The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL 26, 1984 Bishop Called "Blameless Churchman, Hounded l>y His Enemies" WASHINGTON. Apni 26. <UPI*\ Hiial defense pica to n jury to- aly for Bishop James Cannon jr. :1 aracterlzed lilm a= - a blameless •h'jrc-himui. liouiKk-i! l>\- tits enc- llhs." rUtouiey Rnbi-ri II MrN'ehl <!e- rcnilinj; the Methodist bishop anil Miss Ada I, Burroughs from clvirj- •Js of complring to violate the cor- •ii|H practices act. .said: "I atii talking to preserve I'.e tame that has been a hoiiieholJ word in Hie horn-.:; cf niiilbm tar Die last 40 years." He said thai when Bisl-op Cannon entered the courtroom for Die Tim (ime more limn two wee&s :i'.;u !>e was an Inncfetu man. "And Miss Burroughs came in no: only innocviit.' 'he continued, "but vic'iiin of ih? !-nl; of the en?- I'Js of her iriend.*" Oestiirlnif toward a pile of evidence, comprising s:m? 2000 paje?. on Hie counsel table. M?N?il] told the jury thin in his belief the K<IV- t-i-nmcnt had failed to establish any conspiracy between lire 09-year-oM clnnchman and tiic ruiddia a-^ed itcnograplier of the Rk-hmond Vi AiiM-SnIcon league in the is'6 campaign again.*: the election o< Alfred E. Smith. The case probably will 50 to lii" iniy late toriciy. ' ' . tdeni. win preside at the meeting which will be preceded Viy a banquet. Uicicn colemau, -local attorney lias been naked to deliver the welcome address. Brooks Hays, of LU- tle Reck, president or ihe State Welfare assocla'.lon, has been M- vlu-tl as guest speaker. Tlie minimum iv. lr,uvii:cl iiu.Iiun ol :ni :iii|..|;tni! Is obtained with linn viji;; \\hk-li ha; 11 low lil'lln LMuiK'e to tile the wings of | WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win B.cU Pep .. .Vigor... Vit.lilj Medical fiuitiorXrs ncrfp lliRt your k!A juyj ccnlniii 15 MILES o! liny tubvs oi fiLltja vt.irli l.tlji to irjiify it.v UOIM fin.] i (:<,!> you 1,,-jlity. -[key should Iwur oul Itira the- UiuMtr 3 i«i:ls at Huicl n <!«, I xsh-ch c.:nluirn 4 I'li-.-nds of wnsto InulU-r. fjoes on the «fr_ xvifli now uetwork program! If 10U ]Jr.;l.l t -r yi-..-rij,v3 II:K Liiri.ina ;.,..! irith fOltHliUSf *9llk« ivill surely \viii y uuiuunl rdiis- (K- If. MILKS u-..|. Thisiliin- i:ii x af nn«^i!;>f Poinsett County Welfare Association Will Meet LKHA.NTO. Ark.-The Poms?:;; Comity Welfare association will i convene in L-jpanw Friday c-veniir; | at the American Legion c'ommun-1 ity tint in t!:e first mL-etinij since! Its orgnnl/nilon ii- Tj-ronzn hist month. -Mrs. Alex Ea^t of Tyronza, p:-r:;- nitin:: up LII::I>.: U; O. b.vulU-n fc(i :a.'l r3 t-:n:.r.:ic t-.\ii!i auj OiiTintsr, If kiilueys i!o:i'[ Mjir-ty A plnls ex ery dav nsil |;>-I riil o! t |»iu.,:ii of u-utk- mntlir. | ycur lw:ly ftill ta'..e n;i lhi'«c iwison* tauamu I itrious lrr>'jblc. Jt n::.y kuoik you o-Jl nnj . lay >ou up for runay inoiitli-. Don't vail. jAik j-oi:r tlruuict f.>r_ IIUAN'S I'll.LS i been use.', successfully by niil'lions of kidm^ | natters fur uii-r 40 yrars. They itivc .;uick liViL^'oriijJ; 11 ,'',,^^ 110 "' "" 1S i or^S^u^^iS^Ste ! 5C iM up n m 1:j 7'- l:iu[v '- ^our coiiuimn sense I will u-ll you that this ii IniFosstble. Trcat- I mcn!J of this mlure mar E«rioaity tr.'uro i! ! Ui ! . ,°'' llcal * ''«-«• Ir.iist on DOAN b FILLS . . . llir- old reliable relttf L . a ; J1 no "(] Dtw ..- - -- 'alic our »t<>r<l I'm- II v«m ivilt hear I lit-.or iinracecrs nl-liMy nllh i^ Interest antl SAFKTY KA/(Mt iSrage. 11^- jure yr.u «t-( kt yoj: Ji^^^iit. 0 1^34, !-• oiw or nt-ormni r.u «t-( [JOAN'S PILLS • ........ WMC l^vory Night lsi:l ^'si^iirday and Sunday A, 10:45,.,,. (C. S. T.) L'o!Ur.l]i]buin Ctfc I " LENGTH -O.K.! WHEN we cut andhema HANES Shirt, we always think of your thighs. And we leave enough to go way below the belt—down so deep in your shorts that it can't creep out at your waist I Mister, i^s length-— plus. And wait till you {eel the spiingy knit of HAKES, snuggled across your chest. It's the most comfortable feeling in the world! Tight, soft, and cool — you want to stick out your chest, and thump it like a gorilla! And there's no let-down in comfort, when it comes to IlANES Shorts. They have ample "seating capacity"—nothing rips or grips at the crotch. Colors guaranteed! See your HANES dealer today. P. H. Hanes Knitting Co., Winston-Salem, N. C. at KIRBYS 9 SODA FOUNTAIN I. Ben Miller Ice Cream The Richest Ice Cream Sold In Try It Today. Special Ice Cream Sodas 15c Frozen Fudge Sundaes 15c Double Rich Malted Milk 20c Sandwiches That Are Different 15c 50c Ipana 39c 25c Pee Chee Polish 19c 25c Glazo Nail Preps 21c $1.25 Creomul- sion 51.13 50c Groves Chill 39c Amolin Cream It's New. It's the Most Effective Deodorant - 50c EACH for Shirts nnd Shorts 50c and 75c ca. ii SAMSONBAK (Sa^Iorired) Unio-..Suitj Othcri, 7Se WONDER W£AR WM.R. MOORE'S •The South's Wliolrsali* llonsp" MEMPHIS H A \ K S \YHOU:SAI,K niSTUIHUTOKS Barber Shave Soap 5c | Gerraicidal Soap 19c G. F. P. Cardui Dandrasol Hair Tonic 49c CHECK Castile Soap 5c Cashmere Boquet Soap lOc Palmolive Soap 5c Alka Seltzer 3flc'- 6dc Blytheville's Toiletry Center Elizabeth Arden — DuBarry—Max Factor — Harriett Hubbard Ayer,etc Jeurelle's New Perfume $1 New Compacts 50c to $5 Visit Our New Department 25c Black Draught 19c Pint Mineral Oil 39c Bath Room Scales $2.39 Electric Mixer $139 Cocktail Shaker $1.19 Lime Squeezer 58c Cocktrail Trays 49c Cleans. Tissue 500 count 49c $1.25 Pinkham's Ve ?- Comp. 99c 75c Glover's Mange Rem. 69c $1.00 89 C 60c KIRBYS' HROADWAY MAIN AT SKCONI) COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES LIBERTY CASH GROCER! Specials for Frida^Safurday and Monday . SPA HE RIBS, Salted. Lb. 5c OUVES, Rosedale. Pint 1f)c Pj\LJ\l(MJVJO_B_KADS, pkg. 5c AlKAL » 2 ' 1 -^ 1 >- Sack 39c YIOLLOW SH. Lb. 10f I^LISMJMOAS, Ll^ 9c ARTICHOKES, Each 5c 7c OI.IX), All IJrands. F.b. lOc GREENS Mustard Turnip Kale Bunch 2c RADISHES , Medium Size. Lb. GREEN BE.Aj\'S, Texas. Pound 1Q C MILK, ( ,"" : '?:; " r ;$ Tall or (> Sm. !7c COFFKH, Sunny 1 trunk. Cnnnv;i or MakweII llousr Lb. 27c ASPARAGUS. Fresh Garden. Bch. IQ'c SOAP, Palmolive or Camay. 3 for 13c SUGAR Best Granulated 10 IBS. 47c SOAP, I'. A- <:. nr Crystal white f;iiirt llurs (i for 25e FLOUR, Blue Bunny. 24 Ib 95c; 12 Ib 49c LIRBYS SPECIALS 1'incnpple, 2\'i Can lilc IVat-hcs, 21/2 Can - Kic Apricots, 21/ 2 Can -lire I'ears, 2'/ 2 Can - - 2lc KIDNHY BEANS. Joan of Are. Can 7c LIPTON TEA, Free Tumblers. % Ib. 21c ORANGES ""figr 23c SPINACH, Ark. Brand. Nil. 2 Can St No. 2!j C:\ll 12r PORK & BEANS, Van Camp. Can 5 PEAJl^Miss Calif. Bartlctt. 2^ can 14c SOUP. Phillips. All Kinds. Can fie MALTED MILK. Thompson's. _ 41c MACKEREL, Salmon Style. 2 Cans 15c SALAD DRESSING. Table Quart I'inl . 22 r 12c TOMATOES Ib. lOc MILK, Carnation. Libby or Pet. SALAD OIL, Uulk. Quart 23c; Pint 14c APPLES. Ark. Blacks. Pound 7c TOILET TISSUE. Waldorf. Roll 5c MACARONI. Bulk. Pou nd To PICKLES, Sour or Dill. Qiuirt Jar 15c FLOUR Mary Jane 12 Lbs. 47c 24 Ibs. 85c Bunch Ic GREKN ONIONS, ___ CELERY. Jumbo Stalks. Each 7c RICE. Fancy Blue Rose. Pound MUSTARD. Marco. Quart Jar. Each CLEANSER. Sunbritc. l\ for 12c DOG FOOD, All Brands. 3 for 25c CHERRIES Red Pitted No. 2 Can 12!c SELQX, Large Sv/.c 12c; Small Size 5c PINTO BEANS, Pound 6c APPLE BUTTER, Cardinal. Jar 13c PjANUTBUTTER, Peerless. %£ :" ^ GRAPE NUT FLAKES, 2 for 17c BUTTER, Oesta. Lb. 24e A llj^lavors. Pkg. 5c LEMONS, Faney Si^c. OLD POTATOES, Pound 2e NIOW POTATO IPS, Lb. .IVfec TOiVLVTO JUICE. Phillips NAVY BEANS, Pound 4c _ COFFEE, Liberty Special Ib Kit; COCOA, Mothers. 2-lb Box 17c BELL PEPPERS, Lb. 12c SPINACH Fresh Green Pound SHRKDDKI) WHKAT, CUAB-.MEAT. Geisha. L ff c. ale; Sm. 25c ; PUBSERVKS. Von Allmen. l(i mi. jar BANANAS, Ripe Fruit.' Pound i CHKKSE, Phil. Cream. 2 Pkgs for STERLING, Spaghetti - Macaroni. 3 J / 2 c" ; COilN. Pride of Illinois. Can ]Jc FLOUR , N :; 20 Ibs. 89c TOMATOES s r r 3. N .r 2 25c TUNA FISH. Livery Day. Can lie SALMON, JMcrrimac. Lgc. 21 c; Med. He FRESH TOMATOES, Pound IQo TOMATO PASTE, ___ Can 3e SOAP. Crystal White. 10 Bars for 25c QUAKER OATS. - Package 8c OATS. Hostess. 55-0?:. Package He CABBAGE a IbTZc TOMATO JUICE, Libby's. Can MATCHES. Pet. Box 3V 2 e TISSUE. Liberty. 2000 sheet. Roll 7V 2 c SNOW DRIFT, (> Lbs. 69c; 3 Lbs. 35e CORN FLAKES. Miller's. 2 for "l5c LETTUCE. Fancy Heads. l'>u-h fie GINGER ALK. Quart 'Bottle. Each 1( KIDNEY BEflNS ft n 7 SPA RE RIBS. Strictly Fresh. Lb. He I PORK SHOITT.DIORS. "?"„" LI "LAUD. (No Limit) Lb. () BACON. Sliced. Swift or Krcy. Lb. J5c PORK STEAKS. Real Lean. Lb. 12 %c PORK CHOPS, Lean Cuts. U>. "J5c GREEN BEANS VEAL ROAST, Or Chops. Lb. IQc SALT MFAT, llrsl ISoiliriT. I'onnd 6'.c S!iva!i-O-I.ran, I'liui •! i>r GROUND BEEF, Or Hamburger! Ib 5c NECK BONES, Strictly" Fresh". Lb. 5~ HENS. Milk fed. Full drc.sro V .V^ "171! . '. Suprar Curorl. '.. : '. 1 .' rrrr , Iv !" I' 1 ..':''' ::. i: ^v Mil 2 IDs. l&c Crisp 1 Lfa. 9c MUTTON ROAST, Or Stew. Lb. 12*/ 2 c CHEESE, Wisconsin No. 1. Lb. 15c BOLOGNA, Weiners or Franks. Lb. lOc CRACKERS SWEET POTATOES, Pound 3&c SALT MACKEREL, Large S to. Ka.~15c

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