The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1931
Page 5
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BI,YTHEVILL13, (A1!K.) COUHIER NEWS. CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lm first Insertion and one cent a word for each subsequent insertion. No advertisement t'ikiii for 'ess than 60c. Count the words and stud the cash. I'lume SOU D/I950JI1E BOJB5; MEJ3R ]LUQ:' _. PAGE FIVE , OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aliern l-'OK SALE 1"OH SALE-Baby Chicks. All var iutics. Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hait-hciy, Biyt'.ieville. iO-CK-Tl--i J| -j o IirXil.S Hl'.riE TODAV llrvaiKi- lit.- will •« •'»« '!' "" link- Kin ii ol Ili-J 'Ihriuli. l"i>-i, . l!IM.i:il BI.I.A Tlll.l.lM-« "'»I i-rlvrd IKc liKii '>r :i Jinil-'r t..mi.- l Irj U«l> <u «!"•<• Ilif ynniiB" *'< - I trim Ulli-r Ijnri-diiiii. It nil. lo lie KREli FREE KREE 1931 LICENSE I Prices have been cut ami' 1031 License thrown in to', biiltcr llic biirsrtiii. , Every car completely gone' over and reconditioned. \\'u • {{iiiiniiilL'u thiit our prices are. the IOWMI in tliu city, con-j sidering, of onii'su, the con- j dition, of our cars. i , Ii in n»xl«liiurr of I" 1 ' 'rli-ml». '" ,-rrliim! mul fuinUli II. UhiKtr «n« "" ll "!i" nll ' )lB ", c ' 11 ! „" ''.'''.".''.'.i.'.'.Vil.v nnmau. H"= fiirmrr t IU II, r, ol „,, „„ ,, y <<-• ' cr:u>- al .'lull I.OO»C «a» S'OU illliillt W '1 linpl! fci OUl Of K'lS." When ihcy follow.-il llanlll m bouse, with the ln-si loml. I'liii. i iKcr at licr hcch, o»:i'i i't,'<i to liie room ileLdKnul f"r M- "• "1 BUEBfstcd Ibis n''i>!ii.'' "' <' plnlned. "1 know the fin till m the best room is simply en. and all lhai, Inn «><!:' '»"••• i» n ' mul o Hood crllst sliuiild inik-r ••:>.•» to value." | ... if.rpillS Is i«V, urea!." raid Iliird nf CM i a ami free liauda thai i-,-!i;-..d ihu inli-aclo—liiiiidu tbnl <-.-i, n-'i amenable lo iinicu rules ,l 11 ,-i:!:illml3. , i, :i iv.,i!:ui:.n Ictl his lob. or let .!- i., i:- mil nf his hands for so .., ; iS jo imiuiU's, his iilacu was i::l.ii wiln i> dnzpii scabs almost he- 1,,-i 1 lit* ui'dc was turned. If a 'l;i;::iu nl:»i,'loncd i>iill and brush nl n.t u.-i::ii union hour of live, Inu lio n his rolurn Ihc i.cxl ui!U lie fiuiiKl tho pall i-niptled i inn nnil llic wnrh —fur whh-h ivii.- in luivc been |i:ild by the '' I M Ti^n'Tva^'iici'ii'""' r'y' lonely.' I, '» 1|11J I'-'Cffui'e ol 10 solid acres was' because"..™ T'dou't "t'coVlha! \ ior'aX.csl mm. to make a llvlns i l w: ,y at all. I'll try not to slay i.^^e was lo ivorl. 101 n dajllfil l < "rrr vc',r;r;e' r^-r™ ^^vr."« h . h ««. v-ri,^^ »ugn£ r u ir±r.r WB . .v.,™ Js^r^^.'.^^ lirlxi- lliin"Ii« " a " "-""f i""l.l"'B ^"""H'wS^i"' ^;^J^"£'^'^ „ I.,.!.., Now is tlic time to ( pick up! that burgain you have been waiting for. "M Ford Roadster .. '28 Ciic-vi'Oic! Coach . •20 Essex Coach '28 Ford Tudor Sedan '28 Chrysler Coach .. •28 Wliipiiet Coach S175 : 28 Ford Coupa 5195 •23 Star 4-Door Sedan .. ¥115 Now Was S205 S335 5225 t '" -. "» >"• i. • 1 " 1 " ch,- - r . I'hl'l' i'u Tnvllf Mi" '" " 1:1 > vlhl1 ,u" 'i-ullU-rn. Inn I"' :","'' •>•- niiiu He 1^ " Urnnjicr. ho «nj»l "t ""mid i..- liihlns iiil.n.iliii;.'. lint ! nice Hoy." she said. "If you will ijusl lii'lp me kei-ri i;!nsf r from hu- • in;; loo bored for a while I shall lie really eraleful to you." 51T5 $175 Si-lJ S225 5205 $11>5 5185 \ ,;i! UN WITH -MJH S'MIIIV UIAI'TKK Xll no." said Phil VI-HI niimn't leave them here 11 w * 9 LUO I " ,Q 3225 YOU must lake them in. We'll have I a liis lea some aHerncon mul show ': Uicia-since Ginsir fccis Itril Tlnusli should have its portrait' tak "Ilored?" bo gasiicd. "Ik-re? With you? Oh. Elio couldn't be." I "As soon as yon are ready," Gin- ii-cr Interrupted briskly, "you hurry i right down. 1 waul lo laku you warmly, [out to Mill Hush lo slioo you wlinl :it done. We're In a Great hurry with a cry of joy. T!iu result wile that when Gliieer —who touiid tlnil three couKeiiial uplrlts could ride very coiutortahly iiidceil in the front scat of Iho Ulilw —Inticduceil Hard llolloway to Mill Ititst, she hail BOucl reason to be prouil of her pruiirlelorablp. The grounds n-cre enlircly cleared of dead brushwood, weeds and windblown picnic dcurla. Tho wood lane lier dinner unlocked llie door wltb uiviiiiiig of n nourish. ••Welcome." she crlcil heartily, "Ui Jote ile Vlvrc a la Middle West." Tlio interior of tho house was rer.ily for occuiiaiicy except tlmt Eome o[ the contributions of bedroom fr.inlluro hail tint yet been loilcctcil from Iho donors. As Glniicr cald, "What you pay for, you get llrst," nnil having paid fur tlio chairs ami tables In Iho dining room—nUlioiiBti slio was not yti suio but It should bo called t!:>- lallioom—It was fully [or- ii'.-lieil. Thcro was nil Imuieiwo .ue nt each end, slnco two i minis had lieeu thrown lo- gi-ilii-r. ond Iho tables wcro raneed IIIIK llie walls will, n carofully '.i-.i.hcd carclfESiicss of effect, laliles fur mo, for four, a few for six, nnd iust the wall on tho lell. fur tho of convivial club crnwils. an ...latlois ufccloiy tnlilo wlln ihunciied. which couM seal 20 wllh- out ciowdlng. Kcmcmber, all arc recondi-j t , m , 0 _ Bo ver) . cr , refu i W [ t i, tlOlied and guaranteed —j Hau-.ill. I'ut them in (he library 1 "° Terms, Too! I nn ,l o 0 e that lliey uo uot get ns „ ^ ^ ](f[ |)|m ^ ^^ | |)lcas! , Ilt ^tiiding drive qulto trcQ of | a|u][|) lo ., cll '. c| . p^jj-.; voic .,. tlu,i:sh tieiicherous ruts anil tlri^bruislng uill ,i wils E011 i|y ;irm. "Von must stones. Early spring wild flowers ' " and hardy gvass you. CUuger." slie )AI!I) stii'JI-jil tho large room vvlln -* Us handsomely paneled walls with great Interest. "I don't know." lie said ihonsht- fully. "It Is very nice us It Is. Tlioso pain walls wllh Ine liincK frames will make a sluiuiliiK l">ck- Brouiid for iirelly living Klrls In brilliant gowns. Kecms ahnosl n shame lo clutlor up lliat soft tcno i llninboyaut inoderu stuff, \Vliy !ry It first wi'.h lust oue llRure in each iiaucl? And no queer blidd nnd girls mid that sort of iriiic. VRAU PAPERS v . TROM VoU 7 HULL DE PAPERS BUMDLES \S FROM VAlfeR SQ VAV MORE h(EFFV MV SCALES ', — SO Waul I GIF FOR' PE PAPER BUPDUES ! 50 CRA-Z-V I AM GIF EOAP,S(R 7 I rlA^E yoU DRA66EP COURT -f- UMP ~-V£RV .L r^e OVER MoUR 1931 LICENSE FREE - i smiled kindly. Yea, your old car will more; ,. t llopc ,in yo nr hohacs i have to Fit in the rumble seal—and I * * " it's bound to be—" !'pllK porches hail l.ecn onlnrRtsl r:it!:hc-:l in siiiy.vay." ] -]>(. u nice (Jingr-r and ilon't I[1 |inil rQ . (rll [ or( . l . ( | al; j w cre decked At Ciii'-er's siulrl: of irlaiiiph sbc'.srgue T.-llh yonr slepmaiiia," ^''-j,,,^ Mko s tase-set!liigs in a variety I I'hil. ••Ilcmcinbcr lliat lie has live:! I *- •.abroad ar.d Is used Lurn mr. . „ than likely make the clown: pnyinenl. 1'hoiie SI I TODAY well, you na'Jghiy thins." , rusllc hrowu. and uphol- MOTOR COM I'ANY Aulhorizwl Ford Uoalcis "" ', ' , of porcli furniture garnered 10 tho I'arisl,.^,,^ homcs _ frcBl , |y 6ta , nc( , a I brand of conventions for AICC | £Rnil „,*«» iimu-ii nnd snc1" i. u : r ^ i ivI-'-pcrcil ! '"He must be conventional: l.atir. r^ ! -Tm icrribly liappy." intermixed !QuarU,r and Iho Bohemia of"' 1 Hard with a p!ea=cd laugh. "1 don't' j know why —but I seem to have— I sort of—got seme place. If yon know ! what 1 mean. As il 1 had found ; tome one wJ-.o belonged lo uic-."' i Ginger nodded her bright head. i , ,,,ow ,,si what you mean, »5J=£=SK=j S- t I"^~= SI J^-KWati n^ougan, PIIOMJ:,.-^^^ j un ;!^ 0 ^^ rcil >' ct Ihroat ,, cpre . IphoM call fo r> Tatty. ... , .. -n:e liroliei. wiudov.-s'had been rc- has found ll,e Latin Quar-I^cc-d, the Elmttr-rs repaired and more Bohemian than a I^J a deep Ivory; the ttiiafc t r.i-r=onr B e he is an aban- c[) - jn was rc;ld > for thc , iet ' 8 * " fc ° f ar,V would best Uckero su^endnl fro:,, the bardic ilrtca; chains v.'cro liuns for tne |!-atuinoclLS. j Three small garilcn plols had jtecn spaded up and sown with seeds for early vc-claljlcs, each tract carefully lined and marked. Chick,-:;? were strulling cheerfully • In "Why ,not nlternalo types? In one panel have a demnro lltilo Purilau going to church. Iheu n French daiiseuEc, Btrultiiis her ! stuff'.' Maybe a pirate swinging Ills I cutlass nnd after him u pilgrim father? It will not inko long lo skolch one figure like that In each panel, and then lalcr on If we want main; uiunii. »"- -,...-• [Q we" can put one oblcct In cacti viih cretonne In orauge and | ]innc i ag a backBround—a church ' !or the I'urllaii. I suppose, a corucr (urnilurc garnered from n , |c , tvi . 0 _ loll |. ( i imu BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES AHIIHHHHI! By Marlhi I i!r fcn.-cd enclosure, and on the t c' uaslnreland on the hillside, n garage, on paved street. Call Fowler. 888 or -150J. 20C- New York Cotton ; Keithsr Prison Wa',its ourth St. FOR RENT—Furnslicd apartment,, newly decorated. 710 Cl,4a=awba.! WANTED-Htisllinr: v ''' 10 arnbilioiis to operate o«n business. Mn I--QR REMT- Nice furnished apart- isiartirij- capital necessary. Good = ,n— 115 W Davis. Ueiii:ii SM j profits if v.-illinj to work. \Vi: moith and olher pvoiic Land Company. -.orras ' 6 ive aje, occupation and complete 2-1C-K3! j address fcr personal interview, i K-103. Courier Xers. " NEV/ YORK, Jan. 27. (UP) -Cot- [ OC-TF ten closed steady. .-I Open High L-cv, 1 C'.o;c iilar 1033 10-13 1CW3 !n-Sl May 10W 1C6 'J 1053 ;J34 ;Jn!y .... 1030 1039 1030' :o:!7 Oct .... HOG 1113 1104 1110 Dec 1112 H3l! 1122 Ralph fov His Term of (laic lie la fall for her sisler next door, a rakish boal for tho pirate and a strutting lurkey back: of Hapa Pilgrim. Thai Borl of thing. Wouldn't U be more ununual —and niayba more harmonious?" Ginger professed herself wllllnr; to ho pleased with anything nnd urged him lo get to work Immediately before something turned up to Interfere with her wishes. "And while you're doing It, Patty and I'll breeze around town In Iho Dido and gather up tho rest ol tho donations that they are holding cut on us." Uo Continued) JNo%v Myers claims he should he re leased. I WE M\Ki "&T=T OO\ osiatra" BOT HOW Spols -steady at 1015. v,'.> TOR RENT -One of Shane Apnrt- incuts on Main Street Klown-1 WANTED — Family Wn.s!un£s. •jlairs or upstairs). Hardwood! Washerl and ironed by compe- flcors and bcsc of fixtures and; tent white woman. Mrs. Brown, heating' jilan!." Telephones 191 and 1704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TP &1L J .__! 1_| POULTRY WANTED— 711 irkct FOH RENT—One furnished vcom ; prices paid at C. L. Dennett Co. lu.t KC.I „ „ . Hto . c 2 , 0 K Ra j! roa (i s .. - /•l-.f,,,,,,o ~~ 1\ ! <?1'J iJl i.£Cln}> Mr.r. May i and furnace lieat. HIS j Feed Store, 210 N. Railroad SI. July Avo "'•.one 645. 'west of courthouse. Not buying El | Oct. 27P-K30; Fisher's place on first St. anjrnore. i Dec. ; WMl^iNCi Oltlltll I , ICHANCEIIY COURT. CHICKA- IIAST1KGS. Neb.. (UP) —I'.r-lnh; s,\WBA UISTRTCT, M1SS13S11 1 ! Mjcvs is hoping thM. sonic-body j PI BOUNTY. ARKANSAS , mips Hie i(! red l:nv! toon. s-;>' jrnnitniiie Buildin? & Ixian Associ.v : \K can &et settled—cither in lh= lion, Plalntilf, | rrf'-ni'.atory or the state pcmteii-! No 4883 vs . • {ary. Reginalrt Scars, et al.. Dcfcndanl. 1 M-.vrs was sentenced to 18i The defendants, Krginald Scars, ,'tr.ontl-.5 in tl:e reformatory on Hiniid Orcllo Sears are v:arnc'.l to [ursery conviction. When he ar-- 0 ppcar within thirty days In the I lived there he was denic-i! r,dmit-; collr t named in the caption here- f tance NE\V ORLEANS. Jim Cot'lon closed s'.e-idy. Oi»n High Low . 1032 1CU 1032 . 1053 1070 1058 . 1032 1002 1052 . 1102 1112 1!02 1121 1128 1121 J. E. FISHER. "irjc-:u Spots closed steady at lOiG. up D j servtci r, term and was not a first Tlisn he was sentenced to the V.™:irntisry. When lie started ha- 1010 I bras c-.rpus action, the court or- I0:'i dcrcd him back to the reformatoiy. ICS.'i) Tile ocavd of conirel sent liim baci; I!CJ!) tc the penitentiary. 112:0 I Mj3vs was sent back In the rc- fonnatcrv by orc'or of thr court. had -already of antl answer, the complaint of the plainlilf. Equitable Building Loan Association. Dated Jan. 13, 1031. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C Neil! Rccd. Ally. Ail Litem 13-20-27-3 Head Cc-jrier News vr.uil Ads. Hcil ):;ill liavbcr Shop 318 W. Main Williams fc Dainon, P^p. Felix Kyie. rrcd Euyc-U, Guy RC3CT?, Virsil Wil!uir..i, D:\rl Damon. IWANT TO BUY LAND-We have | l.'RECKI.KS AND HIS FRIENDS i buyers for tracts from 10 acres to i ' 500 acres or mere and parlies have | I tr.onty h .o buy. II you I'.nve l.»iu! : fw r'nlc. etc us at once. i Land Company. 24C-K31 ; W1LL TRADE for yonr crinily in i improved farm. Ii. O. Hankins. Mirsotin Avc., liiythcviile. UILEV HAS A PLAN'! Ry RlosSJl ?.£,oSCAa! AKY v.'A you F'soce rr, TUAT ;o isvi'T S'.G EIJOO^ To HO'-D A'-'- "WE Xros... 1 D=HT FAY 0. DAVIS I'hinirs 231 or 421 Cash Pjtid For T.iili; Jtiulul U.swl l.'avs \V. ']'. 15ARNKTF 117-11') fast Main St. I'l-.onc 638 or ftf Local and Innj ilislanre liaulinfi. Special rales on carload lots. Team for local Imilinj. V. It. W:\SII.\M TllAXSFKR UCO Chickasauta • rhonc S51 !OET STFADY OOVERN'MEN'I j JOB—SlOo-S-5.'ii iincn- i\vn:iicn'. Particulars l r rr-.'. Write. I irslrnciliin Bureau (.IT. St. T.ouis. Mo.. Quickly. 1CT-K3:. irisii AUKAS TO r.ii AtCTioxrn i TOKYO. 'UP)— The annual p;ib- 'ifl xvn'.evs'v.iil be held Feb. 2:1, with I a numb, r o f JaiKii-'--: i-;mpa:ii^i u'riclinv* f^v t- 1- j excliuiVD ri^iits lo libh crr'.-.iin socticns mirier terms of t):r- Ru.-b3-J.ipir.e-; Fis'.iinr Cor.vriUtai'- Espial interest attaches to i.'e b:ridm^ t'r.:^ ;.car in view ol t:><- dispute bffAi.-ii Japan ar.d- K:I^I.I r.^arSir.3 Ihi branch cf t!'.'. 1 Uin* ol Cross:-., lo:'- incly cpr.-.i;cd hi Vla.Uvcsluk. \\'c can Stive you money on Auto Glass JACKSON AUTO 1'AHTS 20^0 M:ti» 1'hotic (iG . . Gulf Service Station "That Good Gulf Gasoline" Tlioiic No. 1 fei\i-zy's PLANS O£VS'_a?eD ^^oTo^ iRouei.e ojeo. SHADVGiDe, R>CC'.W3 141 N\ TO LS,SSD t=oa CEPA'RS IS HIS 10 CA'-U cn RIL6V-'/ SCA2ED ">£ OOT OP toV NJlTS... BOV-. I'M GLAD TO SEE OF THE AGE Cnim 11 AY One halo or a t":iin load. KAR CORN", shuck nn. 8,^ bu. Shuck oil, 8(ic per u'.i.. in <.;u lois. Cotton SLitrs Sales Co., Inc. i:iy!!iovillc. Avk. Plionc IT'S or LU 16C6. Now Cily FOR THADK cr Used Autoinobi'.cs for Proiwrly. 1, FO\VI,KU Phone 8SS i- £ PRESIDENT, V6P.Y WWOV tCfltTlN V\EA\OJEO, f\-RR.i\l^ PROF, JILOPPV DISREGARDS OOCTOP'S Wrtex 6«>\MS K SERIES Cv XM«\N<i 'tRFORM^MCES. TK£ PROFtS- • SOR'S MGENIOU5 VJiMXtSS DEMlCE. r^PLO?£S 00«n Wiea 6OMB, - _ * .. . . ,L^ ._ ___... ..i ..-_..^ i.-.-"\ KO %ki'^'\«ii^n CT,\^._ :\i S0?7£.vep. \i\S .ILvtT V,'ORK£0 • SOR'S NGE.NIOU5 VJiRtltSS DEVlltt txviuwc-s o'j^.\> ^^^ "1;'^ c : l-° PcRFtCTW ' OP.OP9E-9 \N -VHP. OCEAKM, 1H WSUS, ^'0 M^ZVW S'ONr. 5j V^S. j V-.-,.-_----- T -^ rr ^

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