The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1944
Page 5
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JVKDNKSDAY, DKCKJ'IBUR 20, 19-M Kitchen Will Remain Open At High School kltchc » eh u, PC" each Wednesday ami Tlniralaj throughout the Clnlstin:iB holidays n tt'iis announced today by Freeman Robinson, supervisor. Tile addition of « new electric meal grinder inn) two 55-galloil ttonm jacket. kettles for lard mnk- '»ff linvo . grcally decreased the danger of scorching diirliiff the icndering fit lard, and requires ^/mpfiratiWIy lltllc slirrlni! in the pvocess. The. average time DOW required to render GO iimindb of lard is less limn 45 iniinitcs. A new large pressure cooker with f. capacity ol 325 No. !! cans is Mow IJCIJJK'd whern large amounts or meats ore to he pro- (.'ecscd at one lime. '1'lie xrcling of cookies, c.-nuly, iiuli and similar foods for shi|i- iiicnt to service personnel overseas is still being offered to Die public 'fee of chnriic. Mrs. IjOVe 13. Adams is scrvin- as instructor at the. kitchen, where visitors always are welcome. Benion Justices Will Not Issue ' Licenses To Wed BENTONVILLE, Dee. 20.—The practice or allowing justices or Ihc peace in Bciilou county, who per- f01 in marriage ceremonies to issue marriage licenses has been discontinued, County Clerk E. E. BiU- Iram said today. The custom was begun several years ago for convenience of persons living sonic distance from the county seat, but the clerk stopped sending signed marriage license blanks to justices alter Assistant Attorney General Oscar E. Ellis said Unit the procedure may .he illegal. Blanks had been fur- fished to three justices at Siloam •• Springs, one at Rogers, one at Gentry and one at Henlonvillc. The Bcjilonvillc justice issued licenses at m'Sht and on week-ends when thc clerk's office was closed. The clerk said Unit his office is open from 8 a. m. to s p. m. on week days and that licenses will not be issued on Sundays nor on holidays. teg/on Auxiliary Group Attends Christmas Party Twelve members or the American attended the M'VT1IKV]|,[,RCOUIIII!)R NEWS HONG r KONG HAINAN PHILIPPINES South China Sfo ger from land- bated Jap planes in China 14) Long way round, through areas now firmjy in Jap grip VHP \CUAM CAROLINE IS. "'• TRUK •PM.MI I Four possible drives toward Tokyo are illustrated on the map above : j Recent concentrated bombings or Bonin Islands may indicate ri I , ilrL '- |nv , asion " softening up or an effort to immobilize Jap planes oased there, which have attacked D-29 insinuations ' .. . on Saipan. Five Stricken Children Will Have Christmas Celebrations By United Press Five children whose dreams of 'hrlstmns came true weeks ago he- cause they'seemed at-the point of lying will live to see thc real thing. However, only Nubbins Hoffmnn, i three-year-old from Cheyenne, Wyo., seems . lo . have a chance of .seeing another Christmas after'this Cooke, Mrs. Eddie Burks and Mrs I Joe Scruggs were : hostesses; I ii"s' has arrived home from Denver- Colo.,: hospital i after a litional the group. 19th -when 1 Mils parents'-fenred lie * were exchanged.- .-among.^wouldn't, Uvo.jmtll Christ- T I mn^k r\ n ., . ' . ' : , "I members from the brightly lighted Christmas, tree, and the hostesses served refreshments of sandwiches cake arid coffee. irinji' Day. So.N'ubhins thiiiks Christmas has come L and gon6.ahd hts parents are going to let him keep thinking just DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH. CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE! TYPEWRITERS that. There won't be even a Christmas tree in the Hoffman homo next Monday because, as lib father put.-, It. "Nubbins might not understand." In GrangevlUe, Idaho, six-year- old Larry McPherson is celebrating his 93rd Christinas this year. Every morning is Cinemas "for Larry, who is slowly dyiiig from a brain tumor. Every morning for the last three months Larry's friends, self-appointed Snntas, have been heaping his be c | with loys. What is Appeal To Santo Pinned Ort Tree Brings Results NEWARK, N. .].. ()«'. 20 (01') — I'.vi-ii if Western Shore, Nova Scotia, s an out oi |hi' \vuy plnce, little Knndolph Moshcr knows Simla Cl'ius i-oi-s vvwywlHjre. So when he (mined his nnvisuiit! (in a fir tree In the forest he knew Simla would gel it. Ami, slratiyely cumuli, he did. He wrote u nod. }iouriii|> out his Christmas hopes and dreams, ••)>,„• hnntii," In, .said, -if you ^ my note, will ' you |>le«sc send me a little yift for chrlstmusv Mother r.nd dudiiy arc not so well, so - woiu get anything- for Clnlstmns." 'I," he ended, "pleas deur San'", don't luiiiot me." • ' He slsiied II, "Your frlenil niin- i!ol[>li Mosher, Western sliore Mm- ciiburf County, Novu Scotln' Cun- adii." ' Kuiitu cliuis didn't M ,.t Ilimdolph's no e. lie was tied up In Die North oli', but Haiulolph will never know »):il. He'll have a Sautn all of his own tins year, but It's mil Hie fnl, Jolly ri'd-fneed Snlnt Nick ol siory iimie, it's tli e fOjiKivgiillon of the Ccntomuy Methodist church' In far-iuviiy Newark, N, J, Yon MT , u|, MO ,, K ii . •• "'i "ii. nit: »uf> Ulll' "own mid shipped to (h,. united btau-.s. i[- s ;i | oni , wlly rr(Hn Noyn -coti;, to Newark, hut tlio little [If Irani n> ' 111 '''" W " y ^ ll '" ck '""' ''•<', a deaconess of Ihe Melho- Ist church bouiilii it ,1,1,1 ^,,,1 the note, lied up caretully In „ cellophane HTapijini; ol , onc ol tho Tne pastor or the eliurch lead M. out at every service hist «"d the cont'icuullon do- f~5. So, little itandolph who put. his trust in Snlnt Mck, won't uo disappoinlc.'d. On Clirislmas morning, lie'll wake !!!.', '° '!"'' his s <°<*l'iS filled to the toys and books, Springs .Minister To Be Hospital Pastor The licv. ,i. p. Queen, pastor of K Place Baptist Church In Hot in»s, who WJ , S selected hospital pastor or the Biiulisl. State llospi- Inl In Little Rock on nee. 12 ha accepted Hie pnsitlon mid will us sumo his duties there on Jun 15 This announcement was made to tiny by the R CV . E. c. Drown, pas tor of First tiaptlsl church hen nicmbci- of ihc hospital Board a Trustees and chairman ,,f u lc K|!e '• Isl 0 """' tUO '" smirc " hospltn • PSON iN WASHINGTON Gov. Arnall vs. Railroads 118 N. 2nd STREET (E*cry Transaction Must Be Satisfactory) PHONE 3382 until Larry no longer can see them Theni there's Patricia Attawiu seven, years old, dying, i leukemia, n blood disease, iii Aurora III. All day 10115 she stares \vitl childish excitement, at, the Christ mas: tree .set up jii her liospita room two weeks " ago. And Pat' lather, Chief Petty Orriccr M. P Attaway, has arrived from the Pa cific area to be with Pat for he lew remaining days. In Rochester, N. y., rioy (Sonn) Hess will be two years old Christmas 'Day if he lives that long. Ai there is a good chance he will 'However, on Dec. 3 the doctor; America's Largest Airline Relies On Sinclair Pennsylvania iofor Oil Exclusively ti, nampm,. tlcvarfa, a f ,(«„,;,,„ ,!(,({„„, ;„., ^ w ph 'tnnislrama Jfolor Of! aclurinlt. America's largest airline, American Airlines, Inc., relies on Sin- clan- Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to lubricate its great fleet of flagships. Give your car the same protection given costly airplane motors. Ask your Sinclair Dealer for Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil It lasts so long it saves you money-gives your car safer, quieter lubrication. J. ALLE Holiday Party Cancelled The Christmas party ordinal: scheduled for members of lh Young Peoples Department o st. Bnptist Church to |, e hell been ciini'ellecl, it was iiiinmiiicci Jcday by the department super visor. ' . , weren't so sure Sonny would survive a case of chronic nephritis, u kidney ailment, n ,,d so (hey suggcstw n prc-mutiirc Christmas cclcbrn ticn. Four-year-old Joe Stazehski ob served his Christmas Nov.'-Stli'oi h« parents ranch near Prescolt Arizona. No-.v he's in a phoenb hospital where surgeons are con ducting- L'xlmiistlve tests to dctcr- mine whether they can prolong' or save dk life, joey has a malagnam tumor of the throat. Ho think.' Chrislmas ha.s come and gone. 11 fact, all flvi! of these unfortunate children think Christmas lias come and gone. And there's no one willing to (C ]] Ulem Uul(i ^ on _ iy will be Christinas for most lit- c boys and girb. iH SS15SJT-SS AT VOI'I! . HV I'KTKIl i:)),S().\ ('onrloi Nt-vv ui'd hUlliiK. Avnnll uf Ovorgln Is to Wn.s)iln({ton Jim. sue ti I/. S. Inn! juris Stud- or n^'nlast 11 pelillon Unit Ihe action Court accept orlt!- unit, as t letion oyer a suit tin- » Suprc . opo,si's to brhiB casi- 01 C northern mid tluii. in 1807 (lie fidiii. ,,f Clrornlii won u Siiiirrine Court ili-i-lslun over (In- 'IViuii'ssri' cupper Compiiuv In - a CHSI! si'i-)il)i(> ID cnjdiii Ihc (-'mu- pany from sproiidlns lu]iirlour> 2 to ftuiic.s. Tlml set n premk'iu lor n n rnlhvuy systems, dmi-chiu Ihe I coiisiitracy througl) the Soiillu-i-n 'rni; rrcljslit Assodiitlon of Alliuttii to, TO ,u fix fix-lulu, mtos which an- unfatr .,,,. to^Gcorein und Its citizens. 'I'lie spcctiiclo of n governor iiren- "II before Ihe lilglu-sl court or Ihe land mi bclmlr of the iieuple or his state Is unprecedented, but the case Is lni|iortiint and of nc'iicrnl Interest lor a number of other reasons- Cases in which the Supreme court nccepts original Jurisdiction lie fore a low,.,. con) .(. ) llls ( n ^, n „,,. "oil ujioii thi'in ure, eMremrly run- If Ihe Supreme Court ncccpis Jinisilictton nntl hears the ciise i(.s diiciiimi miiy well break new ground 'I dec!dln s th c ,,ii lcc of „ |S(|[(( , |,, I'H 1 national economy mid (lie s ilghl.s in inotecllng Its eltl- VVOU'ES CASH AGAINST ' W'liSTKHN KOAHS In hcarlnp, evidence on whether It «'" "cceiit Jurlsdlclton (ho Supreme '•""" must nect-Miirllv hear cvl- 011, ( the it'selt mid In ...K Us decision the court will det.-rniltie thc li.w applyln B m n,ej Uepaitiuciit or Justice's pcnillnt' on tehalf of thc Fcdcnil aov- I unit ngainst' (ho Western Asso- ' "n of , Railroads, cluir|jliu> 41 ' «lth conspli-iicy to fix rati's ,^,,^'lilircss U-chnolOBlcnl dovp|op- is (lie biggest suit ever riled the iintl-lrust, |,iws and the wo of any kln,| In which .Vg, ','' lcnn .''^'rantls have been In- .So Imnortiinl Is Ihu Ocoryl/i c «»o to the I'cdcrnl Governmcnl lhi\l on 2.1 UIB Dennrttnent or Justice Is scheduled to rile wllh thu Supreme Court n brief secklnu pel - iilsslcin lo enter the case as n frlVud of tlie Court. Granting or this re- a»c.s( inigiii mclln (],-„(. Atloniuy General Franels Diddle would nruiie the ciisc as joint counsel with Clo'J- enior Ai-fwll. Dcvclnpmtnt ot lh- case Is, however, •entirely Governor Ai-nnlls idcn as Is thc plan to petition tbc Supremo Court'(o accent original Jurisdiction. • /: T)ils will not be Governor Ar- nalls ,first; npjicarnncc , before the Sjuprcmc Court, nor Is It the'llrst turn- tho.Stnle of Ocorgta has appeared before the Court as complainant, two historic cnses hnvlmj Pivcd Ihc way fo,- the present ac- Ccunl , re i,,n n I, BIII va. Kvm.s. llu ,( . H'l,;],. duhi, H's,i ',-, hws is CIITV dl-clsiiin In (|||<,- inj^,,. ( .. 1Sl , li'lt Ihe diior oju-n for any sliil.Mis'ii Person (o brh,,. ,uit „„-id,,!,, dm, . am's miller the mill-trust | ( u v ,- jVhU-li is one plmse ,n the forllu-'oiirJ railroad.'"" '" (K ' B1 ' B ' n " !lal " : ' L ""' AM Hie tl-Uill slMH'cls or (1)1, PAGB TOYS FOR CHRISTMAS Mpke Your Selections NbW— HUBBARD HARDWARE CO; •, < ' / • f 25 Years' Continuous Service' '& sy *i JK % & % js & % fa. We've Plenty of EY JUM r GIN r LIQUEURS! Buy A -*>=: »'.; PRESCRIPTIONS Stock <««urmnl««4 B«it Pritw Ktfby Drag Stores FARMERS We have plenty of frnn Roofing ami Itough• ..Cypress,Burn Timbers. 3 Year FHA Terms If desired E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. fa ^ fa ^ M % % $ fa w fa ^ fa Buy OHE or A BOX! '' • ' •• • "''" ' * Hotel Glencoe Lobby 2000 All Highly Improved, lying m Dunkfin County, Mo., and Mississippi County, Ark., o^d City Property in HornersviHe, Mo. 1 ! ^ To Be To Liquidate the Estate of the Late Dr. Floyd Kinsolving SATUR Scaled Bids WtH Be Received Up to 12 Noon I . . ~~—^^^^•••^•M By the Undersigned at Kennett, Missouri The Farm Land, all located in the same general community, includes some of the most fertile land in the entire section of Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas. . he Farm Land is being advertised in Tracts rangmg from 10 acres to 560 acres/and a list giving descriptions, may be had by writing either of the undersigned at : Kenneth- missoim . . ":;•" HAL H, MCHANEY, Kennetf, Mo. ELBERT L FORD, Kennett, Mo. Attorneys for Owners "•' „ SELLERS RESERVE THE R.GHT TO ACCEPT OR REJECT ANY & ALL BIDS RECEIVED', :' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^^^^B^ny^fT?^'smc*^** 1 ^ * ' ~'iit F i)"*>'i

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