The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 2, 1939
Page 5
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SATUKMY.SBPTBMBEK 2 , 1939 USES THE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION line for comecu- For Rent Nicely furnished bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Tel. 102. 2-ck-tf Elore building for rent, steam heated. Pnrkhurst Co. 2cklO-'J Dally r 8 te „ live Insertions: One time ,icr lino ioc Modern six room" ITVO limes per line per day 08c 545-j, uiroe times per line per day. ..oco' . , " il'nes per line per day....05a Well Furnished rooms. Sleiim Vlefli, Phono l-ck-0 -- *•**, jy.,. 1UIU JiCl Monti; rate per line i Cards ol Thanks 50o & 15c Minimum charge 50c AriB ordered f o r t h r e rimes and stopped before „.,,„«von will be charged for the num- desirable location. 1031 Walnut hrec.or six 3 loom '""'"Islied apartment., elec- cforc explra-' lnc s(ovc nl «l refrigerator. Call lor the num- «3-W. 1-ck-lf adjustment or bill made. All Classified Advertising copy liibntltled by persons residing out- lide of the' city irtusl be accompanied by cash. Hales may be easily computed from above table. apartment. Frisidalre. Call SM-j. Mrs. Ted Green. 31-ck-lf 3 loom apartment and bath '224 Dougim. Mrs. Wert. e. -- _____ ______________ Advertising ordered lor Irregular . Three room house, 1100 Clilckasiw- taserlions takes the one (line rate. I >» avcmic. Completely furnished NO responsibility will be taken ! in Early American trend, Including electric range, electric refrl-?- enitor, automatic oil heater aso- ( , _..„,,„.. .^j rim ut; tct&^Tt lor more than one Incorrect loser iron ol any classified ad. For Sale , enitor, automatic oil heater, lj lle . wa [ el . |, ca t cr> Bil(e )c g (nt| j c I which scats eight, inner spring (mattresses on bed and roll-way bed in closet, built-in features in Mid Seninn the time k, , Bythevme ' M Ov "°' . P ° st ' doscts - * {on °' c -We Includ ing w slairway lo n tt ic . ,n- storage rooms, B ara s e. l _ JjIik-lO-^ yard completely landscaped. Rent" __ _ . •14 53/100 acres for "sale" near Clen- ' er mllst Blve lcasc r °'' al lca:it °" c ' Lake. Rented to M P Harbiii J ' Cilr Four room house. Write Her IMMEDIATE POSSESSION 4. uui jiiuui JIUJJ;JL \V1"HC liCrtll'ltt — — vx^ij-j^t^^ji Gower, Brooknort 111 •> «t-7 MlSl Sanuic > p - Norris, 810 Walnut ' * I Ktr.-^nl nftfir K ,. .,, Cash registers, safes, pin ball machines. Good condition Keason- able. Phone 728. Paul Kirkendajl. 1 pk B street, after a pin. Telephone C48-J after C p.m. 4 room furnished apartment. Private bath. Desirable location. Phone 280. 30-ck-lf Nice bedroom convenient to bath dies by "!07 fa. "5 'and "i«'"fep, I _ P1 '°" e 28 °- e11 W. Main, tektt Price SH.OO per 1000 feet F.O.B.ji, 2 or 3 furnished rooms EvcnT- Stock run. Located 4 miles N.W. of| thins modern. DM Henil Goinell. See W. P. Bowie, R.P.D. TOV o in One, Blythcville. , 1-pk-s]- -JU-PK-J-JU room FQRNISHED apartment; 901 \V, 30-pk-a ^Sfc^. .~^TJ= r =,r=n^e. capacity, is foot platform. Excellent condition. Cheap. Mrs. J.P. Smith, Phone 450-W. P. O. Box 345. l-ck-5 2 lovely furnished rooms adjoining bath. Garage. Men only. 613 Walnut. Phone 850-W 21-ck-9-2I Ten Gallon Daisy Electric Churn. Mrs. W. W. Shaver. Phone 763. j Front bedroom with adjoining 31-dh| bath. Garage. 1000 W. Ash Call «5-W. 28-ck-tf Beautiful country home on Highway fil south of Blyfhet'ille. Bath, ete. a acres fruit shade. Shrubbery. Plenty outbuildings. Price $5250. $750 cash, $30 month... at ea. Thomas Land Co. 30-ck-l i f room Furn. Furnished bedroom. 133 w. Kentucky, Phone 215 between 8 and c - 28-ck-! Also bedrooms. 1 102 W. Davis. Phone 385. 28-c}:-4 Lumber. $18.00 per thousand feet ~ at mm. 1 Adjoining clear Lake Nlce "cdroom adjoining bath. :U7 Farm. D. R. Garner, Armorel. ^ E ' Kentucky. Call 902-J. 28cktl SAFE. 38x48. Weight'3500-pounds. TERMS. City, box 434. 5-ek-9-5 Cypress Gum OaK, Ash tlmoer on 400 acres or woodland, 8 miles southeast Blythevllle. D. R. Garner, Armorel. 3-pk-9-3 Dairy Satisfactory quality and service in Dairy producls. Cattle free of Bang's Disease, in best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace r,:vver.v, 902-J, for Halsell's Grade A Haw Milk, Cream, Counlyy Butter. Buttermilk, extra or lioliday orders. Inspection encouraged anytime. Halsdl's Dairy Premised 1 Land, Route 2 Rooms, 907 East 20-ck-2 "Cherry. Residence at 111 E. Davis, Electric water heater, electric stove and Colcmtm oil heater furnished. Phone J. E. Hasson, 427. 22-ck-tf Cool, south bedroom. Garage, Reasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Walnut. 2l-ck-lf Room and Board ROOM nnd board: Reasonable rales, 112 E. Cherry, Phone i>02. 2ekO Piano Tuning Expert timer In town for few days. 20 yis. experience, regularly employed by largest music house hi "-'—" call Ewlug Held, Phone Detroit 883. 30-pk-li PAGE MISS THEM Aliniipws For Sale K«I1 Damon. Cor. Uallroud ,% Ky. For Sale or Trade furiii land. Call (i08. l-ck-9-l Male Help Wanted — • — — - -»•- • i r , iJIVJ^tv I 1 IVl! \Ul room homo. 8"C- iicrcs of land. Marsh Addition (o lilytlievlllc, Arl mile from loivn. will trade for hausns, Enlc Is made under order ol par- tldcu, and the purclmsor at said sale .will be required lo give note willi approved security iimt llrn will be retained on llie property. Dnled Bcjilcinber 'i, 1D3D. JAMES TK1U1Y, BYRON MORSK, J. NICK THOMAS, Coiumlsslmnns. J. L. GUARD ^ Optometrist Only Cradualc Oplnmc- Irist in lUylhrvlllc. Olnsses Fitted Correctly There arc close to 200 prosperous Wntkius salespeople in Arkansas. Largest sales force of ANY KIND in the Stale. Usual earnings $25 lo $35 a week. Routi's established so anyone who really works enn make an excellent living. Walklns Products )wst knou'ti HIM) ciisicsl. d. We hare an opening neiiv Blylhci-llli- for Industrious man with cur who can furnish good references. Write at once lo A. L. Lewis, c/o The J. H. Watkins Company Memphis. Tennessee. Notice Fishing License FOtt YOUI! CONVENHiNCE, WE ARE ritEl'AUKl) TO ISSUfc VOUU FISHING LICENSE AT OUB STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HAKDWAJtli CO; Wione 35 i?ersoiial Arouse Sluggish Uvcr, work „.. the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that : punk fcclii)!;. Take one box cf ' ACTIVE I.IVKK PILLS 25c at all Kirby Stores Ice ICE-iCE Phone 197 JOHN BUGHAM ICE COLD Welding S;\I,K Notice Is Hereby given 'that' (lio I'nnerstgiUHl, as c:imiitsslonors in chancery, will on the Mil) day of September, 1939. oiler tor sale ill the soulli door or llie conrlliouse, Blythcville, at public am-llrn lo Ihc highest bidder, upon n credit of three mouths, n lr io!lo«-|iiK Initils belonging lo Dm oslutc of Mrs. 1>. K Hawkins, dereiised, to-vit: and Son Marry Mother and Daughter , Cnl. ielatloi,sh|,, s in place hero lire exceed- to figure- oul. The Hist caiipi,. (o n|) |,)j. {(„. i, iwniiiu' lle-emo iviis Rotat Nctscn 1*1 Four H). lllock Kivis (5) ALFALFA SEED FOR SALE We have on Iniul ;t .Mij>|i!y of Ne\v Crn|i alfalfa seeil for Kile. U. s. Veryk'd and .ip- provctl for A.A.A. |i;iyincu( in North District. L, R. Matthews Gin Co Plmnc Jl-K-2 Ynrliro I'nst Office, BlydicvllU-, Avli. As both wero muler ngc. It was nccowiiry ti mt IMW ,|, , mvi , BDmM)10 lo uivi- runsenl to thn munliise, ><»"i|: l-a Plum was s))on.sitrnl by his [iviho,-, Alfred U I'liiin. 40. ^jviia DUSSU was nccoiiipniilixl liy PRESCRIpflONS Snfe - - Acctintlo Vniir I'resci-lpUon Fowler Drug Co. - HI Alice Uiisae, 44, <>;iu S»V(! ll<ir COIISCtlt, When the license was issued Alfred Uft I'liint ami Mrs. ihisse announced (hey (U'slrcti a license, too As i\ result ol Ihu twa murrlaijw; Just in begin the nileulnUoii of liimlly ivlatloiBliiiw, ti, c younger raiiuli! ntu man mid ivlfi', slep- slsliu 1 nnd .slcp-lirollu-r; Mrs. Allco I'HONK 205 KOHYOUK POULTRY Nice, fill lions nud dyers it other jioiillry (it nil limes. (Y1-: IHiliSS AN!) MJilJVKK nil.'li! STICKUW-COOMVIN CO. <OB K. Mult, tin PKuil Is step-mother nnfl slop- molhcr-hi-luw to young U Wnnt; llic elder Ui 1'lnnt finds himself tnllicr-lii-lniv and .slcp-fnlliei' to his son's wife; while allll furllici caw be worked out. Ki<ht:i|i:irc||r Quits Lonilon LONDON, lUPI-Oiie Of the most famous dralBiiers, Selilupm'clll, Ims been forced to down her J,oii- (Icn brnticli because 'she cannot compete with her Imitators. For five years she MQ, been fighting in "Mil .lo cnjl the menace of copyists In Enelund, but there" is no law Jicie nenliiht nnpthcr designer cony- IPB u Schlapnrelll mod.el antf Eell- Ing it foi a fiaction of the price of the original. Read Courier News want aj*. VARICOSED VEINS AND ULCERS 1 "",' tm ; (mvl ' llll -" Ci '« '" .jis IreiilmenUs may c'll ' v " ls " ro uow l '"""" voh* when nud .1 cure ' Consultation free and you Incur ,,» oMIijiilloii. DRS. N1ES & N1ES —"• .11.- Suw l.oi'alcil at 101 Norlli Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON ICOWAHDS, I'mjirlclor All MuUcs of UcbiiHl Ty t ,c«rtHTs, Ad.llu,; Miu'liliii'a <-'ali-iib(ors—Iti-ualrliiB—I'lirls—Illbbons HOLD EVERYTHING . By Clyde Lewi* cuusctl me downhill, miulmu-womcii wiih Washing, Ironing Expert washing and Ironing. Cheap. Rough dry and finioh/li ([uills $1.00. One day service. Willie Jell Green, behind City tee Plant. 8-ck-O-B Wanted Middle aged white woman to assist in lioiisowcrfc. Mrs. C. D. Ealan BIB W. Main. 3l-pk-< DOES YOUR CAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? Il's dangerous- anil expensive I" drive with Slccrins ami Front Wheels nut of adjustment. Keeping IJicin j,, Bt , ()! i nrncr is so jiniclr anil inc.v|!i;i!- «vc you should nc>-cr (rust lo dinners. ADJUST STEERING GEAR f I JL of all Ball Socket joints — tightening front Sprin- Clips and Sfi.ick- Ics. d'arts K.\lr.i). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The above includes a complete INSPECTION ana REPORT un condition nf Wltfc! Alignment and factors afTcctlng: tire wear) PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, iib &, Walnut Phone 810 Comfortable bedroom. Phone 271-J. G25 W. Main. 18ck-tf Through their hatit of picking up lighted cigruet stubs, English sparrows create a serious fire hazard. EX(»KRT ELF^CTRTC AND ACKTYr-BNIf WELDING nc iiTii! licavy iv< ^pnnSaliy. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Oraj; line heavy welding rhonc 19 or lies. 1019 SCENIC FALLS ^oRIzo^TA^• 1. 7.Waterfall outkt for Lake Eric. 12 Assistant. 13 Sum. 15 Calking material. 1G Money. ISRcedhuck. 10 Right. 20 Burned without flame. 23 Soul. 2'1 Squadrons o( ships. 25 Electric lerm. 49 To be like. 28 Hole. 53 Measure of . 30 Like. 31 Supreme, p ,- j -, amma. " F rEyt " ai i. dcity 57 Superficial 30 Naval officer's extent Answer to Previous Tunis 1G Salamander. IHJULU 17 Grazed- - fc«m-, ^ Zl Connecting word. 22 Light blow. § 2fi Pronoun. 27 U has a dangerous eddy or pool. 29 Russian emperors. 30 To befriend. 32 Wine vessel, 33 To grade. 35 Starchy herb. 38 Fungus. 42 To be indebted. 41 Evergreen tree. 46 Augury. typ e . 54 To movc assislont. •10 Measure ot ,, ^ ca •! I Place of assembly. 43 Conjunction. 45 Simpletons. 46 Alleged force. 47 Preposition of place. 5911 is j oinl | y owned by - and the u. S. A. go It is — '- 2'/ z feet yearly VERTICAL 1 Orderly. 2 Class. 3 Genus at crustaceans. •IBud. 5100 square meters. G Fool less animals. 7 Musical nolc. 48 Baking dish. 8 Lass of 50 Wood sorrel, memory. D Burden. 10 To pull with effort. 11 One that 51 Volume. 52 Estimated perfect score.- 53 Silk sac. 54 South, Carolina. 55'Mother snubs. 12 A beautiful . section of it is 57 Paid publicity - Falls. 58 August 14 To surpass. (abbr.). THEM E.&7 SHA.V.U VJEETH TtJUR OF US UY V. T. HAMUA "THATS GOT MOTHIN& T' DO WITH ' OUR BA,TTLES DIGKIITV; WE HAVE NO TRUCK WITH COMMON HOODLUM BRAWLS.' OH, SO YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH, HAVE YUll? SO DON'T BE COMIN 1 AROUND HERE WASTIN' MV TIME UHT1L VOU UOW TO FI&HT 1 ' JUPITER 'us GREEKS" / FIGHT ACCORDING TO RULES \ LIKE 6ENTLEMEW HOOTS AND HER I!Y RDGAR MARTIN WASH TUBIJS I! Louder nnd l.mulcr HY ROY C'KANK OF COURSE IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE (?WM, WHY? I CAKJ'T UNMER&TAND IT. I KEEP TH1NK.IM* T HEKR THUNDEP AN 1 TH EW2TH KIMOA SHAKES QUIVERS LISTEN? <" THERE ITG06S ^s^i^)—ONLY KKKCKLES AND HIS FJUBNUS 1'apa Approves! GY MERRILL BLOSSKK ^ VV5LL, JUME SAIO. LOVE- YOU - - - FOREVER EVER i't WMAT CAN WE 00 ABOUT SUCH A GREKr AND DEATHLESS LOVE? Jusr GULPED AMD LOOKED LIKE A SICK , CALP/ WE QoiMG To DO

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