Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania on November 27, 1915 · Page 9
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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 27, 1915
Page 9
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i*S 3fviH JEFFS TESTIMONY B? AtWAfEf* WUlard Trevor, ft young man In Alabama, on opening his morning mall read ft letter which astonished him. It contained a notification that be hnd b*en sued for breach of promise. His father had recently dltd and left hhn the care of several children, the sons and daughters of a second wife. Trevor bad secured the services of a womnn to take care of the children, but being dissatisfied with her hnd discharged bef, A lawyer had written that Martha Broadhead, the complainant, would listen to an offef tvlth ft view to compromising the suit At the moment Trevor was fending thla letter his body servant, Jeff, named fof the future president of the Southern Confederacy, came Into the room with hla master's boots that he had shlned. "Jeff," said Trevor. "What do you suppose Miss Broadhead has done? She's sued me for breach of promise." "Yes, sah." "She wishes to extort money. She will attempt to prove that I made love to her while she was here In charge of the children. I'm (joins to call upon you to toll tbo court tlint, though you were In tbo house nil the time she was here, if I had been sweet on her you would hnvo noticed it and that you never saw any courting going on between us." "Yes, sab." When Jpff was called to the stand by Trevor's counsel he testified as his master hnd indicated and was about to step down from the witness box when Miss BromlbcmVs counsel called upon him to remain for cross examination. . ".toff," he said patronizingly and intending to Ingratiate himself with tho witness before attempting to get any information out of him that would Injure his master's case, "you find Mr. Trevor a very good master, don't you?" "Berry good mastah, sah." "You say that you are a house servant?" "Yes, sah." "And that you never saw your master sitting In the parlor or on the gallery with Miss Brondhead?" "No, sah. I didn't ncbber see mars' sotten In de parlor or on de gallery with Missy Broadhead, but I sec him 'on de' gallery oncet talktu' with Missy Broadhead." "You saw Mr. Trevor on the gallery talking with Miss Broad bond, oh? Well, what was he snylnK to her? "He tolb Miss Brondhead ef ebber he cotched her slappin' one ob de chllluu gib licr de walkln' papers." The spectators littered, and the Judge called them to order. The attorney colored a bit, then proceeded. "How was your master in the habit of B|>ending his evenings?" . . • "Sometimes he went out to call on de neighbors, and sometimes he sot in de library, readln'." "And how did Miss Broadhead spend her evenings?" "Missy Broadhead sho put do chlllun to 'bod'." . "About what time did she get the children to sleep?". "Dunno, sah. I nebber see her up but oncet." "What was she doing then?" "Missy Broadhead went to de library where Murs' Willard wag sottin' readln 1 a book," "Well, what happened between them?" "Missy Broadhead says, says she: •I'm gwluo to run ovnh to Missy Cuthbert's fo' a few minutes. If gny ob do chlllun wakes up I'll be back In time BO you won't, be Doddered.' And mars' says; 'Dat all right;-don't hurry yo'•elf,' I was gwlne to Missy Cuthbert's myself to see her cullud gal, Peggy, so I follered Missy Broadhead as fa' as de crossroad, and she turned on de crossroad. Since she wasn't gwine to Missy Cuthbert's I Jlst think I'd see whar •be war gwine, so I follered her down de road, «nd she met de oberseer." This was evidence that the attorney had not bargained for. lie would have stopped the testimony, but be knew SrS^-JRVl&i-' ' itfft Home for Sale Brick home fading Park Place. All improvements, Front porch, Property in good repair throughout. Price under $5000, J. Henry Miller It Co, Real Estate and Insurance, Eighth and Willow Sts. THE MARKETS Professional and Business on the loealitj^t! have selected. , WeltfcVe jiast the one suitably adaffted ahd centrally ideated btrelfiSss places, with twel^fr-itsottied dwelling attached, in the city, at a price that will be more than interesting ot you. You shotild own your own home. If employed at any of the east end plants, we have several first class homes on the Heights. Can be bought at a very low figure. Also a few of those up-to-date, modemly finished homes on Poplar street. These homes are ready for occupancy, and immediate possession can be given. If you contemplate building in the very near future, se0 us for your building lot. 'We Have mnny to offer, and particularly in the southern section of the city, \vh'ere the finest of homes are being erected. It Pays to Advertise in These Columi Small Cost-Quick Results-Try Them i 1 1 1 1 1 FOR SALE! PROVISIONS Philadelphia, Nov. 27. . tilve Poultry — Fowls, as to «tze ana quality, HalGc.; roosters, llalZc.; spring chickens, according to quality, 14al6c.; roosters, Ila12c, ; spring chickens, according to quality, 14nlGc\: turkeys, 18a i 20c. ; ducks, ISftl ferred; ty, ec. ; the larger size pre- i 14nlnc. ; pigeons ,old, per GATES REALTY COMPANY 112 NORTH NINTH STREET 1 Safe Driving Pony, 1 Fine driving sleigh. 1 two-seated carriage. 1 Asia Sunshine Range •with hot water back. 1 large delivery sleigh, 1 double action cellar pump. 1 One-horse power perret motor, Apply 112 NORTH 9TH ST. , pair, 18u20c. ; do young, per pair, 17al8c. I Fresh-killed -turkeys, fancy, nearby, , 26a28c.; do. do., Western, :iiia27c.; <lo fair to good, 22a24c. ; do. Inferior, IS.i 20c.; fowls, 12 to box, dry picked ami by the Rev. Father Bezkus. who Was , dry-packed — Fancy f. elected, do. weighing -I l-2uD IbK. apiece, 18 l-2c.; do. 4 pounds uplecc, 17 1-L'c.; do. 3 1-2 Ihs. an<l under apiece, 14al5c.; fowls. Ice-packed. Western, 4 1-2 pounds and over apiece, ISc.; do. smaller clues. 13a 17.: old roosters, dry-picked, 13 1-ic.; broiling; chickens, Jersey, fnncy, LMii 26o.; other nearby fancy, !!2a24c.; western broilers, weighing 1 l-2n2 pounds apiece, 20a22c.; - • fancy, weighing 15al6c.; other Western, weighing 4 pounds and over, 17al8e.; do. weighing 'i l-2n3 1-2 tiound.s, HalBc.; Inferior, 13c.; spring ducks, nearby, 20a21c.: do. Western, fancy, ISiilDc.; do fair to good, 12alOc. Squ«h« per dozen—White, weighing 11,to 12 pounds per dozen, J4..60n5.40; white. weighing !> to 10 Northern Illinois, 2 l-2aa 1-2 pounds, crnl days In Fredericksburg with her Brand daughter, Mrs. Harvey C. Ilender. R. K. Runkcl entertained his pounds per dozen, $>ln4:f>0; weighing 8 pounds per dozen, white $3.25a and No. 2, Jlal.10. Butter—Western, do. do 7 pounds per dozen, !2.50a3; do. do., fiac 1-2 pounds per dozen, $2a2.2fi; dark, $1.75a2.25; small fresh, solid-packed creamery, fancy specials. IIGc.; do. extra 33c; do. extra llrats, 31ii!i2c; do. llrsts 2!)a30c.; do. seconds. 26n2Xe.; ladles. 21a 22o.; nearby prints, fancy, 30c.; <lo. average extra, ,14a3Bc.; do. firsts, 30a32c; do. secondfl, 26a28c. Special fancy brands of prints.were Jobbing at 40a43c. ICggs—Nearby extras, 44«. per dozen; nearby firsts, $12.30 per standard case; nearby current receipts, $11.70 per ra.se; Western extra firsts, $12.30 per case; do. firsts, $11.70 per caso; seconds, $0.30 aO.!)0 per case; refrigerator CKRH, fancy, $7.50a7.80 per ca-sn; do. firsts, $7.20 per case; do. seconds, J6.GfluG.IIO per case; Inferior lots lower. Fancy selected, candled, fresh eggs wore Jobbed out ut 48n48c. per dozen. FOOD PRODUCTS. jr]our—Winter, clear, $4.90a5.10; do. straight, Su.15aB.SO; do. patent, $6.40a 5.70; Kanwas, clear, juto sacks $4.75a5; do. straight, jute sacks, $D.10au.3n; ao. patent, jute sacks. $B.40a5.l'.o; eprlns llrst clear, $5a5.20; do. strnU'ht, $C.25a 5.40; do. pntent, $6.60a6.70; do, favorite brands, $r>.8f>a6.10; city mlllo, choice and fancy patent, f5.86aG.10: city mills, that the defendant's counsel would call It forth anyway, go he felt obliged to let Jeff go on. The darky resumed: "De oberseer tuk Missy Broadhead in he arms, and I beard a smack lali do repo't ob a pistol." After the laugh that tills evidence elicited had subsided Jeff continued: "Deri dey walked togcdder on de road, talkln. I bein' black as de night, J; de white folks couldn't nee me, but 1 could, see de white folks, and, cllmbin 1 Qber de fence, I .trabeled in de field ! alongside ob 'em. I beam Missy Broad- beafl say dat mars' hab a heap o 1 money an 1 he'd rudder pay than go into cpu't. Den de oberseer be say, To' hain't got nottin 1 fo' to blre a lawyer.' And Missy Broadhpad says, sayg she, '! nebber though^ o' cist.' And do oberseer be says, says be, 'I furnish de money fo' de lawyer and fo' de cou't' And Missy Broadbead, she says, •be, 'If yo' do dot 1 gib yo' balf,'" Naturally every one In the courtroom listened to Ibis evidence with wrapt attention except the plaintiff and, her counsel. When Jeff bad finished th$ Judge dismissed the case, and the defendant threw his arms around Jeif and bugged him. Plaintiff's counsel gave notice t^at he would appeal tho case on the ground that a slave's testimony was not admissible, but the appearance of guilt In the plaintiff at bis (estiuaony Indicated that she would not hfr cpmpiaint further, and she ]C V - — roifuiar' srad'es—Winter, clear, 34.00a B.10; do. straight. JS.20aO.40; ilo. patent, i5.GOo5.7r>. Uye flour was quiet and un- chniiKwl with nioclerato but ample offerings. We nuoto at $Ga5.25 per barrel, a« .to duality. •\Vheat-r-No. 2 red, spot and Novemlier, tl.12al.14l No. 2 Southern red, Jl.lOa 1.12; Btonmer No, 2 red, $1.0!)al.ll; No. 3 rod. Sl.Uflul.ll: rejected A, J1.06 l-2a J.OS 1-2; rejected B, fl.OBal.07. C-orn—Wi'Htern No. 2 yellow, 77a7Sc.; Westurn Hteunior yellow, 76a77c.; Western No. 3 yellow, 7Ba76c. On is—No. 2 whllii, 44 l-2a46 l-2c.; elundurd whitu, 43 l-2a44 12c.; No. 3 white, 41a42c.; No, 4 white, 39u40c.; suniplB oiitM, snaSSu.; purldnd oats, graded, 41 1-2U43 l-2c. Peed—<:ity inlll«, wlntur l>ran, In 100- pound sacks, per ton, $24: Western, winter brn.ii, In lOO-nound «ankn, per .ton nonu lierfl! Kprlna: bran, In 100-pouna sacks, $2»a23.BU. Baled Hay and Straw—No. 1, large bales, J21B21.BO! No, 1, medium bales, S°050a31| No. 2 do., JHJ,50a20; No. t do. tlGalSj no griirte, iflflalS. Clover- mixed hay—TJelu mlx&d, $10al9.50; Nu. 1 do., tlgalS.50: No. 2 do., JlOalB. Straw —No, 1 dlruitfht rye, J13.60al4: No. 2 do., $12.60al3:i No. 1 tangled rye, Jll.&Oa 12i No, 2 do., JlO.SOalli No. 1 wheat straw, ja.SOalO; No, 2 do., JS.GOa!); No. 1 oat straw, SO.BOalO: No. 2 do., JS.OOa'J. IIVB STOCK. Pittsburgh, Nov. 27.—t'atlie—-Market steady! supply light. Choica, J8.!IOa'J; prime. $8.60a8.86. Sheep Bteaily; supply light. Prime wethers, Jfiati.lli! culLs and conillion, $U.&Ou4; lain.liH, |6.rif)aD.40; veal calves, $10.50all.50. Hngra utearly; receipts, 3n double declfH. Prime heavies Jfl.bBa6||aO| mediums, ffi.65uii.70: heavy YorkorB, f6.S'Oaf>.65: light Yoi-kera, $liu 6.1o| pigs, $B.BOaB.76| roughd, $5.SOafi. I • O • JONESTOWN Jonestown, Pa., Nov, 27, A chicken corn aoup supper will brother and sister, from Lebanon, on Sunday. Mrs. John C. Lontz who Bomo weeks ago fell and broke a bono ill the shoulder is doing as well ah can be expected. Miss Catherine Gross spent a day in Lebanon with her aunt, Mrs. Tlios. H. Qrunner, and family, on Monument Square. Lewis Jones and family, of Portland, Pa., spent several days with Moses F. Arndt and family. M. C. Long had public salo on Saturday of his household effects and residence. Tho personal property brought good prlcos but tho house was withdrawn at $1460. Mr. Long, who Is In failing health, will shortly make his home in Portland with his daughter, Mrs. Jones. The play, "Tho New Minister," which was repeated for the third time on Saturday night was ngaln greeted with a full house. A. F. Hitter's cattle sale was well attended and exceptionally large prices realized. A largo donation box was sent to the Topton Orphan's Homo by tho Hlon's Ev. Lutheran church. Tho missionary society of the Lutheran church hold a missionary entertainment on Thanksgiving evening. Dr. P. D. Reich purrhnsptl the residence of Milton Kline, on Main street, for a private consideration. A large delegation of Odd Follows paid a fraternal visit to tho ;then the senior priest here. Mrs. IZweler Is 72 years of age and received many beautiful gifts from her children and her friends throughout the city. Mr. Zweler is 7fi years old and Is a retired farmer, but for 20 years ho hnd charge of the huge crusher at the American Iron and Steel works. Sisters of Mercy. Mrs. Zweler also received hnnd- Annvlllo lodge on Tuesday evening, somo gifts from her three hieros who A. K. Rank had the middle finger of his left hand crushed to I ho llrst joint at 13. H. Gerharfs butchering. John C. Troxel had a force of men at aplntlng Mrs, J. C. Fitzgerald's house on Main street. 50TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATED (Continued frim Pige One) tortain a family circle on their lift- loth anniversary of wcdtlori hllns. Kstinmblct Couple. Mrs. Zwcler was before hor marriage flfty years ago, Miss Kntherine Arnold, and la tho daughter of the lato Mr. and Mrs. Herman Arnold, who for many years lived in South Lebanon township. They were married in St. Mary's church,, this city, onscieniious unorafs We are conscientious in the conduct of our funerals. DOTH PHONES P. H. THOMPSON, J20.HKJ South Ninth Street, are Sisters of Mercy, one located at Uurllngton, Iowa, ono at Ilhodella, Kentucky, and tho other at Jenkln- town, Philadelphia. Throughout tho day there were many friends who visited tho couple and wished them health, wealth and many more years ot wedded bliss. Colored Woman Held AtJPolice Station Three prisoners wer Q corralled at City Hall on Friday night. Two of them were men and strangers, and they woro given a limited time to get, out of town, never more to T<W.urn. Tho third prisoner was a colored woman, who applied for lodging. Sho waa suspicious looking and will •bo rtetulned 'for somo time today until her record can be investigated. 1/Atot CAN* vassor. B1g money. Pheasant and permanent \vork. A>ppiy 1>R. ADAMS' CHEMICAL CO., .1326 North Tenth Street, ^11-27-Bt Reading, Pa. W A Jf T K T>—MKN---EVEttV COM- hiunlty, to solicit orders for fruit trees, shrubbery', etc. Experience unnecessary. N o investment required. Special Inducements* Pay Weekly. Permanent. . PUkRY NURSERIES, Rochester, N. Y. il-27-lt Established 20 years. WAVTElv-A noon, sottER AtfD reliable man tor driver of flrfi apparatus. One aocu&toined to horses preferred. Apply T. W. BtBIQHAUa, 11*27-21 Pros. Porse Fire Co. WANTED—IS VOtni TI>rE AVOUTH money? VV 0 will pay you for it. No experience required. Good pay for honest work. Write today fo particulars. Grulmni Xurftery Company, •11-27-lt Rochester, N. call on the trade in Lebafloil capable of earning a good None others need apply. ressing. Address letter te l-23-6t cio News Ol W A N T K D«~Atf servant girl la a family 1 of No other need apply. Ooffd Apply ^1.1-22-tt NEWS WANTElVa^MAN oft correcting manuscripts day er- ning. Address letter to nn it 11-26-81 News DANIEL A. FRANTZ Funeral Director . Night CalU . 109 NORTH NINTH STREET Oar Call* TJ2-734 CUMBERLAND STREET <§dsj/ ^-Practical DressSlaKing X It <yrevor offered Jeff big freedom, but Jeff feRd been bpr»»at«3 lived on the plantation ?isty years ana said hi* Wight as \yen "pull up » trt$ it be given this evening by the Jonestown band, In addition to the soup there will be served, oysters lu every style, cakes, candies- 'and ice cream. Cyrus H, Abling, who IB a veteran of the Civil War, haying been a member of the gallant Ninety-third Regiment, Pa. Vois,, haa taken up his residence at the Keiiman house. John A. Isele and family, of Harrisburg, with Mr, anti Mrs. Robert Busehore, of Fredoricksburg, are visiting »t the home of John P. Senders, Mrs, William Slabach and Miss Nissley, of Harrifiburg, are guests of Mrs. William BrosB. Paul Scheirer, who is a student at Franklin and Marshall college, at Lancaster, is visiting his Rev, and Mrs. David Scheirer, Mr, and Mrs. H. E. Light are visiting the(r son, Galen Light, and family, at Boston. Mrs, Caroline Bellman spent ?ev-> NOTICE JULIUS H. CAPLAN Prtpartd Especially For Thit Ncv>$paper by Picttrial Rtvitw CIRCULAE BLOOMEK8 WITH SEDF CLOSING. Funeral Notices SANDERS—Jn Hcliaefforsto\vn, on I he 2&th Inst., John Jacob L. Sanders, aged 5(i years, 2 months and 22 days. Funeral on Tuesday afternoon, at 2:00 o'clock, from residence, Sclnaef- feratown;' Services in U. B. Churoli. Interment at Schaefferstown cemetery. Relatives and friends are invited to attend without further notice,. WANTED—AGENTS GET t'AJlTIC ulars of olio ot the bust payln propositions ever put on the ma kot. Something no one else sell Make $4,000 yearly. Address B. M. FELTMAN, Rales Mgr., 3864 Third St., 11-27-lt Cincinnati, O WANTED—LOCAL AND T.UAVE1 ling salesmen everywhere. Thro to ten dollars dally. Costs noth Ing to start. Pay weekly. Exper once unnecessary. Apply today. BURR NURSERIES, 11-27-H Manc.hostor v Conn W A N T E I)-—AGENTS—THE BIG gest. tiring'out: sell "Zartol" con • contraited liquor extracts, for mak Ing liquors and cordials at.home the real article: saves over 50 pe cent; small package; enormou demand; big profits; strictly legi/t mate; eta;rt while its now; don 1 delay; just a postal today. UNIVERSAL IMPORT CO., '1108 Third St., 11-27-lt Cincinnati, 0 W A N T E D—AT ONCE: VOUNC men for automobile business. Bl pay, . Wo make you expert in te • weeks'by mail.- Pay us after >w secure you position, Century Automobile Institute, 11-27-lt Los Angeles, Cal R10IXO15IIJ/—Tn this pity, on tho 2(ith Inst., Jacob E. Reinoehl, Funeral on Monday afternoon, at 3:00 o'clock, from lato residence, 14 G North Ninth street, Services, at house. Interment Private, at Ml. Lebanon cemetery. Relatives and friends are invited. I — At 5fo'<?rotown, on tjje 26'tli inst., Sarah Annie, w*fe of James Kalibach, nee Derr, aged 74 years. Funeral on Tuesday morning, at 10:00 o'clock, from the family home on South Railroad street, Myeretown. Services in the Reformed church. wide. The bloomers are circular In •hap* and close at one side. The cutting and construction are no •Imple that each may be described In today'* lesson. Place the with edge marked by triple foratlonj on a crosswise jvm nno» , preparing to cut the bloomer*, There- Helatlvea and friends are Invited to mainlnr places of the pattern, «il of attend without further notice, which are perforated with large "O's" are l^ld on * lengthwise thread of the serge. If the belt la to be trimmed with braid It IB well to stitch the trimming over the •erg* foundation before tak- i |ng the rest of the work. Next, sew LOST lap and underlap underneath •lushed CONSTRUCTION GUIDE IHLtf — • igyali " ' III •! I ^^ AMm I <M ' r*«' ~*- - M notched and tyro or»r on the only for tl>e gymnasium, but lot outside on large "O" pert9r»tl!>ni. AH cold, wlnijy days when skirts are a Is now ready tot Btitchlnjp, ftyw, close ajre these blaomera ot dark the leg seam, matchAe* «erge serviceable. Ras Now Mpene<| u .at Wf «jt Forg§ Street Formerly the Frick Foundj-y Co. A»4 Is Preparedi to |*»y the for All KincU of Junk carefully and turn hem »t lower »4fe pn small *'o" perforation*. rt«*rt is. For bpth ladies and misses are these elastic or a drawstring and; £)oj« cen, bloomers designed, ana they are. very ter eeam. Sew waiftbaj&Ajf to up •Ince freedom, pf movement edges, centers even, ,fp]d ( yunygfc flowed wlthcut UM eacrlf^e pf center, 0^4 fell rerngjaigy jdge* 0y*f Mae* ?ea.m, , , S,erge le the material par excellence While trimming is not for the development of the bloomers, bloomers, pome of the tH yard? being required U H inches enow attractive Plcterlaj Review pipomer? Np. $431, sijes ?^ ;;, Ji Wal,9t gfld n tp 29 yeajra, frice, }$ pent% It. MORNING, gold seal or signet ring, between Post Office and Reading WANTRD—WARN $2{5.00 TO $BO.O( weekly, learn Mechanical Dentistry. Open a Laboratory. Wo teacl you how. Booklet free. Mechanical Dental School, 320 Soheruierhorn Street, 11-27-lt Brooklyn, N. Y WANTKD—WOM>\N FOK COOKING and cleaning, No washing no: ironing. 11-20-tf, 228 CUMBERLAND ST WANT B I) — GOOD REL.IAJ«UF couple can have unfurnished room wil'th use of klitchon. Apply 11- 2 ?. at WWS OF1FTCB FX>R JO IJAYS ONIjY WJ5 WILI strip your doors and windows without charging for the labor You pay for stripping only, 1 your order ia banded in now at 0. B. HORST, Stove Shop, 11-26-Bt 807 North Ninth St WANTED—A RJDWADI/K MAN TO represent "Old Line Stock Co,' accident, health Insurance, Oo&c opportunity for the right party, ag District Agent of Lebanon county. Apply Massachusetts Bonding & Insurance Co,, 400 Colonial Trust Bldg., 11-26-tf Readiing, Penn'a. WANTKD—A JJGHT Mu»t be cheap and In good run- uing order. station, ed to ll-26-3t Liberal reward if return- N15WS OFFICE. O S T—THANKSGIVING noon, gents hunting case gold wtttch, Elgin works, elthea- in the vicinity of W«j, Penn hotel, Lebanon, or on state road from Lebanon to Myerstown, to Wchland, to Newmanstown, to B W»melsdorf, to Wernersville, to Galen Hall, South Mountain. Reward if returned to 0, S. BEJOHTI^E, ai-26-H Lebanon, Pa. WANTED 11-26-gt OITY 11-24-51 North WANTRP—<PJ.500.00 ON i lowvted city real ^gtiB-t ooo.oo. n.-24-3t J. HORST, worth tir WANTKO— BOY TO MBAIW BAR. berlug. Apply u-84'3t- 9 N. A8 OHAV feur by experienced njan, Reference?, ApyJy at IWWi NBWS OFiPlC CMSS BAKKR for bread, and, cakes. A{«ply at ' - SPEfRO QljJORGB, 3UU2?-5t gjo East Weidnian &t. WANTED Weave r§ and Jaiwen & Front and L§hman w A N T IB n—oHAupFKtma ofif,, $18.00 week. Learn while earn* ' ing. Satnple lessons free. Wrlie , immediately. FRANKLIN INSTITUTE, Dept. 81M. _ll-13-lino. Rochester, N, ¥i , WAXTEh—OIRLS. • ' ll^lS-tt Lebanon Paper Box do. WANTED—VOUXG GIBL TO A8- slst In kitchen; one from country J preferred. Good homo for Wfht,''' party. Apply at „ _' • ^' W-8-tf i NEWS OFFICE/ FOR RENT l-XWl UKXT—Furnlshed roonw. 1 Gentlemen preferred. Apply 258 s. 4th 8tv - 1 . _H-27-6t HATHAWAY PAJ^K" FOB IU5NT—180 BAST land street. Moderato sized ,„... in good condition, with bath, no?/;*) air heat, electric lights, range fti'l kitchen, large covered front porohlfe' front lawn and terrace, sid 0 y<Kf^-' Lot 30x150 feet. Cement )MV*>>^ ment. Immediate poseesslon.'f* *• Real Estate and Insurance, 1 ^ __ll-24-3t 829 Cumberland FOIl RENT—FURNISHED ROO! Reaaouable. Ajpply 11-28-tf 127 8. SBVB5NTH FOR RENT—JUARGB STABLH ' INVf Walnut alley near Ath. Apply / 8-11-U 21 BO. 8tb. ST!! FOR RBNT—CHOUSE, 0 • with ponveniencos. |14.0i North Twelfth street. Appl; MISSKS UHL 11-20-tf Meadow FOR RKNT—MODBKN HOUSE/ Mill Walnut street. Apply,, .,-, JiS' ll>ia.tf. 33g .WAI/NUT,/f FOR RENT— OSa SOUTH 8BOOI at. Modern conveniences; ha wood floors. W. H. COPENHAVBR, 720 Gullford B ai-l'-tf Bell Phone aa FOR RENT—HOUSE, 880 nut street. Modern improve Possession Immediately. L, J. ll-.19-12t 781 Cumberland FOR SALE FOR SAliE—^X'EWj ESTAUIJ8I general atoro In good l/eba_ county town. Must be so4d' of deui^h, For furtbar apply 463 NORTH M1FTH ST.,,' tll-27-6t Lebanon,] FOB S.UJB—OUBAP. WI range, slieep sWft baby robe, or« ll-27-3t 289 S, NINTH KX)« wa-ter My OWB »3,00 each. »- 2 ?-18t ngte roller oftnary .«! I8.BO, 44 N, FOW AND NVB . FOR SAIdS— OHJCK1BN8, market prioe. Apply 11-20-61; J300 pob Apply OR S A 14 E—TWO TWN motor cyoleg. i3{g bargain,, bicycles at a WSNTZ U43-W §1 OK buyer, Anply or •*•, T-T* - * iW

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