The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 7, 1930
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Served by the United Press. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHKAflT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ^"^ HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 174 BJythevllle Courier, Blythevllle Dally News, Blythevllle Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. .n, ARKANSAS. TUKSDAY. OCTOBER 7, 10.30 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SLAYS SELF WITH BORROWED PISTOL Problem Facing Farmer Will Be. Outlined in Series of Meetings. WASHINGTON, Ocl. 7 (UP)—A program for the reduction of cotton acreage In the United Slates from 45,800,000 to 40.000(00 was announced by board tcfcy. With r.ttho depart- mcnt cooperating the board sponsor a series of cotton state conferences on acreage the first to be held in Bj today. As outlined by tlie board the co\ton problem is as follows: There is loo much inferior and too title superior cotton produced in the .south. Too much unproductive or unprofitable land is planted to cotton. Southern farmers plant too little food and feedstuffs and are compelled to buy such commodities from stores. Cottonseed too often is a mixture of several varieties with the result (hat individual bales often are mixed. These problems in addition to acreage reduction will be discussed at the pppcsed meetings. Open Fight on Big New Oil Merger | OMAHA, Oct. 7. (UP)—Council 'for two of America's great oil companies, the Standard of New York Southern anc * " le Vacuum, denied in federal circuit court here today that the 1911 decree which broke up the Standard empire could be construed to ban the proposed billion dollar merger. | The federal government seeks to j prevent the merger under the 1911 j supreme court decrc which brand- i ed the then huge Standard organization as a conspiracy. Federal attorneys said the 'proposed merjsr again would open the door to monopoly. Oil company attorneys argued today that it was ridiculous ': AO. interpret the decree a sa per'..--. v >.ual enjoinder since the supreme court of 1911 had no way of gang- the let.-, ral farm Removing Bodies From Wrecked Dirigible ing conditions in the oil industry today or in the future. „ Lop Excels On PUtoI UTik D I With Kocks HERE STILL Nearly 10,000 Bales Delivered to Blytheville Compress Last Week. Cotton compress receipts at Bly- fheville continue to run high, wlto receipts at most other Arkansas il 10 ' 11 ' 5 comparatively low. For the week ending last Friday 9,889 bales were delivered to the NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Blytheville compress, according to (UP)— As sharpshooters the North the weekly report of the Arkansas Little Rock police force believes it Cotton Trade association, making has something promising baseball j the total for the season here 30,835 "' ' bales. In second place is Pine Bluff with receipts last week of 0,958 bales material. At a recent pistol shooting contest Officer John Charles defend the le-.-Rcclc- HLH1E VKTHS Fight Fire at Memphis Oil Tanks MEMPHIS. Oct. 1. (UP)—A fire at the plant of (lie Louisiana Oil Kenning company here Hits afternoon resulted In a I wo alarm call and wns combaltut by all available cltyjire fighting equipment. Eight huge oil storage tanks, five of (hem of 15,000 gallon capacity and three 3,000 gallon tanks, pan Cannon Boom as Train Carries 47 Coffins Homeward; Bodies Unidentified DKAUVAIS. Prance, Oct. 1 (UP) —A funeral train siwled across Franco today bearing 47 rough cot- flus carrying the remains of tlie men who w,?rc killed when thclly filled with gasoline ami oil,'were British dirigible R-101, tlie world's (endangered. The bla/e was conllmid airship, cra:!ied and ex-1 to spilled oil about the tanks was combatted with chemical:;. A second call brought all available ambulances to trie scene when officials feared the tanks would e.x- >lcde, but the fire was brought under control and there were no casualties. Soldiers removing bodies of tlie victims of the crash of the R-101 British Diriirible near l-?nnn 11 nic fi\..n \in.i-> TM-. ;„ .~i_i . .1- i f ' * \ . *., .. . _ . «e •** ***•*•»** Bemivais, France. This picture radioed from London to-New York and"Ttiepho'tpeti"to St. Louis. ' FREED OF CHIME' 47 OLD for a season's total of 16,085. H £ " h he -• o Iece P m "> "ate «t - •'««•'• V 4 w«* tere • 70,472 bales. ' Compared fa " ed t0 l l ° 133 . 679 the s^e week 'a year . , ., tossed away his ago. Receipts for the stale since Au pistol, remarking he could do better u-ith stones. Throwing five times he hit the bull's time. each jgust 1 have been 180,315 bales, less than half the total for the same pericd a year ago, which was 408, 987. I Bobbed Hair Is Not New, Says Old Barber PORTLAND, Me. (UP)—Bobbed hair, recently so popular, was the style back, in 1885, according tc Amos Abbott, 78 .who has officiated wila scissors and razor in a shop here for 52 years. Abbreviated tresses remained the vogue for only a year at that time, he said. He predicted that women eventually would return again to long hair. Chinese Nationalists Defeat Northern Forces SHANGHAI, China. Oct. 7. (UP) —Chinese nationalist troops have captured Chankchow, strategic point en the Peiping-Hankow railway, from the northern forces, the government announced today. Chang-chow Is considered the kev- stone of the defense of the northern armies. Shipments continue light. The Blytheville compress shipped 4,452 bales last week, bringing the total since August 1 to 11,046 and leaving a stock on hand of 30,143. Shipments for the slate last week were 32,211, as against 77,045 the same week ~a year ago. Shipments since August 1 have been 69.143 bales compared to 203,193 for the Eame pericd a year ago. Due to reduced receipts, however, stocks on hand in the state are lower than a year ago, amounting to 202.032 bales compared to 237,968. Following- are receipts last v,-eek and fo rthe season at leading Ar- knnrns points: Blytheville 9.889 Pine Bluff 6,958 West Memphis .. 8,390 Little Reck ... 4.786 Fort Smith 3,715 Hope 3.292 Eudora 3.156 Forrest City ... 3,028 McGehee 2,059 Jcnesboro 2.624 Helena 2.378 Alabama Jury Acquits James Neely of Murder Committed in 1883. GUNTERSVILLE, 'Ala.,. Ocl, -7. (UP)-Deliberating less than two hours on a murder case 47 years old. a jury of twelve Alabama farmers today acquitted James Neely, 70, of a charge of causing the death of Hiram Co'oley in a primitive fight on Georgia mountain near here November 3, 1883. • For nearly >half a-century, .47 years to be exact, Neely eluded prosecution under an Indictment naming him for the death. Only three witnesses,' including .the aged ! defendant, were^called to'.determinc i whether the ''tragic' outcome of he Attributed to the prisoner at the bar. The jury was given the case at 8 -p. in. last nigilt after a seven hour court session. Without officially taking the matter under deliberation the twelve farmers retired to begin their deliberations today. Hoover Arrives for .King's Mountain Speech KINGS MOUNTAIN. 'S.' C., Get 7 (UP)—President Hooyar .came iri- to the cente r of 'he new industrial south today to deliver a- speech to people v.-ho have not heard a president speak except over the radio' since the late President Taft made his famous invasion of the south in 1010. .il:s special plane from Boston aj---! rlv'ed al'Kms's' fountain"'at" one'I o'clock to be greeted by large marses of workers in tlie textile region. He was scheduled v to Deliver jits speech at 2:45 P. jd. plcded near here early Sunday. Citizens in towns and villages paid mule honor to tlie dead as the funeral cortege bearing tlie bodies of Lord Thompson, BrIUshs minister tor air. and many of Britain's most noted airship experts, paEsed. Tlie booming of trie • Valuta of 101 guns was the only audible signal of sorrow. There were no speeches and no church ceremonies. No coffin was limited with identification. It is possible'all will be burled in England In a common grave. Last night, after officials had iried oral hewed their way into Lho normous bulk of the stripped and iroken carcass Ilisy seemingly were 10 nearer to • a Eolutlon of, the' .realest air catastrophe of all time hnn when ilnwn Sunday first brought them n sight of the still flaming ruin. In the midst of the operations about ths scene cf tlie crash yes 'erday weather prevailed which ;uggested that the. disaster might have been due to no mechanical de- 'cct or fault, in navigation, but iroueht.oh by the, elements alone. One investigator commented: "H Is no wonder iumbed." CUTHJ County Will Extend Highway to State Line if 1 State Supplies Material. •'A plan by which 'It Is' hoped the gravel on Highway 18 can be ccn- tinuecl from HufTman to the state line .lo 'connect with a proposed gravel surfaced Missouri highway south from Tyler lias been advanc- jed "by .County Judge George W. 1 Barham, who planned to spend I this . afternoon in the northeast I yu'rt of the county looking into jtlils and oilier road matters. | The state highway department [after, completing the road as; far \u the Robinson' store at Huffman has moved' out its equipment, but ' Many Fined on Minor Counts in Police Court O. E Stewart was fined onq dollar for violation of traffic regulations in police court this morning, Two men were fined on charges of public drunkenness. W. M. Moore ol Holland. Mo., admits that a guilty conscience has its drav.'oacks—but because Moore told such a straightforward story in police ccurt Monday morning his case was dismi£s;d by the court. ' Moore admitted breaking a bottle of liquor oil' a tree when nn officer beckoned to him. TCie officer had accosted Moore for an entirely different reason and had Texarkana ... Marianm Leach ville ... Newport Marked Tree 2.377 2.3G5 2,234 1,978 .. 1,920 16,085 16 ' OG5 10.715 11.034 7,38r 11.935 11.935.7,389 . 6.8S9 7,027 5.750 5.818 6.149 3,552 6.035 Receipts at Missouri point; follow: Caruthersville, 3,498 last week, (1.490 for the season; Hayti. 2.7G5 last week, 9,249 for the season: Maiden, 1.953 last week, 4,662 for th= season; Steele, no report. not suspected the presence of liquor on his person. Clyde Elam was acquitted of a charge of trespassing on railroad property Monday when. Officer Jack Ozment told the court that he slapped Elam when the latter refused to enter the city Jail willingly. Elam was picked up at the Frisco depot by night patrolmen, Five men were fined one dollar' State to Hold First Character Conference Supposed Texas Flood Victims Are Found Safe DALLAS. Tex. Oct. 7 CUP) — Clearing skies and a rapid return to nnrmal conditions relieved Etorm and flood stricken sseiions of Texas tday. Communication Imps were rL-iiorDrt . after in hours of higl\ »''nd and heavy rain in scattered parts of the state. Four persons reported drowned at Brady, Tex., wer.? accounted for when rescue workers brought a measure of order into the flooded town where the business district was heavily damaged. There were reports of missing persons In other cities of west central and southern Texas, but it was believed these too would be accounted tor when the high waters receded. HARTFORD. Conn. (UP)—The first state conference on character education will be held here Nov. 7. 8 and 9. State officials, educators and representatives of industrial and civic aflairs will take part in the discussions and plans for developing this type of training. The program will Include all forms of character education and the part It takes In the church, home, school, community and Industrial life. A state committee to lead the work Is expected to be formed at the conference. Republican Headquarters Opened at Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 7. (UP) — each for violation of traffic regu-! Republican stute campaign head- lations. They were: R, P. Lash-!quarters were opened hero today brook, 0. A. Cm-low, J. M. Aycock, A rally will be held Thursda'i joe Wallers and D. F. Winters. joe Paduo and Wilbur Small, ncfic;s. were fined $10 each for disturbing the peace. Four fines were meted out for public drunk. .._ Thursday night at the Hotel Marion, according to O. Co^b, campaign manager. J. O. Lindscy, of Foreman, candidate for governor, will make the principal address. Cleveland Council Votes Jobs for Unemployed I ; thls Tl ' e cour "y judge, accompanied by B. N. Wilson, county, highway engineer/and H. H. Hlg'hfill, also that thn airship sue- Situation Admittedly Serious as Government Calls Army Reserves. RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, Oct. 7. (UP)—Mobilization of the nrmy and navy reserves lolallng 420.000 men was announced officially lo- day by the government In its drive against/revolutionary forces' In Rio Grande Do Su! and other states. One hundred thousand men will be put. In the field Immediately antl the, remainder will be held in reserve, the announcement snfd. (aims vs. South Carolina in American Legion Race BOSTON, Oct. 7. (UP)-Ralph T. 3'Neal of Topcka, Kansas, and J. Munroc Johnson of .Marlon, S. C., were mentioned prominently today as possible successors to O. r_. Bod- cnhamer as national commander of the. American Legion. Supporters of both claim they have lined up sufficient votes to elect them next Thursday. n( PnwP^.. A „' k i' 1 Is understood a considerable ot Kamev Agamst j amount Ol gSwei ' lcft over {rom Pyles Decided by Sup- "* work ' h stm <? n * ne p • ' r » t c 5la ' e w '" ' urn ovcr reme Lourt Ol Arkansas, material to the county, and furnis:- ' ' • ! enough additional to carry the roue LITTLE ROCK, Ark._A curative i l ° the . 5 ' ale lino ' U LI! "»'Judge'; statute cannot render valid an act ^ , to hav ? "\ e «unty hlgh»-aj which was void in the beginning Department build the road, wlucl the supreme court held in n t to'3 would P r °vide u valuable connec decision yesterday involving a de- ' tlon wlth nearby southeast Mis cision of the Mississippi countv sou ^ communities. chancery court at Blytheville which "" "'" was affirmed. Will' Pyles executed a deed to Oh: P: A luiiiLltc OLUIUWT was UU5SCU 111 .. m n I t " • - t " i_ 1923, the year following the trans- ' the . Mississippi "ver levee where action, 'between Pyles and R.-imsy. a lorge "°P was Produced this attempting to cure defects in Ihe 5ear . 1887 law which provided that such ' a deed'^vas invalid unless slenert Patrnltnpn RprnverTar by the wife: but the court held that . ratrolmen KCCOVCr tar a curative statute Is only Intended j to cure defects In the execution of j a mortgage and cannot in the verv i nature of things render valid art act that was absolutely void in the beginning. Ramey was given person Judgment against Pyles for $4.232 and Interest, but Ihe lower court was sustained in its refusal to p;rmit MONTEVIDEO. Uruguay, Oct. 7. (UP)— Wnrfnre in all Us modem strategy' was In progress on three fronts in Brazil tgday. Whilo a heavy force of revolutionists advanced toward Rio Do Janeiro, government .bfrplanes,'war- ship nnrt trea'ps were. oxppcteiijiic- nicnlarily to Strike nt the two strong centers of the revolution. Two new factors, however,"B7uo> ed the picture to create further alarm In the capital. One was a threatened blockage of its food supplied; the other was a lack of com- munications'with which to control its' armies over the fast country. an area larger States.- than the United Chooses Queen Stolen at New Madrid Ramey to foreclose on the mortgage. The case was tried before Judze Futrell in chancery court here and attracted- Interest amon? members A car, taken frcm a member of the Missouri state htghway'dapart- ment near Ne«' Madrid, Mo., Saturday night by two holdup men, who also relieved the owner of his P'ckelbook, was recovered here two hours after the robbery by Emel Damon and Arden Crowder, members of the local Merchant Patrol. . The car was parked on Ash street near the Frisco depot and when Damon threw his spotlight on the machine a man standing nearby CLEVELAND, O.. Oct. 7 (UPVt-A I of the bar. P. C. Douglas was al- , ran and jumped Into ar.olher car $200,000 bond ordinance for unemployment relief has beon voted on by the city council and from 400 lo 500 men will be riven employment on municipal improvements liext wesk. . . Official hope in a few weeks' to provide part time Jobs for more, than 1,000. Married men with families who have resided In Cleveland more than a year will be given preference. torney for Ramey while Holland | * Wch drove rapidly away, the night and Barham represented Will i Patrolman stated. Tlie patrolmen ' were walking and did not give ; chase to the second car. The park; «1 machine was soon identified as i the car reported missing n! New Madrid. It will be returned today. Sheriff Urm "Hot Lead" for Nebraska Bandits LINCOLN, Neb. (up)—"Hot lead 1 j Second Day of Rain at News received h6re from private Lscurces'indicatcd the situation was I growing more ' serious daily. T-.'« i Brazilian army reserves of the first and second categories were called D!C „, C 1 ' n i r outl toda J r fc y President Washington UmceiS Oeek Uccupants Ot LnU. The reserve forces were sum- Car Which Turned Over I m ' onea for n pcriod of i]M * ^ on Highway^arly Sunday « Bachc , or g. ,, Officers are seeking two men. occupants of what thqy say was a f>f.2mphts "rum-running" car which turned over on Highway 61 near Burdette. Junction early Sunday morning. The car caught afire when the accident" occurred and Ihe blaze was extinguished only after Andy Barker, deputy constable, arrived at the .scene. According to reports the two men who were occupants of the car. w^re slightly hurt and were plcl ed up by somo men in a second high powered car traveling behind the first autti and were brought, to the Blythevllle hospital wfcsre they were given emergency treatment. According (a Barker before te> could check up on the accident the two men had left the hospital and returned to Memphis. Detectives of that city' are working on tlie case today and arrests on charges of transporting liquor wil! probably be made late today 11 is understood. , . The deputy const'a'bic stated that several Jugs containing, liquor and a number of broken bo'.tlts were found in the cor. and around the wreck. Negroes are., said in hai. , told officials that a large part of I the liquor shipment was cached In a nearby field by the men nnri was | later picked up by another car. The damaged car is being held ! at Luxor a. No Explanation for Tragic Act by Old Resident of This Community, Jim Sanders, 5!>-year-o!d farmer and butcher, shot himself through the Irad with a pislol about 10:30 o'clock this morning In a rest room :il the Standard .Oil Service station, Main and Franklin street;, lie dle.l a short time after he was removed to t!;e Blylhevllle hospital. There were no actual eye witnesses to the tragedy but a. coro- . / ner's Jury returned a verdict Unit/ Sanders met his death at his owr lands. No motive for the act co;i be ascertained. . Employes of the service station told.of Sanders entering (he rest room anil soen afterwards the shot rang oul. The door of t:ie room was net cpened until ambulance attendants arrived. When they opened the door Sanders slumped across the floor. He was rushed to the Blythe- vllle hospital across the slrcetfrom the service station but physicians . pronounced his Injury fatal and'iie succumbed a short time afterwards, The bullet entered the left side of ' Sanders' head and passed out through the other side, tearing a gaping hole. - The butcher had borrowed t-6 e gun, a A5 calibre revolver, frpjn a friend only n feu 1 minutes before the tragedy occurred, ft Is understood (hat he explained that ho ivantcd lo kill some' cattle, The deceased had lived in this section for many years arid riiadj :ils home en Wily street-recently. . He Is survived "by Ms widow, two ' J sons, Thomas and James, employed J >y 0Moaal wholesale house, a dough- J "Irs. James Tankerslcy, arid sev- :; ernl. Email children. t:'l No.arrangements for the funeral '? hjve jet been mide-according.'to/ (hi: -.Ccbtr Undef'tskms'-cbrnpany,*?.-;•• Confederate Veterans : Meet in Annual Reunion LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 7. (UP) — :onfcderatc veterans will meet here today in (heir annual slate reunion of the Arkansas division. This afternoon they will visit tho Arkansas Confederatt home and later will be'guests of the Arkansas Slate Fair. "Many of our comrades 'have dropped out since cur last reunion," Gen. J. \V. Hollli*, commander, said. "I will not, b= a candidate for reelection,"- he said. Election of tiio commander will be the most Important business at the meeting. • Sons of Confederate veterans meet here tonight. Pilot Recovering from Augusta Crash Injuries Is th? language that bank bandits will understand and Is the only methcd to curb Uie present crime wave In Nebraska. State Sheriff W. Arkansas State Fair LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 7. (UP)— wave in i\eorasna. otaus Srerin W D i *vw^i»., v^,t. i. *vt-/— C. Clndit said in a bulletin to n marr£ d the Arkansas sSate fair i county sheriffs today. parade here today. Rain was AUGUSTA, 'Ark., Ed McGlll, 16, pilot i which Miss Mary Jane McGregor, 16. was killed when it crashed nea r here Sunday was' reported improving here today. \flss McGregor was burled late yesterday. She was the doughter of Mrs. Ran McGregor of Coltpn ., Oct. 7. (UP)- i bank robberies in the first eight' V.S'*M»V >t of the plsne in'months of 1930 and we wore post- w.Viv:., Ik-c thf sine n-an thc bulletin l.,« Dinietm officials say rain wil! ratn hns inter ; ered Mrious . s . Four bank rcbberles within n ; ly with cotton picking throughout week and more aro going to fol- the state. Accflrdtn? to county nu- •7; , n C . ann ^, u stop bsndltr y '•• Uwltles only one-third of the cot- wi hout effort and hot lead Is the ' ton in Pulaskl county has been only language they know,' in Pulaskl ! Picked, aves Egg Marksmanship S Life o! Despondent Man PORTLAND, Me. (UP)-An egg and an accurate thro-.vim arm saved the life of E. H. Dunham. 31. Because a young worna:? c!erk at a sod» fountain here to:ri Dunham she would no: Eee :::m any | more, police say, Dunham tried to j swallow poison tablets wniic In [ tM shop. Dunham had tho tiblets in his mouth and Lyndon F, Ifsr- rls, shop manager, hr.d ai his hand. Hungry Cripple Gels Dinner in Jail House MTTL EHOCIC, Oct. 1. (UP)-William E. Jones,- 24. cripple, was ill city Jail today for failure to pay n dollar breakfast check. Jones said he had wandered 'all over town hunting work and had asked restaurant owners for food but was refused. "1 became so liungry -I had t-> eat so I ordered the breakfast and then offered to work for it, but they had me arrested." Jones-had his first dinner In nearly a week in Jail last night. Wife of Chicago Mayor Victim of Jewel Bandits CHICAGO, Oct. 7 (UP) — Mrs. Wiliam Hale Thompson, wife of the . Chicago mayor, was in a hysterical ! condition today after three bandits j held up. slugged her policeman 'chauffeur, and escaped with valuable Jewelry. [ Mrs. Thompson, forced from her i automobile In frcnt of her home ', after the robbery, fainted as the i bandits wrn threatened to kill the | chauffeur drove away with him in i pursuit. The bandits took from ; Mrs. Thompson Jewelry valued at I $18,000. Blame Wet Pavement for Fatal Wreck at Marion MARION, Ark., Oct. 7. (UP)Wet pavement caused the death of | J. L. Allen, 40, local lumberman. Hi scar skidded and overturned j near here late last nisJii, J. H. To!I lard of Memphis pl;!cM him up and ! took him to a hospital where he : was pronounced dead. *t In Harris threw the et;g. spattered over Dunham's ?hlrt front, startling Wm so thni he out the poison, ! WEATHER The bstrothal of Europe's 'bach?- ! lor king," Boris III (bflow) of Bui- i garla, an dt-he 23-year-old Princess | Qlovanna (above), third daiuHrr i ARKANSAS—Clcirriy. rain in cx- of King Victor Emmanuel of Itslv. i treme e.i=tr-.i povlkn: cooler ex. has been officially announced in ' Home. ctp'. in extreme east portion to- niffht; Wedneslair Generally fniri

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