Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona on December 30, 1897 · Page 4
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Arizona Daily Star from Tucson, Arizona · Page 4

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 30, 1897
Page 4
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DAILY STAR, T0C80N, ARIZONA, THURSDAY MORNING, DECEMBER SO, 1897. ANIMATED TEACHERS. Tucson THE TEACHERS REGISTERED. Tbe complete list ot tenohere report Monday Jan.3 CITY HUIEFS. The Wave receive fresh strawberries daily. Did you know it? Opera House A. V. CROSSETTA. Manager. Tueion Ttmptralurs. Tdobon, Aril., Do. 29, 1897. Minimum 82 Maximum, , 72 Mean 62 Wiud NW Clouds Tliia looming the earth wilt reaoh its northern position and begin its flight southward. Changes of wind currents ma; be expected, caused by tbe reverse motion ot the eartb, oau-ing cloudy weather on tbe first aud seoond of January. E. L. WrrjioiiB, Observer. ' B$taJta HOYT'S BEST THE BIG SHOW. Wo riorr A Grand Production. SlG lldu, so People in the Cast. tkWh Produoed oomiilete as at Hnyt'a Theater, Now York, with all the soenrry, properties, oot-tumes aud a full brass Band on the ituge. Prices $1.25, Sl.OO,' 75c. 1 GOLDEN RULE BAKERY, Congress and Cburoh Sta. Pure Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes Free de'ivery to any part of the oity. ROSARIO BRENA,. d up to last evening i 'n follows: May Campbell, Tuw ; V WUiara, Tombstone; Miss O Butt Oydyke, Presoott; J R Meekimmons, Phoenix; S P MoOrea, Tuoson ; Mrs V A Yanderboof, Dragoon; M K Sipe, Benson; F Yale AJauiB, Tuoson; Mary E Post, Yuma; Mrs J G Byrne, Sao Xavier; Cornelia IS Meade, Tuoson ; Mra A M Dver, Tucson ; G D Ostrom, Yuma; Mrs E M Guild, Howard J Hall, Tucson; Sylvia Kennedy, Shultz; Nellie Pomroy, Tuoson; Miss Bradford, Tuoson ; Louise G Kant, Arizola; Adela Tully, Soperi; Carrie Jageman, Casa Grande; H O High, Fairback; A M Soott, St Davids; Mrs Margaret Hood, Tempe; Veronioa Power, ltosemont; Mary Fennell, Tucson; Uattie Lusk, Pearoe; W P Bolton, Redington, Diana T Eley, May Merriman, Tuoson; Maude J Wei oome, Vail Station ; H G Hayes, Dos Cabezas; Beatriz Ferrer, Tuosoo; Nellie Weaver, Casa Grande; Maude Worth, Mrs L Koyoe, Tuoson; Maggie E Hill, Uisbee; Myrtle M Golly, Fairbank; Mary F Hall, Kate F Daniels, Clara 1 ish, Jennie E Tuoker, Tuoson; Mrs J A Saxon, Oalnbsas, Mrs Luoile Walker, Calabasas; Ada Ekey, Nogalea; Ethel MoCormiok, Mabel F Trefry, Mary V Priest. Tuosoo; Ella R Whittemore, Mrs M E Oolton, Eva Cole, Mrs K O Brown, Tuoson; Mrs E H Storrs, Huaohuoa; O L Lewis, Nogales; Jaa N Pemberton, Huaohuoa; Lizzie Borton, Tuoson; W B Creager, Phoenix; OH Tally, La Norm; Mercedes Shi bell, Will- ox; Mamie Shibell, Arivnoa; Laura W Pierson. Tuoson; F L Herndon, Tuo son; J W Tourney, Tuoson; W W Wil son, Casa Grande; A J O'Connor, Casa Grande; 8 M Woodward, Tucson; FS Hofford, Presoott;.! P Sbeuman, Territorial Superintendent, Mesa Oity ; W P Blake, Mrs M B Aguirre, Tuoson. Piano Tunsr. Osoar Rodiok, Piano Tuner, repre senting Kohler & Chase, is in this oity, and will attend to all orders left at Seeligsobn & Co. Opera House Block. tf Owing to the great demand for re, served seats for tbe performance of "A Milk White Flag" at the Tuoson Opera House, ou Monday evening next, the management baa deoided to have the box sheet open at Seeligsobn's store on Thursday, the 30th mat, at 9 o'olook a. m. What do the Chlidrsn Drink? Dont give them tea or coffee. Have you tried the new food drink GRAIN O? It ia dslioious and nourishing and takes the piaoe of coffee. The more GRAIN -O you give the ohildren the more health you distribute through their system. UliAlA-U is made of pure grains, and when properly prepared tastes like the ohoioe grades ot ouffee but ousts about $ as muoh. All grocers sell it. 15o. and ioo. On Hand and Mutt b Sold. One puncheon, 80 gal., Spanish queen olives, ot abnormal size, only at tf. JCLUI8 GOLDBAUM 8. Notice. After Janaary 1st I oac be found at the old stand in rear of the high school with b full line of nursery stook con sisting ot shade and truit trees, vines, (lowers, etc tf D. Ke.nnbdy. Try Grsin-0! TryGrain-O! Aek yonr Grocer to-day to show you a package of GRAIN O, the new food drink that takes the place ot ooffee. The ohildren may drink it without in jury as well as the adults. All who try it, like it. GBAIN-0 has that rioh seal brown of Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure grains, and tbe most delioate stomaoh reoeives it without distress. tbe prioe ot coffee. 15o. and 25a. per paokage. Sold by all grooers. lmo 104 and 10G Wholesale 1 genera ftjgpAll Staples handled in car load lots, thereby the Lowest Prices. Everything in Music May be obtained at the Flt2srexo.ld Music Co. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. Jj Mail orders for the latest popular Music respectfully 1 solicited FITZGREALD MUSIC CO. 118 S. Spring St., LOB ANGELEB, CAL. AMONG THE MERCHANTS. Clearance sale ot millinery at Olsons. tt Carload ot stoves at L. Q. Radolo viob's. A single room to rent. Enquire at this offioe. Celery tonio at Martin's drag store is tbe best beverage out as a new touio. Cresni Puff's, Cream Puffs, at Ivan ooviob's on Wednesdays and Saturdays The best board in the oity can be bad at Mrs. Lee's boarding bouse on Ohurob street at $6 per week. tt If you need a good nioe wagon or a carriage, get it made by Denier Bros., Tuosoo, A. T. Choice fall and winter woolens just arrived. Smith the Tailor, tt . Cor. Congress and Camp Sta. If yon need orookery, stoves, or anything in plumbing or tin work, call at Luke G. Baduloviob's. It is the obeapest place in Tucson. Get that suit you were going to order at home where you can have it tried on and get fitted. Smith the tailor. Tbe Fulton Market never kills any goats, If your mutton chops are not just right, try some from the Fulton Market. tf Horse Radish to bring tears to your eyes, in roots or grated. A new lot just arrived at tf Julius Goldbaum's. Dr. T. E. Murrell, praolice limited to eye, ear, throat and noee. In Dr. Hodgers' offioe from 9 to 10 a. m. daily. Refers to physioians of Tucson. tf We know ot nothing more appropriate for a Christmas gift, than something selected from that beautiful stock displayed by Mr. Blaok at his jewelry store. Lee Quid, oorcer Congress street and Belknap avenue, has very handsome DISHES, single or in sets, suitable for Christmas presents, at auotion prices. Must be sold. tf Fine watoh repairing a epeoialty and all work guaranteed at J- A. Blaok'e Jewelry store, 118 Congress street, Tucson Anions. Mail orders prompt ly attended to. tt Received a new invoioe of Sauer Kraut, Chow Chow, Sweet Piokles, Piokled Pigs Feet, New York State Cheese, Swiss, Sohloes, Kronea and Limberger Kase, Smoked Salmon and Herring. Julius Golbaum. . The California Chop House, oorner of Messilla street and Church Plaza, has been refitted throughout and now presents a tasty and inviting .appearance. Freeh oysters every day and meals served at all hours of tbe day or nignt. i'nvate rooms for ladies. The Eagle Milling Co.'s Gold Dust flour is made from the finest Australian white wheat, is stronger and whiter than any flour brought to Tuoson and is soia oy a.uu utiuujsna at 3 per 100 pounds, $1.60 per 50-pound sack ana io oents per 25-pound saok. Tailoring, Rapuring, Dyeing and Scouring tat all kinds of tailoring, neatest fitting, latest styles, and for repairing, dyeing, oleaning and soouring the finest garments at the lowest prioes go to Joseph Ferrin, the merahant tailor, Congress street, Tuoson, Arizona, tf The American Toniorial Parlors. The best place in the oity for a haircut, shaving or anything in the ton-eorial Hue. Seven artists, all first-olass. You don't have to wait but a few minutes for "next." Hot and cold baths. Congress street, Tuoson. A. Felix, Proprietor. HELLO CENTRAL Give me 74, "Ring Please" Hello, is that you Mr. Blaok. Yes! Well what have you iu your line suitable for bol-liday presents this year? Ask what we haven't got, that is easier to answer. We have the niotst, prettiest, cheapest and best lioe of watches, diamonds and jewelry, ever brought to Arizona. Call at tbe store and look over oar stook; bring a well filled pocket book and we will nittke an even exohange. The Union Meat Market has iu season the best of eve if0 "-g in The Institute Und.r Wy, With Three Bril liant Smioni. The Southern Ari-ua sun granted the learned teachers who gathered at Tucson with bis bri3ltst rays and most cheery stuile yesterday morning. It wna a large and happy lot of teach era who gathered at thu M. E. Cburoh tor the opening session of the Joint County Institute. It was at once evident that this is to be the most sue oessful gathering of teachers the Terri tory Lai ever known. Ilia meeting was ottlied to order by Prof. MoOrea ot the Tucson soboo's. The t'fficeie ohosen are as follows: Chairman of the institute, Hou. A. P. Shewman, Superintendent ot Public In struction in Arizaua; Secretary, Prof. nliUreH;Uliairmao of Grammar Sdction, Prof. J. D. Oetrura of Yuma; Seoreiary. alias May foet of liiina; Chairman of tbe Primary Section, Miss Jem is Tuck er ot Tucson; Seortry, Mits Diana Elev ot Tucson. The opening paper was an admirable one, "A Plea for Object Lessons," by Prof. Blake of th Uuiversity of Arizom , followed by an animated disoussion, lea by Prof. Woodward ot the University, and intereeting remarks by Prof. Mea-kiinraots of Phoenix, Prof. Hofford of Presoott, and Mrs. Hood of the Terri torial Normal School. Superintendent Uerudon of the Tuoson Indian aohool gave a paper on Indian eduoation which oslled tor much favorable comment. Systematic eduoation, he said, would make good oitiaeos of Indians as quickly as ot any other primitive people. t he subject was also briefly diNouasad bv Miss Laura Pierson ot the Indian aohool, and Professors MoOrea and W. W. Wilson. Professor Adams famished a most entertaining paper on "Looal History," and the same subject was briefly discussed bv Prof. O. L. Lewis, of Mo- gales. A group ot primary children, with Mra. Dyer as teaober, illustrated the improved methods now need in our oity schools. Pupils from the lower grades of our schools delighted tbe teaohers with their singing at the ses sion. The afternoon sessions at tbe High School building, were devoted to var- oua interesting pspers and discussions of subjeots ' ot particular interest to teaohers. Professor Ball, ot the University faoulty in the grammar section, gave a large number of good thoughts on the teaohing of reading, which were followed by animated disoussion by Professors Bolton, Tully, Williard, Ureager, Pemberton and Ostrom, and Misses Campbell, Borton and Post. Elementary U. S. History was handled very ably by Mias Post of Yuma. Prof. Pemberton gave an excellent paper on teaohing arlhmetio, and the subjeot wss disoussed by Misses Post and Borton and Professors Creager, Meekimmons, MoUreaaud Ostrom. In the primary section Mrs. Hood's excellent thoughts on reading called out an interesting disoussion by Miss Hall. The subjeot ot geography was introduced by Miss Cole, pt tbe Tuoson school, and the discussion was opened by Miss Maud Weioome of fantaco. Miss Maude JNorth gave valuable suggestions on the teaohing of numbers to ohildren, and Miss Eley and Mrs. Hoed spoke of their personal experience. One of the most interest ing papers ot the ssesion was Miss Merrimsn's review of "Child 8tudy." Upwards of seventy-five teachers were present at yesterday's gatherings As eaoh one is filled with ideas and experiences in teaohing, eaoh session sparkles with an excellent program and the only trouble is to find time for all. EVENING! SESSION. The Methodist Church was oomfort- ably full at the evening session, nearly all present were teaohers, President A tr. Suenmau presiding, ibe program was oarried out as announced in the Stab. Ool. J. A. Zabriakie delivered the address ot weioome; but before ex tending the greeting delivered an ably prepared address on toe subject of edu cation whiob be delivered with force and effect end which was very well received by the teaohers, and closed with a very oordial weioome to all visiting teaohers. It was responds J to by Prof, F. S. Hafford, principal of the Presoott publio schools, in a very happy man ner, as well as showing that he appre ciated lheobjot of the institute. W. F, Copper treated tbe assembly to a solo, Prof. S. P. MoOrea, pricoipal of the publio schools of Tucson, gave a strong address on tbe publio school whiob was replete with interesting statistical facts, and valuable, new up-to-date thoughts on the public school work in general and Arizona and Mew Mexioo in partio ular. Prof. McCrea is thoroughly im bued with the true spirit ot popular eduoation, hence be is interesting, as his address last night demonstrated The Ladies Quartette sang tbe "Old Folks at Home" so well that they bad to repeat tbe eame on an enoore. ine announcements ot today were made by the secretary of the institute and the meeting adjourned. Death ot William Hobart. William Hobert, of Yuma one of the original locators of the La Fortuna mine died very suddenly on Saturdav Mr. Hobert has been in poor health for some time, but his friends did not have the faintest idea that he was so near death's door. Deceased has been snf, rering from consumption, and on the morning ot bis death he experienced severe hemorrage resulting in final dissolution. Mr. Hobert has opperated in Ca'iforma and Arizona and has in vested considerable sums iu this Terri tory, particularly in Yuma oounty. Persons desiring stamping or embroidery done for Xmas, also the latest Mexioan muBio, oall at Oarlota Balazur, next to the. Cathedral. lm Wanted. Three rooms and board tor bree adults. Address B, Stab Offioe. Wanted. Furnished bouse, five rooms, sunny exposure. Address with particulars, at ouoe, U, Star Offloe. Fresb oysters IS and 25o per plat at tie Wave and tbe Wave only. No trouble to show goods at Black's Jewelry Store. Courteous treatment whether you buy or not; of oourae we want you to buy. Tbe Tuoson Dancing Club will give an evening ot dancing in honor ot the visiting school teaohers at tbe Mew Orndorff on Friday evening, Deoember 31. Escorts and friends ot tbe teaohers are oordially invited. Danoiag at 8:30. For your poultry for Mew Tear so to tbe "Wave." You will make do mis take. It is interesting to note that not withstanding the defalcation ot the society's late president, Fred G. Hughes they have been able to pay all out standing olainis, and stand free from debt, though it of oonrse crippled tbem in oarrying out the objects ot the sooiety, Mr. Karl F. Miller, tbe president and general manager ot the Franoe-Ameri can Mining Co., of Oro Blaooo district. was in the oity yesterday. The fine property ot this oompsny continues to develop the same good character of ore referred to in post issues ot the Stab. The ledge however ia increasing io sire. Tbe Arizona Pioneer Historical Sooiety at their annual election last evening chose officers for tbe coming year with S. H. Draobman as president and fifteen vioe presidents, They paid all outstanding bills, and now stand free from debt, notwithstanding the heavy losses reoently sustained. Have you tried a plate ot those oyetsrst the Wave? If not? Why not? 15c and 25c per plate. The Fraternal Brotherhood is the title of another insurance organization established in Tucson. The lodge was organized last night and started with a good membership. G. S. Bartholomew, the supreme secretary of the order, in stalled the officers last evening. Tbe nsurance is reasonable and tbe rults governing the same are sound and no doubt the Tuoson lodg6 will grow most vigorously. Prof. A. P. Shewman, Superintendent of Public Interaction, is in the oity in attendance to the Joint Teachers' Io- sti'.ute over which he was chosen tbe presiding officer. Professor Shewman states that tbe educational interests ot the Territory are in a most satisfactory oondilion. He proposes making a visit of inspection to all of tbe oounties in a short time. The Star is pleased to note the interest the official bead of public education is manifesting in tbe duties entrusted to his keepitfg as Prof. shewman is doing. Reoorder Snibelt reported the follow ing instruments filed yesterday : Two mining locations called tbe "Sooooum Chuok" and "Beloher" by M. H. Has- bronuk, in the Warsaw mining district; two mining looations called the "Chi cago -and "Iowa" by J. I). ISargsse, et al, in Canada del Cro district; a mining deed from H. E. Laoy and N. W. Faison to Geo. U. Sisson, et a!, for five mining olaims in the Silver Bait dtetriot; a bill of sale from James MoCarty to Patriok J. MoCarty of Fort Huaohuoa, for the J. M." brand and oattle; an affidavit of assessment work by Harrison and Wheatly on the Apex, Jumbo; Iron Mountain and Iron Chief mines in tbe Amole distriot. "POULTRY." Corn fed turkeys. Pekin ducks, ohiokens to roast, fry or broil. Tbe Wave dress them to order, It is a faot. ' Hoyl'i ' A Milk White Flag." Charles Hoyt's "A Milk White Flag" will nutter triumphantly on tbe stage of the TucBon Opera House, Monday, January 3. As is generally known "A Milk White Flag" is a keen but kindly satire on tbe amateur warriors who ooin-pose the militia oompauiea of this great oontinent. Our boys in blue are just as fond of an ice oreatn social as they are of an hour on the parade grounds Tbey like just as well to whirl iu the giddy ruBZus of the dance as to go to tbe right and left about in a drill. In other words they combine business with pleasure, and with a light preponderance in favor ot the latter. It is with this weakness of our brave defenders that author Hoyt deals in a "A Milk White Flag." He bandies the boys without gloves, but in such a humorous way that not obe of them could possibly take offeoss at bis method, and Btrangs to sav among bis large audiences that have witnessed tbe performance of "A Milk White Flag," local militia ore am ziitiona have been prominent. T.. play oomes here this season brighter and better than ever and withorisp and witty dialogue and humerous situations introduced. Secure your seals at Seeligaohns and avoid the rush. Seats are in great de mane). Early bird will ketch the worm, If you don't want diamonds or watohee, look at the display of solid silver- ware. Silver plated wore, out glass,' and tanoy olooks, which Mr. Blaok has tor sale at bis Jewelry Empo num. Call and look over bis stock we feel sure you will And what you want. . A woman for wants situation. Tuoson. general house work, Address Box 225 293 Only one Tucson. One first class jeweler in it, J. A. Black. Don't forget to inspect his elegant line of holli-day prases la. i W tea to!" Congrdas St. erchaiidisG and Retail. Fred Fleishman Pure Drugs, Medicines and Toilet Articles. Finest Line of Perfumeries in the City Pneorlptlona Carefully Compounded. 1 r 3 ' i ; DR. GEORGE MARTIN, Druggist, 814 fSngref" Street, T0C8ON, A. T Fine Perfumery. AND TOILXT ARTICLES. Also a fall and complete line of allot the varl. ona Patent Medicines on the market mm Two Carloads just received. Fine Rockers, fine everything. Haven't time to tell you about them; Come and see. T its line, O. F. Sobumaoheld.J'hsi'i.-Hfji "A Mil Whits Flsg." 3. prietor, baa an eetablisbedreputation in Tuoson which ia a guarantee ot this Schilling's Best costs less than my other baking powder. ( -: . .. - v . : .. ' " Why I thought I ha J to pay as mmh forJSchiVilg's Best as for som! others!'" Yes; but SchiUing's Best goes further. Ask your grocer. A Schilling & Company bun l-rauciwo 21 K) itiUi Ed ElOHLERS, Opposite Post-Off ice. MlMHUltUllUl y.KX-.-u.t,-

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