Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona on May 12, 1903 · Page 5
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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona · Page 5

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1903
Page 5
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TITE DAILY STAR, TTCSON ArtUUiii. i BEAUTIFUL RINCON PARK. TOM HUGHES' NEWSY DESCRIP- ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION i OF THE LILY COLD ANO SILVER MIN INO CO. Tinw ftp TUKSftN'S NATURAL . ow " ,M "v V SUMMER RE80RT. One week bo Saturday Thomas Hutches ami uvty of Iricndi mailt ihe trip to Rlnron Turk, situated In the Rincon Mountains, some twenty-tight miles from Tucson. Few of our people appreciate how diversified and beautiful la the mountain srener within easy reach of this city, or there would be Ksb of an annual exodus to the eoarit and mountain resorts of California during the summer months. Mr. Hushes description of what he saw In the Rincons follows: We went to the Rincon Mountains by way or the Rlnron Valley. The distance to tne top of the mountains from Tucson Is about twenty-eight miles, it took us nearly one whole day to reach the mountains, while the return trip can be easily made w thin the space of six hours. The roadway from the city as far as the Monteau-ma Ranch, at the foot of the moitn-Ulna is so excellent that It r-oo 1 haidlv be improved upon. The Rln-v.iiiev shows marked clianses from Its condition of otw year aso. Then the cnttle were In a poor ana ay-" ,' ...litinn because of the shortano . t)n,.ula warp of both watv and gra. ''V'' .... Knur, the flout finest of barley and wheat, every RUicu iu ,.....- Br.ion. . w.ter and the cattle are In first-, K!rtn vale condition. As a result of the taxable status of their affairs ..the armers and their families -lulling faces, evidence of their hap-,h 'ess and prosperity. tv.flve years- experience In this Tei-, r,lb. ver seen finer crop.. From the Montezuma Ranch to the to.) of the mountains we went on Mack, requiring about three and "ne-half hours of ridins. On our ar-iva we fimir.1 the n.onuta rs fr om snow, but during the nights of 'ho h Sunday and Monday fll AS w linn ..." wt, tin iin!"r,T',eii do hereby associate oursi'lvi 8 tnr.eiher for the purpose of forming and organizing a corporation und y- the laws of the Territory of .V'iaorn. and for that (!o bc'-oby adopt, sign and execute the following Articles of Incorporation: , ' t , First: The nrnio of sal.l corporation shall be, "The Ulv Cold and Silver Mining Company." and the prlr-clpal place for the tiansacflon of business of said company shnll be at Tucson. Arizona pt It Bhall hava a branch office at Forture Creek, In Kittitas County. State of Washington. Second: The general nature or the business of said corporation shall be the mining, smelting, reducing, refining, or workln? of ores and minerals, sol tho bityliT. working selling ami dealing In mineral and other lands. Third: The time of the commence ment of snld corporation shall be June 1T03. and it shall continue j twenty-five years. i Fourth: The amount of the capital ' stock of said corporator shall be one minion (l.nno.nnni rniiarS, divided Into ore million (1 Onn.ono) shares of (11 PolHr each, to be ra'd ns renuired, by tli Hoard of Directors of said corpora ijun. Said stock shall be fully r?U! and nnr.-nsaes'sable. The private nronerty of the owners of stock of AGE LIMITATION There Is a growing sentiment wiucn preclude old age from enjoying the benefits of choice positions In the business world. Youth Is every whre preferred. In Jills respect Electric Hitters is different. It benefits old and young alike. Rov. C. J. Iludlong of Ashaway, R. I., writes: "I want everybody to know what Electric Bit teis Is. It cured me of Jaundice and iver t rouble from what T had suffered )r years. Its a tonic and new-ne and euros liver. Kidney and Stomach troubles. Only 50c and guar-vnted by nil druggists. mayl-lra WORSE EVERY YEAR PLENTY OF TUCSON READERS HAVE THE SAME EXPERIENCE Don't regloct an a' hlni back. ITEMS OF INTEREST ' News cornea from D. 11. T'irner a Druggist at lkmipseyion. ' l'a that Dr. King's New lAi Pills are the best Kellers In his store. After using tuem himself, he says: . "They are truly great! actual experience convinced in. Everybody wants them for Con stipatlou. Stomach and l.lver trouble l!5o at all dnig stores. niayl-lm paid corporation . shall not bo liable I 'or any indebtedness of said ccrpor-j It w 111 get worse every year. Paekache is really kidney ache. To cure the back you must cure the kidneys. If you don't,, other kidney ills follow Urinary troubles, diabetes, Bright's disease A Phoenix citizen tejls you how the cure is easy. .1. A. Taylor, foreman of the Repn. bli'-m Printing Office. Phoenix, Ariz., living, at S04 South First ave cn-s: "I wa subjected to kidnv complaint for six or seven years. Every time I ; contracted a cold It. settled in my kid noys and the achln 1 pronounced When the spells wore at their worst I could neither sit, stand The socialists or Arizona have succeeded In inducing Rev. Father T. J. Ilaggorty, one of the most able an-d brilliant socialist orators of the state of New York, to make a tour of the west, lecturing upon socialism. An Itinerary embracing sixteen towns has been arranged In Arizona, Yuma being one of the favored few. Father Hag-gerty will lecture at the Opera House. Sunday evening, May in. Admission will he free. The ladies are especially .Invited to attend. tf BRICK BRICK BRICK TAILORING AND REPAIRING Joseph Ferrla, the pioneer tailoring and renovating establishment, does all kinds of Tailoring from the most fancy dress suit to the everyday suits. All kinds of repairing, renovating at reasonable prices and always to "Hilt and please customers. Call at Ferrln the Pioneer Tailor, No, 71 East Con gress st. apr20 tf I he? to announce to the nubile and to the ireueral contractor that I at now manufacturing- a high-grade of Pressed Hriok for fronts and mantel tot Fire Places; also tine stock lied Brick on the same yard and out of the ua material as those used on the Fenner's buildingoccupied by Kitts store, I m operating two yards and my daily capacity is .10,000 brick Come and see me for contracts an brick work. Q. MONIER, Brick-maker and Contractor, 322jSouth Stone Ave. Phone 134 t or tie with nny comfort and had to keep constantly changing niv position sleet and snow The highest amount of in d"btrdness and lihalllty direct or con-1 tingopt to which said corporation; shall at any time be subject shall be! o" hundred thousand dollars' ($100,. 000). I Sixth: The rames and places of residence of the persons forming said corporation are as follows: Homer Evans of Plainvlew. Minnesota: W. F. Freeninn- of Cle Ehini. Washington, and Archie Huntoon of Cle Elum, Washington. Seventh: All meetings, either gen eral cr special, of the stockholders of said eoiporation and of the Board of in '"brought much bedding with us we j nirM,tors thereof, shall be held at t'onud the weatner ver m 'c om Tortable. That part or the mountains vlsl-.vd by us is known as Rtn-on Plk. H is without doubt meo ihe world's most beautiful spots. The park proper embraces about hundred acres of rolling country jov-ere d. with immense trees. The timber .insists largely of different varieties of the pine and of the quaking asp. The surface of the park is well covered with vine growths. As we pass-l through the park we 1han twenty smau sprjuRB. "7,-""' tbo waters of each and found them in each Instance to be good and ofal-mort Icy coldness. We also noted a wa ertall some twenty-two feet high n, discharging about 10.000 gallons f wa e per hour. About everything Tn Uie way- of flowers and passes was starting In the p.rk This won d Indicate that the park U at months behind the lower alles in Its spring season. The altitude 01 nA e sno f,.Pt above sea level Dnd 'over WW higher H&. U Tucsor, From our camp we obtained a fair -view of Tucson' and the surrounding Tho mountains. vm- i- pear so huge to one in iu w- --ike little warts when viewed from the "op of the Rincons, . From June 15 h toPSeptember 15th Is th' "est t Ime to visit the Rincon Park as a other -times of the year It is too cold to be comfortable. If our people only appreciated how Important this patk might be made to Tu-.son It could be iuirui .it.i at a comnara- niane reauny aLa - --- tively small expense. From three to four-thousand dollars would spiiu to construct a passable roadwav into -the park. The road conn omy used with light buckboard mountam wagons, but one who succeeds In reaching the park will have no desire to leave it for many mons. It would "be hard for the imagination to conceive a more delightful place for rest than Rincon Park. The conditions existing there are Idea', and it woti d pav the people of this city to investigate the park with a view to making it into a summer -resort not only for our own population but for the thousands of tourists who would undoubtedly be brought thither by its unique attractions. We left the park on our return nhout two o'clock in the after noon, and after making many stops for the purpose of hunting deer and pigeflns we arrived in Tucson at about 1 o'clock of the evelning of the same (l8A Mr. Bennett is working three different mining camps In the vicinity of The Rincons, one group of mines situated at the head of the mountains producing a good grade of copper sul-nhide ore. After three attempts the United States goverrirent engineers succeeded last week' in placing an eight-foot granite monument on ttie -highest point in the Rincon Mountains The government now lias men at work making surveys and maps of all Southern Arizona. The expenditure of a comparatively small amount lid not only bring Rin- r.r,r. Park within easy reach of the .,r..,io nf Snnthe-n Arizona, but would keep at home many thousands of dol-r.w ,iiohiirspd bv Arizonians for lioneiit nt California. In addition tM wmilit nrofit. largely through the monev that would necessarily be spent here by the thousands 01 iour-j ists who would be attracted to our section bv the name and fame of "Beautiful Rincon Park." Notice Is hereby given that I will not he responsible for any debts contracted by anyone save myself and that I will not be responsible for any thine purchased save upon my personal order. D. GENARDIXI. ' - V'...' , ,..,ma'81W But few things are Imnossible. A man never knows how high a fence he can jump until he finds it necessary to make the attempt. Opportunities are hard to find and easy to lose. Coffee like vour mother made at the Merchants' Cafe. ? ?:l?r.l' Fortun? Creek In Kittitas Cc.ur.ty the State of Washington. Eighth: The government of said corporation ard ' management of its affairs shall be vested in a board of three directors to he elected by the stockholders atthrir annual meeting to be held on 'the first Monday of .Tune In each year and from which board shall be elected a President Vice-P1 sident. Secretary and Treasurer, who shall be elected by said board, at the annual meeting thereof, to bo held on the first Tuesday following the first Mondav of June in each year, and they shall hold their respective offices until their successors are elected and qualified.' , Horror Evans, W. F. Freeman and Archie Huntoon shall corstitute the first board of directors, and . shall hold their respective ofdees until the first annual meeting of said corporation. Said Board of Directors shall also have power to adopt By-Eawa for the further management and government of said corporation not inconsistent with these Articles and the Constitution and Laws of tha United States and the Eaws of said Territory of Arizona relating to corpoiations. Said Board of. Directors phnll .meet and then elect - the other' officers therepl who ohall held their respective of fices until the next annual meeting of the Boars of Directors ' In Witness WTiereo' we have here unto set our hands and seals this flth day of March. 1903, HOMER EVAN 3 (Seal) ' ARCHIE HUNTOON (Seal) " W. F. FREEMAN (Sael) In Presence of CJ. E. Svlrester. E. E. Sylvester Dariel B. Payee, John I-era. as to Homer Evans. State--of Minnesota County of Wabash. SS. Beforea me. G. F. Sylvester, a Not ary Public, in: and for the County of Wabash. State of Minnesola. on this day personally appeared Homer Evans, known to me to the person whose name 13 subscribed to the fore going Instrument, and acknowledged to me that he executed the same for the purpose and consideration therein expressed. Given under rev hand and seal of this 19th day of March, A. D. 1903. My commission expires on the 26th dav of March, 1304. (Notarial Seal) G. F. SYLVESTER. Notary' Public State of Washington County of Kittitas. SS.: Before me, Daniel B. Payne, a Not- arv Public in and for the county of Kittitas; State of Washington, on this day persorally apneared Archie Hun toon and V. F. Freeman known to me to be the persons whose names are subscribed to the foregoing instru. nent arvl acknowledged to me that they and each of them eeen?d the same for the purpose and considera tion therein expressed. Given under my hand and seal of office - this 9th dav of April. A. D lfios. My commission expires on the 2nvi day of June. 1(Hfi. DANIEL B. PAYNE. Notary Public. Residence at Rosleyn. may8-Gt j for the mcaere psslstance this makeshift gave. When standing all day at the desk the lame and aching back was a verv unenvip'e companion and when suffering with rtither an acute attack I noticed an advertisement about Doan's Kidney fil's and went to th, Brisley Drug Co's stove for a box. Now if it had not brought about the results promised I postively sver-I never would have bought a second and If the second had rot stopped the last attack I would be the last resident 0 Phoenix to publicly endorse the pre paration. I also used Doan's Ointment for Itchiness of the skin and found it equally as good for the purposes In-terded as Doan's Kidney Pills." Ask Geo. Martin the druggist, what his customers report about this preparation. . For sale by all 'dealers. Price 50 eynts per box. Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo. N. Y.. sole agents for the United States. Remember the ; name DOAN'S and take 110 other.: maylO-Gt SENSATION There was a big sensation In Lees-ville. Ind.. when W. H. Brown of that was much more ! place, who was expected to die, had his life saved by Dr. Ring's New Dis covery for Consumption. He writes: "I endured Insufferable agonies from Asthma but your 'New Discovery' gave me Immediate relief and soon thereafter effected a complete cure. Similar cures of Consumption, Pneumonia. Bionchitis and Grip are num erous. It's the -peerless remedy for all throat and lung troubles. Price 50c and $1.00. Guaranteed by all druggists. Trial bottles free. niayl-lm HAZARD & HARPHAM LOS ANGELES, CAL Send for Free Book on Patents To Mothers in This Town Children who are delicate, feverish and cross will get immediate reliet from Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for children They cleanse the stomach, act on the liver, making a sickly child strong and healthy. A certain cnv for wni-ms. Sold hv all drug gists. 25c. Sample Free. Address, Allen S. Olmstead, LeRoy, N. Y. April 10, 1-ra IMPORTANT NOTICE Tucson, Ariz., May 1, 1903. To our Patrons and Friends: We desire to advise you that on May 1st the firm of Plumer & Steward was merged into the Southern Arizona Bank & Trust company with a paid-up capital of $30,000. of which Our Mr. Pluiner Is president and our Mc "Stew ard Is secretary. All of the branches of business formerly conducted by us will be continued by the new institu tion with the addition of a good strong banking department both gen eral and savings, which we believe will not only increase our stability and standing but will enable us ta serve your interests in the future to even better advantage. We thank you for the patronage which you have so kindly given us in the past and trust that we may 'in our new connection receive a continuation of the same. We shall be pleased to see you at our. new quarters No. 32 North Stone Avenue, opposite officeii formerly occupied by us. Very truly yours, PLUMER & STEWARD. may2-lmo ACCIDENTAL? The iu-y returned a verdict of acci dental death on the man who fell from the window ledge on which he had fallen asleep. But the death wag really due to carelessness which made the accident possible. There are a trreat manv lives sud denly termi nated as result of carelessness, although the medical cer tificate may read "heart failure." When a man takes chances with his stomach v" and neglects the warning symptoms of disease, he is carelessly inviting calamity. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cures diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion - and nutrition. It enables the perfect digestion and assimi lation ot food, which, makes strength It stimulates the liver, cures biliousness, and removes bilious impurities from the blood. I had beta troubled with a pain in lower part ol my stomacn ior inree years, to severe j thought it would kill me in time," writes Mr. Aaron Van Dam. of (Keusinirton) jsiq 119th St. Chicago. 111. "I could hardly work; it felt like a big weight hanging on me and got so bad that I had to take medicine. I used Stomach Bitters for a time, but it did no good so I wrote to Dr. R. V. Pierce for advice, which he gave me immediately. I followed hta directions; used two bottles of his medicine and was cured. I had a torpid liver which was troubling me instead ot cramps (aa I thought), so Dr. Pierce told me. X have pleasure in living now; have gained in weight 15 pounds since then." Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con-stipatioa. They do not beget the pill habit. "ALL 13 NOT COLO THAT CLITTEP" thc'ia aro diamonds, you know, 4K emeralds and rubles and opals, aud sapphires and many other eclntiltat-tug gems. You'll And most of them here tn superb settings or as plain you like find them, too, st a coat which is not excessive, ttnnlueiie ot tho gems considered. At J. A. BLACK'S. Th Jswelsr, Century Block. Pressed Brick. Stock Brick. Common Brick. PIAMO See us about our Easy Payment Plan. ' THE ZELNER PIAN 0 C0.i 118 E. Congress Si -mess. Arts it j.iai FELIX, THE BARBER i WITH THE BEST CORPS OF BARBERS IN TUCSON " Is now Located DOWN STAIRS IN MURP BLOCK "SSST HOT AND COLD BATHS SHOWER BATHS FOUR NEW PORCELAIN TUBS HAVE BEEN JUST INSTALLED First-Class Barbers Best of Service Call and be convinced ttjt43t Los Angeles Restaurant AH SAM, Prop'r.l 144 West Broadway. N A Clean, Up-to-date Restaurant. Single Meals 25 cents. 21 Meals $4.50. We Servejthe Best in the Market. 1 11 r ENGLISH!; KITCHEN.;';; Opposite Gardner's -Machine Shops Meals 25cts; Meal tickts, 21 meals $4.50. Orders taken on S. P. railroad. NOTICE Mr. N. Kline is the only one au thorized to collect from the public for the benefit of the colored church indebtedness. REV. N. M. COLE. may9-3t UNION MEAT MARKET C. r. SHUMA(.HiiR, Propr. THE NEW OCCIDENTAL RESTAURANT AH LEE, Proprietor ILL, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ON SATURDAY the 28th of FEB. W REGULAR MEALS 25c. MEAL TICKETS 21 MEALS $4.50 SUNDAY DINNER INCLUDES CHICKEN TO TURKEY 5 SOUTH MYERS STREETNEXT TO OCCIDENTAL HOTEL. t...tjcMCJcie::jf:c.: G9mmIZ UNION RESTAURANT , West Congress Street Tucson's ' New and iUp-to-date Restaurant TONG LOU1. CooR. (Formerly with Jerry llicli, of Los Angeles). French, Italian and SpanishGDinners a specialty. The only place to get TCHOPIISUEY and CHINESE NOODLES! J OPEN DAY-AND NICHT SOUTH-WEST LOCATED ATTnESUPUiirLtl Hi SACBAMCNTO HOUNTAI1 fiOOO FEET ABOVX 3A LEV7JU (r Protect your property from loss by fire by insuring with us. Our rates are the lowest and the companies we neiresent are among the strongest in the world. Insurance Department, Southern Arizona Bank & Trust Co.. I 32 North Stone Ave. may5-13t : Choice Beet, Pors, Mutton, Veal "nd Sausijs, Always on hrnd. Polite attention to all customers. F-e delivery to iu parts o the city. thbVjjV --OIUDCROP'O QUICK ARREST. : j J. A. Gulledge. of Verbena. Ala., j was twice in the hospital from a sev-j ere case of piles causing 24 tumors. I After doctors and all remedies failed', j Bucklen's Arnica Salve quickly ar- rested further inflammation nj cured him. It conquers aches and kills pain 23c at all druggists. mayl-lm Funeral Directors and Sin-bslmers. SHIPPING A SPECIALTY LADY EMBALMER. Calls answered day or night, Tl. 373 1 S. CfcurcK. CWtOCaOPT, THE PPEMWHJVMMER RSSOJiT CP 772 G1AT SOUTHWEST KBAC.1SO OlStCt BY THE TRAINS IIPAS0-N0RK1MIIRN JK1IH TOR. FULL INFOitMAnoV, DESCRIPTrVE. LITERATUS.E.ETC. CALL ON NEAREST LUUfQN TICK.ET ATjENT OK. ADDRESS L JV -JBiaOHW SPA EliMM NOHmatTOOl SYSTTM. L PASO. TEXAS. 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Phrician t tn tfup-ror of , gul'lo in IicAlth mm In-w to s ' t. lino gire p(iltSIj;- fr- wlh tit t, qaetron. and invite crjitiKrifon wi; ti nt,y s'.'..., or experfenee iind. A ' Wba!.a&drflniEHMi'irt'-.4 r. Ton sobUiag. Onr otlloo In ti'-m "pn tit i vi Wagner's Nursery PHOENIX, ARIZ. We have the finest line of trees eret -put on the Arhooa. market Umbrella ani Ash tress from 25 cents to $1 a piece. In all casts where money la cent' with orcler I will send without extra charges six palms of different vartPtles with ever7 $1 worth ol tres WAGNEIVS NXJRSERT. . , , Phoenix, Aria 7

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