The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 6, 1930
Page 6
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13LYTIIEVH.1.R, (ARK.] COURIER NEWS Hetvrt LAURA LOU BROOKMAN AUTHQP OP "RASM ROMANCE" IQ50 by NEA (Continued from osre flw). I>r'iri riJ} f [[on of Uri^ rtn UK Jx">ki il ll, e lltnr r,f fiirfi-!. S«tn» of 'P«r ion, Tirm or rnrjxjrAtion Hut ^Ajlnjr tkz«t on llivlA. 1NC\ i;i:ni.\ HI:KR TOUA (.1:1.i\ .yrrcniii.i,. ir. u In l.:illlniore (or Yi rX • villU brr ii k,.mc In \r« fnlkcr. JIHIX hfC nrlxlucriilli-' hor otter her l)y force, If necessary. | such :t ((••I'rllile lliliiir—"- "Como slont;!" Usl demanded.; "flicn: llir-re, Julin! You ECO -They're (01 reaily to atari. Am! 1, It's "" i'W'1- VVK, I found the woii'l liQ wHhoiit a iwUni-r, again And UAituAiiCT no or: its, m divorce* Mllvhrll, re. rl;.riii>4 Ii mm a uliuiv. ll.Vll- Xr.Y SIMIU.DS. vonnK UKV»|'ai>« • izlrl* no lifforc (rutlriK Biilllm'iri- Coinc-li'i'iirls. l-l wt-nl I :'.ml nifiilo another i-'iMircli » • • ' ajiyu'Liy. you kuov; I (Kiln'L hack iirolcsllnx ulnnces | fur :i pliinte iiiliiutu that, your ^ ni livelyii, Mitchell wia led ihnifUn-r liail aiiytlilnE to do with The wltlow, alone, t^ppei! ll:elr tlisapiieiiriuice.' .Mtlrlifll iinlU-il. Kvc-lyn Parsons, tundliu: nliovo hlui, looked cvery- lilnn iliiil w:is womanly and n-i-it. Tlie iiii'-n 1 !) i-yes raised to away. ono foot auarlly and Ijldc-d lit-r time. Slio wr.a Ettll EtandliiR In tlie !:r.llw;iy \vhcn Cella Mllclii-ll S5-- innrly !• ' Mi\.';. bfnntlful ivtdmv, Oi:et- llir Klrl in otlipr jn p'o. Mr*. I'uriuNH ronsl (o \\ln Sht- v hntnc. I'All- n liilro- nc lirn- i-r^ (*f- nll'« nf- . l!ir- ^Irl lo hc-r l~ony lilunj ruinir • fur r. wtrk~f)d, TO1) JOKDAV, tm»H»lliiK Inn \v;t^i • 4ul»lnuN r*p«(ntl*ii p U nl- . Ttrllvr rt> OILl, MICchrll J«ln<4 • i^.^ ILOUIP imrly on Siaml:i>". .llrx. r. l':irxi>MM, HtcInK 'he Tulbrr tinu . <lni:':hrtr loiccllifr, hr^iikct Jrnl- C".. sir (rlU Mill-boll bcr |ii.nrl» • r.rr mltnlnjc nnd ra^ll j.uv|iU<<in . <.;i. Pflin. NUW GO OX WITH Tllr STOIIV CHAPTER XXI jn/^kl!!" Evelyn's hanil flow lo " lier nioiitli. "Oil— I ilhln'l l!:li:k!- I mean tt couldn't have peared rouncltng the curve of Ihn 1 IHTS. stairwny. Her face was pale. toon :.s Cello saw Mrs. 1'aisona the ran dowu the rcinnlnliiK steps. "Oil, Mrs. Parsons," Cclla wild. "The quccrcit Ihlnx has Imippciied. I fnu't understand U! I wtiu up,- flshs a while ago to see Ital all my llilnss were packed and ready lo leave. I pultinK a pair uf "Yuu wouliln'l!" he said fervently, "l-'.vclyn, I linjio Klio'll be as liiir a wuman as you arc." Slio exc.use'1 lifisL'lf and went on upstairs to put Mviiy the necklace. Tho plan had not worked. Never mind, tliero would Im other ways! When Cclla reached (he porcli she found Ilia! Iho groui) there had ivDK glad It was a fox trot Inad nf a waltz. In particular Cclla dlil not want to hear again that melody iilraul "stars and steel Kultars." Tlmt was Iho SOUR E!IO and Jordan lied 'lanced • to the ulKhl htfoie. Tlic-y danced without talklnx. Jordan watched tho girl curiously. Slio Bcemeil Jlslnterestod. "Tlrct!?" ho Bsked. "Nut at all. Ho 1 look llreil?" "Oh, 1 Just tliouthl you might be." Cill very extllliiB conyer- | .KI-JJ s: Presently he :tried ' iJ|'o- : { iliinililsticil I.U with Jlinratft Welister and Walter L'nrr was ills- hoso I'd fnrfiolton Into my travel- hit; baK when I found this. Look—!" . Sho held up tho nazzllnn strand]were not In sight, (it pearls. "Why, Celta!" "It's tho beautiful necklace you showed me yesterday, Isn't It? lint Mlh-hcH eyeil tier uravely. "Y.iu fay you're sure you hnii '.lie ncek- •lnco ycsteiilay'i" '. "Yea," Mrs. Parsons nnddci! cm liow In tlie wnrlil did It BC-t Into my travi'llng liaj;?" Kvelyn Parsons' faco TV&S lunn- liii-'. For a moment her potso ill. mitpil li«-r. A queer iiiuttleil toiiftd "II MAS before tlie j Isspoil fi'Oin her tliioat. Then iilic i.'.i-.ers arrived. 1 was shovlnt! Ce- jrf-i-aiiturci! cuiiiiuand nt tbo sitn.i- I'n about llio gronniiji ami die' hc_'.-3 'iriil ilicu I lliouslit she curd trlc-V.s. The olliera UK moonlight wns ns Rlainoro»3 ns It l:nil li'.-cu the iilKlit before. Ctllii vtilki-d over to HID poix-li nilllnic. teatcil liirrstlf ami leaned Jn-r Ij'-ail Isii-k. Cellii's i-yp» fjpeuetl. Someone waH coming alonK the garden patli. A uitiii and ii wonmii. From tlio shnilovs ot thn jiorch Cella could llo:i. "In your .liavellnK hn.^?" slm nifilit like to tee Hie vlow from i rehoeil. "Why—hoV curliaisl" i'-a. vlndava of my ronin. It's Cella's rheeks were still while. f.tHc unusual. We weiiL ii|islnli.i. -;,i r s. Parsons, you wouldn't :..-.d while we wore there Hose. i:iv think—you uaulilii'i. tlilnk—I mean riDld, tame In with'tlie nf-nrls 11 ( jt,tn't ]nit Ihc-m tlu-re! H must T-.e'y'd Juat come luck from =. bliop ; ] ia vc Ijeen that Homeono meoiit to ivhere I sent tltem lo IIIIVR ihe!-[ n kc your necklace!" -!:. Erj repaired. 1 remembei- 1 mil : Evc , yn Wa9 ho]( , |n( , „,„ „„„,, u.iin down— , (|J |;( . r , in|ll| Xow s)lc ]l)oko ,| ,10^.,, Slio stopped and the shocked ex- IQI them. seo them clc-nily, hut ot SHJ lier. could I>i osston on her face deepened. "Xo, no!" Mrs. Parsons went on. "Of course It couldn't have, hecn—" "But Cella was with yon when yon put them away?" The- woman noilileil slowly ns though she dreaded the- admission. "I've looked everywhere," site £:; id. " Sho was .an excellent actress, •p'olyn. Parsons' expression ami • tone of voice both protested ngalnbt ^iiits hbrrlfylnE truth. "We must investlfate this tlilnR ' KI once," Mitchell said firmly. I'll call Cella—" "Oh, please! No!" Jlrs. Parsons bej?ged. "I couldn't du such a ihlng. 1 I 'mean I won't bclir-vc—" . "It's the only way to ]iut the mat- 'ler straight," tho man insisted "My daughter's name must be cleared." . He was Interrupted uy Lisl Dun• cau. She came dascliiE Into'the hallway of the living room. ! ;0h, Mr. Mitchell!" Lisi cried, ."I've teen looking for you! Cotne on—you Imva to bo my partner. ' The others : arc all making fun uf , me, and, I won't havo it." .She had caught Mitchell's arm .. and seemed deUrmlned lo ipull him "There must ho fomelhlne morn to this," she told Cclla slowly. "I —1 wonder." "Iliit why would nnyonc hide the Eearls in mtt bug?" Kvelyn Parsons had been thlnt ing rutlcfoly. "Listen, Cell^," she Kajd. " think perhaps I know wlnil hap pencd. I can't fell you nhout I now. hut I'm going to lie wntchful Yon must iivomisc me nut to s;o one word nljont thts lo a'iiyone, have my reasons—" Celiu agreed. "I won't mentio It lo n soul," she paid,'"only I mnkcs me feel dreadful!" "Xevei mind. Him along aii forget all about it." Cell.i went out to join the crow on the porch. Mrs. Parsons tunic to mount tho staira. Sho hesitate on tho llrst step, hor face though ful, . Sho -was about to contlni when sho licnrd footsteps. Joh Mitchell appeared. "Kvelyn—you'vo found them?" Sho had forgotten thut slio w: holding the pearls. "Why—why, yes." "Oh, I'm so glnil. You don know how upset I've liccn. It wn They walkr-d very -slowly, clot* 'KCtlier, the man's arm ulxnil tho (Jella shrank hack, but In that TT was not *• patlon. again. "Ci'lla, what hare I done?" "What do you mean?!'. "You know what I mean. Some- lii^'i wrong. You'io different to- UlKllt." "I didn't tnow It." "lint yon are! Uston, It I've said or ilano auythinn that offend- eil you, I'm sorry. I didn't rh«»n to do anything like thai.. Honestly, I'm terribly sorry!" It wns almost too much to feel his dark eyes iiniilorliiR.lior. Bin Cclla bent her head.' Khe hod ne'en j him with Kvo Brooks with her own ftycf. • I "I haven't any Idea what you'r4 | InlkliiK about," she told him glllily. ' "If you'vo dono something you'r* ! sorry for it's loo tiad, but 1 don't ice what I run, do about It. Sorry, : hut I-must run now ;i|id see wjiea father wants to drjve borne. 1 .' it wan a somewhat disconcerted young Mr. Jordan who watched. Ce- Flitl Addition to I Stllll 3 Klmi K ;. SUKIII Hftrk'i Addlllo'l U Dell 4 S^IIK- r. T*wn of L^cliTllle J. I,. Ui-ll> llrllt I istant she. bad them.! Ha's lilno chiffon back disappear urilan and Kve H rooks! live llrooks was a married vomit. She hud no risht lo be niitluK s sho did with any man In sight, hit Jordan—Cella winced. lie lind i-lcil to mako Cclltt believe ho nired for her. Ho had nalil It In voi'ds and in ft thousand other •ays. (.'eliti kc-pt lo her hidden recess. Sho could not bear lo let the oth- U'laiow .she. luitl .seen. Music from a distant radio slu- llo bogan to pour forth fioiu Iho room. Two couples hegnn (laiiciiiR. Celia. arose- nud started lo cuter, hut \Valtct Carr detained her. "Dunce this one with me, won't you?" ho ?aiil. They ilnnced and Cella carried her heal very proudly. She laughed nioro at Ciirr'a jokes than shn hail hcfore. Then Coiirlney Tirooks eamo from somewhero nnd askci her to ilanco with him. Ilrooks WHS an expert at tho tango. !lc showed her some ot tho steps and sue was slow at Celiu, though learning, was laughing and her checks were jlushed when nt last sho gavo up tho attempt. Tod Jordan stepped hcsldo her. "I've been waiting for you," he said. Kor a moment Celfa wtis about to frame an excuse. Then sho thought belter of it. falsed her anus and let Mm lead her Into a fos trot. liroitiih the window. Celia. met John SlHcliell .lu'-tlie ' Ivlim room. • . •- i "T was just comtug for you, Ce- ' .in," he said. "Mrs. Parsons has | peisuadcd mo a few nioro duys ! nero In Hie country will ho rootl for you. I'm driving baeic into ; (own immediately, hut you're to i stay on and slie'll hrlng you up Wednesday or Thursday. Give you a chance to swim and drlvo and ' fool around tho garden, to your licnrl's content. Uko the Idea?" . "Why—I think It's-wonderful!" "I thought you would. Wouldn't ! slay In town myscU if there was any way to avoid It, ' I'm glad Even lyu iimdo 'the suggestion." Celta was relieved. H was so much pleasantor at Mrs. Parsons' homo than in tho dreary. Gram- mercy P.irk house. She went tn tell her hostess how pleased she wns. One by one the weekend guests departed. There was not another opportunity for Jordan to talk to Ccliii alone. She avoided him purposely. There was only his formal 'Igood night" ns they shook hands, j Ktito Duncan and Mrs. Parsoua wero uearby. Cella went upstairs as soon as she could excuse herself. Sko 411- diefsed and got in. bed Immrill- eddy. She was awakened by a ta» on the door. (To Be CoftUaae<l) Shii.i- Nur.r A, (I. hurli) I 1 A. TNilrnu I 1 . A. 'IMinn.! t.'iiknu t : i:kr)r, 1. 1,1 1, c '' IJ. U. 1 Cuyn I'r.i,,..»;, M. )f,,lmti J. C. -Millix:in Cr.ktLuwn K. I,. Tlplon t : aiti.ow'n 19 4 7 I 9 20 •SuWiTiiltn of 10 x 11 y BtftEdm 3 4 7 N|.2 » 2 "q KI-2 3 in is r> yD :n U-i !l9 i 4tJ VI -2 :;i> 41 41! n "tH j"> 14 '! \ fl i20 I »„,« 1 r*iO]e I -Sirnf '1 8lrq« I Sime I Fline I Kimc w. w. ir«rei Sff NW 1" 4( W. W. H»y«'.S'K SW 10 4 Unknn.ri NW SW ' 10 4 Ur.kncwn Unknown l.'nVnown S. i:. lion* Loll 4-6-6-7. ef RKlti Addition— UiekTUl. Sime- Same Same r.«»«'j Addition— 11 Slrr.n II Sinin II r-.nia 11 Same C; Sajnf Tcvn of Mtulli 1 S3IHI 1 Stn.p 1 Sti.ic 2 S.iri.i- 'i San n 'i Sam.. * Stlrii- 4 S« in,4 Sai>,<. '. S*JJU- 1 FfcKI! •'• S.i inn ;", Si IU,I " Van., t; <l\'\v t: SIM... 7 S.irp K l : »n,r 10 Slice L. P. Nolly 1,. 1'. Xollj i.. v: x«iij W. M, Oroun'U W Al. (rrourid* (i W, iii'idowii 'j. \V.',S«»lm U.K. Slarjrniu(>*r Jr.n. W.'m J. K. Mr-NUf-lri.,- Jonrs Ar.i.ii.- .14*1 M. S.' Wls-*»n Will I'lrKrriKhl Ilill.-ity SuilU Jiii). 11. Iliiwr Ktr CUM U.K. t'o To'wns'lo LV. M. A. fiiuilli SK S\V lu 4 hW KW IU 4 ,ot« 1 4 2 SK 13 .ol 1 SK fi I/it 1 XK ^ .nil 247 XK 7 3 .01 in XI: 7 .01 1 SW 7 1.01 1 Si: 7 :i 1.0! 1 KW » s\v sw s.'i 4 SK si: .', i Sl-'l .VVV 1 . xi. fii: -j j SK xi: 4 \'K SW 4 XW MV 4 .'if. .-'W 4 -w .sw 4 W. 4.:i:i «. Til. :-:i-s x»: 9 X.U: ',1 II XIV 9 Ml A.' >=iii!ll H. nl II. 11. .1. .'!'. Arin-Iioi,: r> (Jr:il.i"ii J. il. ll.'Ma.l-r- C. I'. .Kl,i|,!..y r.'l TOI.IIMH- 1'". ' Sir.i'lh i llM»>" xw M: IQ SI -2 Sl-2 XK XK 27 M w x i: 27 XI-2 -Sl-2 ..-IK XK . 27 SW SE 27 •MONDAY, OCTOBER 0,'lO«0 ... Btffli ' " 'Sui.ii ?«»• W. W. W. \v. W. Aliifn Wocd Wood Wool " T«p. 4.0'J 34.1)8 1.41* 1.4J . 14 X. K 13 K C. (J. U. C'. C. Woo.l Jjnd * Co. ' . U >IM- H. ,-jnir If. Slrr.ti Simp .Mlirhrrion (.'otioii '!'• .-,3/13 in , . Mitrlii- C. . 0. Tw|i. >•'• N. R 8 K ^>ine .1. A. Ash»l M'. ij N. K 9 i: SBir.n .1. M. Sim* 1 (>. K. ir, .v. H in t; !•'•'"« llrii»-n i l MIISB llru.i: I l '. X. It 11 K n 1 .. IV . . \V. J.'WooJ N a in M. J*ck!0n'a Addition—L«ickTil|e Mtuttwj' Addition—: 'Same a Same ' •3 Sumo - Slcoail Addition—L Ki-2 \vi-j s 11 i Kl-O K.l-2 t Wl-a KI-2 4 Ktlon' M-'2 3 .3 . Hbnm • 3 >;>mc 4 Kline '4 First Addition—Locbtllli H. 0. Chotlo 0. A. Tlmrinir, O. 1 W.' Tnvta Alton • Clare Alton ('larf S. J. Mall)iftTr« K. J. ..M.i»hewt C. H. Garner Byrd & Chcit* Bj'rJ A Cho.ite H. J. Dayii iinti •*« 1V1 •22:", -.-a, 227 56i) If. 101 102 101 101 10', 106 107 U u I.'. Ill IB 10 17 17 17 l> 7A SA 8A SA S'A i>A RA 11 A 11A 1 1A HA .Sine £*K\f Same Saire r>. >.. smii I' 4. W. D.n.tlirrl. T. .1. I'rii-.i • Will .loni.«in Hfcrrv Hr*n[ 11 W. Con'nn 11. -W. CowJB' II W. Cowan H. \y. i:«r.«n E. P. lln,»-n ii.-nila .To*,nfiie fit Mei.lla Soil' I'o- U^^k Clii-rry C 11. fianirr'.l. t'.Xil l..,llur l'« It. W. Trri-J .1 flO. t-a . O, A,. H,r,rjr XK .SK .VW XK ^'1 si: NK ;io. MW M: -to xi: :av 30 K\\' NW 'M SK A'W :ID sw .vw no HK'SW :iu Kw SW ^0 Lol •! .\W XK 2 7 J-K NK 10 1:1--: w.xr. \vi2 sw M: 11 Htnrr. Hi nry «'. \V. II. C. WcLf. 41! «.:in 10 4T| 1.0 40 4'> 40 41) . 40 jil.71 40 . V. I'l.IIHi.s ]..«'. linn,.); A4r,iuz Ku Hal. ^0.4.1 T.JI. S.HU I'. !-. J. .I. J. J. •I. J. l-' Kfl Ilriu-r Priii-r Driv.r Orlvi-r Oi'n,-r in XV.' XW I '2 '.SW XW Ut 13 KF; xw xi; NW si: xw s\v xw XE SK l.u: 1 l.o-. .-. S'lV .X' Sirr.f Same M. A. Sniilh M. -A. 1 Smith . M. A. .Kmiili To«r.stte Co. Tu^iisile <.'o. TowiiFllo- Co.' A. .11. Hell .1. iintkili . 4. C. 'B. 170 C. D. A!hikr»nr.«r MatUl— MinUl' H. U»vi« V: Cow»o A: 'Umilh A. Smiili Towcsite CQ. A A 'B B Si!uo Same V'une ftmt \Vl-5 :l 718 Kcl;ou's SubdtTlilaa of Lot , E .K.-U.1C d Addition— L II Sime H .Sine H Kline . I I ' 1-. P. lltki-r . Ho'nilrickt Het-1 i- lliift • Hrml i 1 Huff Un!au*n H. l (ljr«r -Mayr.ErJ A. A. Hiiruril A. A. Marnird Twin Krnn^Jy II. Cuf.r.inghaut . . Block A— LeichTllt« i.Sune • S, J,isi|.h P>rk Addltltn— LtictrUIt H tame J. T. Ro4eri;k 11 :S.:.i<- K. U. Hjr,Jfr« Std'.l.'j AdiUIIom— L«tcLTl> \vill be pnbttcly opened at the of-' plinncL 1 with tlie tetnis of a de-! lice of Drainnse District No. 17,,crec i-Biidercil by the Cliancery' Bnlldlnn. Bls'tlievllle. <\r-j Court. lor the clilckasawba Dls-i kansas. • trlct of Mississippi County, Arkan- Apinoxlmatcly esliinalcd quanti-lras. on the '22nd day ol September, fllRTH OF "WESTIXGIIOUSF. .On October 0, 1846, George \Vest- lushouse, American inventor and engineer, famous for his invention of the air broke, wns born at Central Brid£.?, N. Y. Ills lather was "a. large manufacturer ot agricultural machinery and, brought up in this environment, George showed inventive and mechanical genius at an early age. In tfca Civil War. young Wesllnsr- house joined tlie Union army. La let- he became assistant engineer in the United States navy. On his return to Schenectady, where he went to receive Ills elementary education young Westln?house entered Union College and attended to' the end of his sophomore year. .. At il} le a « ° r 22 he introduced the Westinghousc air brake in universal use. He subvqneinlv centered his attention on railroad improvements and made inventions in railway signals, steam and B as engines, steam turbitiss and electri- fnl macJiinery. He was the jiion- P-T in introducing into America alternating-current machinery, which ic-ndercd pos.^lbU Uic great development of ^t er power for long,lls- lance electrical transmission. CAT IS WARV~A~NTMAI, GENEVA, o. (UP) _ Geneva boasts a six-toed cat. veteran of two automobile accidents, who even keeps a wary eye on things while h« sleeps.-His mistress calls him Richard but he's "Pop Eye" to the neighbors. He has six to;s on each of his four feet. SUitlctans credit him with only seven lives now. He's be*n rail over twice in convincing fashion. The habit of sleeping with one eye open, neighbors stats, was acquired following Richard's second tin .with an. automobile. ies arc as. follows: murovemcut No. 20 "3.012 cu. yds. Improvement No. 'XI 22.MO " Tanl ..' 98,572 " " Plans auti siwciflcatir-ns covering '.he wovk are on file at t'.ie D:s-1 Iront Ticl*ii olliee. A cci'tlfled check for ten per- :?nt of tlie amount bkl must ae- 1930. wherein St. Lonk Union Trust, Ccmnany wns Plaintiff, and Robert S. Harris, ct :il.. were D^fonriants, '.vil! sell nt public auction to the and bc^ 1 . bltlder. for cash,] scribed ns follows: Beginning at the Northeast- corner of Lot 3. said block and addition, and running thence East 45 feet: thcnco South 145 feet; thence West 45 feet; thence North along the East line ot said Lot 8. 145 feel lo the point of beginning. THE purchaser at said sale will on n credit of three nmntlu, :U lliejhe required to execute bond with' approved security, to secure tho payment, of the purchase money, nnd « lien will be retained upon each bid submitted. The •Ight Is reserved to reject nny and ill bids. For further information see or dtiress J. W. Meyer. Engineer. 201 ,ynch Building. Blytlicvillc. Ak. CLIFTON H. SCOTT. Receiver, Drainage District Number Seventeen, of Mississippi .County, Arkansas. 10-4-0-7 nf iho Court House, he.tween the houvs prescribed by law. in the CiK «[ Blytlicvillc. Ar- knmas. on tl-.i- 'J3th day of October. ! said property as additional secur- COMMISSIONEK'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given tint l!ie .ndcisigned commlwioner. in com- •iliancc with the tenni ot a de- es rendered by ihe Chancery ovirt for the Chick3sa\vb.i nistriel f Mississippi County, Ark;im;is. on ic 22nd day of September, 1930. heir-in Union Savings Building .^ .ron Association wns Plaintiff, and „ E. Ilamner. et al. were Uofend- nts. will sell at public auction loi ' NORTH TONAWANDA, N. y. ,<trP)-V-Maynr Robert Pullen of this city, is » deep waler diver. He domed helmet and diving suit and it; Mow Erie surface of Niagara r to Inspect the intake pipe o: the dty water system. NOTICE (TO CONTRACTORS Staled bkte for the recapping i PltUen rallec of levee, from B! Lake North to State Line and along State UM But .Three milts, will be rvnfod antll 10:00 A. M. October Kh, IMO; »t whkh tim« Ui« bids 1930. (\:K (ollnwiiij; estate, loBll: All of Section 29; the Northwest Quarter of Sfil ; .i>n 32: Hie East Knit ol the East Hall jf the Quarter of S;r- tion 32; the East Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 32. lying Weal of Bivycii. all in Towivslilp 15 NouX in East, In Mississippi County. Arkansas. THE purchaser at said sale will bo required lo execute bond with approved security, t u secure the payment of the pun-have- money. and o lien will be retained upon ity lor the payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand ami the scat of said Court, on this. Uie Cih d;iy of Oclober, 1030. W. W. HOLLIPETER. Commissioner In Chancery. Reid. Evrard A: Henderson, Attorneys for PlainliiT. C-13 COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE Is hereby given Hint undersigned commissioner. In compliance with tho tenns of a decree rendered by the Chanc(r> Court, for (he Clilcka.'awba. District snid propei ty ns .-ulililioncU s. cur- of Mississippi County. Arkansas, mi chnsc '» on c>'- WITNESS '»>• Ulioreln Peoples Building A> Loan "«'»' ="«l »><• seal ' Aviation w« Plaintilt. nnd Cour ,. Q|1 „,..._ of October. 10M W. W. IlOLLlPETF.n. uilonor hi Clin!ne>ty. of talcl Court: on (hi::, il-.r- (ii| 1: Brwin Walker, ct a!., were Dctend- dny of October. 10M | ant-:, will sell al public auclioi lo the highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three months | Reid, Evrard »t Ilender.ion. at the front door of the Cour I Attorneys for PI.iiir.iir. | House, between (he hours pre- j scribal by law. in the City of Bly ! thevillo. Arkansas, on the 2!lth da, of Oclober. 1930. (lie. following rea' .estate, to-wit: Lots li and 7. in Block 3. of the Davis Third Addition to the City of Blyilievllle, Ark-iusas. and also a lot. on the East side of Lot, 7 aforesaid, describe ns follows: Beginning at the Northeast corner of said Lot 7 and run East 4.5 feel: thence South 145 feel: thence. West 45 feet: thence North 145 feel to the no*"' of beginning THE purchaser at faid sale ml! ----„,- -- be required lo execute bond \v!iti fo r the payment of such purcliawof three montlis. al the front < approved security, to secure t- L . mone J'- | dcor of the Court House, betucr.i payment of the purchase money ihe scnlitho hours prescribed by :.\-,v. in. and a lien \\ill bo retoincd upon the Gth'the City of Blytlieville, Arkansas.! said property ns additional security en the 29th day of October. 1MO. for the payment of such purchase W. W^ HOLIiU'ETER, the following real estate, to-wit: j money. Commissioner i;: Chancery. AH of Lot Eight (8>. and the ' WITNESS my liand nnd the seal Reid, Evrard A- Henrlct>c:i ! East 40 feet of Lot 9, in Block • of said Court, on this, the Gth : 3, of tho Davis Third Addition ' day G-13i lo Uie City of Blvlheville. Ar- | kansas, and a strip ot land icuse. cotucen the hours prescribed I >•/ law. in the City of Blyihevlllc>.' ii-k-cnyis, en the 29th day of Oc-i ober. 1930, the fo'.louing real' ;:,tate. lo-wit: | lots 4 and 5. ar.d the Ncrth 22 feet of Lol 6. in Block "L", of the Barren & Lilly Addition to the City cf Blythcvillc. Arkansas. THE purchaser at wid sale will COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby giien that tli | undersigned commissioner. In con-.-1 I plinncc with Ihe. terms of a do- ( i cree rendered by the cti.iuroiy i Court for the Chlckasawb.i District lot Mississippi County. on I t>ie 22nd day of Srplrmbrr. 1930,1 wherein Travelers Building \- Loan j bond with| Association was Plaintiff, and! secure Ihe; Browne & Billings. Inc.. et a|..i payment ol the purchase money.' were Defendants, will sell at: and a lien will be retried upon! publjc auction to the .null snid properly as additional security! best bidder, for cash, on a credit be required to execute '.ccnrity. to 29 30 m 32 All 17 WITNESS my hnnd and of said Court, on this, day of Oclober. 1030 Attorneys for Plainlid. COMMISSIONER'S ,«,\I.E j NOTICE Is hereby given that the' imderslgnKl commissioner. IP com-! of October, 1930. W. W. HOLL1PETE1! Commissioner In Ch.iucMy carved out of Ih; SE 1 ; of the I field. Evrarrt •V Henderson. SW'.i ol Section 10. To\vnshio ' Atlomeys lor Plaintiff. 15 North, Range 11 East, de- , C-13 o 10 11 >'2 13 It 15 16 in I* 11 20 21 A A A A A A A A A A B B B I) It B ,1 <J C C t; c u c o o D : 11 II 1) n D u D K E K i: K E K B K B r. r. Y. r, F. F. K F. K R F. E F. K F n n a n n o n n o n H H n H H H II H I! H H H II H H II II 1! H H H II H II II 1 I I. J I 1 S«int tain? Unknown T'nkiiown " K»me .bine S«we ,S.-ime II. A. Ajtihr.nn«r 1 K.' S. •Hiidion' R. B. Htd.on JOB Allifon J.; 0. H. L'onraJ E. M. C^pP»K*. K. ii" '(.'oppw Iloli .Vfich Boll .Vti't KlDlU . , -Inc.-. Hkincfr U 0 O X H. ' It. II.' 'JO 27.U 4. ofl 39.r,.-, ^0 4(1 VI 4U 40 . IV 9.P9 Vo* 40 V> U X. U It K ciie . M. S. Drii- H. Drlvi K. Um Sane NK SW SK .-iw fi. ol V.. .R. iW SW i:. uf K. .K. VK ."B KK ST. •iK .Sr; l.«l 1 NM Krl. Si-a SW Ul 4 Ml-2 XW T-ol 7 .Vl-5 .SW HK XW • Lol 10 S. of 11. SI XE KE'' xw KI: K. ot H. S\V SE' .VW SW 40 40 40 TV.-H. U s. Harrtl- T»[>. 16 S. . 8arne 16 X. Saniii HaJl.f- ' ."arne 'IVrry R. M. Tirrj K. M. Trrri- E. II. 'IVrrj- ;...* c. ciiniii.ii It. I.. l 13 -K 0*-or---- HucLi-'-r RSI: \\ . I 1 .. You'. : K SI K Jne Kllliaii IU i: W. M. Huri-t \\ . M. lli.rf.* W. M. K»in- W. M. HnrM 40 4U Tr.-p. .17.. 16 X ie W. M. Be x. HUE IA Tom (jl ia • '1'orti [}] It 12 K ' >iu(Tir.Kn HiiBman llrnr. llrns. 19.18 40 up. Harn« S&me ^true 14 N. 8:^10 Uroi) D Brown 8 22 nn.98 T.-p. IS X. 76.C8 S«rn<| *U • >+™« ^9.'ja *->uit 1.03 40 t Bill.i: I'rcd I'a^iu R 9 i; H. H. .Slinui II 11 K ], w . Cun-' I,. W. U^ai^-l I.. W. Ciucfl I.. W. Ccir.fll Brown i All'pcrsor.i wLo can wt Bp uny ritttit lo Itc Ian luttt'nul and lolj. in (OLBCqiitnrn of tC]r iLfor: S»in ? Oarpnre Hlctuidi^on l.&ur^ ^u«l S. V. IUjiil»!» Mri. R. 'A/'JOMS W. M. \V. >l. W. 11. W. :M. •Torn I IV. li; !tho4r» Rhodw Hlioi«« . Rhodfi Un'kr.own Hirn. S.ii. Pi'.K ^.;S; Srod ••A'. M. 'Scoll A. fi. Bcbtl Unknown Kktni> .! W. Ilillkril S»m> J.'.W. lllll^rJ Xltilt A. A. M.ii.ird Simr Tbnma« Cop«kni] Fime Thom*p Cop*l Fkme BrllA Hn|c Same Ufllt K-J;L i-imt A. A. il.juMd Samp UnkcowB Kinie Unknown R«mc Rim> S»ine Him. K«II>« Smnr , K. H. Astjfcranctr Addlllon— Hinil*. . . ??;ac' .Inn'. Skinner- y.- Krj" Juo. 'SVir.a-r . *. »late UtF«d,lli Mrl't.l.lln K 5 t«l> J. 1'. CbanJIfr .1. )'. Ck.n.lljr .1. 1'. n..n.l>r J. P. CL.nJI.r .1. M. Hnnlsp J. 1! Diinllp Unknown CnVaown t'nVnown I n. \v. H»krr 0. W. Hllifr (1. W. n»4,r ll»V,r ' V ^»r Bl-2 12 ID - ' JI. ' a 6 Sl-2 2 » S « 4 Sl-2 4 9 10 17 31 41 41 44 4r. no 90 94 9; to 180 131 189 190 2TJ lOi 12* . . A.- c:; Siffl* . J 00, '"•"'-'i—M«U» '. GnX-aawn -•Unknown •Aptc SJTCf • CnKnowji • Unl-nown . .. 'Unknown -' Unkm&wB Mr«. [.. 1,. Von (I. M. Dn.lor. (i. 'il. DJnto'n D. A. Smllti'l AddlUol—ManlU . Same Jobn ' I.aiot .lull*' rj«v!a ,1. J. \VilUj» sit^' Co D. U 1 Smilb Same Hanili Towr.nile Co ia^e II. A. Smith 1>. A. Eraitli D. A. Srnltfc 1>. A. Smilb J. K. ilrMaM I< H« T. I,. MileX.l! T. I,. Kant D. II. Same Saraa Same b'ame 11A IU.-HO Rama Bama Sac< Kane Kiae H«ir.» Rai H. H. Cook H. H. Oooa Manila Flay. Co Manila Rlav« C« KdiTtMa-l Nel»i A. 11. Bel Mar.lla Towr.llla C 1.. F. kirn. L. r. Nollr W. \V. llo^tri K*me \V. \V. K02fri S*LIO Unknowl. Kim" Unknown » R-iini J. S. IVllj John * Siraf .1. S. I'cUf Jokn Kun.f J. S. Hrllr J«hn S«me W. W. Cox . __„,, , »»mi I.onnle l'»rilh W1U««d B*m0 Lonala '. Pftrilh 7 3*2it Loncic t'Atilti K«int \V. \\: fat 9 R»me W W. . Coi * * 9 Rimi> J. \V. l.»I«tfi All Snmn .1. W.«Tfr Hunt 0. Khor*ood •"> S.inir O. Sh#rwood C Rirrio Itj-rtlp Sliprwood 1 S.iu\o Myrll* Hh«r»fttil ' Same Mm. 8.D.R»)tsdil« Pude Mn. S.n.rUtjdelc rij. o' Btt- Rftmr A. A. Mtyntrd l^Jt 2 NW Siren A. A. MirnirJ N^il.ot 3 M' 8>nir U>!ll« .\Vnlkrr I S.TUO MMU. Wilkcr H. ot II. Stroe >IHII« \ViU t! SW SW Fjm« Millie WMn N E XE Sun? i^lillla NVilkir NW ST. T. F.. Knoll RF, SE Addlltan—KuUla 9 K«ni» J. W. Suphww 9 S>ma .1. W. Klpnhfn 9 S»si» J. W. StrphfiM 9 Siiat J. W. Btephen 9 R»mo .1. ff. St*|iV.en 9 H*me J^ W. fiifphpn 9 Sisie .1. W. Htfijli«B 9 S»n» J. W. Bltpnfn » KUnn J. W. Hl([>h«n 9 ftnss .1. W. Slrphi-n 9 K»a* -I. W. 8l«ph»c* 0 Runt, .1. W. .T ' 9 Semi- J. W. R 9 "S*—i* J W S 10 y«i:jo .1. W. fl!*pheu 10 Simt .1. W. 10 S«m» -I. W. 10 i^ne .'. W. Slepheo 111 S»m« .1. W. Strplirr 10 fiima .1. W. Stfplif 10 Sam* .1. W. Stephen OUTtlla'l AddltUn—M»U* 2 Simft Kattie ^lir Orira 2 F4m* iUllle illf Hfii 2 Pime W. K. Cm. n Sine J. W. I>»T 4C S^me Aihioraa Town of T»t»ro 2 Sitn* M. A. Port 2 Sirer BiMrh Bro 3 Pimp C. rluffnin K BLTTHEVtLLE DI6TEICT . .T+f. 14 N. l{ B F, Bfr. Acrei 111 39.61 Sine P. W. I.allfrl J IS 14.05 game r. W. Lullrr! T.p 14 X. R 9 F. Same Sine Purge Same !Unje Same Sane . W. L»l«v«l J. W.«T«r W. W. Cos W. .1. WoeJ W. J. \Yooil W. .1. WooJ \V. 3. WMdlNE NE .1. W. Meiiler J. Vf. Metdot'^r. KW SW XE SF. NW of U 11 M 23 23 23 23 25 27 53 10 s.os 40 40 40 40 40 40 Sime Binifl rUme . . Skonyo Shoc;o F«tr Fifr Fttr F»rt F»rr ]ai,d( lo U.e furfeilnn 1 . are After on Ibe SlM< b.-rcl,; y Cecr ttie p I r'tbi i-illi Ihe .f ArVass»s b) rilicu wirnt-ij Co «|,p*i3r in , CLicknEkwba Dlilrin. blir'&tiim of [hi^ nuli-'t lti:tl. »ml ly. t>i« ' »l:Jf. br, *by Ihe ml* uli] AOI be cAr.finnrd ind il-e tlllf-*ftj laid Ui- ibeM . lar.d^ ir.d etk-o *nj ?verr IFAd. Ifii-rtof, iuld not be qujeted in Ihr. r-Iit< ot AriienFl.'. ^ Given ui:dtrr xj . l.tLd offlrie.1 real *v l]-rV 1D4I 341«cifFinpl V^aiirery.- Court ':un llJifi -:i *^^>' Jnlv, 1MO. •-,'.•-• ' ' • > • : 'W. W. ' - (.'Ink of HusUiijil ,-Want to Buy' -Want to Sell -Want Work --Want Help -Lost Somethiijg -•Found Something No matter what you want you will gel quick action by using Courier News WANT ADS 27.03 Twp. 14 u n. i K i: c w. -c.

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