The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1949
Page 11
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TTTESDAT, MAY 3, 1949 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN HOUR HIM-- REPAIRS - IMPROVEMENTS*^ The first people to devote them-1 The queen wasps, sole members selves cliicfly to commerce were ihe Phoenicians, who developed ihelr fishing boats int oa cotnmer- VI fleet. ip; o( communities who survive the winter, lay eggs In the spring which found new nebts and form new generations. FAMOUS WALLPAPERS iginal attern (nu Old "nltmijl home, i any other btatmitil DEAL'S PAINT STORE 10!) Easl Main Phone IlliO WARD WEEK ONLYI Room-lot Wallpaper Sale I room for only 59 TM, yo« con paper on tntrog* I0xl5-ft. room (of I«M . i : o* Hii* low Ward pck«l Qioos* from wide selection of beautifully ityled fodeproof woshabU Of embossed patlernsl Priced to tav« you ctecoroting doilarsl • Otfwr quality Room-lot Wallpoptn.... l.9t BETTER WAUPAPER FOR IMS AT WARDS ELECTRICAL REPAIR SERVICE Low-Cost' Home Misleading Term Many Think Drive For Economy Houses Foretells Price Drop By Henry J. Wiiu»le The current nation-wide drive by Hie building Industry to erect economy homes Is causing many home buyers (o risk losses through misunderstanding the homes." term "low-cost Many people believe this end postponing drive means a downward trend In all home nrices and are Plans lo bnv. Any decided slump In cost Is unlikely. Raymond M. Foley. artmlnls- Ifome Finance Agency, recently slated: "H ts mil probable nor desirable (hat Iniior rates and nui- t-nsls will return to loveK" nreivar niitiiiR thp coming year, thousand.'; of economy homes will be biilll to sell at 'cnnsidernhly less than the Sfl.OOO to $10.000 (hat wiire the lowest prices lip (o a few months o. Some nf these homes will In truth "minimum houses." Others will nf Good quality with conmlete id modern equipment. Therefore, e prospective home buyer should tamine with c nr« the house h« is fired, satisfy himself that lie Is cttine maximum value. Good. rx>ir-Pricer1 House Builders In every section nre now •ecting good houses to sell for i.OOO lo $8,000. even In high cost •PBS. On the other hand these are •ports In a few communities of lamping on materials, equipment >cl essentials. Yet these houses are need thr same as the better-built 'W-prlccd homes ti take aclvan- iRe of thr publicity being given 1C economy house program. Tiie brst word of caution at this me Is: Don't buy a house merely ecause it Is low in price until you ave examined It carefully for'es- pial elements hi construction. Do not expect all the rcfinemenls ou would like In mi economy house, nterior <v«lls will be of building oavd rallier than of plaster. There •ill be a minimum of closet and loragc space. Hardwood floors will ie lack.tip. nnd there seldom will ie a fireplace ov picture window. Reputable builders are effecting •conomles by many labor-saving echnlques. not skimping on qual- ty of basic materials, it Is it simple matter to determine the quality of construction by examining the house while 11, Is being erected. • PROMPT • EFFICIENT • GUARANTEED VPS. at Charley's Electric Shop von get all I luce when they do your electrical repair work. So whether it's a minor repair job or a large electrical wiring job. call 2<l!).3 for the best service in town, quickly and expertly handled. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP 112 South 5th Phon« 2993 Interior Layout Of Home Should Be Planned First In planning a IHHIIC one shiiuld slaii with the Inierlor rather limn the exterior, arranging the layout lo accommodate family activities and needs, the University of Illinois Small Homes Council points out. A common inlslake, the Council said in a recent report, Is to decide first on (ho exterior design r-ml uu- ixanuic-, then make the Inside conform lo whatever limitations Uii'y Impose. This procedure It not only uuwlsc from an economical standpoint but It often results in a house which does nol provide the si-rvlre- iibility- which oihenvlse roiilcl lie obtained, "The pluns of many hlsUirlral 'stylos' ot architecture," the Cditn- cll declared, "do not suit loduy's snr.v mid expensive ormimenl. Simplicity is always the best for t!u> siiiiill house, one which altempl.s be pretentious, with an ovrr- eraiut entrance, unneressary gab- ies, or storybook ornament wastes Dioncy and usually | s uisly." Emplmsls on mnximum scrvkT- ibilily. modern builders suy. should be carried through hi selection ol nalcrinls that go into Ihc home for such vital parts as the Ilrxir- . for Inslnncc. ciuiablhlv and case of maintenance arc major [ac'—s. along with allrncllvcness and economy. Flooring ,f O nk is preferred by most home owners iinrd maple, beech, birch and peciin also are popular flooring hiirdwoods All ran be obtained In economy triidcs which give lifetime .service at low sell nut! dispense beer nt retail on the p:rmtsi'.s described as 301 S. Klin, lUyliieville. Mississippi CMun- l.v. The uiidcr.slKiiril slides thai lie IK a cllizen ul Aiktuisns, of good nun nl clumicler, that he Inn never bi-i-n convicted n[ a felony or other dime involving moral tur)iltude; tlial nr- llrmsi* to .^oll Ix'er by llio undersigned luis befii revoked wilh- In live years last pusl; and Unit tln> imclei.sluned has never been confided ol violatlnj; the li\w.s of Mils .sliile. or any olhcr stale, relative lo the .sale of alcoholic liquor*. Application is tor permit to be isMK'tl for operation licylnning on (he LSI (my ol July ifHD, nnd lo expire on tin: 30 dny of Jimn, 1050. Uiclllc I'licki'll Subscribed and sworn lo berforu mu thU 2nd dny of May 1940. Mrs. Mnr.shall Itlackurd Notary i'nbli^ Aly Cuimni.sslon expiiv.s: 3;053. FOR SALE Concrete uulrrrlv, 12 Inch (o 4ti Inch, plain or rrenfiirt'fil Also I'oiuirli- Hulldlnjt Hlockr cheap pr than lumttei lor nam* clilrltpn tuiusra, uump houses, trmtnt liuuses. tool ftlird* Wr deliver Call us for frre estimate , , illume CHI OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO (o\ip\vi NOTICE Notice is hereby given • I hut underslgncrt lia-s filed win. Commissioner of Revenur.s o[ State o( ArkaiLsrus for i>erniit the Ihc thn John B. Walker Subdivision, 4HOOO Antonia C. Walker lo C. M. Abbott, plot In Lot 6. Block "A" nf the .'olm B. Walker Subdivision S-t.QOO. Susrvn Mooro to Gorge Thompson Lot 12 of Block 9 of the w. w' Hollipetcr Second Addition, $MO. J.imes and Ivory Anderson and Carrie Jones to Gentry Fisher 1 ol 4 In Block 6 of the W. VV Hoiij. ->etcr Second Addition, $451. George P. and Alma Knrnes lo John Paul. J. w.. Charles s inn] Borlrm Karncs. W2 of the NK4 nl . Section 31-18N-9E, $1 and consideration. other Real Estate Transfers (CHICKASAWBA DISTFIICT) Luther and Dorothy O'Connor to I. L. Crowell. Lots 11, 12. 13, «nd 14 of Block "I" nf Ihc Smith Addition to Leachville. $2.000. H. H. and Lucy Houchins to Irby Randall Hawks and Iva Louts Hawks, Lot 12 in Block 4 of the Country Club Drive Addition. $1,250 H. H. and Lur.y Hmichlns to Orady G. and Ruth Virginia S««y Magee, Lot 10. BHck 4 of the Country Club Drive Addition. »!,100. Francis W. and Floyd Hargett to Harry Brooks. Lot 9 nf thr O. S. Rollison Subdivision in Seclion »- 15N-11E, $S50. H. H. and Lucv Kouchina to Ssllie S. Freeman, "Lot 5 Block 4 of the Country Club Drive, *800. S. T. Freeman to SaUle 8. Freeman. 240 acres In Section 9-15N-10E, 41 and other consideration. i H. W. Mahan and Bcttie P. Ma- | han to Paul E. and Mav Katrryn Taylor. Lot 13. Block "A" of the Barron and Lilly Addilion, $6.500. | Claude B. Kcene »nd Jewell i Keene, to Norvell Lansin? and Ger- ) akline Lansing. Lot 28 of the O. S. | Rollison Subdivision In the Southeast quarter of the Northeast miar- i ter of Section 9-15N-I1E, $2.200. j H. H. and Lucy Houchins to Ed C. Hampton, Jr., and Verna Jti Hampton. Lot 1 in Block 3 of the Country Club Drive Addition, |650 George i\f. Lee and Helen Lee (o Jack Finley Robinson, south MO feel of Lot 2 In Block 'A" ol the SLATI-QV/Q3[ THE BUDGET Why wait to enjoy ll>€ convenience and cumforl of * smart, new Crane bathroom — a modern Crane link, or in cnicicnl Crane healing lor ihac mailer. Let MI help vein moilerni^e now, the eajy way—the Inidgel j.lnn wny. ask US .about the convenient Grane Budget I Plan today I "PETE" The Plumber rtiiine 27.11 A Ganulnt TORO • ii Sponli«n. Trj II. All ;ou rfn i< ,„„), . . . ,h« n k.p. "MRH. * Slr«itnn tnnin« Hoti ill lh« . Mow. «rt. 80M60' in on. , <r , cr <|€ H, , . . . «««• to apcrttt l)o/col of oulilinil- nig knur,,, pi,,, f, mt , u , Toto qul |in.! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO., Inc. 2I. 1 ? W. Main Phone 201 Open For Business Rollison Lumber Co. NORTH 10th ST. AND CAMP MOULTRIE DRIVE Arkansas and Mississippi Yellow Pine One Board or Truck Loads OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT IF WE DON'T HAVE WHAT YOU WANT WE WILL GET IT 0. S. ROLLISON RESIDENCE PHONE 3309 Phone 521 Phon. 30751 RAoion r REPAIR 1 Mini '4-llay Servlrc till An. AlakC or Aluilcl Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 \\'t Cull For nnd Deliver Fred Callihan lOli'flrinil Applinncc Co. Aulliori/.t'd iMiitoru Sulcs Scrvu'o !()(> So, 1st. SI. 1 Have At All Times For Sal* suvrral Ir.iclorj and equipment, hoth new uutl used I have J«lu lirrrt), Parnull, Kord and otbw nukes. 1 now have new Far* Ir.H'Inrn and equipment rend; lor ilcllvrry M ilrnlers' prim. I will Inulc for most anything je» lmv«. Terms cun b« arranged. ,-. Soe F. C. CROWE I milt smiih ol ilracsailoclo, Mr Ifcitl ii CiuiK'iH for Color Pictures 'flic Idt'iil wiiv lo icinrnilirr »|irrlul ueeiiiiliiiiii. Als<i oilier lyjii'S <if ciiin- eru.s for rent. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2008 \V. Main Phone ;ifil7 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIM OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FURNITURE REBUILDING I'll* Flnlise of Chnrm can really miikc your present fur- iilture like new nKain! We offer truly itinerlnr wurkman- slilp. » Health of lelcotlon In u|ili(ilstnry fabric] At every tirlee level, and 111 rlaj service. Call for » free estimate. House Oi Charm Iliinnlc Deal Kemp Whlscnliunt mi Wrsl iM^ln Phones: -KWI »r UliU Electronic PIANO TUNING Iliivp; your piano tuned the perfect way. Radio Repair AM-FM-Tclevision Every .I»l> Guaranteed She"! Alusic — Rrnlioa - Kecorus — Everylhingr In .Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Tel. 811 MODERNE BEAUTY SHOP formerly lone's Etcnnly Sliop iMItdml Vincent Marie Itoilery I'.iyimnc VVafflcr UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Gel Our 1'riccs TAX! and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors - Gabardine .$12.95 HUDSON Cleaner-Clothier-Tailor Sleep COOL this summer No more sleepless nights when you have * CoolairFan! I"HA terms. Ask for installation estimate. NOW! BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. W. H. I'easo J. Wilton Henry Sonlh Highway 61 1'hone 2431

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