The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1931
Page 6
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PAGH SIX TL'KSDAY, JANUARY 27, Jack Scans Heavy weight Picture But Former Champion Will, Wait for Fight Game lo, Finish House Cleaning. | BY PAUL HARIt'SO.N i XEA Service Writer I NEW YORK. — Jack Deroprcy.l surveying ihe boxing induMiy wiih! a somewhat wistful eye, finds thai; conditions in general again are on! the up and up. But slill not far! enough up to lure him into taking I a flyer at the business, either as! promoter, manager or ptriormi3c-.i As a referee, yes, but that's only o '• keep him in touch with things un-' til there is another bull markcl in • preferred and common socks. ; The epidemic of fouls, Ihe rack- • .eteermg, the ceaseless squabbling I and the general unsavory charac-j tir' of the prize-fight depression in i 1930 admittedly left the o'.n Mrm- nassa. Mauler In a pretty low frame o! mind about the sport lie love";. But the portents are distinctly en. .conragtng now, he says. ev.?n in •'." h|s hea\Tweight division, from which a champion is fairly certain to emerge when Messrs. Sclimelins ' and Stribling meet In June "The fight game is Just like any other business," averred Dempsey. i "When it. gets a real champion, or j a real leader, it will go right along, i So it seems to nu that tlie heavy-' weight hope hangs on Young Strib., ling, for .it he beats Schmeling he'll be a real champion. Rales Slribling llifhrst "What we need Is n champion -.,i_n popularity as well as in Ihe ling. The lans are sick of Sharkey - and his failures to deliver Ihe pocds. Few of them \illl give . Schmeling credit for being a first- class fieh'.ing man, though I think he and Sharkey rale about even under tlie Georgian, Camera, as far as the customers arc concerned, Ji still a freak, a foreigner, and a specialist In •sUups. . "That leaves Strlblinc. He's the only American fishier who amounts to anything and if he wins, he will be the most popular champion in years. He's a clean kid who knows . that a fighter has to sacrifice him. self and 50 out of his way lo make people like him. "Stribling hasn't ha d much of a chance to make himself popular. Tlie people " connected with him have w-inled lo gel all the dough they coulrj, naturally enough. He' has been a hard-luck scrapper, too. He was sick at the Sharkey fight, and had a.bad hand against Tulfy Griffiths. But Stribling himself never alibis, a'Vl the fans will go for a guy Ike that." Cites His Willtaimcss . Dempsey rales Slribling a.t the top of the heap as a fighter, too. This is not because of Ocmpsey's bitter feud with' Sharkey, nor of what he thinks the Georgian Is capable ol.doing. It is based on Stribling's performance, thus: '•It was two years ago that Strib- fought Shartcy nnd lost by a narrow margin.-When Sharkey fought Scotl, he wasn't doing any loo well Jor himself when It ended in . loul. Ths match "wllh Schmelintf. his cnly other flght In 1930, also ended in a foul. ."Stribling, though, has KO'd Scolt in four rounds, Von Pc-rat in one round, and beaten Griffiths Better than that, he's been fighl- Ing a lot lately, while Sharkey sat still and yapped fcr another chance at Schmeling, or even at me." The Dempsey-Sharkey grudge came out of a statement attributed to Dempsey thai If he were to attempt a come-back Sharkey wa: the one heavyweight he v.-as sur: he could knock out. Demnsey re pudiatcs th^ statement. He pay he'll "make no such claims agalns any fighter,.no matter how poor, ! But you feel, as he ttlls it, that th old Mauler wouldn't mind mectin the Sailor in an, informal way ou : behind thj bam j Dempsey, as a matter ft fact, i : in good condition. A little fa ' around the face, perhaps, but h j weighs only 204 and works but a « least twice a week. 'T'rr\ leavin ; soon for a bunch of matches dow ' through Washington!! Charlolt and New Orleans. Gels Old Ring Thrill "It's'the kick I get o'.it of re: ereeing, I guess. About the near est thing to thc< old flght thrill tha there is. The papers usually say steal the show, and I admit It fee plenty good to get a big hand fror thrj crowds. "Yes. I'll be promoting fights. managing some good heavyweigl one of these days. But not un .the game does some housccleanin ( "But the slump gave bo:<inj a . ) lesson that it needed. U brought .Jdown admission prices, alonj with CTEELE OUIHEf [FtftlS ! BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Laufcr / Visitors Go On Scoring Spree in Second Half; Hu:kcn Leading Scorer, The Slcclc Independents turned 1 in their srt-cjjul victory of the sc^- jf:on over tt'.e Ulyshcville All-Stars] Jnck Dempsey, left. In looking over the heavyweight field In boxing, picks Young Stribling, upper center. • al tin.' Armory lasl night in ecu- ] ! vincing fashion, W lu 38. | ; In preliminary games ihe Oscc-! ola l>. T. A. whitewashed tlie Uly- • Uievillc P. T. A. 34 lo 0 and ihe I Arjnorol hoys in a practice game | : defeated Ihe Yiirbru toys 16 to C. i j The aieele cagers led the Dlythe- I vllle bays by one point in the first - tiuailcr and trailed 15 lo n al ihe half. Tn Die second half ihe vLsi- lors put on one of (lie biggest scoring attacks witnessed in Ihe new Armory. Splendid team work nnd fast floDi' I play kept (he visitors continually in po.sse.vion of the ball on the olTensive. Aslia and Tolbcrt. crack Slerle forwards, put on Iheir act In great style in the last half and to defeat Max Schmelini;, right, nexl June nnd to beccinc one of (he most popular champions In years.!' 0 " the Blythcville defense hopa- Primo Camera, lower center, will be dangerous one of these days. Dempsey believes but Jack Sharkev ' le " ly 5aBBillg i 15 " ley "°" lt I* 0 "' , „„„.. „ > ,.„....:....,.,' BiMnrej. nftcr B03| ou fasl ureak , • i right, Just doesn't appeal lo him as championship material. 1>I]> YOU KNOW THAT— A year or so ago. nnlle a few of the alumni of the University of Oklahoma were rawdng the athletic ruilhorltlcs for no', winning a few names now and then . . . They demanded tlnit Professor Adrlnn Ltmisey, head of the football department, be relieved of :T!S command. Now, however, there Is n diirertnl situation 10 fact. I he now governor of Oklahoma, William II. Murray, coming out fhtly against overanplmsis uf football at the university . . . Governor Murray might lie nmawid if he could sec the athletic payrolls ill such Big Sis schools as Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and the Kansas Aggies, says C. E. McBride, sports editor of the Kansas City Siar . . . The Oklahoma payroll Is SaL'.MO for instructors In spoils . . . Athletic O:rc=(or Benny Owen gets S45CO, which is less than that of any other director in the nig Six ... Coach Ad Unds;y's salary is $3100, which doesn't look r!ke overemphasis any w;-y yon take it. In Behalf .of Der Schlagcr The boys have upraised their ii't n little loo lale. If Tex Kj c k- rd only was nllve now you •ouidn't be dt-lng » four-a-dny esfiiiD in a Fourteenth street lovie hoiise." ioalie Desires Credit ior Goal E. M. Bird New Prexy o[ High School Group; Meeting at Shawnee. Representatives of Ihe high schools In Dlsirlcl Pour of the Arkansas Inlcrscholaslic Association wet at Shawnee Saturday u n d awarded the various athletic meets lo be held tills spring to towns In the district. E. M. Bird of Ec-rle was elcclcd president of the group succeeding Crawford Greene, superintendent of Blythcville schools. W. w. Baker was elected vice-president nnd treasurer succeeding Bird in that capacity and Fred Keller .of Jonesboro was named secrelary, the post held lusl year by Mrs. C. L. Mosrc of Osccola. Offlclnla of the district decided lo hold (he boys senior basketball to hold the boys senior basketball tournament at. Trurnnnn on March Glli iind 7lh with Ivan Orove, Kcn- drlx-Henderson ccach, and Bab. Joiner of Walnut Ridge n.s olTlcials. The elrls senior basketball tournament will be held at Shawnee March 13th and UHi. The Junior touinamcnt will be held at Jonesboro Feb. 21st. The nninial spring track, field meet, and literary meet was awarded to Jonesboro and will be held in that city on April nth and 18lh :ig 'plays and recoveries. Between them Ihe two accounted for 26 points in the last half. Ut'iny Hudson, center and ace of 1 the Blythcville squad, was the high •scorer of the night with 23 points [ to his credit while Tolbcrt of Sle;le I was second with 18 and Aslin, his (companion, third with 10 points. The Blytheville quintet never ! could muster a consistent offense against the fast, play of the visl- ; tors and time and nguin the pass- I ing of the locals was broken up land own advantage voices In chorus since Ihe signing u ! t, ^ Sleele n e - of the articles for a mess belwce: Max Schmelini;, the current heavy-; weight champion by foul (outside i New York), and Willie StrlMlng,'^, the atavistic avintor-acrobut-ossa The Blythcville P. T. A. forwards may have been good goal shots. but even if Ilicy were, their opportunities to score were very lim- sin. Judging by the tenor and basso ^t"" % of the remarks, Der Schlager is to T \ p nvi ' r " a " lost !o Montreal' 5 to 3, In Montreal re- be knocked flaller (han llic knocked German marks by the! Georgian. Strib will wind up and! j let one go from Ihe floor and tliey I will be picking up pieces of ited wliile the Osceola forwards liad numerous opportunities and toak most of them. and Rogers the visit ing ladies' displayed two dead shot with Rogers scoring 15 points and Lineup of .Ul:IIU till; llllg Illr 1IUO InC I rrnlpn fnlln •• Also we hear that the'y. e ,i 0 ,40)' clumsy Tuctoii lout couldn't hit' T niiv>rt rim Slrlb with an armful of slcplad 7 ! ^iTui) . . I Aslin (15) Btytheville-Steele Pos. RF ders. LF Workman (5) C Bishop. T. ID RG BOSTON, (UP)-For a goal len- ler lo score a goal cr an assist in icckcy is about as unusual as for he ccntcrfielder lo tag out an opponent at home plale in ba?.;ball. But Tiny Thompson. Boston Bruins' goalie, thought lie should have br>en credited with an assist- when Br Maroons. :ent1y. Alter making a save on n Montreal shot. Thompson passed to Dit 3Ja;ip?r, a tcamniale, who was oafin" near the BnMon Blue. line. Tlie ionp P.ITS fiom the goalie fooled the Montreal forwards, who! Es ED2rcl t, star center of the Wi?re parked near the B'ston net.' Crims °n. Tide of Alabama, who Weilsmd and skated fast j com P ! eted Ills final season wiih tlie to team with Clapix-r, nnd the trio Tu sca!oosa Terrors in (]i e R OSC Jess Ebcrdi of Rose Bowl Fame Here For Visit easily boat the Montreal defense. Bowl victory over Washington State. . Is hero for a few days visiting his Hitchinnn scoring. Thompson liioughl his pa,v, to i Parents at Burdette. Clapper wns cf as much assistance ' Eberdt wore the Maroon nnH as any oti-;r factor in the scorm" ""•" ' " of the goal. While of Blytheville High (or fo'ir seasons and has a host of friends Hold on, There! H Is barely possible thnt Ihe boys, Ri ,h nT . i <•» who are picking Strlb to slay tne Blshn P' J - (2) Gcrmnn without getting his hair mussed me taking too much ofl the Sharkcy-Schmcllng atlalr In which Der Schlager looked very, very bad and not giving sufficient considcra- ^ I lion to Jinx's other flglils hi ihrs country in which he took a lacing for quilc a few rounds and Ihen started coming along to win. In behalf of the German, go back to his Risko light. Maxie scored a ,,,,,.„„„ „„. knockdown in ths first round, but —"-.- ±™ he took a punching that round Jus-, the siiiuc. In the Second Schmeliiy was hit low several times, but kepi fighting without coinplnint. Schmeling was given an edge in llic Ihird round by reason of cleaner, hnrder hitting than Risko was putting- up. Risko, however, took the lead in Ihe fourth round in which ihe boys stood lor a time toe-to-toe, trading swings to (lie chin. Risko carried tlie fifth nnd sixth, also, forcing the German to break ground with body jolts. Tnej -, slugged In the seventh, Risko dnv 'V ing Maxlo to a corner and land'n- I ' a right lo the chin that ( Mnxle's knees to bend. Schmeling. stnng into a cnmc right back and floored Ri ko with a terrific right (o the chin B'ville (38) Kramer Tatum (2) Burge (10) Hudson (23) \flORLOSTBREE-CoSlMOri (929/ Armatrout, Brogden Here Over Week-end Fred Armantrout and B. F. Brogdon. star members of. the grid quad of U. of T. Junior College at Martin, Tenn., were visitors here over the week-end. Both ArmauLrout and Brogdon played with Blytheville High school. Armantrout was captain of the Junior Vol squad last year and was signally honored by being elected captain again for the 1931 campaign. Brogdon was the broken field ace ol the Baby Vols last fall. Head Courier News Want Adv W, inter starting is easier w SOC MOTOR POURS AT ZERC Ottawa Claims Lead in Skiing Enthusiasts OTTAWA. lUPl-Cnnadlsn capital claims to have more skiiers In nropcrtton . lo size and. population in the eighth Schmeling cd again crash chin and ., . . -• .«»..jij.». *>• mi, nfciiv iw ru&tvuh cnui l ±^'-,,. T :. "^ hlck '. "' h ° Johnny took a nine count. The was credited by his coach wiih the greatest individual play cf ihe Rose Bowl game, had some interesting experiences on the trip to the Whftworth, Blylheville's olhcr member of the Red Elephants. coast. J. B. than any city in the world It is! 0 ' Coach Wallace Wade, did not re '" r n with Eberdt for a few days estimated lhat one-sixth of population are actix-e sklcers. the vislt - . The Ottawa Ski Club is known M Immediately after returned to the have the larger 1 membership among j university ut Tusc.iloosa the ' men.. , ,, - 1 0 • " «^.t.«TOjrt mi; UK HI- the worlds tki clubs. It has been i bers of the Tide had to setlcftlown up to^o.OOO members, but has drop. | to some hard study for mid-frm vcd off now. , exams and missing the Christmas Natural facilities for skiing in! holidays. Eberdt grabbed the firs the Laurentian Mountains that be-1 opportunity for a visit at hr™ rln to rise Ji:sl oi:ls!d? the city are i <^im.iie. Women's Legs aid to be cquil lo tho5e in S-.uU- erland Through them the ski ciftbs! ' cut many interesting trails, ex-: tending in length from five to 15! box-office receipts and purses, and ir.ilcs. proved to the fighters tha' un'.il In Ottawa skiing became SEATTLE, (UP)—Women's legs in the ninth, with IiiSNO a hanging limply at lib side. | Referee Donovan chased Max to I-... corner and guided Johnny back to his handlers. » • * It Has to Be Figured Risko never has been anybojys Joe Beckett, it should be remembered. He laced Jack Sharkey George Godfrey. Paulino, Delancy] Schaaf, Eerlcnbach. Sekyra mid-frm 1"™* Up tO the SclmlcI1 »S l»;it •ms and missing the Chrislmas 1 " ovcr luc] bccn k »«'«d out. : - In calculating Max's possible showing against Slribling, th; Risko light should not be forgotten It was a great batle, in the of which Schmeling showed fo:ti- in America Beautiful —'-'* P "" ch - . they are willing to put on gocd shows the fans are perfectly willing to go to the movies," A Call From Camera A call from, the lobby ef his apartment hotel announced that a I Mr. Leon See and a Mr. Camera were calling. Would they show the gentlemen up, &sked Dempsey, if they could get Mr. Camera in the elevator? "Now there's the man." said Dempsey, ."that they've all got to look out for. With his size and strength he can just about, war ^^ ally popular about ten ago.' not skyscrapers or nnd the number of devotees has' achievements, are the Town Chief of Police Holds Down Four Jobs 1 ^ ]™ *jR '«*? MANLIUS, N. Y.. Bowers. 68, k ehief .. Irolman, commissioner cleaning and Janitor of .... hall for the town of Manlius industrial been Increasing every year since. '• markable things in America' in thj From the capital the sport has opinion of La Argentina. Spanish spread to olhcr cities and r:s;>rts • dancer who came hcic for a re- i cital. i "Ooo—such beautiful legs" she, ' sighed as she -watched young Am- 1 ——- -vomen In the lobby of a Never have I seen such : legs as the American women have — John | They impress me more than any- nee, pa-' thing else in vcur of street country." the city J has '^aShta? noo her big mTn , *°™ S Y ' iS ™i tho °«^°™ ™™ HEAI. : ever had: he's got the "need of a' T lmmerncin «'. 8 «d says he Is MEDINA. N. Y., lightweight." qui! « contented In Manlius. He can A. Newell, 85, rec lightweight, Demprcy scanned the hiilk before him, and sig__ __ ..._ thou?hts raced back to the greatest boxing shr.wman of them all. j i!; "Big boy," he said, "you were born I C reason . wh >" . ever V ' rod RANK HEAD 39TH TIME (UP)—George •ecently was re president of the Unloi Rank of Medina fcr his 39th term Newel! has been an officer of the bank since ISM. He was cashier- j fiist was e:ocled president | the Classified for WlggiiL, Henry . (1. K'lngham (2; HOMETMATRE PARAFFINE BASE B'ville CO McHenn Gra Outli; Saphiai Crawfori Pound Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - Subs—Osceola, Moore. Blytheville Mitchell, Smith. Tuesday-Wednesda Thursday Dons not our liaB?cr >AULWUITEMAN AMD HIS SAND It's Full o PEP! A Side-Splll- ting Onslaught Against the Blues with Comedy's Friskiest Funsters Running Rlotl The ierecn's newest sensation JEAN1E LANG Jlatincj—2 O'clock—10-30c. ! Night—6:45 and 8:45— 15 and 40c. (\dniission—Matine& & Night Coming —Sunday &~Monday ; 10 a " d 25c ' —Polly Moran and Marie Coming —Sunday & Monday Dressier in "REDUCING", i—"EYES OF THE WORLD". Winter starting is MOV,- simply a mailer of a few seconds . . . if you have the new Socony motor oil iti your crankcasc. No matter what I lie thermometer says about llie weather, the Socony user knows that his battery has an easy job . . . that his motor is gelling pcrfrc! lubrication from ihe very firs; movement of a pislon. Mil your rrankcasc with this super-lubricant and prove to yourself how much difference i* belter oil can make. PETROLEUM COMPANY il* S-B STATIONS AND DEALERS THROUGHOUT THE SOUTW/ES1 f

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