The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 22, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, A PHIL 1^, 1017 BLYTIIKVILLI-: JAUK.) COURIER NM3WS .PAGE''FIVE |W ^S^^^X^'^ Crawtordsville School Plans $50,000 Project jAsbestos Sidings L»^u^^^ Kj*ClV JCI . >'. V1 "S on an intrusive uatiipnnin • ' vjf»*>»» U . «• x «v r i i-tiimtimiul ermip, with .sonic slutcs tons or such vessels were built at ' ' - To Provide Better Quarters for Instructors EncreQse Llfo Of Wolltico and l.uGuardia Charged with Attempts To Perpetuate Ceilings been proclaimed fns- April 2Hlli Ijy Arllnif W. Hilllis. plT.sidr.-m o! I he 1. i tliroiiliotit Ihc country I continuation ol rem control ' latiou for more, than a year. "One of the- most am;i/iiH'. lal- acies oT our nalional tliinkinB," liiims slated, "is the lie! that in .some mysterious way different economic laws apply lo vent Iroin lliose economic .'.s which apply to all other commodities." lie asserted unrealistic control policy was creating an artificial sciircity tif lunis- insf for rent. Tlie critical of rental housing, will not toe met until proper.y oun- Schi-stoi, Pa, t | can expect a fair return their venta] operations. "H is more than '20 montlis SIIUT l hi? tormina lion of ho-stilitic.s," 13inns jissertcd, "yot thcio is si ill ^c)in» on a dcs])pralL' campaign t<i form tif Ihe $:,0,t) TliraparlmcMit WAS and members of ship 01 the National Foundation, llinns nrped ;,|1 o'.uicrs of rental properly to "rise ; ,n<l protect '.heir lights to ownership", lie charged thai "powerlul i;:ilu:il jirnups under (he leadership of Henry Wallace and ! ; iore!!o r.idtiardia are or- ictilmni; (o perpi'luatc rent eon- •rol". "Ucnt control." niniis added "has i;t come ilie major objective (if Mi-wim; urbanizations ;lnu ^arc Irving lit impose a regimented so- cuilj'/ed economy upon the American people." 111 order j o make this protest in 'speak' as lhe° unified "voice of | This month the opened for auainst rent ermtro] effective. I'res- 27 million home and property own- j t' 1 " inspeclioM of teachers its new <']tAU'] ; <JU!ISV!M.IC, Ark. April '!?. * NK.\)— 'I'lii they tuivc found (he ansuor to lh ( - teat IHT sitin'L ( ittUmli'ii ( nuiily linvu. • \iliicli is pta^i'iiif; thr I, I ]K M hnnl hiuvi li-m, ami I lull H Tor li-achers sliown in thr at'emnji;niyin« pmitnj:iii|ih. i Form Buildings Thr UM'lnl Illi 1 ol litany t:ivm ' j buildings i-:in be nival ly lenfdheniMt I l*y I lie iipp.-.M'ii.-.L ui .IS.XMOS ri-- j j Jiu-nl sUllnt 1 .. iMiildinu tiiillim'HIrs ; | n'|im I. In rvoiy .state ihrrr nic thnusLUHl.., n[ oUl smu-tmv:. wliicli 1 arc lull hi} 1 , tn nivt- u<ir< unite pui- | loelIon 10 llvt'slork in - invju croivs ! bnuM-d in I Item hi'Oiur^' Un- Nidr- l '.Mills no luiij'rr :av wiMllirM i-h'. ] < Viutunlly t<> .sun, i .uii, • • "• ; wind nn[| frits!, On- rxlei lm \v:i!l'- rlirvt'd' an- (hsi U> deti-i lm nil 1 unless tiny In the 1111 *' ^""Slnu'lrd nt rndni'ini'. ni.iie- , li;lls I [1 otlienvlKr r^Mirlur:iUy i.nnril. i Uu'i-e buildings ,-au In 1 rrsioreil !o I'l iViM'- On City Property i.O/. » /o Joseph W. seay. Executive Direr.- | '^ , ' s ',, ,",,.; ,.7 l;.. Mi ^ j,,' ,( i .A, ,,,:i!led hv Hi,' lerriliv !<»s of hl> .or, explained that the Rmmlution • L .' c .'' ( ,, I'" 1 '' „..' c • » in''the Ati:uita Wine.-oll 'n.itel fii e. 1 {> c ni ft A p I j nrt of ? s a nut:ci:iil organi/aiion created " " " l •• ., . M;i t inventor put his v.ils to k " *" J ^' ' C7 "' o speak as (he unified voice of | I l»s month the bo.ird opened tor ,^ I B.._' _ F!lCtvlc . . 27 million home and property own- | the imperiion of ie:ic-her s its new [ A|l(( nmv K n s,,,^^,,,^ ,,„ ,,]e.'-| WwSmCSS ! l~5nS idcnt Binn.s has mwd all properly ers in America. Its principal pur- ] seveii-faiiiily apartment. It is c '°"-i irH-jan i )t i,r-iiiaaio!i has come up' C t I ft owners in the Unilwl States to pose, he s:iid. "is to foster, main- venieni rit;hl nmiss from ll«'! ui , h ., j.;,,,,,,,,.,! ,| ( , v i-i- designed to U51Qe?V/Ciy STGICG I'.rite, tcle^rapli, nr telephone their tain, a«d protect private owner- j school, it is new and modern. Anil I W . !U . M ] H) |ei guests ot impending ' of Congress, demanding • ship of property." !, Leaders in * BEAUTY * QUALITY * VALUE ^309 N. First Buy Fixtures & Materials from "Pete" Nothing but tho IWST. :)n!y N A T I O N A I, I, Y K N O \V N U K A N 1) S Porcelain enamel on heavy C:AST IRON or KiRST GRADE vitreous CHINA. Heavy chrome 1UIASH ii'iiiHiiinjfs made for service as well as to sell. Priced the same as inferior brands. PLUMBE! Phone 2731 best of :is $2;> ii'inniuh. .Srlionl Unys Malcriuls . Here The new apartment is a school | works: boiird jub from .stun ;o finish. Con- AM -.iilomatic' \v:il;'himuj. or ilier- tr:ietors woiildnl handle it except ims.'Uiil eomiol unit, is installed in on u eost-]>hls bnsls. So tlic school j ea"li lonm of the hotel ami s-jl.. ut the Family Hhor- Klo:e. i«..ii-.i hired its own Iniildini' Mi|>-I'«r avcneiic room lem[ierature. i A lti-li«u cm:y lined vvilh I lie \Vlieti Die lemprMidnj c" eoes five n "' v \vmdo\vs will provide a denrees :iliov<; what'is normai'room' M-rtilnile. Inside, the buildiin: is lie- tem;]eratiire, a lij;lil flashes on 'i bnnrct in the main Itihy S dalieer ;ilmosl betote the lire ho'.v -Spurlin^'s iiu'entiou i i cputi ni;: an .ild I'UlKhin; Is lo straH'.hlen It up :iml hraee it (Irmly so Unit it sl;i"d:, ] .'«H!iie mill level. If I he sills :m-l . Ijoltoiii ends ol' (lie studs io c :tii- led. the inii'.dhir: iihoiihl lie li.i ••<! on jacks and 1 he deleetu'e iiiK'tiMlls ]\mit\'ed. New Lno'iiv.-.s anil loint:!-i- liiin walls me then couvlnil-lcd i-.i laic, cperntions r.ot nn- i\ this week ill. the Faim'.v ii-ore and the ('. I. 'I'. (jOi'i). v.'iih cii:!r,jlcle retlceoratitiu ol buililnn's scheduled. ' v -h./.v windows are beiim 1 ;IT|1 ' 1 ' "' '"<•' finished In f.v«, three weeks. -Foi' Purchasing, Refinancing or Making Improvements' Interest 20 Years to Pay FULL P re-payment privileges MONTHLY payfnents include taxes and insurance Realty Co. •i\\\ \\. Wiilnul Toluplionc 2381 Abstracts of Title — Farm Loans its own CiirpeiHors, bricklayers, niit.son.s mid oilier labor. The the school. Tin' finished IlililcliilK ii)^ frik'^'inati'd nnil new anil thinrt :.i''-iU Hi; lit. I up will cost around $SO.OOu and Ihr board ]i he hotel and at the jjanu; lime an ^ '[hp work is rxp-eted law nioinbLTs f)«Hri'd thul's SHQOI)-$10.-!e:c-etri, 'bHl alarm is .set off. |('<i:r.|>!i-(rcl in iilinin ^0 days. 1,." ClOO les.-; Ui:ui a coiuvntrtor t : have done il. On «iio end <»f Ihe buiUJiiH; Then it's only ;i inn tier of ^fr-. stor '' nnds brfin D ihc inastrr eonl rol j board in ttie lo'^by .shov.:; the lloor n '( V( |_ ] mid ronrn nuir.ljei ot the over- n.=. It may be occupied by a bu: i lieatei! room. inmlly or a" i;rnup of unmarried f -P'"Ini- points mil lhal the unit, teachers. At the opposiic end of the can IK ' *JJ;':'att-rt rafoly on battery; bunding is a four-room iinii-liv- Y '™ n ' , ;it 51 , ros( °', «»*>' «' ! 1 :i ' l 'l ing room, kitchcn-clineUc i p «m>>in^- lioti, mid two becl-room.s and batli. In betv;een are five iliree-voom upartinents cnch with living room, \ kitchcn-dinpUt! coinbinnllo]]. and i niif bedroom and bath. All bed- I rooms have ]at£o double c las tits and • eneh np:ii':mt'nt has ils ov.u fn.'nt and i car on trance 1 . KiU-ben:; have electric sloven, electric i-efri'.'.ei'ators and built-in cupboards. unit. Hi 1 advooitos utUlcry ninny liote! fires urc eaus ctl by elecLri \il .slioi-tn^es and ' .sliortiiKP would interfere \vilh 0]>e ation of the alarm. 'Ho estimates lhal Ihc' cost ' f | if i mnmtfa.nn:in r ; and instulliim tlu * unit would )je about (ho s ame way nf saying it thouuht it could keep its teachers more; comentpd i [ Tho =diool bo.arcl rrjeclod bar- | hi private: apnvtments than it could nit'k.s ami bo.'U'din^-liouse type 1 ; intJipinf; tlie-m ail toi;e']ier in somi biiildinus '*ljf'c.-;ui:-L' cmii^cnisdily j teinnorary <r.vt']]iuir. " f r dnp? not .^enu to rxi?M wliprc a j Money fn r (ho jjiojorf camp pirl \ f ntiiiUs is lorce^ t<> • ly JVom the ri'volvuif-; Loan mud ^ i live together." Which is smothoi 1 IEPHAIR *'<"// Driven Kxhaunt Fo/.'-s for venHIciHng and effective cooling . . . Oulsfnmlins; [''endives: .S. I'iin ^tinvnnhM'd fur five years— motor j,'i!;iraii(oc(l for our year. !!. ('rvlit'ie'il ;iii- delivery ratings — C:ms U'stfd iimlcr ASM VK I'ulc Iiv iiulcpciifleul laboi'alory - r !\'\as A & M Collotrc. C'. All fans have Umlenvnlers' l.ah- (iraldry l.abi!l \villi reinspoction >( i vvicd--i;iiaranl( l ('s user proloc- (iou. !!. (in years exrlusivo fan ill;;' I'.xprricnc'C. 1. Sturdy ('(insti'iiclitui: lluil! lo ;:ivo years of ul (itiii't, truuljlo-free service. 2. Shipping or:lit. 1 ck'si^ned ("or use in installation— IMinimi/.cs iiislallation expense— crate easily removable for spi.-eial ap]ilicatioii. :',. iiall liviiriitrr Shall Constrtit-tion— Alay bo installed in any iiosilion dischargiuj,' tip, down, or at ;u>y aujjlc. 1. '/ephair i!l;ulo.';—l-l-Ranjfo steel— dio formed—balanced within '!•'!(> oz. Kiiai'iinloes niaxiiiitim :t ; r d'. 1 livery — eliminalos vibration — riuiel oporatioti. ~\. Stream Lined Orfice: Integral part of nijijied stce! frame—provides maxiiviiini deliver with niinimutn ncisr—in- creased officciu'y. (i. iMinnitinsr arms offer nnniintiui obs! ruction to air flow- •• absorb vibration. 7. Conlnry capacitor and split pli;isi', ball beai'iliK iuo(ors—extra ppuer —IOIIK life. S. All nmtors equipped will) Iliermal overload prolci-ltir — nrevc nts burned out motors in case of low voltage or ovei'loatl. 0. Xon Sti-elcli V iiells — (inality, lon.u wear. of the Arkansas Dcpurl mcnt of f i neatlon. partly irnm .school bmul ' cash. Even willi rentals lieKlnninu nsas invv as ?'J. r > a montii. the sclio >1 board figures' the biiilciiiu: will i \\ fnr irsulf in 20 to 1!5 years. In tin- ineatitiine. Cra',vfords\ r iHc figures it will yet dividends in tr:iehcrs :md better cdueatiou. call us for on estimate on installing a Hunter Attic Fan in your k home—Now is tho time. '*'" I'eniain open for buslno-s ihis remodehnj;. C:. !. T. Cm p. bullillni; is n:iled and new olfl.'es illMrn.'Ud inside. Window repairs Arc you ii snrt'tl? War oo t IOIIH have- cliaTi values nnd, ,. in f loss, yon wan! to n- pi oU:cteil. .i^ your Uni^ur- lo So/o Starts Wednesday, & a.m. Group No. NOBLE GILL ANY HAY CROP IN ONE EASY Labor Saving Operation The Massey-Harris This is the answer fo your haying problems! With I IIP Masst'V-H.-trvis I'uriijjo C'liupcr ynii c;il, .•lioti iiTid |O:K! your hay cruji (h:null(<:; S tti \'i tons (if hay nor hour) ;ii! in mic' o]n^r;i( ion. It; llus I>MI> lion ytiti save linn 1 , hilmr and unlold ('x|H'iisi\ . . I iy u.siii}: the M;i?scy-H;i!-ris Fora^(> ('li)tpor losses usually a< ('"inpaiiy inj; |iv<'vitnis punr haiulliii)!. Massey-Ilai'ris ! c '"rai'e Ciip]i"r eliiiiinates 1. Slow operation of mower, rake, loader and hoist. 2. Shattering and loss through excessive handling. 3. Lack of adequate manpower. 4. The weather — always L-nprcdictablc at haying time. is a Kroii|> n f n.nlly 1'ine ([iialily chairs offered In you al s]>fria! saviiij^. liarrel I'ai'k, \Ving Hack and ('hail's, originally priced I'l-oni S-ll.iir> lo S7<). '.>!">, now only ........ Groyp Mo. 2 (!oo(l i|iiali(y upholstered rockers, Occasional chairs covered in velonr, I'liitforni Rockers, /ff»fi|f formerly priced from * I!).'.)."> \,> S7!).!>. r >. vlassff nov. onlv ^ NOW . . . Meet the Machine that eliminates high cost! THE MASSEY-HARRIS I-ORAGE CLIPPER "61" Implement Company 15OH SMITH North Highway 67 CAin, WAl.l.ACI Phone 2142 farmers Terms 1/2 Down Balance Oct. 1st All Kinds and Styles — All t\ J cw Chairs in Good Condition Tliis is Strictly a Sample Chnir Snle! Everything As Is No Rehimts —No Exchanges —First Come, First Served— No Reorders 401 W. Main

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