The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1931
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Served by the United Press BOTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AUKAN3AB AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXV11—NO. 2C9 lilythcville Courier, Blythcvllle Dally Blythevlllc Herald. Mississippi Valley leader. BhYTllKVILUO, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAV, JANUARY 28, ]():(! SINQLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ; ' LEGIL HELP mm { George Mei/ncr Knows Now Thai Joe Cun'l Shoot CHICAGO. Jan. 28 (UP) — Gecrge Mclzncr admits he likes an argument and would ralliCT be __ right in one than be president. Q i AIM r \ . i Visiting Joe O'Kane's power shop iiarles Asks Names ol At-jhu tta s shown a new pistol or tn = ' whic " 10 Clara's Secretary Behind cule Stale Cases. ..,, snrc ls ., fme gun> .. said O'Kane, "and necessary too, with all the hold-ups these days." 1 Certainly, ils n swell gun." answered Meizner. "but what ucud's LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 28 (UP) Will) hank, insurance and ploye probes already under by various legislative committees Ihp senate this morning turned Us allemlon to a new Held of i»vcs- "Ej> tlon - . A resolution introduced by Son- ; j lis jjat stor Qnarlcs. Helena, was adopted | o -K a ne blazed away. Would Disorganize Firm-: ces, Increase Depression,, Secretary Declares. ! elll "|ll to you. you can't shoot." !Lt)™'.' S(> tl!ey ar 8 ucd - Mel ™ cr losing. "Here," he shouted finally in desperation, "If you think you can ! shoot, hit this," and he held out WASHINGTON, Jan. 23 (UP)—; [ Secretary of Treasury Mellon !o- j was I day denounced congressional plans , for lurtlier immediate comucwa-1 lion for World War veterans as n j program of unmitigated Inflation; wlilch would lead lo greater depression, j He predicted a deficit thLs year • Howling with pain, Mclzner ran of at Irast 5315.000,000 nnct ex- witb the request the attorney gen- j nuM1 „„„ , , eral. commissioner of revenues, - lo a doctor who dressed his two I Passed Hie opinion t«e cornpcnsn- ccininissioncr of insurance ancl the i | J!K |iv lacerated fingers and thumb.'" 011 project would necessitate an state bank commissioner to fib ; jijij,",,,,,. picked up his hat lo leave. ] early tax increase, with the stale within five days the ! j lc g i ance d nt it; his Icok of ajony j Mellon discussed the question in names of all special attorneys ! t urn ed into a broad smile. | testimony before the senate finance appointed to execute special suits' <-j knew I was right." he exclaim- j committee which is considering or services, (he names of nil rtcpu-: c( i "that bozo never even touched I several bills to cash veteran's In' ty attorneys paid by tile slate, and j ^ also tne amount expended as fees. • salaries and expenses in conncc-1 tion with such work. Significance was attached to the i !evolution as it was seen as an • attempt to probe into (he handling oi hack tax suits and other actions of similar nature. I Gas Tax Ronsl Prannsrrl | Sinalors Stewart and McGehee- ottered tlie long looked for meas-, nre to create a public service com- ; mi«ion by abolishing Ihe existing' Arkansas railroad commission. The; bill would give the new coinmis- i sion enlarged powers arid provide • for an altered method of selecting i ki:.?w he couldn't slioat." Addresses Farm- eis at McCormick Cele- bratioiv. at Home Theatre; Food crops should receive the the commissioners. It was refer-! n - st Attention of the farmer and red to the committee on public cor- j tne co tton crop should be his mar- poraticiis. ginai or profit crop, B. A. Lynch. ? surance certificates. He estimated I I the cost of casli payment at $3,-, ! 400.000,000. : Mellon eaid the plan in elfcct • | would impose a capital levy onj ' holders of government bonds, kill i the market for oilier securities and; disorganize the government's debt 1 refunding and retirement program, j All bonds would be affected he' said, and -the capital values aggregating hundreds of millions j would be destroyed. "Obviously," said the secretary, "this Is not the time for the reckless and unwarranted abuse of tlie public credit." "At the present time," he continued, "the country is going Another measure affecting motor pr(?E jdenl of the Farmers Bank and transportation was offered in the. T^J company, declared in speak- fmnVoi a bill to amend net 05 of! ing at tric McCnrmick Reaper Cen- .... .. ;he acts of the 1923 general 'as-. [ enn j a i celebration at the Home j except, pn terms whicli : ..wou)d ; be. •-iViiiiiij- t/-i«lulvn!"n--cent K 'rC 1Cr Tthea'tre'here this afternoon". "' ""''(very hard~td"justify, and. without present gasoline tax, increasing itj In nddnjoj, t 0 M,._ Lynch, other | complete -disorganization " " REST BEST ftlDS Doclor Gives Rules for Avoiding Malady Now Ilii'ealeiinig Epidemic, j EDITOR'S NOTE: Wllh inliu- I'timi Inbreaks already reported in many rnmiuunlllrs and threjlrn- Inr others The Courier News lierr- wilti, breliu a «rlrs of thrrc articles hy l)r. Morrln Hshbcln un how (ti avoid till* milady and Its ttrratcst contributory cause, ' Ihr i-ommon rold. The article wcru written b.v Dr. Fishbeln fsiicclally Tor (his nrv.sp.ipcr anil NKA Srr- V'Hf. * * * BY I)It MOItltIS FISHIIEIN Editor cf The Jouillal (if the Am- I'rlr /i Mcdlrnl Assnclillun and of HjsH:i. the Health Magazine The most favorable temperature for hop.Uh for tlie average limn \nries apiirently with the cllma'.c lo which he has been accustomed. In the temperate zone, we seam to d-> exceedingly well wllh fairly moderate temperatures, such as occur In spring and fall, but inusl adjust ourselves to Ihe extreme conditions Ilial develop In the summer titid In the winter. Winter requires more adjustment than summer. Professor Hunting ol Student at Princeton Sends SI 00 Relief Check A check for $100, an unsolicited tontrltnllon to the droiuh relief program in this commun- lly, was received Hxlny by 0. A. Cmmlni;li:im from William I.. '1'nylor, son ol II. U Taylor of Memphis, iiresldcnt of the Federal Compress and Wnrchouw Taylor. « sludenl nt Prince- ion University. I'llnccton. N. J., accompanied tlie check with a brlcl note Ri wlilcli he explained tliat lie I'.aci read of condl lions fiicInK the people of northeast Arkansas »nd dcslr- ctl to help relieve them. The money will be placed \v. the Goodfelloivs fund, which Is used lo defray expenses of relief activities not provided foi by tlr_- national Red Cross. $20,000 Injury Claim Wil Probably Go to Jury Late This Afternoon. Voluntaiy • Subscriptions ' Will Meet Needs Payne -1 Tells Congress. WASHINGTON, Jan. 28. lUr — The central committee ot the Hid iross has refused to accept the $25,- WO.OOO appropriation Inserted by lie senate In the Interior depart ncnt appropriations bill, Chahman. John Barton Payne told the house •.' appropriations committee today. The committee took tills action at a meeting yesterday when It cast n resolution ns follows: • • "It Is the sense of the central n position adequately to complete couunlltce thai the Red Cross is in the task It has undertaken in droulli stricken nrcas and it hereby assumes the responsibility of completing snld task without public appropriation," The $10,000,000 fund which tlie Hod Cross is now seeking to raise will be sufficient to care for its re- liot work iu drouth stricken areas wllh other (unus already set aside from ils treasury, Mr. Payne told the committee. The $20,000 personal injury suit brought by J. A. McKenzle against I the Arkansas-Missouri Power com- 000 deaths every year The most! severe inoi.lhs are apparently Feb- j . * *. * .. ' runry. March and early April, the •cult court here late today. O. E. Keck recessed court for 15 ! at 2 o'clock this Angeles county jail after her conviction on charges of robbing Clara , _ . , . ,,-„;, , . . , ,., through o severe economic depres- Em '- her tormer employer, of $825.. The upper picture shows her willi sion and there is a large army oil a matron, while, below, Is a eloscup of her behind the bars. Note Cier unemployed. I can say without ! denim uniform, a far cry from the fur coat she was accused of buying " -it,, Clara, money. to six* cenis. . 'speakers on the program sponsor- Hevenue from the additional tax cd b the parm E()U ip merit com . would go to aid city Improvement, were Mo Nem Reed| j E districts and county roads other j |t ca|mt and j Louis than the stale highway system. It was offered by Senator Ca'.dwcll and referred to the judiciary committee. A number of minor appropriation measures \vere also introduced. A proposal to abolish the back (ax suits against corporations, sini-; Cherry. of the security government and other markets. . . . "Coming at this time sucli ac-; tion would seriously retard a business recovery and so 'prolong The farmer who made the raising I employment." ot food crops a primary object tD! — supply his family and stock with sufficient food always had less trouble obtaining credit Ihan the fann- er who concentrated his activities e ts pcopie at the Ins tion was adopted Seaman iRenews Charge Three. Year Limit Does Not Six Prisoners Overpower Guardsman Was Drunk 1 F , re £ Bank Stockholders Jailer at Springfield and NEW YORK, Jan. 28 (OP)—A! of Double Liability. j in the a; unanimously, wllh much cheering, adopted ... Senate concurrent resolution by. Se payment fici - ministration highway bill, finally • < i the farmer who could use farm ma- seaman from the crew of the siczed j ST. LOUIS, Mo.—'Hie Arkansas .Josephine K testified'three-year statute of guard inquiry on : its relation to suits of national when I the seizure and shooting of the tank receivers f gainst stockhoM- j Josephine K's skipper that Chief • crs for double liability on their brief ; Boatswain's Male Carl Schmidt. bank holdings, .was held inappllca- ion was aop advantage, that tractors; mm runner Josephine K testmea | three-year ; Senate after a spirited debate. Ihe ; machin erv do not carrv • today in the coast guard inquiry on : its relation und an overhead ! not in use. Mayor Neill need in "good and intoxicated" when'hie by the United States Court o! Make Escape. SPRINC7F1ELD, Mo., Jan. 28. (UP)—Six prisoners who overp3K"- ered the Greene county jailer and made a successful break .for frze- i vuny num. uiL- , i *• n period in which I rnlnutes out of respect to M. G. pneumonia fo i-jG°od*ln. chief of police, whose lowing colds | S 'father died yesterday and for wliom most prevalent. | services are being held this nft*r- Furthcrmore, the j nooT1 - ' winter months Just before tho recess the. plain- seem to deprive tilt concluded wllh Its rebuttal.tes- the human being i Umony and the._Jury y.&s .cscOTtei cf many of the' out to view the power line pole healthful factors struck by the car In which the available In other. plaintiff was riding. The broken seasons. jpole was exhibited on n truck Ir The normal hu-1 front of the courthouse, man being has n| McKenzle alleges that scrloii' ___^____ temperature ' of (personal Injuries were sustained .Dr. Flshiwln 98.6 and his body j when the car In which he was rid Kern's to Junction best in a tern-1 Ing struck an object on the hlgli- nsrature of from Go to 10 degrees! way near M Fahrenheit. It maintain is difficult temperature Monctte In Cralghcod and crashed into the in [line pole. The plaintiff was burnea to! I county rooms during the winter months.'by contact with the power line Overheating dries cut th5 body andj w l:en the pole was broken by the 'puts the mucous membranes in a j impact. He contends that tho paw- condition In which It Is difficult er line pole was on the right o for them to resist the onslaught of) W ay of the road and that the DOW infection. Unfortunately, few homes | er company was therefore respon al ' e i slble. Two of the fugitives u-ere belicv- jcd testimony during the trial pur ' J. E. Critz, county agent, and J. and subsequently denied by Eunfirc of pursuing officers, but n o appellate court reversed and pnraln; automobile was command- :ndcd a decision of federal eered and all escaped. •: for the eastern district of Ar- Two of the prisoners were bjinsr col-.kansns. which ruled in ffevor of nh"tqgrnnhed when they seized ITJO 01 me .usmves were nu cv- mum , t h dWm the , «• •"•- ™" r^ "" ~~" * ~ cd badly wounded. They fell before ; .„!„,,,' mnnt h, K nbout 25 ncrVnt : ^° r " ns >? snow tn " , t ' ne ar '« r ° •Minn™ nf mirciiin. nfflrr>r= hut n * •"«. mpntns ls ««>•«• « _P C _ r _ °-" 1 ' the machine was reckless and drlv Cannon of Hempstcad which would; m-nV STL* a^inl^cTa ' 'Produced to the American . m.n. aisiricL Do.ius £iu iiuc ,j 183 , A fu , working model \ „ . „ ., , ,. „ , amendnSftTto - ^ ™'<* ihe McCormtck originaf reaper ! Esglc Builds Its Nest is to say at 10 degrees the., at a w „ rR(c of „ m "^l t ". F .l' cl ?i 1 n>«t I«e Had been drinking at th In. lime of the accident. With Zal B. Harrison, count Judge; acting as special-judge, trla of the suit ol Swan-Abraham Ha reaper was first 1 Josephine K farm ! acted ,,n ,,v the committee, the House refusing t° adopt It. Girl Sieep Walker McCormick original reaper displayed at the celebration, e motion picture of the ro- | trmncc of tlie reaper was shown ' during the celebration. of the water it could contain, order to have the maximum or| health and comfort, the air should' contain nbout twice this amount, j To get a'relative humWHy of 50' company vs. O E Thompson p,r cent, rooms toted to TO de-. "U ™s started this morning Tl trusties obtained rifles and pursued I grees will require the daily evapor-1 trlal wl>5 continued several hou men two blocks where they ation of from five to 30 gallons of this afternoon and will probab preme Court had not interpreted opened fire and two of the fugl- ' not reach the Jury before tomo the statute oi' limitations in ils re- > fives fell i oox " .row. lation to the federal stalute on< i ^rj7N.'oJ f "'7 1M Approximately 5125 Is involved in the lawsuit. 1'arnell Istueo Appeal LITTLE ROOK, Jan. 28. (UP)— statement was .issued by Oover- or Harvey Parnell at his exccu- ve offices today' In which he marie new appeal .for additional .furids . connection .with the $10,000,000 routh relief campaign now; beuig.-'-|j onductcd by tile American Ret! ' >' oss. - . • ' i 'Upon Investigation of the drouth -\ luation In-this.state," Governor ••! 'arnelt said, '.'I Und victims are.,-;!, given material' assistance by the- ; :;| ^irlcari'vlled. Cross as-promptly, as; ..'•' 3"'humainy •posi>lSle;"Tnc- tas!c j oi-''"* lint organization should not be underestimated. I feel the people houkl respond promptly, with.addi- ional funds in accordin^e with heir means," Drouth Victims to Broadcast LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 23. (UP)— ; While plans for a national' radio hook-up, on which will appear several drouth sufferers with Will Rogers as. program announcer, were un- . dehvay here today the Red Cross chapter at England was preparing o Issue new clothing to the .needy .n Lonoke county. Relief officials said clothing da- nUed by persons over the country -•as not adequate for needs of drouth stricken families near England and new clothing would be purchased and Issued. The type of farmers In Arkansas will be unfolded to the nation by several speakers, including men, women and children, over the Columbia broadcasting system Saturday night for 30 minutes beginning at 9 p. m. central standard time. Will Rogers will broadcast from Waco, Texas, and the drouth sufferers from station KLRA, Little Rock. oi Bavbnd Wire: dollble iiabl]ity The case w;>s taken ID district DALHART. Tex., (UP)—A barb- court by stockholders of the Jones-i ; Three Luxora Families ; eel-wire eagis nest, lined with tuf is !, Dro bank when J. M. Armstrong. ] | of cow hair, lias been (ouiid near reaver, Bled suits in December 23. i here. . 1929 for double liability lo bink Hnrru>lp« riv Fire' w - L Hnmi »<> n . theater owner,; cre ditors as of Au»ust 10, 1925. nunmess uy i ire discovered it in , he top of a Wlnd - ; The court , s rullnj , caves th( , r .,. mill t-iwer near Exum. The wneel. celver frce lo proccFxl , v i th suits had been blown from the f"--"- t Es Distributor {or De Soto Automobile) I.UXORA, Ark.—Monday after- : and the nest constructed among Thrills Chicago Crowd; CHICAGO. Jan 28 (UP)—Spec- 1 tatrirs gasped in admiration at- the! feat of Betty Allen. 22. who went; noon three houses burned on building walking in typical "mov-, T iver front. They were owned by i the gears. ie stunt" fashion yesterday. ] Dr. Richards of Kissemmee. Fla.. | Hamilton said It Is as large as a Miss Alien. drc$ssd only in r. ;.,_ n( } occupied by Clay Matthews, i[ wash tub and contained ninny pair of shsrt trunfco. was noticed i Edgar Bcckman and Joe Gillns. The ' bones It was £0 firmly built that climbing along a narrow ied^e sev- • {hrce f 3n iities were being cared for I he rculd not remove it without eral stories above the ground. A; b the Hc ., Cross and the loss of. tearing It apart. ag!llnEtr , h . s , ocl; h c ij ers nd contained mBn y. Hold Nsgro Who Made Trip in Private Pullman . i Omaha Pastor Scores n i .• i ni ' an Illinois Cent Educational Flan Memphis and using i Jimmie J;>nes Freed Under Bond of $4,000 Jimintc Jones, one of three local : men held at Osceola on charges of . burglary, was released on S4.000 • b:nd this mcrntng pending action of the grand jury on Ihe charge. main In Uia same capacity j water. All sorts of methods have his attornsy, Claude Cooper, stated. Mr Barnett has been In the been devlrod for getting this- Jones was arrested alon? with automobile buslros^ here for nine ! amount of water into tl-.e air- The, Mcnk Rulledse and Forrest "On; years and is well known in this simplest method, of course, is the • Round" Chisholm in a drive by territory. H:s office will be local • ; pan of water with a. wick, which railroad detectives and peace offl- W. T. Barnett has taken over the distributorship of Northeast Arkansas for De Soto automobiles and will coivmlct? organization of his sales force here within a few days,! Drink eight glassrs of iv announced today. ! every day to avoid colds. Cecil Lowe, local acent, will re-! i JOSESBOP.O. Ark:—Walter Ma- vate car for a trip to St. Louis.' He I Hold Last RltCS tor humidifiers arc manufactured deoot. Hawks Will Rejoin Rogers at Abilene PINE BLUFF, Ark., Jan. 28 (OP) —Captain Frank M. Hawks, accompanied by Mrs. Frank Hawlts. left here shortly after 7 a. m today lor Fort Worth, Texas. Captain Hawks will leave Mrs. Hawks trnre and continue to Abilene wlwre he will Join Will Rogers on a tour of the drouth stricken C. E. Ellis, Veteran Salesman, Dies Aged 78 Paralysis 'Victim Dies For Lack of Respirator ST. PAUL, MINN., Jan. 23 (UP) —Unable to obtain the use of the Drinker respirator because of the prior claim of another patient, Margaret McNeel. 13, St. Paul, died ' ' " .ntile paraly- 'L. M. Goodwin Today j "tors and which contain iu Automobile Accident LUXORA, Ark.—Monday CAMPBELL; Mo., Jan. 28.— Fu- n?ral services wlil be conducted, here today Tor C E. Ellis, dean of' Dunklin ccunly salesmen, who ex-1 , . ... pircrt at his home in this city: Joh ri Rye Sealon. son of J. W early Monday fallowing a brief ill- ton, postmaster of L-.ixnra lias's. Hc was 73 years of at;e and painfully cut by broken glass nntii his retirement one year ago,the car that he was riding in v.3' ;]•,•> oldest member of Ihe .sales-' wrecked on Highway Cl near Bas-: men'. n«scciatlon yet in tlie liar- sett. Hc was returning frorn Shaw-! ness He nndc his last trip n year nee where he had played basket-: n-o'^iiiT rttiied because of ill ball earlier in the cvenln?. The car I Seven Burn to Death i, en !!h : was owned and driven by Charles' h?.d served southeast Mis- : Billingsly, and it was practically we fol- ! Only a negro Idled suddenly yesterday afternoon i whpm the train O f heart failure. nave sumcien. moisiurc nisiuu «»=, * ^ -•- -~"* — .• | £opsi, y, oreauiea i body to respond to the dryncss. If • charged with crimes before the | mcc hanical lung in ! the human being will drink eight dr -ve ends. i unawarc E ii e was tli ; '..-angsters Kill Brother of Man _ rest cf lhair lives." . _ i • c- wmuAud. Jen. 23 (UP)—Morris in Pennsylvania rire.ncrkovltr, 27, ambushed and shot DIG OUT WITH SPOONS NORTH PLATTE, Neb., (UP)— : A knife or a spoon is all that Is i needed by prisoners detained at, Ior : the Lincoln County Jail to dls I i the infant and the child to be sur-. themselves out. Sheriff A. J. Salis- n n !• u i rouhded with proper temperature | bury, who hos discovered en sev- ! . former rOlICeman Here land humidity during the winter: fra ] o<. cas |o n s prisoners availing ^ more with coughs,, i llg u j ens u s i,as' ordered that sev- slble cause death. Minnesota Minneapolis Lucile the only the twin cities the Innocent pos- of a no! her person's Nov/ Deputy in Alabama -.., _. ..„ ... According to the official weather 'colds, pneumonia, bronchitis and| era ] prisoners awaiting trinl be nbserver, Charlfs Phillips, the mln- WEATHER ANSAS—Generally fair with change In ternpcratura tonight Tliursday.

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