The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1934
Page 4
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FAG1TWO <AML) COUBIBE NEWS Social Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. T. H. Hnyncs hnvlui; Hook parly at homo of Mrs. Hustell Van, 2:30 P. M. Mrs. Lloyd Sllckmon entertaining Young Matrons NlRht club. Executive board of Dorcas Sim- day school class First Baptist church meeting 2:30 p. in. Miss Crow to Be l With J'arijw. 1 MUs Margaret, Cross, whose mar- fiage to Edward Seeraves, of I.ux- ora, will be one of ttic most interesting cvenjs of the curly jbuunner, "nill be c6rnpllinented with several affairs. Since announcing the engagement yesterday two parties have already been planned. Mrs. Carrol Blaltemorc will have a lunch j ecu Saturday nnrt Mrs. Samuel r. Norris will have n -moll bridge party Monday evening. P. E. O. ,Mrtls. A program on Washington, t^'c national capital, was given at n meeting of ilie P. K. O. Wednesday afternoon at tlic home o! Mrs. H. F. Klrshner. Tlic ten members present heard Mrs. Charles S. Lemons present a .program which included n talk The Executive Mansion" by Mrs. Bits oj Nei£s Mostly Personal Miss Clarice Kennedy, who underwent an operation for appendicitis t*o weeks ago at the Ely- theville hospital, r.ns recovered and resumed her work as teacher in the Armowl school, she has been convalescing at her r.umc at Manila. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Orerstrcel, of Utlle Hock, attended to business here yesterday. Mrs. Munford Ua-ss Is a patient at the St. Joseph hospital of Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lee Wilson, Jr., S|>cnl yesterday In Annorcl whore Mr, Wilson attended lo business. cfrcshmenls' 1 but "had tomclhlnf; .0 drink"; not "a sonu entitled" out "called" (proper if used in cgal sense); not "I will ascertain" but "I will find out"; i»t "residence" (except In printing or engraving) but "houBC"; not "mansion" but "big house." Thc objection (o such words as, partake, ablutions, etc., Is that ihcy have a psei Shawnee Studeib Win Honors in State Gallon Brown Elected Head of Cooter Alumni COOTER, Mo.-a» s t6n Brown •as elected president or t'.:o Cooior tah school alumni association at 'the annual banquet lait j-viday night. Other officers arc Miss la- raic Hushing, vice-pru-lden'., and , 1 ™ wwte ' **«""* "'" THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 1934 liASSETT, Ark.-Honor* In .!. L0 " i "' <1 Ca&sidy of cape Glrsr- humbcr of events were wn*s i,ui d(rliu wils toa ^mas!*r at the lian- , a -. elegance about them that Is on A| ?" J3 lnd par with the crooked little finger ' """ holding a teacup. In best society no one arises, or retires, or resides In a residence. One gets up, goes to bed, anil lives in a house, li Shawnec school pupil* ticlpalcd In the state high , meet for atilcultural and ,_ .economics students at Fayelttville I made by and Mr. Weinp. a voiiul .yolo and pril 13 and it. In, , n 'i ~n."~~ Janet McGarity placed first iJBlaCK-lJraUght Fine - —•• - "j j«i*vvv« iliav III clothing selection, Katherlne Long vras second In clothing construction, and Robert Andrews placed third In general livestock. tu utu, mill MVL'h 11! a nOUSC, lir « . o-'*v*«i i«»roi.s^;n. other words, everything thai is I Oilier students who were entcr- slmple und direct Is belter form if" '" the n «et were Thomas Me thin tlie cumbersome ami pretcn- iian Gu tlous. Otis Grant, Mlr- To Relieve Headache Due to Constipation When a sick headache Is due to the poisons absorbed inlo [he system from clogged Intestines (con " Mrs. Ray Lowiy and daughter, Mary Martin, have returned from Urownsvlllc, Tenn.. where Mis Lowiy, at thc home of her mother, has been convalescing following n major operation. Meyer Ciraber has returned from a buying trip to St. Louis. Goorge Williams has returned (o , Memphis after a brief vlsli with d his parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. S Williams. .stipatlon). take H dose of Thed- not, "pardon me!" but "1 beg your pardon. Or, "excuse me," or "sorry.'"; not "lively food" but "food fowl"; not "elegant home" hut beautiful house— or place"; not 'a .stylish dresser" but -she dress's well," ov "she wears lovely lollies"; not "charmed." or "pleas- it lo meet you," but "how do ymi . Mrs. J. A. Merrill, of Wilson, vis- | ited friends at Armorcl Tuesday. I Mrs. Bancroft Terry Is spending In Warrcnsburg, Mo., C. \v! Afflick, and a talk" "The First Lady," Miss Martha Winburn. | • ;. A salad course was served, i—•— —.*-. *....~... b , ..n,. • « . jvlslling Mr. Terry, who Is employ- To Have Picnic, i ctl 1|1C1(; - '.who will meet at the churcli a ti Cralum > """^ 3 - sustained .. 4 o'clock and adults will rpctt at ""S 111 f'-acturc of Ihc skull when the crmrch at 0:15 p.m. to R o outi slle fc " fl ' c "" a rfx± fctiro . • -.-!.- • - Mrs. Mary O'Brien Wells of Chi- for supper which will be served at •7 o'clock. The affair will be postponed ir It should rain. .Compliment Briite-Eleel. Tile Open Door Sunday school class of thc First Christian church eomplirnenltrt Miss Mary Lillian Rtggins. whose marriage (o Mr. Charles Ailken will take piece soan. with a shower party Tuesday evening at tlie home of Mr. and .Mis. E. M. Terry. Splrea and iris were used in the purple and while color moilf and . miniature corsages of violets were .'on the refreshment .plates. A chick..en salad wo/* served with dsvlJcd • fruit cake, topped with whipped '.cream, and coffee. '_ In the bunco games winners of - »11 prizes presented lhe gifts lo Miss Riggins whose "traveling" prlv.e was cago iiniveil night to visit her iiarcnls, Mr. ami Mro. ?,eph O'Brien. She was accompanied by Miss Mary Powers, also of Chicago. "The Proper Thing There me a number of phrases auilded In soort society, altlioush l|. is difficult to explain why well- bred people avoid some words and expressions Mini lire admitted bj elymolofly and below is 11 lisl a shower of miscellaneous gifts. Included In lhe 24 present weie two guests, Mr. and Mrs. CHIford Joyner. grammar. Given of words and phrases which are never said r.imony those with the best of ctlu calion und manners, form following: Never say: "I desire lo purchase' Fox-Chlshohn. liia ttl S' "I should like lo buy" ' Thc marriage of Mrs Au-Jlev l uot , 7 tlust l am " ol "•>-'*!»« Thack-r Chlsholm and Mr Johiii'" 3 l " l ° LK ! " ln IIOt '" lhe Logan Fox was quielly solemnized!;" 5 .; „""*•* "^^""'S «' pr Sunday afternoon at the ho'no of I l )r «iwrty the Rev. W. J. LeRoy. paslor of the I! 101 ' rcr " lcsr <mc«iln B ask) which • lake street M3thodlst church, who' * "«* ° 1 " 5 ' .'» ll ! c "",«' - performed the riii" service 1 (olmi!i written Inritiillons; not Tr.e attractive brliie who is the 1 yo " " ccord mc I wi ™isslon?" daugfiterof Mrs. fttary'E. Tlucke'rl", 1 ' 1 .'.p V ' U ., yo " '^ mc , ? Ma y ""•' of Little Rock, lived In that cllyi", , '" C ttssist 5 ' 0l> " _ until she came here two years ago. 1 , mv hcl|> s '°"" ; not " : 1>te i Mr. Fox has been connected with if,';"', , . ' f ^ the Phillips Motor company for the' T" """ a i^v^.na*! civ years ' !to try Black-Draught for ihes; lie.-iriacljes. f look small doses of Ulack-Draughl alter meals. It Mopped the headaches. It is fine. Tiwn w~, ""„ ' I " U| '" ilkl ' s ""•' fccl l:ellfr in every TWO »todem FurnLshed Rooms, way.".... Black-Draught is mirc- !, reasonablo, 1 6 01 West Ash 1 , ly vegetable. Sold in 25c pucka^s. licao: Courier News Want Ads. TOO LATE TO~CLAS8WY~" First quality, fust coloi broadcloths in solids and fancy patterns, in a grade many sell for 51. Featured by Grabers at 79c b " 1 "' f 1 ^^- »°l , bl " 1( l uct . a dinner"; not "converse I but "tnlk"; not. "partook of l \ Since thc assassination of Abra-i '•—i Lincoln, it has Ocen tha cus-' i for the president and the vice nt of the United Stairs o expose themselves lo any at lhe same time. They a.*. — --- " A * the same (rain to!> }jg«ter, for instance. UKAUE A Raw Milk Fhoee 74 Craig's Dairy STILL GOING ON Tropical Worsteds. LOO'.; Wool tS S5 S;x™^' k - $4.95 HATS Regular s:j.r)D n ;l f s SHIRTS Fniil of the u " m ' S1 ' (i5 Val " cs PANTS S5i °° A11 Wo °' Lit ' llt Grey |lauls $d on HAYNES^ MEN'S SHOP or, "I'm very glad to meet •oul". not "In tlie home." but wine one's house or at home"; not "phone, photo, , , auto," but "telephone, photograph, .The QnC^-wf !va: vcn'-.r.c title of Amcr>'i'5 .Tost comfortable jnd beautiful Prague h; 1005 and their offspring have spread Into upiwr and lower Austria, Bavaria, and Germany and number about 100.000,000 Tho Tdrvjo -flo*lblo instep feature permits the Instep of the feet to rev. ccmfcrccbly vilhoul. binding or culling.'' Smart New Styles Our shop is modern and lanllary and we employ only the best trained-operators. Margaret Deen's Beauty Shoppe Good Shoes and Hosi< """finis}, THE WORK IT j WILL We./ WE ACCEPT SCRIPT IN TRADE Men Too Are Learning, "It's Smart to Be Thrifty" CRABER'C ^^^ "np.PT STrvp-pc ^^^ ON Till-; OLD GUAM) LEADER CORNER HLYTHEVILLE ARK, BE ONE OF THE FIRST 59c • 79c - 98c • $ 1 To "Get In" On This OPENING SALE of Straw Hats rime to beRln thinking of laying aside the olii winter felt; warni'»- days call for these new Straws —Panamas, Banfcoks, Sennets and other favored straws in sailors, optimos, crusher and other styles. We offer more uiau K different style: and straws, and know that, we can please any type of customer, both as to style and price, in this wide range. $150 $ Broadcloth Dress Shirts 59c dliphtly irregulars iu white and sulid colors as well as stripes and patterns, ill an excellent, quality broadcloth. Fast colors. Sizes H to 18. Dc values. Here ;i r o finest quality oioadcloths. embodying every lealure found in regular S1.50 whirls. Ciuarantcetl not li shrink, with non-curl collars. GENUINE HAND-MADE NECK TIES Hilk Tics in thc most attractive patterns for spring and summer. Others ask 49c and up. 25c-50e-$l ^-4. jp|; JHi® viX-\ ; - •*. * •' *• tVi •j&'f^i . ^^}c>^ « 'i* * 1.19 «* 69< HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Blytheville, Ark. Here Are Best Values in Dress Pants CKMJINE COL-TEX SAiNTOKDrZED WASH PANTS Special purchase of BIG BUCK Dress Pauls, in white with Ian or black stripes. Have side buckles, high waist band and wide bell loops. 22-tnch botloms. Gnaranleed Non- Shrink. Boys' Sizes 98c; Men's Sizes WASHABLE GABARDINE DKESS I'AN'i'S \V';t;liable Giihantinu in \vliito with hlack slripe.s, its well ;is light tan: ;iiso the popular ".Nubs". AL1- \VOOI, WORSTED SUIT I'ANTS KiucsL iiiinlity punts, front suit?, thai would sell •n ;t ix'gtilur way at S7.50. Our special purchase -'iiablcs its to st'll tliuiii at Linen-Gabardines -Flannels-Nulls In this papular price range you will tind Santordized Genuine Pcppercll Fabrics; linen finish CHIOS in white and black, anrt white and (an; tropical cloths in light and darker grays tor the yumiR men. and darker pailcrns in stripes for the more conservative men; also white linens; as well as light weight flannels and fine quality sabarduic.s. All sizes. Full Cut Shirts & Shorts / Many Slylcs - Cnlors and Mattrials ie Hy .shorts in a fi;u^ riiiality white l:roac?rlotii, ^firUi ;{!>c. r^istitie rayon Sl>irts and Shorts in while ami paste] '.hades, i-'mc comtetl cctlon ^hiits in balbnggnn and rihhen itylrs. Shorts of excellent quality broadcloth in joiid colors mil fancy patterns. Elastic siiles with reinforced vvaislbnnrh Cotnpare with other 3'Jc and SOc ganncnts. fn all siws. Choice Per Garment 25c Stylish Sports SHOES For Spring 5'ilnl -ilulc.-. ivhiic niul blnck. tan and while, in snappy uur-:-tiii siv>n oxfords, as well as i rirc.vy Dll-li'-irt: KOI voiur m?n. All sizrs. i: (JA1,K-SKIN OXFOKUS 3ciu;inc en If skins, with oak jcnd soies. Many styles in quality usually sold at from 64 lo $j. Special at 50 i Lm $ 1 Here Arc Two Outstanding Values in Work Shoes Soft (ilnvn Klk, with Uskide *^ QO I'lnin ami Moccasin style, Sole, loalhrr .slip between solo $ • JO split leather with "Armor- and lealhov insole. Ucgular I tre ( l" Cord-Wcnr Comiwsilion ?2.50 value. A Soles. All sizes. 1

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