The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on May 24, 1954 · Page 25
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The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 25

Indiana, Pennsylvania
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Monday, May 24, 1954
Page 25
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"The Noble Wish"Graduation Held Today For 350 ISTC Seniors (.'ommencement week ar-livitips at the State Teachers ("ot- 1«Cfe, Indiana, ended today at. noon r.vith the Commencement Dinner in lhe College Dining Room. This mornintf at the Commencement service. Dr. Millard K. fllflflfelter. provoM, of Temple I.'Diversify, addressed the VOLUME 54.—NO. 238. praduatina: ola«s of more than 350 students using for bis sub- State Secondary Confab Set Here June 9 Fire Destroys Western Pa. Principals M arn a r?.t Auto To Comprise Conference NearDilltown r INDIANA, PENNSLVANIA, MONDAY, MAY 24, 1954. • je.-t "The Nohle Wish." — • •, Dr. Willis E. Pratt conferred i m^ f \ I .degrees of bachelor of science in A Hl*0»if*nf^rtl education upon the seniors. Lt. Col. ? I 1C sJV-IIWV-'l Talbert I, Martin, chairman of the D M**i*X* *»4«i AM department of military science r\GQ ISTrClTIQn and tactics, granted commissions! ' *•» I A as se cond lieutenants in the U.S. ^P^ In ArPA Army Reserve to fifteen of the Owl III f\l C» Q senior men. Fifteen more seniors will receive commissions after! HOME -Pre-school registration tney have cornpleled thelr ROTC ; of children who will be of school, camp training at Fort Lee Vir- 1 age by Sept. 1. 1954, will be con-, glnia| Ms summer> ducted in the Rayne Twp. Con- _ , sulidated School May 26 at 9 a.m.' loday * I '' venls >• n.vording to Mrs. Mary Raybuck. Today's events were the last of principsfl. the 19S4 Commencement season at „ . , ,, Indiana State Teachers College. Mrs. Raybuck reminds all par-. «-"ncgc. puts to bring certificates of birth' Dr - Wm W - Orr ' President of and vaccination if their children Westminster College, delivered the' have been vaccinated, .baccalaureate address to the class! of 1954, faculty, and visitors Sun-! day afternoon in Fisher Auditor!-! urn. Dr. Orr's subject was en-j titled, "The Goodness of God." \ Sunday evening the College Choirj Miss Warner, supervisor of spe- : directed by Wynn York gave the 1 al education, and Mrs. Ellen-annual commencement concert! Duilon, school nurse, will be pres-, a t Flagstone Theater, the new out-j cut to discuss school-readiness door theater on east campus atj with the parents. the co || e ge. The choir also furnish-' ed special music for the commencement concert at Flagstone Theater, the new outdoor theater on east campus at the college. The choir also furnished special mu-| sic for the commencement and 1 baccalaureate services and for the; ceremony dedicating the new Leon-' ard Hall. ! Another big grain crop looms! Jane E - Leonard Hall, new mil-' anead for Pennsylvania farmers lion dollar classroom building' this year. With a scarcity of gov- which replaces one destroyed by eminent storage bins, "it looks',*' 1 ' 6 in April, 1952, was officially like a good bet to provide plenty dedicated on Saturday afternoon Over 116,000 Pounds of Surplus Foods Distributed with the instructions on the letter they have received 'before bringing the child for examination. cial D1LLTOWN - Despite the efforts of three volunteer fire companies, a barn and an automobile parked nearby were riestroyed early Sat urday morning by fne. i IIP The building and car were own- s a"»» p l w - Jacobs, principal of ed by John T. Bo.vd. lnp C,reensburg High School. i.« A spokesman of 'the Vmlondale l ' hn " mnn ° f " lr worksh °P Dr Fire Company, one of three cle- partments answcung the b!a/.p. said the fire was beyond control when fire-fighters arrived fit thp scene. Volunteers roncprr.ratpd The lVnin\ Unnia Association of Secondary School Principal* will spmmir a summer workshop at the State IVafhers College, Indiana, .lime ''.11. Teachers and schoolmen in the \\pstrrn IViuw Iviiiiia ar*>a are invited lo attend. The \\orl\shdp K miP of t\\rlve in the state sponsored hy "ennsyh ania .\ssncint inn of Secondary School Principals. Jnhn R Sahli of the Iniana State Teachns College is workshop SPC- retaiy. and J'lhn K. Davis of the Indiana State Teachers C'oilege is in charge of ar v angenient. Tile workshop «vil! discuss prob- Annapolis Grad County Agent Lists Reason For Storage Over 116,000 pounds of government surplus foods was distributed to needy Indiana Countians today. The Pennsylvania Railroad freight yards at Water street, in Indiana was filled this morning at 8:30 by waiting lines of trucks ready to transport the commodities to their respective communities for distribution to families and individuals. Today foods included 60,000 pounds of processed cheese, 36,000 pounds of dried milk and 20,000 pounds of beans. These were distributed on a per capita basis to the many communities in the county and trucked to distribution points in the various towns where officially designated representatives passed out the commodities. Most of the food was gone from the local rail yards by noon when only four communities had not reported to pick up their food. They were ek pected to get their quota this afternoon. County Marred By 4 Accidents Slight injury to a Black Lick motorist and damages esti- of good, on-the-farm' storage!" ac'- with representatives of state, com,™^ 1 «> °™' *i--»00 resultP,! from tour Indiana County hi R h- cording to County Agent W. c.lmunity and college agencies par-!«'«.Y accidents involving seven vehicles, according to a report Cochrane. Here are tho reasons he ;Ue 'Pating. jthis morning from the State Police of the Indiana substation, gives: il> Grain is almost always! Agnes Sligh Turnbull. notedj Paul W. Baran. of Black Lick, p-seaped serious injury when selling at higher prices a few American novelist, was.given the^he lost control of his car on Route 119 one-halp mile north of months after harvest time. (2) The first annual citation for distin-;{^ onlpr cj|y ] as( pveninsr," ran off the road and wrapped the (~p, Kovernment guarantees prices at «u«hedI service by the Indiana! h ;, aromu | „ lr p e causing damages estimated at $1.200. 90 per cent of parity. (3i Govern- s _ la te Teachers College General',. ; _ , Baran received dispensary treatment at Indiana Hospital and was released, according to State Police : who said he was traveling too fast for conditions Damages estimated al $150 re- Tw-kffir ! Community Chest New Officers iraitie Meeting Tonigh+ The annual organizational meeting of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce is scheduled for this evening at 8:00 p.m. in the Chamber of Commerce offices in the Farmers Bank Building, according to an announcement U*.is morning by chest officials. New officers and directors will be elected at this evening's meeting. inent lending agencies make it easy 'Alumni Day luncheon in the col-i to finance costs of bins as well 1(? 8 e dining room Saturday no on.|| Jj _ as necessary dr-ing equipment.! Alumni classes of 1884, 1889, 1899, I M Q I Q M Q Farmers are responsible for the 1904 ' ]9H - 1924 ' I929 . 19 34. and' condition of the grain during the 1944 held reunlons °" Alumni Day, nine it is under seal, and need' Satul ' da> '' Ma y 22 ' especially to guard against dam- : Amon S th « several hundred re- age moisture, and rodents. :tur*ung Alumni present were the .. . . ,. . u \'o surviving members of the sev- If crop prospects indicate more ;en . rorage space will be needed, the McE , veen patton and ' Sargh M nfcessary plans should be made Qallaher can help in! Tn A|umni To Conduct School Here in advance. executive councili Area Civil Defense workers In charge Information suited from a sideswipe accident i on Route 56 one half mile west ! of West Lebanon early Saturday afternoon. Fifteen ISTC Seniors Get Commissions ineir efforts on saving the Bovd home and other neighboring builJ- lf>m ' '" follr P |lllcl P al aieas of rigs. mteieM to icncheis and adminis- : Origin of the fire is believed t,i '''a' 0 ™ now in lllfl profession. i have been defective wiring in the ila y Neff, princi))al of Meyers- barn, dale High School, will be chair- Total loss was estimated at 52.- man of a workshop group dealing 000. The loss included a quantity with, the subject "How \Ve Can of lumber stored in the building. Provide for the Need of Bright 1 Other fire companies answinng Children in Heterogeneous Groups?" the alarm were Armagh and Douglas Bowman, supervisor of Sevard. special education in Washington Tne automobile destroyed by fire County Schools, will be consultant. was parked near the buildtny and "What Are Good Practices for could not be moved because Mr. Promoting Moral find Spiritual Bo.vd was unable to locate :.he keys Values in Our Schools?" will be a after he discovered the firs. subject for the secon" gu.up wuh! The blaze was discovered short- James L. Hysong. superv ising prin- ly before 1 a.m. The firemen re- upal of the Brockway Joint School,; ANNAPOLIS, Md —Scheduled to mained on the scene about four as chairman, and Either 1 Wil-'graduate .June 4th from the US. hol j rs - hams, executive director of the Naval Academy here is M-.dship- The neighboring Boyd home was Y.M.C.A. in .lohnstmvn. as consul- men Kenneth M. McJunkm Jr., son badly scorched by the heat. jiant. ' John I. Bornairi. , , Patton High School, will be chair- L ' pon graduation. Midn. McJun- man and Herbert P. Lauterbacn. kln xvl11 receive a Bachelor of Set- assistant executive secretary of the pnce de 8ree and be commissioned ,P.S.E.A., will be ' consultant for Second Lieutenant. USMC. •a group workipi on the subject: He en ' ei 'ed the Naval Academy j"What Are the Rights and Res- nn a Naval Reserve appointment Iponsibilities of Teachers in the a?fter servi n« as a seaman in th« :Maintenance of Academic Free- U s - Nav 'al Reserve. Before enlist. I The Youth Department of the tl°m and the Promotion of Demo- ing in the Reserve in 1949. he First United Presbyterian Church cralic Classroom Practices?" was R™duated from Indiana Hign held their annual election of of-: "What are the Recommended bch ° o1 m 1949 ' ficers at the regular Sabbath meet- Procedures for Improving In-Ser; ing. 7:SO p.m. yesterday. vlce Education of Teachers?" will I Officers elected to lead Youth be the topic for the fourth group, Fellowship in 19S4-53 were: Presi- chairmaned by Harold J. Bush. jdent, Don Simpson; Vice-president, principal of the Freeport Area Joint \A/;a|»nOri .Gary Frick; Secretary, Barbara High School. Consultant for this TYaillCVj .Conrath and-Treasurer. Ed Clark, group will be Dr. J?mes S. Snoke. Unlicensed dogs in Indiana Coun- j Elected to lead the Pioneers for assistant county superintendent in ty will be the object of an ex- jthe coming year were President, ; Allegheny County; Dr. Lois Blair, tensive roundup June 1, according Peggy Shane; Vice-president, Joan •supervising teacher at Indiana to an announcement today by lo- of Mr. and Mrs. K. M. McJunkm principal of of Il!72 Washington street, Indiana. Church Unit Dog Owners Lawrence; Secretary, Louise Bence state Teachers College; Dr. Ralph cal dog law enforcement "officers, and Treasurer. Joe Johnston. Swan, deputy superintendent of Local dog owners are warned The young people of the United Public Instruction; and Dr. Clara to get their 1954 licenses prior to Presbyterian Church aTe anxiously Cockenle. assistant county super- that date in order to avoid profe- awaitmg the arrival of lhe newjntendent of Armstrong County. cution in the event then- canine Fifteen Indiana State Teachers ^ a . cler ' n C ^ nst ' an ( , E ^ ucaUon ' Ml '-j The workshop will begin with''* P' cke d "P by local dog lav.- of- Orlo Birge, Shelocta R.D. 3, was College seniors will receive their Mll6S MacDonald ()t Qulncy - Mass -'registration from 3-30-5-00 p.m Hcers who will have the assistance of the Registeration .and arrested on a hit and run charge commissions as second lieutenants ^ , MacDona 'd is a Senior at; Wednesday June 9 and win ad . O f an extra crew of men when the when he failed to reveal his idenl- Pitt-Xenia Seminary. He and his • Planning or remodeling bins. Plans fur several different kinds of grain dav lhe hm.. and buletins and leaflets on to'continue~ P ublic"a't7on"of"'the"Ar are available at his office umni Ncwg Q uarter]y and to eslab . P . nounced plans or a held in Memorial Hall, Indiana, when enough persons can be en- program have an- wnen ne rauea to reveal ms mem- m the United stateg Reserve at - •"-"<=•"* ormmary. ne ana ms jou] . n ,. 30 pm Fndgy June n ; roundup is conducted. school to be' 11 ^ 81 lhe , Sc . C ; ne of the accldenl - the annual college commencement.^ an f tleU ' D ° ut ^ aU ^ llldren . wm Reservation blanks should be ! A check at the treasurer's office R D - !• at the College in Indiana. Birge posted a $1,000 bond to These mteen men have , 'a nd rolled. "''" ed thenng and filing wuhoui charge. He can also aa- lisn a speclal committee to investi- vise on bin management to main- gate lhe possibllities of havlng the lain quality wheat, oats, and bar- General Alumni lc - v ' the American Alumni _ „..„ New bins cost between 35 cents to hire a full-time Alumni secre- eai ' e centers alld and rifl cents per bushel to build tary. in- bii.v. The conventional storage __ i w ill be of great necessity during I emergencies, both as a morale ' builder and providing a basis of i ..... _ „_ r>it,w..< *.•<„** iiuvu i_utii- ,-, . .. - . , ;itravinrii> \^iyncgc, ji i insure his appearance at the next p]e , ed their four year course Qf > airfield at Ligomer and later in sylvaniai by May 24 . The school program will be con- "H™ °< court to face the charges Inllilarv inslrucllon in the Uni)ed ^ summer ;; ep.;esent the Coneby the local State Police. ROTC Corp at Ind.ana P''«bytery at the National street while Mrs. Dutton. shop secl . etary- Keith school, State; censes are purchased reveals that - join the staff ^of Camp, Teaehers Collegei Ind j a na. Penn-: approximately 4.000 countians have _.. failed to purchase licenses for their dogg this year. A. L. Smith, supervisor, and W. D. Coleman, local dog law officer, announced that persons found harboring or owning unlicensed dogs will be prosecuted. i« a tight wood bin on the mow flour. Ready made circular melal bins, either alumm -m or galvanized steel, also are available. A g'Kid roof is essential, and it pays to make the bin rodent proof. i Welfare Unit Meeting Held Slippery Rock, armor action for rehabilitation and emer- , gency welfare. as Eugene C. Cecchetti a left Fourth Avenue, Arnold, of 1.V23 artillery Local K. of C. In Initiation Attend Pike Route to relatives, friends and other Ci-' 422 four mlles west ot Indiana re-, branches on JMay 24 are as fol- vil Defense agencies. This service 1 suitin S in tolal damages estimated' tows: at $150 ' I William C. Appel of 287 Normal Harry Bridenthal, Shelocla R-'Avenue, D. 3, attempted to pass James branch Peterman, Shelocta R.D. 1, Peterman was attempting hand turn off the highway, said branch , The local program will need ap- loca , , jce offlcerg It * A tour of the Willard Home- fea- proximately fifty' persons to func- A simllar actidc . ' Qn Rf) m * ''r,..."'^", c , r ^' u' .f? Knighls of Columbus were exemp- of the Indiana Chamber of Corn- effectively. Interested per-' ^ mj , es no h , c , vilTam T Edvv ds 0 15' »£' ^ Wllh the thh ' d degree ° f tlle merce were guesls last week at a Uilliam r. bdwauls of Ia2 Hick- Catholic men's group in ceremonies meeting of officials of the Forty-six candidates from Father McNelis Council of Earl Hewitt, Si., state represen- the tative from Indiapa. and William the L. Ingersoll, executive secretary Moisture content of the wheat nui.-t not test higher than H pen tu: ' ea last week's meeting of the lion m order to qualify for a gO v- : t;' 111 ^™ Advisory Committee of sons with administrative and cler- ; lerday afl ,.^^'^^,-j"^- d ; m Kicnevville armor - • r-nment loan. If the harvested ^" e | nc "ana County Child Welfare ical skills, and persons who can agps eslirnated al $70 . branch ' conducted yesterday at St. Ber- s y 1 v a n i a Turnpike Commission tram is not well matured, it may - e '' vl «s. speak „,. understand a foreign lan-l Bud LeWayne Buterbaugh Com- 1 Dwieht W Clenn n f IR P» nai ' d ' s Recreation Center in Indi- and representatives of the Central pay to invest in a fan dryer. These Glndes f01 ' the l °ur were Mr. and guage will be needed. You san join| modore R D s ,deswiped Frank street Chmer m ri I 8 " a ' Pennsylvania Coal Producers As- fans can be used for other pur- Mls - Geo ''8e Merrill, superintenn- this piograrfl by attending meet- ;Meel>1 s ciyme- RD 2 as he was CO m bran h ' service The in i tiation was con ducted by sociation in Harrisburg. during the year, such as ' ;illt and matron of the children's ings or by calling Mrs. R. G. Ellis' a , tenlptlng a le".' '- n 'd turn. Both Robert C Hock of Flm D. tha defilee leani from Buller »'"• At lhe nieetmg wore William stable venti'ation and hay " Jme - or Mrs. M. F. Dills. ca ,. s were t ,. av » ling south when i eetsdale nuartermasier ,,f enai er lhe su P ei ' vlsioin of District Clement. Pennsylvania Secretary Later, Rev. Joseph Gilkey, chair- There are approximately eight the mishap occurred. , n eers branch Deputy L. C. Yuengert of the 39th of Mines; T J. Evans, chairman man ef the Advisory Committee , buildings in the Indiana area suit- j civde M McGearv of 1401 L f1isllict which includes Indiana, of the Turnpike Commission and r-icsided at a short business ses- able for usa as mass care cen- p i f~*\» • II ' den Street Cheswick o -t • "' Butler and Elwood City. Ralph Moore and Robert Lamg. ters. Six persons will -be needed O6t V^lllHC MeT© , pr rieisiieH v,,. a n,.h ' elmas - The 46 new third degree mem- president and executive vice presi- )-uses cl a i ry and corn drying. Hay drying fans can be adapted to grain drying. Dr. Potter Attends Executives Meet Ur. C. J. Potter, president of Attending the meeting were lo conduct County Commissioner Harvey Orr building and — • welfare agency. Mrs. Kdwm Long, er deuiled bianch the program in each The State Department of Health Kdward A. Nealer of Box will conduct a clinic for crippled Rochester Mills, includes two newly converted dent, respectively, of the coal pro- Catholics. The ceremonies were ducers group . c ochester Mills ouartermaiip,- """" -—.., B staff members of the local Interested persons can learn children at Indiana Memorial Hos- slgna i corDS bi . an ' h ""asiei witnessed by 75 kmghtes from In- At this meeting tne coal pro- ll'O SPPnf'V _,.. —1 .i »l y-lJ _ • I V^ _ M . -. • •. . • . ,. , " /H I 3 ri Q Rlltlcil- UTlttnnnmr(r>n^\/nn _!.. ..-»._— _C*..:ti more about the Civil Defense pro-, pita! June 1, it was announced to-: di- grams by attending a meeting to day. William V. Pasternak and cookies al the conclusion oi average 6000 feet at their crest. diana, Butler, Kittanning and Van- ducers association officially endorsed the route of the northwest- the Turnpike that the Erie Turnpike which runs near In- government's -failures" to .u,,"::"; —."ua.u,, ul «v c ,« se ouuu i eel ai ineir cresi. registration of new patients, please Andrew W. Smith Jr of 327 ,.-.- ;.„_ ..<• -,..*i -., Ule " le e<ing. Licorice is dark brown, not black, call the slate clinic. Indiana 5-2861 Vargo, financial secretary. w hair foreign imports of residual oil Tncae charges were announced at a piess meeting held at the 1 conclusion of a two-day meeting of approximately 35 of the top coal i executives of the nation which was attended by the local firm dent. Indiana, Ingei soil is co-chairman of Kne Turnpike unit the A drag hunt is one without a fox Black Lick Man Injured in Homer City Accident Clymer Firemen i Quell Car Blaze \ CLYMkR — Clymer Firemen vve.e called out al midnight last nignl to extinguish a car blaze be- U.of-n Uixuiuille and Taylorsv ille. Tne 1941 Ford afire, owned by Mi.;e Foi'bak, Duonville. R.D. , was deli-are-* a tolal luss. Firemen will hold their regular meeting at 8 p.m. tonight in the local fire hall. Blairsvllle Soldier Wins Promotion t TO&YO -Leon Washington, 22. son of Mr. and Mrs. Juiius Wash- ' msion, 149 K. Campbell Street./ Buirsville. recently wag promoted . to coiporal while serving in Tokyo.' Min the 64th Engineer Base Topo- I giaphic Battalion. • <. A coui icr in Headquarters De- i tachnient of the batialion which ni.*Kf$ maps for American forces m tne t'ai East. Washington arrived o\*rs«a» is si June. . w. North Seventh Street, quartermaster branch. Roger W. Speidel of 21 North Grand view Avenue, Pittsburgh, artillery branch. Charles H. Stein of Box 01. Mam BLAIRSVILLE -A well-known llee m whlch some meal is hun «Street. Wilmore, quartermaster Blairsvllle automobile dealer died branch. at 11;30 a.m. yesterday in Indiana Jesse D. Young of 589 AUTO <* i S UC C U [TIDS to _ , , ,, , .. Dn LJ Hl "- Montgomery. Ala , South Memorial Hospital where he had P ei ; foiwed the flrsl sui-cessful sur- GET THE QUAKER HABIT AND SAVE Men'* 79c Plain DRESSES Drycle»ned and Finished UflKEP 4 S. 7th St., Indiana 46 Main St., Homer City Penn Run Airman With Fifth AF ,, Lpon recent arrival ,„ Korea Paul Baran. Black Lick, was ceived dispensary treatment at injured in this accident one- Indiana Memorial Hospital. His half mile north of Homer City auto skidded off the highway yesterday afternoon. Baran re- and crashed, into a tree, ac- cording to state police of the Indiana substation, i Gazette Photo by Frank Sipos> Sevenlli Street, Indiana, armor Deen a patient for the past ten branch. - days. Vaughn C. Boss of 428 Second He was Irvm J. Shick, 61, who Avenue, Derry, quariermtrtter succumbed to an illness mat had bianch. hospitalized him for the past ten _ days • Owner and op.'ramr of Shick Motor Sales for tne past 15 years. Mr. Shick had lived in Blairsvllle since 1917. He resided at 155 North Spring street A . PU _, ,-., A complete obituary appears on Airman Ihird Class Earl C. Klmg- p ^ ge S1X ensmilh. Penn Run, fvas assigned as a mechanic in the 8lh Motor iitii i i Vehicle Squadron of the 8th Fight- MlllSCldle er Bomber Wing, Fifth Air Force. The Penn Run Airman wno has been in the Air Force since February, 1952, arrived in Korea from HILLSDALE —A four-year-old Kinross Air Force Base. Mich., his Hillsdale lad may have his sight Uasl duty base. He is scheduled impaired as a result of an -cci- to return to the United States with- dem while playing yesterday after- in 12 months from March, 1954. the n °°n. date he left Parks Air Force Base, Th9 youngster, four-year-old Calif, for Korea. Richard Burba, son of Matchie I Airman Third Class Klingensmith Burba. Hillsdale, suffered a punc- i» the husband of Mrs. Mable ture wound of th« eye when he Klingensmith. They have one was struck wuh a sharp-pronged daughter. Carol Mae, age 9 months, garden tool by a companion He Mrs Klingensmith and daughter was admitted to Memorial Hos- re$jde at R 151 G4uuer street, P'tal, Johnsiown, where his condi- Fa. ,uon waj toted §$ fair. geiy upon the human heart. ENTRY BLANK Indiana Lions Club Fourth of July Parade Samuel K. Ruhin Indiana I;ions ( Inn 7:(4 Philadelphia St. Indiana, Peuna. We ( ) I ( } -Aou July Parade. like to participate in your 4th of Name of Group Entered by Phone Address Please enter us ( ) me ( ) in the following category: All Kniries Must Be In Bv June 20

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