The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1953 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1953
Page 11
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tHtJMTDXT, TAW. T, tW§ Chuck and Rump Cuts Make Best Pot Roast Beef Boneless Sirloin Tip And Boston or English Cuts Also Are Good tt By G.AVNOR MAI>DOX Js'EA Food and Markets Editor For flavorful, tender pot roast, the chuck nnd rump of beef are top selections. The boneless sirloin tip and lhe Boston-cut or English-cut pot roast ore also well suited to this type of cookery.. Make certain your pot roast is at least two inches thick for sizeable Juicy and tender slices when the meat Is served. 'Allow 1-3 pound per serving of bone-in meat and 1/,-pound per serving of boneless meat. -But plan also on ample meat for the left-over service. A heavy kettle or roasting pan wllh a tight-fitting cover Is an essential. A small rack or two or three jar lids punched with a nail to keep the meat off the bottom is a safeguard against burning. Rub th« roast with flour with a email amount of salt nnd pepper Kdded. Then brown the meat In tho kettle In a small amount of fat. During (he browning do not allow the meat to burn, for burned- meat flavor wlJl be Intensified during cooking. When the meat Is browned on each side, slip the rack under lhe meat. Add about a cup of wafer or other liquid, cover the kettle •3f4 cook meat slowly on the range Surface or In a moderate oven (350 degrees P.). Simmer, but do not boll. Add more water if necessary to keep "4 to 1-inch liquid I In bottom of kettle to form steam ' However, avoid "drowning" the meat. A 2-lnch-thlck pot roast, averaging about 3 pounds, will be done In approximately 2>/ 2 to 3 hours. From 3;' 2 to 4 hours will be required for a 5-pound,. 3-ineh-thick pot roast. A thick-boned roast requires about ] hour longer cooking time than for a thinner bone-In I roast of the same weight. I Pot roasts may be prepared in a i pressure cooker. Follow.the cooker ! manufacturer's directions,' i Tomato, juice added in'place of waler is a favorite. Presh or dried herbs added to the broth give an Interesting flavor, if not used too profusely. Or stir 2 'tablespoons , curry powder and l teaspoon sugar ! mixed with '/, cup water into broth about three-quarters of an hour I before lhe meat is done. Or, carrots, peeled onions, stalks of celery, pared medium potatoes and any other mild vegetable in whole or good-sized pieces.may be added 1 during the last 45 minutes oi cook- '' ing. For gravy, skim off fat and pleasure remaining broth. If there ^7e broken vegetables in the broth', strain nnd mash before returning to the gravy. Add water to make 2 cups of meat broth for each 3 pounds of roast, or 3 cups of meat broth for each 5 pounds of the meat. Mix flour for thickening with cold water and slir into broth Stir and let. boil lor five minutes. Season to taste and serve in bowl. Here's Sophisticated Ground Beef Dish Try this sophisticated ground beef serving. Shape ground beel U',1 pounds for t servings) to reeemble a porterhouse steak: Place It on your broiler rack and Insert the pan so that the top of the meat Is 2 to 3 inches from the heat. Broil until bro\™, about 6 to'8 minutes, Turn tind place the meat on a greased plank or bread board. Place tomato halves and cooked carrots around tlie meat. Using a spoon or pastry tube, arrange mashed potatoes around the edge, entirely covering the plank. Return the meat to the broiler to heat .the vegetables and to cook the meat on the second side. Cups of Beef Have folks talking about ground beef served in this clever way. Line muffin pans with a ground beef mixture, extending the meat about i Vt inch above the pans. Pre-cook cubed potatoes In milk, then olace them In the meat cups. Cook meat and potatoes for 30 minutes in a moderate oven. Cook a packa-ge of frozen rhubarb «nd combine It with thawed frozen sliced strawberries for a delectable fruit compote to serve after a hearty main course. Always cooks up crisp and delicious because It's sliced fresh daily Goody Evergood says Broiling of Flank Steak Depends on Its Quality on dinner tables and In smart restaurants as a full-flavored tender "London Broil." Quality is the secret of this new guise for a cut long thought to be suitable only for, slow, moist cookery. Top-quality, thlcR, well-fatted flunk steaks may be broiled (he same way you would prepare any favorite slcnk. However, u me iiank steak you purchase is the more familiar hln, lean steak with the, prominent long muscular texture, slick to your favorite braising method of cookery. To prepare the London Broil, remove the membrane from both sides of a (op-quality flank steak and trim off excess fat and uneven edges. Even though the fat is trimmed from the steak before ., " . o^ ftiui juiciness to i*i6 rriCiH, ,, f 00 ™ lhe m <-"l on both sides into diamond shapes by cutting diagonal slices across (he sleak brnli qu l ck ! y ' n " Preheated hoi broiler 3 Inches from Die heal source for 5 minutes. Turn and broil 5 minutes more to give a well-browned surface with a rare interior. Season and carve in thin slnnllng elfces. rJ^i c™^!' 0 " of lhe L °n<lon wioii, soak the meat overnight in a garlic oil with a small amount of vlncgnr added. Remove from oil and rub tho meat with a clove of garlic before broiling. Broil one side of the meal, turn and spread with mashed blue cheese. Continue broiling until (he cheese Is bub- is lop- qui Ity tnd weli-r.tted, brals. «, Braised flank steak, filled with a flavorful bread or rlc« stuffing, Is * favorite with most families. ,. Rol j JJ> e m «al securely around (he slurring, (I, with a siring, or secure with melal skewers. Drown the meat well in a heavy skillet cover ami cook at a low temperature on top of the range or In the oven until lhe meat is tender. Bacon strips wrapped around this meat after browning will baste the steak with needed fat. If a stuffing Is not desired, roll the flank steak" around strips of salt pork and artrf mixed vegetables during the final minutes of cooking. Livtr Tatties Have~ liver sliced about M Inch thick, then cut It Into 1 inch squares. Place liver In a paper bag with /lour, then shake the bag to flour-coal, the liver. Drop the floured lli'er In a keltic of deep lard nt a temperature of 360 p. Cook until brown. Drain on absorbent paper, then season with salt. Frank* for Speed 1 When you're wondering what to serve for * quick lunch or dinner enltet the aid of frunkfurfn. Place frnijka over » caswrole made of canned baked beans. Heat through and serve with brown bread, cole slaw and broccoli. FcstiV* Trent For » tempting lervlnj with « festive air It's Hawaiian Bacon. Simply hroll or panbroll slices of Canadian - style bacon and serve topped wun a spicy raisin-pineap- plo sauce. Read Courier News Classified Ads. ,. Serve RONCO spaghetti « macaroni • pure egg noodles SLICED BACON Potatoes OLE O^'-vLB 18 Co f foe fiK & LB. 7 7 FRYERS B 49 Oven-Readv- BALLARI) BISCUITS 2,»250 Tail Cans PET MILK 3,.,430 In Carton , Ibs 490 Jack Spral MUSTARD GREENS £ n2 10ji Libb.v's 46 Oz. P'APPLE JUICE ..... Cm 290 Center Cuts . . . I,h. . . . 55 C PORK CHOPS End M , ,., 450 Tender Juicy VEAL ROAST Ib 390 Fresh Tender ROUND STEAK Lb 690 Lihhy's Fresh Frozen SWEET PEAS 100> 230 lobby's Fresh Frozen ORANGEJUICE- 60 , 180 TENDER GREEN CABBAGE LB. BANANAS Golden Ripe LETTUCE EA. 100 Large Tender Heads ONIONS LB. 100 Sweer Yellow Prices Effective Fri.-Sat.-Mon. We reserve tht , right ro limit Quantities None Sold for Resale WE REFUND PARKING METER MONEY! •'^-•^^^•••••••••"''"'""'^^WiMHIHI^^^HHH^IH^^^^^^^^^M Richardson's * CASH GROCERY * "Everyday Low Prices" Formerly Liberty Cosh - Corner of 5th & Main in Blyrheville ^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•^•••••••MiMIBMBB^^^^^^^^i^^^^^. — PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised and Fancy Groceries 1044 Chiekasawbn — W« Deliver _ Phone 2043 SPECIALS! Prices Effective Thursday-Fri.-Sqt. VEAL ROAST Tender, Good & Economical 1 1 Fresh Pure PORK SAUSAGE ItM 310 Golden Rich (Yellow Slicks) OLEOMARGARINE „ 190 Libby's CORNED BEEF only 510 Premium CRACKERS. £230 Maxwell Hous« COFFEE ^830 King Bee Honey Flavored . ' • TABLE SYRUP 200l2 30 For Delicious Pies PUMPKIN BANANAS Golden Rip* Large Fancy II ID. 12 Adam's Sugar Added ORANGE JUKE ..^Zlfr Florida Juicy OBAHGES ^390 Fancy Small YELLO SQUASH„ 170 Hirds Eye FROZEN SPINACH Pk ,220 Birds Eye Frozen GREEN LIMAS Pks 320 Minuie Maid Frozen ' ORANGE JUICE Can 180 Heinz: BABY FOODS 3 C .,230 PURE LARD Fresh Pure Hog Lard Ib. 12 1 Vi Lb. Size 210 Rerf or White KARO SYRUP .Jack Sprat PICKLES G>IJ , r 980 Jack Sprat TOMATO CATSUP Bt , 170 Del Monle GREEN LIMAS Burkees COCOANUT Giant Size DMFT „.,„„„ 590 Ite Lux Lovely LUX SOAP 3B,, hS u,290 Junket (Choc, or Caramel) QUICK FUDGE , FROSTING 250 . 303 Size Box Only ' Bath Size i 230

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