The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1953 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1953
Page 13
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WWRSDAY, JAX. 1, 1958 LET RETELL YOU MY NONEL IDEtf-^X'LL LIST v/01 lc> -^ ReSOLUTIOrA-i •*- T AMD CLOSE THS DOOR YOUR WAY (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 U ^ •»imt I a.m. to 10 p.m. ; wttfc Delivery to 1 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE «I West Main St. •us. Phone 8061 FOR SALE Re*. Phon« 6218 BOWEN APARTMENTS Contact Owner—Shown by Appointment Only Terms Can Be Arranged Over. 10 Year Period TAG! THIRTEIM \ P» FLASH CAMERAS up For Pictures Any"Time! Choose One Now! Use our lay-away plan. Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS 8*«« W. Main Phone 3647 DESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Giurftnteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores UJ u O cc Ul CO Ul O to to Search for a Hero ByThwnasHalMiiJltpc JUST as I went Into the living ~ room, the telephone rani I answered. "It's (or you, Papa. It's Mr. Slosne." "Ab or George?" "Mr. George." Ab Sloane was 'tot stalionmaster; George Sloane .hn son, was the section-foreman .One of them usually called Papa .when anything went wrone on the •tracjcj. | Papa said a few words then wheeled away from the telephone; ,he liked excitement "The trestle (broke through with 26. It was ;loaded with tanks and what all— i two flats went through " '. "Was anybody hurt?" Mama 'utd. ' "1 don't know. Army tanks -•cittercd all over Tuscumbia bot- ' "Ii Sloane to blame?" Mama ( uid. . "Of course he's to blame. I told ;him that trestle wouldn't hold." "You are next in line for scc- Ition-foreman?" Mama said. • "I reckon I'm next. You finished Wallace? William? You boys go I with me. You might could help." I had got halfway up the stairs, and then ! came hack down Into .the living room. I knew they would not ask me to go, but 1 wanted them to have no excuse. 1 stood in the middle of the living ;room and made all Ihree of them jwalk past me. When they were gone, I went [upstairs to my room. Anybody ,who would go a whole year in al- must b« «om« kind of tooL And there must be tome special tag for anybody who would cheat for Wallact. I had never cheated In schooL I had never had to—I was going to be valedictorian. I though! of what Papa had said about the war ending toon, and I remembered what he had said the day Franc* fell. "Who'd you expect to stop the Germans? An old-maidish French army that couldn't stop the Mississippi National Guard?" • • » MOBODY -./a. going to take Meb awny from me. I was going to lose her the way I had lost so many other things, most of them— it seemed—because I never had the right words. I thought that if I were away somewhere I would write Meb a lettei and say something nice. I knew that I would go to work the next day, as usual, and Meb would be there, as usual. And likely, William and Wallace would help Papa on the tracks. Come Saturday, I would work 18 hours. Around suppcrtime, Mr. Witkes would cut oil some cheese and fake out some crackers and then open some pop. He would spread it all out on a clean piece of wrapping paper and say, "You just eat here tonight It won't cost you nothing." A lew times, when busi- ncs had been booming most of the day, he would take his knife and open "a can of sardines. He always winked at me over those sardines as if they were a rare treat, whorl he knew that almost anything else in the store would have pleased me more. But he wasn't stingy all the time. One Christmas I worked the week we were off from school and he gave me 55 extra for a Christmas present, i took It and bought two white shirts for William and Wallace. I always m'esi everything up when I do »6me- thing like that If I had had any sense 1 would have spent one dollar »Mh OUT OUR.WAY FRICKLES AND HIS PRIINDS Sffl» ^"9 (X^SS&TLfW CO*i*WrTUlATK»49 1 ^w^^ 1 #>;**• WHERE WATER'S SOLD Bentfit by Reading and Using Courier Newi Classified Adi "That's a great reducing diet that lets you eat all th» steak you want—it's keeping,our bank account down to a nic« thin figure!" BO ARE ITH 77IE LANDING OF A -5PACB SMIPIN THE PESERT NEAR ATOM a TV, Mica, « mineral conlainiriy silicon, can be split into sheets so thin that a thousand make a pile only an Inch high. PLAHETEEES CELEBRATE Television- Ton ite, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis. Channel MADE A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION NOT TO BREAK " IY MORE AMPS! PRJSCU.LA! IF ONLY MEAN IT, POP! ON wv HONOR WHAT'6/ VIC FLINT, -PRIVATE PETEGTIVE, HOW A5OUT IT ClSSfctf --'-- SCKWLE HKH7 ME TO 5OO SUCKS TO R-V ME _ YOU TH6K6 M THIS OH-OH.' 1 FEKGOT OMETHIN" UNTIE HIM./ S T U D E B A HURRY! HURRY! Best Bargains in Town! Save on These Specials! HI51 FORT) 4-Door Cuslom, Overdrive, Radio & Heater; an Automobile that's priced to sell quick. 1950 STTJDEBAKER Champion Re^al Deluxe Starlight Club Coupe. The nicest, cleanest, best used car in town. Equipped with Automatic Drive, Radio & Heater and many other accessories. « 1949 Chevrolet! 1—2 Door with Radio & Heater. 1—4 Door with Heater. Here are two good cars bargain.priced. 1948 PLYMOUTH ,4 Door with Heater. Priced LOW to sell QUICK! 1948 FORD-.4-Door V-8, has Radio &• Heater and "^ nice grey finish. . _. 1917 CHEVROLET 2 Door with Radio & Heater. „ Has blue paint. ' > V 194G KORD V.-8.2 Door with Radio, Heater and ' m beat Covers and in nice black finish. 00 CHAMBLIN SALES Co. * • i "Your Friendly Sludebaker Dealer" HI . Phone 6888 SO 2 Big Lots at Ash & Railroad Open Saturday Nit« Til 9 -ST-U D EB AKER can you buy with $1? And five wr.s all 1 had, for what 1 earned would go on the grocery bill—1 used to think that someday I was going to run sway from home and work and save enough money to come back and pay the grocery bill completely, for one*. But anyway. 1 bought the two white shirts, and Christmas morning I took them into William's »nd Wallace's room Wallace asked, "What did you buy Papa?" I laid, "Nothing." He said, "I think we ought to give him these «hirLs, hard is h» works for all of u«." I Jerked the shirt from Wallace and ran downstairs and out to the woodpile and chopped both sleeves off. At noon I came by Meb'i house, which seemed then like a small, strange church in the rmd- dl« of nowher«—a wood (Ire i Christmas tree, plenty of holly with full red berries. We had a glass of wine together. "Tell me what you got Cor Christmas, she said. "Oh, not much." "What did your mother give you?" ."A scarf." "And your father?" . "A tie." "Wallace and William?" "A pair of gloves." Her face clouded. 1 thought she had sensed that 1 was making up lies. But then she smiled and went to the mantel. "Here's something lor you. In France, it would not be polite for you to open K here. But open it." WHILE I unwrapped the pack" age she said, "At home, in France, they give presents on tht first of January." 1 opened the box to a pair of suede gloves. "I can't take these " 1 said. "I'll give them to William and get you something else." "It's not that ... 1 mean I cant lake anything because I didnt gtt you anything." "No, you mean you have s pair." "1 don't have a pair." That was how 1 cam« to tell her the truth. But later, I wai sorry that f had told her, because It sounded as If 1 didn't want her to jive anything to William. THURSDAY MGHT, JANUARY 1 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Groucho Marx 1 7:30 the Unexpected 8:00 Dragnet 8:30 Theatre 9:00 Martin Kane D.'30 Arthur Godfrey 10:00 My Little Margis 10:30 Ncwj 10:35 Boxing 11:35 Weather It's News to Me 12:00 News 12:05 Sign Off FRIDAY, JANUARY 1 7:00 Toddy 7:25 News 7:30 Today 7:55 News 8:00 Today 8:25 News 8:30 Today 8:55 News 9:00 Ding pong School 9:30 TV Shopper 10:00 Ask Washington 10:30 Strike II Rich 11:00 Storyland 11:15 Love of Life 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45. Morning Meditation 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 Garry Moore 1:00 Guiding Light 1:15 Film FentweUe 1 :30 Homemnkers Program 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Welcome Traveleri 3:00 Kate Smith 4:00 Hawklnn Falls 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Berl Olswanger 5:15 News 5:25 Weather 5:30. Short Story _ 5:45 Hartoons '6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News 6:30 Those Two 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Dennis Day 7:30 Playhouse 8:00 Big Story 8:30 Hopalong Cassldy 9:00 Cavalcade of Sport* 3:45 Greatest Fights 10:00 Film Featurette 10:30 News 10:40 March of Time 11:10 Weather 11:15 Names the Sama 11:45 Film Featurctt* 12:15 News 12:25 Sign Off • ABIAMT CAS HEATHS **.. , ... «.!8.20 up EARL WALKER Plumber Phones 3553—8438

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