The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1934
Page 5
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JTHURSDAY, APRIL 26, 1S34 Bishop Called "Blameless Churchman, 1 l>y His Kuemies V\ WASHINGTON. Apn: 20 \\ final clc-icnsi, pL* 10 a j,,,- y to| 4iy for Billion .i,, lm . s c.r idem, will preside at the ., which will be uifccUod by a banquet. Luclen co!c;:iBii. 'local attomey iias been askoo to deliver the welcome address. Brooks Hays, of Little licet, president or ihe State Welfare iissoclutlon, lias been in- vl'.«i as guest speaker. (UP)to- jr tliin v iic whli-li lius n low :-u;-:irilv »-'"i;«.-imzi'u him as "a olim finnan, hnimdcd by T-'tV'tiH- Jfliojiity Robnt 11. Mi-.NVIU. ill-1 leuiling the Mf.luxhst bishop and! -ML«.s Ada L. Biin-Jii'lis irc:n tlm--. es of conspiring !0 v. r o!n(i> t!:e co"i'«|)l iJiactiues acl. said: iri'i'i-"') t: '' tin " '" l )lvs - : 'vo :'.(! , word In the homos i;f 'mim-ms Vo' the !f,st W year.,." He saiii u m w i. M i iiis::cn Can- lion eiucicd the cmirtrcwm fw t!ic time more than two woi-Sii :i»o He was an tnnccrnt man. "Ami ,MLss li'.irroughs came in no 1 only innocent: 'he cont:mu-d "but a victim o[ th? i'at... of t! !0 >••.*Mr* n,m,,, IKK, f M ,.,i WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KEGNEY TUBES Win Back Pep .. .Vigor . . .Viulitj n'j'.hoiilipa njrr*o tlml your Lid li'| e |"j'''v'l,'i : 'ii l l'i , KU '^. ° r "">• tuU., o, , ^ii.l «)i;c.<infint. tlif ir, M1LKM on now iietwork program! will siiri'lv win von T!»If« one u (iril lOr l[ — von will luar HXM n ,,,,, e' pher of the Rirt Anti-Salcon >c:i»™ -n d. V,. | ',', 'fk?'"', ' ' (Poinselt County Welfare Association Will Meet LEPAKTO. Ark>fhe I County Welfare- association I convtnr in l.?]»nia Friday i-reuiirj I ut tlie Americaji Lesion Coui:iiui>- lily Hill In the, first incclJn? slnec Ills orsanlzation in Tyruiua !asi I month. Mrs. Alex East of Tyr«m:i, j, ; -t-,- druiB. I!,, oirc jf,,""^,! 'iloA's's^'n.'^ I — •I ju-jr Jj u k . k .,,i. J> | B3< . I.-^-I.T. J[iH, JrQ Ca | rz SAFKTV KA/Olt CO. WMC I'vory IVight hist v ntnrdny and Sunda 10:45,.,,. «'. S. T.) LENGTH -O. K.! ! WHEN we cut and hemaHAHES Shirt, we.always think of your thighs. And xvc leave enough to go way below the belt—down so deep in your shorii t;-,at it can't creep out at your wnist! Mister, ii's Icnglh— plus. And wait till you feel the springy knit of HANES, snuggled across your chest. It's the most comfortable feeling in the world) Tight, soft, and cool.— you want to stick out your chest, and thump it like a gorilla! And there's no let-down in comfort, when it comes to HANES Shorts. They have ample "seating capacity"—nothing rips or grips at the crotch. Colors guaranteed I See your HANTS dealer today. P. H. Hants Knitting Co., Winston-Salem, N. C. SAMSONBAK (Sanlcriicd) Ur.ion-Suiu WE R. MOORE'S "The Snudi's targcst IVliofrsnlr ffousc" -MEMPJ-MS H A X K S \YHOI,KSAI,K IH.STKIUUTOKS at KIRBYS 9 50c Ipana 39c 25c Pee Chee Polish 19c 25c Glazo Nail Preps 21c $1.25 Creomul- sion 51.13 50c Groves Chill 39c Amolin Cream It's New. It's the Most Effective Deodorant - 50c Barber Shave Soap 5c I Germiddal G. F. P. 89c Car 89c Dandrasol Hair Tonic 49c Castile Soap CHECK 5c Cashmere Boquet Soap lOc Palmolive Soap 5c Alka Seltzer .30c-60c Blytheville's Toiletry Center Elizabeth Arden — DuBarry—Max Factor — Harriett Hubbard Ayer,etc .'eurelle's New Perfume $1 New Compacts 50c to §5 Visit Our New Department 25c Black Draught I9c Pint Mineral Oil 39c Bath Room Scales Electric Mixer Cocktail Shaker $2.39 $139 $1.19 Lime Squeezer 50c Cocktrail Trays 49c Cleans. Tissue 500 count 49c $1.25 99c 75c Glover's Manye R em . 69c ^ ~"^^«^B«M^BHBHiHBMBBMMiM KIRBYS' */.oo Adhrikz 89c 60c Wurine 49 C ^ IA 'N AT HKOADWAY COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH GROCERS jday, Saturday and Monday SAJJSAGK,_l_»ure Pork. Lb.Ot- Mustard Turnip Kale Bunch OLKO, All Urands. f.b. lOc JKLLO. All M Sis.'e. DojU9e RADISHES Bunch c COCOA, Mothers. 2-lb Box 17c HELL PICPI'ERS, Lb. ~~12c uin Size. I.b. 12%<: v'S, Texas. Pound l()c MILK, <?"'»»" •" ' >:ni t:nn|> COFF1CK, 3 Tall or 6 Sm. 17t- Sunny iimiik. "i Makucll Lb. 27c SOAP, Palmoiivo or Camay. ,3 for l.'k SUGAR Best Granulated 10 IBS. 47c SOAP, 1'. A- (J. nr Crysdil (Jliirt l!:irs (» for 25c lb 95c; 12 lb 49c likes. 2V, Can - Kic Apricols, 2V, Can -19c I'cars. 2</ 2 Can - - 2lc SPECIALS KIDNEY BEANS. Joan of Arc. Can 7c UPTON TIC A. Free Tumblers^/, lb. 21c ORANGES llt t z f NB ' s 23c SPINACH. ArkJJrand^J.^.,;-;:::;; i?, PORK A BEANS^JVan Canij)'.' Can 5c PEARS. Miss CallfTBartlett. 2V 2 can 14c SOUP, Phillips. All Kinds. Can 6c MALTED flULK. Thompson's! 41c MACKEREL, Salmon Style. 2 Cans 15c S A LAD DRESSING. SPINACH Fresh Green Pound 2c 12c sh ' PUKSERVKS. Von AHmen. IB o^'jar STKRLING. (X^N 1 _Prjdc_of Illinois. Canjk FLOUR ^ 20 lbs.9c Can T.-ihle Quart 22c Garden I'inl I2r TOMATOES ja lb. lOc RIILK, C»rnalion. Libby or Pet, ^ SALAD OIL, P>»lk. Quart 23c; Pint 14c APPLES. Ark. Blacks. Pound_ 7c J^)JLCTjrjSSJIR^^^ RolF 5c MCAROm~J^. Pound 7c |lEAR[\ FRESH TOftlATQES. TOMATOPASTE. _ imj^Lge. 21 c; Mcd. lie ~ " lOc Can 3c SOAP, Crysial White. 10 KarsoivSc QUAKER ~ ___ OATS. Hostess. SS-Qz. Package Me CABBAGt TOMATO JUICE, Libby's. Can Box TISSUE. Liberty. 2QOp_ sheet. SNOW DRIFT. (i _S. M filer's. 2 for 15c LETTUCE. Fancy Heads, jfruft 5c GINGKR ALE. Quart 'iSottlc. Each .1 Joan 7; of Arc «' f it _ SPARE RIBS, Strictly FVcsh. LbT 9c^ POUK SHOUI MRS. ^^Tu Hrst Cninpnuntl (No Limit) OCKI^^ur^rJ^llJ^^ 1 HA^Tsiic^ Mary Jane -—— •-"• •"" J '^- KA(;(»i\. Sliced. Swift or Krcy. I Fl flIIR Mai> y 12 Lbs - 47C IM)Iw"lTEAl(SrR^L^rLb. • kUUIl j anp 71 I he fiCo ™«^ ^..^^ 7 r- — 24 Lbs. 85c Bunth Ic _ Stalks. Each7c KICK, Fancy Blue Rose., Pound MUSTARa»; t rco. QJiiirt'^ ' CLEANSER^ Snnhrite. 3 for 12o DOG FOOD7 All Brands. 3 for 25c CHERRIES MnM No. 2 Can _SELOX, Largggizc \2c\_ Small Si^e 5c PINTO BEANSJ Pound 6c APPLI^BUTTER, Cardinal~Iar 13c PEANUT _ PORK CHOPS, Lean Cuis. Lb. 15c GREEN BEANS \». 'i for __ VEAL .IWA_ST^_Or_Chgjis. Lb. lOc SALT IMF AT, litst ISoiliiiT, I'nnnil C'.r Slr,-jk-O-I.«nn. I'oBi-l iir Kfmhiirgcr! ih 5c HENS, i7! CRACKERS Hi! 2 U)s. Crisp 1 Lb. 9c MUTTON ROAST, Or Stew. Lb. 12'/ 2 c CHEESE, Wisconsin No. 1. Lb. IDC gnAPENUTFLAKEg, ' _2far_J7c KOLOGNA, W^r s or Franfcs. L1 , lOc OUTTTTirH VX^krv. . . ~ ~ ~ -.-- *

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