The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1949
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY 3, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COUUIEIl NEWS PAGE SEVW* Methodists Delay Approval of Pact Church Also Urges 'Objective Appraisal' 46 Of Communism Man Who Studied Odds in Gambling Can't Figure Why People Gamble CHICAGO, May 3. <A>j—The commission on world peace of the Methodist Church yesterday withheld support of the North Atlantic Pact and urged "calm and objective appraisal" of communism. H also reaffirmed support of the Marshall Plan, urged U. S. ratification of the United Nations' Declaration of Human Rights, and called for reduction of armaments and an end to the cold war in Europe. A statement of resolutions was adopted by the commission, an official, 27-member group elected by Methodism's General Conference. The commission is cnnrged -ith organizing church action to obtain peace. The statement said in part: "We feel bound at this time to withhold support of the North Atlantic Pact. Confusion still exists as to exactly what Implementation of the pact Is proposed. There are grave dangers lurking in the possible implementation of the pact and its application in international policy." On communism, the report said church members should "make a calm and objective appraisal of the merits and defects of communism, »uch as Is to be found In the Am- •£erdam Conference" report. It also By Arthur Edson WASHINGTON, May 3-OT— Phineas T. Burnum Is supposed to have said, "(here's a sucker bom ever minute." If anything, old Phineas appears to have been a trifle conservative. For Ernest C, Blanche says this country lins 50,000,000 wo like to bet, and therefore are suckers. Blanche Is chief statistician for n such a way they can't possibly Other Blanche obosrvntlons: Seniors at Wilson Present 3-Act Comedy WlIjSON, Ark. Muy 3.--Tlu> srn- ior class of Wil.sou llifih Schot>l presented "A I'nii: of Count LV Kiris, " a comedy In linn 1 nets, to a capacj- !n oriips, the odds always nrc ity crowd Kriitnv ninhl in Uic High ........ '" the logistics division of the Army General staff, and is latest book came out yesterday. Its title: "You can't win." It has nothing lo do with logis tics, but has everything to do with Blanche's hobby: studying the odds on almost every conceivable gamble. His conclusions: 1. Most gambling games are crooked. 2. Even when they're honest, tlv odds are such that, over nny perloc of time, the bettor can't posstblj win. Take cards, a game which mai has been playing—and losing—for thousands of years. Not A Chanct At Poker Poker is one of (be most popular American ways of losing money. Blanche figures there are 2,589,960 different poker hands If you select five cards at random for the deck. And although every poker plaver Is pretty sure the net one will be a roval flush, more than li.ilf these hands, or 1.302,510' won't even contain a pair. The odds against a royal flush, by the way, are 649,739 to 1. Even when the game Is on the square, the man who has all the , igainst Hie fellow shooting the dice. "Lottery is » gambling device— ii'lclom pure and rarely simple." The million people, most of them »or, bol on Ihe numbers racket. and the operators keep 48 to 55 :>cr cent of llic lake. For 144 page* Blanche lays it on the line. He ha.i It all figured out that is. except — School Auditorium. The cast included Mnry IJyiils, Claudia Campbell, Bmmip (inble, Lewell McAllec. l.ula Miic Freds, "Although I've spent a part of my life sudylnE the techniques of gambling and foibles of gamblers. I still can't figure out why—really why—people (ramble." McClcllan Asks Boost In Flood Control Fund Billy Boyles, Charles Htandiler, Cur- reld Hay, John LalUu 1 and Curtis Coburu, Vii'Ki*' Hotiri.s arid a. w, Patclipll, class sixmsors, directed. Sue Tyler, Bc-ltyp Duvls nut! Joyce Lucllen were the ushois, Jimmy Powell had c-harno ot advertising, BUIIt- Ann Stnnrnd was In rhaiRi- of Oip proKnims. .scat:* 1 niannni'is wetv Douglas ForrrMrr. .Hmmy Powell. Sue Tyler and Charles Kdindifi-r. Between acts tin- rljiss prt-scnlt'ci Miss liogcrs an orchid ami Mr. Pal- clioll a 1 gift. Sue Tyler wi-lcomcd Miss Phillips, a formrr dramutlrs - j director and honored t/'icsi, to tlui 1 •-'•- ' • - • • •• Heart." Siamese Kittens Born To Cat Misnamed "Bob" CHARLESTON. W. Va., May X i>P) —A quartet of Siamese kittens— .Siamese like h\ twins, that Is—has been born to a tlve-yi-ar-old cat mls- imim'd Hob. Dob's owner. Mi.v I ; 'reda Cole*, said mother and the- kittens, which am joined lOKi-thor by their .stomachs, apparently arc lUmiji nicely. WASHINGTON, May 3 Senator McClellan of Arkansas is ; -school. A solo', asking an Increase In funds for', nnd piano .sclec'ttnns were pic-scutcd flood control work In his slate. ] by Poetsy Hvinkley. McClcllan said he will ask that appropriations voted by the House A m : lv £„,,„/„ for u«e rturli'jt the next year be , m ' 1 " *-OUpte hiked by t283.oo3 for completion j 3rd Son in Accident of the entire levee program ou the j Arkansas (liver and $4,000.000 for other Arkansas projects. The Arkansas senator said he will offer his amendments to the Senate Appropriations Committee this '.veck. He is a member of of the committee. NOTICE OF F1L1NO OF AITMC.Vl'ION FOR LIQUOR I'KHiMIJ Notice If hereby given that lh< iiiuiiTs'gncil hn.i filed with thn Coinmlf.sloner ol lU-ventiM o( (ho stale 01 Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous Utinof: [or bevri'ngc at retail on (hi- premises described as 418 \Ve.V Ash SI.. Illytluvllle, Ark,, MlK.sls.ilp. pi Coi'nly. A|i|>lltntkm 1« for permit to be Issued lor operation beginning on the 1st da)- of July 1049. «nrt to expln on the 30 d»y of June, 1MO. IliiKli Olicrry Bring Beauty to ASBESTOS said, "churches, without espousing odds for every situation—I.e.. the communism, (should do all in their professional gambler Is sure lo win. power to counteract the present hys- on .her gambling ventures, the terlcal fear of communism which Is I sucker falls to see how little chance leading In America to the suppression of free speech and the mis-1 judging of many liberal movements." Bill to Ask Tightening Ot Government Controls On Commodity Markets WASHINGTON, May 3. If)— 1 Chairman Elmer Thoma.i (D-Oklft) of the Senate Agriculture Committee said yesterday he will Intro-1 duce immediately an administration bill to tighten government controls j over commodity markets. "Every effort will be made lo pass I this legislation before the harvest j of the 1949 crops," Thomas said in & statement. bettor has. Such as racing. The track always takes It.i cut before the melon Is I sliced. That runs from 10 to 15 per cent. counttuR taxes. ' Bonklr* riarr. Bcl« Safely And bookies nearly always King George Plans Return to Public Life LONDON, May 3 (/P) — Kins George VI, though still ailing, will return to public llle on June 21. H' and the queen will drive from Buckingham Palace to the Colonial Olfice In Whitehall to open "Co- lounl Month" and a colonial exhl- bilinri, The king's official engagements were cancelled last November when ' AMITY. Ark., May 3 Mv The I traffic accident death of jay iiun- ! cock, 21, marked the third time that a son of Mr. and Mrs. Mntl> Hancock ol Amity has been killerl , accidentally. Jay Hancock was struck and kll- I led <iby a (ruck near Alhu(iticri|ui<, ] N. M., last I'Yiday. Funeral services jue to be held here timtornnv Previously, two brothels Ind met a violent end. The Hancocks have two living sons. SIDING H's Easy to Moke the Most of Your Home with BONDEX Choose I he Bondex color you like boit ond bfuih it on — no iktll needed.Fifilcoat,Bondex Primer, BONDEX Cement Paint Second cool, Boncfex. Then you have a firwh that won't peat < Bondex boiidi with th* lldin The Coif is Lowt A i-ll». pa<Vag» «f whit* l«nJ porr iColou illgKHy h1g>«i> Color-Styling Ideas in •>....... r^l or Chnrl at HJi Hisl -Main Slicrt. llutiliiiitt llnnhvaii> t'n. 2\.\ \Vfil Main Slrfi-l inni \\>il Main turret 1C, <'. ltn> r |iivon I.uinlirr Co. 31!* \\ r\l A&h Strrrl '" " °°""»°^ BONDEX .// Y PR AM 1C . it sv:u discl&sed he had » clrcula- j Leonard Nominates Postmasters WASHINGTON. May :i f/V> _' President Trmnau has sent tn Ihe setmte these postmaster nnmniii- tions for Arkansas: John W. Story, Grlflithville: Duct ui>ik. iilijwpipo.i. call Taylor Lnytgn, 8'28. SHEET METAL WORK Kor exprrl work iillrr . . . ;ill iypr*. 112 Ncirtli Klrst. to it that their bets arc scattered 1 lory ailment in his lcg.v R. Tucker, Lowell. Hurley, Hector; Blytheville Tin Shop 25 or inure I rude in allowance on yuur jlri washer, regardless of maki- or condition, on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your (Jlmncc for Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Si'oll Alley SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Sinn • Hettrr Service •OH Nn. Kruuklln Plumo .!'!(» 4% HOME LOANS Klbert S. Johnson '1'he Equitable Life Assurance Society Ph.Be Kt» EltBted Vou Art Cordially Invited to Visit The jAccessory Shop! Feminine Apparel- J Mabel Hojj*n Jessie grit* Hotel Nobk BW». Blytheville, Ark. D.P.L. No. 15 COTTON SEED Delinted, Treated And Sacked 1 ¥r»r from 8Utl» A TON OR A CARLOAD Also (tOort Al.KAI.FA HAY For Sale Magcrs & Gill 1 Dell. Ark. Fhoni <£R| Supreme Court Okays Construction of Lake LITTLE ROCK, May 3. lift— The Arkansas Supreme Court yesterday ' cleared the way for work to begin on construction of a 6.000-acre lake on Palarm Creek between Lit tin Rock and Conway. It dismissed an attack on the Arkansas Game and Pish Commission recreational project by the W. R. Wrape stave Company, Dierks Lumber and Coal Company and the Magnolia Pipeline Company, by nf-. firming a decree ot the Faulkner Chancery Court. Home Folks! LION OIL COMPANY'S CUSTOMERS, DEALERS, EMPLOYEES AND MANAGERS ARE SOUTHERNERS WORKING WITH OTHER SOUTHERNERS ' TO BENEFIT THE SOUTH Read Courier N«wn Want Ads. RENTACAR Anywhrr* Ton Please Phone 937 Simpson Oil Co For Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Phone 4601 Nichols Drug Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosowbo SWIFT'S PREMIUM * BRANDED BEEF Cnitslant gi uvvlb of our bnsinCMs has mnde it necessary to inn tcluplume fai:ili(iee, Thin necessitated clunglng our nunilier. Our telephone number !• 812 ^* * •^™ one foof An Apple KI-'KHCTIVK APRIL 12, 1919 UNITRD INSURANI;E AGKNCY "The^Vriendly In^tirance Service" First & Main — Ingram Building We Insure Everything WE r,,° T ,V. LOAKS LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING EXPERT SERVICE Jmt Cull 4474 We Specialize in Fancy M«ar* and Groceries We Defiver Phone 2043 Plenly of Parking Space M When You BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME Call D. C. FREEMAN 32 Years Experience • Out'unt Paints • Imperial Wallpaper I'honc 4291 SOUTHERN TRUCK DRIVER-He turns highways into "buy-ways" ATTENTION Soybean Growers! nORTCHSOY NO. 2 SKED SOYBEANS R*- cleHneri, Tcslcrl nml Tagged. PRICE $2.75 P«r Uushel. 1!M!) Soybean Support Price 9(1% I'arily. rfidllrt mnre AiiybciiliK |irr *cre bj planllng llortchsoj N0. 2, lnhetil ylclcler in 1H1K yield cnntext. Seed For Snie By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION 1800 West Main I'hone 856-857 A familiar figure along Southcn roads, the truck driver does a Miperman-size job of help:ng move food and goods to market. He's the link between many a farm and many a dinner table . , . part of the pipe line that keeps the South's increased production moving to market. To keep his truck at peak efficiency, his company depends on Lion Oil Company's gasolines, motor oils and lubricants—as do countless other Southern trucking concerns. No matter where you look today, you sec Southern farmers, Southern industries, Southern families—all benefiting through Lion Oil's diverse production of fuels, lubricants, asphalts, protective coatings, fertilizers and other chemical products. And throughout the South, Lion's employees, independent dealers, and stockholders share in the prosperity of the company that's always, first of all, a Good Neighbor . . ."Home Folks." LION OIL COMPANY II DORADO, ARKANSAS UON OIL MAKES THESI LEADING PRODUCTS • • • Pefro/eum: Gaiolinoi . Bulone Gai * Keroien* . Trnclor Fu#l Di«s«l Fuel • H«aHng Old • Heavy Fuel OJIi ; Lubricating Oil* • Greases • Road Oils * Paving and Roofing AiphalM * Prot*cliv» Cooling) l: Anhydroui Ammonia « Nitrogen S»Ig!ioni * Ammonium Nitrale fcfliliier • Aqua Ammonia . Nllric Acid • Sulpha!* of Ammonia ALL SOUTHERN-MA D E F OR SOUTHERN TRADE Soybeans For Sale State Certified Ogden Soybeans • • • bu. $3.50 (Blue Tag) Burdette 19 Soybeans bu. $3.25 (Improved Arksoy Variety, Red Tag) BURDETIE PLANTATION BURDETTE, ARK. Phone: Blytheville 782

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