The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1938
Page 7
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1'UKSDAV, MAY 3, 1038 BIATHEVIM.K (ARK.)' COUIUKH NICWS * //• m CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •WHERE Bum AND iiuiRtaiisfACTORiivMKTj , _iil<: |>er lino Tor consecutive insei-ticins: One lime per line IOC 'l\vo times per line ]n>r day ...Oac i'hi'ce times per linn per day ,.0(jc 6i.x times per Him per dny OOo Month rale per line (iOc Cards of Thanks fiOi; ft Tx Miniiniim chaise 50« Ads ordered for three- or tlx lilies and stopiH'd before expiration will he clui-gccl for the niiui- • bor of time:; the ;ukl appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classllied Aclvortishw copy f':-'iuii!lllc<l l)y ppr.son;; rcpitliiij; uiil- t A-iilc of Hi eclly must he ammi- lianled by cash. Kales may he easily computed from ahovc (able. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertion:; tnkcs Ihe olio tlaie rate. No responsibility will be taken feu 1 more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ml. IilCKNSKl) jliooai mid 1,'omil. B'lli Wccl KKAL KSTA'l'H ItllOKUktS- _" h( " lc lsl - )a -«••'' We list farm and city I'roperty. Ill you would IK a buyer or n Business Directory Ilarrv Jlaile.v's CURVE IN CAFE Good Komi at Good I FKHS1I RIVEK Cat Fish KXPERT AUTO KEl'AIKH Uarnge opctaled Uy Floyd Jlargell CiKiircltca 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S linllaml, !\Iu. 1'iiDiiei- 5-F-i * S78 Real Estate Room and Board Asli. T 1C K R V "seiie"l Male Help Wanted AIWTKAGT & HEALTY CO. Plioiic 617 Iliivc u|x>nlngti rev two ne:il »n- priirlng. aggressive yinnig men, gcs 18-ao. Musi have High School Wallpaper ~ u)Oi\Ti~,(>T,s ^wATTiF $1.75 and Up li. C. Robinson MMHiKU CO. For Sale National C'usli register, uurruii;;lir, AtUlini; Machine, mcncy sulc, Will-,' I'i-.ino. Slum J. I,. William, U'ac-livillc, Ark. a-pk-5 PLUMBING Fixtures, pipe, • ntliiijjs, nil liiilli- rooiu at'cessorics, Viilves, electric water systems tor ranners, water i-ofleiinrs, or iniy other item connected ttitii plumbing or hciitins "Pete" The Plumber inglibiisc Klrclric Ktove; $a. r i i. Good condition. Write Hox Courier News. 30-ek-4 Dance hall and l:m- parlor on Highway (il. Doing E°ocl business. E. D. ChiUvood. 12-i)k-5-l2 Used USED KUHMTUKK HUY NOW - - PAY NEXT FAJ.I, HUBBARD 2inl llanil Funiiluic A'c.\t to (io(T Hutd Seed cow PEAS:, CAM SKKD SK1C1) COnK. SOYBEAN'S Wliolwilc is Uelai] W. 0. REEVES K, R. Gt. Hlythei-illc, Arfc. 553 <t 009 So 4 Piano Tuning I'lancc,, lunort ami repaired., ,Ciu Gcorgi;.,Foril at u'ade puruUuro Co t .,,.Piiouc 155. e room irlillc,. stucco hunsc. 5 la No. 1st. Cull Quality Shoe Stiop, 120. II. B. Campbell. . 0-ck-U For Rent lllliNISIIKI) KOO1US. able. Call D7-J. Kca.sod- 2ii-pk-1 Ijediom, 102. IIM7 Wal^-ck-II Comfortable nut. Call Comloi-talile Irout bedroom. 515 W. Walnut, tail 351. 28-ck-ll 3 room furnished aparliucnl. lOfi W Kentucky, phone 683. Ud-pk-S 2 nnfiiniislied SOI Waliuil. rooms. Reasonable Mrs. B. B. \VI\son aa-pk-5 3 room unfuriilKhiHl aiMrlinciil. 700 W. Wnlmil. Mtes Elise Moore. 21-ck-t,f. ilai:(l\vare V'scil I.aivn itlawcrs s^.sn im f.'scd oil stoves sa.5D nji I'scd oij Cooh .Slovrs ....Sa.50 up Used Hicyclcs S1.50 lip All in toil i- ('(indition SHOUSE-HENRY RK CO. Nicclv furnished iicilronm. Inner spring umltress. Mijs Hall, phoii 2BO. ^^ 18-ck-l 'Aiia'rhiiciit iiuildin-'. Coal & Ic i\Iy Coal is Illiu-h Bui 1 1'ri-al Yuu \Milla ICE I.W.M, HAIjUNd John Buchanan' Ulytlicvillc, Aril. I'honc 107 Repairing LAWNMOWERS Hliiirpi'itcil & licjwired Ely. Machine Shop n 'Jnd. I'lionc 81)8 Hatchery education l:c hep to rnms|xirla(loii iintiislicd. Apply II. . Tide. Cloll Holel, 7:OU RM, lo :00 P.M. and WO lo 8:TO A.M., lomlay and Tuesday. Ilin? l'\)r Cue tnictor. Any kind ivoi-k. I'Jioiic 005, Lost ilver plated .soi* symbol .stand In one hundred block of Main street. Return (c KLCN. 2-|*-!i Wanted To Rent 'nriilshcd lioiise. Cull F'. W. Swecl- iiiai), f>3b. -'7-t'k-l uiiiisliril lour or live loom n|«irt- nirnl iu desirable location. Mr. Jlark, Steiliiij; store. ;.-),k-5 Insurance Parceled Oul; ^6 ChecksJTotal $22.08 ELYR1A, O. (UP)-Ixmiln coimly oniolnls wished Hint Iliej- |»i;| no't been so cavetul mid lliorciltiH when laklng oul Insnranee on eiiuiHy bulldlngN. HirlliB a recciil slorni ti Jmj) pun nl Hie (.•ovinly Intlrmury was clum- aged. The lolal loss was $i)2.08. 'I ho couiily rommlsslcni'rK did nut. run Into trouble, however, lintll they bciiiiu lo collect tlie insuvanee. Oliinkot windstorm Insurance liad been Inken oul willi -Ki dlficrenl. companies nml sepnraU> ehcekii fnr 48 cents were received from eai'li. WELDING AT BEST 1>H ICE3 Barksdale Mfg. Co. FOWLER DRUG CO YOUK PHRSCHIPTJON DRUGGIST Main 1st Drs. Wert & Wert OI'TOMETKISTS Taxpayers Pclilion City To Restore Curative Well WARSAW, of Warsaw Iml. (UP)—A group rcstclclils has pctl- tionc:! tlic city council lo restore n well which, il wns said, produced H-nter ivltii medicinal propci'tlc.s thai would cine rheumatism Tlic well, 1.000 feet dee)), ceasctl lo flow about, » year ago. Tliu petitioners, lieatlwl by .nisllcc of Ilia Pc;icc Edward n. Smith. said the. ivnicr coiilainccl iron ami "in tile cxucl 'proportion to euro rheumatic pains." There is an cslimalccl total of 10,000.000 beds in England. BIIK \ras ilisooiWil In (lie situs before It wns known lo l_m l>rcsenl on I'liHIi. BLKOTIUU * AUETmNh fide YAltl) Sand & Gravel PJioni! 7IKI SEED We liavu on liinul for wilo or Iriide, lor oilier products, Dims ••-Uuvdo, n i! I Bin, Muwmotli Hruwii, WH.MW uml virglnta Brown. 1'i'as - Whips unit New Mil. IdViiicdm — Korean. Cotton Bei-n-n. |>, ),. u-A nml Klom-vlllp. -l-A. Will w'11 fur ciuili or trud',' \vllli you for other Uml;; ul UPJIIIS or cotton i,cc<l. I.. R. Matthews Gin Co. •A Lost Aviatrix HORIZONTAL, , I Pii'ltired Anicj-icuu Answer to Prevkia Puule 1 'I Cravats. 13 One who cares (or . 'the slek. H Prejudice. 17 Ci Imped. . rubric. in Lund nicnsvlfo lUSIuv Bapiihive ^1 Gashed. 2:1 Wood donwn, 24 To cslsl. ' 'J5 Genus oC ZB'J'u rllcli. :il lleforc. ;tx Hair mi cm, 18 Gibbon, VERTICAL 49 Still. 1 Melodies. 01 Piny on words 2 Ham. .: MMooIeyapplo. 3 f™ hc . ' 'it nllU'lf tlfi'rJ I/I Ulllt I IllHJll, j.i.niuiRUiin. 4 StiinuUlllilg. 64 Briiiich. . SKpllcpsy. TiBTo wngcr. 1 --. symptom. S7 She was tlic B Age. Ili-sl woniau 7 Venomous. to fly - Miuikc.s-, the Atlantic flRoll ot Him. Ocean, fl Degraded. 12 She was also a oi flying. 15 Six line sonnets. . 20 Uncommon. 22 To instigate, 'IS Silkworm. 27Lah- ot a ueasl. 29 Rubber Irce. SOKolding bed. 35 Terrier. 36Skil)cl. 38 Demure. 38 Largest liciivenly lioriy. 40 llaU of a hinge. •IlKhmnc!. •12 Pail of eye. 43 Threefold. 44M/itler. 45 Cod o{ i wisdom. •15 l.asl word , ol a prayer, 47 Speechless. 50 Label. fil Cat's murmur.' 55 Myaclf. I'UBLIC HATCHTNO. Mnrl'.vn Hatchery. Blylbrvillr, Ark.. Il.W. "I North. Plione 713 Shoe Kep;iinii Quality Shoe Shop Ni:\V HAMI'LK SHOKS Ki-erj-IJiing For Tour Hhoes J'lioiic 120 . VrcK Delivery Auto USED AUTO PARTS t-'nr , Kord-CiiesTdlcl-riyimuidi ' Cily Auto Paris Co. Next (o HIIS St^tlidii flail Sll Wauled to Buy sarco All Jlaltrs (\nriins- Unpaired WADK FUHtNiTUHW COH^ W. Main 1'honc 153 Pouhry WE BUY POULTRY Highest Markrl. 1'rlccs I'ald. ,). \V. iMOOUK 321 li. Maill St. For Kent SCREEN WORK A'f A KrtVIN(i Ili'li.ibiiiK Aj Now SI-I MADK TOll Alili inilt Barksdale Ufa. Co Trl. ll-l-'.;i, Yin Inn, ('ii(lii)i, Cnlldii StTd :M. skin. III! House cats. M Hone. 3!l Therefore. 40 She wiis lost at sea on a world — — . 44 Her married name. 58 She Hew llic 10 Wcnlthy. AtlnWte UNcl wclglil In 183'V!. ,ol container, t'onip7P(e i.lllc Ul' ELECTRICAL Over Joe 3sa»c«' 8l«r» WE MARK 'EM SKE Phone Floor Sliow Every Night Tui'Mlay, A|ll II 111 Him Numliiy, A(irll ill. OAK LUMBER Kill- Sale— 100,000 ft. of hill o;ik lumber delivered ut very lu«' prices. Sec }. W. Barron UlyibcrJIle, Ark. 1'lionc 3S8 I'll Itiulii'i'ii ('iiuki'd Steaks, l-'rii-d "'J'liB t'i»li|)li!le Klcclrlciil Slnre" 110 Sn. 2nd I'luitic :iM 15 Ads—2 Shows Nightly—15 Ach niilsli- hy lleartt I'ncd's "All- Now IxKalcd at ibl North Stconil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAIWS, Calcnlalnrs—licji airing—V All makes at Rebuilt Typewriters, Aildlnjt Mnclilnri »n( Caleuhitors—KcpalrMiB—1'iirls—itlltljons Kc.soiv.illiiiis c'«:l H—lllcliiviiy Ul, laml, nlo. KY V. t. HAMLIN rr OBEA'T T'BP ) -VALU'EV M &ACK HOME / V .A ' -^ SA > V < A flo °0 AIN ALL WE ' VE HAD; we GOOD GALLOPIM' EVER.V7HIMG COME.' 1HA7 WAKES GUI KIMS AGAtW, BUT WITH NOTHIN)'T6G KIN6 OF; WhlAt GOOD 15 ITT BEAUTIFUL PALACE-/ LEFT IW THE BJTIRE VALLEV/ S1WGLE CAVE LEFT IMTACT/ / MEBBE I'M / GOOFY, BUT I SOMEHOW IT 1 TXDM'T LOOH \OUST EIGHT.' iiiul onici^ iii Jiiijraii Inquire 1'iii'klHirst Co 4-fk-tf Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers BueAF, conBtlpnl'.on •« AcKve I.lTer 1'iIU get at III ot jour ulygglaljhcBa tn nke ynn 'epl likp » qei* p«rRf»i. Ri jyBtera of inrplus foiiohi with Liver Mils. HsnrlPM. g sn tl Klrby Drag Btorcii. I930.BVNU SEflVlCC. I>IC BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES T. M. REC,. U.S. PAT. OFF RY KUGAR MARTIN EMEKi VSrtrt \ 1 atv A Fly ing; Escalato WASH TUHliS HY HOY CRANE SURE i joiwED'.\ | T ' 5 K RACKET; _ VOU HAVE, MR. TOBB^ YOU HAD MUCH TROUBLE FROM HOODLUMS SYEMJMG AK1D M,UTILA,TIK16 VOUR MOST AWAZ1UG. OEIKiG 5O FAR OUT OF T0WW, I'M SUEPRISED VOU HAVE A SHKUB LEFT. FRIGHTFUL AWvOUMT OF VAMDALlSWS BEEW GOING OH, V'KWOW, HAS VOU SAP/ TEM TO OWE HE'S A MEMBER OF FRAWK.IE SLAUGHTER'S GAWG. 1 ' THW WOTHIN'LL HAPPEW LONC. A MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATION. FRKCKJ.ES AND IKS FRIENDS /• WiTt-l MY CUT THIS WAY, -I LOOK LIKE A WELL, SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT THAT \ MO YOU FOLHS'D MIND 1 HAD MY CUT MY WAY? LAUGH IF YOU WM4NA Bur I'M TIRED OP LOOKING LIKE i COMBED MY HAIR WITH AN EGGBEATER ' _WMAT PROMPTED I HAT STARTLING IDEk? WOMEN DOM'T INFLUENCE LIFE ! I STAND ON MY OWM T\VO FEET AND MAKE DECISIONS FOR MYSELF.' AMYWA.Y , I'M A CONFIRMeO BACHELOR M&MY A MAM • WHO MADB •THAT-BOAST is SCRAPWG HIS DEAR WIFE'S BREAKFAST TOAST I''. HAS ONE O GIRLFRIENDS COMPLAINED REASON SEVEM- TEGN SHOULD LOOK LIKE A 4 KID ' j fovmcd by these Cuvliss *,w* .i J HIV;3U V^Ulllba hBC-3 planes of the N'avy BS - llioy Hew in a tinicmc "slcp" ior- AflltKS. Will cive liberal lout malion during recent maneuvers. , lor :i \TOIS to ric'it Generally based on aircraft car- party. Delta Implements. :nr.,| rici's, they are combination Mionc 803, 20-ck-tf scouting arid bombing planes.

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