The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1934
Page 10
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PAGE EIGHT THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBUSUH18 O. R. BABCOCK, Editor H- W. BAQiES, AdmtUing Manager Sole NttiouaJ Advertising Heprcfenutlvw: ArkUKM DuWes, Inc, New Vork, Chicago, St. Loub, Dtllns, :Cu?ws City, Memphis. Every Alternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class mailer at tlic post office at B:\thcvlllc, Ar- kuntas, under ucl o[ congrei:. October 9, 19 !7. Served ey the Unitea frets, SUBSCRIPTION RATES By curler in the City 01 BlvtlivvilU, 15o per week or «.50 pcj- year In advunrc. By mail wltliin a radius of 60 miles, 13.00 per year. II JO for ilx months, tlic fur O.rte montlu; by m»ll In posul zones two lo blx, Inclusive, KM pet year. In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable lu advance. Japan's Neie Threat Qticr China The picture of international polities in the Far JJ:ist ha-: umlcruone a ton- sitlcrublc change througl) J.'ipan'.s most recent .statement of her pylioy toward China. Or, possibly, il wotil.l be more nc- curatc to May Unit wliilu thu picture remains mtivh the sunn. 1 , it h;w un entirely different frame. Japan sets forth the proportion that she holds a special responsibility .. to maintain the peace in cast Asia; ijs. coiiseiiutiitly, Japan has appoiiilud : -"•'•herself to sec to it that China's contacts with other powers are of such nature that they shall not disturb that peace. For several years Japan has hccn edging toward a Chinese protectorate. With this new declaration of policy, that state icenis practically to have been reached. HI 1 *. -.. « ' "• Look, for instance, at the way in which such iwlicy can be interpreted. A Japanese spokesman, discussing the policy, declared at Tokyo that "history shows that technical or financial aid to China almost inevitably become; military or political, in which event Japan must object." A good many Americans are eilh'au- cd in giving technical or linanciiil aid • to China right now. Many American aviators arc there, for instance, soiling airplanes and leaching the (.'hineMe how to use Iheni. American companies are participating in the establishment of Chinese air routes. The United Stales government has loaned money to China to buy American cotton and wheat. * f * All tlicp.e activities could easily be • classed as the kind of aid \\\\k\\ might become political; that is, they tend to unify and strengthen Chim\, and the /ealous statesmen at Tokio might decide at any minute that they should be stopped. One does not have to meditate over this very long to see that the Far Eastern tituntion has taken on an j- ominous new tspcct. The one encour- :••' aging'feature is that in recent months , -.the Japanese seem tu have jrrown de- sirous of gelling on Ijfctlm- terms wilh the United States. We can only hope that I hat desire (AM.) OOUMM KIWI OUT OUR WAY will lead Tokyo to moderate the application of this far-reaching and dangerous new iwlicy. —linice Gallon. Society's Responsibility No man today can say thai ho is .self-sustaining, say.s liishop C. H. J,oHlond of St. Joseph, Mo. For that reason the social service agency has an essential part to play in any modern society. "A Irourd of directors silling in a little room hundreds of miles from a community," liishop LcHloiu! told an audience ojj Ohio charities workers, "can change the fortunes of Hint community by lliu stroke of a pen, Whole families are made destitute and the children of these families suffer.' Hence, Tne bishop pointed on I, society nmsl be forever alerl to preserve (he stability of families which are the victims of movements that they cannot control. We have parsed the pioneer period, when men really could stand or full by their own efforts. Co-operation lo help those who have been caught in the complex shifting* of modern life is one of the jobs society cannot overlook. Equality In Brains Poor children are just as intelligent as rich children, according ID Dr. Kthel Kitwin, psychologist of the Institute for Juvenile Research in Chicago. Ur. Kuwin gave the well-known Slanl'ortl-Biiiet and iMerrlll-I'almer intelligence te.-:ts to Gli children in a nursery school in Chicago's famous Hull House. Then she gave I he same tesls to youngsters in a Winnetka public school nursery—youngsters from a considerably higher social mid economic level. And she found no difference in the average iniclliKcnco of the two groups. The next time you hear someone lament that poor people have a higher birth rale than rich pcpplc, you might remember this fact. The child of poor iwirent.s gets just as good an alfolment of brains as the child of Ihe rich, if this test is any criterion. \Vc Ficpiiblirnus been fair. We've |cL them i thc Ucmocvals) have a year. Now w« must n»ht. —Rep, Chester C. Bolton of Ohio. « « v Ueliuvlur Is no lust nf inloxionllon, nor is nlcDhul on the brciitli uny evidence of Inloxica- tion. —Dr. Anton J. Carlson ot Chicago U. The- people :in hungry for good nnislc nnrt i-kk lu death «ith I he slulf they hear, thc jr.zz nml turlc.«i«e. -Mine. Schumann-Hclnk. ' » * fiiknc'.' r, ilii. mo'.lv.T of nljr.oU-.scciice. -O'.iTn S:imuel Insiill \-iis LI great destroyer. —Mary Oartlrn. tHURSPJAY, APRIL 2$, 1934 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Saturday, Axil 1*. lfr«. Formation of a sub-district to imiirove thc drainage and outlet of Drainage District . No. 9 was discussed at a metttne of Uxpay- ere at the courthouse In Osceola Thursday, The Woman's club elected tlic following officers at a meeting at Hie Olencoe hotel Friday afternoon pretkknt, Mrs. Waiter H. Baker- *rst vice-president, Mr*, c. R Layman; second vice-president, Mrs. J. W. Bader; recording secretary, Mr.s. J. B. Clark; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Roy Wal- 'ton; treasurer, Mrs. P. • M. Carpenter; assistant treasurer, Mrs Edgar Borum; reglsCrtr. Mrs F L. Husband; federation secretary Mrs. S. S. Stcrnberg. Misses Ruth Whitworth and Dorothy Davis entertained Friday Dltht at the noiiie of'Miss Whitworth. There were 25 guests present who spent ah enjoyable even- Ing playing "Clock,- "C!«p-in and Clap-out," .and other games CHURCH EXCUSES CM* W. , . c I have been seriously considering the advkibility of establishing a new church along lines that conform to my idea of a true church as provided for in thc Bible. I started into discussing this matter wilh my son-in-law and hired man but soon gave It up, so far as they are concerned, a man of my ability and knowledge, to say — . —.— .... . ... nothing of my Influence., cannot This h the ist ot three trUelea.gaiiiialion, the.guiding of the'chiid ""Wd to waste lime lalklng to by w. FHiheln written in cmnee.. into formation of correct attitudes sucl1 mcn - Tllc morc I sec ot my Ikn wilh the etetrnncc *TChiM If, probtbly more important', than son-in-law, tlw more I wonder why Health Day. u has ever Men. before'In: our-fate- * allowc<1 him to'come In my fam- • ncir •- ". i llv HV DR. MORRIS FISHBE1N E4tt«r, Jwnul of UK A»criC4B Medkal Amclatkm, an* at Hy- jclm, the Health Maculae L(ke good heiltli, education U a .. ._ , v . s .„„ ndamental right of your ehlW. complicated problems tn«n i those Tbts Cwious WORLD 'When are you going to come down to <»rth and cut oirt that txotie stuff?" ....- : . ... Education Will Help Make Your Child a Better Citizen ^g--=?[^ .-iiV^ ^^."^f^/ GOOD ilRTS^SS^^ "===- _-—:-:- —-V../-^/ Hy William! \ / IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE BUT WHEN YOU DO MAKE IT FUN ' TO FINISH VOUR JOBS. AMD T DON'T CNJOV swsag^te L-'I .!•«-. ••"• i : \\fr»:TOiiBk-:- •''..• KILLING RABBITS AMD DOO5. AMD DOKJKEVS . WALL IS GlTT'W CLEANED-WHUT Wk&rZf.ST&W'i \™ > o o correc atues th the itotrnnce «CChlM in probtbly more Iniportanf ,th»n «on-in-la Day. u has ever been, before' In: our -lite- J allo »ed ' • • lory. -.'• ; illy. _ „ ---- „ -.,. ------ chlld hea[ - h ^ th|s . year may | The ne very well be made a starting-point " cn) I h toward the provision . of all ; these grf:tl 'nflucucc on this community essentials for the healthfMl child all(1 P crll: 'P ;i the whole slate, and w future j-ears may. bring .less a(tcr "• ls "ell slarted It may bc- compllcated problems ttlin i those come nation-wide. As I have only had 'in which concern us today.' Francs Being :.Made (UP1 - Counterfeiters h»vc been busy mokinc " - ten Paris, and merchants equipped wilh marble uch education Is- best hools, In tlic slliools. however, the likl should lie educated not only j thc (undnmcntaVi of readine, ritliiB. arithmetic, and geography, hlch arc necessary to success in ork, but also as to safety and •otuclion against accidents, which vlrclr caS |, re important In saving him from ^1^ xhc rippling and Irom disease, if not , re confining their efforts om death. lwn«U dcnomlnntio:i coiiis,. . spent a few minutes studying it, I only have the principals worked out. I will have the parent church TrUN THAI OKIANCI THi 0X0 MMTECL «0« THt M£LTM<i Kt, SNM, AND . ft. WATl», \HK> * AN ie-iNCM FISH OF SOUTH AMERICA, KIUS HONMtOS OF <ATTt£ ATWCKS TH«M AS mi/ wwc INIOimtM«j 1O DftlNK. WIL TAKE ROOT AND TO CIWW ASAM Af TEH HAVlNq 5EEN HUNS •- •• --..-.••• : i --r»_]>r iTWr The Plrarjha is one of the meet "dangerous ol all South American wild creatures. Not only does it lake a heavy toll among the cattle herds; of thit country, but many human lives as well. Thcs= roracious teh can strip every, particle of flesh from a body in a few minutes. H«w BIIK* («M h there In Uw oceans of UK wwH? SaUuVii- . (To the cd't«r: 1 II is reported that a group of mcp control.the finances of the world. Having a mottgigc, ire can foreclose at win. Our workings are a plot against the \rtr'm. My weapons are limitless ambi- tlyn, greediness, vengeance, hatred ecs In — «.*".b^ m « »-wiiijR;wjiit no»' nlan "*' ho wl11 cm Pl°>' the preacher bs at :f0r his P articular church.' and all their cash registers to t^t th. re i )orts alld percentage of all col- „!,«. n<: ^ • money^m'akere kctfons wl " c °n» direct to the are slabs and will have large districts with "*?• greediness, vengeance, hatred * church in each district which !an * roPpe.. Against tliesc, corn- will be in charge of a competent-" 10 " folk-are bcSpWss. -They In- 31 flic parn ' t churcl > ol which I wjll .... -.„. , „ , .~ ,..u,,L,,, lulu: i coin.^ as, thc''" ral1 ?' Uc th , c lll ' IUI - T rcaliic this child is entitled, In Uie Jo franc pieces arc morc difficult I 'I K ° mg to te llf11 ^ °" thc <>««='' .a «liiratkm rrcarrtlnir (hi- »r »„>...,__..-!:. m ' c ,Q»"'cuil c j,u rc lie.>; but It has always been my idea that no one-should he stand in the- way of :hool. to ediicnlton regarding the of fkbrTcaTion"' inctlons of its body so that it . '_ my conserve those functions sat- laclorily. It is entitled to Xnow Juror Heard BUFFALO. N. Wronf • Case V. (UP)—A EU, "- • " - —; " •'••*••• , »*jrrniiU, rt. V. (Ul'J—A "Etl- ht MUECK of moil of thc various prcme court juror ^crvini: his first se '-— >— • - L "mi, nis nrst allowed to profircss. iscabes. so that, it, may be able lo revent them when possible. * • • The school which the child at- . -- -•- ----- j —...., w \.,,, tl ^ ilu> mat. term has a vc'nircman. was anxious to do his job and show that he ,wa« a good cotozcn of Buffalo. In fact, he was so anxious he .-iai hazards to covered Ions, and simll caUhful growlh. if the child allcnds school and •ants the things that it clmild. . is simply ImpossibJe tor il - at he same time to earn a-living. Ncvertlicless, there iarc still laces In Hie United States wWrc hlklrn are forced so early inio li that llicir growlli, both phy.s- cul and mental, is handicapped. They nrc deprived of pi»y and or he usual pleasures of chlldhoo:! lull mciin to much in'lalcr lit-:. 'llicsi; rigtilt, of UK child arc ul. •osclhcr. not iuch HS ton ireat a strain upon »ny commun- ly. K observed, they will in the 11113 "iu save vast sums of inoniy every coiiiniunlty, In the carl: of Lhc .sicX. disublcU, nnd 1 unlit. The children ol today arc the citizens of tomorrow. Thc uol- MM,"' ', ifC Whlch lhcy RCt '" llw 'f rhlldhood will imKlify ihcir iwini.s of view when they l;ikc over tlin burdens of citizenship In times like iiicsc, when Ui c vno!c fiiiurc oj our country Is g]v- iis concern to nil leaders, when there nrc threats of S re»t change., n Ihe nature nf our government 1 »i our methods O r racial or- vadc : thelr system ilke an opiate mold their: opinions, r rule their 1 behavior. ' ' My religion, in all. countries, worship- myVgod, USURY. '%:god,-USURY, sticks the blood of-ttic-people, fcavlng : them hungry- while -I: burn food because there is-too much.. Yet. few ask why. , these crumbs; t'ncy will make laws ,to rule themselves, laws lo i>rotcct .my pluixkr; will appoint themselves to protect it with their lives. Tirey will shoot down llieir own wlio arc crying for bread, and win say, "We do our part." Those who oppose me,- nauseate the masses and are eventually cru- cifled. the greed crazed crowd is easy to control »s ling as i can retain tile leaders to preach inp kingdom. It win be H—— when thc people awake, but In the meantinw, with my god USURY I will continue to pull the strings. ' Oeorgc T. Baker Blytheville, Ark. — -••,' f ' Employifttnt ei True Turks Only Urged ISTANBUL (tlpi— Turkish em- ployes'in foreign bunks and business,houses have formed a union Light Rays Play Tunes BALTIMORE. (UP) —Using . photo-electric cell. Philip . . Thomas of thc Wcstinghousc Kc- tcarch Laboratory can play tunes on a xylophone by casting light. rays on tlic keys. My «mlssa;rtes tell the pebple that with the object of securing the the needy must help the needy, but dismissal of all non-Turkish cm- nevcr qiKstjon my ill-gotten gains, ploycs except tpecialiBts. • Millions'c.'iih.lycr "without clothing I It is claimed that out of 507 while public money, is paid for dc-'employes in foreign banks in Tur- struction-of .crops. They.have built key. only 97 are true Turks and so mdny.houses that-millions sleep ,thesc receive only 11 per cent of . :the.fields and flop houses. The-people arc sheep. I-am'the wolf!. the. wages paid: Tlic union will ask for thc insertion of a clause in tlic new IH- bor law requiring better pay and conditions for Turks in the scrv- Having.all. I will-give crumbs to tlw lowly, -'they-will fight broth- Read Courier News Want Ads to every ANNOUNCEMENTS followm? for tounlj Judjtr ZM* B. HARRISON- GEORGE W. BARftAM L. CALDWEU, V" r . sfK "'ifl and toUetlM yi AJ ! ENCE "• WILSON Re-clcclion for Second Tc.-ra f'"r Luuntj lieautcr JOE C.- UILLAHUNTY ItOLANO GREEN *'or <'irtuit Court Clerk HUGH CRAIG ADDISON SMITH «• B. <SKE£rf) STOUT For Counlj co«rt Clerk -Election tor and (IKE) HUDSON CnnsUt * of JACK ROBERTSON ,:«;!* Circus coining—and-hcreV your free-j»$s to- Ihc opening performance!^ All you.need is a copy of Uit» paper—and you'll gel morcithan-a ringside view of. Ihc.;Bif Show! For"Donna"-—tl) : serial—is a gripping story lliat will present for your,entertainment thc;throbbing\!ifc, of a three-ring circus ou^bc'road .*.-<. lake you back of the • scenes. . . tell you the things you've wanted to know about the world's most colorful 'people, \ DONNA OF THE BIG TOP Starting Toddy On Page 10

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