McKean County Miner from Smethport, Pennsylvania on April 4, 1912 · Page 7
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McKean County Miner from Smethport, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Smethport, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1912
Page 7
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LET PEOPLE ROLE, SAYS«EVELI Opposes Presides AWa 0:1 Popular.Gwfniiisnl, PEQptf'S VOICE MUST FUEVAJL ^^ b»r of. r»put«hle imt h.,r.nrnbV men I woo d.m-u lit iMituiu il.'mrtHi f !'"'"· I fverniiiHii tiu.l *·;, t [,,.,, ,,,,,,,) f f , \ W[t It ll..r|| It W |,|, n'lu'.'l;-;,.,.*,,, ,| i he-li-n iiri,iii;d It wl.'li »v,.r\ "··« .... ,,. I n"»rrle[|..n. nnd eh""'; i»..]' I.MI.I.,,-.- ..n !· IM to u t : k e th*,. power-t.f l l i i p,\ .-'-· - · [ llml'teil n.n',1 ,',,' |....«,.,.;!,-.. , i H ,,, I Mr.'TrUI l:il,ly ib-Hm-i Hie I-,,,,,, t he HIVS tri:i: nur KIH-I-I i,;, j *h,Mtlif (»· n 1,1- u .| · pi* This I* nn e-.celVnt niul t | our Kiv.Tnnii-;,i u,...i iruvenuhcitt lo'r».!rrw Af.lln 1,1:.I il f OHM m-i-l- n- u|.!:i,;..- t'.. i! j HI'lilllllrl'ifl dl'.i , ;. III.,.: thui HIK.V in i-;. i,,..',, i r . 1l Al»erkuil Wu.. : v!i ;md . ] -. I d i m i n u t i o n iu nm] l-iiliimriiil «!!«. .,,, - p..,.. Chwr.d r»r Spweh In Opaning Aetiv. Campaign For Nomination--Qualej ·Un'di Sqeanly on 'Hi» Columbu. (0.) lu The salient pussies delivered In Ciini.'xie hall. .New York. Wolnesilny i-veiilns. ure clven bi:luw: ; 'The great futulamentnl Issue now lie. tan the KepnhllCHii pnriy and befuie oar people n.m IK- smtui briefly. It is, Art the American (tuple ill tu covern themnelveii. to nilu tUeuisekw. to'eon- trol theiuselven': I believe they are. My opiwiciii* do nut.. 1 Mleve 'in the riant of the i-eoplc to rule. I h,.I1,.iV that Hie 'majority of tin, ( ,| : ii n ' |,,. OI ,| tf of tbe L'lilii-'il States will, day In mid day out, n u i k ·rnlng ~- --- : · · -- - - - IU11T-11E f i t M i l of Ille prii|il*.|iyn iW of the people . I nui n.-t r».,il.lni: Juid.Vi, nor ,!,, I .. riie-iii t,, b,. imU.'i:-!. r,,,. | rv.,,,. !lt ,j,. lt i Diuiiy liiiii,;riilii'-iiini w e i ; t n l i n i n g m,',, ' Of blKll eh:ira.-l|.r l:;l;,. t l ' l i 'View .nlid I have t:il,..|i It f r ,nn i|ie.t!i,iv uf ·(,,·, r ,, r . ni:ill..-.ii »f il:,. iimi,,:,. C*...|ii|al|y" t h l w vilnv Is tli.'t tl,,. eu.-:.-.Uiiiiiiin N n m n i l i Jacket, tu I,,MI«,..| f,, r the ointrul of -in _ u n r u l y patlcnt-thc pr.iple. .Now, I ho.M this view 1,1 ;.;,! only faNe. are Instrument.; designed tu ..e.-ure ju«. tl.'e by; vi-eii'rliiK Ibi- ilelllieralv but effective. i-x|ire."lin o f _ t l i e popular will, tr-tt ihi- cln-i u :ind balance^ are valuable as fur and only so f u r us they ac- cpmpjfKii tlmt-delib.Tiiti.m i.nd n,nt It i . . 0( j u , ui . l)r ,| |v , u( | imp^j,.: n uf our form of KOVH'II- In. It only a means uf popular will aud ut pre- i'. Mr. T.i.'t. says t h a t 'voice" iu · ta.a *r coiist meat to t h w u r t l i i K . i renting Ju "e*err . la se.- tbe K'nvi-riiincni That m-enw to me a very si-riMs mKi ou.-i-iiilon of th, ay out, make fewer mistakes In guv- Tl ' r ' "eri.-is inKcouci-iitlon of the rnlng tlienwelves tlnin auy sirallcr An "' rl '' :1 " I'" 1 "'' "I s i t u a t i o n The rent bsJ or |,.v of |...|. n . ,,,, i u ;,t(,, r , V |, a , trouble with n !- Hint SOKO c|as«i-s j'-Ir-traiiiln..-.- wiii tm k,. ·},, tri-rinrttj havt ' l ' 1 '" 1 '"" "'"' '' " ll '°- '""" "' 1|K - overn IbiMii. I J»'!:i^c n i in I h - i t il-,.1 '"' M "''.'.'Hi."!! in' ;,'! II... !e-s..ns t.'i t,e .; lu ^ · ... Ill llr.'ll fr..:n . - Ja ! u - ' f v l:.:vc IHM-II tin- iiiurtn. U t l i - j t : d : i n i . n i of uluuM all- the «... i ,l I t i.,iw ond or il-i/cci i.f I.U.-M, p r l c - N nn.i cleivymen mr! O f eirry eiecuilve iinci legislator wh i bas )...,.., , . r ;,,u t*m|iili.|i tu .u.-j ^|ii as HI "(tenty for siv 1:1 aoJ In liistrLiI Ix'tirr i nient. W h a t N !o .. i--,.uii ,,f t h i , ,,-, ti'in 1 of jii)||. l i i iiB.iiilianiiiiV ··'·eoriti-l;. ;:::t vl \ by"the ,o':rt of hp IH-iilM i.f .\,^' v v,r!i lii ibe ,-»i': liability I-,.-,., ivlu-re (i ,-a!; ; iiy am) Judicially-i!,.,:|ar t .;i li;.:t rii.. p.^.^ie im flw.'tii ,...;r l( l i!,,." i - v ; i Hint n}ipre HM-III Ih.Hi :,re lli.i p,.,,;-!,. ,,f t h e ' n i M n . »r. hli- of;.e. T,, imy mai'i with vNlon: to n:.y IM.III v.-iili t,i-(i.,d anil Koclnl »ymp:itlil,.i. u iin.v man wlm l» llev,.s w!?lt n i l hU h,.:ir: In this crca democratK- rt-publi ·. »,f cui-s. u *jnd|tlnn Is lnn,;,.r:ii.;e It U not ernmcnt l,.v Hie pe-;,!,.. but n,,a . »|,am guveriiinent In ivl,!,.), t ul . w -ni u f n,, peuple H i-iiiistumiy dcf,.jit,.d. ' It Is- out of this experience iny rcuxedy lint come, and let It be tried lu ihh Held. When IK the r,-ulfof year's o( education, anil debate n majority of tin- 'pe.'|ile have 'lecide-l UP.-..II n rerrnHlv'f./r un evil from w l i K u tin-y .«u,-;,.r. M1 . u havedioscn n liv.'sliitureiinil executive pled^vl tu euiU'dy t i n t n.-nn^Jv In law and the Inn- U:H U-vii 1 'fiuallv p. '. t j n - l r - t r a i l · govern I h Anirrii-al] j bio ,.f ..;;· . loyal:. ; ,, ' wlr · I : ·[·;' ;irr ^iii'l iii'pn.vt'tl a I,. ;i- 1: tu-tli.. p(.,'|.;e: . HUil, 1, W : 1 , I s, .-iir.. |v.:,.-|, ! re^-ird ll a* ·f.JiM.-M i'l-.ll '·!··;·( :·!.;! ;.·-,·; r - they tbe i.. I h:i .Mr. Tafl :.v.i:l tlon~ I have ; thrun^li his sp.i belief in tlie IH-.. the IilN: I n one tjie pnip..liiuii . h. I n a l .-n:e of the K,.|M. n shaia · VTMII. |,.il.\.iice v l i l i th,:: lai:; of the. lyni'iiiij- ..f.ihv ui.iJ.Vrlty. \Vh',-:i .ever then- is.ty.aniy of tin- majority I shall Kuie-.t with'..ill my ·heart and vunr. Cut.v.-e uru today KUT- ..ferlns fri-.m the tryanny iI'Mlu- minor- Itli-s. it Is n Muall miiinrliy that Is . . grabbing our |..puiis. .our water powers and our liarbur.fronts. A small mraority Is 'frfaeuiii« uu the sale of'-ipeaks of tii adiiltcrutcd f.iod.i and drui:s; .It Is a and "unsial,!, siu-ill minority that.lies l:oblnd monup. olles and trusts. It U u'small minority that stands behind the prraeut law of master and servant, the sweatshops and the whule calendar of social and Industrial injustice. It is ,11 small minority that Is today using our convention system to defeat the will of a majority of tbe K-oplc In the choice of delegates to the Chicago convention. Not For R.cill Ev.rywhtr* ,Uy opponents chargB that two things In my program are wrong because thev Intrude Into the sanctuary of the Judf- clary.. The tirst is the rwall of Judgea ·DQ tui* sccuud tho rpvluw by tho DCO- f»-- ---------*» w. «.VM«»UIUH w ium . pl» of Judicial dex-lslous" un cennln con eltent aif constitution, would certainly -»·......-_ . . takg at | ea , t two ycarg ^^ the , |plfi recall of Jnduea | u all btHtes mid In all communities. The Iwegrity of our Judges, from Marshall to White and Holine.s-.ind to Culleii and tuauy utbers 111 uur own state-Is a fine pace of American history, ilut-l say It sober- nli., .. til- w.lien ilr,.y vote :it ilell.-e lie says t h a t "l^nvcrful efft^'i to tlie m o m e n t a r y ImpuNe ,,f ;i inaj.jr- ,lty of mi ('l.^lorafe .and pre;i:ires tin- way for the |.»"-ll,le exiTc-ise of tin- trvrauny." :KIsew!nre be ··feverish uncertainty" -. determination" uf luws by "temporary and. cliauvInK majorities," and ncaln he says t h a t the system I propose "would result In suspeii- · sion or. a p p l i c a t i o n - u f coustltutlnnal JTUarantees according to jiopular whlui.",which won!d destroy "all pus- sible copsls(ency" in constitutional In- terpretatlbn. I should much like to .know the exact distinction that U to be made between what Mr. Taft calls "the fltfal Impulse o£n temporary majority" when applied to a question such as that I raise and any other question. Remeinfcor that under my you_ol,j,,-. .Ti,,,,. ir y,, ur h./ds out and iluniiy prvi.iil. iuc ' will of - t h e m.-ijuriiy of Ihe people have Its iv.iy " Sueh n system Is not popular Ruveriiiiu. 1. 1. but a nii.rocio.-fc ery of ropiilar p,i,.rnin..:it. .Pooplo Will-'Oafino-'Uib Tho rtm-islnns of winch we are. as n n:!c.'ba»cl upen.the c.,nstltu- tlonal iirovlsliin that' no i,ers.,n shall bo of life. liK-'rty or p'r,,perty without due pr...-|.»s of law. The terms "life. liberty uml pro|*rty" have been. used .In the eoiisiliiitlons apenklnc peoples ulnce Magna CUurta. Until within the last slj'ty years they were treated as liavlnj; sitvllie mean- lnK»-- "proporty" meant tangible prop erty: "liberty" meant freedom from personal restralnr. or. In other words. from Imprisonment In Its largest defl nltion. About IS70 our court bejtan to WeB I Guess Yes! ·2000 -Miles of Fun and Frolic on a Pullman Gar * Jtjl J» .4 j j, j( J j, j, j, ^ j, j, ^ Good Groceries '. We liuli|-.uiir-v.°ii.stctricrs by I'ttiyinij them t! L- KrHxls at t h e ' ' o w - ·»t jxj.vsibln prices. W£ HA I/ f tvttyl\,'.u K in iLe line of (irucciiti tljat a careful housewife needs to satisfy the dcdunds of the table. .bur. TEAS AND COFFEES retain their flavor, and · ,the increasing' sales of the articles . indicate tliat our patrons appreciate good articles for · little money. Cscar Eflgstrom -- Dealer iu-- GROCBR1KK UI1 ,i PROVISIONS k li fc b k h , h h fc h h h ii Call at my Stor- and over my stock of HARNESSES, ttUIIt-S-. HI.ANKMT5, T.IH;NKS..' · T K A V I U . I M i |j A ( ;j jf Tlie hot i;,. ,;*';,! !C. .* j ;; ' !i- prici-i. . · ;| CHR'. ES '·!/.i look- . Smcthport. Pa . ,___ -- ».,, v . 1*1^ propo3fl! to.- ujiiuii, .luuui i^iv our coi review a rule of decision by popular attach to these terms no-/ meaning Tote, amendlnit or constralnc to that : Now "property" tas cucie to meiin .- . .-..«.....,,,,,,,. . , ' TM «onat«Ion. would certainly every H S (it of value which a person ttitutional questions, r have said afraln .·'L at lea ? t two 'TMrs froci the time could enjoy, and "liberty" bas been and. njjaln that I do not advocate the election of the lestslatnrc which made to Include the rli-ht to mate con ' ' P«ss«l the act. Now. only fnnrttjonth, .tracts. A» ,, result, when '.he state e ap?e Iwiwe-n the nonilnailon and -he 'limits the hour-.'for which women may election of a man an p.resldenr. to Oil -lal«r. It Is told by Ih,. courts that this ror four years the most Important of- law deprlv,-.- them of their -llU-i-tv/' ^cn^V" 1 ^ v" T ° f Mr T ""' 1 and Wl '" n " "·"*'·' tlu «'»'»'fact«n. speeches he speaks o^"the voice, of of tobacco In u tenement It is told that ppte as comlns neit tu the voice tho law deprives tbe landlord of/'(jib "property." .Now. 1 di/ not b«llev? that any people, ami especially oi;r Excuse Me! A New Story by Rupert Hughes We Will Print in Serial Form . rf- --«· · · .-«»^ 11 nvuci- #1... ly-deinocracy bas n richt to approach .^, p *'. -·- - -- -- tbo sanctuary of the courts when n o f G o l - Apparently, then. Ihe declsinn ' ' ' Has cumuli* found ° f tlle noor ' !l ' llbout " l6 Presidency, aft ENOUGH OF BUCKSKIN NEW HARNESS NICK 'DEMPSEY GOT WAS OF'LEATHER. '. special Interest 1 Has curni|itly ,,,, sanctuary there, and this is exactly .. what has happened In sume uf the states where the recall of the Jmlxes It a llvinj; Issue. · 'Is It not equally plain 'that the question whether a Riven ao- clal pulley Is for tbe public cuort Is ,.,,, · of a judicial nature, but should be set tied by thu legislature or In the final Instance by the people themselves? . The president of the United States. Mr. Taft, devoted most of a recent speech to criticism of this proposition He says that It "Is utterly wlt»but merit or utility, and Instead of being · , * * In the .Interest of all the peo- houso and a shed alongside of the 1 house, and tho shed wasn't any shelter to brag on. When Sam got to It it about.six next morning he found N'lck there cussing forty ways for the Sabbath and repeat. He was-'slamming that fancy buckskin harness all over the xround anil swearing every er four months' deliberation. Is to be treated as -Jioal to the vojciyof God." but If affer two-years of sober tuoncht they decide that women and children shall be protected In Industry, or men protected from excessive hours of labor Oy Is for tbe public Rood Is not prol ! ( ' tr(i from excessive hours of labor , icial nature, but should be set- nn ' It ' r ulin J'icnlc conditions, or wage i workers compensated when they lose life or limb In the service of others, then their decision forthwith becomes a "whim" and "feverish" and "unstable" and an exercise of "the grossest tyranny" and the "laylnz of the a* to the foot of the tree-of freedom." That 'Is the old, old doctrine which has been Every people has Uetlned that le'rHi^or j Itself In the course of Its ilevelo|imiht. Talk It to Strivs For Ju»tict. ' Frlenl.s. our task as Americans Is to strive and Indusirhil Justice, achieved tbrousth the genuine rule of the people. This M our eiid. our purpose. The methods for achieving tbe end are merely expedients to be finally accepted or rejected according as actual experience shows that they work well or 111. But in our hearts we must Hopeltm Bet 'The rain d u r i n g . t h e night had' blowed In on it. and when it dried it was harder than a board and wouldn't fit a boss any more than an Iron cage! would. Prompt at seven Sam pulled I out for home, leaving Nlck In the BEST. - DRUGS, MEDICINES. RUBBER GOODS, TOILLT ARTICLES, STATfONERY, PERtUMtS, PLAYING CARDS SCORE CARDS, and FINE CANDY AT LOWEST PRICES . A. B, ARMSTRONG Drugstore Main Street . r Snieihport,,Pa. "Xlck Dempsey was ror a'certainty the most talented teamster that ever swung the ribbons over a .pair of - - - . - - ,, .,,».» ,,, i ue 5nea , horses," sale! tho cab driver who had I 6U " tfu!sl °S-ana banging his harness · RlirHirt-'c . . I Mck EOt barb t h n f KIM.. .1--:. ·-.._ fMI.UlHV BURDICK'S INSURANCE OFFICE come In out of the west to take -- .,, ,,,*,, u,?"' 1 ^ Ko; back !n « night aboli't four, position.on the box of a metropolitan I ure a f t c r s amTiad gone to bed, and taxl-whizzcr. "Ho alw.iva h»H n, t,^.t I 'ho strings and rones and wires and no always had the best ·"·"·.» anu rnnca ana wires and i could combine, and the ,f lccea of KaHu'aes and strips' of boot- of.them was a lesson to! 8 ! aml 8ec(lol 's of buckskin that A i « j v i _ i . i Bmdo up his harn"'" 1 " ---- - _i . . ernment. Is sowing the seeds of confu- ?^ ro!ld " n v whlcl1 hcre ln America has slon and tyranny." (By this he. of en . act(ld upon sometimes openly, course, means the tyranuy of the ma- SOWetin]w secretly, for forty years by Jorlty-that Is, the t y r a n n y , of the IfJ" 17 mea '" publlc and ln Private Ule. und I am sorry to say by many American people as a whole.) He also .says that my proposal (which, as he rightly sees, is merely n proposal to give Hie people a real Instead of only a nominal cb.aiii-c.tb construe and amend · state constitution with' reasonable rapidity) would make-.such amendment and interpretation "depend on the.fe- verish, uncertain and unstable determination of successive votes on different laws by'temporary and changing ·majorities." and that "It lays the ax at the foot of the tree of well .ordered j: a doctrine which has in fact unjustly strive f ,,.. ,,,, cerity or our work win come to nothing. In order to succeed we need leaders of Inspired Idealism, leaders to whom are granted great lege. a bulwark special Interests Wb ° Can kfn le the own : taxl-whizzcr. "Ho always had the be"st team that ha caro he took or.them was a lesson the S. P. q, A. And his ,,_ w ell, Nlck laid himself out on and they looked like circus flxin's. But prido Koelh before a full and Nick got his, bimeby. Somebody told him that buckskin made-tho finest harness In the world, and he didn't rest till he got a set of buckskin harness. Ho made It himself, to be sure it was Just right, and It was about the gayest ss wa, a t o And Sam Muldrow was a gentle-1 He let Nlck keep J25 of the I · Succ.-ssors ro- C. A.BURJDICK, Fire, Texinnlo. An'umoMle, Liability, -.ife and accMpnt insnraooj, · Companies and servico tho lent. -· . -- .--.** harness i It, neither, mind that now.'. 1 Complete Line of Pianos and feet Is. and can only be. to. make the courts tbe shield of privilege against popular, rights. Naturally, every upholder and beneficiary of crooked' prlv- liege loudly applauds the doctrine It - - .- ,,.,, ^ Mni * e 1shl(!l 1 ot '"at doctrine freedom and fubjects the guarantees of J? rookwi c 'anf=es creep 1 ulto lawa. life, liberty.and property witbuut^rem- men ° wcalth control legislation " "JuiVJudgM Saf«." . . · Remember I a m not discussing the recall of iudces-nlthoush I wish H distinctly -understood that tho recall Is a mere piece of machinery to'tafce the wtri' 0 ^"'t"""'" r ' i -' lhle l-nrcachment' which Mr. .Taft In effect defends auil Beaver* for National Park*. Tourists In the Yellowstone Nation- Musical Instruments and Sheet Music Seertiie FREE sewing machine . to be used nntll broken u ~^''°S |i ' an ? 'hey wi_ ,,,,,,. . and then to be cast asldc% and if he MJflclt hadn't more than got his new -r -- -"·' i is worth his salt he will core no more httrne " "led 'out till-Sam Muldrow P 1B «"B colonies of the animals i u ' - · - - - · · · - that drove a mule team rt,,n^*.j\\! Bome of 'he other natldfjal parks. [ The beaver' has' been one .of th«,' "* --u » v t i u n o h U l J O ^ULIOQ* fn' P , a h k "I!! 9 BhOWn "° m ? cl Interest, Call, Phono or \Vride In the beavers that inhabit thef-^, it the department o.f the In-'SIDNEY A. BURDIP.^ the advisability -- ' ·«-'«wrv, I* iuim nis san ne win core no more ""·""" "'eu out mi- sam Muldrow, when he Is broken thnn a Soldier cares lbat 1 . rOT « mule team, challenged I ' when ne'is sent where his life Is for-' h l m 'or a trip to thorailroad and back; --felt In b'rder that the victory may be, llllr 'y m"es each way, and no turn- nlos ' P° tcl " factors In the exploration - - - - Pike, neither. Nick fairly snorted at ·° nhe R ? ck y mountain region because 1 Sam, but Sam sliook a fifty-dollar blir th * ea ^ ly 'rappers wer« generally t under his snorter and told him. that : * earchln e 'or beaver- when they first r ^ T)f\ f^frtt ·was what was what, and Sam took It P en «'.ra'e4 the fastnesses of th» S *-"-' 11UI won. In the long flght for righteousness h'e watchword for alt of us is spend and be spent. It Is of little matter whether any one man fails or sue- cecds; but the cause'shall not fail, for ,, . . · " .: ·" * * v - v f c ni;it.'LiU?i I1UU that if the iMys of Mnynard ever came back acain in Uie s'tare.-of'.\ew Tork I-should favor it. I Iwve no wish to f' me 'o It. .but our opponents- when they object to nil efforts to secure real' ·In America, bold la our hands the-bopei was sotng back and forth every, two i ul " ra . r signta m the Yellowstone Na-i of the world.'the fate of the'coininj; or toree " mt3 a,»|ect,-buf nobody i Uona ' P ark - The beaver seems to be'l years, and shame- and (ll-grace will be « Ter thought of making a speed record^ J"" 01 "' 8 '!? adapted to the Plstte,'the 15 ours If In-our.eye.! t h e ' i l ~ h t of high' Sam pat " U P to Nick and his new . Yoscm lfe and Rainier National. »; --·-' -- - · · · · - -- ' · n n r v i a e a · ' : Tiarb o · , - . - »* . . g e re:6ive.Is'dimmed. I f - w e trail .in the ' " " If on build I ""They got away.all right and th« lolo road was out-to see them'as trekked along. It.was the big- edy to the litful impulse of a 1 temporary majority of au efcetoratt" ' · This criticism Ls really less- a critl- '· clsm ot my proposal than a : crltlclsiii of nil popular sovernment. It -la . · wholly nnfnnuded. unless It Is-'founded. on the belief that the pp.iple are fund-' · arnentally tmtrustwurtii.?.' This.Is .the question that I' proiiusn :to submit to the people. Flow can. tho pravjillin): monillty or a preponderant opinion be better and more exactly ascertained ""--j uujeci 10 nil eirorts to .than by n vote of the people?- The Jn-'Mce from the courm are court. what .their own morality and the recall. In a great many states their own opinion Is. I nsk that you. .'here .has been for-many years a real here, yon and others irke y,pu. yon tbe rocall of Judges as- resards arinolnt^ people, be given the clutn'ce' to state -ments. promotions, reaiipolntments and your own views of Justlce-and public ''re-election*, and this- recall wn« morality and not nit me%y by and through the turn of a' thumbscrew «f have your views annniinced^for yoii'by - the end of.n long distance rod in ,h. ' iTm^, '.TT,,"" " i' lriil;r fical ° tnc i "T, i"T '"" " a ?." (!r3 "e .hAd. · They weir meaning adherents .of outworn bands of great mre^TbeUeve"that' £S «· J"^ "" W ° r ' d '"«i P u " c d - i n a ' t « railroad, about even -phllosopWes. who exalt the pedantry ...» Just j adm wo,,,,, 4 far Ktofn ?he ' ny by the f^r o? bv^frn?" W --K ^^ S!r '' bolh «* ««m -or rormuliin nbovo the vital needs of hftntls of tho poopto tli*in in th h i · t A * ~ ~ ' ***« rn.iny. \T(* · h u m a n life. . ·' - . - of'those Interests · ' e · nd8 .'. f ,na f o r '- l c ' ·' I1?i: ' nf the many In the I intprefjt.of all uC us. for the rule of the as w a was what, and Sam took It e "erated te fastnesses of t h » . at a gulp, ho .was that willing. We TM oun talns; The zigzag dams con-' 1 got all our.goods by team and they 1 6truc( el by theso.busy animals are to!*l ack and forth every two, mlllara| Shts.In the Yellowstone Na-IS dust tJie goldeii liopes.. of men. "·'- ""w continent yve/mer country of great biit 1 material prosperity c done nothing, aud we shall do as " " icrely set the greed of envy preed of arrogance and ; parks. ' _ _ _ _ ******** ·« «»«Bd. oto k about fortynieveii to one. sald Sam " a » * fool, but he- Mado- Them Smile.. There Is a good 'story of i Divinity *5 " - ' " ~ ' o one. S , ? ; *"*£ ° f a "°S an « .«« d ' Pf ,°? ] ? sald Sam " a » * fool, but he, «"ereby destroy the material well be- 6a ^ he -was trusting to Providenca ! Ing of all jf us. To turn this govern- 1 a nd tno weather. It did look TMke rain menf either Into government by pl«i ! "d. mules is hard to bcatln he mud' eer no government by pl« ". m u e s is hard to bcatln he mud I"TM 07 or wyernmcnt by a mob would . "ut it was a mighty long shot for Sam r" '° ^P*"'0 " "' I'-'Wr walo t h e j a n d tho few; backers he had · ThW a ° c " tab ' e tMa TM of l h e wor P ullcd "· *t the- ·Jlr. Taffs position Is the. position that- has t«en held from the beginning of our government, although not al- .ways so openly held. by)a' large Hum- j My remedy Is not the result .of a II: MVi 07'govrSS; ElliaS'Srf when you need . those hew MANJLES AND GLOBES .of their critters lu . m e fla ui homo next day with a load. '. ' . ·"Ttcy v;-as to'leave .next morning at seven, -and no Jockeying on tho slavt. That night it rained, cleared, o.i jr.d.turned colder, J'jsc-'rifrht for "··'?· " r °f i-.tllng. There 'wasn't anything at Snarl[fl . "1^ railroad'but a station sjent'* balrnl " land, and had been Invited. to prei *. side at the baptism of the iast-arrivect ·» infant In the already-crowded house * of a minister. : · : · · . ,J The guest gave' out for congresslon-1 ^ al singing a.paraphraso much favored,' V on such occasions: "Let us" sa'd ho '*. "sing from the fifth parai,, bVi», ginning at tho second 'verse: 'As '*. sparks (n clo;o. Euccesoioa rlr.o.'" j», To his constitution, the eongrega-' *· tlon giggled.. Afterwards, asking tho. 1 ' 'nilnhter's man" what had L,.vn. *. wrong, that functionary rcplliJ: -"\».' *.·' *Ve. professor, tho minister's name j s ' *. c--... ,_. j. ondor ]s h[j ^ en(h ;., _rj.« at ter ,- j: . % in ' I carry ^.verything J EJ'/.STRONI k h IT IT

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