The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 27, 1931 RU'THEVILl-E. (ARK.) COUlUER NEWS PAGE THREr. Pope at Services In Vatican Cathedral Low Pvico Inoic'ites Booze' I 1 : Plentiful Wickersham Commission Reports. i I.UITOU'S NOTE: This in Mi^ Urn:! -,f a ';:ric.-, of :'.crir:, by Hoi- • Hey Dull-tier. Washington carrE- siitn-trnt fcr fcuricr Ni-ws ami. Xi:.V Ktrvire. aiwlv'l' 1 * H» ironcln- siuis ri:icb:;l I"V the Wicksrsham cummlnlon In »s rr|r,il en prshi- lition, !!Y ROIIXEY mJTCHKR NEA Service Wrllrf ' tried In cold water. Slowly ndd th« cooked syrup to bcnten whites, btntlng coiulnntly. Beat yolks of eggs until thick nnd lemon colored, using n wheel benter. Deal yolks Into white?, using (he whisk. Add vanilla, Mix and sift flour, suit nnd cream uf lartnr six times. I\>ld carefully into mixture. Turn Into tube cnl:e pan and bake one hour n a slow oven. Invert pun to cool. Shredded .fresTi pineapple or a jineapple lee or sherbet is delecla- e to serve with this cake. The following rule for sponge i mousse can be used in nn Icelcss 1 refrigerator or p-.icked In salt and ! Ic; nnd frcren without stirring. I oily hall by Mi-. Meyer, and ufford visual pvlili-nce- of the value of Ui3 work that Is being done. Mr Mi'jvr commented cnlluisl- iMllcally ("slay m the cooperation wlilih ov% :M of land along tlie <hi\hvi'.;e tlltche:; ure showlin. 1-urmris. In- i.ilil, are putting their own teams and tools at v.'ork, help- tin; tu rem:;v<' liars :il the out'.jts cf their f.\n dichc-s and hnpj'ovbitr the efficiency of tlie it;'iilLia.v,e syMein. 1'iMllc.illi- nil ut Hie able ljodl?d I iiiui (tcii.'iid'-nt on the lied Cros.' in the part of Ihe Chlrkasawbu T i V . i . ,., . j ill.-lrlLt e^i or li:« i.nke and Lll- JOI) ICSlCVClay and lodayi'!« .Rlvi-t ai<- now turning Approximately 375, Reel j Cross Bcncdciai'ies OH: times has teen serious, has- been found through an arrangement reached by Sam Alexander and E. B. Dickey,' who are in charge of the Red Cross Woodyard, through which ten carloads of wood, .purchased at Hornersvll!.» at a nominal cost, will be hauled here free of charge by the Cotton Belt railroad. Mose Stover, who operates a saw mill nt< Horn'jrsYllte, has agreed to furnish the wood, dry oak slabs, on board cars at Hornersville for $1.50 a car lend. Enough of the wood will Ue sold here to pay for It, nnd Ihe ie?l will be available for j free distribution. The first car their, tad will arrlvo here tomorrow, and With ] work, i larger crease which i Ihe Red His Holiness atcvc as hi tat WASHINGTON, Jan. 2«. — Ti\\Vicke: .-h&ni cannni£ s .lcii. in Us lull report as .-^nrd by 10 of tlie 11 members, says tlie available facts and rigmes "indicate that afier i brief psiir.:! in the fir.^l years c' the ['.ineiidmcnt iticr? Ins h:en n Clearly increase in diinkim;. dees all t:.e lic-,uor come! , •—-• • swer\h^se™icl!s n and ! ' : ;u5 S eJt;ily improved since the huge diver- j of means. It is true many persons]of the sun starts the "sap" to cir what can be done toward dam- slons of a few years ago. ming some of the chief sources of : -'-HI fnr Ironl supply. Maple MOUSM- One niul one-fo\irth cups maple j syrup, a eetis iwhltesl. 2 cups |':,"'' shipped cream, few grains sail, : " £lnK cn'runi Vbv neat whites ; of eggs until stlif. rj ra ^ con*«t! v> I, Driilnn^ Cook tyiup while beating eggs and | District 17 add Brutally to whiles, cooking i Q VCI . 3,5 Jllc|t v , rr( . , a work 0|1 syrup while beating in each addl- lhp lMchK yesterday, nnd lodnv tton of syrup. Fold in cream whip- ,,, e ,, llm |,tr w . ls 0 , nv „ „„,,. „„„,.•, nxxl until firm with a few grain,-! of ; 0 f that figure. Crews are at work I salt. Ti:rn into mold aud free/.e. I nl nbo ,,t a d , wn j.,^,,, K . u m. re :l ; J ack In a mixture of eight parts j OVM - the ChlckiD-awbn dlMrict ,ce to o:-.e part ice cream salt. As • tection of tin- Drainage IllstrK-l 17, the mixture freezes scrape it down ,i n( j n re making .sicurty inroads into | weekly fo<:,l Mipplir;. must of them for tiicalcr convenience In irand- forces of men nil 1 * '- llll 'h '*"in. Each man whose, limf it tire Red Cr<\ss woodyard will progress Is vc-1 '"'n'ly ^ <>'•> H»' Krd Cross list. Is; be moved to n point on the Cotton m J. W Meyer in I «' vf> " . :> " : > lh "ckel l '- ir h week' llelt right of way lii the rear rf In: iisiii this must !•? mTEPiHp.'l, prop-' Ark-Mo Lumber company. oily s!i:!i:-il. befurc Hit next week'si focd H-iiiUMlii:'. is iviiicd. Mnny i otl-i'is an- n.t v,Di-k in (tie Manila nnd Li-ai-liMl'-e l,:nlturh'S, and to- 3" .in 1 %\vm trO\m? the striking picture > tlirone durins; services at the Cathedral of Laterne. Vatican City, Rome. This the most recent photo ol the I'ope to reacli this country. rlames- Commerml Stills •'Commercial illicit dis'.illin- tton of liquor goes on everywhere but "is i cannot afford these prices and for Imitating frcm the r"ots of the trees satisfactory" and has jthem a large amount of cheap, poor 'up through the trunk nnd branches "too many oppm Unities for leaks." j grade, or even poisonous liquor is to finally reach the leaf buds. ILLICIT DISTILLING: l-'or the : constantly produced and Is in gen- The "first run" Is considered lime being this is the chief source ictal circulation. The conclusion is of -uipply. There are plants of ca- I that enforcement Ls not to the o!d-!imc ; the sources of production from the sides of the mold with a stout spatula. diiy C. A. Cumilr,!;h.iin nnd Mr. Meyer went l-> Osmiln to F.eek to! mian;;i' wlih the Red Cri^s there] for U!.-- r-C men en District n i dilcl:,.} in lluil part nl the conn-1 ty. Weekly food requisitions issued the willows mill umlcibrush which I l>y Ihe Chii-kusa'.vba district Red 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS "o66 SALVE' Cures lialiy's Cold in many nlnces have reduced tho] Cro:;s chnptvr wtrc increased; Many delicious candles are made I efficiency of ditches over Illly per syrup. Creams. Infly. | cent nougats nnd caramels are a few of the confections that gain new up- peal by Hie use of this distinctive sweet. i lawful distillery. "When destroyed iti ibtition so as materially to ^ affect | p. higher '.they arc promptly replaced. . . . | the supply." I Even where federal and stat; au-i NEXT: The b:nefits of prohibi- ' thorities join in a zealots cam-! lion, as seen by the Wickersham ' commission. the finest and indeed it does make a delicately flavored and light colored syrup. It usually commands i paie.n for enforcement they have been unable to keen up with the I setting up and op3ration of these. ' unlawful plants . . . The prices !nl -..-rich it (illickly dibtilbd whis- J kyi is cbtainablo arc a convincing 1 testimony to the ineffectiveness cf 1 cr.fcrcemeni as against this source • of supply." neer Supply "Troublesome" j PHODUCTI1N OP BEER: Enor- ! moiis sums, of mcney are derived i from the illicit beer business in j some parts of the country. The making of cereal beverage is legiti- ] mate and cannot, reasonably be ! eliminated, but as Ions as it con! tinues end there is a la'rse demand ! for tcer the situation will "give | trouble." j PRODUCTION OF WINE: Wineries are subject to constant inspec- Jtion and there has been little i trouble with them. But manuiac- i lure of grap? juice is a potential i source. If enforcement presses i heavily on ot'ner sources, "n leak up brew-in?, savs the coinmis-! mis'nt well develop here." .ln,nt l»pc'»lbte to cb.rk,j PRODUCTION H-! HOMES: Beer, wine and hard l:quor are made m hcmes. There seems to b? less market price than the syrup made a bit later but syrup made before the buds begin to grow on the maple trees is desirable and well flavored. The foltowln grille for sponge cake sweetened with nmple syrup is unusual and amazingly good. * * * I Maple Sponpe Cake i One and one-fourth cups maple syuip, 6 eggs, 1 cup pastry flour p 3-4 teaspoon cream of tartar, 1-8 j teaspoon salt, 1-4 teaspoon vanilla Separate whites from yolks o IBS. Beat whites until stiff, usin .. ,. ,, .. , ,. 'a wire whisk, while beating th Halls Alter Healed meet- j whites, cook syrup until a firm bal ings Yesterday. • i* tormeci whcn ll few drops . i • Calm Pervades Legislative l ' cut I jand an educational campaign, is urscil a= the best remedy. it points out. ar.d "necessity seems to comnel the virtual abandonment of efforts for cffectiva en- I fOrcement at this point." Th= re- perl dees not confirm the eovern-1 in?nt's claim that smu2glin2 has j been materially reduce:!, although i it. finds diversion o! alcc'r.ol hss j been cut down to a substantial ox- \ tent. . I "There are five main sources of. Illicit liquor," the commission re T ; ports'. "Imcortation. diversion of | industrial tvlco^ol. illicit dislilliii!;, ] illicit trewin» and illicit prnduc- j i .tion of wine." Diversion of mediei-j '• nsl nnd sacramental liquor has al«i ; conjidEred. it is added. • i Emi'T^led lin'ior comes chief!'; | '.. from Canadr.. directlv ami i'-.d"-""- ; 1 ly. The French islands nf St. Pierre ; ar.-l Miqi-.olon hive )->t-lv Rrown | ra^ldlv as imnnrtiut IJUSP.S and! there are dcwts f"r Fmu2irliivr in th." We.s! Indi"r.. Mexie-) and Centra 1 A me--'nn. tlomr cones bv lairi water ond air—and ^onr-liniP.? bv nac 1 ' 'nininlF. Prruszlin? hv "i" I- hard fo rrevcr.t t?cai-s^ le^il^ 1 ^^ fre irr ht mn^t nn! b" 1 rl ft lnv?^. ^-r 1 - roatis must rn-o^^r^itp tn nrpvent it nn-l "inv Inv-n't -.i<viv= c 1 ""- 1 «i LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 27. (UP)— Wheels of the general assembly moved slowly today gitndin: rouiinc matters. The sessions of both houses to- j day differed from those of yesterday which were punctuated with spirited discussions involving house and senate employes. Only one new measure was. Introduced in tlie house, bein-g a substi-1 tute bill for house bill number 59. j providing a change in state regu- j lations pertaining to hunting-of ml-1 gratory birds to conform to federal i regulations, it was placed on the calendar. Representative Cannon, Hemp- 1 stead courityy offered a house res- j'olution creating a committee of fiv? • representatives to Investigate the medical department of the University of Aria'nsas, located, in Little Rock. The .resolution was adopted. The. judiciary' -committee . recommended passage of house bill number 31, providing for reduction of .the rates-fbr publishing of Icjal notices. Cannon moved the bill b: sent to the committee of public i printing for further consideration, which motion was defeated. Senator Caldwell offered a measure providing an appropriation of $119,000 .for maintenance and operation, of agriculture colleges up to June .'3D, 1933. Read Courier News Want nds nrfs Show ItcKUlts Pictures taken by Mr. Meyer. Dhowing ditches briorc nnd nfle: 1 being cleaned by the- Hod Cross crews, have been posted in the chamber of commerce room at the slliUilly yesti-iilny to provid fuinily with n I1UV> marc Itu meat, anil with sugar added ID the M.-il. Ol)l:iln Ten Cars of WnoA Pt'imancnt sclulion of the prob- le,m uf providing fuel for needy families In lllytheville, which at Read Courier News Want Ads. Read How New And Different Medicine Put An End To Ton Years Suffering. SUNSHINE Heat LUCKIES are always kind to your throat Organized meter truck transport, : exceedingly hard to break up, ! ritiil by Hie. ccmmi£;ic:i a- the. ! chief factnr in the smuggling of SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN 4<idiT. v.o-vcvjr. Travel nvl "i-vn ^ff, i 1 -." cr."".vrl« {-i i( :fim c ff>"iliti ft s CCPtt-nl " J.|nj-ij-»ti S'i>^-i-vic : mr W?t"r tririsTTirt^tinri of M lips repriipd p I'ich ttT*i of ., .-r.r-. (.«„-), tl>—• t- rjptr^it H-PS (iecrr^^'-'l prrvpT-on* \\y rrfs^f licme bre,iiii7 of brer than fovinerlj-i BY SISTER MARY :-.' because it is inco:ivrin;:i the j NEA .Service 'iVriter r. .prcd'.ict cf poor Quality, wher-333 ! In the early spring there's notli- -.. I v;li:sky is cheap. T.'.ere hr.s been'• Ing quite like the taste of maple fo ' ^cme recent development of 'ho:n2 ! syrup fresh from the "sugar bush.' ic i brewing for sale. Much home-made | Served plain with warm biscuits ~i! ! wine Rets into circulation. pancakes or waffles, it's delicious ; "Pew thincs are more easily ] Desserts sweetened with real ma-,,. | made than alcohol." Anyone may pie syrup have a taste that can't lo_: carry on home distilling cheaply I bo imitated. v » on a small sc.ile. In some localities Maple syrup is one of the nevi ,-,, i this at one time or another hr.s' food products that is completely KO : reached large propartisns. The | seasonal and cannot be produced ii;ii tiio im- Iprcatict is of poor quality but cheap.; in a hot-house. Its season is chart t,.,. incr ,,,.,^ : "Necessity seems to compel the vir-, and its production limited to cer- iV-ps H"-"-i lu;i1 abandonment cf efforts I=r j tain sections of the country. Fresh j and by alt the best druggists in all •i nie'iv fMfi .effective enforcement at this polal [ maylc syrup can be available on towns throughout this entire sec- i-™., q ,,n«.i.. ] thosnc distilling), but it must be j the market only after the warmth i tton. •• —Adv. ;recognized that this is dor.o at the' in • SIRS. "Konjola,"ccr(ninly is ja' wonder fill msdiciiie." said Mrsf'Eirl Reed, Sugar Creek, near • Independence. "I suffered for ten years with kidney trouble and constipation. My knees and limbs were stiff and sore from rheumatism. The weakened condition of my kidneys caused night risings and I became extr r niely nervous. "I kept readme about Konjola and decided to give this medicine p. trial. Konjola certainly did the work in mv CRSC and T now feel like n different woman. Rheumatism has been relieved; constipation has been corrected, and I do not have to arise nearly so often at night. I cannot say enough in pmise of Konfola." Konjola is free from alcohol or nerve deadening drugs. It Is all pure powerful medicine, and, taken resularlv over a six to eight week period, lias made an amazing record. Konjola is sold in Blythcvilte, Arkansas at Kirby Drue Stores, cr"as» in e«n- "-ni ! ti -1 ' of fV vl"i ov." '• : R liii7 n'-.r s n cr,,rle:;"lhn of -vhr,! it s-«v! T\'nnKTPT.\r. MCOiiOL: Tin jTcif r^r-rir <.'••'^ni 71* r.'v o^-^"^o[] mnms ,i-!"i'ia!" 'or Oi ft nn". M"- t-l r<— 'r-!l : 'v: i-'^iKtir-i " I rfnv'inie'; 'vit^i in '*" 1"' >"ar ii is not nnllk-ly I l' ricc ° ! nullification to that ex-' f to ip-r<\i?c. "" j tent." An educational campaign in I Bnnrilin'- m II;p ^ni-"-^^-. • this field is urged. j • rv-t'r,-.:,' i^ — np r.f r-n^H.-.,,, i DIVERSION OF MEDICINAL]™ nrrHiiPtif-.p. •••"<• "* r->-r«r-.->,v1'n- • AND SACR,\^tENTAL ALCOHOL: I • ipry^^^^ in r.w.n]-) nb^:->" r.-n.'Tr.ere .sterns no serious problem as • 8 <t^pir>tio:i. indic 1 * 0 -^ tb-it tV in-j'-O ths diversion or unlawful use of 3iwr1l->ii whUkv s-nn-r. j sacramental wines. Restrictions on „?- (!,.--.!••» r"-^--.--.-;physicians as to medicinal alcohol. Cmnliin <"»•••--nm->rt ."runs counter to Iiindanisn'al con-j • , v TT pr-.-n n-ii'i enii>->-j ccptions of professional e!hlcs"l_, r pf--,-^.,-«..' n--.,-i, e ! (and the commission recommended t - pi ™ Ki-i, r't-h nf O r. liberalization). _ p^iriit )f i," f -fT'-- L ' Sees Klavv in Enforcement | , f.'\^ nf u-'iif *' irt —--' In its section on "Enforcement," ! : -.bruit F-nncalin-' T~- t' 15 cMninlssson also makes this sig- i nificant observation: "A fair index'of the effectiveness of enforcement is furnished by the prices at which liquor may be had I in different localities. As to this,' f-there is significantly uniform evi- <: dcnce that while 'certain kinds of; . . ir.vjcrtod wines conmiaid high! . prices and now and then the pres-: . f.'.~f of enforcement raises all - ."•:•"- fcr a time at ona spot, t ' 1 ' 1 ' T>in>"nt H"in" -irnlurefi "'v- ""hi'sy of good quality is obtain- riral cfi ;1 i r n> is nnl vet wh-x' iti'^- c fnbstanlially everywhere at: should be, Tlio situation has great- l )r '"s not extravagant, for persons OWN YOUR HOME If you arc paying S20.00 p«r month rent for the homo you live in. at the eml of ten years, jou"will have paid out SMOO.OO, and will have nothing- but a large batch of rent receipts to phow for your money, but if 5-011 deal with me, at the end of that lime, you will be the oivntr of the home in nhich you live, Thai's the difference. I have more than twenty-fire houses In Blrthrville from which you can make a selection. If interested, see me. C. J. Evrard Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 LLOWS TKe advice of your (jKjsician is: Keep out of doors, in thcofxn air, breathe deeply; take plenty of exercise in the mellow sunshine, and have a periodic check-up" on the 'icahh of your body. Everyone knows that sunshine mellows-that's why the "TOASTiNG" process includes the use of the Uifra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos—the Cream of the Crop— THEN-"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and 50 "TOASTING that extra/ secret process —removes harmful irritants that cause throa. irritation and coughing. It's TUNE IN— TheLudyStriHc Dance Orch«- (ra, every Tu«day f Thursday and Saturday evening over N. B. C. net' u-orfu. Your Throat Protection —against irritation —against cou<

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