not understand how I would forget Jonathan and the vows he made?" "1 would not wound thoe, Michal," he lold her. "Yet how can I serve Ihee it thou art 3iot mine?" "If thou wonldsl serve me," she said, not knowing how clearly she spoke and that Joel heard the words, "if thou wouidst serve me, (ell my husband how thou didst find me with Jonathan's blood upon me and horror growing among my Rowers." (To,Be Continued)' Planters Hdw. Co., Inc. home of p SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PASNT DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U. S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE " - ~ Phone 515, Blytheville, Ark. Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While U Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS', BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville; Ark. Phone 2911 GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING? 24 Hour Service A)xi>—Vulcanizing mnd Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Uwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2 Recapping and Vulcanizing AI)I> LIFE TO YOUR TIKES MODINGER-POETZ*IIRfc*CO. Phoi;c Z2I1 TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS Make Your Selections Now— KUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years' Continuous Service"

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