The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1949
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 3,1940 BLYTHEVrLLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE "1'HKRE THE NATION TODAY 81 st Congress Does Very Little In Four Months But Stage is Set For More Act/on on Hot Issues By Jame.s Marlow ^ WASHINGTON, May 3. M';—It's just beginning lo get good In Congress now. Meaning, there'll Vje a little more action. Congress him passed the half-way mark in this year's session, with (our months gone and maybe two or three left to go. Don't feel bud if you're an average person who's been rending about Congress for /our months and find now dial you can't remember pie- Mexico Proposes Inter-Ocean 'Ship Railway' cisely what's happened there. H The fact is, nothing much has happened. It's been mostly talk, argunwnt and. jockeying. Tne going has been pretty slow, particularly In the Senate, but the first few months of any session always drag. That's because those months are always used in getting the big bills reao.y lor debate and a vote in botii House and Senate, They've pretty much taken up with long committee hearinps on (be bills, and the brigades of; who make headlines. Abciu the only action completed by Congress—meaning House and Senate together—was passage of the ne\\ rent control law. Aside from that, everything else has been pretty much up in the air, with action by the House on this, t-y the Senate on that, but seldom by both houses on any one £ Still Must Vote Funds For example, the senate lias approved, a bill to give the states S3f>.- OCO.OO" to provide better care for children's health. But the House isn't ready to tackle that bill yet and it can't be come law unless the House ap proves. True, both houses okayed contin uing Ihe Marshall plan anothe yeai But—. Neither house has yet voted th money, or appropriations, for do ing It. When they get around to it. there'll be some explosion.? because a lot of men want to cut down on spendinz. This week the House expects to vole on a new labor bill. But that's only hall the Job. We won't have a. new labor law until the Senate also votes, which won't be lor some time yet. Meanwhile, this week the Senate art ol it. And approving Ihe Atlantic pact nd voting arms for Europe are till touchy problems ahead. The pact Li pretty certain to act he nod, alter quite a Senate de- wte. .Since the pact is a treaty, only Senate approval is needed. The '.akes no part in that. But both houses have lo vote on loney for European arms. Will they rio it? You'll have to guess. Both louses now are calling more and more for economy. •forse Tumbles Through reenhouse; Its Owner, Pegasus, Pays the Bill COLORADO SPRINOS, Coin. May 3—M"i—A horse belonging to man named Pesasus fell through greenhouse roof. The horse wasn't hurt. He was [lonchalant to the point of chomping on several choice blooms as they led him away. Tho the man named after the winged horse of mythology—W. F Pegasus---was left a bill for damage and the puzzler of how his hors got himself into a spot where h could tumble through a grecnhous roof. Anti-Allergy Drug found o ControlColdSymptoms CHICAC1O. May 3. (/I 1 )—An Indlls- inl physician reported yesterday in niill-ullerg)' drug hns bc«i found •lit'i'llvc In controlling common cold •ymploms. Dr. Hal.sleud O. Murray, writing n the Mny Issue of ludtislrliil Medicine, said lluil IS per cent of 49-1 prisons hvaU'd during onrly tla of colds reported they "were curcil luid thi-lr symptoms Mtevlntci' by the heulmcnl." The drug, pyrllx.w.umlnc hydro- chloi'ide. wns administered In minimum lablets nl four-hour Intervals nt. Ihe onset of a cold. I'yil bt'iuumliic hydroehlurldo Is used ox- ti'nsively in tiTutment of liny [ever. 11 Is classed as an nnll-hlstamlnn because It nei]t['i\ll/.es hlslaiulne, im irrltanl sill>.ituiu-c released by the Ixiely In nltoriiic reacllons. The ircalmcnls wero given (luring the pi-rluri Sept. 15 to Uco. ir>, 194H at Hip plunt of tho Oennlson Mumi- (ni'lurliiK Co., Finmlnghimi. Mass. Tliis sketch shows how Ihe Mexican government's plaiv to build a Riant "nillwny tor ships" from the Gulf of Mexico lo the Pacific would work. At the terminal points of Puerlo Mexico mid Salina Cruz, ships would be floated itilo huge floating dry docks and run 162 miles across Hie Isthmus of Tchuanlepac on as many as 24 rails. Ship in "cradle" on rails is seen In middle of sketch. Electric molars would push dry docks along at 18 miles an hour. The proposed $300,000,01)0 "railway" would save 1000 miles over Panama Canal route. Mao inset shows Isthmus at Tehtuintcpuc route. Read Cornier New.s Want Ads. Adjournment of UN Session May 74 Asked Goto Farmer Uses Dogs In All-Out War on Wolves NEW YORK. May 3 (JPi— Herbert V. Evan ol Australia, president of tlic Unnwl Nations Assembly, proposed ycsU'rday Ihe present spring so.-sion of the assembly adjourn May 14. E\:sH .submitted Ills proiwsal at a ! ^ me'ti:>3 oi the 14-nation Stcerln? ! i Coir.mrtiee. The assembly session beg;ci April 5. LITTLE ROCK, May 3—«>)— n. II. Harrcl] of Ihe Cato community near Lillle Rock, got good and tired of wolves attacking Ills livestock. So he obtained a pack of woll hounds. Early ycslcrdny his clous killed their Mlh woll. The kill wu.s mink on the Camp Robinson area after a five and a Imlf hour liut the Job hasn't been completed. HuiTCll, who follows his hounds In a Jeep, csllmatrK /iere are about 15 pairs of wolves still at la'rge in the area. 'Antiseptic Ointment Soothes SKIN IRRITATIONS foi helpful jmlliapUc and mcdkliul *li to ex(«[iAllr cauied «kln IidUIIoni iha llch, inch <si Idler. ra*>i, ilmplft tlngwoim. diyncu or cciein.i, me Grdyi Ointment a diiocled. Modlcalod to cling longer lo moi* IhoiougMy rtllsvln? Itching. MOTHER Knows Besf- give BULOVA On Easy Terms ffomember Mother May 8th. Senate Democrats Force Test on Economy Vote WASHINGTON. May 3 W) — Senate Democrats yesterday forced a neiv test on the economy vote that sent a $2,400.000,000 appropriations bill back to committee last week with instructions lo cut It. Senator Green (D-RI) \vho did i not vote then, made a formal mo| tion to reconsider that action. A I vote on Green's motion will come The weight of the human brain increases 200 to MO per cent during Ihe first year of life. Here's a Tip For states dc a better job In educating theii children. That won't become law. either, unless the House also approves, some time later. «i President Truman's civil rights IR'ograin is still up in the cloud's. aiid it may get blocked out ot this session, Committee hearings arc only just beginnnig on some parts of that program. For instance, on a fair employment practices committee IFEPC). Henjth I'roKrarn Faces Ill-lay With the mood of the Southern Democr.Hs set sternly against the program, it doesn't, have much chance. The main reason for the slow- nesa of the Senate this session was the three-weeks' filibuster of the Southerners' against the civil rights program earlier this year. They don't want it up again. As for the President's health program, hearings will start on that, too. 1^ also seems to have no chance this year. Why? Too much opposition to it, inside and ouiside Congress, or at least to the compulsory health insurance Last week, a solid line of 36 j Republican!!, aided by eight Democrats, piled up a 44 lo 37 vote for the economy move. Senator McKellar (D-Tennl. chairman of the Appropriations Committee, decided to seek a second test because 15 senators did not vote, including nine Democrats. Johnson Personally Gives Oath to Stenhen Early WASHINGTON, May 3. MP|—Secretary of Defense Johnson personally 'swore In his close friend, Ste- phtn T. Early, to the newly created office of undersecretary of defense yesterday. Early was a lone-time confidant of th? lalf- president Franklin D. Roosevelt and his press secretary for 12 years. H" will handle admin- inslrative duties in the'defensB es- tablls' After E'dministering the oath in his of!:cf. Johnson shook hands with hi- nrw assistant and said: "God bless you, Steve, and America." Early, a veteran newspaper man K.we up the vice presidency of the Pullmii' Standard Car Manufacturing Co., to take the defense post. Automatic Wouldn't you like tq call it quits on lugging big washes . . . hanging up clothes . . . taking them down . . . nod having them soiled by smoke, soot, dust? Wouldn't you like to dry your clothes indoors—any day you please—arxi never touch a clothespin again? That's why you ought to see this General Electric Automatic Clothes Dryer. It's a washday partner you'll love from the very first day. Come in, or telephone for a dem- ...NO MORE OF THIS! It'i nlwoyj "worm pn! >»MI/' with P G««fol tledrk Ctoth«s Dryti HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Company Service — That's Our Motto! We sp;nc no eltort In providing an RX'l KA (.•viTVdtt.v prestrlptlor service which means extra con- veiiierict- to von Peel tree to cai on us nl any time Prompt delivery service Phone 507. WOODS DRUG STORE Give the Most Wonderful Girl you know—the most wonderful lingerie . . 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