The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1938
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MAY (Auk.y eotmitort 'PA's Radio Division Pilots Proteges To Com- mci'cial Stardom WPA's Radio Stars HY NOKMAN SIKGKI, NKA Srrviee Radio Editor NEW VOllK, May 4.—The government forges ahead in Ihc radio prcdiiclioti business. During the two years of ils existence, the Federal Thealer Radio Division, a VVPA project, has cost Ihc government $305,001). 01 lhat amount, $200,003 was spent in salaries (o give, employment to professionals in Ihe Iheutcr an:l rndio. This sum, which lias supported a ilaff of 150 actors, writers, dli'ca- lors. lechnicians, supervisors and office workers who make up Ihc Federal Theater Radio Division, is equal lo lhat spent by a large network sponsor lor a 13-wcck, oiie- licuir program. In rHurn for llils outlay, Hie government has developed one ot the most interesting and worthwhile radio groups in (he country, today. Its contribution lias been most noteworthy in tlie field of radio drama, one in which the commercial broadcasters are sadly weal;. Organized as a part of tlie Fed- oral Theater Project of New York, it produced ils, lirst shows over WHN and WMCA in that city. Evan Roberts, a Cornell graduate • and 34-year-old chemical engineer and junior partner in a Wall Sired! hanking firm, look the job of directing llic project at a salary ol $1 a year. Financially Interested in a number of Broadway plays ami the author of one play, as yet 1111- prodnccd, Roberts turned toward . t.^e project as a new outlet for his theatrical interests. Uner his direction it lias successfully produced 38 different groups of programs, composed of from 10 lo 14 broadcasts a week. Roberts interested New York stations and lliree major radio chains in Ihe worlliwhiiencss of the project. As a result they have granted the FTRD nearly $3,500.000 wbrth of radio time without any charge. This time was utilized for such outstanding radio programs as the Professional Parade on NBC, Ihe Mary Roberts Rineharf "Tish" scr- ies on Columbia and (be James Truslow Adams "Epic of America" series over the Mutual chain. Tne "Tish"-, program, one of the most popular Columbia sustaining shows cf the imsl year, is now off tbo air. It will return in September willi a commercial sponsor, providing regular employment for the members of the cast. At present the group is producing the following programs: "Thsir ' Greatest. Stories", "History in Action". "Pioneers of Science", "Symphonic Dramas", Gilbert, and Sitlli- \an playlets, Negro Art Singers. Negro Melody Singers. Jul=s Verne dramas, "Exploring the Arts an« Ecicnccs", "OiKretta Memories" and a dramatic scries based on tlie lamed Pickwick Papers. Tlie group functions as a network broadcasting company in miniature. The efforts of its various divisions an.d new developments arc made available lo radio stations throughout (he country. Its work is carried on in its own studios built by the Manufacturers Trust Co. of New York, from whoa: it leases space at 10D7 Broadway. These studios cost the government nothing and arc used for rehearsals and classes h) radio technique. The total personnel of the Radio Division nexcr exceeds 150 persons Approximately SD per cent of nil (lie performers ever assisted by Ihe project have returned to private employment. Two ol ils programs hare been sold to sponsors, taking them an:i the people involved in them off llic government payroll. The lop salary paid performers by llic WPA group is Slilj.86 per week. From Hie projccl. the connncr- ciiil theater has taken Minnie Dupre. veteran Broadway slar. for a leading rclc in a West Coast production; Howard Da Silva for an important role in the Broadway hit, "The Cradle Will Rock," and the Group Theater's "Casey Jones." Hal Thompson lias gone with Gan• •monl-Brillth Pictures; William Banvalrt found work with Tallulah Bankhead in her recent production ol "Cleopatra." ErtytSc Shane. Vlr- . Bttiia Danielle and Augusta French lound employment in the Chicago company ol "The Women." And Ror.i Rubonsteiii has been signed by the Ra.lio City Music Hall a; one of its featured sopranos. Radio IIB.> tapped (he group for Fhillp Clarke, who's now hcnrr with Helen Menken in her ncl- v.'ort: series; Director Ira Ashley wr.o Is now in Hollywood handling production on a Columbia com Comely nclrosscs on the WI'A's popular "Jules Verne" serif.-; over L lu air Hie Sally Pliipps, led. and June Bradley, pictured diniin: ; broadcast. mcrcial; Swor and Lubin. who are known as "David and Goliath" on the air; Henry Youngman. tvcil- known network comedian; llic 'Four Kidoodlers," currently heard on NBC, an;l Yvcltc Rufjel, radio songstress. Scout News Boys • Girls Motions to send two representa- :ivcr> to en nip and conference, and to adopt official headquarters for scout equipment were passe:! at a meeting of the'Girl Scout Council at the city hail last nl^ht when Marcus Evranl was Ihe principle speaker and a report ol Iho clay corny held.••Saturday was nmdo. The council voted to send Miss Alta Mae Darlington, leader of troop six, to Camp Ouacliita, Ihonnburg, Ark., for a leader's training course which will begin June •! and continue through June 18. Hiss 'Allyce Nelson, commissioner of the local Council, will l>2 sent, n 1 ; local representative ID the Dixie Regional Conference in Nashville, Tcnn., May 11 through May 13. The Joe Isaacs store was voted official headquarters for Girl Scout equipment, before Mr. Evrarrt talked en "Juvenile Crime 'Problems" in cooperation with a program on the administraticn of justice being sponsored by the Junior Bar Conference of the Ainericna Bar Association. After a dc:isio:i to liohi n lenders' meeting May 23 to make plimr, for three day camps to be held -Jnr- ing the summer monllis, Die Jollc-.v- ing report of the day camp held Saturday in Walker park was made. The camp was under the direction ot Miss Nelson with whom the -:aptains of the troops worked. Cup- '.ains are: Mrs. Jess florncr, and Ihc patrols v.ith llicir counsel- cio .prepared llicir evening meal of shlslikalrcl-s, apples, viklnqs, cinnamon roll;, and toasted marsh- At Ihe twilight hour, (he girls gathered around llic camp lire whi:h was in charge, of Ihc (irc- tiiilders, Miklrc:! Muir am Marjoric Mays. The program presented at this lime, under Ihc supervision ol MUs ;Mc:rc. consisted a" skits fov different troops and SOUKS by the entire •jroup. r ilm liual song, "When 'Day is Cone" was entered Into by th? guests who were present for (he final event of (lie camp. The sweepstakes in the track meet was wen fcy Miss Jones' troop five mid Mrs. Homer's troop sever who tied with ten points each. Troop sis, of which Miss c;arltn<?- ton is captain, \vns second \v eight .y-.ints. Mrs. Msrris' troop cne received seven points and Miss Moore's troop three, live points. first, sc:ond and third places ii: the track meet were us follows: Relay raci: (roc;) so/en, six, and one. Clc:k relay: troop six, Erownies, troop seven. i • First aid relay: troop five, troop seven, Ircop six. Water I;ci!in 5 ami fire building troop three, troop live and troop ope. Apparel c-Jia'.igin-j relay: (reap five, troe;,- BIX. Imp Ihrea. Square knot .foulest: "troop seven ttoc-y one. trojp three. Treasure hunt: trccp one. troop five, iioop seven. Negro Senior Students Try Teachers' Tasks Anion; Ihc privileges granted th= senior class of Ihc Harrison negro .<:cht:>! tlii:; year hi!,-, been (hat of teacliinj classes for half a day. Names of litiidcnls and the classes lliey were in clinrjc of ycstertay follow: JL:sie Lcc Anderson. s:ro:ul grade- Finis Bobbin, seventh crade a»ri- Srounies and Iroop 7; Miss Charles i culture aiul fifth t-radr En' '- - c " "' - "- " ' Farts Lojan. third "grntl?; v° Virtuous Ransom, lirsl. grade :uid home rccnoniirs; Lizzie Mai Jclin- Scouts, Joncs, trco.-, 5; Miss Garlinjfon. trccp «; Miss 'Mildred Moore, troop ,i: Mrs. Rudolph Morris, troop 1. Ihcy were assisted by Mrs. W. C. Hrjeinson, Mrs. L. L. Huhcncr. Miss Gra:c M-FarlaiKi>. Miss Jesr.alyji Blcineyor. Miss Mary Virginia llar- lison, Miss Mar>ucrilc Sila/. Miss Lena Mac Oliver ami Mrs George M. Hunt. Approximately 100 Girl Bio-.vnics and counselors i if the p.-irk at 10:.')0 a.m. for the Irst day camp Blytlicvillc Iris over ia:l. The claj's activities were begun c~f tbo color ceremony which was mdor llic supervision of the color guards, nelly Brooks Isaacs. Mary •j.vnn Jackson. Mary Helen Moore, ml Vcra Elizabeth Goodrich. At noon the girls enjoyed "nosebag" lunches which Itiey had Jrcugtil with them from home. £«ch patrol with its counselor spread its lunch 25,000 Rolls of Wallpaper ROOM LOTS $1.09 up Most complete Una of Paints and Wallpaper In N. B. Ark, Blytliovillc Paiiil & Wallpaper Co. (Bljthevillc Owned & Operaled) Gleticoe Bldg.- Phone 880 At Ihe end of a 30 minute rest graile; Carrin I). P;ir- Kcr. ciglitli grario literature .ind licme economics; Cecil Parlce. 10th l:ioln?y Latin; Vcrni:c Walson. ninth ;r,icle Enjlisli nnU lllli f.inde Literature; Jneroy Logan, liftli (;rn<lc; Ira B. Lo^iin, .seventh Riadc licnilli; Otcria I'cr- BUsi.ii. niiitli and lllh yraclc alpr- nrn. BlytheviJle School News OUR BOARDING HOUSE illC.ll HCiiOUI. NEWS (.'riiuo I'roljlnns Dlsrussni "Juvenile Crime Problems" wus llic subject of Uio talk made uy Mnrai:; Kviiird lo ll:c students of tlie high si'hcol Monday, Mr. Evrnrrt discussed Ihe problem as 11 alfcclcd the high school \oiilh. He suageslod ways in whlcli h ::chool ciliMiis could help a in) asked for their cooperation in Ibis work, Mr. Evrard's talk was one of n series on administration of justice "••liivl, Is beln(j sponsorc;! by the /Vinniean liar Aiisot'iiUlon. CJ. 0. Krdinnn, Jerry Harbour, Mil- ili'nl Hhort, Mnry p, Piieketl, Beverly Hanson. Mary P. Oulnos, Joyce Kcll'.i, Mnilhu Taylor. Ilclty Hol- liniil. Hotly Silkier, Hilly Joyucr, Uick Wllliaius. nnd Ann Wood. . Hliidenls ol hlsli school were Kiven 11 hnlMuillilny, Tlmvsduy so tlu-.v iiiliilil altcn.-i (lie openliii! Uinue ol the busc'jnll season. Classes were beBiir, ill clghl o'clock In Use morning mill con- lliuied until 12:30 o'clock In Uic nltcrnoon, with n 10 minute Intermission nt 11:00 o'clock. H'A IlLIS I'lCflilll! 'liilis. itriiiiinU.s, mid posters 'draleil lljr. stiiijc during u.»eni- I'YIdny, whi-n Ihe 1', !•'. A. boys Sin^s Snilrh Hinip,s Mr:;. Farmer linnhind sung :i group <;( Scotch foiigs and hulr.ulu for Itu 1 L'njn'isU 1A classes I-'ridny. T'lie classes have been making n. study of Scutch songs, customs,; I of ,| 1( . ;1( ,;.| ( ,,,||,,re classes held' IheVr l-qtiuls, coslunn'S, and clans lu [omul Hireling Curl Hughes nre- eoimccllon with their work on "The j si.tcil with the oilier executives. Harold Uoyrt, secreliiiy; Kugeiie Hoo.l, vlcc-presldenl; Johnny V'liini!, (roisurer, nt their respective stnlions. Alter (lie business mccllni;. Hie meiubers «av« llicir li)(rr]>rt!lntlan L:uiy of UK- Luke." Tlic pro[;nnn conslsled of tlie (c:i:wlnu songs: "Loch fj'jiuiuoiici", Aimi3 l.Hiirio", "Comin' Tliru the Rye". "O Weil Thou In (lie Ciuild Hiiist", -'nine Bills of Bcotliind". -in.l "Ave Miiriii." R. N. HIM, who wsis the nccom- punisl, played us solos (lie Scotch nieces "Hail lo (he Klnr;", and "Wl A Hundred IMpers A' an' A 1 ". Ciiinnlcti; Sccinl I'mnrani Fellow.s I'prnm eompleled HB proijr.'im of i.ocial nctlvltim for year with n picnic ill Armorel, Tuesday. April 2(i. Eivcli member invltrd one of llic lilgli school girls I as his Kiiesf. Discussions on the April prop,uun tliemc, "Pan Americanism" were concluded at the meeting on T'lnnsjuv, when Russell Parr gave i siunnmry Inlk on (hat siiljject, and Cooksey Dwlson discussed "Anli-Amcricaulsin". Kccenlly, llic cluw member.', pur- cliascd white twlllrcl shirts whlcii IKIVL on tlie pocket the lellcrs I''. P. C. in maroon. Kvl'ool E'rcitlinis Discn'.sril "Sclionl Problems In Arkansas", was discussed by W. D. Mc.Clurkiu at the study i;roup meeting of the! jimior-scnior blgli school Parent Teachers' Association in ils meeting Monday of n dance of s|iriii(i, Slnrlyn Youuu played and mini; two sclcc.- In Ills Inlk, Mr. McCllirkin discussed Ihc location and populalioti of Ihc school districts. Ihe elllclcncy of the iBichcrs, und the tources of school revenue. Tlie study class tor Ihlr, year has been under HID direction of Miss Grace Phelps. who hns been pre- sonllng lo Ihe grown tlie problem:; of Ihc adoleici'nl ciiiid. • a f \Vill Scholarship . C'mi Tlie juniors of Miss Cecil C;is- sidy's lionic room won Iho soliolnr- ship cup for (he second six weeks of (his semester, it was announced 'oy Miss nosa Hartly at the nsseni? bly period Tuesday. Tlie group rankins; «ecoiid was (lie seniors sponsored fcy Miss Luna Willielm. 1 Promised Land News Mrs. Jvny White, wlio i., Icavius the Promised l-iml coinmtiiiily scon, wns surprised with a chowcr given by members ol the Premised Lnrl Missionary scricty Tuesclny aflcr- ncon when tliey mrt :il, ihc church. l-'ollowlns; several lalks. n f[iiar- tcltc composed ol Mrs. Bill Harding. Miss Emma Di:k Moore, Mrs. A nominnliiiK committee wus up. poinle:) Tuefdny by |<,on stnll'ord :idc:.t cf llic Student Council! • cnmniltlcc is lo prepare n laliot of rain.'ldiitc.s lor otilcers nl Tlie ballot win (hen bo presented I" the student bcdy for ttr, n p- pniviil, or disapproval. The eumniltlci! consists ol u representative from each class. Tlwy are: Mnrjorln Warren, sonior; Jer- iy Cahcn, Junior; llmold Do/.le-i-, i:nplioinor!<; iinjl I'lilrlfln Wise, Irishman. Joe nm-iwll nnd Marvin Nunn attende-:! Ihe press meet ul Meui- liliis. Friday and Saturdny. Tlic meet vviis sponsored by the Commercial Appeal and nil schools In the Iti-stale nrciv were Invited. 'Jlie purpose of llic mcctliiK wns to increase the Interest In school Camiiiiaks introiluced ' ' — Formal introduction of the candidates lor officers of the Student Council for 1938-39 wns made nt assembly Tuesday, wiicn they W2to presented to tlic student body by Mis? Mary Bain, sponsor of that organization. Those nominalcd and the posi- lions far which (hey have lie;n chosen arc: president, Thomas Seay and Eugene Hood; MrsL vice president, Harold Ucv.icr mid Joe Hilly Mcllanoy; second vice president, Jeanne Allltck and Mildred Muir; secretary. Mary ffclen Moore an:l Vcra Goodrich; treasurer, Hunter Sims and Tom Reader. Gene Blackwell Is High Scorer For Winning Frat UNIVERSITY. Aln., Miiy •!.—In- tcrlrnlernlly records fell' in Ihe Inlra-muiul track meet which the Sit'ina Chi frntenilly ivoii a(. Hie University ol Alabama last week. The Tlieia Xi's came In second wllli HID Deltn Tan Delta's llilrd. Entered in Iho meet were 26 fraternities, represented by r>25 men. The events liislecl twin tlnys and were reported lo be (he best ever held on the cmnpus. All events required cisht hcnta to 'determine llic linalisls except the rcluy which required only-'nix. Gene Black-well was Ihe high point, umn for tire winner, lie i'rrscnl l-riigruni Central prade school pupilr, served lea. period, C. O. McKce, teacher or! 1 ?- '<• Cutler and (he Rev. Mr. science in the. city high school con-1 Harris sang several nmnSers. ducted a nature study (rip through T1 ic 22 members were Hie park. sand«-:?!ie.«, cake and ic«l At three o'clcck a field meet under (he direction of Miss Charhs Jones was held. The meet continued until 6:00 o'clock when the WM;! eadiercrs an:l nrc builders mndn Ihe (irst nnd second gnide, under (lie dlrcciion of Miss Lena Mac Cliver. presented a program for Ibs liigli school slicleiit-s at the assembly period. Tuesday. The program consisted ot Unco i;roiiji songs. "O Tiiiltcrlly", "My Cld Kai! Doll" nnd "Tlic Doll's Duncini; Lesson"; n piano solo by Jimmy I,oivc; a reading "Jicmny and the Clown", by Charles Henderson: and n reading "Pussy Wit- IOH-", by Don Peterson, HobMc Michael and Franklin Hunt. Tliocc appearing in Ihc group number.'! were: Marion ft. Smith, Ramona Crafton. Jo Ann Trle.scli- inan, Don Peterson, Bobbie Michael. Franklin Hunt, jimmy Lowe, Cliarlcs Henderson, Bill roller, June Buchanan, Opal McDermott, The scallop moves lhroii|;h the vvalrr by taking a quantity of water inlo ila shell and Ihcn driving I', out forcibly. This moves llic fires under the ovens in the park »:all'5|> along by short Jumps. WE ARE tVOW SHOWING OUR NEW 1»38 AUTO SEAT COVERS New iSlylcs & J' New Low 1'rit'CH $1.95 up Expert Insinuation at No Exfva Cosl . A COiMl'IJCTK STOCK FOR AU, MAKE CAIiS WE URGE YOU COME TO Headquarters l''nr Aulo Seal Covers (ieforc You liuv. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Ml W. Walnul S(. I'll. 031 A Spring INSUKKS BoiSer Spring Uriving JL. Our equipment is inntlcrn . . . Our mechanics ^ Hi-o experts . . . Our prices are very reasonable • . . Our work is guaranteed ... All of which means , . , your complete satisfaction . . . BRING YOUR CAR IN '^OW! 5th & Walnut Phone 81U THUR. C MAY •} /:l/ioll Fletcher Chapter— V.O.C. MOONUGHT EXCURSION First of tlic Season IY. San Soutl Landing . .9:00 pm (O/t £/a:n ffiftajy Jfi pn', t^o* Oittah) Ciwie nnd c»ju)' n gootl li iril/i in on Iho Sir. Cn/i ft'cir Tlirilli! ft'cto Fun! Djncir.f [4 thQ matto of : riciiovs "Piepper-Uppers" Iht CtplEcL'i btind ,ntw U fdct ^4v£t(f Bind dntitii by FATS WALLER'S DOUBLE o\ fit" Ortt^i Singfr, Piino PUyer anf] Kaiter fc'rlertAtofr Kith Jat» of zip with Major Hoople ^p-_-;52S™ corn, H3n BY NE* SERVICE. IMC. T7M. uto. u.'s! PAT. OFF ;ored point',- |u four ovnnis, The ndlng scorer for Iho ulternoon as Jack Clonilo ot I'l Kanpu Al- liu who took three first places, Alabama vnrally men played mi nporlaiit, part in Iho niccl, Cleue Incliivpll, [Iciky Mosley, Billy nirrcll. Jnck Clonilo, nnd 1'red wvls from Uio footbnl squad and rllnir Fowler tram (he boxing Mini were Ihc imwt notable. Dog Walks Across Road And Six Autos Crash ZOAttVlLLIS. O. (UP)-i3lx auta- lohlles were damngerl nncl two 'm injured vvlirn « dog -walked o^i Iho icul cnuslivf a. mclorbt sklcl lo avclil hitting li| m . A =h slid Into Hit? car, then uinlhcr nr struck Ihe Iruck, und a. fourth tir hit Ihe second, No sooner luul the wrcdcnge in clenreil than a llflli car {Irldect Into, the side of :i bridge rying to avoid flic }nm ill thu ccidcnt. Then u sixth car hit the IIIlli. lie two girls, rlillng | n || IC | n urlh r, sullered minor injurlcii. Tin Arsmor Knows SAUOU8, MIIKJ. (UP>—A poultry owner Insisted there were only 'it hens In hla Hock. A (ioublhlK HS- sessor let out u lusty 'cook-n- dooiUo-:loo" und n fowls olieycd Ilia summons. The li\x bill wus uiiide out lor 47. • ilniinlmliT »f Ntur Itciith HHOCKV1LLE, Onl, (UP) — A Townsloy's car slMlc'il on a vut\- rond (nick nnd lie got out lo crunk. An enslljoiind expn-ss roll- ed down the track, demolished the air. Townsley Ktlll has the crank, u reminder lie once owned an automobile. 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