The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1934
Page 8
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SIX (ARK.) COUfefEfc KfcWS Bruins Win Sixlh Straight Game; Tigers Lose, Giants, Cards Idle Tl'e C.:leru!o Cubs ami thc> New York YunkoM won ycMc-rcl.iy vvilh C"'jcl pitching. The Yankees tK'Icnloil lln- Philadelphia AIIHclki 3 lo '1 beliiml t e l-.urllnj o( D.iiiny .MrRiyclen, \\llO £LiVO Up I'tyir. hiCS hill kcp'. (hem we-!] skittered, Demon was un the li'sins Hid. although Hiving the Yanks bn: sis MC-AS. T!:e C;.lc:ii:o While Soy. won over Use n.'trcit Tiycis in K Hosi- caim- :it Dinroii. The .score win 3 to 2 Tile winning run wan scorwl in Hie nintli innini; after (lie Sox liad made two in (hi; figr-th. The Bnme was srorcless n:ui! ihi> seventh when (ln> TTJITS not ;i pair o [ rum. V/yatt w.13 the whining nitd FYa.sicr the losing pHcher. Applin^ score;! tre winning run en Hayes 1 single. T'.'c Cleveland Indians va)!o;V.'(l the St. Louis ErO'.vcis 5 to I n'. ST. louts. The Indians untie nine lihs at opportune moment* while Montr Pc-arso nkept the Drowns handcuffed. Three runs in [lie clglm In,.--•.';.'"'"B *I»Hed defeat for the Browns iirij.f.gv.tlielr hopes faded, nlaeliokler Teachers Tackle Pastiniers; Kirhy To Meet Robinson Klrby nnd Teachers, beaten last uwk. will seek to break Into the win column when ilivylackle strong opponents In iwo games on lhe Teachers opix-ared to lx? a coming ule tonight in lliiley Fichl. The first, game starts al 7:30 o'clock. Klrby will attempt lo lilt a winning stride asalnsl Robinson Drug, conceded (o be probably lhe onl.-itanding tenm In the circuit at this stage ol the race. Klr- by was Iroimced. l!i to 8. by lhe J'a.stlme leum last week llf« th« pslr ire unable to ]on t referee. Commlisloner Jeff Rolgnd says of they don't agree ,he will appoint one and the match l go on. Rx-Whiskerilc Will Take Knichel's Place; Myers To Meet Vontine David Dooley will meet Ralph Smith, the JacJcw;;, Tonn. professor of physical education. In (he mnln mnicli on Monday night's armory wrestling eard. Doolcj' will lake (lie placr .(. -,. i- JC7-— -..i.i^-M .i,.1 uii, IJ.llJ l(JJ- l[| '^.wtriners while D^-rin-jer was th -••loslng tillcher. The Cubs took nd- vantage of flve lied !o win when i! clr Isiitlns and nclding nbilltj- turned tricky. Boston's Hrave.s chalked up llielr tMrd straight triumph with the Brooklyn Dodgers oil the losln» end. The score was 9 l-i 4. The l)ilgcrs started om as if they meant to win. gcllinj; Ihrce runs in the ojiciilng i-lann, but faded b:id]y as the'game progressed. Miirjtim'was the winning and Munso tlie losing hurler. l-fc. wiln a home run and a double scoring five runs, led the Braves' assault. New York-Philadelphia n ml St Louis-PitlsbiirRli gaiues in (he National lenoiie and the Hoston-Wa*- fngton tin t,, tllc American lca«nc were postponed. Idea in Foil AMuciors FORT WORTH. Tex IUp')-Tlie Texas Children's Home and Aid Society has taken iranuilans so that none of its children can be k.dnaped without the abductor leaving his ,],, lr | : rr identification. Any visitor whatsoever to tl-c upstairs wards must leave his coat ami hat in the reception room before ascending the .stairs. Tliortius-iibttd race hor.H's are nearly always found lo be black or brown. 1 Thursday £ Friday Mat. 2:30, 10-2f>c Nite 6:4',. 35-35c while Hoblnson was winning from ihe Freddie Knfchel who was slaled lo TVjii-liiM-s. n lo 10. The Klrby- 'meet Smith. Knlchel, according lo Hohlnson gnme will 0]>en tonight's reports here, has been "called in" lo Louisville, Ky., hradminrUrs of in lhe second game of Iho dou- the booking agency tor llghiherivy He header the Teachers will lake wrestlers, to be transformed to anon ihe I'nstlme Hggrt-gallon. The (other circuit. Knlchel performed leiiflu-rs apiwired to eh n comnlg here a jiurober of times and Is .earn IILSI week and may prove, probably lhe most popular pcr- i 10 bundle: former locally of the group pnrnd- Ing the Sinkey circuit, which in- olher teams in lhe dudes Blytheville anil a number 'of Tennessee, cities and towns. i In the senil-ivlmlup Hny Myers Toy Ranfcj A |,| c hutch | w h n i a \\f d lo „ draw ln an llom . OKLAHOMA CITY, okla. (UP) match here Inst week with Roy —Faced with Ui c very cartlily foci Welch 111 mecl Oils Vontine. the tint money had lo be raised to pay German. Myers failed lo get a nlcrest en a chinch mortgage fall off Welch but lhe Canadian, ncinbers of lhe Eci worth Melh -h'lrch here IhoiiElil ol a novel „„ - ,-..- — o gel the Job done. They collect-, throw Myers. Vontine tins also np- •cl about 275 toy savings banks ami .penred here. ngregnllon Each family'will minute' B ., lul( , lO IjIflPP flvp j^/Mitr t v i •loll' ' meeting John 1 ' I ler. Elliott spoke of Slnkey's men — I In words of dlspnrgcment after he found In had been removed as referee of a. surd for lhe 1'iislimcr uniyhi. The four •Ircult will lit- idle tonight. Slanrtlnjcs Team iobln.son 'nstime .luerty . Inghrs Teachers <liby .. Ark-Mo Inynrs . i mn i mn t nm i n™ Doolcy Is the ex-whlskerlte who grow a fncll>l (nrcsl lo glvp lllm a co)or ' 111 bnckKround nnd Ihcn dlscar<i<:d ' lle lrl <* when oppon- cnts lH; San to gel great sport out mn of llle g( " llle trlclt of los sl'i([ him mn nrollnd °y hU whlskrrs. Smith has "PP 6 "" 11 ' here several ' s a cl<1 an workman, . order of .Knlchc-1. GOLF ^^ - - By Art Krenz limes nnd. The rhashle Is lofted lo enable alonn lhe he lliDdlst i who rales ns the best of the mal- 'el idea men who perform here,.failed to to be a 30 n»»lr with Welch the player to gel the ball Into the ah so that when It lights on the ground It will have but lltlle roil. Beginners taking up the game find difficulty is making the ball rise from the ground, This fault is.usually due to the player's effort, to help lift the ball. Do not aitcmpl to get the ball Into the air by & lifting motion .ol the club; instead, drive the bottom edge of the clubhead under the ball, hitting down on It. All fresh-water eels wT 1 |™ l ,!, 1 ,!" fr ™ lr "if "° mattcr malch hcr * lhls WMk - Elliott "said ion i< incite from lhe coast, arc ih. .., ' IK? Atlantic ocenn ti •urhood of Bcrmncla. in hot and ... the neigh-, them so Welch Sinkey performers weren't handle Elliott to try him. The match is all set un- STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (UP)Mike Zelenock, Beaver Meadows, who recenlly won lhe 125-pountl chanipionship of lhe Eastern In- lercolleglate Boxing Association, has been elected captain of the Pennsylvania State College boxing team for next season. He also is a member of the football and bnse- eqvals hii performance ct 'Dr. JtV»H 4 Mr. Hydt 1 In DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY A Paramount P/clure with EVELYN VENABLE Goofy Movies, No. 3 Comedy "The New Dealers' with i'alletlc anrl Cattetl «»SPECIALIST No general practilioner made these new Palm Beach Suits. The famous fabric was woven by a great mill, with fifty years of expert knowledge in weaving. And GOODALL, who made the cloth, has .devoted its great clothing plants to the job of tailoring it into the most perfect suits ot summer. We went to the specialist for these warm weather garments . . . because, being specialists ourselves in outfitting men, we know the importance of concentration and skill. E. rXEfj ^ ^J $18.50 THE NEW PAUM BEACH IN THE SEASON'S SMARTBT EFFECT- GREYS, TANS AND BLUES AS WELL 'AS THE FAiVWUS WHITE at. Bring Us Your Script NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO. OUT BWLS, 3-D Chicks Win Over Barons Behind Four "Hit Pitching of Righthander The Utlle Rock Travelers were helpless under lhe spell ol Andy Messenger, Pel veteran, yesterday and drop|H-d a 3 to 0 game at Little Rock. Tex Nugent hurled In fair form for li:e Travelers nnd so did Willoughby but they didn't have much chaure witliout runs back of tlicm. 'Hie game was scoreless iinill ihe sevenrn Innin? when the nirds ^atlicred Iwo runs. They u< ided another In the elglMii inning. The Atlanta Crackers beat THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 193,; right hander, limited the Blrmlng- Club ham Barons to four hits and the [ No such club In the National Cf.cks look the final gam e of the league? Maybe not, but It's in series at Memphis, 9 to 2. Five dou- lhe American League and gave b!e plays were made during the Bill's vassals a terrific trimming In game. The Chicks gathered 14 hits, spring practice games. Dunaway was the losing hurler i The Bohemian Boat Club, ae- I cording 10 the Giants, Is lhe , Cleveland Indian. 1 )' outfli, which ».3llo|K-ii the Tei-rymen nine limes om of twelve, with one tie. In the barnstorming irip north. It's llie Bohemian Boat Club because U Includes Joe Vosnilk, Franklc Pyi- , lak and Hal Trosky, all of whom j were poison to the world champs. Harry Fasti Ataln It's seldom you sec a line nboui Harry Wilk. the old'"Black I'an- ___ i [her" C f ihe ring. But lhe Wg »* » '•»*. 1 black fellow, who had all the Pennsylvania buskelball scorers'heavyweights hedging a few years are Just coming out of he gibber- .ago, now reveals some into that's Hopks Slides Braucher lot or ballyhoo. Camera Breakei Snapped at Last Ing jitters, and the reason Is In trying to keep up wllli the lineup iof Ihe Soulh High uuuuv. Chattanooga Lookoiius^'b To"8 at -r. ittsl ""* hl .Campion cngers of worth a line or two. Atlanta. Tr.c ckers won In the 10th inning. The Looko ° Icorod stales's high schools. ' 100l< al lhe rostei ' and you Harry, a is revealed, has start- of ed his annual monthly fust Every year, for the last 21, the 42-year- old veteran of lhe ring has gone en runs In (he ninth, liein^ the score. Hayes was the wiiuiln« and Hensiek the losing hurler. Tlic Knoxvitie Smokies dropiwd a 7 to 2 decision to Nashville's Vols at Nashville. Speccc was in form and limited ihe Smokies to five hits. Scoll wai U: Jakubowskl, Hnesler, Mamnla, Przywara, Tracz, Cielen. Miskevlcs and ' Milkovich. wiihoui food for one month taking only water, range juice and milk to keep his huge frame going. In that period Wills has fasled nearly^ a lotal of two years, and he - . ---i -i »-_ut»j a (.ULtll (Jt flVQ V« Czlapinski. Spotovlcli. he's the better man for nu nt- niv.l YJ-:II .:-i- . , **<"<> iv»l Bohfmu het. states. It's coincidental that Harry J n L£^?_..'"' .-s-v S43HSJS £ dm Pir- days. But this year lhe "Pantli"i- made chose lo make hR <;tt.»,,i against - lhe CubSl the This |.i one picture of l-iinsolr tliat Maltliew Smith was not nWo to spoil. The head of !hiv Mecliantcs 1 Kdueatlon Socielv 0 { America, wlilch Ignored "iho .into labor fio.-ti-c! to eAil :i .-itrikc id Detroit aulo pianls. lias broken two ;ain»rns, plm- toeraiiliers say, |i, |,| s ctl -' nrt to avoid be>a» "*iianiif,l •• _ Penney's for Nationally Famous for Long Wearl "Super Big Mac OVERALLS Of best quality 'SANFORIZED' Denim! "Super Big Mac" is one of the sturdiest and best made brands on the market!_;'Sanforizing" prevents shrinkage! Sizes proportioned for perfect fit! Btbs double at edge and top—they won't unravel! Triple-stitched! Bar-tacked!.BOYS' SIZES, Been paying more? Try "OXHIDE' 1 Overalls Full cut—not skimped! 92C Mr. Workman, just read these quality features — they tell why "OXHIDES" wear and wear! Of highest standard 2:20 denim I Triple stitched! Bar-tacked! No raw edges—they're tucked under 18 deep pockets! Parva buckles t Good fit! BOYS' SIZES, Glc Here's Phenomenal Value! WORK SHOES Bu'dt with Composition Soles! $1.79 We didn't sacrifice any sturdy wearing qualities to get the price down! Loss than $1.79 -yet they're right, for the Job. Leather insoles that feel right. Black in all sizes. G to 11. Pajama Check Nainsook! Men's UNIONS With knitted snubber back! 49 Cool, comfortabfe «ajpcnd«r-strap backl Closely woven 72^80 nainsook) Knit snubber permila freedom of movement! Pearl buttons — lightly sewn! A typical Penney bargain! They'll mar like their name! OXHIDE w«rk Shirts Kite ctumbrty! We've hundreds of satis fled' workmen who've been wear-: ing "Oxhides" for years Jj They like their extra full.! ness, their comfortable flt and long length! Triple stitched — that's why they wear so long! Interlined collars! Aluminum buttons! BOYS' SIZES, 59c JCXP. Work Shirts (•nil Cat! 49c Strong seams- long length! Medium weight blue jhambray! Boys' 5l/cs. 39c. *en'« Work SOCKS Tyft Goorl value! Heavy blup and wn mix — cnl- UatlwrTfor kCLOVM 49c b*I protection tar your h*nd*t 0 live crt*n split WORK SBOBI To*ib Wttrt •I.9S compoiitioa «o!es and h«I* White »t«rn» *»lh. Value t J C. PENNEY 220-222 W. Main Blytheville, Ark

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