The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1944
Page 8
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i'AGE EIGHT LSD President Appears Victor - University Officials .' Refuse.To Reinstate Co-Ed In 'Kiss War' BATON R<?UGE. La., Dec, 20 ,(W)—Approximately 200 Louisiana Slate. University students became extremely angry over a Hot turndown by university officials of the students" . demands that Gloria Jeanne Heller, who was forced lo resign frbhv the university last week, be.reinstated.. They stormed the . mansion of Governor James Davis'In. Baton Rouge, but were turned back by State Police, . The students, engaged In the mw internationally famous War of Kisses, flared up .'ahe\v last night .ivhen more.;than' 1,000 of them screamed ' "Nol No!';,'In answer to proposals of„ Dr. W. B. Hatcher, university president, .' who. earlier had appeared-victor In a' threatened student revolt.,' .••" • Lloyd .Wheat, .president .of the student council, read to the throng the results of. the council's meeting with 'Hatcher- yesterday • afternoon and ' .immediately'.{touched off a demonstration.; •• The: students were dead set against accepting the president's "terms. '.That meeting had rendered' goodnight kissing' among students' .'.and .their coed dates strictly taboo., -v ' ' The president's.meeting with the council.'found~blm standing firm on the ban against, nocturnal kissing activities. .• -He" refused point blank . to • reinstate 'pretty 18-year old Miss Heller; sophomore student from Havana, Cuba, who was forced to leave the university for her part in a crusade ,ln behalf of the kissers. Hatcher yielded on minor point.. : .-,-..-.-, i •':«.'.' • .'., However, a more.sane element of the 'student leaders finally calmed, down the boisterous students, .They won the approval pf'the'lrjajorHy to; calmly disband -' and deliberate- fit" length on what action: to"take". Bad publicity to themselves arid the uril-.' verslly, they argued,' prompted the decision to wait until an orderly meeting could be held. It was then that a group of the more stubborn banded together tf\& advanced on Governor Davis' home However, the State Police biokc up the demonstration aflei half an hour and the students left without seeing the governor It nas believed Oils last outburst by students *ould ulnd up the con- tnners> A minor crisis developed vester- aaj afternoon just before the meet- in" of the student council with Hitcher, »hen the university president over-ruled the student council ire told reporters covering the story that they would not be admitted to the meeting Hatcher did receive representatives of the pi ess following the meeting and said "111 give you the whole storv '• Since (he Chrljtmas holhlajs begin at the unrversltj Frldaj aftei- noon It was belleied that the students uouM simmer among themselves for tiie next three davs and forget the ontbe matter hy the time BLYTHEVILLH COURIEK NEWS Why Super-Fortresses Moy Withdraw From China , China boitd Supcr-Forli mull fly fo Japan over volt itrctchei of Jop-htld territory •whethor »% 1 Super-Fortresses operating from (Heir new Salpan base poses (he- questions of alrvl Bi JL VZ ?T r mlhtarily ,Profl'ablo to continue basin E .these air giants in China. Map fhTSnS wSnl l « r ° ? * 0n? »™ hy .. the 5a ' Pan base JS l» 1B « rabl «- Twentieth Air Force flyer* say the Marshall Islands base is vvU un "easy range" ol key targets, whereas the Chinese bases are so far from Japan that the B-29s cannot carry a maximum bomb load. Retail Beer Men Warned Against Law Violations LITTLE ROCIC, Dec. 20 (Special) —The ncccssitj far operating rc- suectnblc, law, abiding places has teen outlined to approximately one-fourth of the slate's retail beer <'ealeis i» 'eceni meetings held by Hugh Whaiton, director of the the> letiun to tinges after (he first of the jcai Dr. Hatcher said that he did not Hold the student council or other student groups entirely responsible for the fin01 c which hart been raised on the campus. "We have some foices at nork here on the campus yho \veie behind .this mMcr from he start anrt who kept arousing the student'; and egging them on." •He declined to name the students to .whom lie was referrim* Arkansas Committee of the .United Slates Brewers Foundation. Meetings of retail dealers have been held in El Dorado, McGchcc, Hot Springs, Forrest city, Pine Bluff ami Fort Smith, each attended by dealers from several counties. At each meeting, Mr. wharton cx- plnlncri thai a license to sell beer is not a vested right, but a privilege granted by the people, and one that must be preserved by maintaining proper conditions. In Places where beer Is sold. The Arkansas committee, which Mr. Wharton heads, administers the brewing industry's Self-Regulation program In this state through the medium of education and correction. The meetings of retail dealers, which are a phase of the Foundation's educational program • arc held throughout the state for the purpose of discussing various problems and educating the dealers in the importance of 'proper methods of< operation. > Read Courier News Want Ads. Hold Everything Select His Gift At Mead's BRIGADE COAT'l: Tliis will lake his eye and please his fancy! A Hart Schaffncr & Marx Brigade Coat . . , an impressive coat with an outer .shell of wind rcxislant and water rc- pcllonl Hynl Clolti with a button-in detachable all-wool lining in a camel's hair color. Priced at SWEATER MAN Below: For limiting, hiking, skating, or loafing by the fire . . . here is a sportsman's sweater! A handsome s'ki design beautifully madu from all wool worsted yarns. In colorful jockey red with navy and white; or navy with jockey red and white. Modestly priced $35.00 $10.00 ^ MEM'S * •***•* f ^ * 321 MAIN STRUT WE OWE US Tlicrc is a five-year-old epigram Hint runs like this: "Who cures aljoiit the national dcl)t? We only owe It to ourselves." It, implies that we will he very easy with ourselves collection day, but a lot. depends whether we can .afford to be lenient money to collect the interest on It unless we work hard and pay our taxes. The debts we owe ourselves are genuine debts, and bigger than most of us realize. 1 know some people who owe themselves new cars, or new tires for their old cars. Since they can't buy these items, they are spending their money for other tilings enjoy now. Have you heard about the errand boy who 'needed shoes but had no stamp, so he spent $0 for thcnlre tickets? Tinkling Cymbals Easy money that j-nttle.s in our Dockets because there Is nothing to any, Is nol prosperHy. Actually It is MBIIS money. We must never forget thnl prosperity Is born of work " higher Income can't help me live -tier, my improved income is phoney. America Is Weeding in war and suffering in want this very 'lay. Our needs are no loss real because certain items are off the larkct. Muttons! Income figures for the United State illustrate the point perfectly. On paper, national income was 135 billion dollars in 1D43 breaking all records, but, most ot -He money our people receive was singe money." it wouldn't spend Actually we Americans received 20 in ?« d n lars 1CSS tilkel '°™ n'oney in ij*j [jjan \yg f/jjj ju ]{j;;g call it 150 million dollars a day less 'Add Hue OS to each of the figures In iininn >Vl " 8 L!ll]l0 ' raillt »>6 them millions: (Figures billions, i 929 , 943 s , Nntlonal Income . $81 $135 Government Deficit none 5G Federal Taxes 3 21 LOOKING AfflAP We owe ourselves a lot of and we never .will be able things to WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 19.14 tionnl Income it in by no means large. The debt must be paid in money that represents constructive work, doing and making useful things for belter Jiving. A Homely Story ' On the morning of November 12, 1018, so the story goes, a dusky soldier In a u. S, labor battalion overslept two or three bugle calls and was waked at last by his sergeant gruffly ordering him to rise. "Y'all kan't boss me roun' no mo," he said, halt asleep. "Dls wall am ovah. I Jes sign up rer de duration." "How right you Is, boy!" the sergeant replied. "Dc wan am ovali slio 'nuff, but de duration ... It have jest begin." Official accounts of military gains, one a/ter another, can't help but built up hopes for years to come. The foregoing anecdote is offered to suggest this: When the fighting stops, it will not be a signal for everybody lo commence sleeping laic and trying to subsist on Income from war-time earnings. Unless we arc ready to tighten our bells and do our part to meet our national obligation, the duration will have Just begun. ,„. $18 $58 $20 The average is» wage is more •""•'•-• per hour; the average salary mn nrt u. •'" lmy Pilous boom. riBures lh C |' n <lebt -» is l"»i» forn IMPI i r l wncl '' l1 ' 0 dcb( - * subtracted fro,,, what ivc call our na- Treason at Home COLUMBUS, O. (UP)— Michael Kelly, a junior police candidate, reported to city police that his billfold, containing three streetcar tickets and his credentials, was Children Suffer Injuries When 'Dud' Explodes POET SMITH, Ark., Dec. 20. (UP) —Pour children, ranging In age from eight to twelve, are In a critical condition at a Camp Chaffce hospital as result of Injuries received late Saturday In an explosion of a "dud" rifle grenade. The children, all residents of Charleston, Ark., are receiving treatment at the Camp Chaflee station hospital. The injured children arc Thomas Edward Hilliard, aged 12, and his 10-year-old brother, Raymond, and Wilma Sue Woods, 12, and her 10- year-old sister, Patsy Ruth. The Cam)) Chaftee public relations of- fice'' says the condition of Wilma Sue .Woods Ls Improved. ' -According to Mrs. Gusta Woods, mother of the two girls, the four children found several grenades while looking for Christmas trees on the Camp CliafTee reservation. They brought the "duds" home and were playing with them in the backyard of the Woods home when the explosion occurred. picked from his trouscr pocket as lie attended a meeling of the Junior Police Assn. rofessional Accuracy In time of illness, there's nothing quite so comforting as to know that the very best of aid is at your beck and call. Our Pharmacists are schooled .in knowledge, trained in experience, and bound by honor to compound your prescription, with the utmost professional a.ccuracyl Dependable Pj^J.ctit>tion Service I KIRBY BROS. DRUG STORES Main Ss Second—Slain & Division—Main & Broadway <#qencif SDroq Stove Brothers Corporation announces the. appointment of Blythevilie Motor Company as For Blythevilie The Dodge Brothers Corporation is pleased lo announce the annointmenl of lilythcville Motor Co. to handle SALES AND SERVICE OF: Dodge Automobiles Plymouth Automobiles Dodge Job Rated Trucks Owners of Dodge cars and trucks and Plymouth cars will find firsl class servicing and repair facilities available at this new Dodge and Plymouth headquarters. A large stock of genuine Dodge and Plymouth parts has been received. Experienced mechanics are on hand to provide you with the right kind of service. This new business is owned by Tom A. Lilfle Sr., Tom A. Little Jr., and Frances Little. Tom A. Little Sr. will be in charge until Tom A. Little Jr. returns from the Army. Frances Little is in charge of the office. Earl Stone is in charge of the service department. Tom I,ittle'.s many years of experience in the atilo business, together with Earl Stone in charge of service, promises Ulylheville another first class auto dealer. We have all new equipment—the best money can buy. Our parts slocks have been received and for once yon can get genuine factory parts for Wl.'.'r ' * your Dodge and Plymouth cars and trucks. ,w.--- We also have cbmplclc slocks of Goodrich Silvcrfown Tires—Automobile Tires . . . Truck Tires . . . Tractor Tires! KOUK NEW DODGE TRUCKS HAVE JUST HBEN RECEIVED. You are invited to drop in and get acquainted with our new businoss- wc will lie glad to see you. BLYTHEVILIE MOTOR (0. H21 W. Ash Phone 422 Returns From Service In Panama Canal Zone Pfc. Hnrvey Cliapman arrived in Blythevilie today to spend his fur- ougli with Mrs. Chapman and tlielr son, Harvey Lynn, nftcr foreign service ot two and a half years. Private Oinpiuan arrived in New York last week from Panama where lie lias been stationed. Onu/lwr If yon want to our more War Bonds SFXL US THE FURNITURE VOD ARE NOT USING, for c»»bl Also liberal trade-In allowance for old furniture on new. Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. v. E. Main Phone MOF CONCRETE OTORM SEWEi ALL 8IZK8 Che*»er Than Bridge Linker Osceolo Tile & Culvert Co. n»M Ml • O»««U, Ark. CHICKASAW Wect Mala Near Zlit Bt 8»t «Urto 12:45; San, ituii 1:14 Night thorn 5:45 Eiwpt Monday, open* f:U Ccnltonoiu ihow* gat. »ud San. Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature 'BLUES IN THE NIGHT" with \ 1'riscilla Lane & Kichurii\Whorf and \ '""LET'S HAVE FUN" with V .Bert Gordon, "The Mad Russian 1 ? and Margaret Lindsey R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY mGHTB Box Office Opens 7:15—Show Starts at 7:30. BATBBDAXS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show Start* 1:15 Last Time Today "LEOPARD MAN" with Dennis O'Keefe, Margo RKO NEWS A\D COMEDY Thursday and Friday 'MY FAVORITE BLONtl with Bob Hope autJ Madeleine Carroll Paramount -News irid 'Comedy Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Wednesday & Thursday 'Higher and Higher' with Miclicle Morgan ,?• r rallk aj na ( If civs of llic Day Short New Theater Manila's finest I What have you done today fna' some mother's son should die fo you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waiting We are issuing agents. Wednesday & Thursday "CANTERVILLE GHOST' Chas. I/tiigliton and Margaret O'Brien Fox News, and Short

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