The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 27, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO " • > "•• • •• BIATHKVILLE. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS 27, 1931. A Woman Designed this Church Society Calendar Wednesday Mrs. Joe Van Aim en Is having the Matinee Bridge club. The P. E. O. is meeting with Mrs. J. A. Leech. Thursday Mrs. H. A. Smith Is entertaining the Mid-Week Bridge club. Sutnrday There will be a story hour at the Library,at 10'JO o'clock.. . • was named secretary and Mrs. J. Mell Brooks, pianist. Tlie four captains are to l>c Mesdamcs M. G Goodwin, O. C. Ganske, W. M. Taylor and Sallie Hubler. These classes will bs held on the fourth and fifth Monday afternoons ot each month. frs. Ira Gray gave an oullint 1 ct the work lo be Inkcn up this year and a prayer by Mrs. E. l>. Roe dismissed the 24 members present. • » • Study Public gpc-ililn;. Miss Jjinia H Bits of News Mostly Personal Mr. ai:i! Mrs. H. It. P.utlow '.\nd Miv; Ki:::i Wright, of rara;ould. van- uursis of Mr. nnd Mrs. Chis. P.i:;lv-*- l.:r the weekend. M;s Hilly Citimes and dau.iluor, Hill.:' I.MII-.O, returned Sund.iy !ro:n UyNKA Sen-let- The Boston Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church ot Tulsa, Okla.. designed by a woman, is archltec- ! lunilly expressive of tlie spirit of • Oklahoma and Is said to have bor- I rowed no structural ideas from other lands. NcWS ' n ' e designer o f this modem church, which has won national up- Mis. 13ass of Premise Land vis'.-i P°«>'°-U<°" since its completion In cd her daughter, Mrs. R T Wilder 1 1B2!) ' te Adah Ml noblnson, Tulsa last Sunday. ' joiiist. Mr. air; Mrs. M. C. IJurns has as| When llle building committee bs- their Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. | ci>inc dissatisfied with first plans, it C. S. Webb. ' ; called In Miss Robinson, who be- Mrs. Kd«ar Sawyers visited hei j came Iremendously hue-rested in. mot tier, Mrs. Daniels, Friday aft--the project and conceived the Idea crnoon. ' Mrs. Grace Wilder ' • Wilhelm, Instriit 1 - j . ,, y ,iu- Cirrlrt M«f(. .' : . - 1 • The five circles .of the Woman's Missionary .union of tlie First Baptist church 'had s'cclal meetings Monday afternoon in tlie lioines of members. Games, contests and the serving, of delicious refreshments featured'the,meetings. 1 Circle 1 met with Mrs. Tom W Jackson with ten members present besides two new members. Miss Cordelia \Vilhite and Mrs. Walter Bishop assisted Mrs. J. T. Hall the devotional by offering prayei and Miss .Wilhtte-taught Ihe mission lesson.. ^Justice Robert Ciirisholni will per- Mrs. Ivy Crawford was hostess to . r orm u.. e cerc mony. Tonn.. where they vis- al days. Ti:i-y wore called on Mrs. !lob Williams Wednesday afternoon. Mr. P. M. Davis suffered a brok- of building a church that would express the meaning of religion, the ern age. e were "ID present. Plans were formulated for a I'ub- Hc Relations niectltiB to be ylven February 9. en arm Friday morning. Mrs. Claude Steward d Mrs. Melvln minis 10011. Webb spent, -'Sunday . ... - , .....m *.«s Gertrude Lowe. Lymon N. Hi-iii .01 | Mrs . noll j £ MBlml , v , s Moiiiuh-j. !?, X Lcdbetter is n bro- j K c Jon|!s Wednesday. . thcr i!( !jx?:.f Ledbettcr. | Mrs Wallace Davis vblWd her MIT;. ?,:; E. Harrison, who has i dauniHer, Mrs. -Clyde Howell Fri- C--.J '-".- is now inuuh im- day afternoon. -• ' - - ..... Melvln thc eight members who attended circle 2. Mrs. S. Stevens read the 96th Psalm lor the devotional and Mrs.vT..S.- Williams led in prayer. Mrs. ;I* H. Ha'ynes conducted a -brief:':business "session bclorc the meeting »as turned over to the hostesses, Mrs Crawford and Mrs. Mike Buchanan. .In circle 3 Mrs. R. G. Cash was hostess to the nii:e present. In the devotional, led by Mrs. I'. E. Alexander, Mrs: John Buchanan also 'offered prayer. The mission letson was taught by Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer. Nine members and two new members attended the meeting of circle 4 at the home of Mrs. Theodore Logan. Mrs. J. W. Hardin used the 7th chapter of Luke for the devotional and Mrs. Alired S. Harwell led in prayer. Rourke-Marbury. The marriage of Miss Mildred Marbury, of Alen, Tenn., and Mr. James O. Rourke, of Jones. Tenn., took place here yesterday with Justice Oscnr Alexander performing the ceremony. Sciv for Kcd Cross. Mrs. L. L. Wnvd was hostess to thc First Christian church council Monday afternoon when (lie 12 members present sewed for the Red Cross. Appetizing sandwiches, pickles and coffee refreshed the women after several hours of sewing. * • » Balky-Garretl A mnrriage license has been is- iiait! (o Miss Ednr, Mae Garrett, of Sunday. Mrs. Wallace Davis and Ml?'; Iris' Mrs. Ross D. Hughes. Mrs. Otto Aklns visited Mrs. Bob Thursday afternoon- Mr, niid Mrs. Burtls;-°W»ldroi- were thc guests of the lattcr's parents Mr." and Mrs. F. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. I', .Hocblt of Hly- theville' visited the laltcr's ; pn:™°°> Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Burns Sunday. James and Thclma Lysis and Susie Faye Steward visited Kit-eld' Lee and Joyce Burns Sunday .if-' The Young Matrons group m«t I Luxora, mid Mr. Hermit Bailey,'of ,-ith Mrs. G. P. Smith with-13 in here. with attendance. Each member contributed a piece of silver to be phced in the church kitchen in.replen- ishing the'equipment there.'.'Mrs. Robert, Grimes "led in a brief business meeting. . . Pas (or Give* Stady. Members'..of the. Woman's Missionary "-society'of the Lake Street Methodist 'church, studied "Methodism and,the Kingdom's Extension" yesterday.afternoon in a meeting at the'home'of Miss Ellen Brown; The'Rey; V." J. LeRoy conducted the lesson,. ..,,.' Plans were made for a pie sup- j per Thursday evening, February 5,1 in a brief business .session.. Besides the 20 members present' there was one visitor, Mrs. West McNeil. .,' Study llome Missions. Home* missions were studied by the 13- members and three visitors Lculs-Cole Miss Ruby Cole and Mr. Chester R. Lewis, both of here, obtained a marriage license yesterday. Son Bora Mr. nnd Mrs. E. W. Boyett, of Armcrel, announce thc birth of u son yesterday morning. Mrs. Boyett and baby, who weighs seven pounds, are at the BlytlKvillo hospital- : Koc'i'.itzky and her mother, Mrs. .T. W. Morse, are In Memphis today. Miss Mary Sallertleld has re- lumed to her home in Memphis after spending several weeks hJrc 'as a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Alflick. Mrs. Byron Morse and Mrs. R. F. Klrstnicr arc In Memphis today. Miss Grace Webb anil Mrs. Bob Pun-Is spent Monday in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Klrby had as their guests Monday Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Weslbrook jr., of Jonesboro, and Mrs. J. W. Wood, of New York city. Father J. J. Thompson, who re- i cently underwent a major oucra- tion at thc 31. Bernard hospital-of Jonesuoro. Is resting very well: He will not be able to return home Jor several more weeks. Miss Willie E. Cox iclurncd today from Memphis where she was under Ihe care of an eye specialist for a month. She Is now much improved. Mr. and Mrs. Elton W. Klrby are spending today In Paragould. L. L. Ward and J. M. Anderson have returned from Hardy where (hey. spent the week-end at their cottage Mrs. Charles Martin Is now con- spirit 01° Oklahoma and this mod- The Editor's Letter Box 7& ,\yfi A Catholic Answers (To the editor:) In courier Chi 1st himself, a virgin born d virgin mother, commends the of "virginity most highly. Matt. XJX: 11-13: All men take not ihis word. I but Ihey to whom it is ghcn, 'for | llierc are eunuclis who were l>crn i so fiom Iheir mother's womb: and : there are eunuclis who were made (To the editor:) In courier of," 1 ,7, uu Jan. 24 appeared an article signed i so by mcn: al!cl , thcrc 1 *'" i emlucl1 ' "Reader" in which the wilier at- who " ave mad ? lllC111 . s " VCG = u " uchs - M/D. '" the wilier at tempts to explain to the public the teaching of the Caihollc church. "We Catholics are very fortunate to have our enemies follow at our heels," and to make every e-llort possible, and take advantage of opportunity that presents Itself, to explain to the public the teachers of the Catholic church, as thought by our enemies, but it is only as our Saviour said: "If the world/ hate you, know ye that it hath hated me before you." Now .for fear it might take too much space 1. will try in my feeble way to answer the false charges of the writer. The first charge is that Catholic church forbids the reading of the Bible by Us members. Not only are Catholics allowed to read the Bible,, but are also granted an indulgence for devout reading of Gospels of Jesus Christ, for fifteen minutes each day. Pope Leo XIII said in his encyclical on the Bibl' "The solicitude of the Apostolic office naturally urges, and even compels us, not only to desire that this great source of Catholic revelation should bc^ made safely and ! abundantly accessible to (he flock of Jesus Christ, but also not to suffer any atlempt to deiile or corrupt it." The second charge is celibacy of j Priests. Now celibacy is one of the disciplinary laws of the church. Jesus for thc kingdom of heaven. "He :hat can take, let him take ii.".. • Thc apostle St. I'anl led a life of celibacy and recommended I*; as Christ has done, 10 those who iclt called thereto. St. Paul givey us the practical reason why the priesthood of Christ practices celibacy. •He that Is without a wife is ro-' iicitous for the i.:i;v = 'S that belong to Ihe Lord, how lie may u'.sasc God. But he that is with a wife is solicitous tut Uie ihinjs or the world, how he may p'case his 'v:lc. and he is divided." 1 Co;. 1 ch". 32-33. Jesuits leaching that a gccil end justifies bad means? Now if the writer (u'.i v''o vt ' that was ever the ti.i'iiiiss. oi Jesuits, there is reward tl:a:':> been standing unclaimed for several years, possibly SI ,000 or mote. Get your proof and I will put yen in contact with the party that ivml'.os this offer. Blythcvi'jlc, i\jfk. ternoon. Ills Aklns spent Tuesday| .with Mrs. J- T. Bramlctt of Biir-| dell-;. Lerlene I quests of evening Miss Gladys Ecstes was a vis-ifjr'. in the Daniels home Wednesday. uac j The Boston Avenue .Met hcdist Church of Tulsa. considered the needs of l native ot Oklahoma, who also did Episcopal congrcga-' the sculpture for ihe Riverside Church in New York. tion. However, she spent months Osceola Society—Personal valescing following illness. several weeks i doine research in Methodism and, The large auditorium is illuml- and Merle Steward were w .. (h ^^ ar ( !sl ,; c pcrccp tion.' naled by indirect lighting. The ceil- Margarcl \\ ilder Sui:;ia5 sltctcllcd wbal s ;-, c thought suitable. I ing design, in ornamental plaster. Thebiilldlng has mass and height, relies for its effect upon planes and Hinging up a central tower 260 feel i surfaces. Tlie community, hall is from" ihe ground. Many symbolic' equipped for llientricals. There are • i»i \7 j 'features arc incorporated. .There is| dining rooms, kitchens, a gymna- K.ClS€f : NCWS -A OlCS |a rounded wall circling the round'Eimn and classrooms. | auditorium. ; in memory'of the half; Native gum and white oak were Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Anclilln and' circle of,-listeners who gathered' used ior the decorative woodwork family and Miss Sis Wolson of j about -thin Methodist circuit rider i and the colors of the various audi- the declarer's hand, therefore he overtakes his partner's king of diamonds with the ace and deliberately leads tlie nine of spades right: into the dummy's ace queen. He j can safely lead this singleton as he ' is certain of getting in on the first trump lead as he holds (he ace of j trump. When the declarer returns the deuce nf hearts from dummy, East| decs not play second hand low, but jumps right up with the ace and Rub on -Vicks; also.' every few hours mel( a little in the mouth • and lat trickle slowly down Ihroaf. Deeriiig,' Mo.., were 'guests of the latters parents, Mr.-and'.Mts. E. W, Watson, Sunday. Miss WatKn is a student at During High School. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Robinson mo- in Oklahoma's pioneer days. i anu i ! loriu ms and community halls re- Thc church lines are severe, but | mind or.e of the delicate atmos- on Uie exterior arc a' number of iig-: phertc coloration o! Oklahoma, urcs.employed to complete the ex-! faint green, flushed tans and soft prcssion of the ecclesiastical. Thos3 leads his prtne tored t-.» Wilson Saturday night- ,over the north tower entrance are Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sim of; dumbed as symbolizing the spirit Wilson were Kelscr visitors Sim-| ot Christianity,- worship and reli- day. Mrs. Igious education, Clovls Crockett attended - over the east West winning with the queen. West returns the king of spades, dummy covering with ihe ace, and East! eels in a small trump, ruffing with the Ihree ol hearts. H3 returns the 10 of clubs, but the declarer wins with the ace. Declarer, picks up the remaining I trump nnd leads his king and "Miss Robinson orlsimted many I small club, entering the dummy with thc queen, and discarding his roseate hues. new ideas in church decoration. For instance, she softly colored glass for the window panes,, which'were 'll*on accomuat r.or to Osceola Sunday afternci entrance are busts not illustrated, because she .te- Sunday school here Sunday. Her !n bos-relief of Philip Embury, the i Moves church windows should prl- mother, Mrs. Wilson accompanied' • • .i e!u i er . illv " Ajuer'cau nmrily,. ad/nil light. - " Thf ROV HUH srrc w i i^nn,,! 1 -' 11 l " "°""" 1 •-"•""••.• —*----' ooni ' j Me;lioai£m. and- Robert Straw- inc KC). and Mrs. w. J. Ix-rioy E ^ cfi Ciimmings was a guest of 1 - - Circle A ol the Methodist Woman's Missionary society met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. M. Harwell, with Mrs. Har- ** luciiiucia uuu uiree visiiors i ,, , , ^, j ^ ,r< who Attended: the meeting of the, '""• *? s ' Joe Itho[ics ° mci M M WcHian's Missionary union of the Second Baptist church Monday .afternoon. at the home of Mrs Mary McAllister. Mrs.'- Leslie Moore taught the les- Eonon the subject "Trails Through Arkansas 1 ' after Mrg. J. w. Shirley had read the 12th chapter of Romans for the devyotional. Mrs. C. T. Asher concluded the meeting with prayer. » » • Have All Day ^Meeting. A Bible study and review of the Rhodes hostesses. Twenty-two, members were present and after n short business ses^ sion enjoyed an entertainment program prepared by Mrs. G. S. Battle and Mrs. E. S. Driver, following which, delicious refreshments were served. Guests were Mrs. Margaret. .Hnlo of Louisville, Ky., nnd Mrs. R. M. Stovall of Memphis. Circle B of the Methodist Woman's Missionary society met at the home of Mrs. John W. Edrington with Mrs. Edringlon, Mrs. Em- have as theh- guest their daughter, Mrs. H. M. Nance, of Clarkton, Mo. The Rev. Mr. Nance, pastor of the First Methcdlst church there, accompanied her here yesterday ind' returned today. Mrs. Nance will te here until Thursday. Mrs. Johnson Chapman, of Meni- -ihls, is attending to business here for two days. Mrs. Clifford Cnvitt went lo Lafe, Ark., today for n visit with her parents, Dr. and Mra C. A. Caldwell. foreign mission fields of thc South- >m Brickey, Mrs. E. P. Fletcher and ern Presbyterian church was given i Mrs R - K ' Ht " hos °=^cs. The meet- by members of thc woman's auxil-! lng v ' a5 a ECdnl ouc f °' ! ->' v <':l by iary. of - the 'First Presbyterian i llle ser y'ns of delicious refresh- M!E5 Vci-n Keck Sunday Mr. and Kirk Clnlds molor- cd.lo Osceola Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Taylor were Osceola visitors Sunday. bridge, i icuehcr. preacher and ,. . . Oklahoma flowers, the coreopsis and the tritonla, are the inspiration for the conventionalized de- Miss Bdty LOU Broke and Mrs.i°l" "™»i'^>> Susan Broke spent Sunday in Car-j son Lake with friends. Oris Childs and Tommic Sherl r.llended to business in Memphis j Saturday. Mr. H. C. Davidson and Claude Dobbs of Wilson were Kelscr visit- i ors last week. These flgures, which are done in | sign on the choir, pews', paneling terra cotta, were all designed by I and the borders of the corridor Miss Robinson and executed-from j floor. Ill every way the church is her design by Robert Garrison, a Oklahoman. BRIDGE Mrs. W. S. Hnnley. of Stcete, is I Mr- Sam Gant of Little Riv-vr visiting h.-r daughter. Mrs. Dixie i was rt business visitor at- Keiser Crawlord. and Mrs. Crawford, for Monday, several days. I Mr. W. P. Wilson of Wilson nt- J. L. Thompson jr., of Memphis, I tended to biisinefs here Monday, is visiting here. ' ~ * "' ' ' losing spade on the jack of clubs. But East, by overtaking his partner's good king of diamonds and. returning his singleton while he still had control of the trump suit, defeated- ilu declaret'6 contract one 1 trick. If West by chance had opened the jack of spades, when East got in.with thc ace of trump, lie should underlead his diamond, West would return a spade which he would trump and again East should un- derlead his ace of diamonds so as to get a second ruff. In this case East and West would have defeated the contract two tricks, but Ihis might prove a very dangerous opening by West. HI' \VM. E. Mi-KENNEY Sccrrlary, American Bridge League Opening leads :iiould convey de- The Bidding. The hand was played at contract and South. Ihe dealer, opeiwd the Mrs. John W. Meyers, who has recently i-ehiir.ed from a Memphis hospital, is improving. Miss Cora Lee Co'eman, county Mr. Harold Green of Blyihcvillc i was E Keiser visitor Saturday. Ralph Robinson of Wlkqn was! following hand, tl-: e« of Miss Delia Ray.Satur-j day night- fimie information to partner. Ai b i (i[lill g «"ith one heart, West bid king Is led tn show either the ace | O1 '- e spade. As both sides were vul- or queen. The valu? of this In- " ' ' ion is well exemplified in tlie church' who .attended the all day meeting at .the church Monday. The book-'; "The Field Is tli mcnts. Twenty-seven :n present.. The, Woman's Missionary Union . . World" .was interestingly outlined ! cf llle Fir5lt B "Ptis.t church nrt homo demonstration agent, is at: Irene" Nichols and Harold Steele Carmi nnd Leachville today. At i of Steele. Mo., motored to Lepanto j Carml she is conducting 4-H Sunday night. j Woman's club meetings and tiie! Mr. and Mrs. Worker announce i 4-H club of Leachville ii meeting.! i!;e birth of a daughter last Fri- Mr. nnd Mrs. Jam Ratcliffe, of! day. She will bo named Billy Joe. Pedro Migm-1, Canal Z'.'ne. return- Mrs. Ed Pago Is Improving alter cd to Memphis yr-sierclay aiTer FOV- eral days May with Mr. and Mrs. Simon several weeks lllness- PARIS. (UP)—The'iics of 1C Mrs J->!v.! H. Lci-.s; aiui her ne- and Sirs.. .-Fred Sandefur, ' Mexico' i Mrs " R - M> Stov1111 and children Mrs.' ii: A. Moore sang, a solo as c[ Xieiu P llis "re visilini! Mrs. Stoa feature of Uie 'pageant, presented ™"' s sister ' Mrs - s - M - Hodges and •' ' in . ».Uund...>; dames C.. J. - j Mrs. Hodgss this week. ... Crane. C M- t Xlr5 ' Mar 8^rct Ha'.e of Louisville. Gray,--.S.-,S;;MoU, George R. Crock- : Ky - is Ending a fcv; days in O.i MoriisoV.. also'; took active parts in i ^'' E - Huilt is al>lc to be oul tlie program,- 1 conducted by Mr- B ' R.- Alien'; ani. other members pres- - cnt, assisfed by asking and 'answer- alllt MrSi Jamcs ' today after a shore, illness. Mr ° i "'- c) Mrs - H - l '- Quinn. Mr. - Yonni; J c " W. t- WEST S-X-1- 1C-8- G H—8-4 D-K-Q- 9-3-2 o-a NORTH S—A-0-5-3 H-l-9-2 EAST D-l-5. s _ 9 C-Q-J---3 -•? n_ A . 6 .3 D—A-87-4 C—10-9-' 7-6-5 SOUTH—DEALER S-7-4-2 H-X-Q-10-7-5 D—10-6 C-A-K-2 nerable, North doubled, lookitu; to collect a heavy penally. East, afraid cf the double, bid one no ; trump, S:-ulh doubled and West bid two diamonds. North bid throe hearts. East passed and South went to four hearts which closed auction. The Play Wrst opened the king of diamonds, dummy played small, East knows that his partner holds ihe queen of diamonds because he opened the king. Thc lead of a king shows either the ace cr queen and as East himself holds the ace. he is positive that West holds ;he queen. His only h&pe to defeat the cuturacl is lo find two diamonds in TOKYO. (UP)- Government dig- natartes nnd many diplomats will attend the opening of an exhibition of Czechoslovak ssocdblcck prints in the Tokyo Prefcciural Art Hall, Uyeno Park, I-'eb 1. The exhibits, aranged with llle support the Czech Legation, more than 200 prints by 18 leading Proper cai:e an.t treatment of- y on r scalp is absolutely essential if your hair ia to be attractive. ',. We specialize in all phases of scalp treat-' I'liono 505 fur appointment. Elois Beauty. Shoppe guest", of their daughter, Mrs. Ari- lin; the busls to the towns where ' men were born. discn Smith, and family, for month lx?fore returning hon-^- 1 . 1 Joe Luckctt. who has been at-1 JIiss T)remm It itlc Team Ucad U-nrtmg thc University of Ten:i-| COLUM i3i A , Mo. U!l'.-Mary ^^'^•r^.J^.^'^-ESe.h Drmnm of Ca,,, Girar- will return home cently nnricrwcnt " loday. He re- : i:o]iprntlon from which he Is now c-.n\a!e'?cln'.; Misses Marguerite Matthews nnt! Velda Adccck silent the weekend' CC3c1 '- announced today. dean has been elected ra;itain of the University of Mi.sEom; :;irls° rifle team, Lieut. James A.' Lewis. Esther ing-questions." -' " • " ~"""" j Young. J. L. Ward. Mrs. J. „ Luncheon was served thc 30 pres- '• ° ! "' lwri sht sr., Mrs. u-n F. But ent'.b'y a Committee made up-or'' !er - Jamc;: w - Cartwright jr.. an Mesdames Robert E.-Lee Kins E ' r ' w - Car l«TiSht were a:nonz thc Crihfield and p.-M'. 1 Cutler . Osceolans who attcnrtc-rt tho funeral -•' '\- ' ' ••••'' » «- . of Bradisy Tomlinssn in M-ntih!= Girls Cirrlc Has [yesterday. a Party Mrttinj.' •:. i Members of the Hi S h School Girls i HoSWlat I circles of •;. the First Presbyterian j Mr< E w church were guests' of Miss Louis' I f.dmitted'to il Dobyns Monday afternoon with a : and Jim Drew party as a special.treat because of misicd. her iSth birthday. • ''-, • The ten members present had a IJnlf 11 program on foreign mission, with' "Ml-ill0011 Mrs. W .A. Dobyns, chairman, as- : . , Hr - T - J - Richardson and Rush sisting in the .presentation. MBS Au '-" ~° were vifitc:-., C f Avis limes Mabel Simon, president, comUict-,- 1 "'" 1 " 1 -' cd a trief business session. afternoon. Ken Atkins was the glK£ i ot Miss Games and music afforded en- ' R « y Rpur at Iiurc;: - u ^ Sunday, tertalnment and late in tho after.: . ™ r : ond Mr? - John tho afler- oatmeal cookies Y.^'M?"-,,,,, „ '-•"- Mrs. Wijl Hogarcl rail'd on Mi's. noon delicious salad with hot choc- : "ll a _I Rmily wcrc B1 J°thcvilli> visitors in Memphis, Ihe guests of rcla-: Rosi °' 1il Thomas of St. Louis was .^ VC (; ,nainc^ team manager. C. K. Crisgcr attended to busi-! " i^ss in Wilson ye-lerday. : "Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hall fjx>i:i • Sunday in Memphis with Mr., Wall's annl. i Dr. W. M Owen Is a patient at the Msmphis n^.^tist hnr-pilal where he Is recri\:ng ttcatincnt for a throat infection. Miss Ruby Ashley, a n:-m!wr ct " the Steele. ~Mo.. fclwnl faculty ,i spent thc weekci:;! \\i!h her par- 1 cuts at Anr.orel. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Doland an;i children, of Wilsmi. v.-e:.: guests ol. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wis Guy dntir.R the weekend. j Jim Hi:;-:hrs aud SD:I, Billy Blair.; of Sonath, Mo, -.i^ttd Mrs. Iliinhi-.-.: at the Blyihcvillc yoaci,-. day. . r. I jEugram SMiirday alicrrcnn j Misses Prankie and (iladys En- Organ Isc Study Classes >S£$''SS,''f£T£tf&5s3& ItSjjsjr^^d^s.sri'ii; ,„. tnc church with Mrs, Ira feray i hospital Saturday leader of all groups. Mrs. M. Jontz I major operation. • (gram were piriU cf Mrs. Irene . joon. Mr. snd Mrs. R L .Hawkins wor ( morning for ;i MISSOURI ADDS 14..W1 HOOKS COLUMBIA. <Ul"—A toliil of 14.501 hocks were received during, 1930 at ll'.c Universily o! Missouri | Library, according la Dr. H. O. Sev- | erance. librarian. Ol thcss 1.77C were bought and G."7fi v.^ve ui:U ! Total circulation <.f the library was 210,05!. Thc books now available are M4.300. On your radio timij'.ht . . . !is- Itn lo l.nrna I-'anlin, famous inimcriiliiiiKi. She'll icll you how n-.imufi and d;iics affect MICCCSS in husiness, love or nr.irriaCc. A radio llnill. KMOX and rniire Co!inii-)!a ncl- work :\( Mi I'. M. Stand- i ard Time. DR. MILES Investors Syndicate to its Certificate Holders When yvu are suffering I1KADACIIK i nml NKUUAI.Ol.V I Use Pr. Miles' : Ami - Tain Pi-Is for prompt : Musculnr Pains i i aiul ; Pain?' :—oven those so. severe tliat they. |arc niiM.iken for- KVicun-.atistn, alica,'.ba nrerelievcil cji jly by Dr. Jliles'l I Anti-Pain Piil?. I 23 for 2o cents You want prompt relief. Dr. Miles' Anti-Pain Pills relievo the pains for \vhich we rccomnieiul them. They do not upset thc stom- ;\ch, cause constipation, or leave unpleasant after effects. A package in your medicine cabinet, pocket, or handbag, means fewer aches and pains, greater enjoyment, more ellicient work, less loss of time. Dr; Miles' Anti-Pain Pills have been used with success for thirty years. , Get them at your drug store $3,2 56,825.47 PROMPTLY, AS ALWAYS, UPON MATURITY Resources of Investors Syndicate increased $6,603,777 to a new toiai: RESOURCES DEC. 31, 1930 38,810,11 Capital, Surplus and Reserve Increased $1,139,836 too Total of $5,206,492.92 The Resources of Investors Syndicate liave increased evsry year for 37 years •^F.^nnr FC: ^'F^PIC,

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