The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania on July 17, 1913 · Page 6
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The Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Indiana, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1913
Page 6
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mm^¥ ^ T<'. KrJ 1 r { _ . i. V ' rlNDlANA EVENIN Evening fiazette Sunday, fc* the f« &A.V, Manager and Editor. s SUBSCRIPTION RATES. flilf 'unlit one year '.. ..*3.oo »ilf Clffeler, one'.month . Entered in the Indiana Fostofflce as Mail Matter. S.' CfTe'6 Pertre. Gallant Major—It's glad I am to see ^e about again, me dear lady. But aWhnt wns it that was troubling you? Convalescent—I.was very, very ill, ma!)or, through ptomaine poisoning. Major—Dear, dear, now! "What with that an' delirium tremeus you never know •what to eat or drink nowadays.—London Punch. Mushrooms. . Mushrooms, a world wide product, are aa plentiful in Siberia as they are In the tropics. A Biting Farewen. Philpotts, bishop of Exeter, who was noted for his biting tongue, had been the guest of Sir John Kennaway at Escot, He was entirely polite until his epis- copal chariot was at the door to drive him back to Exeter, then, with one foot on the step, he gave a comprehensive look over the front of the house • and the lake beside it and, taking his host's hand, he remarked with slow deliberation: "Goodby, Sir John. I have much enjoyed my visit I have only two suggestions to make for the improvement of your home and park. I should pull down the house and fill up the pond with it."—"Memories," by Eon. Stephen Coleridge. AWAITS COMING OF AMBASSADOR Mexico Situation In Meantime Remains Unchanged PRESIDENT'S PROMPT ACTION HAD CORNER IN KISSES BY EDNA Administration's Attitude Will Make Any Move Now Embarrassing ta Country—"Recognition or Intervention" by the United States Is Practical Meaning of Diplomats 1 Jane knew she WEB the ugly duckling of the family, .and although her frocks were Just as pretty and her hair rlbbona of the lovely tints worn by her sisters, she did not command admiration. Jane's hair was wiry, and although her mother "put It up" in curlera each night, the refractory tresses refused I to form a ringleted halo about the I little face. Elsie and Ruth had lovely i curls which never "came out" when it rained; but Jane's did". J She longed to_ be pink and white Note to Their Several Governments.' and Pretty;'TTke"her sisters, and each I morning rubbed her little brown face Washington, July 17.— J The Mexico |"so'hard with the soapy cloth that frequently cold cream had to be applied to soothe the burning skin. Jane's teet and hands were large, and her skirts and sleeves too short to be of any use in concealing them. Realizing all these facts, Jane was shy. She hated parties and entertainments, where she had to sit alone against the wall and strive to look at ease, while the other girls had the best kind of a situation will probably remain as it is at present for at least a week or until Ambassador Wilson reaches Washington , from Mexico City. Further developments are net expected until President Wilson has had an opportunity to discuss the situation with the .government's representative in the 1 capital of Mexico. . | The president yielded to the foreign pressure for a declaration of policy on I time. A« England Knows Us. There are many educated people in England who believe that Henry Clay makes the cigars that go by that name and confuse Daniel Webster with his namesake Noah Webster. The London Telegraph repeated the latter error quite recently. A city magistrate had discharged a prisoner charged with a statutory offense under a recent act upon finding by the dictionary that the word used in the law did not cover the case. Commenting upon this, the London paper remarked: "Webster when a la-wyer got off many defendants, and his dictionary *till continues the good work." Most Versatile Postman. T/he most versatile postman of any (time was probably the late H. A. Major of London, who was for many years a familiar figure in the neighborhood of St. Clement Danes and the i Btrrthd, In his' spare time, until he iOst his voice, he was an actor—he was one of the original cast of "Black Eyed Susar '' Jle wrote Juuuroerable farces aud some tliirteeh"dra"masT'i5ost of them successfully produced. He painted pictures and obtained the kins ,of Italy's medal for his "lifelike rep- •resentation of fruit," aud in addition f-he achieved more than a local reputa- ' tiou as a violinist. Many of his pictures are hung iu the wards of King's College'hospital. .,•..„„, ***•<• J^seful Cements. 1 ;<Jtte of the simplest hard cements is the well known mixture of litharge and glycerin made to a stiff paste. It sets hard as a rock and is ollproof. A Mexico when he directed Secretary Bryan to summon Ambassador Wilson to Washington at once for a conference. It is established beyond question that the president's action was due to the winion of the diplomatic corps in Mexico City in declaring the United States attitude toward Mexico a contributory cause of the disorders there and the request 'from a European government that the Washington government indicate what it intends to do about the situation. In many quarters it was declared emphatically that the Wilson administration is now confronted with the alternatives of "recognition or intervention." Ambassador Wilson is .personally In favor of the recognition of the present gover»Bsent of Mexico. ' It will be most difficult for bhe president to accept the ambassador's views. The White House has repeatedly let it be knewn that the administration is determined not to recognize Huerta and ijs government. To reverse this policy at this belated date would be to give ground for the belief in all Latin America that the United States was compelled to yield to pressure from Europe and that therefore European nations and not the United States are supreme in the affairs of the Spanish American republics. Meantime American interests are suffering daily from the failure of the United States to establish friendly relations wit'h the Huerta government. In addition to 'the intense anti-American spirit, which has been aroused throughout Mexico the ambassy is itself greatly hampered in its representations to the government at Mexico City.' Not having recognized Huerta, -it can only make informal demands on the Huerta government. President Huerta has informed Ambassador Wilson that while MT. Wilson is welcome personally he can hardly expect to re-j When th« invitation came from Ethel Simpson's mother, asking .the Bisters to a "fancy dress" party New Year's eve, Jane resolved to remain at home. Her mother, not understanding the reason for her little daughter's I sudden dislike for parties, immediately started the costumes, and a day before the event the costumes were completed and tried on. Elsie looked like a Dresden china "Bo-Peep," and Ruth was an equally dainty "Mary, Mary, quite contrary," but Jane did not need to ask of her glass, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who's the fairest one of all?" One glance told her the painful truth. She wa» all wrong as "Little Miss Muifet." The fluffy white cap with its blue bow called for soft,, golden curls. The lovely frock of rose-sprigged dimity needed a plump seek and a rounded pair of arms and legs: Why hadn't her mother provide* a "Red Riding Hoofl" cloak, which extended to the floor?' She could have wrapped herself up to this like a woem in its chrysalis. Her mother was satisfied. She SSEW only the pretty costume, and knew >tb»t her "work was food." Poor Jane! That party hung liks the sword of Damoclles over her headj and she wished that the box of choco*- lates she ate that day would make her BO ill she could not go. The neit morning her head ached;,, and Jane grew mor» cheerful. Perhaps she would have a; bilious attack*. and Doctor Myers would prescribe calomel. That, she knew, would make: "her dreadfully ill. After breakfast and'. e morning spent building a snow fort, the headache had totally disappeared,, and with it Jane's nopes for a few days in bed. Her mother proudly dressed each, •one of her ducklings and sent them; off to the party with a kiss and a wish.. lor a "happy time." Jane's rather wistful countenance lingered with her; WOMAN* GREAT SUFFERER tells How She Was Restored To Health by Lydia E, Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Grayville, 111.—"I was a great sufferer of female c6mplaints for a year and I got nothing that helped me uiv- til I began taking Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound. I was irregular and had cramps so bad that I had to go to bed. Now I have better health than I have had for years, and I cannot speak too highly of your medicine."—Mrs. JESSIE SCHAAB, 413 Main St., Grayville, 111, Case of Mrs. Tully, Chicago, 111.—"I take pleasure m writing to thank you for what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has done for me. I suffered with such awful periodic pains, and had a displacement, and received no benefit from the doctors. I was advised to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and! am now as well as ever." —Mrs. WIL-LIAM TULLY, 2052- Ogden Avenue, Chicago, 111. If you have the slightest doubt that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will help yoti, write to JLydia E.PinkhamMediciaeCo. (confidential) Lynn, Mass., for ad- rice. Your letter will be opened, read and answered by a woman, Mid held in strict confidence. DANGER OF STRIKE STILUMMIHEI4T Railroad Employes CfiargB Mare- agers at Double Dealing. ,for a moment, and she wondered why ceive^ recognition as [he "ambassador ^*^ i} * had become so Etrange of a eovernment which has not recog-j lhe Sim PSon home was aglow with. nized the government with which he : New York,, .My 16.—'Wifcbi the- pass- sage toy congress of the Newlands-billl to provide an. arbitration, medium for settling, the wag.®, differences- between the'eastern 'railroads and their-80.000 •oonductars and. traanmen phase of the controversy developed.through. announc.ament b# the railroads that, they • would ask tlie board, wlilch considered the demuids of employes •• to take up also the grievau.ce of the S'catls against the. men. This angle of j the situation overshadows,., for the moment at least, <j.ven thf> determined. stand taken by the Erie system that. it will act in 'ioy eve/it. submit hi-,cause to arbitnuJon. The •la.uger of. a strike' is declare!/.;, to bn imminent 'j»y. reason ot Shis new. Wanted WANTED-Middle aged Woman Jnr good girl tot general housework. Good wages bin rau8t,h'a»e reedfnniehdatlon. Inquire 966 PoHadbipfata street, Pa. tt lodi For Sale, FOR SALE-Studebaker 30 B. Roars er. Gcoj as ue*. I,quire Gneette offlc . at FOR £ALE-One KAMbLErf five passenger automobile in strictly first class condition. Has ao air starter and tire iuflater. Pnce, $450. For further information write L, H. Miller, Boll- var, Pa. tf FOR SALE-Leaded glass, " two parts, suitable ?~r fort <foo . Size, 16x Ca'l at 558 Ph ladelphia street. 22. FOR 3 ALE--First,class chicken coop. loquir; 917 Cturcta street. 252-f.p Found. FOUND- -On School atraet between Six,hand Fifth,a man's blu» striped c >at. Own:r can have samp b? proving priperty and paying 25 cents ; for this notice. It The Best Medicine in tta WorlH, "My little girl had dysentery very bad, Jjthought eitse would die. Chain" berlain's Colic, Cholera acd Diarrhoea Remedy cured her, and I can truth ful>y sayitbat I think it is she b' at medicine in the world," write* Mrs*. William Orvie, Clare,. Mich. For sale by all dealers. Oyster In' at '.tea'st thirty-five countries- oysters support special fisheries a»d hi several: taM«- figure in tliu? food supjily. Candor'Gone An! tabor agitator nndi ex- M. P. denied in New Yor* thnt he-adi vised murde" as a strike weapon. "Such advw-e on my part." said He. "would be candid indeed, wouldn't it? It would tie camdor gone ma^. It wouM be like tbe-welll! dressed lady in the d^- partinent stoci*' who apprestched th»> floorwalker and 1 said candidly: "'I have kleptomania. Wh-at wouh? yon advise • me-to take forrftT" I** shelf-emptying stationery Cur celebrated Linen Correspondence pound, Envelopes to match; let (>fffket t toe offer botdi Rrrrid i- Friday nut) S«lt**d«y shelf-emptying ribbons 35c and 45c kinds sell for 25cyard Must make quick riddance- of surplus ribbon stocks — made a price tha't'11 do it I If comparative figures impress- and influence-— read: 35c and »45c B r o c a 1 d e, Striped, Fancy Loop Edge and Stripe-/ Taffeta and fancy moire b©j?d:ered Ribbon all White,. IPimk or Blue- about a 'dozen different styles, 25c ya&cL BOGGS ft BUHL PA. Personal Attention Given to All Calls. Geo, D, Leydic, Undertaker and Emtalmer, Excuse. He fto his wife-, who has--mot beem feeliujr well and! vrho has consulted n. pbysieiMni —WfHi ' what did t&'<? doctor sayV She—He r.frinks it is not very serious. But. do .700 know. de»r<est. OIH- ean never tell. At all events 1 sbiiU gO' to Osfend. — F?J'eprt>ncle Blatter. Good Lack For Him,.. "Pfticnly is a sspfrl'tless felloTO** ; "That's true. His idea of a< stroke 'jf sjooti luck is hei aornstxMTy fur a iwan." —FIonRtan Post. Mutual 1 . Sorrow. "ITa-wkl. papa calls you n fortmu hunter. I'm sorry I'm rich." j "So am I. Everybody will say that I on bouu'lu me." Life QUAFF BUILDING,,'H Sixth St, Indiana, Pa, RESIDENCE: 29 forth Siith St, Seamd Floor BOTH TELEPHONES. is attempting to deal. The announcement that Ambassador Wilson was to he summoned to Wash- solution of water glass mixed wlth I ington Brought in the limelight Mr powdered calcium carbonate serves the sajne purpose. —--,,.-. A nflxfure ~bf boiled linseed oil and Ore clay resists acid better than most cenents, though sulphur melted with glass powder is also ranked as very resistant to chemicals in general. A good stone cement is made by mixing two parts of magnesium oxide, one part of magnesium chloride, powdered stone to suit ns a filler aud water to make a stiff paste. Basic magnesium Chloride results.—Scientific American. 1 Benefits of Olive Oil. Not every one realizes the medicinal properties of olive oil. it is quite true that the machinery of the body needs oiling occasionally, like any mechanical machine which is constantly in use, and olive oil taken internally is exceedingly beneficial. A tablespoouful will aid digestion and ease liver trouble. Olive oil should be served frequently as a dressing. Taken either Tvith salads or alone it Is beneficial for catarrh either of the stomach or throat. Making It Easy. Man ((on dock)-What in the mis- ch.v-c are you rowing with that trunk iu the bow of the boat for. I'ut? Pat Sure, an* if it was lu the stem of the boat wouldn't I be rowiu' uphill all the time? Au' this way I'm rowiu' dowu- MH all the time.-Yale Ueconl s lecture tours. Mr. Bryan the coming of the ambassador would not at all interfere with his plans for •he round of the chautauqua circuits. So it was inferred that President Wilson is agreeable to having Mr. Bryan absent from the city when he meets Ambassador Wilson. The effeo-t which recognition of th« Huerta government will have on conditions in Mexico was clearly demonstrated when it became known that Governor Carranza, leader of the only organized revolution in Mexico, telegraphed Instructions to his representatives here to protest against consideration of recognition of Huerta. Mrs. Francisco Madero, widow of the former president of Mexico, is now in Washington. She said, referring to the Huerta government: "1 do not believe that Huerta's government can last long." of Getting On. "Hpw's that young son-iii-law yours getting on ?" "Great! Last week he made withiu $150 of my daughter's actual ex."— Detroit Free Press. youth who does not look up will look down., ind the spirit that does not soar is destined perhaps to grovel.— Pisraeli. Exactly So. *S«Wb,roiderlng letters on handker- cWefa In a very iionprogressive business. it never gets " Germany to Take Aggressive? Mobile, Ala., July 17.—It was report- ea in the commercial disrrU-t that representatives of liermau cuiton houses in Mobile had received oote cables announcing that if the Vailed States does not interfere for the protection of foreign residents In Mexico Germany will. The report that Germany had decided to assume the aggressive if the United States failed to act promptly was generally circulated aud was the subject of much comment. WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations at United States Weather bureau taken at S p. in. yesterday follow: Temp. Pittsburg 81 New York 76 Boston 6S Buffalo 74 Chicago 90 St. Louis 92 New Orleans.. SO Philadelphia... SO Weather. Clear Clear Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Clear Clear The Weather. Thunder showers tonight; Friday, unsettled; south wine and as they entered the doorway the sounds of merriment issuing from ;the parlor made Jane long to escape- She followed the others upstairs to §hed their wraps* like an automaton, and when Mrs. SKinpson ushered thsan Into the room she- sought the loneliest corner and settled) herself for the iteming. Ethel Simpsom soggested that they •play "Spin th«- Pan," .and selcstted Elsie to number tbe boys white she numbered thct girls. The numbeir falling to Jane'a lot was four. Then the fern began. Ethel;. Ruth and Elsie were the most popular girli at the party and proudly flounced up for their kisses as the nice beys called their nnraisers. Jane's number had nmer been called aad; as each little girl lumped from her chair and rushed to catch the nan, she deplored homeliness Then Teddy Brooks, the "red-head." boy in, the crowd, catted "Numbar four." With a gasp, Jane rushed for the pan, and /•catching it, blushiogly held up her / face for Teddy's fclaa. Then she spun the pan, and without thought and weakly said "Number nine." Teddy, grinning with pleasure, caught the pan, and when Jane was seated again shouted "Number four." Jane realized he had not avoided her number as the other boys always did, and gleefully called "Number nine" again. Then Teddy yelled "four" and Jane followed with "nine," and thus they cornered the kisses until wild protests from the other guests brought Mrs. Simpson to the scene, and being a tactful woman, she eug* gested auother game. Teddy escorted Jaoie to supper and ' as they sair "good-night" a knowing twinkle gleamed in each pair of eyes. I When the "ugly duckling" awoke | the next morning the New Year was ( greeted with a heart full of gladness, ( for with its coming she bad discovered a friend who considered her & i 8wan - » i i Sand Foundation of Glass. i Sand is the main constituent ot , glass, constituting from 52 to 65 per i cent, of the mase of the original mix, ture. or from 60 to 75 per cent, of the i finished product, after melting has , driven off carbon dioxide and other j volatile material*. On the quality of i the land depend tha The union men chai-ged that thco committee of iva,nagers actltsg for the railroads had been guilty of sha.c|.i» practice by fa fling to live tip to the. etter of the miderstaadag which, woughife about She White: House tail, ferencau The union "aaders tfatlare they attended the conference.' solely to. cooperate with those interested in finding a peaceful, way to. settle the -a-age question HOST, pending 1 ,. The railroad officials say tftey agreed; to arbitration on the gn-ound., that the question of pay and all other differences wiih the? men would be tak.eij: up and threshed; out at this- time. The "joker" in the letter from tha managers,' committee agreeing to GH> hit.ration which the union m/en^ hare tust discovered, & the word "*11." Tba letter was as follows: "Should the Newlands toll be an- acted into lair the conference <vm- mittee- will, of course, be* willing; to submit to asbttration by boar<fc. as provided iu the Newlauds bill, all questions o{ rates of pay and wwrktng conditions, of conductors and train- Bill Rushed Through Congress. Washington, July 16.—The 'Newlands bill, revising tUe Erduian law to provide arbitration of wage disputes in a manner satisfactory to railroads and their employes, passed the house without a roll call and was hurried to the senate, which passed it. The bill then went to the White House, where President Wilson signed it. In its perfected form the new la\v would furnish machinery expected to open up the possibilities of arbitra tion and federal mediation. It was said at the White House thai the president has not yet made up his mind as to whom he will appoint a commissioner and as to the two gov eminent officials that he will designate to serve on the board with his com missioner. Think Negro Trooper Was Asiallant Harrisburg, Pa., July 16.—A negro believed to be a member of the Tenth cavalry, which is on its way from Foi Ethan Allen, Vermont, to Winchester V»., attacked Miss Aurora Bruckar after he had knocked her escort Harry Moh.14-% unconscious. The gi sea-earns alarmed the awailant and he A Good Investment. W. D. Magli, a well known merchant ef Wb5t*mound. Wis., bought a stock of Clamberlain's medicine RO au to be able to strike- ! nb ' e to supply them to His customers. Aifter receiving them he was himself taken tick and Bays that one small bottle of Chamberlain's &olic. Cholera and. Diauhoea Remedy was-worth more to him thnn the cort of hie entire stock \ of these medicines. For sale by all ! trealers. PARISIAN SAGE FOR THE HAIR Unsightly—matted—colorless—scraggy iair made—ftoffy.—soft—abundant and. radiant with life at once. Use Parisian.. It comes in 50c. bottles. The first application removes dandruff,, stops itching sealp, cleanses the hair, takes-., .. ., . . ,, . ,, a away the dryness and brittleness, increases lly of lnbor lles ID thls faet: No fewer the beauty of the hair, making it wavy-! tban 2l00 ° men were em P'°yed for The Build'ars. "The Egyptians'wore th». buildlers," saixl a contractor enviously. "No wonder their monuments will endure forever. Labor was nothing to them. As you would spend a cent ou a newspa- pet% ^ would an Egyptian king put yau see, cost nothing. A strik- example of the Egyptian prodigal- and lustrous. Everyone needs Parisian, Sage. T. E, BUdebra..d, indiuuu, Pa. three years in carrying a single stone, a stone of unexampled size, from Elephantine to Sais." Pennsylvania College for Women One of the oldest and most complete colleges in the country.. Beautiful andj healthful location. Unsurpassed, equipment. Strong faculty. Many elec^ tive courses for A.B. and A.M. Offers special advantages, for thorough, preparation for professional vrork in Teaching, Social Sendee and Music. Dilworth Hall A preparatory school, with manr distinct advantage*, for bonrdfo? mad day students Hme building, ideal environment. Strong faculty. Complete equipment. Prepares for all. Colleges and has full Certificate rights. Fall term, opens Sept 16. 1913. For literature and full information in regard to both lottitutietni addreu H. D. LINDSAY, D.D., Pr*,il»nt Woodland Road Pittsburgh* Pa, REBUILT CAR5SMES 92OO to 9OOO Guaranteed for On* Ye*r ISO down and biltnce In monthly payment* will buy toy CM und« cm future dellreqr plan. Aik about it, TOURING CARS, ROADSTERS, RUNABOUTS, TRUCKS 6$ page illuttratcd catalogue thawing thttt tan, frtt CRAIG-CENTER AUTO CO, Incorporated 9 largest Dealers of High Grade Used Cars CrafeSt. atCentei A«MM PITTSBURGH, PA. AfMfe vuftd crtrrwl*r«' F Sieving S. C. Slretmi SIEVING & STREAMS Undertakers and Embalnners Both Phoues Office and Besideuce

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