Newport Mercury from Newport, Rhode Island on March 26, 1965 · Page 8
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Newport Mercury from Newport, Rhode Island · Page 8

Newport, Rhode Island
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1965
Page 8
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EIGHT ,IHE NEWPORT'MERCTJKV AND WEEKLY NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 20, IOCS Crowds See Parade; Blast Of Musket Only Sour Note It was a colorful day (or Hie! Thc governor, w h o was Irish and lhe oilier thousands 'marching without an overcoat who lined yesterday's SI. P'l- 1 ^^ iWiK^,^'"."! rick Day parade route lo view |, c marc hed and l h e ' g i r l the spectacle w h i c h was'skipped along beside him. He marked by a pre · climactic ; told her, "H's not loo good" explosion as lhc first divisionjwhcn he gave her back her passed lhc reviewing stand, [paper but she seemed uncon- Sgt, James Brady, 13 of 37icerned as she ran back into Hall Ave. and Iwo other mem-,the crowd, hers of thc Newport Artillery! Officials marching or riding Company color guard were f i r - j behind the governor included in" a salute with Revolutionary;Bishop Kelly, parade g r a n d War firearms when Brady's,marshal with Ihe Rev. James flinllock musket exploded iniFilz Simon, St. Auguslin's his face. The stock splinlered ; ,Church paslor and parade hosl: and he sustained powder burns!Mayor llambly, and Mayors D over his face but no one clse|Prele of Cranston, Hobbs of; of thc hundreds al the end of-vVarwick and Doorley of Provi- the parade route was hurl, .dencc, I.t. Tony Napolitano. The salute was fired dirccllyF? "'·' was " ara(le ad i u ' in front .of the reviewing sUndj^ ^ ^.^ ·. march. werc J ' J ° 5C 1* ^"l 1 - » ' S cnc . ra , 1; ^ymoni II. stalc TM 3 TM"'' ' ' on which were Governor Cha-.. fee; the Mosl Rev. Bernard M.' m ; Kelly, auxiliary b i s h o p of Providence; thc mayors of f o u r , . ,, - , , ,, ,, , - . , of the slate's largest cities and )°, r . Gen Leonard Holland, state other .stale and local politicai; a . J J ulan ' eenoral; M e r r i l and military figures. R r a d y A d a m s o n president of W cst did nol break stride unlil he Greenwich Town Council; or- and lhe three other members mcr Rpvernor John A. Nolle; of lhc company had passed lhe a " d . formcr . P en ' Mr ?."^ t blalc ,,__,, ' ' j Chairman John G. McWccncy. ,, . , . , x , ,'Local 'officials included Sen. Brady was driven lo Newport Jo ,, Savagc Representatives Hospital in a police ciuiscr. He Tom E( | war ds, Jeremiah C. was treated for the powder,, j y n c ) , am , j h K 0 ,, iricn and City Solicitor James S. 0'- burns and released. Maj. John P. Laulh, who was marchine ^ith Brady, Sgl. James Douglas and Sgt. Maj. Brien. Following in cars were Police Gc'rald Morrisonr'saidlhat'the Chief Joseph A Radice, Fire explosion could have resulted Cnlef Jol)11 E - Patterson and from one of Iwo things, lie marching delegation of police. The CruDesI.ant Navy Band fol- said the slcel could have be- lowed and Ihcn came the color come weak and brittle, noting guard of Ihe Newport Artillery that the rifles are almost 200 Company. After another group of cars came the Middlelown H i g h years old. Or, he said, the charges were rammed in ,uUe|g{£, {^IS'the^..'l ... hard yesterday and maybe the| (ion i, and providing plenty o explosion could not move Ior-j marc |, mvs \ c _ st. Catherine ward Ihrough the barrel. j Academy girls, followed by sev- Laulh said that the other cra i Bov scout and Cub Scout flinllock rifle^ and pistol fired j lroopS] marc hcd to 1 been fired many times before. He said that the company was go-' there are any weak spols but City Rejects Plea To Hold Back Award ibivK, 817-'i7Jl -- Raymond Mcllrrmolli Spring's Activities SPRING IS Till: SKASON OF THE YEAK when U'liurc A request to defer for a week the award of a contract for liquid chlorine for thc Water Department, lo consider ond"low bidder,'was rejected 5 "y thoughts turn to many new activities. Winter seems lhe Council last night. It was " ~ ' --! -~ said thai in New Hampshire, where lhe low bidder is lo-i cated, low bidders, are often passed over lo give lhe con- Irads to a New Hampshire firm. Jeremiah C. Lynch Jr., of .Moore, Virgadamo, Boyle. Lynch, spoke to the cpuncilmeni in the city clerk's office before the meeting. Representing Ihe Fields Point Manufacturing Co. of Providence, he asked the- ontinuance so that he could earn the facls in the case. He 'j aid his company, in bidding neverending, and spring, long awaited, is most welcome. Spring means more outdoor fun. It means a beautiful atmosphere with Nature in its full glory, Planters help lo supplement Nature's bright colors with the many and varied flowers and bushes. The gentle breezes of spring are pleasing not only to these home gardeners but also to n New Hampshire, had of ten] sportsmen or sportswomen, to playing children and to ccn passed over, the awardji ccna g C1 . Si j{ any arc already preparing their boats for pany! S'SrtVlru" S^callhful water travel and fun. Newporters turn their 'thoughts to yacht races and other water sports which 3 said, similar action should be akcn here. City Manager Fred E. \Veis- irod said induce tourists to come here. Children enjoy their games,] id the same concern bi .. , i( | ing aml olhcr hcal-!for an ROTC uniform. If you A" A«coSfn gS nll?y «M» fn the spring time ; !don'l see the uniform, look for report to him from Finance Director John. E. Murray, \Veis- urod said (he representative of the company had offered to cut its prices down to the level of the low bidder. He said Murray was "boiling" Weisbrod. when he told Teenagers are especially happy at this time. It means that they can participate in activities such as tennis, baseball, and other warm, weather sports. To all students, spring means, that vacation time is drawing near. To seniors, it means grad- for someone wearing blue. Blue is John's special color. · * * * NF.WS FOR OUR FEMALE readers. Hair styles tend to he short with soft, springy curls and waves. There will be no Department's b a t o n Iwirlcrs, lhc Aquidneck Hut Twirlers, preceded the Thompson Junior High band by marching students from St. Auguslin's, C l u n y and St. [Mary's Schools. The B o y s Iliat they wouldn't hesitate fire them again. [club color guard carried flags The explosion depleted he representing many religious company's stock of fireablcl a n d otnnic groups m - s i or ically flinllocks. It has been rertiiccd; asso(:ial( ; d with K ewporl and to three working rifles and four operable pistols. The ninth annual SI. Pal- the club's drum and bugle corps followed. Members of the Shamrocks rick's Day parade was said by ; a m | shillelaghs of Thompson many to be the most success- h u n i o r nigh were followed by ful. An estimated 10,000 young thc ]3 can( ij da i C5 for lhc Mi ss people and those people young! iN T ewport til , c lo he gelded at heart lined lhc route from Broadwav lo Thames Street lo 7: . · . ,, , i .+ c* \ , t Ihe renewing ^ stand at S . Au- gustms Cnurch on Carroll A*^ DAZDU BY MUSKET EXPLOSION' -- Sjl. James Brady of Newport Arlillcry Company was badly shaken when his ancient musket blew up in his face, but he didn't even break stride in St. Patrick's Day Parade yesterday. His face is covered with burned powder and his breeches leg is torn from Ihe blast. His hat and bult of musket arc on ground and barrel dangles from bis right wrisl. Colorbcarcr, Sgt. James Douglas, closes his eyes lo cloud of smoke and parade watchers flinch. (Diily News Photo) Councilman Patrick 0'Kcill ! " aliofntwilh plans and hop03 for jfussin S wilh leasing and twist- Hayes said that the same Ihingj" 10 lmure ' , , . , |ing. II will need very lilllc care could happen on any bid and j B E [ , E QF T , )f , W E E K _|hi s season. The secret Is in the ruS i f U t V P w y iHm 0 ,h e Vouns people of loday are prob-!haircut. Wilh lhe proper cut, --r^s^ l TMt^TM^TMTM,?L'«»TMh»ir will fall softly and 100 MPH Driver Is Fined $100 ,A Newport motorist clockcdlcharges of driving without ai Our belle this week is QUESTION OF T1IE WEEK l ! JL V st -", ch a ? "i d '« dual - sl )e» » - Give a reason for doing Rogers High next month. The Rogers Band in the final was followed by girl drill learn and m TM,, fir.l marchers in ,hci b °' s ROTC dri " lcam wh ° paTade'^ludT';;; * $]«£«« ' ' who were to take Ihe re 1 , h e jr al over 100 miles an hour on he P o r t s m o u t h Expressway yesterday was fined $100 Districl Court by Jiidgc Arthur J. Sullivan today. State police clocked John P. Ribera. 19, of 90 Roscneath Ave., for one mile south of Boyd's Lane. The reported that they saw him driving at an excessive rate of speed and when they gave chase he accelerated. Robert S. Blomquist Jr., 20, of des.troyer Purdy pleaded innocent lo a while under alcohol and alid driver's license and \vilh-lst., charged der at George Coile, 42 : of 3a Cannoni PoirU ))i( ing lhe n»r C W alp'ted wS^TM''^' 5 ,TM TT 1 ^'^ wilh h TM k " any discussion v l u l o J l jbe a contributor lo the dcvclop-i L^JW H yssong - "By the The M. E. Chemical Co. of!.TM 1 " "I 1 b .^. r ..SP l . S . h l I .l«Bn""atIon. of homework, di'.i- New Hampshire was low bid- $S4.SO a ton. Fields Ilic larceny out valid registration plates, of $3 from a coin machine in State police said that he had a coin-operated laundry ycstcr- registcrcd his car in Rhode. Is- day. was placed on probation, land and had given a false! Elizabeth G. Johnson, 23, and Providence address, because' S! ,,, lia P . Andcrs 21 , jol |, ot registration is cheaper in 111" jno permanent address, pleacbd Tile cases were, continued lo:Suilly to stale than in City, Police Talk Again o The. meetings between City £· * M 01 ? at ' Aracl ,' v j; i um ' or a l'gent teachers wouldn't have to ,j [, aven n the bright stu- jdcnts wouldn't have to reilcr- iate that same line every day." JMike Sharpc -- "Homework?" ogy will be her major. JNoric Dottcrcr -- "By the eUm- Sheila i'. involved in a vari-;j aa tion of homework, I would civ of- school activities. O u r | n a v e more t j m e (,, spcnd on belle is an assistant cdilor of my n |ght life - maybe, even lhe Ring and Cross, secretaryJT o n y Q." Sharon "Arthur -of the Lalin Club and a m-m-; 5t. Calherine Academy, has sct-i^e^ [Q the line as her goal a career in soeial| donc it;' and the work. Boston University, she; - . . . feels, will prepare her more lhan adequately. Here -- ,,.. _... - -]"Why do away with home- being idle persons.l.Managcr Fred E. Wcisbrod, her of the Alliance Francahc. . wov k?" H's lhe only means of n-xt Friday wilh bail set al;Senrcncing was continued to'represcnling the Council, and Th- Glee Club, Malh Club and.learning by yourself." S250 in each case. l n ext Friday with bail set at'i lhe representatives, ot thc In- DLS Pep Club also find her a n j D , w wi | liams _ .. why do ,. nua, LMU sci ai lcrnaljo[la | Broi^erhood of Po-active participant. English is' awav wjlh nDtm , work 7 T hc pco- licc Officers was resumed ycs-!hcr number one interest in thc! p!c -^ n j^.j car( , e ii m j na ( c jt Sarah C. Thomas, 23, of DZ 1 ;^ Modcna Ave., Providence, was 15 for speeding on Kast ; v j ew [rifles in fronl of the stand. A These included of who called them- fee, who, near the end of the parade route, was approached by a young girl who wanted the governor's autograph. Win. Thompson, Tinsmith, 78 selves the Boys Animal Rescue Kh'b ( B A R K ) , carried placards and a bird cage lo hring up the rear of the parade. At the close of lhe days fcs- livilics several awards lo thc units in thc parade were, announced by Erich A. O'D. Taylor of the parade and awards committees. afler his license had been sus- jended Both cases were con- iinued to next Friday and bail St. Mary's School, which was of driving!' the influence ofj guilty to driving! Main Koad in Portsmouth on Jan. 8. Stale police said shcj ^n sent four notices loj in court. Anna T Kelly, 51, of 11 Chestnut St. was fined S10 for Wan Foo Estate Court -ubjects. she is currenUy iak-.| hemsc i vc s and the people who . !do care would do it any way." - toialcd S350. Newport police said manager as did Police Chief Joseph , ,,. , .,. ., A, Itadicc. Raclicc is nol lo be , James Vvan of Ibis city was: considcrcd in . hc ,,,,·,,,,,_ i( w a s j ^ SS; Manuel A.Tcn'a'a", l £tTM*?!?**TM»:« ^ *^ * ^.^^ ""re-! of 14 South Ba Blom- assessed costs, for (tuisl was driving north on Gib-! out vallj registration son Park Place yesterday ali a n d Ircllc ''· Svaasand, 42. of; 5:09 p.m. when his car m6unf-| 15SG Purchase Ave., Mew Bcd- cd thc lawn at the property ofl fon| . Mass -. Pleaded innocent Alfred N. Potter of 128 Bliss!'" failin g lo slow al an mlcr- William Miller rhompson, 8,; cc i cb raling both St. Palrick's'for speedin oi 5 Albro SI, a retired tm-| D a y and |J S ,,,,.,, loolh annivcr . smith who had been employed· won (hc cHcf for years by J. Irving bhcplcy, m a r c n i n g u n i l s _ il|e died today at Newi»rl Hospital. MacJll| i Trophy . , He was born in Scotland, ; School ha(] the m , f July 6, 18SO, a son of A exandcr dc whjch was b u j u \V. and J e s s i e Hydcmanl, r u c k dmalcd , )y T Thompson. He came lo Con-i, andsc gardcn er. neclicul at lhc age ot one and! Mcn(1cs am , hjs (]a h{ lo Newport at the age of 4. He dccora(ci] u |n , hc (f was a member ot the United ]rjsh co , ors Baptist Church. I Another Irophy for excellence Mr. Thompson was a pasl n b . n(| and dri ,, raarchingr lhc master of Sl. Johns Lodge «l Rc,!, er t Emmell Cun. went tothc Masons, past commander oi; ISO UII1*» " . v » . L l u l c J I L L Tj. Road. Fifteen feel of hedge section and her case was con-j n a d appraiser. Iinued to next Friday with bail 1 s.ct at S50,. oiler Salamonie wa^. fined S25 Yesterday before Associate Itrday in City Hall after a three-weeks break. . . , . . . . ,, . , , iuu L-^LI: « u u City Solicilor James S. O 1 : A " aiS -"' whlch m " ^ 9 f Y. al 'iAnnc Lindh - "Bv lhe elimin- nricn sat with the cilv mana- u c m hcr Iuturcl F ar;c , r1 , lsIn "iatfon of homework, I'll nave -ase t). conversation. Us Iioth; no excu£c to gc[ out ot d o i n ? in|cre.-lin« and enjoyable Like (hc dishcs .. Dan Boonc _.. Dy jail jrirls sh-s at rrr best when lhe plhrinalion of homework, I ' - he family phone If! cmill , ,,,, nlorc of (i , c , hin ,, s to li'tcn m to b^rigt niphl , nat T wo , jld likc _ t o . .do." Drew Anderson -- "Man! I haven't done homework in' ureliminarv review of thc-l'"""^ "' gl " J - 1 ^"'""~ : "' B . oh ilhe last six years, so it won't iiiov-d con net was comHTM""- Tllc siib.iecl nf movie-:;,,,.,,.,, much difference." Jim- ·-d"at vesl-rday's in-ctin-' i m i q h l comc ""· fnrcnlocl - in t1l1 , s my Ray _ "First of all. how ." ,,,,,,«'"''-""orv wo-ltl he P"ter · ^do you spell? 1 don't comc to llor.-; ard h's latest movie "Shof srnoo l to learn. 1 comc to see' D hi S Vali talc of William Foo Wan, known lion lo him sittin" in on thej v °' «'" c { ° ",: tcn m to n ?.\; :r driving w U h l a s ' W a n Foo to those who for j«"fcrcncc was withdrawn by!*ony«nm«ho,H you wouVl, tration phtcs; .years were patrons of his res- 1 ""; " mo , n '^escnlativcs 1^'"^"^ or Bob, .nts, yesterday in Probate. '. by Judge John F. Phclan.i wassctalS5.060and £ ,u;e-j^ , hc ncx[ m c c l j n g |hc ncg() . reach ai, was damaged. Jerry D. Smith. 21, of fleel will Iry ,. ,.^., on iiny poinls in On lhc estate of Frank B. wn i c h there has been a diffcr- Medciros, Albert L. Grccnbcrghnt noint of view. .,..,5 namc( , and $25 for driv-jJudge Paul J. Del Xcro, I.usi| of ' s ,j in Ihe Dork." j a ll the pretty girls." Sheila is as Rood a listener Diane Beck -- "So one won't .s she is n convrsalinnalist. ; h avc to rush through it in five !n'l i'. most attentive, when in. m j n ..i[ e , helwccn classes. It's was cx-| lll? r o m n a n v of a ynun" map terribly sloppy and tends lo iiiaid overtime for these assign- t r a d i ( i o n a l Karolik Will Contest Barred U 0 - u « eslalc of Eli '* i; ' D! Commandcry; a Washington member of Arch Chapter, DcBlois Council, Anderson, a granddaughter,} Thc police says the arrangc- iMrs. Elizabeth Van Biyan, uas'ni«pt rcnuires a policfman to ,nan:ed adminiilral-jr with hond:work pvci-iim" when lii-?re is iP.ogers High School division, 'yesterday refused to on Jan. 16 and learned ; ? r SI J° and f^': s!l = i-cnlaci^nol enoi-h voLmir-cr'. The city 'Tha T h n m ^ c \fnnra Cll-ont Qina. ' . ' \' I . , llCr dCCCBSCd The slalc Supreme C o u r t : h c went to Boslon to visit 'The Thomas Moore, Sweet Sing^. , .. I. ( I C iJll/lllUO ^lll/ULU, v l n C C L }l,lg- ¥$££ r * ;?,' cr of Krin, Trophy (Jack Slew- Hanan Karolik, 74, of Haifa, Is-;of Maxim's death. Hanan cn: mother. dissatisfaction , .. .,, . ,. . . . . .. ., , .. lirolher, Jesse A. Coclho or'hat il anpoar-; '.o P"t lhe po- ---. _. art Memorial! for bands went rae 'r to conlcsl lhe will of his;gagcd allorneys m !\cw \ork.p o r t s m 0 uth, was named ,»dm : n ; 1'C" in the no^iticn o' bouncer?.! a past sachem ot \\eenat-br,as- {Q Midd i e(own ,[ jgn ^and. ibrother, Maxim K a r o l i k of and Boston who obtained copiesMstrator of the estate of Alfred and h- motioned trn nronri-U silt Tribe of Red Men aud a] Th , b hi it Bellevuc Avenue TI 50-vear member of all tbose',,. nrn ,,,.',,,,,, ,,,,, I r ,° oi.iie»uc /utimL. organizations. He was a former member of the Newport Artillery Company. Surviving arc his wife, Mrs.; and C .h Thomp r a y d 7 " The brother^ the will. Hanan then left J. Coclho, a Kcwporl p a i n t i n g cly of an o'lir-"- i"-ing his CUP. " ad 40 whieh lo - , . .. ,, , , , , .. -.. ,· ,, · ,. ,,,,, son Junior High band w a s M 'he will prohaled Jan. 30,.wrilten notice Marcn C.1SG4 ' for Lima where he received con lractor, with bond nf si.i.'CO "iad"^ ,ind uniform for such and surety. Beth Sullivan was nurpose. thc Ar «hur W. a son, lhc Rev. William M. :""" ' ' s '' ._, T _ _ / I ) t l ~ n , l I J I L ^"-l"/ C.l9W, in Proba.e Court here. Ieg "' and the court rejected his , of " Last a iun, inn i\i;v. »iniiuiii line CUinv School was awarclcd -- -- -- rtt'tttn IIHUM. i^aot /iijui. Thompson Jr. of Portland,-.^ o'Donovan Ilosa Tronhv ;t) ^ lo mat;c a h(llatwJ conlestjlQ, Hanan \vrolc lo an executor! "'.!!!!·,"^SL-l^^n!: ^ Artillery Company "col-1 Maxim Karolik. who dic d a f "2 ^ an api«intmenl and named appraiser. A petition lo invest funds of Ihe ward was granted on the of Maiy Elizabeth V?n Ilcnsscbcr Cruger. j gational Con fcrencc of aine or gl , arrt W as given the Countess's.iddenly in New York on Dec. Ur ' Markicw! " lr °P h '- Sl city, Gilbert Thompson of Middletown and Robcil Thompson of Providence, and two grandchildren. tin's School was a Scann Bann Trophy and Catherine Academy was award-' C ° - Sl - Augus-,20, 1963. left no provision for 1 , Alexander G. TciU reprcsen- warded the hi brother in a will disposing, « «»nan Karolik and W. the his brother in a will disposing, cru la " an KaroiiK and u. . . St.lot a S650.000 personal estate. |Ward Harvey represented thc A{'( 4 P1!S \\ltl rd .i . . . T .. ...... _ 'executors of thc Maxim Karo- ^VV,^\^SJta JJItl l u i Associate Justice \\illiam E. 1:1. -,i,i- . 1 fir · t^r. former comn Hoiisins Cr " i - cr · I)cstrnv ^^ n\ i- ronip^an'iant ?hoi-l? j David I .illy -- "I can'l slop lo '·What i'. Iheir mystic th?me? I arwe r this question -- I'm too Th-.e slill loo youn; for pun^husy diing my homework." "v jive, iJoanne Janaros -- "There's nn Vet old on""-h to dream."|na--ticular reason -- just that * * ' ' ;it has taken up thc best part BF..*U OF THE WEEK -jot my life." . ce.T ScTn'f h"?" ^'n iisuall"' « · · « in Ih" piy afa all ANOTHER QUESTION - For ,; n |, j»hrvol. H" is Johnlrol having your homework , ROTH bai'^liOT com-'dore? inlander. A FPnior. .lihn U tf'p'. Failv Donilon -- "I dreamed r :T "nd mcnibf o! Itrjl had done il, but when I looked .. r jti, {,,,,,, at .i r n^.,, r ..j n mv jjg^ n vvafn 'i [here". th- rin»-!-ee.l= "'"· r '" 1 '-; Sheila Kcnrrcdv -- "\Yhat n'f f""ori'^ ·='*!-»·· i- h-'-ih^me work?" Mike Jcnkin 1 : -- flu'si'i" of r^ho nl . b n ^";"I u*as at the Bc^cs avnidin? .ir-t-rrsfd in p^wbl slate an'I'.Kin." Jane M a l o n e y "I Rear Adm. Edmun'1 R. T"'.;.;!,, PovprnmT^. ' jweavcd it" (Into what did you forniri- commaniler of the. ,\'i n - "ra''"atinn fr om "n"-jwcavc i 1 . a b?!tc r excuse, we ivcr Force "i'l , r= .v^n nl"., | 0 alt-id n -at(.hopet. Mike Donilcn -- "I'm nf l«w Fifihi v |;-.- n ; n N.- Vir'- i.-hn-- so I don't need Ailin.Tavlnr Gets l,c-'iou Of Merit I m. « a J'," e V'. inl ; e T ;°P n - v - Powers, who wrote the court's Thc Public Works Depart-L pinion said ,, anan Karo i ik lik estate. N' District in N"0"-Fr,lV. re-!i,, v -;i| rfpilv was awaid-vl lhe '"·!i"n i^, n f ) , if Merit al a ceremony in Wash- tr--^. n , -- .._-- --; , lopinion. ^aiu ndiidii i\diuiitv T-» · rw -i -i -i SEl^l^ S P^^lh?" ··^n'bcred on hi, rights." RolarUlllS I old Hawthorne Villa Deed Recorded A deed for lhe sale of "Hawthorne Villa", the former Stev- Cl]p was a , vardcd to lhc Boysi""'' cslale, at Carroll and A n j m a i R CSCUC Klub and "-- |cau5e - Trophy for its hrighl green fire engine and the Recreation Department's unit of twirlcrs and flutists won the PanicI O'Connell award. The Charles Stewart Parnell The court had reviewed cvi-i dcnce of Hanan's travels and Of S»'i T activities from the time of his, v/i °^ u A I Thc .Vcwirart Housing Author-; Admiral Taylor's honor ca'nt^ n ' ity last night, at its meeting in^or his performance ia vario"«-n ·Park-Holm, awarded a contractI'oi romn'and«. jp-:lnd:n:! hca-l-^.~ lo the Phoenix Insurance brother's death. It denied the bc-| latcd appeal "because of acci · dent, mistake or 'OWC1' 1° "'c I'hocnix Insurance Ce.""l " K .""". m: r " : '.'' m " ,"""'. v "' v ' 1 . , ,, ., , ., ,, , s"bma r im forre 'v:ih rank of ,,,,,,, i; m « ,,,, ,. ,of Hartford, Conn., P a c k e r vjce admi ,., L ,, c tok over , h , t 3,, : A 10r ,,-, Capl. Forest W. Pease, as- Braman A g e ncy of Newport, n, s t on awoinlnicnl of Presi- i,^ r . n m,u ' or ?rr'i : f"t"--.. T^rrv Bowman -- "Mv i"", .-m potiviii"^ !: llie^ti it (we hear rh^ als.i has dc- cpf^t- ]·"". 'veloced ?. lasle for cocktails), i- ^·"·h ^' *·'· i ; "'" i ltu?h Calibani -- "non compus 1-rHr^ ?"·! !ii"\mcnlus" (lonk it nn, we're nol i , ·.!-,, ,,,,;,,·· ~*,J. qtiirg to lell). Little Drew -"~ ),-"'.· |- i-»i r -:'~ "Dnn'l blame me. It's Tery's » 1" ha- ··"· fa-It' 1 . T^T- L. "Don't blame In his request to make a tar unforeseen,sislant to the chief of slaff for:agenl, (or S1D.453.50 for a com-,'lent Kisnihowcr when nc '· !l -^j. 'commander, Fleet Air, Quon-'prchcnsive policy. :" lc Newport command in j a u . i , , - , » , set, was guest speaker at thc; T service a-mclr-; ivi-n 21 ' 1C6 °- ;3nim)n,,rT n^i,r,- ri,,i mn »i l w u 5( - rl 'ce agencies ni.o. jH--. r'nsi-n- me. it's Litllc Hrev.-'s fault." ,,,«,. 11 P -.i Kathv Martin -- "Well, you see, ri»in)iv. li« il's likc Ibis: Mike Ford came , tY,« 7«nv"-: and wo pot lo talking. . . ." «.»h s^ ··T'.ojMilic Ford -- "1 w e n t lo Kathy's and she got to talking' 1 . Thc Triumvirate -- "We were cnson cslale, al tarron ami Animal Rescue Klub and Ihe I Batcman Avenues, was filcd' Sir Ko g cr casement a w a r d i o , . , nri ,,T yesterday in the cily clerks of-, n a s mat , c ( 0 n,» TI, ,,,,,!" apP 1 -!". ficc. It transfers lhe lille U the'j un ; or ,[;,,;, two Connecticut developers who.Caylcy Cup plan a multi-apartmcnl house Ancient Order project. "their grand showing and wear- : m According to the slampi on ing of lhe green." Ihe deed, from Mrs. Robcrfj R. Young to Richard Shlombcr? : m'A A t and Lester P. Rolh, both of * * ' v '" Wcsl Harlford, the purchase price is indicated as aboul PI!I| SD5 t W ?'£ hCrrCPCrlyiSaSSCSSC1 ' Tnc cs(:C!lliv » rx)ard of Bcrkc-'it ., U..UKIULL M, , L.,,. t ,, 1 ,u-..ic,...u ^,.n..,.. sl ; ^.*,. .-,^-^. uu . at S38,(00. jley-Pcckham School PTA mct|- j'vas called lo thc need lo pro-,?" 1 WCCK - between Coddinglon Hifihway.vilh ihemse''--'" ?-e niri'l rm-.-Killin:: ants i«n't a Shlomberg and Roth were m Tuesday night al the home ofj MIDDI tTOWTV DEEDS ( ? ct lhc frcc WOTltI . alxl lhc ' " l l l i a m J - Donovan. cxccu-j a n d Chase's Lane early lo-lay Inovir- lo John: he admires il's a way of life". Gerry Tlon- Icrcstcd parlies lo lhe applica-,Mrs. Thomas Sherman of 3i riches of lhe sea -- iron. cop-j" v e secretary, reported thati j n 0 || lcr cmr i action. Wayne h"" ili( v and common sense in ovan -- "Bcp! Beep:". Mari- lion of Mrs. Youni; to pcrmit.Grenada Tcr., Middletown, loj Deeds filed in lhc office of ; pcr, fcc.l; thc distillation of;" 10 agency was able lo collccljn. .Otilowsky, 24, of Hie -i''iials. lyn D. "That's all Gerry". Nan- thc building of apartment hotscsjplan a program for an open t the Middletown lown clerk waler; oil from the sea. which a " '"'t one month's rent [rom-p llr i y W as placed on probition When akc-l whal dance w a « cy Hart -- "I was waiting (or on the site. Nearby residcntS' al lhc school on April 13.;iransfcr property from Carmclo^covers three quarters of lhe! lnc f 30 families livinq in city'f o r defacing a omldinj:. Hc wr,? rrst so far. our liea" answerM Mike I), to call" Bull Paltillo-- rih's surface since our fu-'housing. The $6S which couW^hargcd with kicking in a f\af lhc waltz, because hc can do "I was down testing: thc ice at may depend on ocean re-," 01 n* co.lcctcd represents only door ^ Kukla'.; Kitchen on it. . t h e ' S a l t Marches"."Tim Bro«ri Hanan K a r ol i k.jamestown Rolary Club meet- pl ;(lls Qp C n HoiISC ' site. Nearby residcntS' al lhc school on April 13.'lransfcr property from Carmclo'covers opposed the plan, appealed a| John T. Gilfillan, stale super- Coppolino lo Ida M. Inzcrillo.jcorih's Board of Review decision granl-jvisor of civil defense adult cdu-N" ' - - - - - - - ··· - · · · ing lhc p e t i t i o n . The Su-jcalion, will speak at (tic opcnlorccVbcrg lo Frank Arruda,Source;.'Also' shown were pic-; a sma " anwunl in lhc lotal Thames'Slrcci. prcme Court upheld the board,'house. except that il required the Classrooms will he open, wilh West Main Road; Mr. and Mrs.iturcs of thc latest ships, planes rent roll of $600,000. If Jnhn had lhc o"»ortimii v -- "I spent too much linv call- Ricardo J. Jose, 32, of 3 Kacc ( to design a device, he would ing at Ihe wrong time". Nancy Fred Hunton to Mr. and Mrs. and nuclear powered subma-l William S. H. Dawley, proj-jSt., Middletown, pleaded imKKplan a nocket-siied computer.Barbara -- 'I've oocn loo busy ..-.., . . board lo make specific, instead an art exhibit and sewing and James M. Bcatlic, West Main rines. of general, provisions for pro-|shop demonstrations. The school Road: and Mr. and Mrs. An-| Malcolm Berrcll and A l l e n i l h c cct managor, who has passed ^cnt to a charge of rcfusins; tojthit wwld wiitc esssvs. An-.discussing a T)mk' whom I . . . . - -. - . - , _ .the retirement age, was given.move for a police officer. Th; otw field in a"!omalion: haven't as yet met" (meet him viding slorm and sanitary sew-,chorus will perform as will Ihe.lone Ssnlos Jr. lo J. T. O'Con-.Wyant, Pflr,lsm,outh Rotariat.sja year's cxlcnsion of employ-lease was conlir.'acd to March £6 When lookim: for our h.Mtal-A'ancy, he's even worse than er systems. beginning and advanced bands.Inell, Harvey Road. iwcre gucsls. ' imcnl. 'with bail at $M). ion commander, you will look you think).

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