Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 1, 1910 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1910
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E *-^f» y-~ "1^*' "W'"'^fc U| vR TELE SI' •MiMHUti Seventy-fifth Yeftr. (Established Jan, 14,1836.) FJfilt THREE YEAfiS TODAY ALTON, ILL, THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 1, 1910. 10c PER WEEK. HEAT WAS OPPRESSIVE. In This 'Cityc-Od'You Relnem- ber Anything About It? Folks Discarded i Coats and Ignored Fires, * -.lack Frost was .busy making Ice all dty December 1, 1910 and Boreas W.IH helping him make mortals un- (oinfortabie as much as possible. Trains fvonv the north came Into the city with tops covered, with snow and Know flakes were flying through the atmosphere here all day too, threatening to light and fltty awhile. It was much different in Alton forty three years ago today. It IB of record that the heat was almost oppressive on that day and folks discarded coats and .wraps end the coal and fuel market slumped appreciably. Perhaps If you Were bere you will remember the conditions, but whether you do or not It is of record that such weather /was a visitor. « John McKcdn, • secretary of tlio Sentinel-Democrat Panting 'company ccmi'o to Alton 4,3 years ago chaperoned by the stork 'and.. the bird was almost completely j WEATHER FORECAST. Oationifly fair tonight nnii w\-\ 5<lity except threatening north t»or-| ttloii tonight,. Continued eolll. A f Rffi PASSENGER by tho heat of the day andjtHe ;e3iertion of carrying the new comer 40 live McKeon home. He says^he-doesn't remember much, ^boutyjcbnllltlons that day although h'i was here, but LEMONS RIPENING IN_HOTEL LOBBY. !«V llHni Hotel Now liaises Home- Grown Lemons, llcsiacs Chickens in the Coop untl on the Canvas. The ; IIlinl hotel will soon acquire the' siune place in the hearts of Al- tonlans as our city Itself holds In the estimation of the St. Louis newspapers, wben tho subject of nature Taking is under discussion. The latest thing that comes to tho notice of frequenters of tho lohby of the liotel Is the little tree of halfrlpe lemons, numbering about fifteen. Manager A. P. Rat/- put the tree In the hotel with the express Intention cutting down the lemon bill of the hotel, thus showing that he Is not only a liberal host, but also an economical manager. There Is a sign on tlie lemon bush, entreating one not to touch the half ripe frutt. Tlie luscious (?) fruit is almost full grown now, but it will require several days to ripen it thoroughly, 'i'lia fruit is big, surprisingly large for a we northerners are used to it. It looks almost like a small grapefruit. Mr. RaU 'has been raising bis own chickens In tfoe rear of the hostelery, and probably (though ICE FLOATS IN RIVER. Mrs, Delnuth Believes Alton's Poor Best Cared For in Stated-Most All Supplied With Coal, Last night 4nd this morning were HAS SOME PROTECTION , ...,AS ONE WHO PAYS, Street 'Par 'Company Just an HCSIHJII. Hible for. I'oliccmnn on Car as Anyone Kluc. A jury in 'the Circuit Court found a verdict last night awarding $1,990 damage* to Charles Ludwig, a Venice policeman, whose left hand was crushed ofr under the wheels of n cold enough .to cause Alton to shiver' Btreet cnr .,„ -Venice last January, and the big ear muffs, fur and Uu , W | g teU in-attempting to alight big collar 'overcoats wero brought from a caT ..^t |,o claimed the car out for use. Tho thermometer reg-J was Bt nrtcd just as he stepped ofl istcrcd 14 above zero, eighteen ! nnd tbat ho s ij ppe( j ,,„<,,,,. tho wUcl8 points below freezing and It was an(I lost h | 8 ; h and. The company's Ill (II. UUJ !*•».»* W 11 •>*• i"V- I' MU UV>l\s<llflll. ... . 1,18 mother often told-him about the lbis is not Absolutely authentic,) the I uext move Of the hotel management phenomenal December day and so . , did his father. He is kicking, be-1 ln their ™ m ^sn cause the stork- has apparently ; neglected Ms interests in'thus ^bringing him here on.a warm uay and not doing anything now apparently to keep the climate comfortable.. i cut dowii the budget will bo to install a minature Juxeph Fooro Dead After-Long Illness. • Joseph Feo'ro, aged 20 years died !il his home at 1230 east Third atreat lust night. The vpung nian,had been ill with rheumatism foKii long time but had kept at his duties at the glass works. Two sisters Misses Beatrice and Mary survive the ycung man< PecenRedJs,.0^;son..o£jtbe late Patrick Koore ^Hyi'iwtlrjiJJBlaiiey '"wasTTjillfeS ly a .Riirlin'glon train bteUveen; Alton aud-'.-WefiV-.^tO.^^^.^'''^.^^''.^^''. On n foggy.,: nibt'iUns. £atrlok Feore with-'a cro.W,Started across to., West Chicago stock-yards on the roof and' fatten their own beef. Then to cap the wl.'ole, Prof. Harney will be busy in his studio in the hotel painting ' such realistic nature deilnatlons that tho sparrows will .fly through the expected there would bo a call for- aid by many of the unfortunate poor of the city. Mvs. Damuth, furnished one little boy with a pah- of shoes furnished a atn/.H amount of bedding and made it a, point to see that no ' ono suffered. Most all of these peo- i pie l.iavo been supi)lied witli coal, many have been given clothing and shoes earlier in the season and Mrs. Demutb' believes they are prepared for n good hard cold spell. The first floating ice In the river appear-: ed this morning and those persons having crafts in tfce river are arranging, to withdraw at once. The ice is light of course, but still it was Ice and good cold ice which slows that the weather is freezing and* Hint a little more of the same kind of weather that we are getting now will fill the river full of heavy ice. The water Is very low at the present time and it was stated this morning Uy eevcval old river men that if the wind laid tlie water be| hind the'dike and it became placid It would be frozen solid by mom- Ing. The river being low there iu no current in. this locality and It is, said tUit thero was a great deal of defense wao that Ludwig was u free passenger, riding on the front platform In defiance of 1 ,a. notice to passengers to lieep off the platform, and he also got off the car at other SUfiY II LIVELY AFP1 MURPHY FAILS TO APPEAR. East St, Louis Camps Come 150 Strong With a Band and Two Drill Teams.-500 Attend, The silver anniversary of the Robin Hood camp Modern Woodmen, in the Spaldlug auditorium Wednesday night was one of the most up and doing occEslons the Woodmen have over held in Alton. There wero five hundred persons In the hall many of tho wives and sweethearts of the Woodmen attending. East St. Louis camp came to the anniversary In three special cars end was headed by a band. The K. St. Louis Laurel camp JAMES CAHILL DEAD WAS BOOKKEEPER FOR D, NOONAN COAL CO, Old KoBidcnt of Alton Stick* to Work Till Few Days Ileforo Dcntli. than a regular stopping place. Ac-j N »' 124G, the Economy camp, No. jeordltYfe to-the JnslruwUbna Judge, 1 ™ 5 Ilad cach a dl ' 111 team, with Hadley g»*e the jury, 1 the crae was ' them - aiso a lmml and tliero were H decided on the grounds' the street I number of members from the new St. Louis Camp No. 4G89. The car company .permIt*od police offl- eers to Hde free of cbar«e, and I address of welcome was made by J. wero responsible for their safety; also that while a notice warned passengers not-to Hde on the front platform, Cfa.^ rirl'ip laid been tacitly waived by the 'conihany' in the case of police officers, 'and that while the regular stopping 'Place was farther on than where "Lit ilwig got hurt, under the Venice city ordinances, yet other passengers Iwere let off at the time Ludwig was and U.-erefore the for enlarging the camp, company was reBiibnpible. **•-«--- • flioi?- "Wed von <ler fllocko". M. Brenholt, first consul of the Robin Hood camp in Alton. He told of tho growth of the order In all these years and of MB pleasure always to have been a iriember. Mayor Beall told of his first nlglt at a Robin Hood ccmn meeting and told of Its being a cold night when the ground was covered with sleet when the few that then belonged gathered to plan Frank Fisher read a paper on Robin Hood camp lore and told of the historical events during the career of the camp, statistics showing the Alton- with a oh. a-hand car, Tbp HiirlinBton..commutei l 6 train .- c.yer r , look (J-imi"nnd Feore.Mnnd . Delanoy wen- killed 1 / The mother .and a Wother'died a few years later, and tlio brother ; has resided in. tho o!d li.'inie with his sisters. Miss Harriet Sholar entertained thirty couples of her young friends Tuesday evening at n dancing party it her home in the erst end. Those who did not care to dquce Indulged in curds and there ware other forms of amusements, sci vod. Refreshments were open window and light on the painted i boughs, as they did in the case of an ancient Grecian who was en,gag cd in'a palhtfng contest. ice near the banKs this morning and the wind was all that Kept it from ^Quall Will Ho Saved % Severe Cold Spell, ._ i freezing solid last night. Tfie clos-, ing of the ferry business 'Will stop 'all hauling of produce to this city from Missouri and -It is said that the farmers have a great deal more grain- John tratt, who has. een- in camp jn the Williams Bottams on the 11H r,-v - . • ,- *• . ' ' nois river .for the past several weeks returned to this city iast evening. The weather was a little too cool and windy for the dnciss and tlie shooting has, (ibout , passed,, for the winter, . This sort of weather will also pin a check tp the .quail siipol- ing and ill' it keeps up the quail, will not suffer much by being shot ;il; at least. . .. . . There will bo iv special meeting Friday evening of tho members of tho Knlgl.ts of Columbus Dramatic club In the K. of C. rooms in the Spalding building, for the first rehearsal of the big minstrel entertainment to be given later. Miss Lillian Mischell has returned from Jerseyville where she spent the past two weeks visiting friends. to haul. Will Have to Change the Sign. ; TIie"'AltonT ' Granite"' ''&'" St' ; Louis •tr'at.tich company 'will have to add the word chickens to • a sign posted in cars forbidding anyone boarding the far with 'live' tui-kiee, ducks or. Reese, unless in. a sack, and not wiUv live Pigs under any cli-cuciiistancos. Yesterday a conductor tried to keep a man off the car at the county seat TS he was boarding the car \vlHY •ionic live chickens not In a sack. Tho' man convinced the- conductor that Mie word chickens was not 'on the sign, so the chickens went' oil, but the sign mny be changed to read "poultry". Prank Brown and Miss Emma He- sou, both of Granite City were married by Justice Rose at his office yesterday evening. Finest Suits Greatly Under priced O WING to the backward season, caused by unusually warm weather all over the U, S. we have been enabled to buy from several leading New York taUors a large lot of extremely fine suits—the best suits produced by houses that produce only high class garments, THEY ARF HERE-ARRIVED BY EXPRESS TODAY -:- . -:S UITS, made from the very finest grade of Chiffon •Broadcloths-imported Series,. Scotch Cheviots, Fancy Worsteds, Suits lined in. the best Tatleta •Bilks-Skinner Satins, and -fancy linings, tailored jo.the most perfect manner-entirely new models, every new and stylish color, DO NOT MISS SEEING THESE REMARKABLE VALUES '.-!-• -J- -•'- -'•SUITS WORTH $25, $30, $35 Your $ Choice 19 .75 Your Choice THH MCO O*' <JUAUT> Wednesday night the choirs of the rapii'. growth' end altogether made German Evangelical church tender- every Woodmen there glad that he is cd the beautiful 1 ' "Das Ued von der li> the camp. All this time the aud- Olocke", t*e words beln# by'Schiller, ience was waiting for E. E. Murphy, at tho German Evangelical church director of the M. W. A. who wi-.s to with an orchestra accompaniment, be the speaker of the evening, but The principal soloists were. Mrs. Ot- he failed to appear, he lie*! missed to Kramer,. ;BOpranc, Miss Flora nts train and did -not get farther Kramer, »lto. Wm. Oerhai-dt, basso, thnn St. Loula. Hen Winters sang and Otto iCrtmier,, t Fred Tuemmler « «'-omlcal KWB accompanied by Fred ' and Ed. ' .aeliefCter teuare. 'The or- Immenga, 8. Hauspergor rem'.nred first violins, '- «««•« soU, Bircb Bro. chestra consisted *0f: Wm. Horn auil lyliss Brama Horn; -arid Wm Strlttmatter;' vtol/ bass < vl^l, -:i«r 11 Emma Horn;; pissio, .Miss ' The choirs aii'.l orcliestr*««wre under bell with guitar and mandolin made | things lively, and Master Petruzni! Horn i performed on the -vlo|in iV . , ,M.i3B Josephine Waltrip gave'a reertattmri nnd Fred luimenga jr., entertained j the audience with & song. These musical and eler-utlonnry numbers James Cahlll, an old resident of Alton, died Thursday morning nt i> o'clock, at bin homo 1121 Main street, after a few days' illness with pneumonia. 'Mr. Cablll had boon In business in Alton for many years, part, of the time In the grocery business. For a number of years' ho has been bookkeeper for. the Noonan Coi-.l Company. Mr. Cahlll's wife and five children, four sons and one daughter, survive him. Ills sons are D. J., John, Itavld and James,, ,tho laltnr Is In London, representing the Kalle- stone Company. The daughter, Is '.Was Mamie. One sister, Mr«. D. FIREMEN WORK' HARD. Home of Fred Snider Burns While No One is in House, Tlie residence of Fred Snider on Rim street near'Alby was practically destroyed by fire during tho noon hour today. The furniture in tho house wua ruined also by water, soot, etc. The origin of the. fire is not known. There wns no one at homo all day, Mrs. Snider being a,t the home of her sister,, Mrs. Kathryn Cutler, and Mr. Snider being down town. The interior of tlie house hail boon on fire for some tiaie before anybody discovered it. Noonan. also survives. >Mr. Cahlll' wad quite well on in years. Mr. Cahlll remained at his work work after bettin? there. They pre- untll a short time ago refusing to vented Ule entjre dOBtructlon of the O f nose | 10U8e record run out and Tho fire 2 made a did splendid give up. The funeral will take place on Saturday morning from the Cathedral. IVesli Air Versus Man With a Cold. "Conductor please open a window in the top of the car, It. is stuffy and the air is Impure". Conductor Max- eine-r opened a window and tho patron thanked him. "What the thunder you got that window open, for conductor" shouted a paesenger with his collar turned up and with a muffler around his neck and under pressure the window was closed. Thus docs the fresh air adv-ocatu com e into contact with the man House and furniture,, and the cr'ew was short at that, because some of them had gone to dinner.. The house cost $2,000 and It Was handsomely furnished. Mr. Snider said he carried some insurance on both furniture and house. HARD TO GET TO SERVE ON JURY. Another Side of the Case tVhieli II- '' t lustrntes the Irony of Pnte.— Man Who Wants to Can't. "Them as has,'gifts," Is an adaptation of the Scriptural statement that with a cold. The streetcars become | "to him w &o hath'.shall be given" so stuffy that it makes one's lunijs ! and u le bel ne Illustrated in the Clrr back up wben they enter. Yet tho ' cu)t wuvt petit .Jury. Almost every- conductors state that when they do one on. .the jury Is-there unwillingly; open ono of the little top windows except on man.and he is J. Qi Oulson seing the window open, of Godfrey. Mr. Ouhson nas a _ conception of the duties of citizen- dlrec- dite to manageinent that tho, ^^'^^•.h^!!^.^ 1 n!! *e,e all splendid and furnished much entertainment to the many hearers. Luring this time the Economic camp band of Hast St. Louis broke forth than wae-,expected, but th!s ««? .,,, milBie ftnd the two tBftinB'ot for- rendition *f . tl;o )ilec» was so successful 'T4ie .audience: -was smaller probably- d,n«_to the eoldv and. unexpected weather. .esters of tho Hast St. Louis camps did some clrtsy drill work under the direction of Capt. T. J. HftTton. District Deputy Louis E. Walter closing remarks and thanked the vinlt- The scheme for the more perfect ors from other lodges for coming Lighting Scheme Will Come After Ko'Jduys. lighting of Third street from State to j aosurlng them Alton's Piasa street will not be carried out by string hangs on the the holiday weeks as the merchants ( side. Although Mr. latch out- Mur- glveu an hoped. The installation will take, phy was to have been sometime and the work of tearing up hour to speak the talent that fur- will not be attempted until later.' nlslied the entertainment kept tho Some of the merchants have not progr: ,m filled without a break. The agreed to place the lights but all but ahniveruary was successful beyond eeveral have. tho 1 -°) )BB of the offlcorB ot Robln Mood and will go down in the camp b'luo book as one of the biggest Will Allen Recovering | n |g ]ltH Prom Blood Poisoning. | Will Allen, of the Citizens National j ~™ bank Is recovering from an attack of, blood poisoning. Sometime ago ho' scratched himself on the leg thought nothing of U. although it creates no draft , dlntely order it closed. In St. Louis 1 fct P' HG ^ B . beon wanting, ton the public got ventilated cars ,, y seven years to,lie called fQ.r Jury ser. vice and t,bis time Is the first pane( that. e.yer included his: name. • ,Mr. r . Oulfepn ,hns reached •the tee of ex-' emptiou, but he wfawW not claim it.' Ho nnid he >Vfl.u.ted. to .serve.. Sow- over, when his nn-nWTVffB-'oalled for i:erhiptoriry"' ? cxcuBO.d fr^ni tl\i' Jury- bo'tiB ImptiiiBlled, aithoiigh .In every, respect he possessed 1 -Uiialiflcattons. 1 linvlng a health committee ride on tho cars and open \ylndcws. Dr. Simon Cohn.the FB»Uhp.?ram man of \-e Chicago Tribune eays "Qppn windows, doss the -doors to oen- suiivntion". I'Breatbo a'r frosh from the winds of heaven". Yoii can't do it in the street, cars. .\imiinl Dohy Notices were relieved this morning by all members of the Doby Club announcing the smoker which Is to be held next Sunday. .4 11 the monitors will turn out to this even* as they have been proceeded by several others and tho members know what to expect at one of them. A program of all kinds of amusements has been arranged and the talent in this line in the Doby Club la sufficient to entertain tho best of critics. Miss Frances Clarke has gone to Hannibal, Mo., to visit friends. Then he ! was' given out cii mother another trylug 1 - ^pitBsed the ex- aminritlon successful:} 1 , and then, he was excused from service by the ct- torncys on tl)at bldo, Mr. Ouleon, says he is still on tlte panel,- but the lawyers won't lot him/ .serve..•-. Park Comnilft's'lon' iVHi Meet. Tho members of the Park Commission will old a tho latter part, of the week when P. W. Coyle Is expected homo and settle the accounts |pr tl'e building of .the new park road • Sno>v Storm CojiUii^. Tho early morning train on Chl- auil cago and Alton from Chicago passed The scratch liu-oough the city this morning cov- caiised blood,set In and ered with snow. The northern part ho was forced to rest. 'He Is now In of the slate 1^ enjoying a snow Lltchfleld. ' 'storm which may reach ns far south :IH Alton by tonight. Officers will toe elected this evening by the members of Alton Aerie of Eagles. Oakwood camp Modern Woodmen will officers this evening. SEE BOWMAN'S PACE 8 i'. i•<•« wl crc m. F.....C.'. fall COOKSQN -i-i^m.-1-i, OSTKOIMTH 312 C<imni<'r«|»| HlilK Itell 'Phone ,1!>2. The annual elect Ion of officers In also elect t 1 n Kobla Hood camp Modern Wooil- mon, will be he'd December 13, TIIB MAN WITH A DANK AiMWNT STANIW K<>U NOMKTIUXti AM> IK KVKH ICKADV TO AIIOKT AX KMKIMilOXCV. VOl'HS MAV COMK AND KIM) VOU WITH- 01 T MKANH TO MKW IT. II' 1 YOU HAVK NOT K(»IMKI> Till'; HAVI\(iS 1I.11UT. «:i 015 MOHK STAIJTH A\ OCCOILVT WITH I'M. First Trust & Savings Bank IDii Wc-Nl Third Hi i i>cl. Gent's Furnishings FOR COLO WEATHER Gloves—-all kinds Caps and Mufflers Sweaters Outing: Flannel Night Robf.s and Pajamas Underwear Union Suits and Two-piece Garments at \ On Piasa Street atThi.d , - g V;, i< ,f,; n -, ,\,1^

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