The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 7, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 7, 1936
Page 3
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DAY, JULY 7, me BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEW?' " ','. PA.QE THREE Individualistic Kitchen Should Receive Consideration in Planning of Any New House A garage Is almost as necessary in the ulan of a house nowadays ns a kitchen or living room. There nre few fajnilies lii homes of their own who do not have cars, so the garage has Tiecome a major problem In planning and designing . houses of nil sixes. The first question thnt comes up is where to put the garage. Shall it be detached; shall it be connected by n porch; or shall it. be! an integral part of the When automobiles' first came into vogue, the garage was sluck in the back or.the lot where the stable used to be; and perhaps the fear of fire had something to do with placing It there, too. Liter, as this tear decreased, It was hooked onto the house by a porch or as an extension. Usually it was placed in an inconspicuous position, still resembling the poor relation. Dut lately architects have recognized the fact that it is part of the house and arc designing it as such. And they .place its door as near the street as possible, uoth .to shorten the necessary driveway and to keep the rear of the place dear for development. There is also the matter of keeping it heated in Winter. A garage should be deep enough to accommodate a car comfortably without having to gauge the distance by inches, and it. should be wide enough to allow free passage on at least one side of the car. Where possible, it is advisable to add a few feet In one direction to accommodate a work . bench, In cellarlcss houses, an additional fcot or two provides a space for rough storage. 'Hie door should be of a type that can be easily operated both from wllhtn and without. It is not 'necessary to fireproof ' the inside of the garage unless the code demands it, but it Ls advisable to do so if possible. For wherever- inflammables are stored there Is always the possibility of nre. so precautions should be taken. You: may"-fireproof your present property with funds obtained un- der- tlie terms of the Modernization Creilit Plan of the Federal Houring Administration. OFFER E White oak, used for shelves anil drairers in this roqm jrhes tlie effects of paneled walls. Ample closet and drawer s'ui'ce 1 provided and the corner cupboard offers a place lor (!&&? «U>*1 chliu Cast mcnt windows over Ihe .sink allow the housewife plenty of light and air while she is preparing the meal Of w**hlUf ! the dishes. , Every once in a while t'hc average home-maker wants a kitchen that is entirely individual and doesn't resemble in the slightest the yellow and blue, or the red and u'ntte or the pink and bro\vn workshops 'of her friends. In remodeling an old house, one house-wife found her opportunity. The room 1iad papered walls originally, and wide board floors. It had been an addition to the house, and one wall, originally the back of the house, was of brick. When t'ne family bought tlie house, a loan for the rcp.air and modernization of the home was obtained from a private financial institution i-hich held n contract of insur- nce with the Federal Housing Administration. White oak was used for building n a series of closets and cup- loards, giving the effect of paneled walls. A small amount of wall Aluminum Paint Deflects Heat of Summer Sun Research has shown that lo a large extent .the heat in n home in summer is due lo radiant heat from tlie sun. Simple means by which a considerable amount of this heating effect of the sun may be retarded arc the use of awnings, window shades which are coated with aluminum foil .or aluminum paint on the side exposed to • the snn, or by the use of Venetian blinds, the outside of the slals being painted with aluminum paint. By exposing metallic siirfaces to the sun, the - radiant heat' is reflected lo a sufficient degree to produce added summer comfort • When coated shades or Venetian blinds. arc used, the windows should always be opened slightly, preferably at top and bottom, to allow for a small amount of ventilation. . '• '< . A COOLING That Requires No Upkeep When your attic is insulated with Red Top Insulating- Wool it keeps your house many degrees cooler, virtually amounting to a cooling system without any operating or upkeep cost. . Let tis estimate the cost of insulating your home. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. New Type Electric Bulb for Mirrors A new type of electric bulb, or perhaps it would he more proper lo say tube, Is now available. It Is cylindrical in form and Is particularly . suitable for the sides of mirrors, or over kitchen sinks or rarigcs";or other places where a long, even light Is desired. The lights are about 10 inches long and fit into special sockets. Th :ost is not : excessive, however. space shpwcd between • the dish closets and lower drawers. This was covered wltli a paper' having a street scene design, and added a bright note ol color. The original floors were left Intact, as was the pne brick wall. A corner cupbpqrd" was built for glassware, nnrt next' fo II y, p as a closet for brooms and mijps. A new sink was completely enclosed with the oak shelves and cnbineLs. Casement windows were placed over tlie sink, v/nere one' small window Imd been before, central lighting was used. ' ".' ' . . Dr. N. L. Cisseli Builds Large Animal Hospital The erection of an animal hos- pilal was Hie principal building activity ' started within the past week. Dr. N. L. Cisseli has slurl- ed the building, 44 by 70 feet, nt the rear of his'home. It will face Nor^li Second street. This building is to be for large animals, to be operated In connection with llic.' 'small animal hospital which he bunt this sp-ing. Among the residences recently improved are the W. T. ofer'st house; n,t 818 W. Main street, which has been reroofed, and the Russell Farr residence, nt 1120 W. Walnut street, which is beins repainted. School Students Given Practical Information About Building BUFFALO, N, V.—The "Arithmetic Home Ownership Project" is being offered as n fifth-year course at the Technical High School here, following the Interest shown by the students tills Spring in planning a model home. Tills course was planned at the local office of the Federal Housing. Administration and includes the drawing up of plans and specifications for homes in a price range of IH.OOO to $8,500. It is designed to give students a practical knowledge of the theory of home construction. Eight special students, together with the entire Senior Class, are registered for next year's course, calling for preliminary drawings, drafting of blue prints, and the making of a model scaled to y t inch lo a foot. Plumbing, electrical, mathematical, structural steel, photographic and interior decorating details will be worked out by the students. In the trial. course given at .he school this Spring, under the llrection ol Principal Richard D. Dry, a home was designed of flre,- proof construction, with Insulated walls, In modern -design.:, Tlie louse was priced at approximately MO.OOO. School authorities In neighboring districts have announced that they will Include tlie project In next semester's curriculum; • ' Read/Courier News Classified Adi Of Course You Don't Live On the Roof! You live under it, but when you think how little a roof really costs compared to the number of years it lasts its surprising that anyone would liye iindGr a leaky one. A New Roof Will Cost Less Than The Cheapest Automobile Not any more than a good .ra.dio or '•electric refrigerator'. ..... ••--.--• And- its just as .easy to b,uy/ - • $25.00 per month buys a Ford V-8 but $7.50 per month will buy a ro.p|. ; • Remember, too, that we recoro.rn.ei.vl. Certainteed Universal SJimgles because they make a beautiful, roof; .that .is locked on and "Jlillcrized" by a scientific process insuring long life: ' - ••'•' •••-••• Phone 100 or slop in and let ns explain how you can • the '" a Ccrlainleet1 ' Ul H v « - sa\"Ropf under I Our Entire Stock of Wallpaper is Now on Sale At Closing 'Out Prices! ..... ' , E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO, Housing Question Box Q. There Is an flqor. ' spring In our living-room Bo you '^lilnk tills ttnngcr^ii A. Not ueeessnrlly. ' However, 1 If li H possible (9 get at'll'ie wider side or the door, It might b« well to exnmlnc It carefully. Perliips It Just necils some Irnclng, or ijrldg- l"li ns It Is called," or It'nmy'be tlmt Die lolsLs nre npt : dfcc'p enough for the span, In which «>st> i> girder or swiie other central Biipixwl slioiild be placed under the Joists. Another possibility Is Hint icrmtUf may Imve wenk- cncd pnrt of the door. l( Oils' Is so you Imd better have nn tyt • of definite equity, It will bf tcrmliintlng coiniMny whole house. over the Ruild Porches Low •;, for Open Air Effect A. living porch that, is close ,to the earth gives the feeling of out of- doors more tlmn' qiie; Hint stands two or- three ; feet . above grutle. Even with houses built well off the ground, the porch can be placed near grade, 'and u decora- Hire'night .of/steps at'.liic'.dopr can bn the -connecting link. This calls for unusually high pillars'or posts, but they, cnii be made qulte'effec- tive. .-,..-• ,Q. Many of the illcs on our bathroom walls have become all checkered with line brown lines. Is there miy wny of gelling rid of these? •A. The only way Is to replace the tiles. These tiles Imve crazed, which Is not uimsual In glazed llle—the same thing can bei seen in much old china. A mat-finished tile Ls less apt to aims' than those with a high-gloss finish.', : Q. Wlint nre the things to guajd against -In building u ' retaining wall? , ( |i vg! AM ..A. Be sure therq are iidetniatp anchors—that Is, pieces 'that "extend well into the earth' and:'lire securely bonded to the wall.-It; a •reinforced wall Is used,'these anchors .should be made an ' hjte- grnl part of'the wall Itself; If the wall Is built of. small units, then long stones must be used, The wall must be like'a capital L' bhd the weight of the earth' on 'Ihe fool of the !• must be sufficient lo keep It from tipping over backward. Good materials anil work- hianship are, of course, essential,and the wall, If a large' •• one, should be designed by an 'engineer.,, ' - i :; iV i' l)|i> tenant Iq Negotiate suoli a loan, 'The 9»ner might the note so %s t<? give l better credit facilities If you 'are j adding a room ' to |(wr house aijd yant to drop the floor to a loftr level, have nt U'p/slcijs; one step Is dai)- - and frequfully causes seri- OILS falls A front door that Is unprotected Is often tlie cause o[ ah unwelcome bath to walling guests. Whenever possible, a front door Miould have at least a hood over A. ttnam Metal Pans Under Tile Prevent Uakt Shower stalls should lmy( non- corrosive metal pans placed uiiiler (he llle flooring to prevent \«aVs If possible, tju-ic 'pans should : 'be carried , up the side walls to 'a height ol about six fict \V|iJ> : "halrplns" cnn be soldeied (« .Ihesc metal walls at frequent U>- tervaLs .to piovlde u means ol r,\. (aching the lath to the t('o Magazine Cupboard Preserve, -. Jn a living room or' even .In- the hall, If library at . , ,e« » space to build a cupboard (or ih* storage of old magazine, »iS other- things that i^coHinulaUd but cnivt be Ihrowi) out Ijnmedltely Such a- cupboatd Is a great coji- •vpnlciice . und a boon for jjouse'keeper , whose dust«keep llic i-oonis c|<!an Courier most Classified Now Is the Time to Build Your Home • • Easy Monthly Payments Thi§ company will gladly help you with'your loan applications. Through itrrnngcmcnls perfected' by the American As|)hiilt Hoof Corporation, we have, connections with the Planteis Bank and Tumi Company, Foi- reat City, Arkansas, 'whereby it will handle all new construction Fedoiql .Housing Administration title t\\b uppiovcd loana in Dlythoville and vicinity. Arkansas Builders Supply Company Ed R. Junes, Mgr, Phone 29 Q: Tlio house of my tenant farrn- er is lii: bail shape. Can I-get a loan under the National Housing Act and -repair it? He agreed some years ago'to buy lt,-but;lljie tlrafs have been so bad that lie lias paid vlrlually nothing ori -it. .Will this agreement stand hi tin- way of my' getting ;'• i , ; A. If. ownership can ' be estab- '.llshed.the owner can get the, loan If the tenant has established! e *.' /S/ k 'jTBUY A j! NORGE I AND BE SURE OFf Complete Food Protection!, Faster Freezing .on Hot Days! Greater•-Over-all Economy! Cfio«!f tf}ii>«rrJg*ritor ' wft/Ttfit Pita Action Inlltltb * Cwnt/rti- (/«i Eottfc »nj Dilrf belt * Sliding Utility An, Invested In One of Our Homes Will Bring $ctfisfactiori and Enjoyment to the, Whole Family BEST HOME BARGAINS EVER 6FFERED \ 36 Houses For Sale at Bargain Prices HOME NOW Shtlf* Improved Auto mttfc FlooJ Ugh*,* Clouly SpiceJ Shtll Bin * Mtny ethtr Im- provtmtnls tnJnllnt- ' mtnti. • The surplus-powered - Norge Rollitor Compressor, which no ethir rifriftrttor bat, is your .«i»ur>nee b( more cold—-futtr freezing—just when you need.'them-moitj Only »-big, poVerfu! compresior wch M •Norge hit frt allmoJfh ctia gtre wdii complete .ie£cige»tor sutisfaaion;- Compir* specifications! Don't rely on cUinxi tloo«i See the Norge before you buy; NORGE PHONE We Do Th Hardaway Appliance Cd. nu n « n o^ n ^ • * * _ : Phone 233 109 S. Second St. 1320 Holly St. 2 kot for price, of one .. ' 1114 Ho UyS^., 6. room frame . 1208 Holly St. 5 room frame ' 1 did. Vine St. i ijowtnsirame house and store 191 i'W.'- Chorr^ 4 rooms frame 16'i8;W..Cherry J St/,4>oomi frame 1601 W. Sycamore '5. rooms .frame 514 North lltJi) 7 r«prn», frame house Division &' R^i>oit^SE Corner, 5 rooms, frame .. 512 North 5th St. 6 room., frame 321 E. Doufan St. 4 rooms, frame .. 313 E. Dougan St. 5 rooms, frame 209 E. Douga^i, 6 rooips, frame 100 W. Cherry, $ rooms, frame 105 E. Rose Si. 4 T o«ms, frame .. 101 E. Rose S(, 4 rooms, frame 120 E. Sycamore, 4, rooms, frame 127 E. Sycamore, 5 rooms, frame 131 E. Sycamor^ 5 rooms, frame 120 E. Vine, 6 roomi . ' 908 South UVe S<. 4 rooms, frame .. 612 South Uke St. iroomi, frame 411 Lly^St. i roo^i, fjarae 414 E. Sycaaii^f, | r*oms, frame 405 Lilly St. 5 rwrai, frame .. Corner PopW 4 1$?, Southeast corner, 6 rooms 420 E. Sycajiityre, 4 rooms, frame 411 E. Vine S*, $ r^mi, frame 403 E. Vine, 5 roonu 405 E. Vine, 5 rwff* . 801 S. CUrlt, S<. 5 rwmj, frame .. 910 W, Heaj-p S^. f ' roomi, frame • Davis and Dflptar, S\Hf corner, 4 rooms Phone 285 & KIRSHNER 114 North Second St.-

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