The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1949
Page 7
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r gATORPAT, JTTLT 80, OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Wi | liaim V.DOCTOfi TUB PAIR'S ALL VOO MOST I'M sbste TTHEV*B EHXr/% ^^!i«S JcP * aeo m & •«« ToonTA* HOUR CAPABLE MAUDS.'/ SMOCTTM Ac T LUCKY I DBOPPeo J9 CAM COAy MILL! — tM<XT BICUSPID ^ OUT OF A COwJ v^^lS 0 ** 5 !^ r irs * L< ** vooc SYSTEM ->— r<g/ WAYS TO fovor-i *MV DOIT you FOLKS sfewo -rut •'•'•- WITH us - , JUST A SECONP EK SO. Chile Is nearly 25 limes as long as'it is wide. •y Mildred Cram and Horwood White The chain armor worn by knights In the Crusades was fashioned of drawn wire. (AKTCJ COURIER K1CWS Our Boording HOUM with Moj. Hoople FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEg | It Slicks Out SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM wonderfvJ convenient* and economy ml having soft water an Tour (arm if you get a modem Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. So. Hijhwuj SI Phone Z«4 Service — That's Our Motto! oo effort la pung »n EXTRA everyday prescription jervice wntch meam extra con- »enlen« to vou Peel (ret to call on us »t any time Prompt delivery service Phonf Ml WOODS DRUG STORE l.r.. .., IralUr, ha- becnB I* W . • h*«t thv M7»l«>ry «r th« t 'lrr«. Hnldr. Mr. Bxn.» . Malnar'a MrMnry avd »hr ihlak* kc «*r knv* kc«» • Mavle •••iwr npict:. Vlrtur. the dlfplka h«iH»r- fco^. vrt« ATJVCB • «cdMB wklck »ull. IkF >•>.!! Ir.lltr. I. . K m. ante nf CalnmblH. Mr.. »••!••* kM. Urrn 4«f.llonlH X H»d? ••« »rr«.,r .hnul Ikrlr 4r.ll.III.,.. VI , it was this way," Rudy began. "Less lhan a year after Pappy died Mrs. Everson had established herself in a big house in Bel Air. She entertained well — very well — and pretty soon everyone was coming to her par- lies. She's got something, you know, and she's a whale of a good actress. No doubt about it. She even fooled me at Rrst! But when you drive a woman's car, she talks to you. Lord! What a hard egg! II ever I saw someone out for No. 1 . . .» Rudy's eyes flickered. "Then one day she got a Big Idea . . ." He broke off, raised an eyebrow skeptically. "You've heard o( nuclear fission . . . ? N "You mean the alom bomb? Yes, I've heard of it." Rudy pushed his coMe« cup aside. "Now listen carefully," he »id. "1 wouldn't tell this to everybody It's a Hide hard to take " It began he explained, with casual conversations: people discussing the Bomb, wondering how soon it would be tried on America: where they'd go, in case: whether Los Angeles would be i likely target—all the usual talk. At first. Mrs. Everson paid little attention. She felt too safe, personally, to worry much When tier new friends talked of living in underground cities or mountain caves, she just told them not to be silly. The authorities would never lei it come to that! Rudy smiled. "Have you ever sat on the beach." he said, "when the tide was coming in? You don't pay much attention at first. And ihen. all of a sudden, in comes a wave a little bigger than the rest, and you get wet. It must have been lhat way with the Boss. One day she said: "'Rudy, do you really think there's any danger in this atom business? I mean, could everything just explode and burn up?' "I told her I didn't know. Myself, I'm fatalistic about it. If we ever do get blown up, we'll never know what hit us. So why worry? But that didn't satisfy her. I guess she was too anxious to make up for lost time." • • • TTE broke oft and stared moodily •* down at the table. A peculiar tension seemed to have invaded the room. Then Victor spoke. "Tell her. Rudy," he said. "Tel) me what?" Mrs. Malone demanded. Suddenly, without reason, her heart contracted. She became aware again of the tank-like compartment in whinh they sat: the metal walls, the humming generator, the hoarded supplies, the !! \\ilh Kluwert THE FLOWER SHOP t»'encn« nodding Each new shell coll of the chambered nautilus Ls exar-tly three times the size of the previous coil. - GOOD FOOD - DRIVE TO SIMPSON'S CAFE trk-Slip SUt« Lii» A C«K)I I'lace to KaJ Sunday Spei-ial from 1 (o 3 • Cvappie Fish • Fried Chicken Dinner 75c • We Never Cl<»se • HAIRY VETCH Early Shipment Expeded. .. .Place your order now for your requiremenls, to insure your needs fom first car. Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phones 856-857 FOR SALE Cnmrrcte cDlrrru l'£ inch tu 41 inch pUln o, reinforced AIM Cnnrrelr Hulldmit Blwk, cheap ti lhan inmtei foi barns rhkkrn huuws Dump hiitM-s tenant houses, tool ihrcf!. H> deliver Call it* r<n fre» eMlmal* Phone «9l OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO In England It's th« Chemist Shop In France It's tht Apothecary Shop In Blyrhevill. It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE V(«V1^ •# 1 W|\K For Expert Prescription Service GRAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of support pHce, „„ yullr Snvbeans, Corn, Wheat and olher Grain*. Our fiins are Government Approved, GOT- «rnmenl Kinanced, 5 years to pa.v Kor Full Particulars—Call or Come In. BIYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blytheville, Ark. Phones 856-857 TUDEBAKER Phone 888 p hone 888 Here's A Fine Selection Of Low Priced Cars 1911 Plymouth 2 floor, laid Chevrolet 2 door in:ifl Kuick Special I !».')7 Ford 2 door Chevrolet 2 door Chevrolet Coupe Kord 2 door I'lymouth Coupe 1035 Ford 2 door 1»-'15 Chevrolet Sedan in.'il Ford Sedan See these cars and also some very fine late model cars at Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studehaker Dealer" Railroad A Ash ,, hr)B , RHR TUDEBAKER SON AN OV&IKTKA fO HJW AT T)IE TEEN-AGEjS^ CUJ6 . AT LAST HE'S SHOWING SOW iM, cX ™,-iV ^^^ I !'^ fj rw^r LJUMC SO PtEASEO ABOUT J AS A SURPRISE, GRIEF.' THE WATER HfATER . MOST SHOWIMG HIS INITIATIVE' "Another letter from Junior at camp—how's he going to tpend more money when he says ail he's doing i» fishino swimming and bird-watching?" I'RISCII.LA'S POP T~C HEAR Th«l Answers Tim I BY AL VKR1MEEH WAIT A MINUTE/ SAID. ONCE IT STOPS IS IT HARD TO START AGAIN ? Maybe She Can M1CHAK1. Q'MALI.KY and RALPHTIpJE 6offl« things will make any mar, Wet handed to work-even Tacky Th<Snas. , AlAKtTHIS \SUPER, \.^-.^ \VASH TUBBS Hrcakinjf I he News I!Y I,KSUE TURNER SSif* (T™-- --sr 0 , JOB iklD VOUK \ I HAUE A FAIR AMOUNT OF FIUAWCIAL SECUCIT/... 7/ ••?/ DO VOU THINK I'D 5TIL.L BE A BAD RISK...VOU JSUDDEIJ^FIG , ICNOW...AS A I m HAFTA S-X MU5BAND? / THIWK IT OVEE- ! CATUV WEEPS Y OBVIOUSW A MOTHER... AMD 1M HOPELESSLY/PRETTV SOU)ON VOI WOEK. WITH A.A, TAKE A LOT O- TIM1E 1 SHE WEEDS FBIEUDS AMOWG THE IN IOUE WITH Jf\N GISSING. DO TOO, PAL. BUT5HE1I YOU THUJK SHE'S STILL AFe'fMD PROBABLY WAWT TO ILLWIMOUPIW TH'Gun HftKE SURE YOLJfc BUGS BUNNY TIKI jMiifh Mustard CANST I TEMPT ONE WITH M-M-MUSTABD NO U-RELISH.ONE WITH C-KELISH BUT NO YA WITH & SUPER Utmr Ptrt/^.-nte T'^*i\.. ...ONE WITH C-CATSUP BUT WAIT A MINUTE/ 'S ONLY ONE WAY T'SET THAT OC?PE(? IN THIS JOINT ^ «Y V. T. HAiHUN WHI r& AS / I \V*>5 •' i A SHEET.' PRETTY V \v'E SHOULDN'T \NE^D IM ABOUT \ $.J,TS FZ«"X ^i^,^ L m-« V.'i-EW. / 1 E^I OFF' VE CAN'T WHAT THEYKE TALKiNS AB<2UT Wm W^l til \v/ LA ;^-.\. V'iv- BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES KDGAR MARTIN dials and instrument panels mysterious destination. The two men stared at each other queerly. We're running away from the Bomb!" she cried. "Is lhat what you're trying to say?" Rudy nodded. "Mrs. Everson thinks so" he said "Then she Is crazy!" "Maybe. But one thing's certain: she didn't jump at any conclusions Before she decided, she did a lob of research. I'll hand her that She even got to know some o' the big scientists, and entertained for them a lot. "Maybe one of them lalked out of lurn I wouldn't know Anyway she got hold of the idea lhat the whole country was aboul to be blasted to hell and gone, and she Ilaimcd she knew when "A lot of holy baloney!" Mrs. Malone exploded. • • • r pHE two men did not move, and again the woman became conscious of that tension in the air ill- M "Vi""*' me t0 bCli<!V<! t? Mrs Malone asked. "Mrs. Everson believes it." Rudy repeated. * "But do you, Rudy? And you Victor? She's » crar.y woman heppcrl nn the alom bomb. Scientists! Talking out of turn! They don'l tell things over a te.-i cup. I tetl you, I don't believe a word of it." Victor and Rudy sat silent for a moment. Rudy looked at her half smiling, half serious. "Perhaps." Rudy admitted doggedly. "I'm not sure. 1 wish I were. The Hoss hasn't much maginalion. She's as practical al get out: with her. it's iust self, irst and last And one thing I'd >et on: if there's going to be an atomic cal.-istrophe and there's any surviving done, Mrs. Kverson will do It." 'How?" (To Be Continued) Blylheville, Ark

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