The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, January 27, 1931
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Served by the United Press BL\THEVILLE COURIER NEWS 1 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—NO. 208 Blytheville Courier, Blytlieville Herald, Blytheville Dally News, Mississippi Valley loader, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY. JANUARY 27, 193L SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS II n 1 1 { aymenlS On Land Kvtrnrl Over Tpn bxtcnu uvei icn Small Cost Anticipated, * Mississippi county 400 fur the 658 acre latlon, near pa Heart Attack Is Fatal To M. L. Goodwin Today M. L. Goodwin. 80, father of M. O. Goodwin, head of the Blylhcville police department, died suddenly nl the residence of Ills son, with , whom he lived, at 2 o'clock this! afternoon. Death was attributed to heart failure. ! Tlie deceased-had been a resident wni'° f thls clt - for u -' cars movfnl! Will i here with his son's family. He op! c " te<1 a Enia)1 eroc ° ry Rlorc °" i wcu Ash str( , et fol . a mm \x r O i vears. The deceased Is survived by two brothers, Lannle Goodwin of Mur-y City, Tenn.. and .John Q 03d Governors In Conference On Unemployment were revealed by Judjje Harrison. , P' cle For the flrsl three, years, annual payments of 51.0CO will be made. on the farm and the remaining j debt will be divided into seven .equal payments over a period of seven years with the farm to be paid out entirely in ten years. Expects Cost Will Be Low Judge Harrison stated that he did not anticipate that appropriations in the future to care for t^e farm payments and expense would have to approach the $10,000 appropriation of the quorum court for that purpose this year. "1 intend for the farm to be as self-sustaining as possible". Judge Harrison declared and added that after the initial expense of the project he believed that costs could be held to a Euro. verv economical fl- \eu economical BRIDGE BlftSTb Daisy Must Mop Jail Floor i'or , at Least a Week LI • T II n . {„ 'east while her attorney 'plans a Harrison Lells 1'rogram tor nKlll , or;a rewsa , ot her C(mvk . Assessment £qu Reduction of Costs. LOS ANGELES. Jan. 27. (UP)— : Daisy Dcvoc must, sweep and inop I In the woman's quarters of tlm county jail for another week al Surgeon General Sees Grave Situation in Nation's Stricken Areas. : . would be'llberrcted on ball dissolved . ' when slie decided not lo nsk for 1 With no funds In sight for high- probation, and instructed Attorney WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 (UP)'—, way construction or maintenance Wlllliiuv A. Hlerne lo demand a new A greai deal of distress exists thru- work in 1931, and with lhe coun- Irlnl Instead. lout the country culling for relief, ty general fund already burdened Sha could have been liberated j Surgeon General Hugh S. Clm- wllh an overdraft of nearly'. $30,- pending action on her probulon > mlnif, 0[ tlla Public health service COO, sharp ciirlntlmeia of county plea, but cannot l« released until j told tho house appropriations corn- expenses plus Increased revenue* arguments on her appeal arc made' nilttee today. - . . •' throueh cquall/allon of assessments before Suiwiior Judge William Do-1 "" . said malnutrition among Arrest.of Other Suspects in Garland City Dynamiting Expected. LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 27. IUP> — Officials of the state highway de-i partmenl remained silent today, re- ] fusing to divulge names of the four i persons arrested last night in connection with thc dynamiting of the Prison labor will be used in every i Garland City toll'bridge spanning possible way in making the new Red River last summer larm into a suitable place to Officials explained _ their silence house and work thc convicts. Judge surrounding the identity of the four Compulsory insurance to tide over the jobless in limes of business recession \vas urged by economists who appeared before official representalKes of seitral eastern states,. uR-liiicd above, at an inicniploy ment conference In Albany, N. Y. Sealed, left lo ughl, urc Governor Norman S. Case of R'.iode Is land; Governor Franklin D. Itoosevelt of New York, who organized the conference; and Governor Morgan P. Larson of New Jersey,. Standing, left lo right; Lieutenant Governor Herbert H, Lehman of New York; Governor Wilbur L. Cross of Connecticut; Dr. Charles Rcllell, head of Hie Greater Pennsylvania Unemployment Commission', representing Governor Gilford Pinchot of thai slate, and Governor Joseph B. El y of provide Ihe only hoiw of a snllsfuc-, run next Monday. lory solution of Mississippi conn- ty's flnnnclal problem, County; Judge Zn! 13 Harrison told the : Ulylhevllle Lions cliil) at thc Hotel: Noble today. ! Judyc.' HT.ITISOII declared that he' opposed u general staling up of' lax assessments, but Hint much: properly now escaping taxation or 1 Inadequately assessed should be| placed on the lax books nl a fair; valuation. Referring lo Amendment 11 the stale constitution, adopted | children und Increasing of pellcgra 1 ami typhoid fever Is following'.In ! the walks of the drouth In the. south. Asked directly whether the sa.OCO.WO for Hie Red Cross In the 1 interior department bill was need- . cd, Gumming replied, "I don't I know about Hint «25,OOO.COO; but I somebody probably Is going to" have i to spend tlmt amount before this thing is over. Wo can't tell ol course how long the situation will last." Gumming, however, said ho did not know whether the $3.000.000 Kiirripon declared. Prisoners will be used hi creeling the barracks l-iey will occupy and improving tli 1 . 1 grounds and road in the vicinity of Ihe farm. Judge Harrison estimated that approximately 35 pris- larm from .county . opens. Approxiately 200 jails when it acres of the tract is in cultivation, with the remainder in cut-over la woods land. Will Raise Own Food held. saying others probably would be implicaled late today and that any statement might hinder the work of officers. The middle span of the structure, valued at more than $430.000, opened I officials ex- High Court Affirms Ruling in West Main Drug Store Case. oners" will be" removed to " the was blasted a few days prior to the The ArUnsa ~ Suprem e court yes- Swedish Flyer Injured ; in Plane Crash Today I STOCKHOLM, .Inn. 27. <UP)— The famous Swedish flyer, Captain Einer Lundboig, was seriously injured loday when 'nis airplane crashed arMalmslaeU airdrome. Lundbcrg, who visited Ihe United States last year, was outstanding in the rescue of t!ie dlriglbki Italia party in the Arctic afler the ship had crashed,.-. date it was to have for traffic. Highway y Uvo declsiolls k lnvolvin? Cnse3 Eenl pressed confidence the four persons f Mississippi county courts. tn rns'orK' flrp rrmllnctprt \vlth fhp F __ . «,..._, ,i._ custody are connected with the nd and j explosion and the rasters' would be I ho , di o{ chanccUor j. M . ] rS?._ m ' ° ™^ dU Ll.'<^ in finding Mrs. 13. D. StrL jpicu in i rj , , ,. .-, . . added by the senate to the defl- 1925, which requires Hint counties! Lull VeruiCtS L>0 Against clency bill for medical relief was j operate within their Incomes and! 'provides penalties for officers au-| thorlzlng expenditures in excess of' revenues, he declared that he pro- ] posed to abide by the conslllu-1 lion. I Kxuctts Farm to Cut Costs Parents in $35,000 Suit R. D. Wahl. A circuit court Jury laic yestev- dhy afternoon awarded lillle Dorothy Arnold $3,600 init refused "We must either cut expenses or dnmagcs f 0r i lcr parents, B. P. and Increase revenues if this county Da isy Arnold In a J35.000 action I Is- to operate wllhln lt.s Income." he urol ig],t ngalust II. D. Wahl, west' „. ', declared. "I propose to do both. t , m Mlsslalppl county planter. {Jsceoia harm tenants rilld l <" n opposed lo nuy increase ln ; 11lc ya-dict ended lhe cose afler They claimed to possess knowl- Judge Harrison stated that var- edge of the source of the explos- ious-crops would be raised on the ives and to know the persons who farm and new ground cleaied as l tarn ] rapi ' first rapidly as possible but that the object of the farm would be to . .rf'^e. .enough . crops that, provide food for the convicts and cut down living expenses. The county farm will be opened in the.near future. Judge Harrison stated, just ns soon as a superin-' tendent is selected to manage the farm and arrangements are completed to start work on the project. A county owned and operated {arm was thc principal change in county administration advocated by Judge Harrison in his successful race for the olTice which he assumed on January 1st. The supreme court affirmed the Futrell j ickland | the owner of the West Main dru» store and quashing an action to sell the store to satisfy a $2800 judgment against J. W. HainmocS, father of Mrs. Slrickland^ancl manager ^of the store. >.*,'„ ........ . " Trie court reverse<rihi"Ju'dg'/5i'eitl of the -Mississippi circuit court : .which found in favor of A. O. Hud-1 Notices Warning Them to Leave Their Homes. OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 27.—Officers are Investigating the source of threatening notices found Sunday morning posted 1 !)! thc yards ot four negro tenants on the John W. Edrington plantation south of Osccola. __ taxallon, because tho burden is al- Ulo court llart occupied with ready too heavy, but we cnn add the lrlnl Jor a i most , [ our complcle h . materially to the county's Income, dnl | y sess i ons . T i, rce verdicts were ' Service Should Aid "There Is n great deal of distress throughout Ihe country. I know from tome letters we have received from our health officers that n great deal of help Is needed." 'Gumming said he thought the public health service ought to lake •;arn rf medical relief on the basis • of 50-50 contributions by states unless the states could not do this, in which case lie Red Cross should it we can obtain a fair and honest assessment erty." ilr, uniform | returncd b y of all prop- fw ^^ thc jury, one finding Arhold, while findings In the oilier verdicts were for lhe t a rubber stamp sign printing outfit read, "We want you to move ^i ». i i f\rt' t piiiiii reaa, we >vaui. vou to movi: Liiatge Made by UlllCer O[ of! this hard road so we can get a Rum Craft Whose Cap-,^3 ' ' . • | ---WJ-«~--cii:->*"•.-*.•- .--:/*i..j „ .,„«. tairi "Was" 31am. '• place to live." They were posted on J,op of etakes driven .in. the grounJ. ': Hind a bundle of switches was plae- I od at the foot of the stakes. The chief hope of . substantial defendant, reduction in county expenses lies The trial was long and hard In Die new program of caring for' loiight, attracting Interest through- county convicts and county paup-1 out. The suit was the result of a ers, the Judge declared. He cited; highway accident near Leachville ; In June 1929 as a result of which young Arnold and his life each suffered the loss of a leg and their daughter was injured. The Arnolds their complaint alleged that , the fact that during thc past ins luci Hint uuiiug nn. i/ajv jw«- The notices, printed apparently an average O f 33 2 prisoners per '" uu — "'-"--'day In the county jails cost the county SI per day for board, be- , . NEW YORK, Jan. 27 (UP)'—I A rigid jam, local tailor and operator of a j cli:irgcs t hc commander ot the' mad f }° j cleaning establishment, for SU- 1 " j coast guard cllttcr 145 ms in ioxi and gave judgment instead in fa- , crUC(( whcn he boarded the Jose vor of F. Johns for $67. that Mrs. B. D. owner of th3 \Vesl Investigation is being possible Com- ain RcapDortionment Would Affect County Lineup inj^ uplield tta ncUra of the chan . Northeast Arkansas, jcery court which--held that an ex'_ | ecution against. Hammock, seeking LITTLE ROCK,'Ark.—A bill in-i satisfaction In the sale of the store, Ip'hme.KL were made today to the ' "»". ces . munistlc influciice. Authprit : however, lean to the belief that the transient by members of the . whlt « Ia ™i labor, many of whom, sides other costs of jail _, __.. ance, and that, an average of 40 '.negligence ol Wahl's son driver of, persons per. day. in the.courtly ppor.^e truck in. which,-they were;rld-,.i home cost 76 cents per day "for'fog, "was responsible^ for thV-accT-" board besides other expenses,- and f dont T j le tr uck crashed Into a wa- | B ™ wn compared this with the record of;g 011 . A release, purported to have "" So far ns rural sanitation work, for by other _. dimming salrt the $3,000000 would not be needed by the public health service. . Plan Jobs For 45,000 . WASHINGTON, Jan. 27. (UP)— A total of 45,000 men will be! em- by March 1 on rivers and projects authorized. to rii ; Major- General Lyi. Brown, chief.ol army engineers, today before ths house ap- vlt of tho an schooner Branded here aft.r cotton picking Phillips county, which , cares lor its prisoners and Its' poor on a county owned farm al an average cost'ol ?'5.15 per person per month, or less tlian a fifth of the Missis- ' ' " ' cost. It Is Judge Har- ire. the supreme court j wmch was captured D fT shore with season closed . hl »™ ben living thru I rijon'f hope that the newly pur- of liquor. ,' tile courtesy of landlords in vacant Trial of Mrs. Eaton ! Iroduced in the Stats Senate yesterday by Senator Elmo Chaney should te quashed. Mrs. Strickland contended that Wiii'le officials were assembling! tenant houses and with the open- Ing of farm work in the past ten today at Staten Island coast guard i ™S <» 'arm work In the base' for a hearing on the case,! da 5's have been forced to base for a hearing word was received from Newport, R. L, of the capture by coast move out. .would radically change the dis- J: W. Hammock, her father, was in i guaidsmen there of" another alleg-i Postponed Until March - tricts Inw represented in thc fe.-l- (her employ ns manager of the stor; | e(i nltn runner, the third to be tak- | chased county" farm hear, Luxora will make possible a similar reduction In costs here. . , , ., ,„„ teen signed by yoihg. Arnold,' In ! 525,000,000 Red. Cross relle fund, filvor - of /the defendant R. D. Wahl, ! Included by the senate -in the Irij -^ij:. uncle, was introduced by the terlor department .bill, said tM hulk de r ense durlng the trlnl . ?L under '^ he rec . en . t » 2 ?. 500 '- indentions were today that coun- °°° emergency river and harbqr ap- se i. for bo i h part |es to the suit ! proprlatlon Is TOT under contact would agree to a settlement soon ! and all work will be commenced by aixl that the case will not be ap- A P r " pealed to the supreme court. Judge Bradley of Kennett, Mo., and Other expenses which he Is re- Claude P. Cooper ot Blytheville ' DEWITT, Ark., Jan. 27. (UP)— Upon motion of Prosecuting Atlor- ney 0. E. Condray, trial of Mrs. Helen Spence Eaton, 17, charged , ( , ra j congr?5 ,. by cnnjresnnen W. | and was not financially interested | en i nto custody in four days oil J. Driver. John W. Miller and I In the property. i [i lc north Atlantic coast. Claud" Fuller. \ Neill Reed and Judge Hammoc!: The bill represents the first effort to re-apportion congressional of Litle Reck represented Mrs. j £ Strickland, C. A. Cunningham was representation in the state since counsel for J. J. Menees and F. C. of large_ gains in j Douglas for the intervenor, Van company witli the slaying of Jack Worls in | 1901- Because _ . = .__ n courtroom here while he was on i population during the past 30 years. | vitet-Mansflelil Drug c trial charged wltli the murder of! Congressman Driver's first district! in the case involving the girl's father, has been post- ' '• ' ' paned until March 3D. Thc motion to defer the trial resulted from an agreement reach?! between state and defense counsel, it was said. duclng, Judge ' Harrison told the represented the.defendant and C. Lions Include salaries In excess ot T. Carpenter of Marked Tree and those'provided by law which have' --•"- "-•been paid certain county officers, Ship Food (o Helena YORK, Nebr., Jan. 27 (UP)—A or for food tmd clothing. hand e A. O. Jiud- Pennsylvania!! Owns Pipe Over 600 would lose several counties, but his ! s on and F. Johns, the latter \va3 home county of Mississippi would filing for rent on a building and j Hudson filed a counter claim for "j so I damages done to hte stock of goods ..... , , „ , , -by reason of a leaky roof. The ver- j district would take? up the slack ; dkt of thg j was based on a from the other two under (he pro- i diminisnE[ , renta i value ol the , buiw| , or a t ot the timc rtue rtmafn In the district. Tba second district would 1'se several counties and the third! ! posed Ihe other four dis- n to the condition of the roof, which was i had • notified Jchns that he was : district is at „„ .,„_.. , - composed rf ten counties MOMESSEN, Pa., (OP) -Frank j Mississippi. Greene, Clay,:, , , .. ,. - Kent. Monesscn mill superintend- j craiahcao Poin=ett Cross Wood i move . yet he continued to occu- ent, has a pipe believed to bs mere j ^ ; c ; it i endcn ; S t. Pmn 'cis, te\W lhc bulwin B for some days th ere- than 600 years old. | phm( Under the proposed i af ' er : ,„ The date "1307" appears on thej blll 2ft . r MR! . c h 4 ConsrressTian Jud ^ e w - D - Gravettc reprcsent- bowl of the pipe which Kent re-! „"„, "ouitj[represent-but eight cd F - Johns wtl!Ic Rcld - Evr « r <I an ^ It was lhe power boat Overland, .to httv^ a cargo of liquor vrnrth S25.000. George Horeman, Fall River, Mass., commander ot the Overland, was captured but i c n the other eight members of thei^tate IJepanment crew escaped. I ~ The charge of intoxication! against coast guardsmen here were; Little Rock Institution. mnne by Wesley Anderson, first | mate ot thc Josephine K, whose and extra stenographic help. He also said lie -was putting an end .'to the practice of providing cof- ; fins tor the poor at public expense, Harrison, Smith and Taylor ol this city the plaintiff. Judge G. E. Keck took the case of R. M. Sain vs. Harry Johnson out of the hands of the Jury this morning and took the. case under the in declaring that hereafter only rec- j advisement. Sain Is suing Johnson I ognlzed public charges would be | for possession of a store site on thc M .iburied at county expense. I Big Lake levee, at the Highway IS US ' ; Asks Co-operation I bridge, 16 miles west, of this city, Pass Upon Proposal for Keferrlnjr n?aln to the need ior|and u for mU alleged _due. - for the southern drouth sufferers I from residents of York 'and the surrounding territory. It . vras thought today. The first carload was filled yesterday. Tne shipment will go to jj c i enQ ' t „ better assessment of property, Mr. Harrison explained that this Is thc year in v.-hlch the assessor Auto Accident Fatal to Stuttgart Doctor al Injury suit under way this at- STUTTGART^, Jan. 27. (UP) The Arkansas-Missouri Power company Is defendant In a person- LITTLE ROCK. Jan. 27. (UP)-! Is to make a new asseisinent^of _aU| tCTnwm.Jn which J. A. McKenzlc|_ Dr p H ." Greeni 55, prominent' '"am- city property., and asked lhe co-ils plaintiff. physician, was found dead In his cast of here today fol- Hls story differs in almost every respect, from thc version given by coast guardsmen and for the first time the purported name of the boatswain who commanded the C., G. 1-45 was mentioned. relief work aboul the bowl con- j forms to wro-k done by Manuel | Panassi, whose etchings are among | reilce - lhe Roman Museum collection. three counties now in another dis-; Seek BodlCS of Family trict, Randolph, Jackson and Law-! . . . , o ',, i m Ashes of Burned Home organizations'! The plaintiff alleges that injur- CjA^llUliKC J. 1 U3k Will U All* i v>i"-t «•.»••- "D * " LI i closed Its doors November 17. of Blytheville in obtaining a falre:, les sufTerea when a car in which, j ^ an acddent , ab submit- i and more complete assessment of | he was riding crashed off the high-, depart-1 property here. Such armounc-1 ment. he pointed out, I only hope for a solution of the lo-iOOO. The power company . Thc'YlaTf'ealls for a $2,500.000 I cal school district's financial prob-! sponslble in thc complaint, which l «'h!le driving in thfi loan lo t; oblained from St. Louis j lem. and New York financial houses lo be placed at the disposal of depositors upon the opening of the bank. A 25 per cent, dividend will be paid from this fund. Charles L. Thompson, head of ai'" u depositors' committee, said that! thls ,' an assess-; way pavement Into n power line i Grcen and K** 0 * Gob!e, also of it holds the i pole resulted in damages worth $20,-, Stuttgart, left here last night in on of the lo-! 000. The power company Is held re- j tlle farmer's car and struck a pole ' sponslble in the complaint, which | while driving in thfi fog.. Neither i alleges that the pole on which the' <>PP"ently "as seriously hurt. The aid D Jackson Paris Mayor and Bride to Visit Paris, France j New Tourist Record in December for Cuba HAVANA. (UP)—In tr.e face of le widely advertised, if somewhat "revolution" in Cuba, BRUCETON, Tenn., Jan. 27 (OP) —A i,-3arch was begun today In the ruins of the Kennon Smith home for the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. and their children whom t it is feared perished when [Rtcognitio, of Price of ence He Declares. uvpvoAiwio vuiiuiiivnic, aaLU Miub • * . , , i-crHrl wn In slightly more than 12,000 depositors I he sald ' a'« ati y « °V™ al ''" ' Representing M.OCO.WX. of thelnsll- the extent »'/^^^'^ tutlon's depojlts, have Indicated i" neari > '•' 1L "" . IH _iii their approval of the plan ''° 0° expected from tne tnree mm . Tho h^ni- a r-otifiiw nw inciit,,. I tax and the per capita tax. 10 llslature there will be virtually no' represent the plaintiff.-and C. M. \ ™™ •• mo'iey for county road work here. Buck ar.d Harry Ponder the defend-. M to 1 The county road fund,; ant. : car while Ooblc sought to return hom2. When he back to the car and attempt- crouse Green he was dead. Hunger Halts Father's Search for Work White Canes Aid Rochester Blind Inslltu- i HWII. U1USCU IW> UUU^> Uliti Set 111 ' . ./i nVinllt [motion a banking hysteria which ; ^^^ JSS.^.T't : resulted In closures of upward of BOMBAY, India, Jan. 27. (OP)—; 80 banks in Arkansas. Mahatma M. K. Gandhi, returning to leadership of the Indian Indc- i ROCHESTER, N. ;Y., (UP) — i "th.""niVi •"' "" ucrso "' fnther of seven srna11 i now provided with white canes to i per year, has come in me i «w, children, found he got too hun- \ aW i n identifying them. i-back to tne cuuu gry (Qo^injj for worki so ne nas i Thc p^^ d e p ar t mell t cooperated Havana, for the this summor. "And I'll take my wife along with me. We'll have a great time there." , Mrs -McNelil, 1C. Is the recent cleared. and first bride of tlu mayor. He is i Th e record Is of more than pa:s- the "bull-fighting Paris mayor" who ln S significance In view of the pol- tried to arrange a fight for Sydney I ltlco1 difficulties in Cuba, and the Franklin, New Ycrk ond Spanish I current world depression, toreador. This is 2.355 more than promlne , lt bul!dlng contractor. corresponding period in ' 12,805 visitors were! I Rochester Starts War en Auto ious for peace if It can be had with j ond class, U. S. Navy, son of Mrs. j honor," the thin little splrlual and t Mattlc B. Owen of Wilson, who en- I political leader of millions of In-' listed In the navy on September 2. I dians said shorlly after his arrival i 1930, through the Blytheville and from the turn-back to me cuuu- gry i^ing f or wor i ii so ne nas i i lies, of gasoline and auto license j arrnngcd for a ]ob to come look; m/the'work by'ordering patrolmen I money .from the state but no Pro-jfor him. to watch for and assist ths useri j vision for such lurn-back nas DLUI | A^erson, who has been out of of the canes. Residents were also made for this year. , work for several months, erected E ! asked to help. — [ sign bearing the following Inscrlp-! Ir a bl ij, d person likes a particu- tton, on a road leading to his home j ] ar cane he now has It will be in South Peabody: ! painted white for him. "Wanted-lnformatlon leading to; w)th the exce p t!on ot New Y ork the capture of a job by thc father | citv _ Rochcs ter Is the home of «H C «? n ' ^ v ,» , t j ^ more blintl fxrs 31 " than any other Williams said he often walked to Uses Red Cross Feed to Make Corn Whiskey .TONESBORO, ARK. — Clarence aians saia snoruy alter ms arri\;ui IKW, inrougn me Biytnevuie and .. ~,,~— ~, W.v,,,, i n western «.-ir jii v.v. n at Bombay where tens of thousands = utle Rock recruiting station, has ~« °l,^ he [, ,' n h * M l ™ I th «'^r*!^* « '"III «"« ly in the 5ta [ e , police officials Cralghead county, used his corn j _ Y fup) who havT'h^U admirers welcomed him, "bu:. recently passed the required exam-1 V 8 ' 8 "^ .^"tfj X*"itoa Cross' ~?*' a ? 9 employment, and tlia. • chops, allotted by the Red oross iwllen he returned after a fruitless ' even If I stood alone I could be no | (nations for entrance to the avia- any peace which dees not' tlon school at Hampton Roads, Va. NORTH TONAWANDA, jtjpj—Wliaiever arguments may be against keeping cities, tliey apparently havs Iccl on natives of North Tonawan- c'o. A police census of the canine! ::oplation disclosed an increase of; « do-s over a year ago. | ST. PAUL, Vs., (UP) ' told officers he itorily solve three questions, j *""* Sa ' C " CMM ra ,._ f^r i iiiuilLll oi vllfi euiititat a- vuinttus * •" i nt tHft plAtn/vnfnTV »-lor\f« nf Tn- 110 CI- i . i i r • i-c/\ rora anrl otuttnii nni\ mii<it unt" ^ nit, uivrncntory rjgnto 01 111 »i\* ^i . rgvpilf-H fwn Inrcf 1 tR.t& Ol S5UPT- uoC care unu Cituiiuii uiiu inubi nov ,. . . •* ° , ,, ! Tyiii n 11--, i-i_ 1 l cvi.dieu two iuigL, JM» VL convi i - Hinne hflTnrrt »>-« nlvll rH*rtX<v1[cnr^ v ai Dispatches td feed his livestock, for the manu-. search ,,j was so hungry ^ M lt facture of whiskey, a charge on| took all the tood [n thc house to which he was held to the grand , ccd me ,, jury yesterday alleges. Vandlver received rations for his . family av.d for livestock recently Wllhar WEATHER of which was released. • drive c o runhn en arle. operate or 'run me same in i and Red Cross authorities upon - Dls- 1 Investigation found evidence that MEMPHIS. (UP)— An automatic a 'in any way so as to endanger 'the. said. •live', person or property of others; or • movement can end," the ' SHANGHAI, Jan. 27. (UP)— Dis =- /".- , K , ,u.,, 0 i i patches received here today said G.!'«d given him had been lllegal- 'W. Brophy, missing aviator, wasl'V uscd ' safe at Hunghsal, It was believed: Red Cross officials ordered _ . , B'-iLJ CelebratCS Birthday DOORN, Holland, Jan. 27. (UP) a i — Wilhelm Hor.enzollern. who obdi- . MEMPHIS. <UP>— Surgeons h;re!tear gas bomb which exploded ffcently grafted nn eyelid on R. A. Ircuted robbers when they attcmpt- Trenton, Tenn. M i to crack a safe here recently. or of himself, or so as to splash! SHELBY, N. C., (UP)--Mrs. Solo- he became tost during a snow storm mud, water or other substances! m'n Starncs died during the sdine while flying from Poochow to Can- upoii the body, clothes, person or, hour her husband was being bur- ton. He was long overdue ot the property of others." lied. i latter city. v,ru5s .. thorough Investigation of | catcd his title of kaiser when he applications from the Fisher com- j left Germany In 1918, observed his munlty for aid as a result of the ARKAKSAS-Partly cloudy, not much change In temperature tonight and Wednesday. According to the official weattjer obrerver, Cherlu Phillips, the minimum temperature here yesterday was 41 degrees anJ'the maximum, 61 degrees; cloudy with .32 Inches of rain. On tte same day a year ago thc minimum temperature was Vandlver arrest, 12nd birthday In simple fashion to- j 30 dsgrees ond the maximum, day at Down house. degrees.

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