The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1949
Page 5
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MONDAY, AUGUST 1, BVATHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Uranium is Found In U.S. for Bombs AEC Submits Sixth Annual Report; Says Production Upped By I'rank Carey Associated I'ress Science Writer WASHINGTON, Aug. 1. l/i'l— The Atomic Energy Commission announced today its new and more cllccUve alomic bombs—proof-tested at Eniwc'tok—are being produced "on an industrial basis." ft also said uranium and plu- toniuin for bombs and other atomic energy uses are being produced "in greater quantities than ever before." Relating "advances in all phases of the national atomic energy pro- Biam," the AKC in its sixth' semiannual report lo Congress also list- f?d progress on the medical front, including indications that relatively inexpensive radioactive co- h:tlt may eventually prove to be a better cuticer treatment, than radium. At the same time the AKC disclosed it had found ace-in-the-holc sources of uranium in this country that could be used at some future time (ov military applications in case the uranium we now get at home and abroad should cease to be available. Sources Orefully Checker! Tills country not Bets most of its uranium from the Belgian Congo. Some of the precious stuff also cotnes from low-grade carnotitc ore of the Colorado plateau—an ore relatively low in uranium content. Thc commission told today of extensive exploration and prospecting by the AEC and the U. S. Geological Survey all over the country. This involved "comprehensive examination of virtually every rock formation in this country, and of mine and smelter products, gas and Fires Claim Three Lives; Two Drowned By lh« Associated Press Three jiersotis died in accidents involving Jires and I wo others drowned ill Arkansas over the week end. At Euioda Sunday, Wesley Brown of Water Valley, Miss., attempted to extinguish n (ire which started when a spark Ignited the freshly painted Interior of the Eiidora city water tank, on which lie was 'work ing as a welder. The fire got out of control, and Brown died of burns and suffocation. • Mrs. Hauon Daniels, 25, and her 13-monlh-old son, died In » fire at their home near Booneville Saturday. Mrs. Daniels poured kerosene into a kitchen cookstove. The kerosene exploded. Igniting the clothing of mother and child. A. J. (Ons) Frederick, 36, of Little fiock, and Danny Lee Beck, two- year-old son of a friend, were drowned in Lake Nixon, near Little flock when Frederick's new bon sank late Sunday. The Beck child's father, Hubert, and Uvo sisters, es capecl. Blood Bank Plan Now Under Study By Biochemists MONTREAL - Your red blood ucrpuse'es are like a commiuuly o people They are made up of individuals, ranging from newly born to old a?e. While not a!l survive to a ripe old aee, they tend to a fairly LI n « f o r m life-span of four mouths The things that affect their lite .spaa and their work are under suidy at McGill University's PAGE mi Missco Farmer Uses Cotton as Insulation For Rural Home in Crews Lateral Community By Harry A. Haines Courier News Staff Writer Laivrence Woodward believes that if you don't promote your own product, no one else Is likely to. And he didn't lovget thai \s'hen lie built his new Monie at. Crews Lateral nearly three years ago. For instead of using Hie mire popular type of insulation in the house, Mr. Woodward insulated his home with cotton. The cotton was specially treated fat a factory) to make it fireproof and just as safe as regular types of Insulation , "The cost compares .favorably, too," Mr. Woodward said, and went on to point out that he believed Its insulating qualities will also compare favorably with other tn- sulullng material. Other features of the home Include a large attic fan which not only cools the house but blows out on the screened porch and creates a pleasant breeze there, and a hot air, central lion ting plnnl located In the center of the house to help W1NFIELD, MO,, Aug. 1. (/TV— Robert Griffin, 16, St. Louis high school student, drowned in the Mississippi Uiver yesterday while wad- keep an even temperature through-I Wilson. Courier News Photo out. The home also has aluminum windows which open easily in any j weather and will never need paint j Mr. Woodward en me to Missis- \ sippl Cmmty Irom Fivypttpvlilo Tcnn., in 1918 with his father, who also was a futmer. Winner of a Plant-lo-Pro.sprr avrfird in 1917, Mi 1 . Woodward now farms abolu 300 acres most ol • which is in i-otlon. i Mr. and Mrs. Woodwnrd aie the parents of Mrs. W. J, Alexander ol NOT1« OF ADMWISTRAT.ON Student Dfowm On June 18, 1M9. letters of administration upon the estate of William Raymond Phillips, Jr., deceased, were granted to the under- Iguert. whose address 15 Leachville, Arkansas, instead ol Manila, Arkansas, which was iimdverLently given as the address of the admin- istratrix, under dale of July 13, 11H9. All persons having claims against the said estate are required to exhibit the- same lo the administra- trix, properly authenticated, within six months from the date o! trie HI-SI publication ot tins notice, or they will be forever barred and precluded from any benefits in such estate. Dated ihts the 15th day of July, 1941). Wanda L, PhWlps, Administratrix Claude R Coo|>er, Attorney for administratrix. 1-18, 7-25, 8-1 Ing two miles below WlnfleM Dwa. Robert had gone with his father, Henry E. Grift in, and three other youths to a clubhouse owned by the elder Griffin. The body was recovered * few hours later by lUinoti flihennen. ASPHALT BOTTOM^ COTTON PICK SACKS! THE LONGEST WEARING COTTON PICK SACK OK THE MARKET. OUTLASTS TWO OR- THREE DUCK BAGS - BY ACTUAL TE5Tatf THE ASPHALT 60TTOM WEARS LIKE IRWii CO. Manufactured *f BEMIS BRO. BAG MIMPMS 2, IIHH. For Sale By ALL LEADING JOBBERS department of biochemistry The purpose is lo improve blood bank preservation. The work is in churye of Dr Orville F. Denstedt. who was Fducator Takes Position With State Department wartime bkxxi- one of Canada's Ptovape experts. In health nearly one per cent of ! your ml cells die each day. T.«;y I oil wells, and other places where uranium might occur," the AEC said, adding: "By mid-year this work hud revealed enormous tonnages of very low-grade materials ithat is. ma- tennis low iti uranium content.) "They cost more to process but they could be utilized in the future to sustain an atomic energyI ceils is r.bouL one per cent per day. program for military purposes. But the bank doesn't get rid of should lower-cast uranium to be available." The report said earlier that in rrmiicctLon with the production ot fissionable materials for weapons K.G. Lewis, director ci the veterans and dLctributive education program in Blvlheville for the past two years, left today for Little Rock where lie will become a specialist m public service training for the Trades and Industrial Division of the State Department of Education. Bsfor* he left he expressed ap- re quirkly discarded and rcplac- t>n;ciation for the co-operation ed ivitJi newcomers born at the astounding rate of about 10 billion frcm W.B Nicholson, superintendent of schools, in developing the each hour In cold storage, in a f t>1 -r>graru here. Mr. Lewis came here blood bank, the death rate of [ , lom Tcxarkana where he served in similar capacity. Prom 1938 through them like your body. When banked blood is given by transfusion, the detunct corpuscles are quickly thrown out ,all except the iron in their red coloring matter. Your t Iron, and either liver, or sends it immediately to the bone marrow to red stuff, or newly formed corpuscles. How long a red corpuscle live.s depends on several conditions. One is i the efficiency of his internal chemical processes. Although it takes a i microscope lo see a single corpuscle. 1 each one i.s an elaborate chemical j plant The machinery of this little — -—-- ; j plant i.s enzymes. Some- enzymes Canadians estimate their country I enable the corpuscle fo use sugar has I,t!90,L!fiO square miles of for- and oilier foods. Other enzymes e;-tcri nrea. and other uses "actions have been ! body takes that tsiken to improve and make more I stores it in the certain the supply of x x x x (uran- ! jmmprt The 2D2-])age report made no reference lo current discussions concerning American-Brit ish-Canadran relation!; in the atomic energy field Hire i.s becoming an important crop on the delta of Uie Rhone River. 1D45 he was with the State Department of Education in the same position to which he i.s returning this week i'.i.s successor hern has not been selected nnd the Blythrville program for the new school year will not get under way until September 1. Tt was scheduled to have started today. Two Baseball Players Are Killed by Lightning BAKER, Fla., Aug. 1. f/l> Two linker players were kilk-.d imd 50 other persons injured by a lightning bolt that ripped Into a baseball game and scattered a Sunday- afternoon crowd of 300, One of those Injured was listed In critical condition. The bolt plowed a ditch three inches deep and 20 feet long in the baseball diamond and spread Hushes of electricity and sparks throughout the park. The two teams. Baker and Munson, Pla., were preparing to begin play when lightning -struck. They belong to a semi-pro league of towns in Santa Rosa and counties. A Baker left-fielder, Gordon Walther. said he and some teammates were- blasted to the ground as they were running to their positions. As he got up, Wallher said he saw Humes mid sparks "all over the place" and heard men, women and children screaming as they fled. Canada has 14-1 ports of entry which handle vehicles. 48 for railways and 81 for airfields. Double Disappointment Reported by Arkansan DOUBLE DISAPPOINTMENT 12 .. ST. LOUIS, Aug 1—(>!»>—Police Some of the earlier known iron i said a man who identified himself relics were Jewelry. self of carix>n dioxide. The preservation of the corpuscles in blood banks is to a large extent a matter of keeping these enzyme sys- Ihcip it to get oxygen and to rid it- terns working. a worker! Holds 553 pounds... does everything but set the table! INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER HEAVY DUTY FREEZER Worth its weight in gold because ii docs SO many things for you. Now you can buy fcxxl In Jarge quantities at real bar\J\.S a ' n P ric «. And you can deliberately -lift cook too much, store it away, and save \ yourself work later on! Feed your fam- ^\ ily better than ever,and have extra hours of leisure time for other activities. See this freezer today! • plant 15.8 cubic-foaf capacity • freezes food quickly and easify • streamlines your kttch«n duties • hcmdlci all your entertaining as the father of Preacher Roc, Brooklyn Dodger pitcher, reported two disappointments over the weekend. The man gave the name of Dr. Charles E. Roe of Vioia, ArK. Police quoted him as saying he had hoped to see his .son win against Drunken Gunman Demands $4 f OOQ; Threatens Child CHICAGO. Au^. I. (/Pi—A <lrmtk and reeling gunman threatened lo kill a two-year-old girl early today unless her family gave* him all theii money. While? the lemfiefl father, mothci and, grandmottict walt-hed him helplessly, the ' five-foot six-inch robber carried little Sharon Kathleen McCary from room to room in the small South Side basement apartment searching for a $4.000 treasure. He yelled ho had heard on "good authm-ity" the family had that much money. First hp vowed 1 o kill the gi rl. then he told the adults; "I like children. I won't hurt her unless you make trouble." FJe had already pocketed $so in cash and $100 in jewelry taken EYoisi \VilUiim McCary, 29, and his wife. Doris. 28. The: gunman bound the hands of Mrs. McCary mid her mother. Mrs. Esther Farnclt. and forced them lo lie on a bed, McCaiy, tiLso bound. \vas farced to Oie floor, where the stagfxrini; gunman kicked him again nnd again as he shouted for more money. McCary lold poSitre thr gumiuin nuout 21, left after making gestures cis if to kiss the baby. Sharon Kathleen \va.*> not harmed. the St. Lous Cardinals Friday night. The game pjjdeti in a 3-;t tit'. Also he Islti polico a billfold with SBO was missing after lie i ode on foHnwii:*.; the ^iiine. SKY DRIVE-IN THEATER MONDAY IS "BUCK NIGHT" FOR ALL BUICK OWNERS All Buick Owners Admitted for Just $1 Monday Might Feature The Bride Goes Wild" VAN JOHNSON JUNE ALLYSON BUTCH JENKINS 2 Miles North or Blyrheville — Regular Admission SOc Box Office Opens at 6:45 — Show Starts at 7:30 ori Ih . h. ove,,i;i la fresie capacity. INTIRNATIONAl HARVISTIR FREEZERS FOR EVERY FAMILY 11.1 CUBIC-FOOT H| FREEZER stores 385 pounds of frozen food! What > 1« of food this work-saver, time-saver holds! Fruit, vcgciiblcs, meat, full, poultry, and mort! All foodj for ill lasccs ... always ready! A real necessity to save your energy ... and jour doilinl Look for the« special features: " r,fr !»,,., in, .nil "Fr.M-lok !i fr»rt, h«lp, w.l ..fcjn.r g IDOK FOI THI HAUMAM Of HAimm <fV. m 3/2 SOUTH 2ZP ST. /// \iurl; or ui [)lay... night or day... it's ilie world's most useful car! Tmvclci w ... World's only 2-cars-in-one Ili-rc'l lliitible-trilk llinl ninlun SKinf.. . .Yi>ll own "2 cars" fertile tiricu of one...a cargo van for woik, a smart sedan lor play. Make* buxiucui a fitcnmre! licsl 'liandy man' you ever liail. \Vitli ils roomy 10-foot hold, your Traveler pays i(s own way... hauling sacks of lime or stacks of lumljcr...fccii, flowers or furniture! I'rtila, Chnngii ... in 10 secottrls. yniir '1'tavclcr liccumrs a big, six-|>a;.<.ciigcr luxury' sciliti! I-'uel tlic power of Ilial tliurougli- bred ThundtrlicacI engine...willi iln gas-Rilariiing 7.3-IO-1 compression ratio. Keel llic deep coinfoit of scat? lO'-Ui" (vide; t)ic of 123W" wlicclliase. lust diiic it mul sec. ficic! Luxury model Kaiser Yagnbonti... La;l notd in elegance! 2-cars-m-l, plus overdrive, 112 h.p. Thtintlcrlicad engine, lavish refinements. Knuer.., lotfcul-firictid Itig i:(ir in ffic n-orti?/ Ask your neighborly Kaiscr-I'Vaxcr dealer for a dcmonslralion 1 61 MOTOR COMPANY North Highway Gl BlytheTille

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